30 Days To Massive Traffic – An Anthony Morrison Guide

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Are you ready to EXPLODE your business?

Are you ready for MASSIVE amounts of traffic?

Download my “30 Days To Massive Traffic” guide right now!

Thank me later 🙂



  1. David Carlsen

    Thank you Anthony! This will be an excellent lesson. I have just received your book and I am reading it with great interest. I am very excited to finally get started on a fun and educational journey. Again, thank you so much!

  2. Sheila Van Houten

    Thank you, Tony! YOU’RE the best!

    I have very limited time, but I am always interested in increasing traffic to my website. This download is SO WELL LAID OUT that I can take action on it a bit at a time. I am enjoying my other items from you as well.



  3. Joshua Meyer

    Hi Anthony,

    I know that you may not be the one that personally reads these emails, but I just wanted to thank you for your cool system. I’ve already read your books, watched all your videos, and have begun implementing your techniques. I plan to start with your coaching program the first week of August, but in the mean time I’v been building my followers on my Twitter accounts and am doing things daily to move my business forward, but this little gift will be a big help I’m sure, so thanks!

    I’ll check out your other offers on this site too. Forgot about this site.



  4. Jack

    Hey Tony, I appreciate the gift and look forward to seeing the content. I could certainly use more traffic. I’ll get back with you if I like what I see. Thanks-Jack

  5. Meridith Johnson

    Hi Anthony
    I’ve received your book and am reading it. I have a lot going on so I read it when I have a quiet time to absorb it. You have a lot of good information in it. Thank you for the download.


  6. Randy


    I am excited to get things rolling in the right direction. Thanks for all your help. . .


  7. Lynn Pennington

    I have not started the program as of now, but intend to do so soon.
    I am very interested in making this work.


  8. Joyce Farr

    Anthony, Took a quick preview of 30 Day Marketing gift from you. Awesome. Saved itand will study it. luv ya! Thank you, thank you.Joyce

  9. Sidney E. Rosenblum

    Hi Anthony,

    I was going through my emails and came accross yours. Naturally I opened it, I read what you had written and I felt as though I had been completely caught off guard with all the very nice things you wrote, well it just actually seemed that somehow finally someone, you, has shown appreciation for everything that I have been watching you do for others as well as this very well articulated email from you just brought a great big smile on my face. Thanks for the very cheerful words that mean alot and I sure could use the gift you sent me as it has been a tough time for me
    after losing all those I cared about over the last three years. I can’t tell you how much I am hoping that now that I have a direction to go in I’ll do all I can to maximize your program for it’s full potential, especially know.
    If I didn’t thank you, then thanks so much!!!

    To Yours and My bright future,

    Sidney E. Rosenblum

  10. Yolanda Williams

    Thank you for this massive info that is free today. I want to thank you in advance for these tips and for exploding my traffic to numbers I can hardly contain!

    God Bless you,

  11. derrick

    hey i going to read that file that u sent me and try do this i dont know how its going to work but its better that doing nothing i catch u on twitter

  12. eunice morrissette

    tony, i have watched you so many times on tv and i truly believe you are just what you say you are. i’m interested in your program and want to be a part of this phenomenon. however, at this time i’m not able to purchase the program at this time.i truly wish you continued success.
    thanks for this opportunity to speak with you. i was on the teleconference about three weeks ago and heard some of the questions callers asked and you answered right off the bat without hesitation. you seemed to know what you were talking about.i’ve tried and lost money on several endeavors that did pan out. but in my heart of hearts i believe you are one of the legitimate ones. thanks again, eunice morrissette

  13. EL Gene Blake

    Thank you Mr. Morrison for being so kind & thoughtful. I’m having trouble
    contacting your Server at the present time to get your books & Social Networking; hopefully you guys will get it figured out soon.

  14. Ron Korff

    Thank You, This is Very Helpful and thanks for all you’ve done so far. I plan to make this thing work and can use all the support I can get.

  15. Sherrol

    Thank You — Thank You! — Thank You!!!! — Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I find that I don’t understand something (which depends on the day) I will contact one of your people that can help me.

    I cannot thank you enough.

    Sherrol Wilson

  16. James White

    Hey, Anthony!
    Thanks for the “30 Days To Massive Traffic” download.

    I signed up for your program a while back, but, am just starting to understand how to use the Landing Page Generator.

    I’m not going to give up and hope to have some ads running soon. I’ll be making my 3rd payment to you this month, which has been kind of rough. So, I need to get some ads out there to help me with that payment. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it happen soon.

