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So since my last post about “blogging online” I have had many request to keep up with my blogs about how to create your own blog, generate traffic to your blog and ultimately make money from your blog. As you can see I don’t really use my blog to make money. You probably don’t want to follow my blog as an example of “how to make money from blogging”. The main reason is I simply don’t have the desire to have a huge blog that requires me to post daily. Many people, however, see this as a great way to generate income and have a great time doing it. So with that in mind I am going to share more insight on this opportunity with you over the next few weeks.

So let’s get started…

Step 1: You need a blog!
Yeah in order to make money from blogging the first thing you need is a blog. WordPress is in my opinion the best, hands down. That’s what I use and it’s actually what just about every blogger uses. In order to have one you will need to setup a hosting account to host your blog. I suggest using HostGator simply because once you setup your hosting account they have a feature that will auto install WordPress! That means you don’t really have to know much of anything to get your own blog live online. Pretty cool huh?

Step 2: Determine Your Topic
This is an important step. You need to determine the direction your blog is going to go in.. here are some things to think about:
A. Who is your target audience
B. What are you going to discuss on the blog
C. What revenue generating opportunities are there in that space
D. Where would you find your target audience (i.e. where do you find them to promote your blog)

Step 3: Get on a schedule
One of the most important things (I think anyway) is getting on a blogging schedule. This means just getting yourself acustom to blogging daily, every other day or weekly. It’s important to always reach out to the people reading your blog with new information on your topics. If you let your blog sit for too long without updating it people tend to forget about it. Go into your blogging with a good plan of action and you will end up more successful in the end.

Ok so how is all of this done…

Step 1: Solution
Simply go to HostGator right now and sign up. I think its like under $5/month for hosting which is pretty dang cheap. I use their service myself and they do a great job. Plus they have an affiliate program that pays you $50 for anyone you refer to them! Heck even I use that program! But really they have the best service and I mean how do you beat $5 a month for hosting and WordPress installed? Checkout HostGator now just Click Here…

Step 2: Solution
This is something you simply must determine on your own. Here are some suggestions to help you decide on what might be good for you:
A. Your target audience really depends on “what you are blogging about”. I suggest writing about something that you currently like or are interested in at the moment.
B. Again like I said blog about something you enjoy or something you know a lot about. Of course it needs to be something other people are interested in as well otherwise you will never have readers!
C. Once you’ve determined your subject that will help you determine your target audience. Now it’s easy to find revenue generating opportunities that fit within that demographic or target audience.
D. Now that we know all of that information it’s pretty easy to brainstorm on how to locate and advertise your blog to your target audience. (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Forums etc)

Step 3: Solution
Discipline. Success simply does not come to those put forth no effort. Don’t expect to make millions from your blog. Trust me it will take hard work to ever make the first penny. The fact is people do make money from blogging and it can be a lucrative opportunity. Those people making money will probably tell you “blogging is my job”. Yeah they think of it as a “job” because it requires time, energy and ambition.

Well I hope this helped shed some light on blogging. My next post will give you more of the “revenue generating” ideas for blogging. For now simply stay focused on getting your blog setup and choosing your topic to blog about. The rest will come in due time!


  1. Gloria Hearn

    I am afraid of doing so much so fast but this is what I want to learn and be able to use in my work effectively.

  2. Marie Toussaint

    Hi Anthony: I read your E-mail about the bloggs; that’s really a good suggestion. First, I have to think about setting up the hosting account and then the blogging.
    Thanks Anthony.
    Have a great New Year from Marie.

  3. William

    Thanks for the insight, Anthony… at first blogging every day is a challenge but once you get the habbit it gets easier and acutually becomes fun

  4. iris galloway

    Sounds like fun and thanks for the info, but I don’t want to get myself into too much all at once, or I will feel like I am spinning out in space. Good luck to you all that want to try this for a job.

  5. Doss

    Actually Anthony, Your blog is a perfect example of how to make money blogging. While being “helpful” and “on our side” you slipped in 3 of your HostGator affiliate links. I love it! Lesson learned: Pick one (1) product & refine your target audience. Wa-a-a-y better than PPC!

