1. natashia G

    Hey anthony i am a single mom of three with a lot of drive and motivation to be successful in everything i do. my problem is getting the money to buy your program. I have waited a long time to run into a great person like yourself. please donate the five dollars on my behalf by making this comment and i would greatly appreciate it. thank you. please be in touch sincerely, natashia. 😉

  2. bernikia

    So many operation christmas child tree local food pantiries the federal fungding for ours was cut
    50.000 this year aroe

  3. K. K. Kumaroo

    Thank you for your very timely request to your readers/listeners to donate to charities….Let me confess that I have been helping people over six decades – even with borrowed money – and I hated to make my acts of help a big news item and I dislike the very word “CHARITY”, a word which belittle the very act of sincere help for the sole contentment of one’s conscience. Financial or other help to your fellow being should not be for the purpose of publicity or tax-deduction…

  4. Jennifer M

    When I was working I donated to the local church food bank and the families they support, local SPCA, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and the local sharing centers with money, time and household goods. I pray about where my resources can do the most good also. You reap what you sow because this year I am in need and my local church has given us a turkey, food, clothing and a gift card to help us. It’s a good thing God is my source because the government is who took away my job.

  5. Tom Stowe

    As a former Military Police I am going to donate to the wounded and disabled vets that have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Their families need help.

  6. Judy Wright

    I would love to be able to donate to charitable organizations, but once again I don’t have enough money to even take care of myself. I have in the past volunteered for many organizations to help out. It is so satisfying.

  7. Karen Gaynor

    I just love your heart and your spirit of giving Anthony! After all, Jesus is the Reason for the season and we should TRULY be celebrating the TRUE meaning of Christmas, shouldn’t we? LOVE DID come down to earth to reign and rule and the TRUE foundation of the Earth and Christmas is LOVE. But more than just loving at Christmas, shouldn’t we honestly practice GENUINE LOVE every day in our lives? Gives us all something to ponder on.
    My bank account is in arrears this Christmas, the borrowed artificial Christmas tree and ornaments will once again be resurrected in my home, and the tree will once again have “fake” packages beneath it, but we will genuinely celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas this year and once again sing “Happy Birthday Dear Jesus,” with a homemade cake.
    Am I complaining? CERTAINLY NOT! I am very blessed to have a roof over my head, my utility bills paid so my house is warm from the cold, food in my tummy, clothing on my back, a warm coat to put on when I go outside in the cold and twinkling lights to make this a very Merry Christmas! I have a precious baby grandson who has moved back into my home along with his mommy and daddy and big sister, so I won’t be lonely this Christmas.
    I do have a dream for 2013 and I pray Jesus will grant my wish. I want to have enough money at Christmas next year to go and give LOTS and LOTS of Christmas gifts to underprivileged children; those who will have NOTHING under the tree. And to give those a tree who don’t have the means to get a tree!
    This year, all I can give is MYSELF and my time. I want to go and hand out the gifts to the children this year and watch their little faces light up. I want to wrap the gifts and have the joy of knowing that someone will be enjoying the fruits of my labor. This is Christmas, is it not?
    Merry Christmas Anthony to you and yours and I wish you many blessings in the coming year, as you do so much to improve the lives of others. God bless you my friend….and oh, I am very thankful that by divine appointment we were able to cross paths in life! I am not only happy to call you my dear friend, but also my brother in Christ!

    Wishing you the best at Christmas and always!
    Karen G.

  8. Everett Arnett

    I donate to: Sandy Relief, Samuels House, Hurricane Catrina, Christmas for the Homeless in Audrain County, Christmas Is Caring in our community, Food for Christmas in our area.
    I donate time to help Kids In Need, and work with Youth in our church.
    Thanks Anthony

  9. Richard

    Great deeds are in giving to less fortunate people. I like to give my time and health services to people who can’t afford it.

  10. darlene

    Hello Anthony
    I am in the process of putting up a website to help two needy and worthy individuals to buy a home for Christmas. Gail was adopted at a young age by a family who did not want her, they only wanted her brother and they told her so. She was greatly mistreated by them, and her life has been horrible.
    She was abused by her real family and taken from them. Her adopted family did her a great disservice by adopting her whne they really did not want her. At the age of 15 her adopted family made arrangements for her to live on her own and took her to an apartment, paid the first months rent, and left her there, never wanting to be a part of her life any more. She has been just diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, and she is in need of a home. I am putting up a website for her and her husband to get a home for Christmas. Gail maried Rich as they fell in love. When Rich was young, his family lost their home, and Rich had to live in a tent in the woods by himself to survive a few rough years. Later he met Gail and they married. Two years ago he became seriously ill and coult not work, and they became homeless. He was diagonsed with lymphoma and that was why he was so ill. He is receiving treatment for cancer and is in need of a bone marrow transplant as well as on going chemo and treatments. I am posting their story on a web I am creating for them as their lives have been nothing but tragedy and heartbreak. THey had to give their only two children away because Rich became ill and they were homeless living on the streets.
    Once I have finished the website, I will send it to you. as i hope that you will donate to them, as they despirately need a home to call their own, and they need the micracle from God for their healing, restoration and recovery.’
    Many thanks

  11. Shelly Sibert

    I have gave $150.00 4 different families
    I gave to the fire dept a Test Machine for checking Blood Sugar Counts (low or high) A One Touch.
    I always pick up groceries for elderly people or I take them to the store, go get their hair cut, or other places.

    I sent $71.00 to a friend in need extra for her self & her 2 boys.
    They have lost her dad Dec 05, 2012 He went to do errands Never returned home, He still is Missing.

    Shelly Sibert

  12. Yevonne

    I always help a couple of local families with children that are having a hard time. I also try and raise awareness to all the local food banks. Make sure that people know, give just a little, but the big thing is to tell or make everyone you know aware. Small things by 100 people is huge!

  13. John Simons


  14. Connie

    Hi Anthony, what a wonderful thing to give 5 dollars for every response. That is truly going to make a difference in peoples lives. I like to give to the Toys for Tots which the Marines put on. My son is a Captian in the Marines and I am very proud of all our service men.

  15. Don

    Hello Anthony, It is wonderful that you are giving so much and caring about people. We have a memorial golf tournament in memory of our son and give to different charities each year from the proceeds of the tournament. I hope people will post many comments where you can help lots of good causes.

