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  1. Angela Townsend

    I’m definitely going on a “news diet”, I think it’s an awesome idea. Without hearing all the negative stuff on the news I believe I’ll be more positive which will lead to more productivity. Great idea Anthony!!

  2. Hazel Small

    Anthony not watch the news is a great idea there is to much bad things going on they never report the good things people do. That is why I want to share my knowledge with others that’s after I learn it.

  3. Macon Ray Garrick

    YES, to the NEWS DIET.
    Great Idea. We should do this ONCE a month.

    Hope you & your are doping OK…

  4. kitty clark

    I am going to take your advice Anthony. It sounds like I will have a peaceful weekend.

  5. Sharon Robinson

    Positive – Upbeat – Optimism is the heart of Success!
    Absolutely a news diet is on my list! Sounds like a great idea! Staying Positivity and away from negativity is the Key to Success in your health and well-being. Success in Business is a given when Optimism is your Ruler.

  6. Aidan

    I agree that negativity hinders productivity. I have found that it is way better to be surrounded by positive influences rather than the negative. It’s healthier too.

  7. Stacey

    I am always on a news diet! Can’t stand all the negativity and brainwashing that goes on in the news whether on TV or in print. I have no time for it in my life. People think I am crazy and always say, “You really need to be in touch with what is going on in the world.” I am in touch just through a higher power. I am part of this world, but not of this world. There is so much crap out there and the news keeps people looking at what they want you to focus on and they get you to believe what they want you to believe while what is really going on goes right past you because you are focused on the news and not on living.

  8. Trudy White

    This is true about finding your peace, in spite of what is going on in the world and everyday personal life too. With so many distractions it can be difficult to focus on what needs to be done. Hopefully, things will calm down soon. Thanks for your thoughts and emails, much appreciated.

  9. Cynthia Pinks-Futrell

    I like that idea. This way I can really focus on what’s important in this business of ours. Thank you!! Thank you very much!!!

  10. Kathey

    Hi Anthony,
    I think your News Diet is great because we then do not dwell on the negatives and focus on the positives of our goals and business. We do not waste any more time. I need to go back on this News Diet again, as I have not done it for a while. Thanks.

  11. Stephanie Erway

    I so agree with you. I find if I have peace and quiet I can accomplish more then if I have to listen to boom, boom, boom from some kids car speakers to my neighbors playing hispanic music too loud, to my other neighbors yelling at their children. To sirens and cop cars and all that comes from living in the city.

  12. william

    Awesome idea i need it ive been stuck behind my computer trying to get a buisness going.
    Thanks Anthony
    William messenger

  13. Flavia Barbosa

    could not agree more, I have always been on news diet, it does not help at all nor makes us grow in any way.
    if i have time to sit in front of a tv or computer it better be for either fun or education πŸ™‚

  14. John

    I think going on a news diet is a great idea!! I have been doing that. I really got tired of hearing all the bad news and was really getting me down.

    So, I started focusing on more important stuff. I am a lot better person for doing, so.

  15. Madonna

    Having been a Social Worker/ Counselor for 42 years; I want to firmly applaud and echo your intentions. However that only came after listening to your words, when it became obvious you meant “fast” not “diet”. A “news diet” means you are devouring news. A “news fast” means you are eliminating news from your diet. It begs the question, “What do you want to devour/ take in?” You spoke of the peaceful view and beauty. I agree – a visual response, but I’m sure your beautiful home satisfies all of your senses. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Ron Musselman

    Thanks, again, Anthony. Your idea of taking a news break is a very good one. When one is on their computer each and everyday it is a bit hard to keep from the news. I will give it try, anyway.

    Much appreciation.


  17. Andrew Wapp JR

    i watched and listened to your blog and i am going to go on a news diet i think thas a great idea and will help me get more postive energy and help me get my business going i cant thank you enough for this opportunity it means alot i was always workin 24/7 and got hurt at work and now am disablled and you have inspirsed me by givin me a way to work a make money for my family and to save my house and your weekly success blogs have helped me to become so inspired and happy to have the chance to beable to work again.also i was offered schooling through a member of your team but money is an issue i am a man of my word and want to be a success so i can give to my family and others is ther anyhing you can do or any advice you can give me thank you for taking the time to read this best wishes to you!!

  18. Claudia

    I think .. You need to know what it’s surrounding you outside and inside your world. Everything touch you keep you on shape.

    ThanKs Anthony !!!

  19. Tommy pumphrey

    Thank you, We all need a break from the terrible things in the News. Somehow I guess that stuff makes the media money. But it stops us from working at our job. Then we slow down. So yes let us shut off the TV and News and focus on our Goals. Cannot wait as my website is being built right now. Man have I wanted this and want to work at this and move to Affiliate Marketing. I just want to go steady and grow large.

  20. Evelyn Greene

    It is a good idea to go on a news break because you can relax and rewind on the positive side of life. I will do it because I can get a lot more done and I need this type of release in my life, sometimes we all get wound up around all that is going on around us that we don’t have time to take our mind off of life’s problems and put it towards life’s success.

    Thank you for allowing me to write this to you.

  21. Janice Thrift

    Thank you, I stoped watching the news years ago, my husband watches it all the time and worries all the time about things he can not do anything about. I have the serenty rayer by my bed and I read the Bible and that prayer at night and sleep like a baby while the rest of the world has really gone Mad. I am working all week 2nd shift to get bills paid and then I will be spending more time online. I dont worry besause I know God has a plan and
    he will provide for me. I am so greatful for my job, when there are so many who don’t have one. and I can hardly walk and I have one.

  22. Linda

    Anthony how are you doing relaxing some I hope. The advice about the news diet is very true. When I get stressed out due to all the mayhem the world has bestowed on us I stop watching the news. There’s so much negativity it really gets overwhelming. I hope everyone goes on this diet for at least this week.

    To Our Success

  23. martha shammo

    To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.

  24. Rem Chandra

    My TravelHealthnHygiene business is doing great just by following your system. Awesome advise. I will be plugged in.
    Thanks for all the help

  25. Harold Cook

    Good ideal. there is no good news out there. I have a four leg daughter. she like to go for walk,and head to the ribs carrie out there, where we live, it call toms ribs she like the bones that her,happy meal.

  26. Karl Breidenbach

    Yes! Great idea about a news diet. I still have to watch the early mourning comercials for ideas. If people where more positive about everyday events we would be so much better off. Thanks for everything.

  27. Rick Besaw

    I actually started the news diet about a month ago. I took the TV out of my office so I can focus on my work. It has helped as I am getting more done in half the time.

  28. Linda

    That is my goal in life Anthony. I am not a negative person and will not put up with negative people. Life is hard enough and I am trying everything I can to be positive. I do not buy everything I get sent because I don’t have the money and I know a lot is JUNK or old stuff. I listen to good things and we all need to help each other do that in life.

  29. Rosalie Bullington

    I like the idea of “no week of news”. We don’t have TV so don’t
    miss not hearing all the negativity out there.

    Will be following you on next weeks blog!

  30. Sally and Bill Miksch

    Anthony ,

    Taking a news break is such a good idea ! Sometimes hearing whats going on everywhere gets intimidating and promotes stress. Taking a vacation to get away from it all doesn’t always mean going someplace else; but doing something else. You always seem to have terrific advice. Thanks for your intuitive knowledge.

    Sally and Bill Miksch

  31. Thomas Hummel

    Hi Anthony, I just listened to your video and I like what I’ve heard. I feel privileged to spend a few days with your brother on September 17 I’m scheduled to be in class with him in your hometown , I am anxiously looking forward to this time when I will be able to learn more about Internet marketing , and EPAD may be a handy thing to have in the classroom. At that time, hope you’re having a good day and I’ll say goodbye for now.
    p.s. I had a pleasant time dealing with your mom scheduling things she is a very pleasant woman to deal with.

    Tom Hummel 8/24/12

  32. Willa Washington

    I just signed up for your training last week. I am filled with anticipation and is reviewing the tapes and materials you provided to get ready for my mentoring training in October. I sure could use that ePad!! See you soon.

  33. Ron

    Always like your positive outlook and inspiration you give to us, so helpful on our journey to success, thanks for all you do for us out here in web-land!!

  34. Maude Kovarik

    Absolutely, I have been trying to not watch the news. The hardest part is trying to keep it off facebook.
    The irony is that I just sent an email to Adrian and asked him to share with you(I do not have a ‘safe’ address for you. It is a beautiful little video on staying Positive and I wanted you both to know HOW much that is what I have been given by both of you.
    As always I will share on facebook, Tweet and Pinterest.

  35. Paul

    Anthony, great Idea giving away products but, myself I’m looking for a plan
    to start my business and the steps to get it up and running making money
    on your lesson you maped out build a list send out traffic
    and make money! i’m working on building my list

  36. Linda Griggs

    Wonderful advice. Remain positive and turn the negativity off. I was waiting for a chest x-ray yesterday and was speaking with a woman who was being radiology testing for a possible re diagnosis of coming out of remission for Hodgkins disease. This would have, if positive, her last and final chance. She was positive ( showed no negativity even if death was the prognosis). I told her that although I’m disabled with spinal neurothopy, that I give her all the energy that I had to spare. As well as tell her I wished the best for negative results. Give energy and positive feelings to everyone you meet

  37. colleen

    Whenever I am working on the business I must have it so I am not thinking of anything negative. I will try not watching the news plus not reading the papers as your 100% right there is so much going on that you rarely read or hear about anything good. I like how you come up with these ideas. Another thing I think might help others we all did this at least onces a week. This way we could give more to our business with postive thoughts. i myself do this as much as I can as I had both of my sons pass away so I need to put alot of postive things out there for me. Today is my youngest son birthday and Wednesday was my oldest sons birthday so I try to keep at my business with lots of postive thoughts. If I do this onces a week it helps me get through the rest of the week. Life is hard enough. I know we all know this! Thank-You!

