Success Connection #135: Happy Thanksgiving

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This weeks $150 winner is C.Caldwell who posted on November 9, 2012 at 5:30 pm, CONGRATS!


  1. Jean Leavitt

    I will be visiting my daughter and her family in Tulsa and meeting my 8th grandchild for the first time for this Thanksgiving Holiday!

  2. Craig Upton

    Anthony, thanks for your commitment to keep everyone motivated with your weekly blog. I will be spending time with my wife and two little boys. Looking forward to daddy time. I will be reading up on your success story as well. I still would like to meet with you one day if you ever have any downtime.
    I am thankful for my friends, family, and for God who reeves over us. Enjoy your time off.
    Who Dat?

  3. Kathy A. Crockett

    I’m glad to hear you will be spending time with “yours and hers” family. I will be spending Thanksgiving working, but having Thanksgiving dinner beforehand with family. Just not sure if it will be with “mine or his”! I know its been some time since you’ve heard from me. After seeing your persistence in sending me 543 messages, I decided to try again. I’ve read your book, but I can’t say that I understand it all completely. My biggest fear was setting up shop, not having it be successful, and ending up in more debt. I will be going back through e-mails to educate myself better and see what I need to do. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll see you on the blog.

  4. James

    Hey Anthony,
    Thanksgiving for me is about being with friends and family, so I will be going up to spend a day with friends of mine that I only see a couple times a year, catching up on family antics and probably doing some computer fixing time lol. my friend is always breaking her computer in some way shape or fashion

  5. Pravisha N.

    I love thanksgiving tremendously.
    Since I just joined I will be working and I am in Canada.
    We had our 3 weeks ago.

    The family, the food, friends & associates, the spirit of brightness and thankfullness. Should be remembered everyday not just on the holiday.

    Really enjoy the snow and have lots of fun. It is very special.
    Have an amazing day.

  6. Yevonne

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving! No break till I get my 1st million in the bank! Will take a couple hours to eat some great food.

  7. Barb Lykins

    Randie & I will be in Island Park, ID for Thanksgiving with friends at their cabin.
    We like this holiday because we can reflect on all we’re thankful for, and we are
    so blessed.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Anthony, and God bless to everyone.

    Barb Lykins

    WellandBeautiful: facebook

  8. C. Christgau

    Spending time with family, creating new traditions, while indulging also in some old ones. This year, two feast will ensue…traditional turkey dinner AND chicken curry. That said, besides using the time to “break” from the craziness of the year and see family, the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers the day AFTER…nothing like a turkey sandwich with Miracle Whip and even the cranberries, while watching college football.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Mick Sharp

    Every day I approach God with thanksgiving in my heart because I rescued by Him.

    Thanksgiving Day is a day that we as a nation set aside to give Him thanks for the wonderful gift of a free nation under God.

    My brother is traveling to the Big Island, where I live, from Denver, along with his entire family to celebrate his 70th birthday and enjoy the balmy weather. We will get together in Puako for an early dinner. Puako is a hundred miles NW of where I live so on my return journey I will visit an old friend that served in Nam at the same time I did. His family and mine have celebrated many holidays together so I look forward to Thanksgiving Day with excitement and wonderful expectations.

  10. Dean Doernte

    Be careful travelling to the Northwest, going to have very unsettled weather out there.
    I love to travel to relatives homes but anymore I hate going out on the roads during holidays because it seems like there are a lot of people who really don’t know how to drive and are not courteous to drivers around them.

    Other than that, I love to cook the Thanksgiving meal, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, pumpkin pudding, jello, and fresh fruit salad. Then sit down with your family and watch the Detroit Lions play football and fall asleep on the couch. Does it get any better than that??

  11. Mick Sharp

    Every day I approach God with thanksgiving in my heart because I was rescued by Him.

    Thanksgiving Day is a day that we as a nation set aside to give Him thanks for the wonderful gift of a free nation under God.

    My brother is traveling to the Big Island, where I live, from Denver, along with his entire family to celebrate his 70th birthday and enjoy the balmy weather. We will get together in Puako for an early dinner. Puako is a hundred miles NW of where I live so on my return journey I will visit an old friend that served in Nam at the same time I did. His family and mine have celebrated many holidays together so I look forward to Thanksgiving Day with excitement and wonderful expectations.


    What an interesting way to get someone email or website address. Going to be spending time with my wife’s family for Thanksgiving which is at our house this year.

  13. Linda Brown

    Hi Anthony, Thanks again for the happy Thanksgiving messages:) I’m up to 2 blogs now, the one above is linked to my blog, and the other one is I’ll be spending the Holidays with my husband Shawn he’s 53 and we’re both going to be eating at the Fire Department in Aberdeen, MD where we ate last year..they have all the food you can imagine there plus donations of blankets, clothing, and more! I Love going there because we get to socialize and I won’t have to cook. Which is a plus. I Love this time of year mostly, because Autumn is my favorite season. Not too cold or not too hot…and I love the color of the leaves…Hope you have a fun time visiting your girlfriends family…and visiting with your own before you leave for the North West…talk to you soon..and I’ll take your advice and take a break…but it’s hard cause I’m a computer fanatic…ha ha!

  14. Donna

    I will be spending Thanksgiving with my husband’s family.
    This year will be additionally hard because we lost 17-year-old nephew in October. I am grateful for the things that I have, and I’m grateful that my family and children are happy and healthy.

  15. Robert Hightower

    Hi,Anthony!Thanksgiving?Well, going to visit my parents in Houston.Im a retiree of the U.S.Navy,and on break from my school bus job.So have a Happy Thanksgiving your lady and you,and Happy Holidays.Take care,Robert.

  16. Gregg Jackson

    Thanksgiving Day Janie, and I will have our family in for dinner. We will be enjoying the time with 3 of our 5 grandchildren, 3 of our 4 daughters, Janie’s sister & boyfriend and her parents. My other daughter and her family live in Albuquerqie, NM and we will not get to see them in person. However, due to Skype we will be able to share some of the day with them.

    Prior to Turkey Day, I will be working very hard at getting this marketing business going. Just joined your team last weekend in Franklin, TN and am trying to get some cashflow going quickly. Have been unemployed since Aug 2009. Hiring a 64 year old is just not what most companies consider a good investment. I tend to disagree, but that is life.

    Sunday, Oct 21st, I turned all my financial worries over to our Lord. The next thing I knew I was looking at your program. Adrian did an excellent job in Franklin and now I am All-In.

    If you have any ideas that would help me get a positive cashflow going, I am all ears. Found out yesterday Ryan is my mentor and I scheduled the first available date with him, Dec 6th. Your offices are about a 6 1/2 hr drive from Chickamauga, GA. Unfortunately, it is after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I was hoping to take advantage of this buying season.

    Wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving.


  17. Sheldon Roye

    Spend Thanksgiving Day with wife’s family, kids and grandkids. I coach youth football, so we’ll practice Friday and Saturday. I’ll definitely catch some college and NFL games.

    Of course, I’m going to spend some time looking at auctions to see if I can gain some insight as to what products sell best online. I want to not the ground running as soon as our season is over.

  18. Jane M

    Happy Thanksgiving, Anthony! This year has been quite a roller coaster ride for me. Aside from joining this great opportunity of affiliate marketing, I had a number of relatives, including my mom, go through some surgeries. So, this Thanksgiving I am going to celebrate with my family and friends and be grateful, and thankful that all of my relatives have survived the hardship and are now doing well. In addition, I am also going to celebrate my success in losing weight. Hopefully, I won’t gain it all back after the holidays…LOL!

  19. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    It’s great you are getting to take some time off.

    Even though I will do some work during the holiday, my husband and I will also be traveling. We are flying to Oahu and taking a cruise around the islands. This will be our first time to see any islands other than Oahu, so we are very excited, especially since my husband has dealt with health issues this year in a big way! He is feeling much better now, so “off we go into the wild blue yonder” and “anchors away, my boys!”

    I was just wondering if you are planning on attending the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas in January. I was blessed to be awarded a complimentary VIP pass for an article I submitted about what my dream day in affiliate marketing would be. I’d love to meet you to thank you personally for all the help your tools and training I’ve received through PMI. If you have time slip me an email and let me know.

    Thanks for all you do to help us all.

  20. Henry Valdes

    Hey Anthony,

    I am here in NYC and will be home alone on Thanksgiving. If you are in the area, and want to step away for a quick drink, give me a call (I am not much of a drinker, but for you, I’d have a Guinness or two).

    Otherwise, I want to wish you, your family, as well as all the Morrison Private Affiliate Family, a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, as well as a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, and a Happy New Year to everyone.

    May 2013 be a successful year for everyone, including myself…:>)



  21. Sharon Nye

    Looks like I’m the first this week. I wonder if this will show up under the comments. Mine don’t usually. I need to keep working on my internet business since it hasn’t produced a cent so far. But I will take off for Thanksgiving. My kids are scattered from El Paso, TX to Austin, TX to Little Rock, AR and I’m sort of in the middle near Dallas. So, I travel as much as possible to divide up time between them all. Not sure yet which way I’m going next week. I always look forward to your weekly Success Connection to see what you have for us that week. Hope you have a great holiday.

  22. Betty Zotta

    Still working on it. My best times are spent with family & friends-holidays or any time. Memories of previous times abound. My life now is so busy, I can hArdly remember what it was like not to be surrounded with things to do and enjoy. Thanksgiving day will be spent with one of my step-daughters about an hour away. The weekend will be with my kids & grandchildren. Sun. will be church to continue giving thanks for all that God has blessed me with.

  23. William Jakaitis

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony!!!
    We have family over for the Holiday, approx 24 of them, so fining a Bird that will feed that many is a chore to say the least. I normally work on this holiday, but this is the first time in 10 years I will be able to enjoy it with the family!
    Even though it is a holiday, my mind doesnt stop on working on my business! It is always churning looking for new ideas and I think the success connection it just awesome! Dont stop posting this! it is a huge help for those of us that want to succeed!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! STAY SAFE!!!!!

  24. christine sexton

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving is spending time with family.
    Going to help my daughter make her first Thanksgiving meal with her new family, @ our 1st 15 mo old grandaughter. Ps. Daughter also starting this Afiliate Marketing bus with me.

  25. William

    Just getting ready to go play some music for vacationers after of course spending time with my family and especially my newest family member my brand spanking new Granddaughter Emeri Jade

  26. Tom Borg

    Hey Anthony, hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Since it is my 2 boys, 22 and 13 and me and I have to actually work on Thanksgiving we are still trying to decide what we are going to do. We will have fun and be together and that is what it is all about. I love to cook, so the food is always good šŸ™‚

    God Bless, Tom

  27. Chad Norman

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Hey Anthony, for this Christmas are you giving a car away! JK, I wish!

  28. Ward

    Hi Anthony this is ward well first of all I want to thank u for all the info. This thanksgiving. I am taking my wife on our honeymoon. In Cuba so I won’t be around for 10 days all the best to u and your family take care. Hope to hear from u when I get back

  29. tina foreman

    We are going to my inlaws house, where my oldest son lives. My son lives with my brother and sister in law in cali and they are coming down for thanksgiving. We savor each and every thanksgiving because we don’t know how much time my father in law has with his poor health. One good note we just celebrated his 80th Bday. So I will take a break and try and convince my mom to come down and join us awa well because I know she will be spending it alone, because my sister she lives by is dominated by her evil boyfriend. we are gonna have smoked turkey from sonny boys.They watch football, kids play xbox 360. I’m hoping i’ll make money by christmas to get the knex game. I love this time of year, being with family. have a good one anthony and drive safe, as well I.thanks Tina

  30. Julian Chaambers

    My wife and kids will be going to my Dad’s for Thanksgiving. I hope you have fun visiting the northwest, I loved Washington State, I hope to learn enought to get my first campain up and running by then. I have too many irons in the fire but, must organise my plan and work my plan, I enjoyed your or should I say Adrian’s webinar but, had to leave early so I could not pause it. I feel sure I saw you at the first free supper in Murfreesboro TN your sister was the one making name tags you got locked out of the confrence room, I feel sure your dad was there also, its great to have your family so close. I might be wrong but still you have a friendly staff if its not family. Thank you for this oppertunity. Julian Chambers

  31. natalie

    Uh oh… i posted my comment on another site. a youtube site. hope you guys can see it.

  32. Jasmin

    Hey Anthony I am doing what I do every year. Cooking a massive feast for my huge family. I usually have my four little ones help with cooking it helps us to spend good family time together, and it allows me to teach my children to cook the foods I learned to cook when I was a young girl. It’s all about family tradition for us. We usually have so many people over to eat at our house and laugh and watch football. We also invite someone who is less fortunate, who may not have a family to share the holidays with over to share with our family. At least for that day of the year they can spend the holiday with a good family. We love our family time. whether you are rich or poor family means everything. Having together time with family means you are RICH!

