1. michael lamb

    I hope to gain financial freedom this year with success with Anthony and start to really injoy life because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone!

  2. Kenny

    Im still on board.I’ve been learning from you & a cpl other also. I hope 2 make this yr the yr. I have formed my 1st LLC & trying 2 fix all the puzzle pieces together on that end. (still have hope). Kenny

  3. Norman Stanback

    Tonight I will try my hand at Pop-up advertising! This will be my first step toward making a $1,000,000.00 in two and a half years!

    I am very interested in, I believe, it’s called Mass TrafficX and some other software that has a URL scraper, Keyword search, etc. and so forth.

  4. Mark

    Hello Anthony, thanks for this message and your continued support.
    Mark D. Smithey

  5. Sharon Scott

    Hi Anthony,

    Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing from your Heart about your goals and dreams for the New Year for Success Connection! Anthony, I have purchased so much stuff…and want this year to be a year of accomplishment for me and my family. I hope you could share those ways of making money on the internet using mobile apps, etc. I am excited and I hope to gain “PROFIT”, if nothing else.

  6. Norman Wright

    Hi Anthony, We are really looking forward to making our first online dollar!
    All the best for the New Year, for your profitability and ours.

  7. Sandra Fallon

    Looking forward to all of your videos, my intention is to learn what you teach and apply it and I am excited about creating a new website this year, possibly more and would like to learn how to effectively market those. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  8. Cha'

    Happy New Year to you Anthony & your family. I look forward to 2014. I have tried twice to make it with Affliate Marketing. I intend to make it the 3rd time with your assistance. Your longevity speaks volume to me and your financial history tells me that you understand wholly the needs of normal average every day people. Looking forward to a positive productive 2014 with you.

  9. Dorothy marr

    This was a very nice message from you. I am hopeful this year is going to make my life take a change for the better. I am slow to learn. Can’t apply myself like I want to because I’m a caregiver and it takes up my time ,but I am being positive that this year is going to be better

    Thank you .

  10. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…I am excited to be working on online marketing for local businesses. So far, I have 3 clients! Since I am not much of a computer person and graphic designer/artist, I’ve been receiving good compliments on my work from both my clients and their customers.

  11. Marcelo

    Am excited this year to make it my year, got the website up and running now am working on my blog and hopefully get tons of traffic. Thank Anthony for all the info, this videos helped me a lot. Happy New Year!!!

  12. gerald hogan

    Hi Anthony,looking to make that first dollar! hope you can be there to help if needed,happy new year to you and your brother.

  13. Mehreteab

    Hi Anthony,

    Hope in 2014 I will be able to see my first dollar online and thus
    opening up my way to financial freedom.

  14. M. Esther

    Thanks so much for your video and encouraging words. I hope to sell much of what I previously purchased and learn about accomplishing this through learning more about the Internet and its traffic. I am green and shy but I am putting all my energy into this project on 2014!

  15. Desarey

    Thank you so much Anthony! You have inspired my dreams. You gave much me a picture I could see reaching in the near future. I have been following you for almost three years now. Putting much insight of possibility to actually succeed in a way that fit my narrow road of obstacles, I could not seem to see passed. These building bricks you have set into mentoring your students are greatly appreciated! you are a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

  16. cecilia

    Hey Anthony,
    Just excited about getting the success to generate a consistent income. I appreciate your weekly encouragement.

  17. Helen Philip

    Excited cos keeping my fingers crossed that finally can make money online with your help and guidance.

  18. Al Dinger

    I feel like a man at sea with a life packet looking at the beacon to find safety. Anthony, you have been that beacon along your whole family and businesses. Thank you for being faithfull, true, and sincere. Your consistent,faithfull leadership is stablizing me. Al Dinger

  19. Jan Hamilton

    Looking forward to a great 2014, am doing my best to catch up on what I’ve missed! Thanks!

  20. Theresa Smith

    I have been a member since 9-2011. I always come back because I have not made a profit yet, so I just start again. I would like to see some strategies for using your partnered program because I joined that also and don’t know how to generate profits from your partnership.
    God bless

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