    Thanks GOD BLESS

  16. Dorothy

    We give can goods and package food to people that need an extra meal for the family. We give to St Jude Children Hospital every.. They are in need very much because they help with the parents also. We give to breast cancer also. When I hear of are find people that are giving away anything they do not want it goes to a store for people that can not buy the items . Like clothes, bedding, kitchen items, toys anything that some one is getting rid of.

  17. Shannan

    Thank you for that. It is great that you think about those of us who are on the receiving end of people’s generosity.
    At holiday time I take my girls to one of the shelters here in Dallas, and we help serving the meals, sort clothes, whatever the organization needs that we can do.
    My children become very aware that, even though we have no car or house anymore, there are people that have nothing and need help in situations. My kids are bright, funny, charming and very smart about our situation. Happy to help others.
    Have a great holiday!
    Take care, Shannan

  18. Dave Tini

    I thank you on behalf of the people that could use your donation this year.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. milena miglietta


  20. Al Dinger

    Anthony, I give to the 700 Club and the American Center of Law and Justice. These are both front line organizations that express the truth about Jesus Christ. They educate people too about a Christian’s duty to their fellow human beings. Plus, I spend time in prayer for others like your brother Adrian who I have been burdened for.

  21. Abigail Forrest

    Thanks, Anthony for donating $5 to deserving family. I give to 700 Club on regular basis and increased for Hurricane Sandy victims; and to Samaritans purse for Sandy and gave Shoebox full of stuff for kids (which is so much fun to do). I’m planning on giving for food for kids in Sudan and Salvation Army for their work with “Sandy” and their other charitable outreaches. During major holidays I work with my town to give food boxes – for me it has been labor in lieu of $ because I am struggling big time…and hope to make my Affliciate Marketing business be seed to the sower….and income to pay my bills. Have a wonderful holiday, Anthony and family.

  22. David McGaughy

    Hi Anthony Merry Christmas!! This year we have worked with our local angle tree’s to help the less fortunate. A few years back we started tell our family members if they had fiends or coworkers that had no where to go for a Christmas dinner or function to invite them here and as a result we now have several regulars that are just like part of the family. It is amazing how somthing that simple touches peoples hearts and how much we enjoy getting together with them. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!!

  23. stanley escolano

    I donate to HOPE, Salvation army, and Dorthy”s kitchen that feeds
    the homeless.


  24. Rosalie Jarotski

    Hi, I do not have money to donate but I give my time. Colleted 200 teddy bears for Shoe Boxes, Make quilts for Single Moters with babies (She Way) Give gifts to Liberty House for Physically handi capped, Made quilt for homeless, Making pillows to sell for youths sports program, plus make food for homeless on Christmas day. We have a quilt club at our church and spend at least one day a week all year making things for charity.

    I need help to do you program so next year I can give money as I am 74 and have lost all my saving trying things on the internet.

  25. James Ivy

    Great Blog Anthony its said its better to give than to recieve so spending time with others and helping when I can is always an pleasure. I like sending out Christmas cards out to those in need of an joyful word or song to brighten up their holiday season. As always thanks Anthony and happy holidays to you and your family as well!

  26. Jana

    I’m donating my time to building my business so that I can buy my medial diet groceries and eat healthier more often. Going out to eat is hardly an option.

  27. Sharon-Shay Walsh

    I volunteer for the yearly Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. My mom use to rent 2 big rooms every year and make dinners for less fortunate, but she has passed away and I volunteered to help her every year with a few others. I now volunteer for a different group that makes big dinners and everyone that wants to come and enjoy the holiday dinners with their friends and family’s are welcome. We go all out to bring them the best that we can. Everyone leaves with a full belly and happy. We get 100’s of people each year.

  28. Melvina Scott

    I have been woking on and African American Museum for the pass 12 years. In 2013 we as a board hope to comlpete the second phase of the project, which is and Out Door Entertaining Center.The will give Low income families to hold out door event at little or no cost.

  29. Sharon-Shay Walsh

    Oh and I also help volunteer with the animals , which I love so much. They need us so bad right now. If you give to any charity on my behalf, please help the animals too.

    Thank you so much. =)

  30. William Rice

    My wife Jane is going down to southern Mexico to be with a Christian missionary family who had be car-jacked and pillaged. She is going down to just love and serve them. This is our Christmas gift to them and each other, love.
    Merry Christmas

  31. Marilyn Fisher

    I give of my time in collecting clothing and household items to the Seniors at Sunbeam. I also go and serve food at the homeless shelters.

  32. Sylvia

    Anthony, every dollar counts! Even $5.00 cash goes a long way because for all of these different charities that get cash donations…THAT cash goes so much further because they can buy in bulk. My husband and I always give cash to our community food bank for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays because they can feed so many more families for just a few dollars. Thank you so much for all your contributions.

  33. Bob Vawter

    Anthony. My hat is off to you. Thanks for the things you do. May God continue to bless you and yours. Our charities are several close to home but this time of year we ring the bells for Salvation Army and make meals for a local Senior Residence. There is more time than money to give this year so we do what we can with the resources available. Thanks again for what you do.

  34. Yvette

    Thank you Anthony for that willing and thoughtful way to involve all around you in the many ways that you do. I would like to encourage those who are not able to afford this holiday season, It can be a great expense, but I would like to help them focus on what matters during these times of the year where there is so much going on around the world.

    If you have a warm home, and of good health, and are bless to see the day, and to appreciate the small things in your life like being grateful for the job that you have and the meal that you were able to give to your family and last but not leat just hugging and saying I love you with the right heartfelt attitude is more than anything else and can be of great lasting value so instill a lasting quality that would reflect on the true meaning of giving this year. Be grateful for the small things that is of lasting value to your love ones, friends and neighbors Have a Joyful Holiday Season! To The Morrisson Family and all others around the world.

    From Yvette

  35. darlene

    Our family gives to the food banks in our area. Also to the Angel tree program.
    My son will be playing Santa at the local poor kids program where it supplies many all the toys in our area.
    Thank you for your donation.

  36. Jan-Inge

    Hey Anthony, every month I donate to the sos children’s villages international, and for this X-mas i will also donate to unicef so that I could save some of them starving children. I’m happy that you will donate the five dollars on my behalf. It’s really really a good thing that you are doing!!!
    Thank you and take good care!