  33. rosemary

    Anthony thank you and happy thankgiving 2! What i would like to do for this thanksgiving is just want to earn my first $50 online if possible to cover up my account draft fees!!! šŸ˜‰ wuuuuuuw….

  34. Bill Angel

    The bad economy has got me, I must keep studying to get my marketing business going and creating some income. Looking forward to getting the knowledge I need to make this happen.

    Thanks Anthony for your help !!!


  35. Linda Adams

    All 4 of my kids will be home from college/out of town. Everything on their plates will be homemade, organic, and fresh. Always thankful to be alive, be together, and wish that others will be safe during the holidays.

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    Hi Anthony,

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  37. John Worley

    not much to broke just have dinner with my wife and watch as much football as my wife will permit me

  38. cynthia stamate

    hey anthony, happy thanksgiving to you and your family also. this my first time writing you and i am really looking forward to working with you and your brother. i am not going to start talking about business right now, this time of year for me is reconnection with my family. i have 18 grandkids, i greatgrand daughter, and one more on the way. my family is so busy all year around it seems like we just get to see each other mostly on holidays, birthdays, and such. so i really cherish this time of year to have the most special of the holidays that is possible and give thanks for the many gifts (which is my family), and whatever else that may come my way. i wished you and your family the same as i do for my own. i am looking forward to talking to you next week and watching the videos. thank you so much and have a great week. cyndy stamate

  39. Alicia Smith

    I’m staying local this Thanksgiving. Going to Gainesville, Virginia to visit my aunt, and cousins, then later visiting a good friend of mine in Maryland.
    I love Thanksgiving, because it’s a time to relax, and get re-aquainted with your loved ones. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life, you tend to get too busy to call someone dear to you on the phone, just to say hello.
    It’s important to stay in touch!

  40. Judy Wright

    Hi Anthony, I am going to tending my grand-dogs at my grand-daughters home. They are going out of town. It will be fun and a change. I will be going to my sisters home for Thanksgiving dinner.

  41. Annette

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony!
    Have a great time. My family all have their holiday mapped out an my plans will hopefully bring some REST. I’m a caregiver and have been especially busy of late.

    I am SO thankful each day for so many blessings, and try not to wait for Thanksgiving day to say so. Actually I just recently gave thanks for you and your dedication, and hard work. So now I’ll thank you.

    I have learned a good bit lately but have a few issues about relating and connecting it. Want to tget back to you soon.

    For now, have fun!

  42. Mary Njoka

    Oh! thanksgivingday! very important in my life to thank God for many blessings he has bestowed in my life,eg connecting me with Anthony trying to venture into internet business.This day will be relaxing in my apt.then will make very yummy chicken for dinner to share with a few homeless friends and my church family and lets celebrate the goodness of our maker Amen!

  43. michael solomon

    Hey,Anthony just watched your video,and wanted to tell you that I was just going to spend the holiday’s with my family and friends.Yes Im going to take some time off and regroup.Hope you and your family have a wonderful week end.Have a great holiday break!
    Sincerely,Mike A. Solomon

  44. Cheri

    I’m in Mississippi now with Ryan and Casey at affiliate marketing class. Going to moms house for Thanksgiving and pigging out on turkey and pie.

  45. Carol Alvy

    I just want you to know that I am a new Website Developer student. I was layed off my job a few months ago and now living off unemployment. Before I even knew who you were, I received an invitation to one of your conferences here in the Houston Area. The Woodlands, Texas. I did go to the meeting but I had no money to invest in the program. That following monday, I got an e-mail from a woman I never heard of, Mind you, I did not give anyone at that meeting my email address. I almost did not open that piece of mail, but when I did I was shocked to find out it was about your program. I knew then that this was a business that was ligitamate. I have been trying my whole life to make money other than having a rat race 8 to 5 job. I have prayed for a long time for God to put something in front of me to be successful at. I have spent the last two months Reading, studying, and watching your videos. I knew nothing about web design, Aweber or anything. I have learned so much from your teachings and it is so wonderful. I watch your email videos every day. You are such a blessing to me. I am working toward having a new life and get back everything I lost. Also to Help my son with their medical bills and save for my Grand Babies college funds. My daughter in law has Osteo Sarcoma Cancer and so, I want to help them as much as I can. My last words are I need a coach!!! I need the puzzle pieces that are holding me back. I have called several times but cannot seem to get a coach in my area. Thank You Anthony for all your help. You are a Blessing from God. Ms. Carol

  46. Rene

    Anthony, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving’s day in union of all family members. Please watch for me. I still can not get into a program because of the lack of money but I will do soon. Have a nice day.


  47. Patricia Loftom

    Hi Anthony, I will be spending my time with my favorite brother (from Nevada) and the rest of the family for Thanksgiving. He is making it worth cooking and reuniting with the rest of the family, which never come to visit. It will be a nice time. Thanks Anthony. Happy Holidays

  48. Mary Duff

    Hi Anthony
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    First I want to thank you for being so dedicated to all of us. Everytime I come to the succes connection I leave with a new feeling that YES I can do this and will do this because I have someone like you there for me, giving me the knowledge that has taken you to the point your at. So this year I am cooking for the family total of 14 people and I love to cook. My family thinks I crazy because I work all summer putting up foods that can be eaten later on, but when holidays arive and they sit down to eat its like its summer all over again, because it’s fresh from the garden all home made from scratch pies, bread, cakes the works, then they tell me how thankful they are that I take the time to do this every year. My son said one day what are we going to do when your not hear anymore to cook like this for us, my answer was well if you start learning what I do you will be able to take over where I leave off. He replyed that’s true I like to cook so who not. but the best part is after we have finished our meal, mom my sister and I go to the food pantry and help serve dinner to the poor and under privilaged that is where my satisfaction comes in helping some one else and knowing they appreciate it more than they can ever say. I requested that our church start doing a dinner for our community this year but it was to late to start so next year we are going to be doing it our own town. When all is done and eerything cleaned up put away I plan to work on getting my christmas plans inforce, it will be here before I know it. Once again thank you so much and my God Bless you and your family.
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Mary Duff

  49. Darlelne Longshore

    Hi Anthony, Right now do to health issues with my husband, he is in a rehab place and I also just got a knee replacement. So I am going to travel down south, West Hills, Ca, and spend Thanksgiving with them, have a great meal, and then drive back and spend the rest of the day with my husband. I will still be working the business the rest of the week, as I need to build my finances for the special needs we now have. Love you and your brother, who know does what you do. Thanks for you training. HAPPY THANKS THANKSGIVING!!!~Darlene

  50. frank kingman

    Hi Anthony, I appreciate the frequent contacts you make with this and other things very much. I am becoming more and more convinced that your team wants to make me successful. I feel somewhat overwhelmed at times trying to get up to speed doing the prelinmary things necessary to get into the things that will make the “clicks” start to happen and income start to flow. I will be kicking back some next week to entertain family for Thanksgiving but am anxious to move forward with getting things going on twitter until I come to MS for the level 3 training on December 18-20. Thank You for all you and Adrian and your staff do. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

  51. P. Hartsel

    I get to spend Thanksgiving with my kids and grand-kids. It is always Thanksgiving when my son is here. He spent 8 years in the military including 3 years with the 82nd Airborne. After being in Baghdad during the invasion in 2003 – 4 it is always Thanksgiving when he is able to visit. He is out of the Army now and is studying pre-law. Even though I am in need of surgery on my eyes, the grand-kids are healthy so I have plenty of reason to be thankful.

    Have a great time with your and your girl friend’s families next week.

  52. Joy Artiago

    I work 7 days a week as a caregiver and have to work 2 shifts to give someone else a chance to celebrate with their family as I live alone until God Willing my husband to me gets here from Egypt. Happy celebrating to all.

  53. Falesha

    Thanks ,Anthony.I will be Cooking Thanks giving dinner for my children. We’ll play family games together after everyone has eating. anthony have a safe trip ,and a BLESSED Thanksgiving…………………..

  54. adriana santiago

    what i love about thanksgiving its the fact that everybody gets together and all the family tell each orther what they been doing for the past year…..

  55. Misako Lorennij

    What I like about Thanksgiving is the that i get to be the one cooking all the foods. I love cooking, especially when the people who come to my thanksgiving enjoyed all the food and the preparation I made. Thanksgiving is a one time event in a year where we cook good food and give thanks for the people we have in our lives.

  56. Elouise Cunningham

    It was great to be on your Webinar last night and I signed up for CPV DOMINATION COURSE $997.00 NOW THATS EXCITING…..

  57. Marcus

    well me and my family will be at home don’t have the money to go anywere,I just thank [GOD]for what he done for us.

  58. Steven & Sornela Ruedebusch

    My wife (Sornela) and I are new members since 11 November. My wife has been self employed, since 2000 doing her own business at her store. We were in the funk of websites being very expensive, so we did not acquire one during this time. We are very new(rookies) at this process of acquiring of a domain and starting the website. For myself, This is what I always wanted to do and a long term goal as being a mentor? I am 60 years old, retired from the military, but still have to work at Homeland Security, since Sept 11, 2002. We joined your affiliate marketing group, because we see this happening for the both of us, plus our son who is in 9th grade. He also attended Randys’ Excellent Classroom setting during 9-11 of November,Omaha Nebraska. I have already worked many hours after work from my Homeland Security job, watching your great videos and advise. Our family are willing to put enough work and effort in what it takes to be successful!!! Our long goal is to come to your hometown to meet you and Adrian to learn more!!! But, not until, we get started with making money and support for my FAMILY? The most important in our lives is FAMILY every day with HOLIDAY showing how important FAMILY life is and WE have each other. Again, THANK YOU for letting my WIFE, SON, and myself the opportunity to spend more time everyday with our FAMILY. HAPPY THANKSGIVING WITH BEST REGARDS!!!
    Steven , Sornela, & Steve Ruedebusch

  59. Jackiesmith

    Will be having dinner with our three Children and their spouces & five grandchildren. Have a safe Holladay Anthony! Look forward to hearing from you next week.

  60. Danica Gunter

    Hi Anthony,
    Just started with AM and I’m really excited, no conversions as of yet, however, I will be sending you a screen shot of the first ones! Spending Thanksgiving with family of course and cooking for the lot. Unfortunately my mother will be at a healing center as she is battling cancer. Thankful though to have this wonderful opportunity to change my financial life and work from home and subsequently stay at home with my two children. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  61. Bill Douglas

    Thank you Anthony. I look forward to the Success Connection each week and must say it is refreshing to see someone who looks forward to spending time with family and friends. I live in Kent, WA which is about 18 miles SE of Downtown Seattle.

    We will be spending time with my wife’s extended family. We contribute the dressing (my wife’s mother’s recipe) and mashed potatoes to help out.

    I am watching every video you and Adrian provide and am getting close to doing my first campaign. I want to eliminate any pitfalls that may be hanging out. I am 74+ and looking forward to my first commission from Internet marketing so I can say I learned from the best.

    I find you and Adrian to be very giving people in that you want your students to be successful. Obviously you are still running a business but still provide meaningful information and guidance for us newbies.

    Thanks, God Bless and may you travel safely,

    Bill Douglas

    PS I’m looking forward to also doing my first CPV Domination campaign as well.

  62. Debbie Sundholm

    Have a safe trip to Washington and a great Thanksgiving Anthony! I’m here in the cold Midwest…WI being with FAMILY: parents, brother, sisters and there families. I love our traditions, being with family, moms homemade food and cherishing blessings…ALL to be THANKFUL for in life.

    I’m adding you, ANTHONY & YOUR TEAM to my BLESSING LIST and counting on a fantastic 2013 marketing year with your guidance!:D

  63. Dave Tini

    Hi Guys:
    I just wanted to drop you a line and share what we we’ll be doing for Thanksgiving..
    Over the years the family seems to have gotten smaller. My brothers and I have moved out of our home area and created homes in other parts of the country.
    So our Holiday will be with my own family. Now, I’m the head of the family and it’s my turn to solve the family problems and give advise.

    I all changes when your parent are gone. Your parents were always the reason to come back home for the Holidays. As time moved on you wanted to come back home more so because this may be the last Holiday that you have together.

    Cherish the time you have with your Parents!!
    Happy Holidays from Dave and Ann Marie TIni to your family!

  64. Kristina Phelps

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. I will be hosting for both sides of my family, very excited!! I will also get to watch the Nebraska Huskers play!!

  65. Jackiesmith

    Will be having dinner with our three children,their spouces and five grandchildren. hae a safe Holladay Anthony! Look forward to hearing from you next week.

