Knowledge is Key – From Anthony Morrison

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I had lunch with a friend today and it sparked my attention to something very important, and that is knowledge is the key to success in every way. We were just discussing a few things here and there about business. This guy sells insurance and simply wants to get “out of the grind” which makes sense. I think everyone wants to get out of the daily grind of going to work, coming home and eating dinner, going to sleep, and waking up and doing it all over again. 

Owning your own business can certainly provide that outlet. Business owners do have a responsibility to take care of business whenever and wherever it’s needed. However, there is a sense of accomplishment, relief, and pride that goes along with being a entrepreneur. My friend turned to an MLM to find his way out of the daily grind. When he first mentioned it to me I immediately thought to myself “I don’t do MLMs and I really don’t think they are worth the time or effort people put into them”. I, however, continued to listen to his story. What I saw in him was the drive and determination to make this work and to make this business his ticket out of that daily grind that he hates so much right now.

Within about an hour I had shared with him enough knowledge about the industry and how to build his business while helping others at the same time that he was absolutely elated. I think this guy is going to be really successful. He is now armed with the knowledge it takes to be successful, and the great thing is he did not try to sell me on joining the MLM.

As a side note the company he is now working with is brand new. It’s a very good concept because it’s selling food (or paying an auto ship to get $50 worth of food sent to you each day). Think about how much you spend at the grocery store every month now imagine YOU making money off everyone buying what they already need and buy every single month? Pretty good concept. My suggestion is that everyone should check it out. I am not signed up but I probably will go ahead and take the plunge because it’s only $199 plus I could use the food anyway. He told me about one lady that made $58,000 last year which didn’t seem to bad to me. Anyway if any of you are interested you can get more information here : INFORMATION

Note: That is not my affiliate link. I do not in anyway make money or profit from you signing up with this program. I simply think it is a good idea, and figure I would help this guy out by listing it here on my blog. If you join you will benefit being in his group because ill be helping him help others be successful with the program. 

Anyway just remember having great ideas is great, having drive and determination is great, but without knowledge you will simply get nowhere in business. Read books, work with coaches and mentors and learn what you need to know in order to be successful!

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