  37. Bill Douglas

    I contribute to St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic church in Kent, WA. Each year they put up trees in the Narthex with tags that the parishioners can take and provide gifts for those in need.
    It appears that the number of people in need has grown exponentially over the last 4 years.
    I trust that somehow, someway things will get better.
    I have been pretty much out of work for the 17 months. But that is OK as there are a lot of people in a worse position than I.
    Merry Christmas Anthony and God Bless for all you do to help us those in real need.

    Bill Douglas

  38. Richard LaBay

    Hi Anthony,

    Everyone has learned of the shooting in Sandy Hook. My heart goes out to those family’s there.

    Thank you for all you do helping people make their lives better in so many ways. I think it would be good to help the people that live in this area.


  39. Donna Gowen

    I have donated to American Veterans, Salvation Army, made and bought items for the local kids angel tree.

  40. Tom Stowe

    What can we do for the people and children in Connecticut who are going to have a terrible Christmas after the terrible shooting at the school where 7 adults and 20 children were killed by a 24 year old man who had issues to vent. The children probably had presents under the Christmas tree. I feel very deeply for the parents and the survivors of the shooting.

  41. Della Hicks

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for all that you do. One of my favorite non-profit organizations is Centro Cultural Latino Unidos, Incorporated (CCLU) in Pottstown, PA. They have little funding, however, the founder and president of the organization, Rita Peaz and her volunteers have a Christmas party every year for the children of the after school program and anyone in the community who wishes to attend. The children and their parents are grateful to have a place where they can celebrate in a spirit of unity with fun, dance and plenty of food. All activities are free, CCLU will have my donation this year.

  42. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    I just do not help people one time a year, I do it throughout the year by buying people in need a meal. These days it seems there are more people outside of fast food or sit in restaurants or gas stations that are asking for money. Instead of giving them money to blow on alcohol or drugs when I can I will buy food for them. More needs to be done but I guess a little at a time.
    Happy Holidays to all.

  43. Roy Bullock

    In addition to the salvation army bell ringers I like to donate to the local “angel tree” as well as one of the local food banks. Raises the chances a child gets a gift and a warm meal.
    Merry Christmas

  44. Kimberley Sanchez

    I hear you. I try to donate throughout the year. Donate to Salvation Army, Red Cross, and others, feels great not just once a year but through the year. Kimberley


    hi anthony i and my wife will every year go and put what change in the red bucket @any location,and all so during the year any org,that dose any type charity for others we do put money for all that we can,that we can every because some one once helped us,thank you for your kindness agin this year.Glenn&Angelina Robertson,in Grayling mi,merry chirstmas,from all f us.

  46. Robert Norman

    Thanks, I try not to forget our seniors this time of year. It doesn’t take much of my time, and it is so rewarding. I like to visit shut-ins and also senior homes.

  47. David

    Hi Anthony
    I went to one of your 3 day workshops and enjoyed the marketing info so much and learned alot of new stuff. I’am now studying the 8 DVD Course that covers the material. I love the tools and software that was provided.
    Once my business is up and running, which will be very soon. I want to make some accounts in a few other people name so it would be possible for them to make some extra money every month. I know a few family’s that our homeless the Christmas season and having a very hard time. I would like to see the smiles on there faces when they receive a check.

  48. Donna Jo Duncan

    Hi Anthony, I think it’s great what you are doing, and I have the same attitude, if we all could just help one person in some way the world would be a better place to live. I give back to The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where my daughter is listed on the Giving Page, hoping someday we find a cure for Melanoma Skin Cancer, her name is Amanda Miller. I took my daughter that lives at home and her friend a week ago to Big Lots Store where I let them pick out eight gifts for Toys For Tots, and let them put them in the box,so a few children will have something to open at Christmas time. I also give a small donation each year to The Childrens Cancer Society. Thank you for helping make this a better world to live in.

  49. james e

    I always donate extra items to goodwill. I did participate in the $10 donation to the Red Cross. Help Natashia.

  50. Emma

    Hi Anthony,
    Due to the fact that I work and have little time to volunteer, I donate on my job by giving money, food or clothing/toys. Every Christmas employees give to the various charities that our volunteer dept represents. There is usually a friendly competition between units to see who would donate the most.

  51. Anthony Misiak

    Hello all. Anthony is correct in saying that donating time is another way to help out. I started donating 2 days a week to the Senior Center in my hometown in June of this year. I help to prepare meals for the ‘Meals on Wheels’ program and to feed the Seniors who can make in to the facility every day. I myself am not in any position that I can help financially so I have been volunteering at the center. It is gratifying to talk with the seniors and see them smile because of what I contribute. As they say, “time is money.” Please do help, they really need any help that you can provide, and it is very rewarding emotionally!

  52. jack wilson

    Hello , anthony sorry i have’nt been following you ass much as i’ve wanted, gret job on what your doing we need more like you. merry xmas to all.

  53. Joyce Knake

    We have a wonderful camp in Iowa called Camp Courageous who caters to handicapped kids and adults. It is totally run by donations and the participants get to come and spend a week at the camp doing fun things that they are not physically able to do on their own. Some of the activities are swimming, hiking, horseback riding and connecting with others that are also handicapped. The camp is staffed by college students and is a wonderful experience for all who attend.
    When anyone dies that we know,instead of flowers, we sent a contribution to Camp Courageous in their honor. It’s money well spent and a great way to honor someone’s life.

  54. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I don’t have a lot of money but I would like as to spend more time with my mom who is now in a rehab center. I would like to bring her home for Christmas and just spend time with her. It can pretty lonely in those places. My whole family will spend some time with her. I usually like to give to St. Jude’s but this year I am almost broke. Please donate the $5 on my behalf. This will definitely make a difference.
    I hope I get to meet you in person one day really soon.

    See you next week!

  55. Claudia

    I think the kids like something that motivate his mind. I’ll say maybe a scrambled game or put together.

    Thank you are so kind

    God Bless you

  56. NeilB

    Anthony , Thanks for a great gesture to help those that at this time are unable to provide for thie loved ones.

    Every year i donate two presents for children (about $30 each) via the major retailers to help brighten their Xmas day. This year I gave up receiving a secret Sanda gift from our office and put the money to provide a third gift that will hopefully make some childs day a special one.

    Please add your offer ,that will also assist those that need a helping hand also.

    Have a great Xmas & New Year to you & your staff.