  66. FRANCI

    HaPPy*ThanksGiving!…I hope your Holiday ROCKS everyone. Thank you Anthony for the good wishes and I truly hope you have an awesome holiday. Same for Adrian*-*…My ThanksGiving will bring me my sister who just recently got out of the hospital for cancer surgery. I will cook a Turkey with all of the trimmings. My nephew will drive her the 2 hours to get to my house. My family is scattered everywhere. LOL!…since we live in different states, it’s hard to get together physically. I see what they are up to on Facebook tho…hahaha. My boyfriend will watch football and share the day with his familia and then I will see him later. Now, some of the best advice I ever got was from one of my supervisors, who advised us to live each day “like you are the star in your own movie”. I hope each person will be sitting somewhere cozy on ThanksGiving and have what I call an EPIC*DAY. You will see what I mean, as you catch moments of people laughing, tasting all of that yummy food, conversations between different groups of people. HUGZ AND HUGZ….man I miss that…The Relatives HUGGING the stuffing outta me…LOL!…Please, everyone, Enjoy the Serenity of the Season, be Thankful for Family, Friends and Share your Blessings *_*Franci…

  67. Janese Gassner

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony. Have a safe trip to your girlfriend’s. I usually have Thanksgiving at my house with my boys but this year is different. I was recently evicted and locked out of the place we were living in and we are basically homeless at this point. My boys, dogs, and I are separated until I can somehow get back up on my feet but I know with the great love of God, the boys, the dogs and I will be back together. We were invited to one of my younger son friend’s house for Thanksgiving and we will be able to share our Thanks to God for having us come together for a great meal with friends.

    Have a Great Thanksgiving and safe travels.

    Janese A. Gassner
    [email protected]

  68. Luis A. Deleza

    Happy Thanksgiving Professor Anthony, I work all holidays execpt Christmas and New Years. I get to spend the morning and noon with my family, then I have to go work at 2am. I love all the food my wife cooks for us. The turkey, honeyglazed ham,stuffing, mashpotatoes& gravy. Iced tea, Punkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie with icecream. Then we all gain about 10lbs of good food and quality time with the family. I truely thank GOD for all we have. Anthony I want to wish you and your family & friends a great and happy THANKSGIVING. May GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

  69. Judith Filbert

    Hi Anthony: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m spending it with my sister and her daughter at their home, with a big dinner and probably a movie and games later. We’ll take the dogs for a walk also – everyone gets some special attention and love. My other sister and I are setting up a Skype video call with her two daughters so we can see each other and check in our all of our lives. One niece is in L.A., one in Knoxville, TN, my sister is in Asheville, NC and I am in Lincoln, NE. Skype has brought us so much closer together. Amazing how being able to see everyone in their homes makes you feel close to them, and warms your heart. I love Thanksgiving because it gives us time to pause and spend some quality time with family, just breath in the love that we have. Without that base, how can we be the best that we can be? I love pouring out love and attention to those I love during this week. Although the dinner can be hectic, there is plenty of time to relax, laugh, enjoy friends and family, the things that really matter! I am also very grateful to have been brought into your orbit. I see alot of hope and potential in beginning to work with your ideas and teaching about affiliate marketing. I plan one day to be in Mississippi for the coaching program and look forward to that. It would be a great blessing to me and my family to learn from you and your family.
    Judith Filbert

  70. Sharron Hudgins

    Here we are, at the beginning of the holiday season 2012. This is my favorite time of year. Being from the south, most of us enjoy a break from the summer heat. For starters I am thankful for cool air.
    Thanksgiving, for me, gives me a chance to continue family traditions. It brings back childhood memories of family gatherings (which occurred often), and preparations of large meals.
    Personally, I have always taken the time to pause and think of America’s beginning. I never forget the birth of our country and how thankful I am for Her. I could have been born anywhere, but I was born here!
    I am thankful to God to be blessed to have the opportunity to learn about Him. To be in a country where I can dream of having my own business from home. I am thankful for living in a place where it can all come true!

  71. Stephen j. King

    Glad to hear you are coming to Gods country for Thanksgiving. I luve in Washington State along the Columbia ,about 40 miles south of the canadian border.(Rice,Wa.).We are having our two boys home for Thanksgiving. The one lives and workes in Spokane as a Electronics Engineer and the other is in Colville and is a heavey diesel mechanic.He is married and gives us two great grandchildren. The boy from Spokane deepfrys a Turkey each year. My folks,who celebrated their 70 wedding anniversery this year will also be here.We really enjoy each others presenceand thank God for our health and tme togeather.

  72. Vickie Whitfield

    First of all i would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! May you have safe fun fill holiday!!
    I will be spending my holiday with family and friends.. Most of all that i miss about this holiday is that my dad will not be with us he passed away 5 years ago.. I am very thankful to have my mom and the rest of my family to share this season with…
    May God Bless you and your family as my prayers!!!

  73. Damon

    Jesus said” yuo must pray, then,this way our father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. and thin he said. let your kingdom come.Read Daniel 2:44 see what the will Do.

  74. nancy

    My son who did 2 tours in Iraq is coming to have his mom’s dinner. I am so thankful that he is here to be able to come. God Bless all our soldiers.

  75. Susan Sklenar

    I’ll be trying not to listen to my uncles complain about the election and welcoming the newest addition to the family.

  76. Michael Furth


    If you are happy, then I am happy. Did I not tell you to have faith and that God will help you. I am pleased that God helped you, but then again I always know that he would because he hears all my prayers – not mine only but all those that ask him. With God nothing is impossible. Question: How did he help you? Answer: In your heart, just where you need it!

    Love you always,
    God’s servant: Michael

  77. Joe L.

    hi anthony,

    well i just recently just finished one of your 3 day training courses in hawaii w/ your brother as the speaker/instructor. and im sure you know how it feels that once the wheel starts turning, u cant stop. and i havent really stopped because of the fact that there are so much things to learn new and old, whether its watching training videos or actually experimenting with social medias etc etc etc. iim running a tri-screen set up on my desktop (as u can tell i love multitasking >.< ) i have one screen that is dedicated to training videos and the tv (to watch for commercials etc etc). and so it was on that same screen i saw this video..and frankly im glad i watched it. becuase thinking about what you said…i do need to take a break from all this researching and learning. almost forgot i have other friends out there that i could hang out with šŸ˜›


  78. Janie jackson

    Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on on the blessings God has given you this year.I will be cooking lots for family and friends our home is the hub where everyone gets together, we will also be getting into the Christmas spirit as this is when we Truro get all decorated for my very favorite time of the year. CHRISTmas. Hope your thanksgiving is very blessed and you have safe travels.
    God bless,
    Janie jackson

  79. Bob Vawter

    Anthony. I am blessed to have a nice family to celebrate the holidays with we have many occasions to see those friends and relatives that we haven’t seen in a year or so. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for all the blessings we share as a family. I am also very thankful for you and your whole family. Your dedication to helping others encourages us and gives us hope for our family by showing us a way to provide and be self reliant in these sometime trying times. Please let me encourage you to continue to keep on doing what you do because it is my belief that you have found Gods purpose for you on earth. I can imagine you find it quite tough to keep your busy schedule but I just want to say thanks to you for always going the extra distance for me and my family.

  80. Israel Flores

    Happy Thanksgiving to you ! Well I’ll be spending it with family, friends and church. The part I like the best from the turkey its the breast, most healthy part.

  81. Steve

    Enjoy your thanksgiving also, I’m spending it with family in Long Island, It seems both of us is going to be on the road.

  82. J.Marple

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holdiay for many reasons: Spending time with friends and family, eating great food that you don’t eat year-round (you don’t find cranberries in summer!), the weather is usually better for traveling, most of us have a four-day weekend unlike other holidays, this holiday doesn’t require shopping for gift exchange, and lastly, I don’t have to dress up or wear a costume! Safe journeys on your travels and have a wonderful holiday, Anthony.




  84. Dean Campos

    Hey Anthony,

    I will be house hopping with my family to both my family and wifes’ family. I love this part of the year for the weather here in Arizona is amazing. You have to go through the summers though to get to it, if you are a Arizona resident. Baking, cooking, friends, family, the kids smiling are all blessings.



  85. Ben Benson

    Hi Anthony,

    Since there is only my wife (Pat) and I that live here, we plan to have a quiet dinner with our son (Brian) who is driving here from Apple Valley, California for the Thanksgiving day holiday to spend it with us. Hope you and your girlfriend have an enjoyable visit with her parents and please be safe and return home healthy and ready to go back to your business activities.

    Best regards,


  86. Don Warren

    Thanksgiving day falls on my wife’s birthday, so we’ll celebrate that & maybe watch some football.
    I start my PMI training Wed so I’ll also be working on landing pages. That should keep me fired up.

  87. Anna Ouzts

    Our family is going to congregate at my son’s house, and he and his girlfriend are going to host the biggest gathering ever and his girlfriends family will meet ours for the first official time! My nephew, his Mom and her husband are flying up to Alaska and they will all travel 2 hours north to Talkeetna. All together there will be 29 of us in a small ranch home! Should be a great time to thank the Lord for all He has done in our lives, and let everyone see our 2 month old grandson, who is a living miracle, changing the lives of his parents, and creating new memories for all. He is adorable, but then again, I’m a first time Grannie and he is my pride and joy. We have so much to thank the Lord for, and this gathering will be so much fun!

  88. charlie

    just going to spend time at my mother’s house with the rest of the family for thanksgiving and give thanks for all our blessings.

  89. Daniel Boehm

    Well this year I am giving thanks by delivering meals prepaired by the unseen angels to 6 families. They are delivering about 3 or so thousand meals to those who cant afford to make their own. This is my first year serving in this capacity but I think the fourth year that they are doing this. If you want to know more about them their website is and after making my deliveries I will return to enjoy Thanksgiving with my lovely wife of 33 years.
    Blessings to you and have a safe trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  90. Vania

    Hi Anthony, this is Vania it has been awhile since i have not celebrated a happy thanksgiving due to the economy. So hopefully with your program that i am about to try will make this one a better one. Thanks

  91. Doris LuGrain

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    This is my first Thanksgiving in Hawaii. I’ll be having turkeybreast and all the fixings with my daughter (her hushand is in Afghanistan) around noon and then head off to the beach to play Beach Volleyball and then have dinner on the beach. They bought a turkey roaster just for that occasion.
    I am usually around cold weather and snow this time of year, so it’s opposite for me.
    Enjoy your trip to Washington State, it’s beautiful there( when it’s sunny!)

  92. Monima T. Akobo

    Happy thanksgiving. I just like the good gathering together at thanksgiving. Have a good one.

  93. Bernie Odrunia


    What I love about thanksgiving is to remember my time spent with my children while they were growing up. The onolicious smell of turkey while it’s baking, the biscuits, the cranberry sauce & gravy that complements the entire meal…the kids were singing & dancing while I was slaving in the kitchen preparing for that special thanksgiving dinner…i love it.

    I am very grateful to have those memories back to life every year we gather on thanksgiving dinner. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  94. Hazel Small

    Enjoy your holiday. May God be with you all. It’s just going to be my husband and I a small quite dinner, and the same for Christmas.

  95. Marty Pedicini

    I will be cooking and cleaning most of the day. Oh! and driving round trip twice to pick up a friend who lives 80 miles away.

  96. Lois Nixon

    Anthony, Glad you are going to be with family Thanksgiving. We will be spending it at daughter’s home in Broken Arrow with all four daughters and some grandchildren. It will be a thankful time also a very hard time as it will be the first without our beautiful 29 yr. old granddaughter who lost her life following an accident March 4.. Am grateful for what time we had her and treasure each moment with those remaining. Be safe and I will surprise you and get down to business.

  97. Zora

    Hi Anthony,
    Looks like i just missed being the 100 hundredth comment. Thanks for your lessons and your thoughts on your thanksgiving. Sorry to add a bad comment but Iā€™m not having thanksgiving again this year. I would like to write about the good thanksgiving I had in the past they were wonderful with a turkey and all of the trimmings and all the folks around eating.

  98. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony, Happy thanksgiving to you too.

    I couldn’t wait to eat a lot.

  99. Vernon Stroppel

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Hope your trip is a good one and you and the family enjoy ourselves. I’m saying home with my family, and try to enjoy the day and not have to making a trip to the grocery store to get something (olives, chicken broth, Ect..). See you on the next video, Thank You for everything.

  100. pauline normington

    hay anthony
    it used to family but i dont have family now most of them are gone now. and childeren are too far a away since i dont have a car . and dont have money to even afford a thanksgiving dinner it the first year this
    has happened ill be here at home doing with out but i dont wish this
    on anyone so out a daut i will wish one a happy thankgiving
    and safe one too god bless you yourfriend
    pauline normington

  101. Brian Gordon

    I will be at the house with my family, away from the job,preparing to eat a great thanksgiving super. giving THANKS UNTO THE LORD, for his many blessings.And to be a blessing to someone else.

