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I have a few minutes between seminars and decided I would make a post here to share some thoughts with everyone. I was just interviewed today on Fox channel 9 in Minneapolis, Mn about my book, and some tips for aspiring entrepreneur’s to help them be successful in their endeavors. I have to say the interview went very well, and the station was extremely accomodating. While I was being interviewed I was asked a simple question, yet one that many people really don’t seem to understand. “Why do you do conferences around the country when you make millions of dollars each year just sitting at home?” you know I never realized how many people around the country really want to know the answer to this question. Now that I am aware of it I figure its best to just answer it for everyone right here on my blog.

Doing the conferences is something I am very passionate about. As I say in my book the first step to being successful is doing something you LOVE doing. I love teaching people, and I love the challenge of taking someone that knows absolutely nothing about a computer and teaching them to use it to generate an income for themselves and their families. How many people in this country can say they taught someone how to earn a million dollars? I can and I am only 25 years old! That may sound like nothing to you, but then again like I said “do what you love doing”. For me helping people was always on my agenda I just always figured it would be in the medical field, not the financial field. Either way I get a great sense of accomplishment when I teach someone something to help them better their situation in life.

So do I need the money from a conference? No. Do I travel around the country teaching people what I know so I can get wealthy? No. I was already a millionaire BEFORE I started doing conferences and teaching people. I do my events because I truely love everything about it. I love networking, meeting new people, hearing other peoples life story, and sharing my story with those that come to my events. If nothing else my story simply motivates and inspires thousands of people around the country to achieve greater things in their life, and for that I am thankful. Just simply thankful that I can use a horrible event in my life to inspire others to achieve greater things in their own lives.

Well its time for me to go speak again….. so I hope this helped you all understand why I do what I do.

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