  57. alfrieda

    My donation was to the United Way and I also baked a turkey, made dressing, and green bean for my church to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving.

  58. Kong Sourivong

    Yes , Anthony I Donate to my Church..I donate every month never missed it.

    I gave it back .

    God bless.

  59. Julie Figueroa

    I’m on Disability so don’t really have any “extra” income, but I still donate small amounts to ROAR, Best Friends, Defenders of Wildlife, etc. I concentrate on animal charities & sustainability.

  60. Carol M

    veterns they fought for our country, Salvation Army, Guide Post, St Jude, Boys Town, donate food for the less fortunate at my church, pick either a boy or girl and their age off our tree at my church and I even donate to the Human Society

  61. James

    Every year before Christmas my town has major canned food drive. The fire dept with the city police, parade through neighborhoods collecting food for the local food bank. Everyone participates in some way. This is the time of year food banks really need everyone pitching in.

  62. Larry Grannis

    Time, more than money, is my personal donation to charitable endeavors, Anthony. I have two:
    1) I have now put in over 1,600 hours at one of our local hospitals as part of their volunteer staff. I have been rewarded in turn by the gratitude of those whom I have helped.
    2) I have been a member of American Mensa (non-profit) for 50 years, for the last ten of which I have been the Local Group Chairman of our Scholarship Committee. It has been my pleasure over that time to assist more than forty of our local high school seniors and college/university students in gaining scholarships to help them toward their goals of achievement in our society. It has been very satisfying for me to be an admittedly small part of their dreams.
    I hope the above qualifies for your donation.

  63. Alan Olson

    We try to help those that we come across that have a need we can fulfill…but we try to do this year round rather than just near the Holidays. Whether it be a meal, a toy for a child, babysit for a mom that has to work but can not find a sitter for a day, fix supper for a family whose parents have to work well past a normal eating time, stopping to help someone with a flat tire, whatever – the opportunities are around us every day it seems. Sometimes all it takes to make someone’s day is a smile, an encouraging word or two, or just “Have a great day!”

    Last but certainly not least is helping your own family and friends when you can and your church as well. Your church normally has someone who needs help and you can provide that help and all is anonymous…

    Alan and Lyubov

  64. Sandra Anastasia

    I spend most of my time caring for children whose parents have to work and need the children taken to school picked up and fed this has been a daily routine for me. This helps them keep more money for themselves without having to pay for child care., I do this because I want to make sure children are safe and well taken care of, I love teaching them and sharing the knowledge I have aquired throughout my years of experience. I also donate to the Homless outreach, Salvation Army, I like to help collect receipts and boxtops for local schools. I find it very rewarding to help others it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. There are so many families who spend most of their time working, but have children, I am so happy that God has blessed me with this opportunity.

  65. Sharon N

    Unfortunately, I cannot give anything to charities this year – and maybe not ever again unless I get this business off the ground. However, when I had a job, I used to give to The Salvation Army, local food banks (I think going hungry is a terrible thing), Veterans of Foreign Wars, USO, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Cal Farley’s Boys and Girls Ranch, Happy Hill Farm Children’s Home, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Goodwill. Thank you for your donations to those less fortunate. Have a happy and blessed holiday season.

  66. Debbie Sundholm

    ANTHONY: I already donated my time to the HAWS Fundraiser. Next, I’m donating coats and blankets to needy families my gym is collecting for all. My wish is a great job soon so I can go all out on internet marketing and give to more charities. Blessed holiday to you!

  67. Elmer Sabisch

    Isure like to see a generous heart, especially this time of year. Merry Christmas to you and yours. It was a wonderful thing your mother taught you guys as children to give back to the less fortunate; And that makes those connected to you more apt to do the same.

  68. Ralph Roden

    I save all my aluminum cans in a BIG garbage bag.
    When it gets full I put it in my truck and when I find someone
    desperate enough to pick up cans from the side of the road I
    stop and give them the cans and a $5 bill.
    Helps them out and makes my glad I can help someone that
    needs it.

  69. Kathy Mc

    I give to Samaratan’s Purse, a large organization that comes to help people involved in large tragedys, like Hurricane Sandy.. This Organization is directed by Franklin Graham (Dr. Billy Graham’s son). They went to New Orleans, Haiti, and now the northeast shore states, they go all over.

    Year around, if someone asks me for money, I try to give them enough money to buy a meal. I don’t like to see deperate people, it breaks my heart. Sometimes you just have to give, then let God and Jesus take over. Thank you.


  70. MARIO D.


  71. jimmy chapman

    i can’t even afford to buy my grandchildren christmas but if you’ll will 5.00 to someone that would be great for this comment

  72. J R Eric Edwards

    Anthony, I donate approx. 12 hours per month to the United Services Organization (USO). They are an organization that help our military service men and women.
    I also make a financial donation to an old lady I met in North Carolina, who is bedbound and suffers from scickle cell anemia. Her husband died, she cannot work and the state refuses to help her because her husband left her with the house she lives in. She is constantly in and out of the hospital and has to get frequent blood transfusions.

  73. Evelyn Murdock

    We donate to St Jude Hospital. Our hearts go out to the many ill children, especially those with cancer. We are going through a long process now
    with one of our grandchildren. She had stomach surgery when she was only a few week old. She has a really rare disease pertaining to a missing. chromosome. She has more surgery due 1/14/13. Please remember her your prayers.

  74. valentine c

    hello Anthony before on november 18 we cook 9 turkeys 50lbs peatoes 40lbs dressings string beans cakes pies the works we feed about 300 people it was hard work but the joy of people eating with there famileys and picking out close and shoe make me fell so bless that i can help some one there is some familey right now that need afridge a stove abed blankets and food for there kids great you are trying but if i have your resource and connections i would get a ware house and have it full with all people need and have a system in place to help well that is my dream i am so passanate about helping and please for give me spelling is a dusey god bless you i do better on the phone

  75. karen

    I still am struggling on getting started, and really really broke. I really could use some one on one help to get going. even if there is another listener who is getting it, I could really use some one on one help. I live in colorado springs, and am willing to travel to get that help.please and thank you

  76. Deniece Poston

    I donate to my church or may be a certain situation in my neighborhood or something that happened on a family on the news. There was a family this week whose house was robbed, and now this mom is unable to replace what was stolen, I want to give something towards that. I understand all to well what it is like to work hard to provide and then have it taken away.