  102. Sandy Owens

    Hi Anthony, My Daughter, her Husband and My three Granddaughters are going out to eat this year on Thanksgiving, since My Husband and my Son both have to work. We are going to Hibachi Grill in Illinois. It is a buffet, and they are having all of the holiday fixings. This will be a change for us since We usually fix it at home, but I think that it will be great and I wont have all of the clean-up to do.Lol..I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving with your Girlfriend and her family.

  103. Chris

    I like this time of year because the holidays seem to bring out the better nature in people although this should not only happen around Thanksgiving and Christmas but it seems too. Anyway, I like to see family members that I do not often get to see during the year. This year will be a little different due to several family members who have crossed over this past year. For me Thanksgiving is no different than any other day because I always thank God for being grateful for all that I have. This year will be a little different because I will be using your Learn with Anthony program to begin a fresh new start financially and personally by creating a successful online business.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  104. DeLois Weldon

    Thanksgiving is for friends and relatives. This year I decided to work. I take care of a 92 year
    old lady in her home. She broke her hip about 2 months ago, and is home recovering. She
    just learned today from her Doctor that she can finally start to walk with a walker. She has
    to do exactly as her therapist says. I’ve been her caregiver for the past year and she is
    a very dear lady to me.

  105. Theodore Hamilton

    This is the first holiday since my wife and I devorced so I will be hosting my daughters family and a few of their friends here at my condo. Other then that I would be doing a lot

  106. Marc Montaniel

    I’ll definitely spend some quality time with my family this Thanksgiving. What I love most about Thanksgiving, besides the food of course, is the opportunity to thank the Lord for the bountiful blessings that He has bestowed on each of my family members plus the sound of Christmas carols that starts radiating over the radio waves.. After feasting on the turkey, I’l certainly be eyeing out the Black Friday specials.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Anthony and Adrian and your loved ones!!!

  107. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I love Thanksgiving. I am taking just a couple of days off from work and spending time with family. It will hard this year for us because my mom is in a rehab center but we will go see her and spend time with her and we will have our Turkey dinner as well. I have not been able to get cash flow but I will still be trying because I need the money badly. I will try to get a email list even though that has failed so far and I have not tried yet. Since I have nothing else planned the rest of Thanksgiving break, I plan to do some work on my internet marketing, just really start from the beginning. I will go through i contact again and and also anywhere I can get an email list going.

    Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving Anthony to you and your families!!

    See you next week.
    Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

  108. Laura Kohrt

    Hi Anthony,

    We’re starting off the week by going to the American Red Cross tomorrow and donating blood for Super Storm Sandy victims. Just a little way to thank God for all we have and to help others. My niece passed out last time when we gave in was so hot outside she became dehydrated and passed out on me in the store we were in afterwards….she’s really brave because she’s donating with me again tomorrow! lol
    We’re just having a very small family dinner on Thanksgiving. My nephew just went into the Air Force Reserves this last week and my sister is a little sad seeing him go. He’ll be gone throughout the holiday season and for 11 months until next year. We’re all going to really miss him, but I know God will watch out for him.
    I’m really grateful for having this opportunity and for you bringing it to all of us. Thank you Anthony for giving so much back and genuinely caring for people like us (amateur entrepreneurs). lol
    I hope you and your family have a very nice Thanksgiving. Don’t eat too much turkey!! haha!!
    Take Care
    Laura Kohrt

  109. sheila aldrich

    For Thanksgiving I wil be spending it with the American part of my family
    (the rest are in the UK). I will be working o n re- putting out a song for Christmas right after Thanksgiving dedicated to my parents as to their incredible Christmas spirit, that both in war time and after,
    in spite of being poor they invited all kinds of people in our home and it was always happy, warm with lots ofhappy memories..

  110. Chris Jewell

    I don’t currently have clear plans. I’ll probably call some family and say hello. The Success With Anthony Launch has already started and I’m participating late, hoping to continue on to the finish on the 21st, advertising with a little CPV. Have a great Holiday Anthony and everybody.

  111. Harold trauernicht

    Thank you for your comments.Hope the Saints win as long as they are not playing the Titans.Lol. My week is filled with family events. My family is rather large so i will be visiting in shifts. Lots of cooking has been planned because my wife has decided she will be hosting Thanksgiving this year, which is always a great time.See ya next time.

  112. RONNIE

    were geting together as a family and camp out while panning for gold the whole family is sure excited


  113. Hawk Khodakar

    Hello Anthony,
    Thanks for your help. Well, it will be a familly time for sure in this hollyday. I am looking forward to spent time with all. Especially my little one, she wants to play tennis. Well , Happy Thanks giving to you and your familly.
    Have a wonderfull one.!!!!

  114. Lois Amacher

    Hi Anthony…Glad you are getting away from “work” for a holiday. I’m cooking part of the dinner for my church which is having it on Saturday (tomorrow) as a way to reach out to our community. Thanksgiving Day, I’ll probably be fixing dinner for some lonely elderly people who live around me, then come home and try to do some Affiliate Marketing. How about that?

  115. Tamika

    Hi Anthony my plan for Thanksgiving is to find a homeless person on the street and feed them that day. I try to feed the homeless as much as I possibly can. But this year I just felt the need to want to do more for them. Lots of people are hurting out there and I just want to help them. I am thankful that the Lord has given me a love for His people. Thanks for the tips on how to make more money from home its important because it frees me up to be able to give back to my community. Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  116. Andrew Link

    Will be relaxing this holiday week at home with my son. After “SANDY” knocked down my internet and phone lines, but there back working now so I will be back to training and getting my websites up and running after the holiday! PS: Happy Holiday’s To Everyone ! A.K.L.

  117. debbie

    Hey Anthony,
    I will be spending Thanksgiving with my 3 children.
    First time we are all together for Thanksgiving for years now.
    It has been me and both my daughters in Fl and my son would spend Thanksgiving with his dad in Va. he would drive down from Pa. and fix dinner for him .
    My x-husband passed away this past March and we decided as a family we need to be closer . My son moved to Fl with us and we are truly thankful.
    We will be thankful for the day, the past and what awaits us in the future.

  118. roberta dunn

    You know Anthony im just going to go to my church and help serve the military for thanksgiving other than that im alone with nothing else to do.Do to my finances im not able to do anything else

  119. Luke Lambert

    Hey Anthony, I will be spending my Thanksgiving trying to make money with your systems so that I can help my mom and dad pay the bills! and my birthday is coming up šŸ™‚ I’m about to be 17! I really don’t know where to start cause everywhere I turn I have to pay like $39 or something like that to get access. I have your books from the tv and I have personally read every page I just need to know now, where to start! šŸ™ plz help me

  120. NicolegDaniel

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony, Adrian, Sis, Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and all your extended Loved Ones… !!! I have 2 boxes ,One has a picture of Jesus dragging the cross in a crown of thorns and the other is dyed Mediterranean Blue. In one I will make a list of all my prayer requests and leave for Gods’ Love and Strength to Lift…. And in the other I am leaving a list of Everything and Everyone I am Thankful for and Answered Prayers since last Thanksgiving…
    Wow, I’m Grateful for all the blessings, lessons learned and obsticals overcome or pushing me on.
    I ‘m thankful for the adventure of New Experiences and Serendipity!
    As a child I LOVED walking the woods and the Golf Course with my Dad and sibling. The leaves were colorful and falling (acorns too) It was the ONLY day of the year Pop would let us run and play in the sand pits, LOL, Because the Greenies were at home and couldn’t catch us !!!! LOL
    Papa always helped me down the little ravine to look for Creek Balls, Ha-Ha,!!! It was a treasure Hunt! Now the time has come to help him and mom…
    The best memories are made doing things together. I’m sure I will spend some time in the woods and make a campfire to enjoy in the brisk air, as well,as, Enjoying time with my Family and making them laugh with a historical , hysterical game I read about called ‘Flaming Dragons” … I can be quite the instigator!
    Thank you for teaching me

  121. Don O

    Thanksgiving- is my favorite holiday –’cause it has the 3 Fs — Family. Food and Football— couldn’t be better . My wife and I well be traveling to Jacksonville ,Fl to share all 3 Fs — Thanksgiving dinner,with family, Black Friday shopping, and the Jaguar game on Sunday!!! And back home to Sun City Hilton Head SC!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and girl friend

    Blessings, Don

  122. Joyce Knake

    I can’t believe all the comments that you got. It goes to prove that families are still very important to us. Having left our northern home to become permanent Floridians we will not be spending it with them but we have long time friends and extended family here that we will be with. We call our family on the holidays so they’re not further than a phone call away which is wonderful. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your family.

  123. Luis A. Deleza

    Anthony, I have read all the comments of all your students and find them to be all positive. You are truely a great teacher and motivevator. You’ve earned the title”PROFESSOR”! GOD BLESS YOU!

  124. Mark

    I work part time as a receptionist in a church. This is a long holiday weekend for us. The staff get off on Thursday and Friday. So the staff members who cover when no one is here are in full swing. I have off on Thanksgiving day but I work a full shift on Friday and Saturday. That’s to receive all those emergency requests that come into a church during people’s time of need. Some things will be done before hand but to those walking the streets we attempt to get them help. My personal family is reeling from crisis to crisis so we won’t get together this year. But I have my church family.

  125. Sandy Nickell

    Anthony, thanks for your success connection videos. Thank you for your optimism and motiviation.
    My family and I will be going to where my mom and dad lived for many years. My mom passed away recently and we are going to relive the memory of many happy Thanksgivings with her. I will always remember her in the kitchen cooking up something delicious, especially her gravy and stuffing, and now that I am grown with a family of my own, I understand why she loved this holiday so much. We will go around the table and each of us will mention something we are thankful for. It will be a blessing to me to have all of my children and little grandchildren there; for all of us to pull way from our busy lives and remember what is important. With the world in so much chaos right now, this is a little bit of heaven on earth.
    Thank you.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  126. Andrew

    Hope you guys over there have a great time.
    Here in England (and the rest of Europe) we do not have Thanksgiving or its equivalent and it will be a normal working week. We might just be casting a slightly envious glance in your direction though.
    Have fun.

  127. Shirley G-K

    Hey Anthony,
    I just want to wish a Happy Turkey Day to you and yours and everyone else in our affiliate marketing family! My husband and I will be hosting Thanksgiving once again at our home in Orangevale, California. (near Sacramento) We expect about 25 friends and family. I better get my shopping started!

    Peace Out,
    Shirley G-K

  128. Lynn-marie Schmidt

    Hey there, happy the MORRISON FAMILY. Today comes as no suprise to get up-close and personal with you all and thank youn for taking the time to let me know your single too. My boyfriend-to-be is a new face in my family. Not to sure how this will send to your heart just know this is where i send the thanks NOT ONLY TO YOU but to MY DAD. These younger years I had the privilege to be in my Dad’s life and let me tell ya IT WAS FUN TO GET TO KNOW MY DAD…..He is a 33yr veteran from NEW YORK CITY BROOKLYN. He had a beautiful daughter named Lynn whpom was bporn on July 8th 1965….. I was into this world all prepared to have a father’s love from the earliest age of 6yrs old… The joy on my father’s face to experience the time I STARTEDB WALKING tpo the time HE HELPED ME RIDE A BIKE…Father’s love sent a lot of love to me all the way up until I was engaged…CRAZY time that was engaged to a man J.E.Seward, whom fit in my father’s shoes ……but that did not pass. now i am in my 47thyr and I am happy to be an entrepanuer …and going out with a man

  129. Barbara

    Hi Anthony, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Dale and I will have a dinner at home and then on Saturday traveling to Philadelphia to visit my daudhter and have another Turkey dinner. God bless!

  130. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony acourse familt first for me I love spending time with family weather it be here in the windy city of Chicago or Springfield. Taking the time to relax and enjoy the ones that matters the most is priceless!!! Happy Thanksgiving Anthony!

  131. stanley escolano

    Our immediate family have Thanksgiving dinner at our home.
    We give thanks that we can get together and stay healthy.
    I do thank you and your brother Adrian for getting me started in this
    business. It’s frustrating and satisfying at the same time.
    I have not made any money yet, But my attitude have changed for the better.
    Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!!!


    My daughter makes the thanksgiving dinner. I make a couple of pies, probably a lemon maringue pie. Will have dinner with family and friends. The best part of thanksgiving is the togetherness, renewing friendships and family togetherness. Giving thanks to God for many blessing and of course the food, giving thanks for abundance which most of us share in the USA.

  133. Chris Pedone

    Hi Anthony, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! This year we’ll be hosting some family and friends at our house, its also our youngests 1st Thanksgiving but only 1 month old so no turkey for her yet. I do love making the turkey and all the fixins that last us a few days. Then with the leftovers I make turkey soup and we pour it over a couple spoonfuls of stuffing. If there is anything left we make some turkey BBQ. I have to stop there, its making me hungry.
    Keep up the good work, I really enjoy all the info!

  134. Sharon

    I get to have Thanksgiving Dinner with my daughter and family in CA. Happy Holidays to you, Anthony.

