A True Balance – Life, Family, & Work

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Well here I am at 2am writing on my blog. I am sure many people wonder why I write so late and share my thoughts with people around the world. I honestly feel like I am living a life that many people strive to reach everyday of their lives. We all strive for success in everything we do and business is no exception to that rule. However, many people really don’t understand the constant pressure and responsibility that come along with being a successful entrepreneur in today’s world. When you are a business owner you have a huge responsibility to your business, employees, and customers. Sometimes that means working until midnight and beyond to make sure they are all taken care of to ensure future growth, success, and happiness.

The problem with that is when you have a family they require the same things. Your family needs your time, devotion, and obviously you are responsible for them in every way. Sometimes it’s very hard to determine how to balance work, life, and family. I know for me it’s been such a trying event I wrote about it in my book “The Hidden Millionaire” as one of my twelve key principles to being a successful entrepreneur.  I have always been a family oriented person. My family has and always will be the most important thing in my life.

For me balancing work and family has been tough, however, I have managed to figure out how to make things work in my world. The thing is when YOU start your own business you must figure out how to make it work in YOUR world. Things in your life (and in mine) are always changing and you must be able to alter your plan to suffice. So to all of you aspiring entrepreneurs remember to think about how to make time for your family while still focusing on your business.

One thing I will always say is that family is more important that money. If I wake up tomorrow and my bank account reads $0.00 who’s going to be there for me? Who’s going to make me smile no matter what? My Family. If you wake up tomorrow and your family isn’t there….. Do you think having money is going to make you smile?

I wish you all success in both business, and balancing work & family.


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