Success Connection #122: I Need Your Help…

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LAST WEEK’S EPAD WINNER: Rob Forcier- Rob I’ll be emailing you for your shipping address! Congrats


  1. michael shuttlesworth

    Hey I know that I would not help you in any way other than just pointing more people to your great training 🙂 but I have a new site for my blog and wanted to know that one: Can i put link to your blog/site and if so, could I get backlink to mine?
    If not, that ok I will still send people to your site..they need it!!


  2. Greg

    I really like what Anthony said this week about motivating people to become involved with the success connection program and I’m looking forward to next week’s input. I’ll certainly do my part!

  3. Mytarious Tier Gaither

    Keep up the great service Anthony! Watching your videos ,reading your book and actually seeing your success has fueled my entrepreneurial spirit!!

  4. Pam Manilla

    I really feel this can work like I have said before ,,I just DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO GET STARTED….
    God Bless you and your family
    Pam Manilla

  5. Ron Musselman

    Thanks, again Anthony. Always appreciate hearing from you. Your info and values are terrific.

  6. Albert Ruzbarski


  7. William Russell

    Anthony Morrison is the master of internet marketing. The knowledge we get from him and his systems will help us launch our businesses to levels we can only dream about.

  8. Susan Cooper

    Hi Anthony,

    Would be interested in tips on reciprocal links and backlinks. I understand that some methods don’t work any more but am not sure what these are.

    I also submitted a comment on your last iPad email asking whether we are more interested in SEO or social networking. I don’t know if you got it.
    What I had said was I was interested in how to do anonymous social networking. I entered my basic info in FaceBook and used a different name for a nickname, but my real name showed up.

    Thanks for these messages and I will now go to Twitter for you.

    Susan Cooper – one of your 365 day course students

  9. Julie

    Not sure how I can use your service as a “young” lady in 60s am computer saavy but do not have Facebook nor Tweet. Not able to afford all the other info you put out there, but thanks for keeping me on your mailing list.

  10. Bruce

    tweet-tweet-tweet bird says: epad. facebook-like, the word according to Anthony. I like to share its what it is. epad? Like when a robin wakes up in the early morning hours and start to sing, its like giving thanks for the new day ahead, and when evening comes he gives thanks for what he accomplished thru this day. So, we start our day with thanks-Thanks Anthony for this day of new insites. Also thank God for this day that I may be open to new things and new ways, and hopefully I can bless someones day today. Go our of your way today and make someone SMILE….:o)

  11. Sally and Bill Miksch

    Thanks for the endless encouraging updates, Anthony! Looking forward to new lessons and building more success. Anxious to make this a busting positive improvement in our plans for future success.

    Sally and Bill

  12. OJ Uiliata

    I just finished my first video,and article.Stayed up the whole night working.At least i got some of it done,now trying to work on my first squeeze page.

  13. Julio Diep

    I read your book ¨Advertising Profits From Home¨ over a year ago and I could not understand how to make or follow the steps that you teach in this book. Being totally honest terminñe not read the book. At this point I decided to give me a second chance and re-read the book again, but this time I’ll read it completely. I am very interested to get to have an online business and I think this may be my chance to do it. Thank you very much.


    Yahoooooo! And as we say in Louisiana and Mississippi……………………

    “GET ER’ DONE !”

    what a great idea. Thanks Anthony,

    have to run an errand now, but look for my post.

  15. DeLois Weldon

    Anthony, Your blog is always very interesting. I’m still waiting for you to
    contact me with the Success with Anthony.

    Do a blog on HOW to get started with Clickbank, affiliate program.

  16. Marcelino

    Thanks for your motivation blog Anthony. For me I am probably hopeless
    forever lacking money and credit. It’s a catch 22 cycle so to speak.

  17. Marcia Brown

    I love that you do such a good job of helping all of us that are trying to make a go of the affiliate marketing business. You always keep me inspired, and I appreciate your giving spirit. Thanks!

  18. Theodore Seavy

    So very happy to Tweet and and sign on to Facebook. You have given us so many wonderful articles and announcements. This is such a small activity for us to do. Yes, strive to learn is a great challenge for us.