  135. James Ritchie

    no . 1, I get Thursday,Friday,Sat and Sun off from work,staying at home,
    going to cook a big meal,watch some football.Hope that you have safe
    trip and a good time!

  136. Debbie

    I just signed up…I am hoping that I made the right decision. I am thankful for this opportunity. I will be spending time with my family at my nieces house.Not a lot of travel. Really looking forward to seeing everyone and spending time together. If this works out it will be a blessing for more than just me. I have family members that need help and I hope to help them.

  137. frank senner

    i will be going to my sisters house for thanksgiving.on saturday. i enjoy thanksgiving.and i am gratefull for all that i have.

  138. Brian Levanduski

    Thanksgiving is all about Seeing Family!!! Thursday we will go to my oulaws and spend the day and possibly till Friday Evening with them. Then come home and hopefully have all my kids for dinner Saturday (The only Question is my very independent 19 year old). Then on Sunday We go to my Grandmothers and see Cousins and families from my side, witch could be 100 plus in attendance. Through all of that I hopefully will still make time to work on my online business, especially since I’am just starting.

  139. Dorothy

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! Favorite family classics on the table, foods I may not eat on a regular basis anymore, but savor for the holiday. Seeing my family and friends, sharing with all of them, enjoying the

  140. Kenneth Collins

    This thanksgiving is going to be spent with my family having what meal is cooked along with family interaction. My favorite part is getting to see the family members that live in different states.

  141. Night- Owl (Bobby Sims)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Anthony Morrison!!! hope you and your girlfriend have a blissful trip. For myself, I’ll stay at home and read” Carol Amado, blog on building an email list.” also, anyother information on generating internet marketing income.. I’m very much positive and determinng to find an inexpensive way to do it. PS.time, patient and action is the key to success.

  142. Ernie Thompson

    I will be scuba diving at the Aquarium of the Pacific,Where I dive every Wednesday as a volunteer.We are doing a clean the Aquarium Day on Thursday,just to get every thing in great shape for the Holidays.Then I will spend the rest of my day with friends in Huntington Beach having dinner.

  143. melinda

    Thanksgiving will be spent at work. I am a registered nurse. My daughter,son and other family friends will be sharing time together on Wed. I have so much to be thankful for that it would take a book, most recently however, I received report from my doctor that the tests done this month are negative for cancer. God is good and keeps giving me good things!

  144. Irene

    Hi, Anthony
    Thanksgiving is always at moms
    We will be bring mom to her home from the nursing home for a few hours.
    No one lives in her home, but we open it up for her birthday and holiday so the entire family and be together this has bein a teradiction since before I was born and am 54 now. I have and enjoy watching are family grow I have 1 bother, 6 sisters, 25 nieces and nephews, 27 great nieces and nephews, 1 gg niece and we all manage to fit into a 1900 square feet home and not to friends that stop by. I can truly say that I am blessed are mother had an amazing job in keeping us united. What I am thankful for
    another year with MOM and family. Glad your step dad is doing
    good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  145. Patti Southerland

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony! I will be in Seattle (with you!) for Thanksgiving, also enjoying family and friends. My Thanksgiving will be filled with sharing as much love as possible with the people in my world. I have made it my MO to share the LOVE, not get lost on the little stuff, and live a life of abundance and joy and NO one can take that away from me! Thanksgiving Day is what I call Gratitude day. Showing only gratitude and love and feel blessed we live in our great country. Blessings. Patti

  146. Judy Wright

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony. Have a safe trip to your girlfriends family home. I will be with my family for Thanksgiving right here in Salt Lake City.

  147. Malinda Ohern

    We will be heading to Daytona Beach Florida. We go down every year at this time for the car show.

  148. Jack Scharf

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I will be spending Thanksgiving at my sisters house with my month-old twin niece and nephew. I’m really looking forward to spending some time with them and the rest of family.

  149. John Antaya

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. As a Canadian we had our Thanksgiving last month. This was shared with family and friends. As you enjoy your Thanksgiving this month as I enjoyed mine, I will be preparing for another hospital stay that I hope will be short.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends and may you be blessed with the friendship of many plus a nice turkey meal with all the trimmings to go around for your family.

    Take Care and Enjoy
    John Antaya

  150. michael herline

    I’ll be enjoying a Thanksgiving feast at my in laws house. I will actually be preparing the turkey and taking it to my in laws which is only about 1/4 mile from my house. I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter who has moved away since last Thanksgiving. Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and to let you know that I am very thankful for becoming part of your program. Thanks for the continued motivation. God Bless.

  151. Wint Harris

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving always gives me a few extra days in the glass studio working on my next fantastic glass project. My favorite glass project is always the next one I am working on. New ideas are always floating through my head. I am always pretty good at building my projects, just not that great at selling my ideas. Gives me a lot of goals to work on. I am looking forward to learning more and more from you Anthony. Have a great Thanksgiving and I will talk to you soon. Wint Harris

  152. Cynthia Becker

    Nice to hear that you will be in my neck of the woods! I live in Auburn. I have no family to speak of. My mom passed away 2years ago. My cat is with me. So nothing. Thanksgiving? I try to give thanks every day of the week. I do not put one day above another. Hope you and yours are well.

  153. phillip combs

    Not doing a lot for thanksgiving.Just eating turkey with my mom and trying to figure out how to start making money when I am unemployed and have no money to get started.Just thankful I have a roof over my head and thankful for jubilee reach who is providing us a turkey or we wouldnt even have that.God bless you and have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!!!

  154. Kandy

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony,
    I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family and eating all of the great food we have as a tradition.
    Shopping the Black Friday deals with my family is always lots of fun and a tradition that we have had for a long time.
    Watching the Ohio State Buckeyes(undeafeated) play the team up north. Another tradition we have as a family over Thanksgiving weekend too.
    Cherishing this Thanksgiving the most due to my father having cancer and not in good health. Prayers for him please!!!
    God Bless!!

  155. Robert Elkins

    We are spending Thanksgiving at home in Florida with 6 friends ,3 from UK,one France, one from Hong Kong and one from Calf. Should be a great time. We all know each other over 20 years.

    Continue to work at Internet Marketing with PMI coaching still trying to make the first dollar.
    Happy Tanksgiving to you and your family, and all the 100 People who left
    comments on this site. Gold Bless

  156. Catherine Delos Santos

    Hello! Anthony, Happy Thanksgiving! to you, and your family as well. I will be spending my Thanksgiving with my family here in Arizona. This holliday is special for me, it is a holliday to give thanks for all our blessings in life by remembering and loving our “Lord Jesus” for his love for all in this world. We the people of all families with children, is the key for continued love, and hope for their future worth living for. Sharing that love for Christ Jesus with our families, friends,and all is the greatest gift I will hold dear in my heart always. This is what I believe will still guide me for my happiness, and peace throughout my life even when obsticles are still in the way. Where there is hardship, good will come! I believe in his greatness of his love for there is hope! for all goodness. This is what I am always thankful for on this special holliday. Have a safe, and wonderful Thanks Giving! You surely deserve a break your self. Cathy DS

  157. Judy

    Hi! Anthony, Happy Thank Giving to you and your family, This Thank Giving I will be going to sending time with my family in LA, I will be also looking for work everyday this week. But I’m thankful that i have a daughter that puts up with me!!! I’m thankful that I have plenty of food to eat and a place to sleep AT night!!
    Because God is Good!!!
    and “ALL Thing’s Are POSSIBLE”
    Just Believe in Him you shall Receive!!!

  158. Emma

    I will be working on TG, but will be celebrating with my family afterwards. We are a christian family and celebrates by giving God thanks for His mercies. We read Psalm 136. One person reads and we all join in, “for His mercies endures forever.” It’s repeatitive in the chapter. TG giving has become so commercialized that most people refer to as “turkey day.” That’s so sad. We all bring a prepared dish to lessen the load on the host. When we are done eating, we play games or go for a walk, which is better after all that eating. We all take home doggy bags.

  159. Lorie Beth Brey

    Spending time with my boyfriends family. He is going to cook the turkey!! YUMMY!

  160. Dottie Seavy

    We shall have a wonderful gift that will bring our family together, reconnect with friends, bring serenity and peace, and we shall redefine our sense of spirituality. My affirmation is: I open myself up to the gift of every experience
    in my life. I let go of judgment and claim it good! .

  161. Hermie Veneracion

    My Husband and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary on the 26th of November. In fact , 2 years ago , we got married on Thanksgiving Day.
    This is both our second marriage and we hope to make it work this time. Our times together have been the best for us. We are already in our 50’s, but we feel so young because of the new love that we share together.
    Thanksgiving is the perfect time to thank Him up above for the wonderful blessing that we both have now in our life.. and that is our being ONE.
    We will be celebrating Thanksgiving here at home in VA with his kids. We always look forward to times like this as the children are all in college and just comes home for the holidays.
    On my part, I have 3 kids who are still in the Philippines and I hope to have them here with me soon!. We started this affiliate marketing business in the hope that we can make money and retire soon. We just wish to make extra money to save enough, so that when the time comes when my youngest daughter is here, most probably next year( fingers crossed) we have enough savings to make her life comfortable here and teach her the business as well.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! Thanks for all the learning that you share with us here at Succes Connection!

  162. Glenn Russell

    You can’t BUY a Turkey like the one that pops out of the oven, so once a year, it’s well worth the effort. The football games are always a plus as well.

  163. Loyce McVay

    I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my Tennessee family. We alternate sharing Thanksgiving and Christmas each year so this Thanksgiving we are celebrating with our spouse and their families.

    It is the McVay’s year to celebrate Christmas with my Mom in South Alabama where we build a big bonfire to sit around while picking, singing, laughing and making memories!
    I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters with their spouses, children and grandchildren. We have a keyboard (that several play), several guitars and mandolins. Someone passes out songbooks from church and the fun begins! Even extended family and neighbors come to listen. Sometimes we go to the little country church (my granddaddy donated the land) up the hill from the house so that we have benches, etc. for the elderly to sit on for our “concert.”
    Of course, I can’t leave out all the good ole’ Southern cooking, My Mom’s buttermilk biscuits, collards and cornbread, chicken and dumplings, pies galore, cakes, peanut brittle, and the list goes on!
    Come join us. I’m sure there will be some leftovers on the table.

  164. DebbieNapolitano

    I plan to spend time with my family. Thank you Anthony for all you do. I love gearing up for the Chistmas holiday which is my favorite time of year.

  165. Linda Brown

    Well I can’t really predict what’s going to happen that day cause only God know’s…now seem’s we may be working too? Shawn has gotten like 2 job offers for painting a friend’s real estate we just may be painting on Thanksgiving…and eating later on…maybe..well all’s i know is what I want to be doing that’s it…ha ha!

  166. John Bradley

    Hi Anthony,

    Will be spending Thanksgiving with my wife and son.

    I’m a retired Vietnam vet who missed a lot of Thanksgvings and Christmas due to deployment, etc. so this time is special.

    Thanks for all the great info on your blog!

    Happy Thanksgiving…


  167. Ed Bradley

    My Family is spread out across the country so I will be here in Colorado. My wife has Dementia and is in a Nursing Home, so I am going to have a Thanksgiving lunch at the Nursing Home with her.
    I do not like to shop so I am going to stay at Home and put up some Christmas lights on the outside of the house. I won’t turn them on until December 1 because I think they are pushing Christmas too early these days.
    Then it is back to work on a new website which I hope to have up early next year.
    Enjoy the Holidays.

  168. Greer

    Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving and Safe traveling.

    I have a friend picking me up so I can get out to the country and enjoy the Beauty that God has provided us in the colors and nature. I am an ex-agriculture teacher and so miss the countryside as I now live in a patio apartment.

  169. chad

    I will be spending time with the ones i love. My favorite thing is the time i spend with people and watching football.

  170. Mel Cardon

    Thanksgiving is a time for family. We will be travelling to the Seattle-Tacoma area to be with my wife’s family. Her brother is moving to the southeast after the firs of the year, so we will not have as many opportunities to visit with them. I’m looking forward to a relaxed visit with lots of good food and good friends. I’ve had a little set back, lost my job last week, so I need to move forward and develop some new sources of income. Looking forward to getting more involved with my internet business. Thanks for your help.

  171. Richard Chikonde

    Hi Anthony,
    I hope you having a wonderful day. Been born and raised in Zambia, I never knew about thanksgiving until i moved here in 2002. So since then i have come to love Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays because I get to eat a lot of food and hung out with my family.This year am going to be spending thanks giving with my wife and her family. Her Grandma is the best cook that i know of and enjoy her food very much. Can’t wait for that day to come. I hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving. God bless.



  172. Ryan von Schwedler

    Thanksgiving is a time for me to start concentrating on my personal health, well-being, and overall happiness. It happens just a month before my holiday birthday, which is always a warm time of year (inside next to the fireplace of course). These two big holidays only a month apart are always a time for family.

