1. Thomas J Russo

    Anthony , hope your trip will be a safe one and a very profitable and knowledgeable one . “Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Elizabeth Soares

    Just wanted to know where and when was the affiliate summer at that you were talking about in this video?

  3. Carol Sills

    some of the sessions were not available to all pass holders. Maybe you could review some of the topics covered in future web connections. Using your own words about the topics of course.

  4. Sharon Nye

    I have been out of the loop for awhile with new baby granddaughter’s arrival. I didn’t get any information about the affiliate summit, but could not have attended this year anyway. I would like to know about the next one. You said there are east and west ones?? Where does Dallas fall? We’re kind of in the middle south.

  5. Mark

    Thanks for the video. However I do not know why I no longer get e-mails inviting me to join the weekly success connection meetings. Did you cancel them or is their a link I need to access in order to sign up for the ‘success connection’ webinars? I appreciate you writing to me at my enclosed e-mail address. Thanks. Take care and God bless,


  6. eddie posey

    Hi Anthony
    when is the next affiliate summit I would love
    to meet you and Adrian I have been following
    you for about four years now I have purchased
    several of your products which are all really good
    I consider you and Adrian as my mentors sometimes
    I get information over load some of your courses that
    I have are CPV Domination Build Send Profit 365
    days to success and several more which one would
    you recommend starting with.

  7. Kathy Nuqui

    Thanks for sharing and look forward on next success connection about the affiliate summit convention.

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