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Well I am finally back home with my family! I’ve spent the past 5 weeks in the northern part of the country on my Hidden Millionaires tour. Obviously I met thousands of people, and as usual I found a way to learn something from each and every person I spoke to this month. I received an interesting question from someone that attended one of my events last week, and I want to share it along with the answer with you right now. I was finishing up my last show in Cincinnati, Oh when an older man asked me “Why do you do this? Why do you travel the country and teach people what you know? Your making so much money sitting at home why do this?” that’s obviously a question I get quite often when I am on the road, however, this time it struck me in a somewhat different way. It was almost as if this man was in complete disbelief that I would want to “work” when I don’t really have to. Honestly I don’t have to do what I do, but I have my reasons and ill share them with you now.
There are many things that I feel strongly about in life, and what to share with as many people as I possibly can each and every day. What better platform to get that done than a nationwide Hidden Millionaires tour? I meet thousands of people every single month that actually listen to what I have to say. It allows me to influence thousands of people with the things I feel are extremely important in life. Yes I am there to teach them how to make money, and motivate them to be successful by thinking successfully. However, I am also there to influence people to realize there are other things in life that are important. Each week I get to share my Christmas For Kids ( story with thousands of people across the country. I share with them how important it really is to give back to those who are less fortunate. No matter what your situation is in life there is always someone who has it worse, and could simply use some help. Children have always been important to me I grew up babysitting one of the sweetest little girls you will ever meet. It taught me to have compassion at a very young age, and I think that is an absolutely wonderful characteristic to posses. I realized that children have absolutely no control over the situation they are born into, and they certainly have no way of changing it at a young age. I always knew when I got older, became successful, and was in the position to help that I would do exactly that. Now that I have been able to help provide Christmas gifts for children in the Mississippi area for the past 2 years I am looking for ways to expand that across the country. By speaking about this in my events I am touching people and watching them with my own eyes as they realize the importance of giving, and thinking about other people. I had a lady interview me last week from the Associated Press and she said “Your story about the children at Christmas made me realize I don’t do enough. I currently take gifts to an elderly person’s home each year, but I realize now I could do more, and I could help out some children”. This is exactly the kind of influence that gives me the drive to continue doing what I do. So when you ask me why I do this? Why do I teach people around the country? Why do I work? I would simply ask that you reference what that lady said to me and ask yourself this question. “Would I work if I knew I could provide a positive influence on thousands of people each week that could result those same people reaching out and helping other people who really need it?”

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