  77. Dawn Pollock

    Thanksgiving of 2010 my husband and I started out on a new venture. We started my new business of healing. Being a survivor of Violence myself I thought about things that helped me through the points of crisis that I lived through and felt my new business could be one of healing for others. I now make Organic soaps and soy candles. All my products are made to help take care of the physical body that may have been through something that it should have never been through. It’s a big step for survivors to begin to learn how to take care of themselves again and our skin is something that is so important, to be comfortable in our skin again. I also donate my time to TESSA, Colorado Springs. TESSA is a center for those who are going through horrible domestic abuse and crimes of sexual abuse. Too many people are subjected to this kind of violence. I work at giving this issue a voice and letting survivors know it’s okay to find their voice in a safe environment. We also donate time to our City Park, Starsmore Discovery Center, again another good outlet for stress release for those suffering from violence is to get back to nature. I believe we need to protect our environment for our own peace of mind.

  78. Marc Montaniel

    This year my family plans to volunteer our time to serving the homeless at a neighborhood SoupKitchen where we as a family get to cook and serve meals to these unfortunate brothers and sisters of ours.

  79. dale packard

    Thank’you, for helping so many people, Anthony. It’s Hard to fond good people these day’s. God Bless and keep up on the good work.
    ” Marry Christmas “

  80. MrBigJim

    Mr. Morrison, SIR:
    ‘Your’ MAN Here Likes To Volunteer At Police / Sherriff Departments. Just Like Our Military, They Put Their Lives “On-The-Line” EVERY Time They Go On Duty! Deo-Gratias For Them!
    “Semper-Fi!” & MANLY**, Marine BigJim (HAISCH)!
    1.Cor.13.:11.; Prov.3.: 13.-26.; Eccl. 12.: 13., 14.
    **TRUE MANhood AND Christ-Likeness ARE Synonymous.”-E.L.Cole

  81. FRANCI

    Anthony, I started to comment this and then “BOOM”…news about the terrible tragedy regarding those poor children at their very own school. I was soooo shaken by this, especially when it comes in on the heels of the other shootings at malls, movie theaters and any other senseless scenario out there. Little children should be living in a Magical time right now, thinking about Santa Claus and Cookies, Colourful decorations and Christmas Trees, and just plain “BEING HAPPY”. In a work environment, we chose a family in need and got together to buy them gifts and gift cards. Nothing makes me happier than to share the wealth, no matter how big or small. I personally like to give gifts. I LOVE to share my collections with others. I am working on sharing my huge collection of clothes{lol}. I have literally stacks of clothes and will share with specific people who will love and wear those clothes. Also,I just gave Joey food to take to his work, cup-o-soups and crackers, stuff I used to eat at my desk. Since I am home with health issues, I can’t do as much. However, I always find ways to give back. The other day, I popped into a local Dollar Tree, and they asked if I would like to donate a toy for their drive and of course I WILL…and I did…one for a boy and one for a girl. I mean, really, why not. Christmas is the one time of year we get to REALLY think of others, and ESPECIALLY the children of the world. Anthony, I think you should donate money or gifts to help the children. I know as a child growing up south side Chicago, times were tough, and we didn’t have those Norman Rockwell Christmases. We shopped at Goodwill and were darn lucky to get any TOY, mostly clothes that we needed. Maybe that’s why to this day, I love to shop and buy for others. I would like to see EVERY child have something from Santa…*-*…GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE. God Bless you too Anthony…now go pack up the Sleigh…LOL!

  82. mathew

    anthony if possible we can pray and donate to build a memorial with the names of all those little children who met the fatal incident at the school in Newton, Connecticut. I personally believe it will be a big and lasting consolation to the families who have lost their young loved one in the tragedy.

  83. Carla de Heras

    Thank you for this weeks success connection. Supporting those in need during the holidays is extra special. I am helping by giving my time to assist the homeless by way of serving donated food from restaurants around the Los Angeles area. Also, I collect reading material such as news, self help and entertainment subscriptions and drop off to local homeless shelters throughout the year. It is such a wonderful gift to help others.
    Happy holidays to all.

  84. reba

    Anthony,you are so good to help people the way that you do.a lot of people could help but don’t.i like the way you keep nudging people to do your program.i am still trying to learn your system and i don.t have money to buy my family presents either but i am helping run errands for a young girl with 4 kids and very little money.i also take care of an elderly mother who is now senile and i also donate clothes and things to a CHRISTIAN store.they sell every thing in the store for a dollar and it all goes for food for the needy.i have seen all kinds of money making programs on the web and heard a lot of guru talk but non can ever compare to the sincerity of yours.i am still trying so don’t give up on me.God Bless you and your family and have a very Merry Christmas.

  85. Daya

    I make donations to American heart association, VFW- VFeterans of Foreign Wars, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, and some others.

    Keep up the good work.

  86. Sue


    Really thinking of all the families affected by the horrible tragedy last Friday morning. Those families, or St. Jude Children’s Hospital, would be my choice to donate to.

    Have a blessed Christmas,

  87. Edward

    Thanks for the reminder of our need to always be mindful of others not only during the holiday season but throughout the year.
    I always work at keeping a small plastic baggie of personal care items such as Hair shampoo & conditioner,hand soap and lotion,travel size mouth wash & toothpaste along with the brush and I keep this baggie in my work truck and my car and when homeless folks come up and ask for whatever I give them the baggie along with a couple dollars if I have it available to give at the time. When you travel to various places for business or pleasure and stay in the motels and hotels, always take home all the little extras they provide for you at the venue as they will make great baggie give aways. I take the Kleenex tissue too. You have already paid for it anyway with your room fees !

  88. Linda Destan


    I have just made a commitment to join the March of Dimes Lehigh Valley Chapter to volunteer for 2013. Also, I can not take credit for this, but an associate of mine has just started a fund for the families that will need to bury their young child from the Newton, CT horrific event. As she stated….how many parents really think about needing insurance on their 6 & & yrs old to bury them. I’m sure this will be a financial burden for many of them, and I am going to help her raise money to send a check from these families.

  89. Ron

    You are a good young man and I’m sure your parents are proud. God bless you and thank you for caring for people less forgenated.

  90. Larry Schmitz

    My wife and I contribute to our church which contribute to a variety of local and world wide missions. We also have a food bank at our church which we started. What I am going to do this week however is share your program with a friend that has been out of work even longer than I have. I am hoping that he will see the same opportunity that I see, thanks to your willingness to teach. Also, thank you for your inspiration.