  38. Nan Cardin

    I stumbled onto this on my way out of town for the weekend. I thought I would just check my email quick as I was getting ready to leave. It was perfect timing and so true. We are taking the Harley to the Apostle Islands off the northern shore line of Wisconsin in Lake Superior. Two of my favorite things, Harleys and water. I positively love water and the bigger the better. It is so calming and centering for me that I go every chance I get. Living an hours drive from Lake Michigan makes it easy to get away and clear my head.

    My S.O. loves to watch the news and the market. That’s pretty much all he ever watches All I care about is the weather and my football team, so it’s difficult for me to sit through that. I usually find something else to do then like get online and try to figure out how to make it work for me. I gotta tell you that it isn’t so far.

    I went to your seminar in Kimberly WI and desperately wished I had the money to do more then just the seminar, but it takes money to make money. Now I am enrolled in college and trying to find something on the side. I will keep checking in with you to see what you have to say and hopefully some day I can take advantage of what you have to offer.

    Till then,
    Nan Cardin

  39. Michael Herline

    What a fantastic idea, a fast from news! This sounds great and I will try to find a day to do just that AND focus only on my internet business. I’ve keep from reading my email and Facebook for a whole day and wow, it helped me to be more productive. The only difficulty was “catching up” with the email. However, it worked!

    Thanks Anthony for your advice.

  40. levi singer

    Hi Anthony,

    Very good Idea going on a news diet. I’m going on a news diet. And, I’m encouraged by the winners of the Epads…I am on face book now. All things in time I’ve heard but as you say and I believe it… the time for change is now!

    Fight on my soul / Thanks Anthony,


  41. John Antaya

    Getting away from the news and newspapers is something I’ve been doing on and off for quite a while. With the type of news we get today, it does nothing but cloud your mind anyway which can take away from your internet goals.

  42. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Hi Anthony,
    Really great ideas just the time just find a peaceful place where you can hear yourself think without the noise and confusion, like a boat floating on a lake with no one around. It’s definitely a good thing to back away from all the negative news. It’s so easy to get caught up in the business of the country and the world. One of the harder things for allot people is being caught in the
    trials of the of our time. Just step back and breath. I do it just to get back to my business at hand. Thank you for reminding me to to take in the quiet when I can. Cynthia Chisum

  43. Darnell Bush

    Hi Anthony, I missed you when you were in Atlanta…hope I have the chance one day to meet you and learn from you on how to be a successful entrepreneur.. I agree with you on.. a positive mindset and letting go and staying away from negativity. Thanks Anthony,,take care. Darnell Bush

  44. Scot Byars

    Absolutely! I may even take my wife out to Old Sacramento and have lunch or dinner by the river. Water is very calming to me. I spend so much time putting out “fires” that sometimes you have to get away from it and just relax.
    Also; if you spend 95% as a “fireman”, 5% is spent playing as an “Arsonist”!

  45. Share

    Hi Anthony,
    Getting away from negativity is so important! Politics has gotten so down and dirty that it is like pigs in the mud except that that is an insult to the pigs. I have always heard that they are some of the smartest animals

    A positive pig would say, “what a great mud bath, my skin is so soft and look at all of the money I saved by not going to the spa.” A negative pig would say, “what a mess!how come we are too poor to get somebody in here to clean this place up! the government should give us money for that!”

    I think it is a great Idea!
    I am an optimist and a very positive, happy person. Unfortunately I am married to a man who is my opposite. He can bring me down so easily, but I can’t seem to influence him at all. Sadly that shows the persuasive power of negativity. To stay positive, I just go watch another Anthony Morrison video. Always a smile and a positive attitude. Thank You Anthony and you need to take more vacations! There is almost always wireless internet in the rooms for when you want to work.

  46. Shirley G-K

    Hey Anthony,
    I agree with your statements. I am new to your program (June 2012) and have been learning, creating, launching, pausing, evaluating, crying, and laughing. It has been a crazy ride. Instead of peace and quiet I am going to Vegas! Three days, a dozen women, celebrating my baby sister’s 50th birthday. When I get back I should have new ideas to try and will jump back into the craziness.

    Peace out,

  47. Donna Moore

    Your advise is right on. I have quit watching any thing pertaining to politics because it is so negative on all sides with half truths and lies spewing forth.

    Sit back and read a good book to build your spirits and enthusiasm for the business You are promoting.

    My new way of daily life.

    Keep up the good advice Anthony. Enjoy your vacation.


  48. Karen Klamert

    Anthony, I totally agree the news, especially in election year, is usually very negative in general. They have ways to suck you into listening, watching or reading what they have say…it’s always the “Latest Breaking News”!

    It usually is a big waste of time that I could have been doing something more productive. It may be hard to not sit in front of my computer eating breakfast and “read all about it” every morning, but I am going to take your advise and put more time into watching more tutorials on my affiliate builder!


  49. Brian

    Hi, What you said about just taking a break from everything around you and just concentrating on your buisness and relaxing really works because I had to do that to and it does make you feel better. Thank You Brian

  50. alix

    Newsdiet!!!! interesting——– never thought of that——- I will. What do I have to loose? Nothing. Thanks. Alix

  51. Joyce Knake

    Always enjoy your comments. Today it made me think of something I used to do that was so beneficial and why did I ever stop it???? We get too busy, things just happen in our lives and some of the good things are forgotten. The thing that I’m talking about is (not sure of the spelling) Tai Chi.If you haven’t heard about it, it’s worth looking into. I’ts breathing and movements that kind of bring a person back into balance. It’s calming, restful, peaceful and very good for balance. When I was learning the technique we did it for an hour but when I was busy I would just do several movements for 15 or 20 min. and still felt that I benifited from it. And if I couldn’t do the movements, I would just do the breathing, like when you’re waiting for traffic. Try it, you’ll like it.

  52. Carl K

    I have used the news diet in the past when doing a startup and just living.
    NEWS IS SOLD by those that care little about you!
    Even the so called news junky will not miss it when they concentrate on what is best for them. In my opinion news is an opinion paid by you.

  53. Shelagh Drew

    Hi Anthony, yes I do agree that having a quiet place to work is important some times. And if I ever get enough time to learn how to get this program working for me I will have the means to do just that. Thank you for reminding to stop and smell the flowers once in a while.

    Remeber, do what you will but harm none.

  54. kenneth palmer

    Hi Anthony,

    It’s refreshing to see an upbeat commentary in the midst of the election coverage. Sort of like spotting the first bird of the season at the Mission a few miles from where you sent your message.

    We’re the new-kids-on-the-block, and are immensely impressed with the program. Give us a little time….

    Ken Palmer

  55. dennis lambert

    Anthony peace full surroundings are the key i sit in my yard watching the birds splashing in the bird bath while I read and have a cup of coffee.
    Thanks for all of your support

  56. Summer Keen

    Anthony, you are SO on the mark!! The negativity in the papers and in the news is a total downer and stifles the positive flow. Thanks for sharing! You and your family are a blessing.

  57. Pat Palmer

    “Stay Positive” and “Expect Good Things to Happen” and “Believe in Yourself”

    You are a blessing.


  58. Hazel Carlson

    I have no problem going on a semi news diet. I am sick to death of the political scene and negative. Unfortunately I cannot go on a complete news diet since I live in Florida and there is a hurricane heading this way. I really need to keep up with what is going on. But I don’t need to watch it constantly, just updates (as of now).

  59. Bonna Loewe

    Thanks for the reminder, Anthony. There are so many negatives in our lives that we need to avoid them and search for the positive.

  60. Kathy Bermingham

    I do that all the time. I like watching the DUGGARS family show. I like being a part of there family and going places with him. It is helps me to forget the bad around me and my problems. They have 19 kids and counting. And newest show THE BATES of AMERICA which is there good friends and they have 18 kids and counting. They have a Blog with pictures of places they have gone. So I travel the world with and THE DUGGARS. That help me get away. By the way I have a Great Grand daughter coming in October of this year. Will be my second. And hope to be there when she is born on my birthday. Thank you Anthony for giving me that chance to make that 1.00 and many more. Kathy Bermingham

  61. Velma Burrows

    I will definitely take your advice and try this. I am so easily distracted. Therefore I never seem to have time to do anything for myself.Thanks for the tip.

  62. Patrick Miller

    It’s hard to avoid the news – you even get it when you logon to your web browser! But you make a good point – trying to avoid the bulk of the news should help!

  63. Charlie Lombard

    I’ll be going on a news diet because I think it’s a good idea and it will help me be successful in my business adventure.

  64. Page Castleberry

    Thanks Anthony!Absolutely what I needed to hear today.And I do not think it a coincidence that you said exactly what I needed to hear today either.I am curious as to whether or not you have seen the documentary,”The Secret”.I’m pretty sure you have since you were pictured with the author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and he is all over that film,but I was just personally curious.I also wonder if you have ever read “The Celestine Prophecy”.You seem to be very enlightened on many levels.I’m sure you cannot respond to me personally but maybe you can drop a clue in your future videos.Thanks for the positive messages you send and someday very soon I can hopefully afford to get my website going and let you know about all of my success(it IS coming-I KNOW it!).Thanks again,take care and God bless!!– πŸ™‚ Page C.

  65. Janema

    I’m going on a news diet Anyhony. Your Weekly video was very timely. I needed to hear it. Less negavity and more serenity. Thanks.. Janema

  66. Raymundo Sanchez

    I do think it is very important to surround yourself with positive and peaceful things especially for me. I get easily distracted when the tv is on or the radio or something else. I cant seem to focus. I will be giving myself a break from all the media for a while and see how it works for me ( even though i already know its a good thing and will help me out). The news is usually all negative anyway so I think I should just surroung myself with things that make me happy like my kids and wife and focus on what i want to accomplish for them. I need to get down to business and start making money for them. thank you for your suggestions. please keep them coming. i know i appreciate them.