  19. michael washington

    Antnony, first of all i truly think it is an awesome thing you’re doing by giving away the Ipads to those who follow your seminar and other inspiring tele marketing programs. I can say that I’ve truly learned invaluable information that is sure to getting me along ways in my quest for developing marketing strategies. Thanks.

  20. Gertrude Rsor

    Thanks, Anthony, for your motivational messages. I am just getting started this week and am a little overwhelmed. I am sure that I will find my niche very soon.

  21. Anahi Pari-di-Monriva

    I agree with you 100% that the best marketing tools are Twitter and Facebook right now….maybe even Google+. Social media is where it’s at to build brand consciousness and word-of-mouth business growth. I think the new motto for this decade is “Think globally, act socially.” Good luck! I retweeted on my Everymom account and will also retweet on my langdevco account.

    PS I could really use that ePad! 🙂

  22. Leon german

    I attended the seminor which was held in Birmingham last month. The issue we are haveing is that the landining page and using EWA is a little confusing and myself and some of the others are having some problems getting coming.

    Not complaining.


  23. Bernice J Adams

    I really look forward to the weekly Success Connection video’s. I would like to see in your video’s on Income EDU or any of the other forums with step by step instructions down to the starter level…in other words more starter instructions and more in depth instructions…I am getting most of it but find that I need a bit more…again thanks for all your help and keep them coming as I know you wil

  24. Patricia Powell

    I really look forward to your teaching. I am looking forward to learning more about using social media.

  25. Robert Smith

    Going thru traning with the people in Utah is very dry.

    Your Videos and Webinars are what keeps me engaged.

    I want to help my family and those that need help! I’m tring to learn how to fish


  26. Rudy Ambion

    Anthony, I do really do thanks and appreciate you and all the information
    that you share through success connection.

  27. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your imagination to teach of more about helping ourselves and getting us to try more new thing. Thank you!

  28. Anahi Pari-di-Monriva

    On a more serious note, though, about Internet marketing: I’ve been reading a lot of doom and gloom projections regarding content monetization efforts, especially in view of Google’s impending crackdown on companies, blogs, etc. that rely too heavily on SEO. What are your thoughts on how to grow an Internet business considering Google will be imposing penalties? Thanks!

  29. Juliza

    I would like to learn more about how to do my own business but there is alot I don’t understand

  30. Virginia Lachica

    I finally ordered my CPV domination and I hope I will succeed this time. Thank you so much for the lessons in the webinar I hope to get an epad too.

  31. Don Warren

    Love your success connection posts.
    I’m getting overwhelmed with the HUGE number of CHOICES I need to make to focus on a marketing campaign. Is there a baby step approach that I can find that will get me started?
    I’m concerned that I don’t know how to build an ‘attractive’ landing page that will result in clickthroughs. Are there any ABC steps that I can learn? I’m going through the but I seem to just keep uncovering more stuff to learn every time I turn to a new page.

  32. colleen

    I think your doing a great job trying to get us all to learn. I know it is hard for myself not knowing as much as most but with what you try to teach us it helps as you make it so easy to follow along. One of the issues I had with other business’s. I like how you keep at all of us hoping to get it going. For all of what you do I thank-you!

  33. Phyllis Bird

    This is fun. Information overload is a bit of a problem fo the 70 year old lady. Keep me active and interested.

    Website? I have Angel’s Hideaway on Facebook (second page)
    and there is Angel,s out there wich Who’s Who built.
    I don’t get there often.


  34. Pamela S Kline

    Anthony, I would like to learn how to do search’s and learn how to get started and earn some money.

  35. Justin


    So far I’m still following your “Success with Anthony one-on-one coaching” program, by watching the training videos and taking notes on how to build a successful affiliate marketing business. It’s been very hard for me due to my ongoing disability and ongoing symptoms but I’m slowly learning at my own page and will never give up in order to succeed! Thanks for the great tips!

  36. Rosemarie Delfel

    Hi Anthony,
    As always, thank you for all the valuable information and learning tools you provide with your teachings and examples. Your motivational techniques to strive to learn and more, assess and find a niche, set goals and stick with them, take action, keep learning, building self-confidence and improving until we succeed, are priceless. To me, the core of your teaching is that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, and once you understand the success method, the possibilities for success are endless; you can expand your success to other niches, continue learning and help others along the way. That is what I admire about you, Anthony, and at this point, the more information you can provide about social media and internet marketing techniques, the better….Have a super weekend!