  6. G_Jr.

    …maybe “old dogs” can learn new tricks, Ant’ny…
    ‘Specially crusty, old retired NCOs…(that’s military-talk for Sergeants).
    Just the same, thanks for the bloc of instruction, and for using the K.I.S.S. method as well…(yeah, that’s military rooted too).

  7. Val Jewell

    Hi Anthony ~ This was extremely helpful to me as I have already started TWO blogs (easiest free thing to start with in your book) and I always wanted to be “Dear Abby” . . . :} Can I ethically and physically “move” them to Hostgator so that they are on WordPress? I am leaving you the website for the “more elaborate” one so that you can see how it is already monetized at Blogspot mostly by My other blog actually does have two different locations and it monetized partly by Amazon and partly by me at FanClub. (They found me . . .) I’m willing to “copy” the content into another blog if that is the most ethical thing to do . . . ???



  9. Wil

    Hi, new to blogging,
    Yes, but if you are writing a blog about something you know about, do you write it in bits & pieces per day or per week, or perhaps write one only from beginning to end?

  10. Frank Apostol

    The major reason that I have not become active yet is that, relatively speaking, I am significantly computer ignorant. Computer language for the most part is alien to me. Therefore, knowing exactly what a term or phrase means, and how to use/apply it, is at this time, a problem for me.

    Since buying your book and studying it, however, I have learned much, though I still have a way to go. AND, I will get there! Because I must!

  11. Fred Thompson

    This is very useful in helping me get my site being profitable, thanks for all of your day by day assistance in being more efficent.
    Fred Thompson

  12. Janet

    Great concept and I am also new to this whole Industry. Definitely something that I want to start as soon as I get the website finished.
    Great information, Thanks again!

  13. Billy Carr


  14. Damon

    Great reminder of the concepts taught in your book. Thanks Anthony!! I am still working, hopefully I can get some feedback from my posts.

  15. Kay

    Thank you Anthony for the new information. I am just getting a few ads out in the free spots. When I make a few $ I will have to start the bloging. Am not a Twitter fan, can make you crazy.

  16. Kay

    Anthoiny, the information for the Blog HostGator is great, $5.00 a month to host? Then if you are an affiliate, by getting another person to sign up and you make $50.00. What is wrong with that picture. Absolutely Nothing. That is known as a win win factor. Great Hosting and $50.00 for just letting someone else know about it and use a blog host for little or no cost.

  17. Dan Johnson

    thanks for the good tips and helpful ideas –together we can encourage and motivate each other –sharing what Works —it’s just like we are A TEAM –we all have to do Our Part –but together we can ALL go forward –Thanks for everyone on the Anthony Morrison Team– Team Member Dan

  18. timmyGD

    Anthony, moer info please. Why blogger, or blogster? Are they not hosted on someone else’s sight like google for blogger? Is it possible to make money on blogger or blogster?


    You can us to setup a free blog website to advertise your current affiliate website or any other website. I’m using a few of Anthony’s techniques to advertise.

  20. Gopal Iyer

    I just finished creating my squeeze page. I was getting ready to create a blog page. Your blog comes at a great time. Thanks

  21. Joshua Zamora

    Great post Anthony! I agree with everything you have written above.

    A few other things I believe makes a blog sucessful is having a clean theme with a professional header and graphics.

    That is the first thing people see is the overall look of your blog.

    Atleast for me if a blog has poor, cheap looking header and graphics I don’t spend much time on it.

    The second thing is having catchy titles to your post. Titles that grab attention and keep people clicking through yours posts.

  22. Dolores Rosario

    Hi Anthony,

    I was about to delete this email but I have for some time been completely in the dark about blogs. I don’t get the whole concept and I simply cannot see how you can make money giving out free information. Obviously I have a LOT to learn. I would like to start a blog giving homemaking tips, cleaning and cooking, whick I know most about. But I don’t know if it’s worth the time and effort if it’s not going to make me any money. I really want to drive traffic to my travel site. How do I incorportate the two?