  67. Phillip Scott

    great info that everyone can use, I will be emplimenting this in my plan for success.

  68. Evelyn Murdock

    Will be glad to go on news diet. I am tired of all the politics. I have heard enough to make my decision. Hope I can make more progress this way.

  69. ryan melendy

    i don’t have a website so i cant send a message but I am doing the same as you trying to put my self in more peaceful places, i live in Florida also. I am getting your program and i want to learn everything i can/ you are the best

  70. Jesse Ortega

    Your Blogs are so inspirational with keeping your mind focus and staying
    confident. It’s awesome, Keep up the good work. Jesse –

  71. ryan melendy

    I don’t have a website so i cant send a message but I am doing the same as you trying to put my self in more peaceful places, i live in Florida also. I am getting your program and i want to learn everything i can/ you are the best. Also i wish i could talk to you one on one and i really really want to go your the west palm beach but I am not sure if i can get a ride but i really want.Because i know you will probably never have time to show everyone your secrets in person.

  72. Diane

    Welcome to SoCal……at least the weather has cooled down after the past few weeks of hot & humid, but then you’re from Mississippi, so I guess the heat wouldn’t have been that bad for you.


  73. Joseph Simpson

    I’m so pleased that you’re sharing this particular bit of advice. This year, 2012, I’m actually celebrating 40 years of avoidance of major media information influence, most especially “the news.” Yes, I believe it makes a huge difference, and contrary to what most people rationalize, no one ever even imagines that I might be ill-informed until they hear I don’t participate in that source of “information.” Instead, for those 40 years I’ve been reading way, way more books, like 100X the American average! People often comment that I’m way less depressed and depressing than they are. Imagine that…!

  74. Larry Peterson

    We all need a way to get away. My wife and I started our e-commerce biz to try to generate additional income when I lost my job over a year ago. I’m still looking and, in the meantime, when not working on my web business, I escape into my humor blog called “Smiling In Hell – The Chronicles of An Over-50 Job Hunter” which has gotten solid kudos from my fellow unemployed. I invite anyone in the same place to visit and to try their hand at writing to find a piece of peace.

    Thanks for the words of wisdom.


  75. Evalyn Anderson

    Anthony: I agree with your idea of disconnecting from the news and other distractions. For 13 years, I didn’t even have a TV. I gave mine to my son when he finished basic training in 1975 and didn’t buy one until years later. I can’t say that I missed it, but at that time I was working 16/12. Now, I mainly watch PBS; try not to follow the election on TV. A glance at the newspaper is enough. “Tater the Gator,” who lives in the pond behind my building agrees with me. Have a great weekend. Evalyn

  76. Dave Taylor

    Lots of good memory of that area. .I was there when it wasn’t fashionable to be in the service Make sure you go and tour the bases in Norfolk. don’t forget to check out VA. Beach nice views

  77. Robert Franke

    You are right about needing to step back, relax and chill. Yesterday before I met with my coach Nate, I was really stressed and wondering why I had gotten myself into this. Things just were not going very well the last couple of days, but when the coaching session was over, thing looked better.

  78. FRANCI

    WOW!…very peaceful Anthony. Good for you. I miss California, I used to live in Hollywood when I was around 19 years old. LOL!…Sooo, the news diet makes sense. I have a habit of having the TV on all of the time. For a Rock Chick like me, its the music related channels that keep me motivated. I agree sensationalism grabs your attention and as we all know, things change all of the time. While there is a lot of negativity in the world, I find it is so much better to dwell on the good and positive things in life. For me, the simple things are what makes the most sense and its so much easier to go with the grain than against it. With that being said, I do agree its best to create a personal ambiance that helps to calm the seas so as to sail the ship. Many Blessings my friend. Ciao 4 now. Franci.

  79. Jason Paoletti

    I am going to go on a news diet! I’ve done it before cause i just get so tired of all the negativity and not only dose it bring ya down but also shows how messed up the world is from on the streets to what people will do, and what people want to see on tv.

  80. Maria Yesavage

    Hello Anthony!
    Wishing you and your family well! Stay Safe with the storm coming in! I am very anxious to get down to Mississippi in 22 days!!!!!! I WILL make my business BLOOM like a spring flower!!! Or, Maybe like a fall MUM… See you all soon!!!!!

  81. Barbara

    Love the suggestion. I CAN see how this could be beneficial to us completing our PMI courses. We discovered this past week how important this is by sitting on our patio, surrounded by greenery and sun and working on our goals for our business. An epad would be appreciated. Looking forward to continued success, The McKenna’s

  82. Richard Carignan

    Hi Anthony! Ur 100% right about not listening to the News.I quit doing that about 2 decades ago,if it is important I will hear about it,everybody is talking about it.I need to declutter my place and my mind of energy robbing things and ideas.Thaks for the reminder.

  83. Della Cox

    Hello Anthony,
    I truly enjoy the e-mails, videos, and free e-books you send me. I do take your advice. I rarely ever watch the news anymore because it is so depressing–I don’t like receiving more bad news than what I deal with at home already. That is why I am learning all I can about how to make money online–I’ve seen some awesome programs. Unfortunately, like everyone says, it takes money to make money, and right now, I can’t seem to get any from anywhere. Congratulations on being such a huge success, maybe someday I will be too.
    Della Mae Cox

  84. Charles Czykoski

    It would help me to stay away from the news for a week and just focus on my business. There is so much that I have to get done. And you are rite there is to much negativity around us that it is easy to slip off and lose tack of where we want to be at.

  85. Dan Cagle

    Great ideal, we might fill better, enjoy life more and have a positive outlook.

  86. Mary Duff

    Hi Anthony
    Yes going on the news diet, for maybe a good while just cancelled my cable TV when evertime you turn it on there is nothing but negitive stuff on it why do I need that in my life On Tuesday I decided that no TV Radio or negitive People allowed till further notice if it is not positive I don’t want to see or hear it. Told my family if it’s not positive just do not mention it to me or ask for advise unless you want it to be positive. Ilike the idea that you give us nothing but positive information and we can use that positive info to do positive things with it if we apply it to our business, and life. Thank you so much for all the good you are doing in all of our lives, God Bless you and your family
    Mary Duff

  87. Bobby Talada

    Thanks for the advice Anthony. I believe that is the best to go about every things, positive. Sorry Anthony but I still haven’t figured out how to tweet this.

  88. LC

    You are so right! News can be very distracting and pulls at emotions whether we realize it or not. It’s kind of cool sometimes to respond to questions or comments in casual conversation with “I really don’t know anything about that…didn’t hear it.” Thanks for a good reminder!

  89. Beverley Gallimore

    That sounds like a great idea, Anthony. I will definitely take you up on it.


  90. Gwendolyn Williams

    I would like to win the EPAD but I really want to learn how to use it. Here is hoping that it will assist me in learning what I can do with working with my planning in setting up the program. Anthony, please allow me to have one on one tutoring with you or a mentor to get to know my way.

  91. Danny McClatcher

    For me being on a news diet is away for me being positive and I also displays a happy and positive attitude at work by making my co-worker laugh with all my wonderful jokes. Making myself happy makes those around me be happy too. Yes I truly think everyone needs to go on a news diet.

  92. Dana Koepsel

    I really like the News Diet that one I believe I can stick to. News lately is such a bummer. When I listen to the news I feel so uptight. Great idea!

  93. Cyril

    Good idea to refresh and refocus in this way. Hey the rat race out there will do fine without you. And when you return, if that is your choice, all the negative stuff will still be there. The only difference is that you will have given yourself a better chance at being able to filter out negativity. What you focus on expands.

  94. Benjamin Lim

    Newport and Laguna are very beautiful. Hope you have a great time. Affiliate marketing is hard as I’m sure you know but like you said, Staying positive is important and time has to be on your side.

  95. Beejinmaa

    Anthony, I am so happy that you are in very peaceful place and can be more calm and relax able. You are young and your health is important for us too. Take care of you.

  96. Elena Davis

    I agree with you. the news is getting out of hand. I think that your Idea is a good one. And I for one will be doing it this week. I believe that less distractions make for better production of work.

  97. Ann Williams

    You are in a very peaceful environment. I have been noticing, myself, I was developing ‘clutter’ mind. For the past 2 months, naysayers have surfaced. I have lost some of my focus and ambition. You are so right when you say keep positive people around you. I really enjoy and appreciate the lift you give us. I am giving up the 5p, 6pm, and 6:30p news. In addition, I am not going to read the news on Yahoo either. With your positive posts and blogs you help in keeping me focused and energized. I have noticed that I get inspired where my laptop is not located….now, wouldn’t an epad just fit the bill ?

  98. Shannan

    On purpose?
    Very good idea, I’m gonna give it the good try.
    Easier said than done!
    Actually, when I lose my charger, ahh, great week with no phone so I’m kinda there. Have to write from the library, spilled again on my poor laptop. I want it to be waterproof.
    Take care!

  99. Natasha Powell

    I just can not wait to get started Anthony!!! I am excited & look forward to hearing from you through emails!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!

  100. Charles Olds

    Absolutely. My wife and I are going to a rv resort right on the banks of a beautiful river with rapid and great fishing. We are going to relax and get some work done on our business and get a little fly fishing in. It is going to be a great week recharging our batteries.

  101. Ima

    Hi Anthony. I think your news week is a good idea and I am going to work hard at it, concentrating on the info that I’ve received from you to really get me going in making money. I’m learning more and more from you and Avery and I believe I can understand and learn what to do to be successful by focusing on the news connection and other things you suggest. Thnks for not giving up on ua and for all ur help.


  102. Margaret C

    I think the news diet concept is a great idea. I rarely watch the news because of the negativity. In doing this I did reduce the stress level because I’m not occupying my space with negativity.

  103. Gayla Brown

    Anthony, I think you hit the bulls eye straight on. I know I’ve been overly stressed with bad news people taking my money for webinars that got me no where. I am ready FOR A CLEAN BREAK. Times are bad enough when can we hear about the things that make us happy?