  37. Diane Garhart

    It is delightful to hear you say to treat this like a ‘real’ business. That ‘real’ business concept means a lot to me. Thank you for repeating it often!

    I like working for myself while serving as many others as possible.

    p.s. My website is a self-replicating one. Looking forward to building my own.

  38. Starmist

    Hey Anthony, I’ve been sharing your website with family and friends so you should be getting a lot of new followers. You are a great motivator! Keep up the good work, thanks.

  39. Robert Karney

    Anthony you ask what do I want to learn? I want to lean how to develop new business. How to market new items. How to keep old items sold and over and over again. How to move item at no cost. How to develop new markets. Yes I want to do all this now. Robert

  40. Rosemarie Delfel

    Hi Anthony,
    As always, thank you for all the valuable information and learning tools you provide with your teachings and examples. Your motivational techniques to strive to learn more and more, assess and find a niche, set goals and stick with them, take action, keep learning, building self-confidence and improving until we succeed, are priceless. To me, the core of your teaching is that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, and once you understand the success method, the possibilities for success are endless; you can expand your success to other niches, continue learning and help others along the way. That is what I admire about you, Anthony, and at this point, the more information you can provide about social media and affiliate marketing techniques, the better….Have a super weekend!

  41. Dwayne Sturge

    Do you mind me shamelessly promoting my credit card processing company? I do get commissions from every new account sign up for those who’d like to offer credit card payment options for their own businesses. I do appreciate you trying to offer some help and motivation to make money through internet marketing. Thank you

  42. Eric Urscher

    08-17-2012 ; Unkle Anthony :
    I need emergent help “jump-starting” my exhisting ClickBank accountancy .
    Cordially Yours’,
    Eric Albert Urscher .

  43. Beverly Cordle

    GREAT, just GREAT. I’d love to win an epad. I don’t own a single gadget. I’m lucky to have a desk top computer. I LIKE you on Facebook and I’d tweet you if I could. (no gadgets) Have a great week!

  44. Cheryl H


    Great idea the more people we have enriches the whole process. Unlike my usual
    flying through things I id click on facebook and lefy a tweet. Great idea about the Ipads
    who knows-. As always great work and great ideas.

    Many Thanks,

    Cheryl H.

  45. Ingrid /Roxanne

    We would like to win an epad. But I don’t have a twitter or Facebook account. But keep on teaching and we will keep on trying. we missed some weeks we are now catching up on them. Thanks.

  46. David Schryer

    Just starting affiliate marketing. Received both books and getting excited on the ways to market offers. Like to promote affiliate marketing and marketing tools, and to say thank you. Your training and software is great. Looking forward to your up coming videos.

  47. frank senner

    thank you anthony! i enjoy each week of the success connection.always great information.

  48. Cheryl Harrington

    Whatever it takes to make this work..I am glad to be involved in success connection!!

  49. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I really love the success connection! You have inspired and motivated me week after week and I have been making a little bit of progress, not a lot though. As usual, I need one strong and good ad to generate a lot of traffic. I am also interested in social marketing because I think that is the key to generating more traffic. The more people who watch the better.

    I will help you in any way I can Anthony!!!

    See you next week.

  50. marie

    new to this online business… but thanks Anthony for sharing more info which make me interested.

  51. mathew

    tried tweeting but not successfull..will try again or open a new account…my twet account is 2 years old..I got your Homejobs for citizen program 2 years i am interested in ad for profits and also cpv do i enroll:)

  52. David Shadduck

    This would be great ! Since I don’t have mobile internet on my cell phone
    this would be a great way to track what’s hot and happening right now without being home.
    Thanks for the opportunity .

    David Shadduck

  53. Craig

    Hey Anthony great post as usual, I’m really focused on making my business a success and it is all thanks to you. I have made my business plan to follow every day and are starting to see some nice results. Keep up the good work, this is really inspiring stuff 🙂

  54. Diane Smullen

    I do not have a website yet, but I am working on it. I love learning from Anthony and Adrian. I like working on the computer. It has been very fun so far. Have a great weekend.

