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You can pin your hopes on winning the lottery, or you can do something about securing your future when you “Pin Your Income” at  There are a few Pinterest numbers that should get your marketer’s attention:

  • more than 12 million monthly unique visitors.
  • quickly reached the top 5 in social sites.
  • average user spends more than an hour and a half a day on the site.
  • more than 17.8 million users in March of 2012.
  • drove more traffic to websites in February 2012 than Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

On Pinterest you create Boards and Pins.  A Pin is a bookmark with an image or video.  A Board is a collection of Pins.  There are so many ways to sell or market on Pinterest, as it’s uniquely set up to make it a very visual medium for presenting products, services and ideas.

Sell Products – When companies like Gap are creating Boards and selling their clothing on the site, you know that it’s effective as a marketplace.  The visual nature of Pinterest makes it a great place for product images.

Demographic Marketing – Marketing to specific product niche interests or business interest demographics is big on Pinterest.  Whether you’re selling SEO services, writing or editing, or other freelance activities, they are all effective on Pinterest.

Cross-promotion – Whatever your content is on your own blogs and websites, you can promote it on Pinterest for broader exposure and SEO value, as the links to your sites will help.

Video – For freelancers, teachers, and consultants, videos on Pinterest can be an excellent way to promote their services and to drive traffic to their websites and blogs where their real selling is happening.

Company Exposure – If you have employees or affiliates, you can make them real for others through a Board and posting of their photos and stories about your company.

Taking full advantage of the marketing power of Pinterest is not a slam-dunk.  There is a lot to learn if you’re going to get the results that come from doing things right.  From the very first step of creating your Pinterest Profile, there are important considerations, and your profile can make a huge difference in your profits and exposure from your account.

Then there is the creation of a plan and being consistent in your pinning.  Consistency not only in timing and frequency but in imagery and quality is critical.  This is a social network and being social with the best text and images is going to pay off for you.  Social interaction doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and you’ll need to be connecting with others, commenting on their pins and building your followers.

There are certain strategies that can really pay off on Pinterest.  Creating the right kind of Boards is the first.  Whether it’s a demographic niche, or a product or service niche, the Board should be properly categorized and set up to appeal to a broad audience in your niche or vertical market.

You can actively sell on Pinterest, but it’s important to keep it social and in your niche.  If you’re doing affiliate marketing, popular products work best, but rare products encounter less competition.  Stay in your niche, sharing good information and great images and video related to that niche.  The links back to your websites or blogs and landing pages can be lucrative.  Our Pin Your Income Course will give you all of the tools and information you need to be successful on Pinterest.

Get the Pin Your Income Course Now!

Get the Pin Your Income Course Now!


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