  104. Jim Grell

    What a nice and informative message located in a beautiful place. I will be going to you local seminar.

  105. Marcia Brown

    Great idea, Anthony! I don’t watch a lot of news, but I frequent Facebook and numerous blogs every day to keep up with what is going on in my main niche of scrapbooking and card-making. So one day a week I will go on a Facebook/blog diet and take that time to plan what direction I need to take with my business.

    I definitely need to focus on the nuts and bolts of my business and how I want to proceed from here. I do believe that being in a calm, peaceful, atmosphere away from the daily chaos of the media can help me to have the best chance of concentrating efficiently to accomplish the planning I need to do.

    As I work from home, sometimes it is very hard to focus. My thought is that doing my planning perhaps at the library once a week, where there is complete quiet and where there are no household distractions to sidetrack me, might really be a great weekly habit to start.

    I’m thinking that Monday would be a great day to do that. It has the potential of setting the whole pace of my week before it even starts! So come Monday morning . . . guess where I’ll be!!

    Thanks again for all you do to help us!

    I’d love to win that Epad, too! What a great help it would be to me in my planning!

  106. Gregory Lewis

    Hey I totally agree with you about the NEWS DIET! Keep doing what you do and thanks for giving back!

  107. Curtis Lawson


    Thanks for the encouragement. I have been on a news diet for a while now. I’m sure it helps my attitude. I have followed and been associated with your program for better than a year but, have not been as active as I should and have not experienced the success I hope to achieve.
    I recently received an e mail from Adrian pertaining to Social Commission and it got me excited. I back in the game and looking forward to doing great things and have the success I had hopes for in the beginning.

    Curtis Lawson

  108. Christopher

    A News Diet is Great! It works! Especially during the presidental election season. There is no other time during the year (thank goodness it only happens every four years) we hear so much negativity. The worse part about it, is that so many people listen to it and they perpetuate it. Go on a news diet as Anthony suggest. Don’t listen to the news, don’t read it and stay away from the people who do listen and then continue to voice their negative energy from it or about it. I can’t wait for these elections to be over!
    All the best!

  109. Anna Manzella

    Thank you so much Anthony! Just finished spending the day watching your videos after – waiting so long for the “right” timing. I read your books, but never set up my site. TODAY was the day. I found everything very informative and inspiring. Yes – I have a notebook with set goals (before you even mentioned it) and am looking forward to getting rich quick! ( Just kidding πŸ™‚ – I have lots of questions and will be calling this week, providing my plans are not altered by the Tropical Storm heading our way. By trade – I am very goal directed and committed to this. Thanks again. PS- I would also like the EPad…

  110. Sid Van Dyke

    Anthony, my wife and I just finished the 3 day course in Grand Rapids Michigan and we are fasinated with this system. We are trying to absorb it all and I hope to run my first ad next week.
    Best Wishes
    Sid and Sandy

  111. gloria

    I thank anthony is a gift from God to us. thank you anthony for your emails i look forward to getting them. i want to learn how to do what you do because i to have big dreams.

  112. Rita Rodriguez

    A news diet…maybe. I was leaving my bank this past week after opening my business bank account (required per IRS) when the next customer up stopped me. She said she had overheard me & was also into Internet Marketing & wanted to exchange ideas on how to be successful. My confident attitude apparently exuded “I`m a winner!” I had to tell her I had not actually launched yet. However I asked her if she had heard of Anthony Morrison, she thought you were just an inspirational speaker.
    Well I gave her your website & told her everything she needed would be there. Hows that for news! Have a great day all.

  113. graciano espiritu

    news were full of bad news..can’t pick up positive aura watching them…

  114. Robert

    Hi Anthony,

    I totally agree, the outcome of our business is 90% of how we response to it.


  115. Bernard Drouin

    Hi Anthony, I do not use Facebook or Twitter, there is just something I do not like about it. I only e mail. I like your idea of just blocking out everything and relaxing with good thoughts and getting caught up with all this web page ideas ant the marketing of products. It is so overwelming for me to grasp, I am 78 so things go a little slower than I wnat them to. Thanks, Bernie

  116. SHIRL


  117. Kathy Bermingham

    Anthony and team, you make live worth living. Thank you so very much for what for us. There are so any people like me that need and one on one help that you give. I hope some day I will be able to talk to you in person. Tell your family that they raised to great son to give back to people that need help. Make this a better world one person at a time. Thank God too. I saw #85 and that is me. Kathy

  118. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Success leaves clues. Choose success & be positive. Having a positive center of influence always helps at being successful. Melody.

  119. Jack O'Connor

    I tend to find the news not so much depressing as it is humourous. Basically because the talking heads dont really have a clue as to what they are talking about. That said,a news diet or media blackout for a week could be a useful tool to clear the mind and focus on what is important to you. I’ll do it.

  120. Jacqueline Genao


    When I heard you say, “news diet”, I chuckled! Mainly because I just got stopped on my way to dropping my two daughters off to their school bus and someone asked if I saw a terrible thing that almost happened. I simply answered no, I do not have cable and I just moved to this neighborhood. Well this lady urged that I hurried up and get cable to watch all the horrific things that are happening. After 30 seconds I indulged further into my news diet:)right on the money you cannot have a steady mind if your always filtering negativity.

  121. jerry petersen

    i like the positive approach. this works very well in a lot of different areas of life. my day goes better when i look for the answer to the problem and i positively know i can figure it out. negativity is like cancer it spreads

  122. Sharon

    That is a really good suggestion, Anthony. I know I could get more valuable things done if I would let the newspaper ‘slide by’. You certainly go foward more quickly by being around happier people and staying away from negativity. Thank you.

  123. Greg Lefebvre

    I go to just one place to relax in peace and quiet.
    Sitting on the Dock By The Bay.
    Wish I could send picture.
    Oh, Fishing also.

  124. Charlie Souden

    I don’t watch the news anyway. Not into politics and nothing but bad news on there anyway. It’s a good idea for the ones that live off the news, but I gave that up a long time ago. Now if I could go on a work diet…

  125. Nicole Daniel

    I’m definitely taking a break from worrying. Too much junk input gives me hic-up’s in my output and progress. Your blogs are right.
    Thanks, Nicole Daniel

  126. KATIE

    Hi Anthony,

    I like your Idea about the news diet. Actually, I have been on a news diet for a while — just watching enough news to stay up on what is going on in the world — to watch it every day is depressing, especially with the election mud slinging. Thank you for all your encouraging words and ideas.

    I do not use face book, etc., however, I am working on my face book account and updating my timeline info.

    Good luck to the one that wins the epad this week. You are very generous!

    Keep up the good work that you do to encourage us. Hope you have a great week.

  127. fernando

    I think that a fasting of media like news would be a great idea for positive reinforcement. So you can throw all that great energy in to coming up with new ideas about how to strengthen you business and make it grow.

  128. Edward Zisk

    Going on a “news diet” is a great idea to stay focused on your goals. Everyone needs a reminder of this fact for continued success,

  129. Loyce McVay

    I agree with you Anthony. The news is depressing so I have been watching less! I am spending lots of time on my Affiliate Marketing . . . trying to learn how to generate $$$. Thanks for sharing the good information and tips.
    I sure hope I’m your next ePad winner! Thanks again.

  130. Andrew Gordon

    This is something I’ve thought about over the years and applied to a small degree. If, in the UK, we go on holiday to somewhere else in Europe for 2 weeks and don’t bother to keep in touch with the news and ask someone on our return what has happened…..guess what, the answer is usually “nothing.” If anything significant happens then inevitably someone will talk to you about it.

  131. Yevonne

    Very good idea! I have to do that often. We worry about enough trying to start or grow a business. I also take care of a relative that has Alzheimer. Read a book to take your mind off the dad to day or watch something funny. Laugh often! It helps!

  132. Thomas J Russo

    Not only for today but we must disconnect more on purpose, in order to continue our journey in this hectic life . Thank you for giving us a positive word .

  133. Kandy Barr

    I have been avoiding the news for awhile due to the negativity that comes from it. I try to engage in positive things thru out every day.
    Thanks for Positve Connections!!

  134. David Brandstetter

    You are absolutely right. I have learned many years ago that a negative person can pull you down easier than a positive person can pull you up. But it is worth the effort to surround ourselves with as many positive people & ideas as possible.

  135. Bob Ouellette

    Hey Anthony, I really appreciate the input you give each and every week. I have been on a NEW Diet since Jan of this year and it is one of the best feelings to date. I know some of the most successful people have stayed away from negitivity to achieve their dreams and that is EXACTLY what I have done. Thanks again for your ALWAYS GOOD ADVICE. I APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

  136. Gabriel

    Hi Anthony, I’ll take your advice this weekend.
    I’m going to do the NEWS DIET. Thanks

  137. David Larkins

    I very much agree about going on a news diet.
    The news media thrive on bad news and for the most part they preach doom and gloom I now take breaks from news for days at a time and it helps me to stay positive.

    Try it and see for yourself

  138. Kathy Hauser

    That’s great advice to be more creative…..Thanks! I would love to go on a news diet this week, but we have a hurricane headed in our direction. I will be keeping up with that. Hopefully, after the storm hits land I will be able to VOLUNTARILY disregard the news!

  139. Elizabeth Holiday

    Thank you for the advice! I will do that ! We do need a break from the news!

  140. Sharon N

    Great idea! I watch the news every night, but I’ll take some time off from it. As you say, there is a lot of negativity in the media reporting. Do you really read all of these comments? Have a great time in California. I appreciate your keeping in touch with us, even when you’re on vacation.


  141. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, you are right about all that is going on now is very negative. But you and all of us students are the only ones that are staying positve.This is great advice you give us! I go to church and pray for you and all of us students that are trying to be successful in this bussiness. Thanks for all your advice. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!-Your student–Luis,TX.

