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In my life I have always strived to learn as much as I possibly can from everyone I meet. I know it sounds crazy because most of the time people are trying to learn from me. This weekend I was at a gathering for one of my good friends from high school to celebrate his engagement and upcoming wedding. It was a reunion for me with many of the people I graduated with from High School in 2001. Everywhere I turned people were asking me what I do, how I do it, and just probing for as much information as they possibly could get from me. One of my close friends made the comment to me “that must get annoying”. As I thought about it alittle further I realized that while it does get annoying sometimes I have a great deal of respect for those people who probe me for answers. They are all trying to learn more to better themselves and for that I commend them. I want to make yet another suggestion to everyone who is ready to learn and prosper as an entrepreneur. Read Cameron Johnson’s book! (

I was so impressed with this book that after reading it I gave it to my mom and told her to read it in her free time. She came to me two days later FINISHED with the book. I was a bit shocked considering my mother is quite a busy lady and this book isn’t thin. She said the story reminded her so much of me that she couldn’t stop reading it. She was even inspired by the book and certainly glad she took the time to read it. It’s not that Cameron Johnson has done anything I haven’t done myself, but it is refreshing to find someone else my age that has accomplished many of the same things I have in my lifetime.

I know I seem like I am on the “Cameron Johnson” fanclub right now. I’m really not but I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who has accomplished the things he has accomplished. I also respect the way he lives his life and the decisions he has made in business. One of the biggest things that stood out to me in this book is how through his own actions he teaches you to make ethical decisions in business. So many people these days look for the quickest way to get rich, instead of the right way to become wealthy. Do yourself a favor if you have visited one of my seminars, if you are now using my system, or if your just reading my blog because you follow my story purchase Cameron’s book and read it cover to cover. You will understand why I promote this book so much when your finished.


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