    Thanks, again, and have a great day!

    James White

  17. Susan Mbugua

    Hi Anthony, wow that email of yours was beautiful and i gotta tell you i was impressed by your sensitivity to your afilliates and others. I am not usually quick to write back,but keep that up ,and I for one would will reply whenever you require us to do so.Good job!

  18. Shirley Cook

    Thank you for the gift. I will use it wisely. I am very excited to start with PPC. I have not had much experience with this type of marketing before. I am still trying to learn the ins and outs. Research is vital right now so any information I can get will help tremendously.
    Thank you again.
    Looking forward to my new lifestyle.

  19. Don

    Thanks for the pleasant surprise. You’re the best. I hope to put the information to good use.

  20. Tresa nelson

    I am really impressed with the goals and the accomplishemtns that you have made. I am hoping that I can accomplish what you have done.

    By chance does anyone have a step by step guideline when setting up accounts or is there someplace that I can get them?

  21. Dean Loucks

    Thank you Anthony for the Gift of Knowledge. You have truely inspired me for Success. I Now Have The Will,The Desire And The Heart to Succeed. And I Will !
    Thank you,
    Dean Loucks

  22. Henry J Schmidt

    Thanks so much for the booklet. Is there a way to save it? I had trouble with my computer (now somewhat fixed) and I am on the verge of making an LLC. God bless

    Henry J.

  23. Connie Johnson-Kline


    I do appreciate all you send and the 30 Days To Massive Draffic is printing out right now. I will read every word of it.

    Thank you.


  24. Eileen Benko

    Anthony your help and interest in everyone is awesome. Thanks.

  25. Litha


    Thank you for the “gift.” It truly was a gift because I have been studying hard and trying to get everything organized to get my online business off the ground. This book outlines every single step that needs to be followed so that even a newbie like me can grasp it. Thank You!

    Your the best!


  26. Stephanie Carlson

    Dear Anthony, My husband Jim and I very much appreciate your thoughtful gift. We promise to make the most of this gift you have sent and will be happy to let you know how terrific the traffic was.

    This means everything to us, and we are anxious to see great results from the whole program.

    Best regards, Stephanie

  27. Clief Castleton

    Thanks. This will help me a ton. I have 60 days to get to a spot where I can replace a reduction of income that is coming (about $10,000 a year).
    The timing of your gift couldn’t have been better.

  28. Mike Swan


    I’m just getting started so I amd reading all you provide. As you said i studied your book and read to comprehension. Thank you for that insight from you experience. I watched your videos and ow i will read this new online book – browsed it and see the value of the content.

    I am working with PMI to get started – after i have studied it fully.

    Linda and I will keep you posted – we will be a good story for you to use.

    Mike Swan
    [email protected].

  29. Joyce Dade

    Greetings Anthony Morrison:

    Just a note to say I appreciate all that you are doing for the rest of us, Americans. I think what you are doing is wonder and that you are wonderful. You are straight from the heart and your generosity is something extraordinary in our day and time. Who else is doing what you are doing? No one can match you in your sincerity and generosity. Thank you for being such a great example of what it is to be human.

    Best regards,
    Joyce Dade
    [email protected]

    Please vist my website and see some of my digial art photography when you have time, Anthony. 🙂

  30. Meg Britton

    Hi, Anthony,

    I’m taking the training with PMI and learning lots of great stuff. There are days when it’s a struggle but I know that when I look back, it will have been worth it. It’s all about that learning curve.

    Thank you for the guide and all the other knowledge that you have passed along to me.

    May all your dreams, goals and visions come to pass and mine, too.


  31. Renee Coleman-Hernandez

    I think it awesome you replied (or had someone do so) – thanks.

    At this time in my life I really need to learn of another way to receive an income, especially since I have a family now.

    I cannot, however, afford a computer, which I badly need to do any kind of searches for ways to pay back creditors and have a simple life.

    Renee Coleman-Hernandez

  32. Ed Castro

    Thank you for your marketing tip gift. I will apply concept soon.

  33. Shawn Horton

    Thank you Mr. Morrison for all your support. I know with your training and support team available on hand to me when ever I need them my business can’t help but to be a Huge Success. I am looking forward to being financially successful such as yourself really soon. I plan on using my business to generate income to use for the women’s ministry at my church. I plan on returning the blessing.

    Ms. Shawn Horton

    Ps. Thank you for your support

  34. Lance Bullion

    Thanks alot Anthony I appreciate your concern and help for the buisness and how you seem to really want me to succeed .