  142. Luis A. Deleza

    Just pure great advice commimg from you Professor Anthony.Thanks for all you do for us students.–Luis.

  143. maria stela pereira

    You are giving very good advice . Keep it up. And enjoy your vacation.

  144. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony
    I for one have found in order to keep ones sanity it is necessary to enjoy watching the humming birds at my home rather than the news, I have also pretty much shut out all of the commercials regarding the election, I think both parties have stooped too low for me to waste my valuable time.

    Fred Thompson

  145. AnnMatthew

    Thanks for the good ideas and any other year I would agree that it is a smashing idea.
    We as a country however are engaged in a fight for not just another election, but one of historical importance.
    It is important to stay tuned to this one for that reason.
    In order for us to continue to develop good business models and have success we need focus and positive input, I UNDERSTAND the desire to deep six the news but you may want to make some adjustments and keep your focus on the mute button and not the news in total.
    This is my way of staying current, while I filter out all of the other things that interfere with my goals. Similar to choosing photographic filters for the best light for your desired picture.
    I LIVE fortunately in a very peaceful place away from traffic and noise in the middle of a Forrest so it is easy to work and be positive.
    I am a natural optimist, with a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone AND IF negatives try to build up as they will in the form of zinger bills and life, I choose to decompress with physical activity like walking and swimming. It isn’t easy. I just choose positive people & places & rest & physical activity & the mute button. We are all different and a total may be necessary for some, but I recommend watching carefully for the next 74 days, Election coverage only and a diet of the rest.

  146. Geara

    Hi Anthony
    I am living in a TV less home and loving it. Thanks for such wonderful advice to ban the brain drain News Diet. I love it and promote it to.
    Love from Geara in NZ.

  147. sheila aldrich

    Great point. Let’s concentrate on the positive. “Nothing communicates like success”. I rarely look at news for that reason but I’ll do it even less. thanks

  148. brent graves

    anthony, i agree too much negativity, i will definitely block out all news

  149. Pat Calandra

    Great Idea to go on a news diet. There is so much craziness going on. I’ll be focusing on learning my business and watching things I enjoy.

  150. Bobbie

    I do not watch the news that much anyway because i do not want all the negativity. I like what you are saying and do give you a wonderful out look on life and work.

  151. Steve Le Baron

    Anthony…we all gain a lot of your up lifting, positive points for all of us to carry around with us and apply in our daily lifes. The world would be a much better place if all the people of the world could get along. THANK YOU Anthony

  152. Sandra Anderson

    Yes I am totally with you Anthony on the news diet. Have exercised this practice in the past and know how good/peaceful it can be….thank you for reminding me…:-)

  153. Sharon Lancaster

    Such wisdom from someone so young. The best way to start a diet is with a fast, and I agree news is a negative that needs a positive touch. Thank you for new beginnings.

  154. Mark Miser

    I think that’s a great idea. As for me, i don’t hardly ever watch the news as i am to busy with my internet marketing!


    Mark Miser
    MEM Enterprises

  155. Yvonne Mobley

    Yes. It will help me to control my High Blood Pressure. I live in South Florida. We are waiting to see if Tropical Storm Isaac is going to hit us or travel north and affect the Republican Convention in Tampa, Fla. Either way I will be safe at home, taking a much needed News and Weather Break.

  156. Janet Sharpley

    Anthony, I totally agree. The goodness in the world of news is not given the same amount of time as the badness-and there IS goodness! Thank-you for your suggestion!!

  157. Andrea DeVito

    Hi Anthony,

    I was on a news diet today but with a hurricane coming, I’ll have to eat the news the next few days because I have friends in FL and TX, from when I lived in both locations. I moved to TN because of hurricanes and found the mountains here have taken my heart so I’ll stay! I’m grateful you enjoy recording Success Connection so we can all benefit from your experience and knowledge. I’m sure you’re proud to have your brother following in your footprints! Best wishes to you and your family and thank you.

  158. Beatha

    Anthony, I sincerely agree. Fortunately, I adopted this more than 7 years ago. Not only do I have no time for it, but I found that doing so has freed my soul of the clutter. When I do hear of news I can definitely feel the difference. The weight of the world seems to press in on me. So again, I concur with the magnificent freedom that peace can bring.

  159. Jeannette Lehman

    News is not a bad thing if you learn how to mentally, physically and emotionally eliminate the negative effect of it. What is real is real and avoiding it totally is not healthy. mentally, physically and emotionally.

  160. Penny Jones

    I am totally blocking out all the junk that is on the TV and concentrating on family matters and trying to help my mother in law with a recent death in the family.
    All of the family are helping in taking care with her to relieve the stress she is going thru.

  161. Richard Barksdale

    Well to tell you the truth Anthony I have to go on a news diet everyday because I really and truly believe that most what is on the news is just a bunch of lies and especially thee stuff about the Politics. My main reason for that is every election all they tend really to speak about is fixing the Med-care problems and giving the middle class tax breaks which in my opinion is not going to help their businesses grow or doing anything of the sort so I tend to just ignore the hype and trumped up B.S. they like to lie to the public about to make their own selves look good and in the meantime concentrate on the rich and middle class but condemn the poor of this country. So yes, I would much rather stay with a blissful state of mind then believe in the liars that kill your thinking on the good things of triumphant life. Hope 2013 is better ..LOL

  162. Della Hicks

    Dear Anthony,

    I couldn’t agree more. It has been proven that negativity breeds negativity; therefore, it is understood that the same proven fact holds true to serenty.

    Thank you for sharing.

  163. Ligaya Valonzo

    I am looking forward in meeting you in person at the conference on Friday -Aug.31, 2012. Thanks for sharing about the “news diet”, I agree with this, hoping to focus & start with the business the right way!!!!

  164. mark ortman

    This is one of the best ideas i’ve heard in a while and everyone should do this

  165. Diane Williams

    That is a great idea, but what about living in a house with a teenager (girl) that is always got you feeling like a ping pong ball. I can’t even find my website or get started on this business. My computer in not working right I am at the library right now answering this email and watching this video.

  166. Gregory Chingas

    I can’t see how a news diet could hurt anyone. I am a news advocate. That is basically all I listen to.Allot of the time it does infuriate me. Much of what is reported in the news are the bad things. It’s not a rule but I think they report the bad stuff is so that people will stay tuned. Sort of like watching the aftermath of a car accident. You have come up with some good suggestions and this one is no different. I’ll take a break from the news….it can’t hurt!

  167. Lynn Johnsen

    Great idea Anthony!! Also suggested by my doctor a number of years ago when I was first diagnosed with depression. Have found lately that I am listening to “news” way to often and am turning off the TV more frequently these days. Thanks for the reminder.

  168. Don Warren

    News diet it is!! I’ll ask my wife if there’s any life changing things happening that I should check on. She’s a bit of a news junkie.

  169. Benzz

    Be disconnected to distractions . . . . . .
    Keep focus on your goals and objectives. . . . .
    Sounds good and worth trying!

  170. Louise

    I’ve been on a news “diet” for several years. Got tired of only hearing bad news when there is always some good news to be found somewhere. Only time I see the news is if I’m in a restaurant that has it airing. It’s been a rough year for me but since I’ve been dealt oranges, I think I’ll make some orange juice!

  171. Tony

    Really glad to hear you promoting the benefits of not listening to the negativity that saturates our media. I was blessed many years ago with the knowledge that negativity breads negativity and the further you stay away from it the more positive things will enter your life. Thank you for all the positivity you impart and keep it going.

  172. Eileen

    Anthony, I have been on a news diet for years now. I don’t read the newspaper nor do I listen to the news on tv. There’s hardly ever anything good happening, and if there were, I would hear about it at work…just like I hear all of the bad stuff that happens. Most of the time my coworkers are my reporters as well as gossip columnists. It honestly makes my days go a lot smoother and less stressful when I don’t hear of the negative things that go on in our society. I really recommend the news diet to everyone. Seriously, what do you have to lose? You’ll hear everything from your coworkers when they hang around the water cooler at the office anyway. Try it!!

  173. Steve M


    I have been on that page so I feel good to know that I am on the same page
    with Anthony Morrison. The news airs what they want us to see and hear.
    Now commercials!! A main reason I am watch TV now. Oh and I watch sports.

  174. Linda

    We are in hurricane season, hoping to avoid the bad weather. i would love to get AM started to shield from the great poverty I AM living in now

  175. James & Lisa Brown

    We are planning our news diet asap. We believe most of that stuff is controlled media anyway, so we should be able to do the diet fairly well. Thanks for the reminder on doing this.

  176. Katharina Norwood

    Listening to the news usually doesn’t help us with our lives. We are usually not the players. It just takes away our focus from more important things like creating a functional business.
    Thank you for reminding us.


    I THINK A “NEWS DIET” IS A FABULOUS IDEA. Whoops, I am yelling but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I do spend time in a very quiet spot while learning. It does help.

  178. Pam F

    Taking a break from the news sometimes is a very good idea. Another thing I do, is take a break from family drama. Some times thats almost worse than the news.

  179. Jim Hannum

    Yes and No, I beleive we need to keep in a peaceful state and surround ourselves with positive thinking. With the state our country is in at this time we really need to keep abreast to what is about to happen and remember to vote

  180. Shannon Ansbach

    A “News Diet” is a great idea. Nowadays it is filled with so much bad news, it makes you question humanity.

  181. Abigail

    News Diet is essential every once in a while. It is truly amazing how it frees up your life to think much more positive thoughts….and to accomplish something!

  182. Deb Stickley

    Yes to the news diet. Too much negativity. I also remove people who bring negativity into my life. So important to surround yourself with positive people and positive environments. Thanks Anthony!

