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I get hundreds of emails asking me “why don’t you cover other topics on your blog” and I guess that makes a bit of sense right? Afterall I made millions in online e-Commerce long before I actually started making money with affiliate marketing. I know affiliate marketing was much easier, but still this website is about helping people make money online in every way possible. So with that said I am introducing now a new section to my personal blog here called “e-Commerce”. I am going to share tips, advice and techniques that I used to build a huge million dollar a year retail business online in a very small niche market.

This first tip I can give you is STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD so that means you have to do things other people don’t do in order to get noticed. For example I am in Miami this week and I saw an ad on a billboard that said the following:

YOUR WIFE IS NOT HOT because she called (companys name) A/C Service

Look at that ad. It doesn’t say “To get cool call us..” or “Are you hot? Call…” it says something that made it stand out from every other ad I have personally ever seen. Everyone knows if you tell a man his wife isn’t hot it’s going to elicit some kind of emotion from him. It’s that very emotion that made me notice that ad and pay attention to it.

Start thinking outside the box with your advertising and branding and you too can get noticed and build your business. Wether it be retail or affiliate marketing.


  1. corrie

    I feel like I’m just outside the door of “getting it”. I am failing miserably but don’t have the slightest inclination of giving up. I feel extremely peripheral and I need to get my little biz into the center. How?

  2. judy nagel

    Those are some good ideas for outside the box thinking. It is overwhelming for us beginners.It seems we read and listen to all the videos and read blogs. It just seems just out of my reach too. But I signed up so i guess giving up is not an option. I do not have a lot of money for ads. that is my problem.

  3. happygirl

    I am trying to lick the knife not eating the whole cake. Which part of the knife I am licking no idea .I need to come up with a niche. ok I got it

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