  55. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,

    Thanks for your expanding and motivating teaching for the new
    beginners. I’d love to win the e-pad too, so I’m keeping watching
    your videos. I haven’t use the face book or my own website, but
    it seems that I need to get those social media setting up for better
    One steop at a time for the goal.

  56. Laurel McGee

    You are a wonder at how supportive you are with all your members. Still trying to be the small business owner I’d like to be. Thanks for everyting…

  57. Shelby White

    Anthony, Thanks for all the Videos, books that one can download and
    webinars to learn. All the information that we can have is from ANTHONY
    MORRIISON and he will help us if we need it, like me who needs a
    lot of help.

  58. James

    Love your SWA. Can you and Adrian do a similar detailed course on social media? Mainly Facebook Twitter and Linkedin. Thanks.

  59. darlene mckean

    I will share you with everyone I encounter.
    Best regards,

  60. Rita R

    Anthony, I”ve been a volunteer CCD teacher at church for 4 years & was not returning this year as I needed to find a parttime job. Well I am returning to teaching this Weds night because I joined your community not 2 weeks ago. I have not gone live yet but have created my website & am researching all the “links”. I’m working with your 365 days plan & have purchased the CPV Domination…which should really be called Web CPR Resuscitation!
    Thank you

  61. robert lemler

    i love all your lessons. you really have a way of motivating all of us !!!!
    keep on teaching anthony !!!!
    you are appreciated more than you will ever know !!!!!
    thankyou !!!!

  62. Brian Aldrich

    Anthony, we need help with the mechanics of formulating a campaign with an offer from peerfly and ewa on pof and direct impact using tracking 202. thanking you in advance, looking forward to winning the e pad.

  63. Lydia Maluenda

    I appreciate receiving email from you from time to time and the information is great. In the near future I may join you. Thank you

  64. Elain

    It is great to get the EPAD, I wish I could get this gift from Anthony!

  65. Dianne

    I agree that the more people who know about you and what you do will inspire them not only with affiliate marketing but your business principles translate to other arenas

  66. KAT

    Hello Anthony I would love to win an epad! Learn from what you have been teaching us and keep on teaching …Thank you..

  67. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony, I’ll attend your seminar in Rohnert Park just to learn something from you. May God bless you

  68. Mark Roth

    Just keep’em coming, the motivation to stay ingaged is a driving force for me, thanks.

  69. Kim Williams

    Liked – done; retweet – done. I hope my followers get on board! Thanks, Kim

  70. Jennifer Le

    I just done 3-day training with your program Anthony. After this 3-days, I learn so much and start to understand how this is working now. Like I said before, I have so much negative thoughts but now I’m so pump up after this 3-days training. I do think it worth it, I wish I could have the opportunity to go to Mississippi to attend your workshop, but do to financial. I have so much energy now and today I’ll start working on what I learned from Randy Judd (our trainer) and had bought Adrian software, I now admire you, Adrian and Casey. You guys inspire me not to give up. I know I will get over that hump one day at a time. Wish me luck and I do encourage everyone out there, you gotta go to the training and workshops that Anthony offers out there. You’ll be amaze how his system works. Again thank you Anthony. I do hope to meet you some day. Thanks.

  71. Barbara moore

    Anthony i would like to make more money and learn how to do good blog and i have been with you 4 year now and you are a great teacher and i would love to win a ipod of a epad to give to my son 10 birthday and thank you for all you do

  72. Ron Musselman

    Thanks, again, Anthony. I appreciate you and all the information and training you are providing.

  73. mike

    Interested in anything to help build mine or
    other peoples internet business. Thanks
    for all the great tools!

  74. Robbie Joy

    You are a great teacher! Just wish I had the funds to avail myself to all you have to offer!!

  75. David Wilkinson

    I like the things you are doing on your blog every week. I believe you know what has to be done to be successful and if we as your students would listen carefully and follow your sugestions and knowledge about what it takes to be successful we wood get to the level we need to be.

  76. Peggy laster

    I retweeted and liked you on facebook as requested. thanks for the information you have sent my way.

  77. Robert Taylor

    You are doing a great job of inspiring others to Activate their Potential…..An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest…..and you provide quite alot…Thanks!