  183. michael shuttlesworth

    Taking a break from “the world” sort of speak, is a good idea from time to time. Yes there is a lot of negative news and people, so taking time to just escape, be calm, listen to GOD and refocus on your goals and dreams is a good thing to do.
    Thanks for reminding us Anthony! πŸ™‚

  184. sandra carmona

    Positive thinking. Good idea. Will this help children of all ages & parents.

  185. Kathleen

    Hello Anthony, I think your right about the news diet. I am not one to watch news on a daily basis, and I can tell you I do notice a difference when I do watch. I feel tired and drained, just because now I’m worried what is going to happen and when it might happen. Well then you end up worring for nothing!! I do have a positive outlook on life more than ever. I believe most of us would if they didn’t watch the news.

  186. Heddy Magrill

    Loved hearing about how happy you are in that wonderful setting. I almost became on a computer diet, because of a big computer crash last night.
    When I saw your face I decided to turn speakers back on and give your beautiful speaking voice a nice airing. Good to see you, good to hear from you.
    Keep on keeping on…
    My best to you,

  187. Carla N De Petris

    Is so nice to get away for everything even if it ids only for few hours. One wil find again the energy to start all over again.
    Thank you for remind this.

  188. Paul Richards

    Great idea ! Even though there are TV’S everywhere you go, which makes it difficult to do, I notice I’m calmer and more productive when I’m away from the news. I will give it a shot. Specially after going to the 3 day seminar this last weekend in Tulsa, where I received so much great information and knowing I have much more work to do and information to absorb, since I joined the Level 3 Mentoring program. Looking forward to working with you and your staff.

  189. Pamela Fike

    I’ve learned especially not to watch the news before bedtime; I do check the weather. I’ve stopped my newspaper subscription a few years ago. It’s amazing what you don’t miss. Friends will always tell you what’s going on in the world/US without even asking. There is too much negative news out there. Negatives are stressful. I’m with you Anthony! Just returned from a camping trip–we had to drive to the lodge to get cell phone service. Relaxing and the only concern was catching rainbow trout–was a lovely dinner over the campfire!

  190. Jean-Pierre Brault

    As with Internet Marketing, Sports, Entertainment, Politics and even War… There are always 2 sides of the equation to position yourself for… The Catalyst and the Effect ! There are War makers and War victims ! There are Politicians and Voters ! There are Stars and there are Fans ! There are Sellers and there are Buyers ! And there are News Makers and Viewers ! All moral values being equal, I prefer the power to affect change that comes with being a Catalyst. I’ve withdrawn from New 5 years ago and will never go back to being a “Watcher”. Although I cannot tell you off hand who won the Golf tournament yesterday or who’s Dog was found in a well… people around me come to ME for cutting edge advice on ALL THINGS I am wholeheartedly involved in because the News is outdated. What I need to know to be efficient and ahead at what I do, I discover through research and then pass it on to those interested. In that sense I am the News maker for a small group of followers. STOP WATCHING THE NEWS… BECOME A NEWS MAKER !

  191. Steve

    I agree, Tranquil environments foster creativity and growth while feeding yourself with positive information to use constructively. Negative turmoil inhibits motivation and learning. I will follow your advice because there is plenty of evidence that it is a fact.

  192. kathy

    Hi Anthony, Everyone has a choice that they can make rite?You focus on the negative side of thing’s , and that’s what you’ll recieve! Same goes for the Positive side of thing’s!!!!!! There’s always something to be greatfull for no matter who you are , and no matter what you have. Exspress that Gradittude, and it comes back to you!!!! It’s Universal! I believe that of a quote of which i’d heard, and it states, If you think you can or you think you can’t. Either way you are right!!!!!!!

  193. Sandra

    Hey Anthony:

    What a splendid idea “Going on a news diet” !
    Wow you did it again coming up with another brilliant idea.
    I totally agree with you and it is a great idea to go on a new diet.
    You are so right about all the negitativity in the news these days.
    I do not look or listen to much news but I will certainly take up your suggestion to on that diet and concentrate on my business.
    Thanks for sharing – and keep up the great job you are doing.


  194. Monica

    Yes Anthony…. I have minimized my exposure to the news a few weeks after 9/11 because it was brought to my attention that I was addicted to the TV. It was true since I was only trying to wrap my brain around the fact that a group of people would do something so unfathomable to anyone….. looking for answers and only got “redundancy”. That day, I made the decision to minimize my news exposure to find out about local news/issues/weather and traffic…. and the TV is off. I became a better wife and mom immediately. It also helps my family have a much better outlook on life. I hope that everyone takes this idea seriously… it’s worth it!

  195. janet

    Welcome to Southern California, you are in my neighborhood. Nice weather and cool at night even it gets warm in the day. I put myself on that diet a few weeks ago and only watch an hour a day after my eyes give out searching the internet. It has helped my accomplish much more and I can’t wait to start making money.

  196. mary

    this is a great idea and i will now go on and become a hard working member of your team. i do not have a websight yet but i hope you can still read this. i am on a fixed income and can not aforde all the things you offer but i want to maybe down the line get them. thank you again. Mary

  197. Donna Gibson

    I really do believe that leaving all the negative influences will help m focus. Every time I turn of the TV all I hear about is negative stuff happening. Maybe this week I will opt for some music (that always makes me happy) or just have some silence. that’s something we never seem to have. Then I will be able to concentrate on what important in my life…my husband, my kids and my business

  198. Walker

    Dont watch the news. Enjoy listening to u. Wish u bring me on vacation with u lol

  199. Cheri

    I agree peace is a great way to unwind and free your mind of all the negative things that are going on, wish I could do it all the time. lol
    Thank you for all that you do Anthony we really appreciate all that you have done and are doing for people.
    Have a great day!!!

  200. Betty Zotta

    Enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. So glad you are out of the bad news, where the storms are raging. Relaxing with the good news of God is the most relaxing and rewarding way to go.

    Thank you for sharing your news with us.


  201. Julie Hartsell

    It’s a great idea! For the last two years I have not watched the news. Sometimes if the radio is on, a quick news flash slips through. Iguess the remedy to that is CD’s. Surrounding yourself with positivity is wonderful. Thank you!

  202. Kathleen Brown

    Hi Anthony, I have always tried to place myself around possitive people. I do not care for the news I consider myself to be on a news diet for sometime now. There is nothing positive. I totaly aggree with you when you are trying to take your business to another level you need to concentrate and be focused on what you are doing that is very important. These a great point to grow by. Thank for the tip!

  203. dave wilkinson

    less is better many times in this fast paced world, the information age is upon us, just hope it leads us to a better life.. dave

  204. Gerald J. Moore

    Hi Anthony, I am working on getting my first website up and running. I am busy and have trouble finding time alone to focus but am doing it. I like the idea of news diet also. A lot of negativity there. I am one of these slow and steady guys. Thanks Anthony, Joe in Central NY

  205. Sandra Conforti

    Awsome idea! As part of the training I have to watch comercials. What ditection do I go?

  206. Gloria

    This certainly is worth thinking about. It will be hard to avoid all the news that comes at us 24 hours a day but I am trying to eliminate a lot of it.

  207. Patricia Davis

    I am 100% behind the News Diet. I am tired of listening to the news and all the negaive information that is being broad casted now. I want to hear only positive statements. Information that will help me to focus on a positive out comes for my future. Thanks for the advice. May God continue to bless you, keep you in good health, good spirit, and good fortune.

    Have a great week!

  208. Ruth

    Absolutely! A necessity!
    I’ve been on them before, but now I’m on an indefinite news diet, or blackout.

  209. william ortega

    This is true about finding your peace, in spite of what is going on in the world and everyday personal life too. With so many distractions it can be difficult to focus on what needs to be done. Hopefully, things will calm down soon. Thanks for your thoughts and emails, much appreciated.

  210. Mary Edwards

    Thank u for sharing these videos with me im not sayin this to get a epad im sayin this to learn how to get my business start to learn to keep it going so thank u for all u give me

  211. Pamela Robinson

    I never watch the news, my Mom is a New addict, she tells me to much, I like the weather on the news that is it, si a news diet is no big deal to me, always on one

  212. MariaRoriguezBakal

    I agree with you , but Ihave to know what is going on in the world,if you speak to people you dont want to sound so detach about what is going on. Now you dont have to talk or think about it all the time .Have to learn to detach yourself.

  213. Linda Andrusyk

    I have already started the news diet. I used to get depressed when I listened to the news. I would rather sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature.

  214. Dale Kirk

    Good advice difficult sometimes but extremely important for success try to surround yourself with positive people to maintain ones upbeat attitude when you know you can suddenly it happens

  215. Bernice J Adams

    I am going to take your advice Anthony. It sounds like a great idea. more good new less bad news we can all use that…thanks and have a great time

  216. Linda Andrusyk

    I don’t listen to the news – to depressing. I would rather sit outside and listen to thhe sounds of nature.

  217. Mardi Blackshire

    I just completed your 3 Day workshop and my head is spinning! This was just the advise I needed to hear, I have so much to focus on and today it seems everyone as wanting something from me, can you pick up the kid?, I need a ride downtown, drop me off at my Dr. office…I have to turn everything off and focus this week and I was feeling guilty for even thinking it. So thank you for sending me this confirmation email, that I’m on the right track!

    Have a prosperous week!

  218. Melody

    Hi Anthony, It’s always best to change your negetive center of influence to being around a positive & relaxed atmosphere. You will be more productive in a positive & relaxed atmosphere. Melody.

  219. Luke De Brabandere

    Yep. I totally agree, i rarely listen to the news.May i suggest pluging in spirtual and self help programs instead

  220. Tom Stowe

    Looks like hurricane Issac is headed for the golf coast. I moved from Pass Christian, MS after we lost our 3rd house in 60 years. I lost my 4th house 2 years ago to arson. But all is well and I keep moving forward. Now I need to acquire a bunch of money on the internet to pay for the new house I live in now. Thanks for your programs. All is Good.

