Christmas for Kids is an organization that wants to help underprivileged children get gifts on one of the most important holidays of the year. Anthony Morrison started it because he wants to help others, and it doesn’t ask anyone for financial donations. Every single gift is paid for by Anthony and his companies, and the purpose of the organization is to give young people a chance to give back to those who haven’t been as blessed. Christmas for Kids is looking for young people in the Madison/Ridgeland area to spend a portion of their time during the Christmas season to give gifts to children who need the love and support. They deserve your thoughtfulness and compassion, and we encourage you to get involved.

How Christmas for Kids Got Started

Christmas for Kids was started because Anthony saw how getting involved in helping others can change people’s lives. The 2006 Christmas season was a life-changing moment for Anthony, and it brings a tear to his eye when he talks about it today. He was walking down a local mall, and he saw the Angel Tree still had quite a few angels on it – even though it was a few days before Christmas.

Seeing that hit him hard. And when he asked someone what would happen to the children who didn’t have anyone to buy them gifts, he was told that they typically wouldn’t get anything or would get leftover toys. The thought of it made him sick to his stomach, so he grabbed all the angels that were on the tree with the intention of buying every single gift for those children. When he realized that he couldn’t do it by himself, he went to his friends and family.

After doing some calling, Anthony was able to get his brother and couple of his friends to give up their Friday night so they can buy Christmas gifts for those kids, and every single person got something positive out of the experience. It was a crazy night, but they were able to buy gifts for 23 kids that they never met before. As the night went on, Anthony could see how seriously everyone took the process. They took the time to make sure that everyone got exactly what they wanted, and they were even able to throw in a few extras. Anthony believes that moments like that can be life-changing, and he believes that everyone should have the opportunity to know what it feels like to give back.

Why You Should Join the Cause

The purpose of Christmas for Kids was to give everyone a chance to give back. Anthony knows that finances is a big issue for some people, especially when they’re young. But it’s important to realize that your time is just as valuable. So, you should have the opportunity to use it for doing some good. Everyone who participated on that first night had a life-changing experience, and it made them appreciate what they have. Anthony hopes that this organization will motivate young people to give back by donating their time, so they can understand the joys of giving back to those aren’t as blessed in their lives.

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