  35. Suzanne Brandt

    Hi Anthony, Just plugging along. I hope someday to get a computer. That would help me alot. Going to the library is some times a pain. I can’t get much done. NO job and looking for one is hard. Suzanne

  36. Larry Hoezee

    Thank you very much, this will help me tremendously.
    Again, thanks. Sometimes it’s just hard to get started and
    to know where or what to do first.
    Larry Hoezee

  37. Dr. Christopher U. Aja

    I appreciate the 30 Days To Massive Traffic – An Anthony Morrison Guide Downloan. My email is on its way which I should have sent earlier but decided to open and read your email first for additional comment. Dr. C. Aja

  38. Emile

    Thanks for the gift Anthony, looking forward to reading it and sharing some success stories.


  39. Suzun Eggler

    I want to thank you. I am so very busy because I am working with the
    marketing sucess team and have a lot to do.

  40. Buzz Fries

    Thanks, great piece!!

    Just finished my first–very simple–website using wordpress promoting out of clickbank.
    Boy do I have a lot to learn!!

  41. Raymon Aldridge

    Thanks Ant I got a lot going on right now about to loose my home to forecloser and car also but if that is Gods will so be it . May God bless you thanks again.

  42. Brenda Lloyd

    Hey Anthony! I’m what you might call a late bloomer — well, I actually haven’t broken ground quite yet. I’m in almost panic mode right now over my finances — down to $40 in the bank. But I’m going to try this 30-day plan and hold on tight. Thanks for all your messages and encouragement. I watch your infomercials over and over, and I’ve been reading your book, even though it takes awhile to digest the information and get a mental “picture” of what is supposed to happen. I’m kind of a “watch and do” type of person, and while I’m a little “tech-challenged”, I am very interested in learning and trying to keep up with you “young-uns”. ; > So far no one seems interested in my resume, so you’re going to be my lifeline to income. Thanks for caring! Warmest regards, Brenda

  43. Jeryl Pinnell, Jr.


    I am impressed with your first two books, and hope that I can put together some ad money to get started. This appears to be the most difficult part.

    Congratulations, on how successful you have become, and thank you for sharing the story with me. Best regards.



  44. Cassandra

    This is G-R-E-A-T !!! This puts everything together so short and sweet in one 30 day package. This simplifies your marketing books; each book for MSN, Yahoo and Google plus the 3 days of classes with Adrain, Tom, & the great staff you have behind the scenes. This is what I needed to get back on track and motivated once again! Thank You so much! I know you have been working hard on this because there have been few e-mail from you lately. I have been listening to your friend Jeff (still on Module 1) ,
    however, everything he takls about and now this gift from you is so motivaiing and awesome!! I can’t wait to read the whole “30 Days To Massive Traffic”!!

  45. Winston Kam

    Dear Anthony
    Thank you!!! for the personal invitation to e-mail you. I am sorry for not replying sooner. I have a very busy schedule. It is even tougher, I just turn 65. I am like your dad, had a good $ thing going and than lost it all. I now have to start over again. I really liked your books. You have a very good moral character and personality. Reminds me of the Boy Scouts in my youth. That is, what is missing in America, today. I don’t get enough time to read my e-mails and they are backed up! Well, any way, I do read them, late, but I do read them. Winston, P.S. Keep up the Coaching and one day we can all be like you dad.

  46. Archie Fields

    I’ve been working with Anthony Morrison programs how to do a website and blog for a days few and im starting to understand how it ‘s done.

  47. Archie Fields

    Anthony Morrison sent me his guide (free of charge) on how to build my own website,blog and advertising my business on the internet a few days ago. Before then my knowledge was very limited doing web, blog and advertising on the internet. He gave me a 30 days guide on how to make these programs work, I’ll be done before then. His system is very good.

    Thnk you. Anthony Morrison

  48. Gary Smith

    Thank you for the continued suppport. May not be on the full 30 day schedule but am working on it. Have my own website, still alot of work to do on it and lots of questions.

    Am continuing to study and answer my own questions, will use the support feature as I get to something I can’t find the answer to.

    Changing my bad habits is the hard part right now.

    Thanks to you and your staff


  49. Joyce Farr

    How very kind of you to send me this gift –WOW. I will print it out and also save on pc.

    Another great reference guiide to help me along in my quest for success.

    Thank you kindly,

  50. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony and “Thank you for another great gift,you are the best.” But please let me say that the greatest gift of all was/is your program,training videos,mentoring,your newsletters and everything you do for us to help us all succeed.
    Let me Thank you for just being you. Sincerally,David and Cindy Caudill and we are DaCinMoney L.L.C.

