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I have decided that the best way to share my advice and business tips is to do a weekly video blog from home. I want to share my knowledge of business and how to make money online with anyone willing to listen to what I have to say. Tonight I was watching a show “extreme home makeover” and saw how they completely changed the lives of an entire family. It really was amazing and it reminded me of something that has always been important to me. Sharing information and anything that can help change someone’s life is well worth the time it takes.

I am not saying I can make you a millionaire. I’m not even saying I can make you thousands of dollars. It’s my hope that by listening to what I have to say you will be motivated to succeed in some part of your life that means the most to you. If that happens to be business then wonderful. I hope you enjoy the blog and I would love your feedback. I am use to speaking to thousands of people live on my tour, however, webcam’s are new to me. Feedback will be appreciated and taken as good constructive advice!


  1. yvette turner

    Anthony, I wanted to thank you for the chance to begin again, at my age its quite a gift,of course I realize this is going to take alot of work and dedication from me but nothing in life is free and the hardier you work the nicer it ends up for you. just the same this is a wonderful time in my life to come across something to work with and then gain from it. I look forward to sharing with you the adventure and fun this is going to be. I do mean what I say to you when I said Thank You for the start Yvette Turner i

  2. Donna

    I am Blogging. I started by accident, just listening to you, and becoming an Affiliate Member for a short period of time. I must admit, I am more educated about Internet Marketing than I was a few years ago.
    You have provided a lot of inspiration and instructions, direction. There was a lot of confusion with all the flashing ads, and bright colors on the Websites.
    The information about being inspired is important, and disciplined. Staying with something 365 days a week with exponential advancement. Your video blog is inspirational.

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