    My grandparents decided not to sleep over our house in the mountains on Thanksgiving day because toothbrushes are pain in the neck to pack. I’m joking. My Godfather wants to check the stock market Friday morning or else he will probably lose money, so they will leave at around 4pm on turkey day.

    My sister’s husband unfortunately will not be able to make it to our feast day. My sister, brother, and my brother’s wife will travel to our house this year on Thursday. What is most fun is eating appetizers.

    Mother hen usually bakes some appetizer treats. We sometimes have shrimp with cocktail sauce and crackers. I sure do love dips.

    Since my grandparents’ house has nasty city water, I always fill between four and ten jugs of our well water for them to take back to New Jersey. Ever since I was young, my Godfather has paid me $5 for filling water bottles and putting them safely in his big white sedan. God bless them.

    God bless America.

  173. Rudy Arcega

    Hello Anthony,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I will be spending my Thanksgiving Day with my 3 children and a beatiful grand daughter.
    Enjoy your’s and have a safe one!


  174. Paul B.

    Hey Anthony,
    My Wife and I get to host Thanksgiving this year for the first time and we have a large family. We are excited and a bit anxious, but are looking forward to it. I love the family gatherings this time of year and the yummy food. I hope you have an enjoyable time with the ones you love.

  175. craig carlisle

    Unfortunately I have to work the holidays. The company that I work for is open 24/7 365 days a year. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and stay safe.

  176. Mike Johnson

    I will be spending Thanksgiving at home with my family. I am very thankful this year because my youngest son just came home from his 4th deployment… Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope you all have a prosperous year.

  177. annie

    Hi Anthony.
    Happy thankgiving Hope you have a grate time for thankgiving, but when
    it is over there are somethings you need to help me out with,
    so have a blass, best wishes to you an family. Don’t eat to much’
    God Bless.

    Annie Patrick

  178. Timothy Bergman

    Hello Anthony Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family . I am going to my girl friends family and to my family ,my 3 sisters and 4 brothers .I love Thanksgiving and the Holidays a great time to share with family and friends and love ones .The only thing this year we be different because we all lost my Mother in November 10, 2011 so it will not be the same for that reason she was the Coore that held the family to gether for 87 years . But she is still in our heart and thoughts every day. But we still have lots things to be thank full for .We all have been blessed in many ways, and gathering was a way my mother loved to do .With much love,wealth ,healtrh, peace to all .Happy Thanksgiving to all .

    Thank You

    Tim Bergman

  179. Tate

    I’ll be traveling with my family to my parents and meeting up with my two sisters.
    God Bless your socks off!

  180. Claudia

    My family is my brother and I. I came from another country but We celebrate with a nice meal and enjoy a good movie. We did many times a nice tturkey that we use the rest of the month w/ a nce meals.

    Happy Thanskgiving !!!

  181. Carri Fox

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony – I will be sharing time with friends. We will be taking pictures, eating, talking, laughing, and dancing. As we finish dinner we go around the table and share some of the things we are Thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to all

  182. Stephen Sullivan

    I am thankful Anthony for your blog. I will be at home alone for thanksgiving, because, I am broke. Anthony, I will be praying and thanking god for my life, family I can’t get to visit in De; I will be Praying for miricules to happen for a job to make money,love ,peaceJoy in my life. I guess you have to lose everything before you can truly be thankfull no matter what happens I love God with all of my heart. How Dreary would it be if there were no Holidays to be thankful for or Child like faith,poetry or romance to be thankfull for. I want everybody to have a safe and a Happy Thanksgiving May God keep everybody Alive.Thanks Stephen Sullivan

  183. Edyth Leah Conklin

    I am having dinner with my life partner.and thinking of my grandchildren, and children

  184. darlene mckeand

    I love working with folks who need food for Thanksgiving. So many people have less than us.
    Last night we went to a Thanksgiving service. People shared about how much they were thankful for the blessings in their lives.
    Ryan is a little boy who had cancer last year. Praise God that he is cancer free this Thanksgiving.
    Thank you for sharing your holiday plans.
    Be Blessed,

  185. Wally Berg

    My wife and I will be joining our family to celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday as it our sons and their families to join the inlaws on Thanksgiving Day. I want you to know I just joined your Wealth Information Network and had my first phone call with Mark today to introduce me to the website I will be using to learn to make money on the internet. I am really excited about the chance to improve my chance to get some financial success. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your wife’s family. Thanks and have a great day!

  186. Salvatore Campisi

    I most enjoy being with my wife and family. My father-in-law, children and grandchildren. enjoying the laughter and the closeness but this Thanksgiving will not be so, for I work for Wal-mart and will see the madness the takes place during this time of the year.

    i most enjoy being with

  187. michael shuttlesworth

    Wow, usually i am one of the first to post! In the past it was always about the food and just seeing relatives that you don’t normally spend time with. This year though, along with enjoying family I will be spending time reflecting on how blessed i am. Even though i am not successful yet, I am so thankful that I have not only been learning from Anthony but also that I have stepped outside of my comfort zone. Trying new things and now look at life a little differently. I live around the corner from you Anthony in Clinton, MS. so keep sending out the great info to us and hope your holiday is blessed and safe!

  188. Sherri

    Having Thanksgiving dinner with friends and 2 of our 3 children – followed by closing our business. Love a chance to be reminded to be thankful – so important.

  189. Linda Wells

    It looks like I will be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital. My dad had a stroke about a week ago. I am so grateful for being here and it not being another circumstance, if you understand what I mean. God is truly a good God! Things have not gone as well or as fast as I have hoped with this program, but I am thankful for your commitment to helping people like myself who strive for the dreams they desire to come to true in their lives. Complete financial security would be such a blessing, expecially in a situation like this. Happy Thanksgiving to all though.

  190. EDmund Clay

    I am joining the rest of our family in Montclair, CA to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Usually we have potluck dinner together eating variety kinds of delicious
    international dishes and desserts. It’s going to be a lot of fun as usual. I hope you’ll enjoy celebrating your Thanksgiving Day, too.

  191. Cheryl

    I will be spending it with family–just my mom, brother and son, but it will be good just to relax, eat and play games–and read the ads of where to shop on Black Friday (the absolute best day to shop).

  192. Bob Weierbach

    Welcoming my daughter home from college tomorrow. Then looking forward to Thursday when we will all have dinner together, with my younger daughter, and reflect on our blessings. Invited a neighbor who just had foot surgery and can not travel to join us for the day.
    Overall there will be much to be thankful for this year and great hopes for the future. Looking forward to my trip to Jackson next month.

  193. Kimberley Sanchez

    Thank you so much for you tips. Happy Thanksgiving, will be with family plus on the computer trying to make money. Happy Holidays

  194. Paul & Kathy Dietz

    We will be at home with whatever family can come. We are thankful for the opportunity Anthony has given to us, WE NEED this to succeed. Through many circumstances this year, we are both jobless. But I have peace that God is going to provide for us. Thank you Lord for my family and for Your promises that you will take care of us!

  195. David McGaughy

    Hi Anthony your Thanksgiving plans sounds great I hope you & your family have a great time. We are going to stay home this year we have 15 family members and a few friends coming over to socialize & eat. Really looking forward to it. Thanks & HAPPY THANKSGIVING


    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony to and your family.
    what I really like in thanksgiving is when all of my families get together, and each one of us have to cook something from their home and bring it over to whereever we plan on having the dinner. But than we checking to see what dish is looking better, because we kwen some of us are can not cook and at the end everyone can really see whose food is left on the table. And if you are to asked who cooked this dish, you would never know. I love it


  197. Rosalie

    We will be spending Thanksgiving with part of our families and also celebrating a twin brother and sister’s 80th birthday the day after. Weather is beautiful so will be a nice time to be traveling.

    We are celebrating the many blessings our families have received and thank our Lord that all are safe and healthy!

  198. Tara Robinson

    We are trying to make the best of this Thanks Giving, we were greatly effected by HURRICANE SANDY. We were in the disater area, many homes were destroyed, and many people including my sister are now homeless. We are greatful we still have our home and no one we know was injured. We finally have our power restored, so I’m very greatful to be able to cook a Thanks Giving meal.

    Happy Thanks Giving!!! And to everyone effected by Hurricane Sandy!

  199. michael solomon

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone, Anthony Im glad to be on your team. God bless you and your family.You and your brother have helped me and a lot of people!Once again I hope you and your whole family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  200. Randy

    I spend every Thanksgiving serving meals to the homeless at my church.
    This gives me a lot of pleasure and hearing the story’s of the people is really a inspiration. You really see how very fortunate you are and if you can spend just one day helping and feeding people then it is worth it.
    That is what life is all about.

  201. Skip Hyde

    November 19
    Anthony –
    I hope to join your website and your success (at least my small portion of it). My wife and I are going to Fort Collins, CO to have thanksgiving dinner with my daughter, son-in-law and their kids. A beautiful and relaxing day!
    Have a happy time in the NW. Everyplace is great on Thanksgiving.
    Skip Hyde
    Estes Park, CO

  202. Jennie Schultz

    I’ll be sending Thanksgiving with my sister’s family, and probofbly see some friends beforehand. The one thing about Thankgiving I look forward to is the Macy’s parade.


    I will be traveling to Ohio as I met the man I love four years ago at a car auction in Florida where I live but he lives in Ohio. I am a teacher and will be retiring from teaching special ed for a total of 35 years in October of 2013. So much happens so quickly in life I wish you the best.

  204. Trudy White

    Hi Anthony! Still recovering from a car accident, so first time I am not working over the holiday. Just started physical therapy so at least things are looking up! Happy Thanksgiving!

  205. carlalaws

    Hi I live in a wheelchair .I will be goingg home to florida
    but I will be taking a friend with se haw nowone to com and see har so I will be taking her I tell tell how it was
    when we come back thanks GOD I have faimely she will be welcome to be psrt of our fameley.

  206. jimmy chapman

    i’ll at hospital my dad’s had a massive heart attack if he live’s i’ll be if he live’s till i i can get there i’ll be thankful if he doe’s’nt i’ll be be thankful he home with JESUS and my mother they will together again

  207. R. Garner

    I enjoy spending time with my family during the thanksgiving holiday. I work alot so its very rejuvenating to take a break from my job and hang out with my kids and relatives for good food and fun. I hope your holidays are blessed anthony. Happy Thanksgiving!

  208. Shekeira Ward

    Hey Anthony!
    I am from Dallas, TX but I am currently a first year law student in North Carolina.
    I will not be going home for thanksgiving because of exams but I WILL be at a colleague’s house with her family enjoying the time to relax and and be thankful!

    I am most thankful for my mother, Andreea,who has made so many sacrifices as a single mom to see me succeed. It is her belief in and vision for me that encourages me to stay focused and become the first lawyer in our family.



  209. Monima Akobo

    Happy Thanksgiving. I like the good gathering of people at thanksgiving. I’ll be with people. Have a good one.

  210. Charles Booth

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and specially to you Anthony. Well for the holiday I will be spending it with family and friends on thanksgiving day but before that I will be working on my business and getting it up and going stronger. But that does not mean I will not be having fun. I will also be working at the homeless shelter to serve and prepar meals for thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a blessed holiday and best wishes to all

    Sincerely Charles

  211. George Kohlhofer


    We just had our 40th anniversary Nov 18, yesterday.. We will be spending Thanksgiving By our self this year. My daugther and her family (5 grandkids) will be at the Dallas football game. My son will be with her girls friend family. So we will be home ejoying Thanksgiving. You are invited to stop by here in Oologah, Ok to spend some time on your way up north. We do have an extra bedroom, our kids are all out of the house. Hope to see you :).

  212. C Clark

    Became the proud grandmother of a daughter, born 11/11/12. Looking forward to having Thanksgiving with my family and friends in
    South Florida. I enjoy all the great tradiitons of Thanksgiving and the different smells of great home cooking just fills the air. Will be working on my proposal for my dissertation while home this weekend. Enjoy everyone and be blessed!

  213. John Glover

    Seattle area doesn’t really get snow unless you’re in the mountains. So don’t expect to see anything but drizzle. Every time I’ve been to Seattle area the weather turns crystal clear the day I am leaving. It’s a nice area though.

    I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. You can always have a Happy Skype Thanksgiving with your family. Your girl friend will be happy to be with her’s and you. Sounds like you are becoming her family as well. Are you and Adrian in a contest to see how long you can go without getting married?

    I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my ex-wife at a restaurant. It has always been my favorite holiday. Although it changes once your parents and sibling have passed.

    Enjoy your youth and time with everyone close to you while you can.

    Have a good Thanksgiving.
    Be Thankful.


  214. Michael

    I do not need cash, well maybe an ipad! My computer is going in the shop Friday. I’ve missed so many lectures, BUT I need help! More so maybe a course with the Couselors?????
    Thank you for all you are doing in OUR behalf!