  51. william

    ive began the trek to 30 day massive traffic… on day 5 actually and things are progressing along… got my accounts all set up! thanks for your guideance… a good day to day working guide.

  52. Dave Huston

    Thanks this should help a lot. I am looking for other work. I trying to decide whether to stay around here in NY state or move back to North Carolina, as that is where I lived most of my life. I like that I can take my business with me.


  53. Marilyn Horton

    I downloaded and copied “30 Days to Massive Traffic” for quick access. This is a valuable tool that I will refer to many times during my training and years of affiliate business. Thanks, your great

  54. Celia Batte

    I appreciate this because this is just what I need. I am working on this now and will let you know how well that I do. I was in a pretty bad financial situation but will be getting better in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much for your help.

  55. Lowell Smith


    I’m in the process of working 30 Days to massive traffic. Thank You.

    I’m so happy to part of the Anthony Morrison Team. I look forward to being successful.


  56. Don Cates

    Still trying to get this thing going. I have published my web site but still have no traffic. Maybe this will show me how to finally get some traffic!

  57. Ralph Spear

    Your are the awesome one, especially for helping all that it appears you have. Thanks for being out there.
    I am not ready to take advantage of this generous offer until I have completed your book and at least have an idea of how I am going to achieve my goals through your program.
    I was hoping when I ordered your info to have it in my hands before I was gone for six wks.I havejust returned and have started studying your book and info. It will take me a few days to get caught up and through the data. I look fwd to being a part ot your team

  58. Ivan Meyreles

    Thank you very much Anthony. I’m trying to learn as much as I can to put this system to some good use. I appreciate your tutelage.



  59. Henry

    Anthony you already send me this, 2 weeks , thank you for the second time. I am working on it and so far it is work will
    Thank You

  60. Thom Wofford

    I’m in your affiliate coaching program as of last week. Have been spinning my wheels so am looking forward to your help.

  61. Henry Smith

    I have down loaded and I am just getting started. Thank you.
    I have hit a snag or two and I am working through them. Staying stoked to get rolling.

  62. Bob Lea

    Hi Anthony,
    As you previously mentioned, when are you reaching out to the individuals that purchased the Product Launch Formula through you? Looking forward to the interaction with the group and learning along side you.



  63. John Berry

    Thanks for everything! I feel a positive change starting to happen and I cant wait to be able to improve my life and the lives of my family and friends around me! THANKS!

    John Berry

  64. Marcelino Acosta

    Thanks a lot Anthony.
    This is a nice ebook, I save,read and study it. I just
    activated my yahoo adv acct with the help of Aubrey.
    I hope and pray that it will work out nicely. Thanks again
    for this gift. Please help me to succeed. I am really a newbie
    in this business. Better late than never. I am doing this for my
    family and 6 grandchildren

  65. Patricia Flanagan

    Hi Anthony, I have decided not to cancel after reading your e-mails. I have
    a 30day free trial on the internet at home, so I am going to follow your plan.
    I have the internet at work, but other staff can get on my computer. I don’t
    think it is ethical of me to do this program at work.

    No one has ever told me they believe in me, I have always believed in myself.
    My motto to others is if you want something you must be willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want, otherwise you don’t want it enough.
    I was overwhelmed at first, still am. I won’t get started till Friday, when my
    internet service is connected.
    I am always telling others
    you can do anything you want as long as you know how, its only complicated when you don’t know how. I am willing to dive in because I
    believe in you and thank you for the opportunity.
    I will log on to the links you gave me on Friday night.
    I will have a new e-mail address then.
    Many Thanks,

  66. michael goshko

    I’m glad that I decided to read the whole book and not just part of it. I was able to find what I needed. Now its time for me to set up my own site and see the site take off. The question I have is two parts . First is the website you gave us able to generate money , or is it just a reference site? The second question is can I use any other template site to design my website.

  67. James Magee

    Dear Anthony,

    I subscribed to your program and am enrolled in the PMI program. Many times it seems that I get as much out of your emails (of course in a little different direction) as PMI.

    Thank you for your help. I am much older than you and this is my first business that has to do with the internet.

    I was born and raised in Mississippi, but now am in North Carolina.


    James Magee

  68. stephen

    Thanks Anthony
    I hope to be able to use those real soon I have not yet began to publish an add but i really close and i all the faith in your program working for me.
    Your staff have been great helpers. Thanks again and I look forward to more advise from you.
    Stephen Roloff

  69. Linda V Spencer

    I haven’t ordered Anthony’s Book yet, this is my first time being here. I will do what he ask later after the first of the month.

