Anthony Morrison – Holiday Advice

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I’m finally home and resting for the remainder of the year. 2008 has really been fun, exciting, and educational for me as well as those that work with me. Our tour once again visited over 60 cities around the United States and allowed me to teach thousands of people what I know about making money online. It was and still is a surreal feeling to see so many people attend my conferences each and every week.
I do, however, want to take a second to reach out to YOU about something I am very passionate about towards the end of the year. Many children go without on Christmas and it’s honestly just saddening to see that happen year after year. I started a charity called ChristmasForKids (you can read about it on my site) to help purchase gifts for those less fortunate, and get young people involved. However, I am always open to new ideas and new information. Today I was approached by a lady representing the burned children’s association in both Jackson, Ms and Augusta, Ga. She said many children (burn victims) go without during the holidays because their families are just struggling to pay for their medical bills and procedures. So I decided (along with my brother) to sponsor 10 of these children and make sure they have a wonderful Christmas. The program is called “Shop with the Doc” and it benefits the Pediatric Burn Survivors it only cost $150 to sponsor one child.
I challenge YOU to take action in your community. See if there is a similar program available so you can sponsor a child in your area. Remember there are always children who go without, and you can make a difference! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Holiday!

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