  215. Michael

    I am going to help both sides of Family. Michigan for a little, then to Southern Ohio for awhile. FAMILY that is what we are doing. No gifts, well for the kids, but this year is Family an Faith!
    Hope yours is the same….

  216. Lois A Souvenir

    For this thanks giving I will be out in a service line helping others to fill the season in a more positive way. Be blessed

  217. Patty Crout

    All of our family will be going to my sister’s house this year to celebrate Thanksgiving. We have a really good time getting together for the holidays. My sister is a teacher and comes up with all kinds of cute ideas for entertainment. One year we were pilgrims and indians, we got to pick which one we wanted to be. I am sure she has this on video so we will have those memories to look back on. It will be interesting to see what she has planned for this year.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and be safe!

  218. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony I am going to eat a lot

    Happy thanksgiving to every one.

    Kong Sourivong

  219. eddie strickland

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony, That`s the coolest that you`ll be in the Northwest for Thanksgiving, I live in Eugene, Or. Now you can put out the vibe and it will reach me. Then some of your virtue will rub off on me. Me and my wife karinne are splitting up the holiday. Thanksgiving eve we will spend with my mother, then we will be one of the thousands of cars going up to Portland for Thanksgiving day. Karinne`s folks just moved there. That`s neet how your girlfriends folks just moved too, so we both get to share our families new move and all of their love. I wish I had the money to have you mentor me, when I see all the thousands of cars going down the freeway I have always thought, If I could just get one dollar from each car! Wish me luck on getting my first ad out without being shot down again. d God bless you Anthony with all my heart.

  220. Cheri

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony, I am going to my Moms with my husband and kids. My sisters and brother and their families will be there also. We will have lots of food and plenty old stories to talk about.

  221. robert pascoe

    I have found the answer to complaining or grumbling, that is to be thankful in all things and that creates a grateful heart. The true meaning of thanksgiving is to thank our creator for his son and the liberty that we have in america, to be free, is one of life’s greatest gifts. I am grateful to have a true friend that likes to help people, keep up the great work.

    bob pascoe

  222. Donald Warner

    Spending Thanksgiving Day with at least 16 family & friends here at home. We love spending time preparing and experiencing the energy and love among all of us. We hope everyone enjoys the holiday.

  223. Mimi W.

    My mother is 82 years old and lives with my brother so we are planning to have an “official” Thanksgiving with them and my cousin and her two children. I am first generation Chinese and both my parents were immigrants to the United States. My father passed away in 1996 so my mother lives with my brother as is somewhat traditional in Chinese families. My cousin did not speak a word of English when she arrived to the U.S. with her two young children. Now her children (first generation Americans) are both excelling in school here. My cousin like my parents embraced the American dream starting a new life giving opportunities for their children that they themselves never had. I have not seen my cousin in a few years and am looking forward to speaking English with her this Thanksgiving.

  224. Rita

    Hello Anthony,
    Thanks for the blogs and all the information. I have not fully gotten the grasph of the internet marketing so I will continue to read and study that through Thanksgiving but I will also be spending time with my mom, children and grandchildren. My mom used to cook passed on to me and this year my girls and I will be sharing the duties, cooking, eating, football, family and Giving Thanks To God for all our Blessings thats my Thanksgiving plans. God Bless you and yours!

  225. Karen Gaynor

    Thanks so much for your Thanksgiving blessings on Success Connection this week! And may you and yours have a very blessed Thanksgiving as well! As I reflect on the past 15 months of a VERY HUGE affiliate marketing learning journey which I’ve been on; I just want to say THANK YOU for all your encouragement and education. One day in September of this year, after having worked for almost an entire year in a call center assisting the elderly with their computer issues as a Geek Squad Tech Support Guidance Officer (what a mouthful, right? Wish the pay scale accompanied the very long title! LOL!); I got off work one night and NEVER returned! I went home and began to fervently pray in faith believing that my Father God had a greater desire for my life than what I was doing! So, I had a meeting with my heavenly Father and told Him I needed His help and I needed Him to show me what to do. My husband and I had just separated after nearly a decade of trying to make my marriage to him successful….suffice it to say, he was unable to understand success. He walked and I didn’t fight it. But God….gave me His seal of approval as he gave me a nominal dispersement of my inheritance, which was a sign I was headed in the right direction. This allowed me in my alone time to begin to “soak up” everything I could about Internet marketing! Until then, I knew you and Adrian had “made it” and I knew I could also make it!
    And here I am today….much more knowledgeable and with a fraction more wisdom than I previously had and getting more knowledgeable every day! So I am soooo very thankful for you and your Internet Millionaire book, because this is where it began. Then it was the first seminar you had near Bush Intercontinental Airport in August, 2011, where God blessed me with winning the Best Buy $250 Gift Card which I used to purchase my very first laptop! Since then, I have a second, and I am about to purchase my first desktop! Woohoooo! And I found Barbara Ling and Don Wilson….and OMG….Carol Amato….and, and, and so many more gurus! Praise God! Soooo, this Thanksgiving I will be home and spending time with my grandchildren (5) and going with my granddaughter to feed my new grandpiggy which hopefully is on his way to Grand Champion Status! And when I say my prayers, I will thank God for all He is doing in leading me to the “right” people to help me get up and going – FINALLY – in Internet marketing! šŸ˜€

    Warmest regards,

  226. Elena Lilia

    Dear Anthony:
    I will spend thanksgiving with my youngest son, in Church, having dinner together with family and church friends.

    Hapy Thanksgiving to you too, enjoy it!!

  227. Rita

    Hi Anthony, Thanksgiving Day for me is a day of giving thanks to my Lord Jesus for all my blessings. Our services will be at 11am, after I plan to prepare & deliver meals to friends who are either working (24 hour office) or staying home alone. No matter where you are enjoy & have a blessed day!

  228. Shelly Sibert

    Anthony Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving in the NW

    Today & Seattle area has received Wind & Rain. Up in the Pass east of Seattle getting snow tonight.

    Well my husband & I are picking up my my mother 88 yrs & going to my daughters place in St. Helens, OR.
    This is the first Thanksgiving since I had lost my son that we were able to be together.
    When I lost my son my job had me working on East Coast for 2 yrs.
    My two oldest grandchildren are cooking the dinner, because my daughter has a little problem she is afraid of Snakes. And my granddaughter has 2 baby corn snakes. 1 got loose 2.5 weeks ago in the house still unable to find. They have traps out every where. So she sleep in the travel trailer.
    Hoping with Lords willing I will be able to see my two youngest grandchildren
    Anthony & Adrain & All have safe week & week-end.

    Shelly Sibert

  229. Paul Krug

    My daughters will be visiting Thanksgiving Day and spend the night to do early Black Friday shopping!! They will but not me. I am thankful to God for blessing me with a loving family that wants to visit me.

  230. Judy Drago

    Hi Anthony, I will be spending time with my family and friends for the Holidays which will be nice haven’t seen them for awhile it should be fun and always entertaining. Well wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe adventure for the Holiday. šŸ™‚

  231. Lilia

    Reflecting on my blessings and all the lessons I have learned through life experiences… Spending time with family and friends… working part of a shift at 911 (i’m parttime) so they can enjoy Thanksgiving while they work…
    Growing up I loved the song Over the River and Thru the woods… we lived in Kentucky and our grandparents just north of Marietta, GA … so it would take a abotu 9 hrs to get to grandma Swancey’s where she and my grandfather would have black walnut cakes and carmel cakes made waiting on us… so many great memories!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  232. Kathy Hauser

    Sure hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe trip. We will be having Thanksgiving dinner with my Dad’s side of the family. We get together every Thanksgiving and Easter at the 1st Methodist Church in Chattahoochee, FL. There are usually around 50 relatives and friends that attend, and we all bring lots of good food. I am so thankful that we have the right to assemble and praise God for all his blessings. I am also thankful for all my family and friends. Also, I am praying to make some money on the internet.

  233. Don D

    Anthony, while you are in the NorthWest, stop in and lets do a Success With Anthony demo. I live in the NW as well, south of Seattle, and I have been struggling with getting the affiliate marketing going, but would love to be the next guy you shoot a video with as you show me how it’s done. I’ve been through the 3-day Adrian put on up here in October, I have been watching the videos and training courses, have landing pages and websites/domain, got into, EWA, CPATank, LinkShare and DirectCPV, but “because I am new, don’t have the traffic, or whatever other excuse I can be given”, I get denied by every Advertiser I apply to market products or set up an affiliate partnership with. Could really use the help if you can. Other than that, will be spending the holidays trying to recoup from being laid off by my employer this past August. Not much to celebrate with due to that, and hoping to find a way provide for my family and put food on the table. Hopefully, the tides will turn in my favor and soon all this will be a memory I can look back on as a time of growth from overcoming the obstacles put up before me. Hope and pray for the best!!!

  234. Larry Schmitz

    God has given us many blessings so every day is thanksgiving, but on Thanksgiving Day it is time to remember our country’s heritage and all those that have gone before us and the blessings that they also received and have handed down through the generations. My wife and I will be traveling 80 miles south to celebrate with our son, daughter-in-law and 4 year old grandson. We will leave Thursday am and return Sat PM. Our son is an architect and is building a house. I plan to help him a couple of days while we are there. When the house is finished and they move in, then we are going to move into the little house that they are in now, on the same property. I will also take my lap top with so I can continue to do some more learning. There seems to be so much you need to know to be successful at this business. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

  235. Lil Mabry

    Hi Anthony,

    I will be having my son, my daughter, my niece, and their family to join me and my husband for Thanksgiving Day dinner here at my house. I will be praying for you that someday you and your girlfriend will join us for a Thanksgiving dinner too. I’m still hoping to make my first dollar in the internet by 2013. Maybe it will happen on Thanksgiving Day!

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family.
    Be safe.

  236. Rhonda Groshans

    Thanksgiving should not be the only day that we give thanks for what we have.and for all the people in our lives, for we should all give thanks everyday! Cherish each moment, stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  237. Shannan

    Football! That’s what they were doing at the first thanksgiving, right? Indians (Redskins Washington) and the Pilgrims (Best Cowboy John “Miriam” Wayne,saying Howdy Indians)
    Being a realist, I get to watch Cowboys start slow, charge back in 2nd half, almost lose,then luckily the opponents lose giving Cowboys a win they don’t deserve. Sad? nah, did you see the cowboy city? I mean stadium? Whew! I go every year since moving back, feels like thanksgiving. Cowboys and mimosas.
    Now it is time for sleep,been up for 2 days and do not sound too smarticle..
    Hope your turkey day is amazing!
    Take care,

  238. leona walters

    happythanksgiving to you anthony i will be spending my thankgiving working i miss cooking for my family by the time get off i will be to lateto do anything

  239. Russell Bearinger Jr

    Anthony Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! People comming From Out Of Town.
    Ham & Turkey
    We Allways a Great Feast ! and Enjoy Friends & Relatives.


  240. Kaim Herr

    What I would do for Thanksgiving? I would spend my valuable time with my family as if this is my last Thanksgiving. I would go to my in-law with the whole family and spend the whole day with my in-law for Thanksgiving Day. I will give thanks to “Our Heavenly Father” for all the things that he provide for my family.

    Kaim Herr

  241. Adriana Floyd

    I am going to be in my mother in-law house for Thanksgiving. I am trying to get a job to start working at home with your books, I can’t wait to start doing this,because it is going to be 7 years that I do not see my parents that live in my country Colombia and the reason is because I do not have money to go or start doing their papers from here. I became citizen 5 months ago and I moved to florida 1 month ago,before I was living in Pennsylvania paying rent but right now thank God I am not going to pay rent because this house is my husband mother house,and she let us live here ,she has another house at Merritt island and she lives there. We lived at the other house Indialantic. I want to make a good use that we are not going to pay rent and I can start this working at home,but first I have to find a job here for I can start it. I wish so much to start this, my daughter is 14 years old and even she is reading your books for teaching me,because she is very good in the computer,she is interested too. She told me mom I help you with this for you can help me with my college, I am going to try very hard to understand your books and do it ,I have two major reasons. To see my parents again and my daughter’s college, thank you for not being selfish with your knowledge.
    Thank you for sharing it with everybody
    I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving
    Adriana Floyd

  242. Stephen Nessler

    GOD BLESS Everyone in the Morrison family, and all those who read this. My family will be staying home, and will invite my sister and her family over for Thanksgiving.

  243. Salvatore Campisi

    More than ever I find greater love for my wife, thankful that the good Lord brought us together. She is my life and my all, she has been there at my side when I went through transplant. I am also thankful for my family, my church family, my friends and life itself even though at times it my seem hopeless but “Hope Never Die” thats why I keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going on. I hope and pray that the good Lord brings peace to the middle east and remove those in oppossion.