  91. Barrett M. Lampp

    Anthony, I greatly appreciate your Spirit. I have
    been actively involved in “care” and “giving”
    Efforts/ministries for over 60 years, I want to thank
    you for “leading” your generation in this fantastic
    Focus! Blessings . . . b

  92. Paridon Williams

    Have you ever been given something you needed and then gave it to someone else because they needed it as well? Have you ever asked or worked for something for someone else? Have you ever got something because you knew someone else that needed it? When you’ve dined out or gotten groceries, have you ever intentionally got enough to feed someone else outside of yourself, family, or company?
    Do you totally understand why you do these things?
    Here are some possible reasons:
     Through repetitious behavior of being mindful and intentionally looking out for others, your actions have become second nature (Regular).
     It’s how you choose to be, not always but when you feel like it, not out of guilt but desire. Something every now and then, just because!!
     You are Blessed to Bless.
     Do you have what you need and not necessarily what you want?
     Do you sometimes get more than you ask or work for?
     Is it easy or just not hard for you to get things?
     Do people often give to you?
     Do you have the skills and/or accessibility to obtain more than you’ll ever need of certain things and opportunities?
     Are you always thinking of and putting into action different ways to help others?
    Once you realize, begin to understand, and accept that you are “Blessed to Bless” you’ll see what a good thing it is. Others will have because you get. As it comes to you, you’ll know or see fit for it. You won’t try to understand why you have such a heart of giving, you’ll just have it. All the understanding comes with life, a life that you didn’t really or necessarily choose, but a life that definitely has chosen you. There are others waiting for you, they may not know you and you most likely don’t know them, but you or someone else who is also “Blessed to “Bless” will soon cross their path and a full or partial Prayer, Wish, or Dream will be fulfilled. Perhaps once in a while or maybe frequent, when it’s your turn you’ll know and do as you always have because giving is what you do and a blessing is what you are…”Blessed to Bless”!!

  93. Jim

    Remembering to help those in need is especially important this time of year. The holidays can be a tough time for many families. Our church Christmas fund helps a lot of families. I enjoy volunteering with the children each week.

  94. Darcey Brodeur

    Dear, Anthony

    For almost all of my Adult Life, I have tried to always help others out. Buy taking someone to a appt, store, or to work. And not charging them in anyway. Even though I was normally at the time while doing this not that financaly equipt. I’ve been told i have a big Heart and a kind Spirit. For years I was a single Mom with 2 growing Boys I wanted at times to give them so much more. Times are different now I am re-married and still the Provider for the Family. I work a 40 hour week sometimes more if we are short handed, the Job I have I enjoy. It allows me to pay the Bills. Just this Year at a New Found Church that I have been attending they put up a Christmas Tree with Names of People in need.With the little extra income that I had this month I decided to chose 4 names off the Tree, the items they had listed were not extreme expensive items. Instead of spending it on something I didn’t really need to get anyway. If I had the amount of Money that you have now and I was comfortable in my living situation. I would be so Happy and Blessed by going to different organizations around our County and try to Help those in need. Like with the recent Shooting that happened in Conn. all those young lives taken along with the adults. I emagine that many of the parents of those Children are going to have Financial difficultes. It is not low cost to have a Funeral now days. If I could help them in anyway I would. I am going to venture out and buy your Book, I hope it truly works for me. Even though I like my Job, I would also like to spent more time with my Family and Friends and still work but maybe less hours.


  95. Diane

    For the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition in our community, there is a way to buy a specific gift of choice for those kids. Not only do I contribute funds to this organization, I choose a couple of kids and buy gifts as well. In addition, the company that I work for has a Chili Cook-off every year. All of the food is donated by employees and everyone must make a minimum donation of $5 to eat. All of the proceeds are used to buy things for the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. This year we raised nearly $2K.

    Love that you’re doing this!!!!!

  96. Abdul Rahim Hasan

    Hi Anthony

    Thanks for your mails and continuous motivation. I hope this Xmas will be wonderful for all of us. I hope you can contribute the 5 dollars to the unfortunate families affected Connecticut shooting.

    Best wishes
    Abdul Rahim Hasan

  97. Lori Wiberg

    We help our 6 kids and 7 grandchildren as needed throughout the year. We donated to Sandy relief, and sent two full boxes of beanie babies to the Sheriffs dept. for as needed children they need to rescue or help. We also give as we can to any homeless. Missing children are the ones close to my heart and will do what I can there. Plus teen challenge. Thanks for donating for responses!

  98. michael davis

    Anthony–Thanks for all you do for charities. I am so blesssed with a beatiful
    family- I THANK GOD every day—I give to the food bank & the rescue
    Mission & help in other ways as well. Have a wondeful & blessed
    Christmas you & your wonderful family,

  99. Tanisha

    For the past few months, I have been feeling a passion to become more active in my community. About a month ago, I started volunteering with my mom at her local church in helping them pass out bags of groceries to homeless and needy families in the surrounding area of the church. After we give them food, we offer them prayer and it has been such a rewarding experience for me. I understand exactly how those people feel because when I was growing up, my family was the one standing in those lines. This experience has reminded me of where I came from and what God has done for me and my family and I am so thankful. God is so good and he’s so faithful.

  100. Falesha

    Although i have not thing for my children this Christmas,i donated money to serveral Christmas kettles outside various locations to help other children get Christmas toys.

  101. Alicia

    Thanks for helping so many people in need, Anthony.Until recently I have donated throughtout the year to Paralized Vets , Wildlife Fund, United Way Best Friends Santuary, Humane Society, my church, Salvation Army , our
    local food bank, St Jude, helped a poor child and her family in Bolivia, Defenders of Wildlife and Peta. Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year. God Bless.

  102. Fran Bonner

    I have provided Housing and Supportive Services to Homeless Veteran/Reentry Men thru ATLC CORP for twelve years.

    ATLC would be grateful for any donation received.

    We are in the process of purchasing a Muti-Family Apartment Complex for this purpose.

  103. Ken M

    I will be donating my time and some money at church to help to feed the homeless ect, at christmas. Thanks so much for your five dollar donation.