  23. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, I read your information about Blogging and I am preparing some information concerning what I am actually doing as a small business. It is Sewing and Alterations. I know that I need a website because no one knows what I am doing and where I am. I don’t know how to transform a blog even though I can write about my business and make it interesteing for people to read. I just don’t know how to set this up. I guess I sound unknowledgable. I don’t expect to earn one milllion dollars this year but by 2012 I would like to earn a half million and 2013 one million dollars.
    I know that it takes hard work and determination.

    Alberta Banks

  24. Clara Leake

    My new blog is up, Anthony. I’m going through the list building tutorials.

    I jumped and shouted when I put my opt-in form on my blog following Brian Edmondson’s tutorial.

    Tomorrow I’ll start blogging and put up my squeeze page also.

  25. Mary Chapman

    Anthony, Thank you so much for your expertise and help on all of this! It really helps and I am grateful to have found you!! Could you maybe help us with some suggestions on how many blogs to have? Is it even necessary to have multiple blogs- so that we may put different affiliates on that particular blog? And what if we have a website? Again – thank you so much for ALL you do!! Cheers to success!! Mary Chapman

  26. Linda B

    Hi, I am just learning about blogging. I really never knew what it really was. So here I am reading on it. Just for kicks, maybe later I’ll find that is was helpful some how. Peace

  27. Ceegee Rabren

    Thanks for the blog insight. Social networking is a mystery to me that is slowly being discovered and understood. The more tidbits of knowledge your share with me/us, the more I begin to feel comfy enough to venture out a little more until I am totally out there, swimming in the big pond. No more fear, no more apprehension, but looking forward to have fun with these social sites like playing a good game of chess. Thanks again for the nuggets of knowledge. I’m looking forward to your next installment. Have a great day YALL!!!

  28. Sandy

    I created WordPress myself but I don’t have hosting yet. Should I let Host Gator does that for me together with hosting ?

    Also when you pick a niche and talk about it and then should I put a Affiliate Link from Clickbank Account? then advertise my WordPress product promotion link to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Forums ? Is it how to do ?
    Thank you….

  29. Stanley J. Beller

    I signed up for Hostgator and I love my website, but you will not be able to see it for at least another month. WordPress can be downloaded to it and I intend to blog.

  30. Angela

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. It sounds like it can be fun with a lot of determination. Probably the hardest part will be finding something to write about weekly. But, I am going to follow your instructions and try it…Any extra income at all would be a BIG help to my family and me.

  31. Albert

    Hey Anthony,
    Thanks again, I’ll admit I may be knew to some of this including blogging but I’m willing to give it a go. I appreciate the step by step assistance you provide. That is benificial.

  32. Jill Carpenter

    Thanks Anthony, I’m in the mist of setting up a blog, meaning it’s still foggy, trying a free blog, but my hosting site MonsterHost is set up for WordPress, however WP charges. Looking forward to your next blog, especially on blogging!

  33. Vicky Baul

    Hi Anthony!
    Thanks for the info. I have not blogged yet, but I would like to try it. Thank you so much for the info that you shared. God bless.

  34. Jessie Littlejohn

    I was courious about Blogging,but I have so much to learn about twitter and Facebook(how to use them) that I am getting overwhellmed and have to slow down take one step at a time before I add something else to do.
    Writing is not one of my strong suits.

  35. James Kahalewai

    Anthony………Thanks for this info. Is blogging better than PPC? I’m a newbie and still trying to understand every options to avoid duplications before implementing my course of action. Keep up the good work, someday soon I’ll need to execute a plan…….Jimmy K.