  244. Yvonne Strahle

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We are still plugging away at this new choosen career field but thought we would take a mini break for Thanksgiving. I am having dinner at home and my daughters who live in the area will all bring a dish. Of course, I get to do the turkey. Have a great break and we will see you next week on video of course!

  245. Tammara Canfield

    For the first time in years we will be spending Thanksgiving at our own home instead of with our families in PA. We will start some new traditions and watch football (I’m sure). We are looking forward to coming down to MS for training next week.

  246. Marie ROMULUS

    Thanks Anthony, tell me what to do, to be in “Success with Anthony” and I want to work from home with you. Do you know why I am affraid, because they are too pirates, and I don’t want to be in trumble.

    I want to be sure it’s you Anthony. Thank you very much for ALL. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you.

    See you soon.

    Marie ROMULUS

  247. Angela Whatcott

    I just wanted to say that i introduced my friend to this website and we watched this video together. She came to me a week later saying that she wanted to go to your seminar but unfortunately the event had already passed and she was unable to go but she still likes getting videos like these to help her and i know i appreciate them too!!! You are changing lives all over the world Anthony and me and my friend are saying a big THANK YOU to you!!! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!! I will be able to catch up with her and see how she is doing with everything!! I can smell some apple pie right now!! Yummy!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!!

  248. Ofilia Martinez

    Happy Thanksgiving Anthony, I hope you and your honey will enjoy your holiday together. You know, Anthony I am so happy that I will be able to get together with my sister and her family, which just this past month got hit by a young teenager who was on his cell phone and did not slow down at the stop light and his car torn into my sister’s family’s truck and flipped the over varies times, which cause their 18 yr old daughter to be thrown out of the back window sweeping the road with her bloody body. The whole family was taken to the hospital and were all bloody bruised and with head injuries. But Anthony, this is why I am so thankful all the family is now better and not any WERE KILLED! So Anthony, I Thank God for given my family the priviledge of LIFE! Thank you Anthony for your concern on my day of Thanksgiving. OFilia Martinez

  249. martha mcmillan

    i am thankful for my family/ people like you who help other. i am thankful for grandchildrens . when i pray i never pray for myself i all way pray for other.please keep my son timothy in your prayer that god will keep him safe he is in the airforce mrs millan

  250. martha mcmillan

    Hi Anthony, i am thankful for my family,good freind and people like you who help other.i am thankful for the lord keeping my son and daughter in law safe my son is in airforce/daughter in law army have a happy thankgiving be bless

  251. Mark Roth

    Wow Anthony, you have a lot of reading to do this time. We are hosting our family gathering but it has shrunk to only 13 people. We’re at that point where the kids have other sides to the family as well and will be with them, along with others who have moved away and won’t be around until Christmas. Either way it will be a great time to be together and thank the Lord for what we have…each other being the most important of that list. I will be working to make this business push forward because we went hunting last week and couldn’t at the location we were at. But it was worth it because my wife was successful and brought home a 14 point. Here in Michigan that is a biggie. I will also be thanking for you and yours for bringing the success connection to us and helping us learn to be successful, it is a blessing in itself. Thank you, and God Bless.

  252. Ed Skarda

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Anthony, and for all you’ve done to improve our lifestyles.
    With much appreciation!

  253. Kristina Phelps

    Thank you for all you do. I am continually educating myself and will make money online. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  254. william cruz

    hi anthony
    i will be spending time with my family love all the great food we wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving enjoy your holiday hope the saints win

  255. CarolAnn Browne

    I can’t imagine how u get thought all these emails, however I live in the south east of Ontario Canada. It’s not snowing yet actually its bean very mild. As u know we have are thanks giving earlier, but I had a great week-end. I have a lot to be grateful for, as I spent the holiday with my dad who is now 80. We are the last of our close family, but we have turkey and all the fixings. I do give time to think on the things in life, the things that can help change my life and things that help others. And give thanks that there is always opportunities and hope if one u don’t give up.

  256. Bernice J Adams

    Just a quite holiday weekend at home…I will also be getting ready for Black Friday and cyber Monday

  257. Ned Bragg

    Giving thanks this Thanksgiving & volunteering at a local church with setting up and serving free Thanksgiving Dinners to folks in local area. I’ve been really looking forward to this!

  258. Bill Fox

    Hi Anthony,
    I hear you are going to the Northwest for Turkey Day. Did you see the news about the weather? Mudslides, hurricane force winds, just a mess. Hope all goes well for you and your family for the holidays. I have a lot to be thankful for this past year and beyond. I pray for the homeless, the working poor, and the one’s that are hungry everyday. I will like every year to serve God’s children who come to feast on Thanksgiving Day. I pray we all can end the homelessness and hunger in the USA. I will also be with family and friends that I don’t get to see very much. Thank you Jesus for all you do for us everyday!!! God Bless you all, Bill Fox

  259. Wendy Heiser

    Thanksgiving is about getting together with family. Cooking some great food, turkey, stuffing, green bean dish, fruit salad and more. Watching football, of course… and just having fun!

  260. Kacy Clark

    I get to spend the holiday working. You know how the medical field is – weekends, nights, holidays. It works out well, tho. One brother has in-laws visiting from Alaska and my other brother is spending time out west. Working allows no time for aloneness. Hope you and your Gal have a great holiday.

  261. Robert Woodman

    Raeanne (my wife) and I were planning to spend the holiday with friends. My parents are in Texas visiting my brother and his family. Unfortunately, a family emergency came up with our friends, and they are spending Thanksgiving in another state dealing with the emergency (please keep them in prayer). Anyway, Raeanne and I will be spending Thanksgiving Day together. Don’t know what we’re going to eat, or where, but we will relax and enjoy each other’s company. Friday, it’s back to work at my regular job for me, and Raeanne will dive back into the world of affiliate marketing.

    We are so blessed, and even though this holiday time isn’t turning out like we planned, we have things for which we are thankful, and we will celebrate.

  262. Sylvia

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. My husband and I will be at my sister’s house along with my other 8 brothers and sisters and 19 nieces and nephews and 11 grand nieces and nephews…lots of family, lots of quality time and lots of LOVE! Be safe out there and thank you for your time and education…

  263. Lorie Salvador

    Hi Anthony!
    I’m going to spend time with friends and family this holiday season. It’s on these rare occasions when we get-together that I cherish the most about Thanksgiving. The 5 families that come together on this day, bring something to eat, and we catch up with each other on what’s going on in our lives. It’s moments like these that bring so much joy to my life and that I am truly grateful for.

  264. Randy Hutchinson

    Hi Anthoy,
    I have not succefully got started, I’ll be going through the e-mails to see just how to get started, need someone to help get organized to get started, yes some help would be great.Righ now this weekend, I’m tuning up the computer, getting ready for some meat learning in IT.I did by a good used computer to get started in a good bussiness, am going to spend some time hopefully with some friends, I’m not seeing MY family until I get some finatial success in my life.I’m tired of the way they are looking at me.Thanks again for some motivation.I am being patient.God Bless.

  265. bernikia

    Wishing you and you familyavery
    Happy thanksgivig nonreak till i get my 1
    Million in bank will thank a couple hours to eat some great food

  266. phillip yetter

    anthony,aiways enjoy all of your s.c. segmants,and am looking forward to spending thaksgiving day with family and friends. happy t.g. to you and look forward to hearing from you again after the holiday.thaks,phillip.

  267. James Waters

    Hey Anthony,
    The thing that I like to do most at Thanksgiving is spend time with my family and eat good food. Our original plans were to go out of town to see my stepson’s graduation. That fell through, so, my backup plan is to do what I like to do most. Have a happy Thanksgiving Day!!

  268. Lynn Schmidt

    Thanksgiving is not just about a turkey. It’s about the sacrifice on the cross and the LAMB of GOD was the sacrificial offering…. Jesus came across the disciples to speak about liberty and freedom and just about to
    make the biggest mistake about whom I would like to hang out with. THESE TIMES ARE HARDEST IN OUR ECONOMY. So I’m going to go to our Legions Post out here in Tallahassee, Florida and share thanksgiving with the HOMELESS COMMUNITY> Being able to share those heavy burdens and just be an listener to someone whom cares. Just be the onnly one whom can give some LOVE and HOPE to someone whom does not have home or car or able to cook food and this is truly the things that I am thankful for. Being able to have a helping hand and being able to offer free call to home to speak with family. Far off as we all are , I am taking those reflections of yesterday Love and Family was not that hard to comeby. And the times have changed and the staus of our economy has taken its toll on people WHOM ALL THEIR LIFE took care of themselves and this gov’t has shut down and hardest hit was the WORKING PEOPLE. I am blessed that i still able to vote and still have aplace to share some of my dreams with. Angles of which the world some people say is far better off today than yesterday. I BEG TO DIFFER> I see pantries trying real hard to keep food on their shelves because the cost of food is going up and limitations on how much utilities every person uses, MY GOD, IF WE JUST NOT use our electricity or to compacity use our recycling efforts on clothes and garbage that is wasted in this world. Starving children will get better help in getting a decent meal on their tables every night. If we can all afford to have gardens spring up everywhere SAY FOR EXAMPLE YOU GOT AN EMPTY LOT AND YOU GO PAST IT EVERY DAY. YOU CAN USE THOSE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES that are seeds and plant those fruits and vegetables in that empty lot EVERY ONE WILL COME…….and join in and say WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE…… I have a community ready right now taking an empty lot not used for over 6 yrs and we are planting an harvest worth of food. THIS THANKSGIVING SHOW THE COMMUNITY HOW GRATEFUL this land is so rich and your own creativity will desolve some kind of HOPE to those whom cannot afford. I will tell you this much this thanksgiving I will be praying for OUR PRESIDENT AND OUAR COUNTRY AND ALL THOSE whom take a big chunk of $$$ out of our pockets and WHY NOT GIVE BACK TO COMMUNITY. I know the TARGET stores do that and what a company they are huh? God Bless you Anthony and your family this holiday season of 2012……god bless america!!!! always
    future entrepanuer LYNN MARIE SCHMIDT-HUNTER…..tallahassee fl

  269. Carla N De Petris

    Nice to know about your plan. Have a very nice Thanksgiving.
    I am just taking a btreak because I have to manage my anger for my defeat
    with internet marketing.

  270. Cesar P. DeGracia

    Dear Anthony, I wish you and your family the best Thanksgivng you ever had. You are a very generous man and I know you’ll be blessed more in your life because of this. Thank you.

    My wife and I are spending our Thanksgiving with our daughter and her family in Davis, CA. They have four children ranging from 13 to five years who are adorable and very loving. We always enjoy our visit with them.

    Our son-in law is an associate professor of Oncology at UC in Davis. Our grandchildren always look forward to our visit with them. They spend two weeks with us during their summer vacation. Take care.

  271. Eloina C.

    Hi Anthony, I will be with my son’s wife family to thank God for everything I am, and I have, and I wil enjoy my two grand daughters. I will be waiting for your next training, because I stil need someone to take me by the hand in order for me to start making some dollars, which I need so bad. Have a wonderful thanksgiving Anthony.

  272. Deniece Poston

    I will not be at my other job that is always good. I however will be with my family my neice is here from college. I am always greatful to see my mother who by the way survived 3 strokes. We enjoyed cooking Thanksgiving dinner Tuesday night. I realized how blessed I am, I am truly greatful. Everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving

  273. Rick Craig

    I am cooking Thanksgiving Dinner at home and all my kids and grandkids are coming over to eat. It was a great meal then watched the ball games. Good day.

  274. Beverly Peterson

    I was able to spend Thankgiving with my father I found after 50 years on the phone of and on he was sick , It was great cause the last since 2008 I have been here with him what a blessing. I have to take it pretty easy my health is not that good, the best thing being with him and just being greatful for what I have. I am Epileptic so I am in the process of opening my own In home care Agency called Angels with Hearts and Hands CNA prep training center. It opens on Dec 1 this is my Dream for to be able to help others achieve thier goal for trade and work. All in one. So my Service Dog Babygirl and I Went to my friends and family I found out here in Jacksonvile.I have angels are not done with me , There is work for me to do
    Happy Thanksgiving

  275. Paul & Kathy Dietz

    Our boys & their families came. Family is SO important. My brother & mother also got to come. We are still jobless but getting excited about getting started earning our first dollar with Anthony. We have hope that was dim before, have been trusting God for what HE has for us!.

  276. Lynn Anne Carol

    My only family left, my brother came for the weekend. This year my husband and I went to our daughter’s for dinner. I got to sit back and enjoy a couple glasses of wine. Hoot-Hoot. Dad was the designated driver. Our six children are grown now so it was great not to be the turkey cooker.
    Hope you enjoyed. God Bless.

  277. Faline Connelly

    Right when you think you are so grateful for things, something occurs to make you feel not grateful enough. So I will increase my gratitude and thankfulness exponentially!

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