  104. Linda

    I help all year round since I am semi retired I work one day a week at a Christian organization that helps pregnant girls. We do not do abortions. Just give them assistance clothing, baby food, and supllies. I also help as often as possible go to Mission House to feed the homeless. I am not able to give $ so this is my way of helping. It is the joy of my life to help others.

  105. Evelyn Davis

    I am giving to the Salvation Army and to a chartiable cause in my hometown. It is a blessing, Evelyn

  106. Mark Roth

    Hi All,
    I had to laugh while listening to this video because as Anthony was talking I thought of what we do for charity, and it ended up being what he spoke of. We get involved with the Salvation Army all year long by donating many items and purchasing from their stores. At the holiday season we donate time to ring the bell in front of a store for them. The Army needs this because it generates more charity from people than they would normally get just from us, so it kind of multiplies the efforts of my wife and I. Anyway, good luck to you all and hope your holidays are happy. God Bless.

  107. Sally Miksch

    Merry Christmas ! We donate to a local teen mother support program Teen Mother Choices. Mentors and scholarships for teen moms to rebuild their lives for themselves and their children. This is truly the season for giving to others. I don’t ask for much and enjoy giving hope to others. Thank you, Anthony for your inspiring words. Merry Christmas

    Sally and Bill

  108. Vantina

    I am thrilled that this can generate a donation for many, you are very


    There is a charity dear to my heart called the Angel Network for the children of Prisoners Thru Coleson Ministries.

    I am trying to think of a way to help former college students with their student loans, they start out behind the eight ball, in debt, and not many jobs.

    If all former students listen to your information, and successfully apply it, they not only can pay their tuition, but pay it forward to another student.

    I tried to respond to the office meeting, the idea was great, and my suggestion was to get those who attend to be up and running your system before they leave.

  109. Barry North

    Very cool I can not personally afford to help financially but I can use my time to comment and share your post for you to donate on my behalf. Thank you.

  110. Vantina

    I want to learn how to get started with you. I have been a follower for awhile, I must be technically challenged. I know you can show me how, would love to be at that meeting.

  111. Richard C

    Hi Anthony,
    You are an inspiration to the world. I volunteer lots of time to Canadian Power Squadron,safe boating,preventing loss of life on the water.I also give to the Food Bank,Salvation Army,United Ways.I would love to contribute time and $$ to Plan Canada this year, my circumstances at this time do not allow me to do so there is always next year or sooner.There always is an opportunity to spread cheers everyday to anyone we meet.

  112. Benjamin Salo

    Anthony, I am glad to hear that you are finding ways to help those in need, I am not as rich as I would like to be yet to help all of the organizations I would like to. I do something year round. I make 5 lunch bags a day with sandwiches, chips, candy or fruit and an 8 ounce bottle of water and give them to people I see asking for hand outs on the corners. I have a heart for the homeless. I am also part of a production called Revelation Ministries. we go around Southern Florida and do a production about the life of Jesus Christ for homeless, elderly and churches. We do not charge for these things, but we do ask for love offerings so we can cover our costs and give back to the people that need it. God will Bless all those that follow him and do the things Christ did for the least of these. My prayer is that every person you mentor will have a heart for giving and helping as you do.

  113. Steve

    I help where I can and I work in a non profit ministry that helps young ladies get there life back together.

  114. Stafford

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for thinking of the needy at this time. It has been a tough year for many of us and the tragic events in Newton, Conn has left most of us drained. Let’s all pray for the nation and especially those families who are directly affected by this outrage. I am facing foreclosure this week but I will try to continue my child sponsorship with World Vision. I’ve been doing this for many years and hope that I’ll be able to continue. May God bless you and your readers. Merry Christmas to you and everyone.

  115. John Glover

    Here is another comment. I could create an automatic comment generator. But you’d be broke. 🙂

  116. Jocelyn P. Riebe

    I am not able to give money. But I try to cook some thing to donate to families. in need.

    God has Blessed us all in so many ways. I just try to reach out to those that need to learn of his love. To share the blessings he has given us all.

  117. Steve Ruedebusch

    My wife and I donating all our jackets and blankets we are not wearing to Goodwill every year. We are participating in our church function every year with a blanket giveaway to the homeless. Our family gets together every year donating our clothes, jackets, coats to the unfortunate children in the area. If everyone in the world could just hug one another with LOVE, not HATE would benefit our planet Earth emmensely! Anthony, you seem to be one of those people whom could donate or anyone could donate their time back into their communities to the children of our next generation? I could write all day long, but i said enough so far this time.
    Steve & Nelly R.

  118. Robert Bond

    Helping others is very important. We volunteer with a caregivers “respite” program at church. Typically the participants are mentally challenged and usually have some physical challenges as well. Most have memory related issues. It is very rewarding and it is easy to become attached to “most” of these individuals. Also, we support the Alzheimer research program.

  119. Leonard Rosner

    Anthony, I am involved with a single mom’s ministry and help run their monthly meeting. Also, my wife and I have supported the them financially for over ten years. This year we sponsored a single mom and her son with christmas presents and food. The lord has returned a hundredfold of the time and finances we have given. Remember you can not outgive God. Len Rosner

  120. Ashok Patel

    Every holiday season, I send a check to local soup kitchen (Trenton area soup kitchen). This year also, I sent a check.

  121. Linda Lula Worley

    I am helping an elderly lady in Connecticut get transportation services to the community hospital three times a week for dialysis treatments. The State of CT will not help her. I would appreciate you too helping her if you can. She is in dire need.

  122. Linda Lula Worley

    I am helping an elderly lady in Connecticut get transportation services to the community hospital three days a week for dialysis treatments. The State of CT will not pay for her. I would appreciate you helping her too if you can. She is in dire need. Having this dream fullfiled will be the best Christmas of her life.

  123. mathew

    Hi anthony

    Yes, it is christmas time and I am happy that you are dedicating your time and effort in donating to charities. The charity I donate is to children in need to the Christian Appalachian Project and also to Opeartion Smile:).

  124. Gayle McLeod

    It is very important to help others. I give to Joyce Meyers Ministry monthly and give to Salvation Army and Wonderful News Christian Radio Station every Christmas. Without the Lord we have nothing.

  125. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    Helping people in need is very important. If each person gives just $ 1 this will be a big help. Imagine if we help with $ 5! Thank y

  126. Mario

    Hey Anthony,
    Its nothing big but giving one week of my time to Toys For Tots for the Holiday season, none of it is to make me feel good or to feel like some kind of super star .. But just trying to be the light of encouragement to those who are feeling down or in the pits during the Holiday Season.