  78. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for always including me in what you do. You are a very caring mentor. I am at a really frustrating point right now, but hanging in there. I expect to see a change soon where I will be moving forward instead of standing in place. No fault of yours, so I hope the powers that be will smile on me and the blocks I am experiencing will disappear. You really do good work. Thanks again.

  79. Bob Ouellette

    I did this last week but I am doing it again. Thanks for the training!

  80. Melanie Ann Nobbs

    My website is currently in development. I also am on twitter, pinterest and tumblr and posted your link. I missed you in person when you were in Melbourne, FL as I was in the midst of a move to Chico, CA. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  81. colleen

    I wish you would give us more information on marketing. You are doing a wonderful job as trying to keep us motivated but how about going back to the board expressing to us about marketing. I think it is wonderful that you give away things to try to get all of us to try to keep our business going. I for one enjoy all of the help that you give me as it helps me out so very much. Your still there you haven’t gone any place as you still try to keep us going and our business. I have tried other business’s where they leave you high and dry but not you. I just wish you would give way more inforamtion on marketing. That seem to be a problem along with trying to find the right nich. I think I have an idea but then everyone else has the same idea. How do you come up with fresh idea?

  82. Domer Kilgore

    Your success connection is great to remind us to stay focused. I also have PMI training every week and Scott keeps me on track and very busy,. But I do take the time to watch your success connection.
    Domer K

  83. Sharon Robinson

    I have learned an immense amount of information from your program and am ready to begin making money. PMI education is really well put together and extremely organized and educational. Thank you for sending me on my way.
    Sharon Robinson

  84. Kali McGee

    Anthony I am so excited about what you are doing and I want to learn everything you know about running a successful business. I started my own cleaning business almost two years ago without any money,I stepped out on faith and started cleaning houses as well as a few local businesses. I’m working hard to gain more clientel,to register&license the business and to get insurence so I can hire workers. It’s rough! Especially since I travel by bus and train,I have my license I just don’t have a vehical. I need your advice,knowledge,and guidence. Thank you! Kali

  85. Nagesh

    Ya Anthony,

    Who don’t want an epad if you provide as a gift –
    really a great way to attract people including me
    I am, ofcouse, your student.

  86. James McKinzie

    I bought your book a year or so ago. I am going through a divorce and I am looking into finally going through your steps and get back on track. I am looking forward in seeing this work. I was a drug addict for 10 years and honestly when I seen your ad it made me think that there is someone around my age that has done something with his life and I stopped using that minute. Then 2 years pass and I seen your ad again and bought the book. I thank you for getting my life back which you didn’t know you had done that for me. I am trying to get a computer again since when my wife left she took everything I had. As soon as I get a computer again I will be doing the steps from your book and again I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  87. Bobby Talada

    Thanks for the tips. I liked on Facebook but I could not figure out how to tweet. Some helpful tips about twitter would be great. Thanks

  88. Virginia Lachica

    Anthony this is really good. I hope you are getting my retweet. I am not sure if I am doing it right. I sure would like to win an e’pad because I have nothing to use. I am using my daughter’s computer while she is at work.

  89. Debbyvac

    Great info, hate that I always have things to do that I can’t get going right away, teach me to fish? Debby

  90. FRANCI

    Hello, I am excited to see what is possible with Success with Anthony. I find the training to be challenging and I really feel like I am “going back to school”, with fall in the air and back to school commercials. LOL!. Works for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow and WILL NOT give up. I can see the possibilities are endless with Anthonys systems. Once everything is implemented in place and I am making money, I will be back to share my success story. Many blessings. Franci.

  91. Dorothy Marr

    Anthony I have been with you almost a year.
    No I haven’t tried to seal anything yet. I want to learn as many steps as I can and understand as much as I can before making that step.
    I didn’t know that I would like learning this as much as I do. I have gotten my family intrest now and that sound great for all of us and you also.
    I’m looking to start my niche very very soon.

    Thank you again!

    Respectfuly Dorothy

  92. Ron

    Thanks for everything you do for us Anthony. There are so many of us that have been thrown under the bus by this economy and our governments failure to help those who really need the help.You give alot of people hope and kindle our imaginations and motivate us to get back on financial track. I “re-tweeted” on twitter and “liked” on facebook. Thanks again Anthony, you rock!!

  93. george edwards jr

    I always find vising your videos a learning experience. Keep up the good work.