  36. georgina castle

    Hello Mr Morison. Thank you for sending another how to blog, last night I finally got to the end of your books, I am beginning to see the light slowly but surely,thank you for the blog on blogging, it is great and straight forward and easy to follow, you should have put it in your book like this , plain and simple and easy to follow, I have been scared all the way through learning all this and as yet do not dare to put any thing in the computer to start the ball rolling but after your blog on blogging I am going to join HostGator get a host, then if that turns out fine I will join Aweber that also has WordPress,. That is a good start , of course it is easier said than done,. A gentleman has called me on the phone twice now but after a conversation he hangs up, he is from Morrison Inc, why I do not know why he hangs up. I have got to go back to click here and join to blog, all the best GC

  37. Randy Clarke

    Hi Anthony ( and readers ) I hope someone can tell me what the differences are between a blogg and a web page or site.
    Seems to me that they both need hosting, I,m also assuming that means a fair amount of Search Engine Optimization as well so people can find the blogg easily. I want to have a blogg ( or website ) on point and shoot digital photography. I have a point and shoot course that I want to promote as well as other select affiliate products………please help, I really don’t know what the heck I am doing Lol

  38. Cynthia

    I want to know how I can make money on blogging? I already know what I want to blog about. I just dont understand, how I will be payed on whatever particular topic, I chose to blogg about.

  39. Albert

    Blogging is a little new to me but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I have a few things I can blog about under one topic. I believe I can get it together.

  40. James Sliney

    Anthony, I already have a blog, but I appreciate your comments, because you help me see the big picture in terms of where a blog fits into a plan to perform internet marketing successfully.

  41. Phillip Norton

    Thanks Anthony. Really appreciate the advice! This saves me a lot of time, trouble, & mistakes.

  42. Raoul

    Strange thing Anthony, Like some of the post that I read I wasn’t very interesting in this one either. But after your previous post gave me a little bit of insight on google adwords I thought I would take a look. I am thinking that I now have an understanding as to why when I previously tried blogging and could not find my own blogg what happened. When I asked questions about hosting and websites I received advertisements, webinars for services. Oopps, Not what I was looking for. Even as I tried services that did not work out. But this, This is information that helps. It is clear, directive, and informative for what any newbie should begin to learn about the internet and making money on line. “The Parts Of The Basics To Learn to Earn.” Let’s put some more up…

  43. Norma Garcia

    Hi Anthony, The information you send about the blogging is very interesting. I will use this in the future. I need to work on my Fast Cash Commissions first and make money. Please keep doing the good work you are writing for us by sending us information that we need. Thank you, NG

  44. Joseph Mandell

    Very good suggestions. Now I’ve just got to DO it!
    Thanks very much Anthony.

  45. Cheyanne Ballard

    Thanks Anthony for the great info. I have the above website and am thinking about adding a blog to it. I do have hostgator for my website. This is all new to me and I learn something new everyday. Should I add the blog with WordPress to the subdomain of my current website or should I create a separate domain just for my blog and link to it? Hostgator will probably help if I ask them, but you are so knowledgeable about all of this I trust your opinion. What would be the best course of action to take if I decide to make money from my blog? Thanks so much Anthony!

  46. Cedric

    Thanks for the great ideas because I have been considering doing blog to start out making some money from the internet. Keep the knowledge coming.

  47. Rosa

    Hi Anthony, thank you for this inf. I really did needed to learn how to start one. I ll go to Host Gator. Also please direct me on the best way to start a web site for affliliatie purposes and income opportunities.
    Thanks again.

  48. eparkyn

    Antony: Thank you for the suggestion on blogging, I’m trying to get better at what we are doing right now. Which is CB Analytics, and Eparkyn

  49. tom simmons

    hi anthony
    i took your seminar in portsmouth virginia.our association has been expensive although education will be,i keep tagging along and your
    inspiration and instructions are helping me see a little clearer,heck i
    see a good future hanging out with you.

  50. herbert

    u know this may be good for many people ,base that almost everyone has an intrest in something or work years on jobs and different jobs to use this as an option for and niche thanks looking forward .

  51. John

    Setting up a blog has been something that I have been planning on. What I need to know is weather or not a blog uses video or is just text. I am not exactly sure how to deal with it to set one up.

  52. Speransia Bizimana

    I like the idea, but time factor as you said. One has to be available to answer or comments. Where does one get flowing ideas?

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