  70. Marianne Granfield

    Hi Anthony, I’m following all your instructions. I open the e-mail to read about the gift and I really like the free 30 days to massive traffic.
    Thank You.

  71. John

    Thanks Anthony for your generosity and honesty. I greatly appreciate all of the many tips and guidance you have provided. I am thanking you in advance of my actually having read this guide as I know the value it will hold for my business activities.

  72. Joani

    THanks so much for the information you provide! Unfortunately, I have
    not had much time to devote to your system since I got started. But
    I will be back at it soon! Promise!

  73. Katheryn Bazar

    Anthony: This is absolutely awesome. I thank you very much. I am
    in the process of joining everything. Let you know how it turns out for me.

  74. Robin McDonald

    Thanks Anthony I have been woking on plf and wonderd how you were doing
    I am still on my affilliate bussiness too. talk to you soon Robin

  75. helga

    Thanks, Anthony!

    I will put this into practice and let you know what happened in 30 days.
    I have your book, but have not really taken any actual steps.
    I am ready now.



  76. Richard Bones

    Mr. Morrison, I enjoy all of the e–mails I’ve recieved from you. I read one of your publications. I was trying to re-read it to get more understanding from it. I have all the social network publications I’m trying to read now. I visited your community site a few times. And that’s a lot to read. I had a call from someone from your organization. The man’s name is By the way I have not download the “30 Days To Massive Traffic” I plan to do so, I need a little time.

  77. Minos MacDuff

    I am a small income person, that started useing the 30 Days To Massive Traffic – An Anthony Morrison Guide and it works great so far that I can tell. Good job Anthony – Minos MacDuff

  78. Walter A. Patino


    Thank you for the gift. I will definitely use it.


  79. Juanita alexander

    I Just downloaded your 30 DAYS TO Massive Traffic. I am very excited to get this and will be studing it and will have MASSIVE TRAFFIC IN 30 DAYS, THANKS TO YOU ANTHONY. JUANITA

  80. Rita Hayes

    I was able to download this extremely helpful guide. I did the assignment for the first day. When I tried to open to continue my studies, it will not open says something about a portable adobe or something.
    Can you help me. I am exciting about completing this step by step to massive traffic.

  81. noelle

    Dear Mr.Morrison
    Thanks for all e-mails, I have your books and going true them from cover to cover, this is a massive info. for me, I am a little slow learner
    (from you Dad club) 🙂
    I will contact you soon.to setup website.
    Regards NoeG.

  82. Paul Toussaint

    I’m so happy to be doing something I love to do. In a couple of months, I’ll be collecting Social Security,so I can supplement that with this.Thanks again, Anthony

    Paul Toussaint

  83. Jane Glasgow

    Just received your gift today, and downloaded your program. I just wanted to write and thank you for the gift. I’m sure it’ll come in handy when I’m ready to promote.

    Thanks again,
    Jane Glasgow

  84. Steven W. Ross

    Thanks, Anthony, for all you do; your inspiring example, hard work, and tremendous generosity!!! Keep up the Great Work!

    God Bless You and Yours

    P.S. You have my full attention FOR SURE!

  85. Gwen Williams

    Hi Anthony,

    I appreciate your works and working with us. I just am really unfortunate to participate right now. I did see the broadcast with your father and was to enlightened. My time will come, One Day!!

    Thanks again, and keep up your good works!

    God Bless,

    Gwen Williams

  86. Vivian McQueen

    Anthony: Have read your book, still working (not finished) on homework. Need to customize domain name. Your book is outstanding and I will follow your system. I know it can work for me as well as it has for others. You are doing everything one could possibly do to encourage the success of others. Thank you for who you are!!!


    Vivian Mcqueen
    (Future Success Story)

  87. Vanessa

    Have begun to look at ur emails. Have all of them since July, but em changing my email address and will probably lose alot of ur emails. I wondered if there was a way to get a copy of all of the emails u have sent me w/o me copying all of them. thanks!

  88. queen

    Anthony thanks for the 30 days of massive traffic
    i am late getting it thanks alot. I have not been able to read your mails because i had no internet assess. Now i have some and i am going through all the mail you sent me and just got the gift you sent me thanks.

  89. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony,
    I went back to my past to look to what I have missed by not doing anything. I am just going to start all over again now! Thanks Anthony, –Luis,

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