Is Now The Time? – By Anthony Morrison

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Many people ask me for advice on starting a business, making a current business grow, or just investing their money in the right places. I have always told people “invest in yourself” if you really want to become successful. ¬†With the proper advice, skills, knowledge, and planning I believe many people can become successful millionaires, and yes I am talking about even the people who never dreamed becoming wealthy would ever happend to them. The difference between the successful millionaires in this country, and those who never achieve that goal is simple: Determination, Motivation, Education, & Mindset.

Everyone knows you must be determined to be successful, and you obviously need to be motivated to succeed. You also need knowledge or “education” in order to properly go after your goal of becoming a millionaire, and being successful in business. However, one of the main things people forget is you must have the right “mindset”. Having the entrepreneurial mindset is the biggest key to launching your own business, and being successful. With our current economy I must ask you this question. Is now the right time?

Think about that for just a minute. Banks are closing down, huge businesses are going under daily, and you can’t turn on the TV without hearing something about the current financial crisis. Yet I am asking you if NOW is the right time to start your own business and go after your entrepreneurial goals. It might seem crazy, but I honestly think now is the perfect time. You probably won’t find yourself as determined and motivated to build a business as you are right now. When things are going great we all tend to fall in what I call a “rut” you wake up goto work and have no worries. It’s kinda hard to really be “driven” or “motivated” to start your own business when your just coasting along. However, when hard times hit you become more aware of your situation and its vulnerability. This creates the perfect drive, motivation, and mindset for success. Thats exactly what happend to me when my father lost his life savings in the WorldCom stock crash.

Instead of buying more stock or investing in more real estate…… why not just invest in yourself?


  1. Angel Santana

    Hi Anthony, My name is Angel Santana and in the military. I recentley ordered your book The Hidden Millionaire. I cought a glimpse of your TV Commercial while I was at Las Vegas this past October about your seminar. Is there any chance that you’ll have a seminar here in Washington State, Tacoma, Seattle? Or can I join online? Your book is solid and truely motivating. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time, legit.

    Thanks in advance, Angel

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