  94. Elizabeth Champion

    Would like to know how to get started with Click Bank. Thanks for your help.

  95. Anna Styka

    Hello Anthony,

    Frankly, I was very scared about marketing on line (even after Workshop with your Team, doing anything on line scared me to the depth), but I am getting to that. I am right now dealing with PMI on weekly basis, watching your videos, and reading yours books. I hope soon I will start making some money!

    Wish me Good Luck.

    Thanks, Anna Styka

  96. Charlie

    hello again, would you do another video blog about getting some free traffic. thanks Anthony for all you do to help all of Us! TCHFBS

  97. JeandieuseulAbellard

    Dear Anthony M,as you say that you love to help people out,then I do love
    to learn more about Success Connection,to be more motivated,to have a
    new level as a serious person,then I would mind say thank you beforehand
    for the new e-pad that you’ll send to me,in fact that,I’ll challenged myself just
    to learn more or more engagement with you for a new income.God Bless.

  98. herbert

    i’ believe there are truth to your talk i have been a fan for a while 4 years plus some and once people get social with u they will find out how much fun u are

  99. Anne Martin Bell

    More information on how to get started, period! I’ve so much going on in my life, trying to help my daughter and my four young grand-children, that to be motivated to start something new, is over-whelming! The thing is, I need to do it, as I need the income desperately! Being retired and on a very limited income, is draining in every aspect, I want to do so much to help others and I find I can’t be all-things to all-people…especially to those that need the help, the most….Help me to just get started!!

  100. Willie J Jackson

    I look forward to your webinars when I can access them.
    Sometimes I miss tje instruct lon this is a treat for me this time. Keep ot teal.Thanks for your assistance.

  101. Margaret C

    Hi and I hit the Facebook button but I don’t tweet so I couldn’t do that one. Hope you have a fabulous day :D.

  102. Kathy Bermingham

    I tweeter a messages but I don’t have account with tweeter. I said Thank you for all your help I wanted to say to your team also thank you. I want to thank all of us for making it the best of best internet business to be a partner of. All everyone should JOIN-UP and make make us biggest of the biggest on the internet. Thanks everyone, Anthony,the team and us the partner in a great internet business.

  103. Victor James Canfield II

    I think a very good idea is to create ads on equipment, because equipment is costly and if you find people who are giving a good deal on equipment people and esp. farmers will diffinitly come to your ad and ads. try it out.

  104. Pat Palmer

    I’m the “new kid on the block” and need information on Landing Pages.

  105. Richard J Jones

    Anthony, I haven’t been able to do much since I was intent on finishing college. I did that this past July; and can now spend more time concentrating on building my affiliate marketing business. I did “LIKE’ this on FB, and retweeted it on Twitter as requested. I hope it brings more interest to all your opportunities. Thank you for giving me mine.

  106. Karin Altankov

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the reminder. I like your teaching and like Mark Miser says, it keeps me motivated. I thing I would have given up long ago if it weren’t for you. So I’m grateful. Of, course, I would also like an epad, that would be great. So thanks for everything


    I intend to continue following you (and your brother) while implementing all that I have learned from both of you. And someday soon I will be able to learn more while taking your course at your home based facility. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS. Looking forward to the next ePad giveaway.

  108. dennis lambert


  109. vincent Lecompte

    Hi Anthony
    I don’t have a twiter or facebook account, I qppreciate the time and efford you ayre taking to help me speed up my online business,

  110. marvin

    hey,anthony I hope to win this epad woking really hard ova here I retweet and facebook this….my success so far last month check $176. this month far $110 affiliate commissions..all from focusing thanks man much success. I will send you avideo soon with my check might send the video today.

  111. Uneeda Chandler

    Hi Anthony! Hope all is well with you. I’ve got information overload, which can be a bad thing, because I don’t know where to start with creating an online business. What would be the easiest way to make money without a website? Where do you jump in and begin? Is it building a list, domain and hosting, blogging, placing ads, etc. I’m confused and going nowhere. I even get more information or content from you that’s stirring around in my head with the rest of the stuff that I’m not sure what to do first. Thanks!