  221. Cecilia

    Anthony, An excellent idea. News diet. It is always gooood to drum up more ideas with positive thinkers. .

  222. Nizam

    NO NEWS, definatley, I am going on a no news diet for an entire week.
    Anthony, you could have not said anything better, I have had the same thought a few weeks ago…
    Nizam-South Africa.

  223. Manuel Gonzales

    News Diet is really needed at least for me, because there is always so much negativity. Especially now with the looming Hurricane and the GOP convention, and all the negativety of both side.

  224. Winnie Kala

    Hi, I am really appreciative for all the free trainings of yours I have sofar attended, even your brother’s. They’re very educative whether to new or old school. Unfortunately I have not been able to sign into any due to luck of finance. I highly support the idea of the news diet, something I have been implementing on and off but I am somebody who loves to practice staying positive in life. Thanks plenteous.

  225. nelly

    Hello, Anthony i hardly ever watch tv is not one of my main things to do, but i do have some nagative things going on on my life right know. i am really trying to get back on my feet ans is very hard for me to consotrate, but am going to fallow your advice and think possitive.

  226. Susan

    Been doing this for years. Doing it now, as a matter of fact! I’m much happier for it.

  227. Tommy Pumphrey

    News diet, except for you of course.
    Website is finished with 101. Going to tweek it and then hit publish.
    So excited to see going public in a week or so.
    Thanks, Anthony

  228. Steve Wukmer

    Thank for the encouraging word. A news diet is what is needed. I myself try not to focus on the news because of the negativeness of the News. I will be on a News Diet this week. A a great time where you are at. Enjoy.

  229. Jennie Schultz

    Maybe a “news diet” would work; yet, in my case, so would be a tv-free day. ( Have tv-free days occationaly)

  230. Anthony Fedora

    I am taking your advice and going on a ‘news diet’ this week – and maybe even longer! I plan on losing about 37 lbs. (that’s what my television weighs). THANKS ANTHONY!!! Enjoy your vay-cay.

  231. Carmen

    Too true. The news sucks the positive energy out of me all the time. I have been slowly weening myself off of television anyway and the news was the first thing to go.

  232. Robbie Owens

    I totally agree. To be honest I have been seeking work for quite some time. I found watching the news and the reports on the unemployment numbers were making me believe that I was not going to find work. Therefore I do not watch the news now. It’s hard to stay focucused and positive with so much negative info on a daily basis.

  233. Jill Adams

    To my dearest Anthony: I just returned from your awesome 3 day Workshop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, driving 128 miles in the torrential rains last evening. We were so enlightened at the Workshop, and packed with enthusiasm that we never even missed watching the NEWS on TV. I am a totally optimistic woman and have fun wherever I go. Your staff is wonderful and upbeat. I met many fine folks at the Conference too, and thoroughly believe in a News Diet. You are exactly correct. We appreciate your terrific attitude. Jill

  234. Louisa Moana

    I’m agree for what everybody said about it.But my problems is that I don’t know my website so I’m really lost.I’m one of the blind mice in our community.

  235. Kong Sourivong

    I agree with you Anthony , To many things going on in my life , I cannot focus on my business.

    Thank you the blog you teach your students.

  236. Justin


    Thanks for the great tips Anthony! Yeah I personally don’t like to follow or watch the news since it’s all exaggerated nonsense stories and I don’t need negativity to ruin my day. Every day and every moment I always remind myself to “Stay Positive, Stay Strong, and Never Give Up!”

  237. Clayton Kelly

    WOW I really like this idea i am usually watching the news everymorning before I go to school, and i cant help but get annoyed at what i hear and see. To be honest it ruins alot my momentum for the day. So I really appreciate all the help you have given me Anthony I really appreciate the suggestion.

  238. Dondi

    Anthony, it will be very easy for me to go a news diet because rarely watch the news anyway. The reason being, as you stated because of the negativity. It is a very good suggestion.

  239. Bob Vawter

    Anthony. Thanks for your persistent encouragement and advice. It is needed, necessary, and appreciated greatly.

  240. Maria Serrano

    I am always on a News Diet. I decided a long time ago that I did not want to hear or see all the negativity, killings, etc. that is the focus of the news. How I figured it – Since I can’t change the outcome why expend my energy getting upset with all the negative things said on the news. I have my own concerns that need my attention, my focus.

    Thank you Anthony for inspiring me to do more than just wish for, a change in my life, for a change in my finances, and for my dream to become a reality.

    We all get side tracked and it is truly appreciated to have someone gently direct our attention back to the important tasks of building our future.


  241. Keith Hill

    i never listen to the news as there’s enough strange bizarre and crappy stuff that hapens around me in person i don’t need other people’s bad news

  242. Jean

    Thank you for your calm positive attitude. I am already on a news diet. I want to focus on the business and just wish I could learn it more quickly. There is a dearth of mentor time, so I must wait…and wait…and wait…
    I know. It’s called patience.

  243. tracy cuevas

    i am from ohio, i think its a waste of time to watch the news about all the bad stuff, like i told my mom what can you do about it your only making your self crazy she not young anymore, they say stress can kill so why worry yourself to death,peace be with us because we need it! tracy

  244. Evelyn Murdock

    I really need a rest from politics. Your blogs are always helpful.

  245. MaryAnn Rankin

    I really love the idea of a “news diet” There is so much negativity in this world. I don’t listen to the news, it is too depressing. I am a happy person and always have a smile on my face. The “news diet” could help everyone to live a fuller life.

  246. crystal

    You do a great job on teaching me but i lately have been side tracked with games but want to get back to brass tacks so keep up the good work..

  247. Cheryl

    Sorry Anthony but what is an Epad I’v heard of I pad but not E pad. LOL have a great weekend and stay away from the news all we have to do is look outside these days. Take care.

  248. Linda Everett

    I definitely love your idea to go on a news diet. I think the news is just always full of negativity.

  249. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    It is hard to go on a News Diet when Hurricane Isaac is about to hit landfall
    in the Gulf of Mexico. I love Newport Beach. I was there this summer.
    I know what you mean about too much news, and too many distractions from what can make us money. Today, making money is the most important thing I can do.

  250. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    What a great idea? I love that. There is too much negativity going on and I do need to go on a news diet. We all need positive and some peaceful thoughts in our minds to become succesful. We need to stay focused to what is most important in our lives. Anthony, as always, great job!! You really rock!!

  251. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Congratulations to the epad winners! We should all go on a News Diet and get creative. I am reading the book Think and Grow Rich and it is much better than I expected it to be. Too much news and negativity consumes our attention and stops us from thinking in new creative ways. New thoughts, new actions, new money!

  252. Bob Royce

    Yes a news diet is a good idea I am over loaded with news and most of it can pull me down and then I do not want to do anything so I very seldom turn on the news. I do follow the Forex News which I enjoy and have been trading for the last 11 years. But my passion is not Forex I am good enough to make a good living at it. (most never make a dime at it). But I really want to make it on the net with 10 vertical sites and I will. Thanks for your help.

  253. Debbie Sundholm

    My website is in progress. Its about 70% and I’m listening to cds and checking out your advice so I can get something going for september and october:). Its really a learning curve and process.

    Love your news diet idea. If everyone would give positive deposits on each others lives, the world would really be improved. I admire what you are doing, what you did for your parents and family and how you are helping people.

    My son, Aaron and helping animals are my reasons to be successful at affilate marketing. If only I could have you mentor me in person for a few hours… get a great start. It would change Aarons & my world! By the way Anthony, my dad played semi-pro hard ball for many years:)

    Thank you and good day!
    Debbie Sundholm

  254. James Ivy

    Yes Anthony positive renforcement is an must for continued success. I do believed self emprovement books positive mentors helps us grow with an successful mindset especially mentors such as yourself. Thank you for your insights!

  255. Anton Sylvester

    Hey Anthony! Great concept about surrounding yourself with peaceful things and a peaceful environment which I include to mean people too. That has been a real challenge–the naysayers and negative comments. People that comment on things they know little about, but have a great need to share it to just about everyone. It is really heartwarming and inspiring that you and your brother and family and support team are all so involved with our success. It’s like a dream come true. Thank God for the information age.

  256. mina gizeli

    I have been doing that for a month actually, too many things happening around us that are very depressing. No solutions, only more worries.
    It is much better to concentrate on my own problems for a change and not
    worry about everybody else. No news, no newspaper, just spend time with the kids, and grand-kid. There is nothing better than that to lift my spirits up.
    Good idea Anthony, i am glad i am not the only one who thought so. Haha

  257. Lydia

    I know surrounding myself with peaceful, positive, and meditation works. Blanketing myself in these non-negative joys I love to do just because they bring me joy and happiness chase the blues away and renews my confidence. Unfortunately I blanket myself to disconnect from what I do not enjoy doing and to cover the frustration I experience when I can not focus on my business. I only “real” smile when I do the things I mentioned above, the rest of the time I put on my “happy/fake” smile. This is so frustrating, so I think about those positive, peaceful joys I do have and remind myself that I am not alone also there are many people out there that experience far, far worse then I.

  258. Edward Zisk

    Taking a NEWS BREAK is an excellant idea. — Presently, having a pesty visitor, Tropical storm”Isaac”! The eye is heading directly over us over the next two days. Slow mover, 70 miles per hour wind speed with a potential to increase. Will finish buttoning down the hatches in the morning. With the potential of up to 15 inches of rain, storm serge and two tides to contend with, major flooding is anticipated. But, I will put all that aside and proceed with the study program ignoring the disturbance outside. It is a little difficult after having lived through the hell of Katrina 2005. But try I will and I will succeed.

  259. Tina Dobson

    I have to say and tell all, “I’m always news dieting, have been doing this for a few years. Someone will ask me did you see/hear ??????????? on the news? My same response is, I don’t watch the news”. When you think for a second the content on news broadcasts, what’s the first word that comes to thought? So they’re is life, good life without news. I’m proof. Another thing I do is when something happens that is not so good, I try to find one good thing from it. If you look, it will be there. This will focus your attention off the bad and be creative to find the good. It’s good for you.Anthony you are right on to profess to all to get rid of bad influences and good will suffice.

  260. Frank

    What a great idea.I am sick of watching all the misery on the news.There has to be something good that happens in the world.I guess the news people do it because people thrive on misery.I am not one of them.

  261. Carol

    I have a news break as well as tv for most of the summer.
    Most of the morning news is pop news anyway

  262. Maria Angela M. Juanillo

    Going on a news diet would be nice though it would be very difficult to achieve. Whether we like it or not, news, whether good or bad, is a part of life.We will just be fooling ourselves if we close our eyes or cover our ears to what is happening to our world. For all we know, we may have missed out on opportunities to improve our lives or to help those in need.

  263. Sam

    Excellent idea. Avoid the toxic stress…especially now. Focus on building something positive. Hold onto it…feed it and watch it grow.
    I’m in.

  264. Marie Gertz

    Yes that is what I have been doing! Taking a break from it all, so I can go back and focus on what I need to do. As always take care Anthony.

  265. Ed Leung

    I did not realize how much more we can do in the
    Quiet and Peaceful Realm of a “News Diet”. I would definitely
    stay away from the Newspaper and TV commotions for a while.

    This is a good Retreat and thanks to your recommendation

    Ed Leung

  266. gwendolyn ward

    Thanks Anthony,
    thats a great idea to give people because news is so negative I believe we should think in a postive way all the time we will be healthier for it but I due like to watch the weather keep up the great blogs ok Gwendolyn

  267. Macs

    I truly appreciate the power of good news. That’s why I read the Bible daily. There’s so much good news / encouraging thoughts therein!

  268. Kathy Austin

    I am going back to reading your book and have a more positive out look

  269. stanley escolano

    I agree with you with all the negative news and even all the drama in sports.

    My diet is walking the dogs two and three times a day.
    I also Email my former instructor at PMI.
    He keeps my emotion in check.


  270. Mrs Walker

    Turning off the news is a wonderful idea, I have done it so many times and the clarity is super, also I go out back to the coy pond and just sit int he sun and breath it is so positive and I always come back in with such good energy!!

  271. Chris

    Hi Anthony,
    These days we need to create our own peaceful environment to balance our physical with our spirit. Those who are financially struggling find it difficult to be able to take trips due to limited finances. No matter what you need to do to create that place of peace do not think about it, just figure how to create it until your finances become abundant. .

  272. Shelly Ross

    What timing…….as I was watching your success connection video, I forgot I left the T.V. on and the news was broadcasting….or should I say blasting me!! You are so right…..I need to step back and refocus positively. Refresh!! Re-energize!!! Refocus Goals!!!!

    Thank You Anthony!!!


  273. Louise

    Hi I look forward to attending a seminar to see what is being offered with the information that will be discussed.

  274. Terri

    I’ve been thinking the same thing myself. There’s too much negativity out there and it affects the way a person thinks and feels. A constant diet of negative news can only give you a depressed outlook. I’m going on a news diet myself as soon as the hurricane blowing through our area of the country is gone.

  275. Arlene

    News diet, great catch phrase. I try to avoid watching the “bad news” Just away to keep everyone scared all the time. Love the idea!

  276. Tabatha Barclay

    Anthony – Thank you for the reminder of working on the renewing of my mind. Negative media can really mess with your thoughts which in turn can lead to negative actions. I’ve been on this diet for a long time and will continue! God bless.

  277. Dianne

    I believe that when we are overwhelmed by the stresses of our busy lives, sometimes removing ourselves from negative stimuli allows us to regenerate and refocus. When we are recharged, the negative sometimes does not seem as pronounced and we can therefore see things from a different perspective.

  278. Geri

    I think that the News Diet is a good idea.. My problem is email!!! Soooo much time is wasted on email. I think I’m going on an email diet, too. Think I will just delete everything I get, except from you. Thanks, Anthony


  279. Daniel P Nieskes

    Love the Video,I am soooo avoiding all media contact,It brings Nothing but Bad Vibs and Negativity into any situation as far as I’m concern. I do go and sit out by my pool and read and think very clearly when I’m out in the yard,it’s my haven away from every thing,actually it’s the only place I can afford to go. Lol But at least I’m Positive and getting Focused and into the Right Mind Set to Help myself Succeed in this Wild World of Internet Marketing!! Hopping to Start making some descent Money soon,then maybe I’ll actually go on a real Vacation.Thank You for all your Motivation and Courses that Constantly Help me to Believe that there Really is a Pot of Gold over the Rainbow and Success is not far away. Your Motivated and Dedicated Student!! πŸ™‚

  280. David Cowell

    Anthony… The News Diet idea is great! Negativity is what the news is all about. I used to do it several years back and remember what a positive impact it made on my life then. Don’t know why I haven’t taken the diet in a while, but I’ll start again this week. Not only do you keep yourself from an hour of negativity, but the real goal is to replace that hour with something positive and productive! Spend that hour helping kids with homework, making dinner or a special desert for the family, or growing your business! Thanks for reminding me of the News Diet. With all the horrible events happening right now, this is the perfect week to do it. Thanks Anthony, you Rock!

  281. Sharon

    That would be a switch, no news. It does take up much of my time. And I don’t know how to change any of it (the news). Every day would be more fun, without the bad news. I sure could do more valuable, more important things. Thank you. A great idea!

  282. martin brown

    Hi.Anthony Morrison,martin just wanted to say hi,no news on the weekends & now no news this week.keep up the great email & tweet down,20 more too go! yours brown.aka sleepinhorse.

  283. Macy Walsh


    A news break is a great idea, albeit very difficult to accomplish in this electronic age in which we live. There is also a haunting feeling that you may miss something that was important. I’m going to give it a try though and we’ll see what happens. Thanks for the great flow of helpful info!

  284. Beatha

    A news diet is prob most successful kind of diet one can actually stay on. As for benefits they far outweigh those of a wt loss diet n is jus as healthy. Good call.

  285. John Conway

    I am taking a news diet. Actually I am taking a diet from many other programs on TV that really have very negative messages, plus take away from our productive and family time.To be successful we need to fill our minds with positive thought and images. We will become what we put into our minds. Most TV news is negative because bad news sells. I am on the diet with you Anthony.

  286. Sheila Kelley

    Hi Anthony,I agree with the idea of having time alone to focus on my business plan, an get away from all negativity. Iwant to be successful .I been lay-off for one year, and have ot found a jjob.I don:t like my life and I have the power to change it.

    Thank You for all your help

    sincerely your
    Sheila Kelley



  288. Arvella Kunz

    Great idea! “News Diet” it is. I try to limit it anyway because it is so distracting…all the negativity. Thanks for the suggestion and all your help.

  289. Beverly Coker

    I love this video, and I will go on your news diet this week. I plan to put all my attention on myself and what my goals and plans are. I think this is a wonderful idea. I believe if more people would do things for them self and worry less about what is going on in this world, they would have a more healthy and successful life. Thanks for all emails. I have learn so much.
    Beverly from Alabama.

  290. Theresa V Smith

    Sunday is my day for that and it really works. My husband know that he does not talk about anything negative, especially before church and hopefully until after 6P.
    God bless

  291. Cheryl H


    I was actually reading a book on the brain and it states that negativity actually deletes
    some of our neurons they call it :dumbing down”. The negativity excites the amaygdala
    and the hoppocampus 2 structures involved in emotions, and the hippocampus has a lot to do with memory. So they actually have real proof. Sometimes I will watch Fox News, but have to leave because I get too excited, angry or have some strong emotion. Focusing on the positive is v.important. Many Thanks, Cheryl Hunt

  292. Gloria Geter

    This is fantastic, you’re the only one on internet marketing that sincerely cares about the people who subscribe to your system. Great job. I understand the real reason you are a success Keep up the good work. I am encouraged to do better.
    Thanks so much.

  293. Kerry

    Hi Anthony, I am all for no news myself. It is nothing but negative and I need positive news in my life. Sometimes I feel out of the loop when my friend talks news but it doesn’t matter as long as I am able to talk positively instead. Thanks for all you do. Your positive attitude really inspires me to try harder at getting my business going.

  294. stanley escolano

    My news diet is just sitting in the back yard and taking deep breaths
    for one half hour. This is very relaxing.


  295. Cecilia

    Anthony enjoy yourself. It is good to disconnect and always keep a positive frame of mind.

  296. Noelle

    Hi Anthony! Thanks for positive massages I need that so badly ,I live in community of the young people,I am senior citizen,but they are using drags & government free money. It is a horror !!! thanks God for people like You!! I have Your books & tapes & i hope to make main live
    more ease. God bless You! NG.

  297. M.e.


    As always, you have something new to teach us all! News Diet!
    I really like it – the news people slant things especially during the elections depending on their party. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious. There is so much going on in the world that is positive but that doesn’t sell as well as scandals, disasters and other bad news. So News Diet will help us to stay focus on the good stuff, look for the sunny side of things and get out of life the best it has to offer.

  298. James Waters

    I think that going on a news diet is a good idea. I find a lot of negativity is such a downer that I crave positive things.



  300. Wendy

    Hi Anthony , I will initiate my news diet right now, I think it’s a great idea, and I’m willing to try anything to see a positive return.

  301. Dorothy

    I’m a little behind on the weekly information, but I totally agree with the “news diet”. If I turn the news on in the morning for the weather report, I’m met with murders, car crashes and of course, politics. It’s not a good way to start your day. I try to avoid the evening news, and the 11:00 news, so that I can go to sleep peacefully. I do believe that if you are going to be successful in any endeavor, you have to remain positive, and the news diet might help!

  302. Robert Walker

    A news diet is a good thing. I need a waist diet as well. What I really need is to focus on my goals and tasks.

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