  112. Bjarne Breilid

    Hi Anthony,
    I know you are the best in the affiliate market area, and I also know that I am the worst – the least attuned to this kind of operation. Still, I don’t think I am not capable of learning, and if I just got a good understanding of the process to follow, I think I could make a good, even a successful, marketer, The question then becomes: Do you have the patience to put up with my stupidity long enough so that I will start seeing positive results?
    Bjarne Breilid

  113. Ken Hamilton

    I agree, it’s very true that the step you take today wil be many times more effective than you thought it would be at the time.
    You will be very satisfied in that little bit of time and energy you put in when you get the results.

  114. Tommy Pumphrey

    Thanks, My website is being built now. Cannot wait but It is education that will win in the end. Marketing is the new project and want to know all about it. E-commerce and Affliate.
    Say this cast last week,

  115. Martha L Lopez

    Hey Anthony, I don’t have any web.I’ve been sharing your website with family and friends so you should be getting a lot of new followers. I see every day all emails you sent to me. A appreciate to be in your list.
    Thank you

  116. Nina Perdue

    iI I really appreciate your dedication to teaching and trying new things to motivate us. Keep up the good work.

  117. Cecilia

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    Thank you Anthony,

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    I greatly appreciate you sending me the e-mails. I was unable to watch the video, not showing anything on the screen. But, just by reading the comments, I would like to say again “Hafa Adai”, that means Hello. Please via e-mail the video again.

    Johanna Marie

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    Yes! your success posts do motivate. Several weeks after the weekend seminar, I’m still psyched, about making affilate and mobile marketing work for me and those I care about. I’m seeing potential in conducting campaigns along with and my immigrant freinds from Korea and Russia. The Market is ever expanding with no end in sight. (Just look at the cover of the latest issue of Time Magazine (Aug 27)”The Wireless Issue” 10 Ways your Phone is changing the World. Failure is not an option; onward to success!

  125. Lori Nichols

    Hi Anthony,
    I have been wondering if you have a concise plan for a beginner to set out to build clout with network marketers. I am thinking of down the line being able to sign under whomever I want to because I see what a difference it must make to have access to great offers!

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    Anthony, great inspiration in wisdom, knowhow and character. I’m still following and staying in the mists; I know this is good.

    Keep it coming,

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    I thank you and company for all your toil and caring. The Epad!, Wow!
    wonderful and thoughtful idea. I’m on the band wagon. I’m signing up right after this op.
    p.s. congratulations Rob


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    I will keep studying. Thanks again.


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    P.S Anthony you are the bomb and so is your brother Adrian. I love you both.

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    Thanks for everything.

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    Many thanks for all your kindness, resources and teaching! Even though my ability with the internet is low, (I try to do things and do not achieve the desired effect, and I Iose a lot of time this way), but I hope with your expert help, I will be able to get somewhere.

    Sorry, I’m probably the only one, but I don’t have a web-site yet.

    Ever since I listened to or read your story, I had such admiration for you! How you tried to save your family in a dire situation, put yourself to work and achieved success beyond your dreams was truly amazing! I, too, would like to help so many friends and relatives, and also to have some money going into old age, maybe for travel and pilgrimages, maybe for other projects. More later.

    A million thanks,


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    I would like to just get started in this on-line business. I have purchased several of your advertised items and I have yet to be able to get anything started from scratch. Just being able to get off the ground with one project and start making money would be a great moral booster.



    Hello Anthony. Good to hear from you again. I have been out of action for the last 6 months for medical reasons and am completely out in left field as far as the business is concerned. Hope I can get back in the swing of things as I was just beginning the training out of Utah and don’t want tobe dropped. Just as soon as I figure what to do next, I will be back with the program. I know I can do it and an epad would be helpfull.

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  149. SDPierce

    I have been going over all of your past blogs and am catching up to the current ones. I have heard to much great information that I have written down and hope that it helps me in my attempt to become a better affiliate marketer. I am so excited about the knowledge I have picked up from Anthony and those of you that have left comments. This is great. Thank you so much.

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    ~ ~ Alice

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    Great to know that someone is out there considering all of us.
    Keep up the good work.
    Is it possible to take lessons just for the things you need to know specifically rather than a whole course which may have some things a person has already done or already learned.
    Feeling in control of learning is important to me as it seems there are so many giving out what they want rather than dealing with what is wanted by the individual. Time is of the essence as they say for both of us.

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