  127. norman rambow

    Holidays are always a time to help others. No matter if there is a tragedy or just problems at home.. every year I try to help some families with gifts as well as baking some goodies to take over for them to have a christmas dinner.. I have in the past couple years delivered christmas trees, turkeys and various foods.. Organized some help for some unfortunate to receive some clothes at the Christmas house or local agencies.and helped one friend with 400 dollars for his family and daughters presents.. this year so far I have help one lady with her car getting it fixed and even though I am recovering from shoulder surgery. Her car works to get her older son to school and for her to look for work. I will be taking treats around to various people and helping a friend who is in need as well. I wish I could help those families who lost their children.. it is always a tragedy when there is a loss but we lose so many people every day in the rest homes and many are hero’s who served years ago and are forgotten.. they deserve to be remembered before they go maybe many of us will find them and wish them a happy holiday this year.. norm.

  128. Denise Talley

    Hi Mr. Anthony Morrison, I missed your seminor here on Nov. 30 I read your book about your many money making ventures peeked my intrest. What I would really like to do is open an employement agency and children’s home that is really what I would like to do in this video you asked what charity have I given to none sorry to say Im not in any position to give to any charity I would love to get this employement agency off the ground.

  129. Larry

    It needs not to be said and I am sure you do not need a pat on the back but what I would like to say is thank you for keeping the “giving’ spirit alive in all of us…life gets so hectic and moves at such a fast pace that we sometimes forget or lose sight of what really is important and that is to be thankful for what you have and always continue to better yourself through personal triumphs and sharing oneself with others…maybe not just monetary items (hard to do sometimes) but actions that require your time, effort and above all…a part of your heart. It’s a good and beautiful world out there but it can and will get better…with a little help from all of us.
    Oh yes and in keeping in the spirit of all of this so that I have earned the right to allow you to give another $5.00…I too have been blessed with giving of myself for the past 31 years to the Special Olympics Winter games here in Michigan…a worthwhile endeavor and a wonderful experience for me!! Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone!!

  130. KatySanta

    I cannot give to any charity this year as I have no job and will have no home on Jan. 1st! I normally give my time & money to pro-life causes that most people in this country hate, UNFORTUNATELY!!! I normally help young mothers and sometimes fathers if they are present to choose life. I helped supply baby items as well. I have helped promote a local private school that strives for excellence. I lost my job back in November do to government regulations and taxes at the small business that I used to be employed by. I miss my former job and co-workers immensely. My family WANTS lavish gifts from me but I have NOTHING to give they will not except me if my arms are NOT full with goodies for everyone!!!! Everyone wants money from me but it is something I do NOT have, at this point in my life! I did ring bells a few weeks ago for the Salvation Army and prayed for the victims and all of the families extensively of Newtown, Connecticut!!!!! I hope and pray people can find work as the economy is very bleak and sluggish! I pray that people can stay in their homes unlike myself! I do not wish that on my worse enemy! Thanks and prayers! K.

  131. Gregg Doerfler

    Giving Feels Good!!! During the summer months my son and I promote donations for the Boy and Girls Club in the OKC area. We are car guys, Hot Rodders, My son judges at car shows and I handle the donation end with the particepents and show goers. We had good results at each show and the Boys and Girls Club was very happy. We hope to increase our contributions next year! This was also an enjoyable way for us to do something which felt really good.

  132. Robert Karney

    Anthony, as I told you in my email about donation I am active in the Boy Scouts of America. I spent over 20 hours a week with our Scout Troop, Cub Scout Pack and Crew. I have been working with this Troop since 1992. Currently there are over 60 Scouts registerd in the program. They attend 2 long term camps annually. We have a very active advacnement program as demonstrated by the fact we just had one Scout pass the 50th Scout since the Troop was re-chartered in 1992. That is 50 Eagles Scouts in 20 years. Not bad. Takes a lot of funding to keep the program moving and all Boy Troops face the same issues-fund rasing. Donate all you can to your local Troop or sent it to my Troop: Boy Scout 210 , Winter Garden, FL 34787. We will put the money to good use. Thanks in advacne for your support. The Boy Scouts program prepares young men for the future. Robert

  133. jan

    Hi Athony,
    I knit for charity,an average of 10 hours a day
    For the veteran hospital, Denver General, Helmet Liners for our Soldiers. Baby sweaters,hats, booties, mittens, blankets. Shawls and lap blankets, twin afghans, sweaters of all sizes, hats for adults and gloves and sox and slippers. ear warmers and scarves. Chemo hats for the Cancer women.
    Rugs for the bathroom.
    i do not know the computor so can not do your program. Take care and
    God Bless, Merry Christmas. jt

  134. Ruby Gabionza

    Hi Anthony,
    You have such a generous heart, and it is very admirable to think always of how to help others in need. Most especially at this time of year when individuals and families who cannot afford to buy their kids or someone they love a gift or food to celebrate the holiday. I love being involved in such organizations. And I have supported some of them as well, and every Christmas time for a couple of years now, the Vancouver Christmas Wish Breakfast, where everyone brings unwrapped toys for the poor kids around the city; it is a very festive celebration as well, as a lot of people volunteer their time to make it a very joyful occassion every year…a group of singers-provide lively christmas music, the firefighters group help to receive gifts and organize them like a christmas tree, police force have also participated this year, and the Pan Pacific Hotel provides breakfast to all participants, while some businesses provide the service to deliver these gifts…this is what christmas is all about..and what a beautiful feeling we all got in helping others!! Thank you Anthony for being such a giving person…

  135. Faline Connelly

    We donated to Denver Rescue Mission as we do annually.
    We also foster unwanted pets looking for a new home.
    My mother donates to an Orphanage, I don’t know the name.
    with each encounter I give my best any time of the year.

  136. Elizabeth Kellett

    A forlorn black cat appeared in my front yard last August. I fed him. He came back next day. I fed him again. He obviously had been abused and would run before I could get anywhere near him, but each noon, there he was. I’ve fed him ever since. His bashed ears are healed. He’s looking sleek and round. He sleeps on my porch lounger. Soon I will get him a box of dry leaves to nest in. I would rather take care of him than give money to the Animal Protection Agency or SPCA.

    I also give to the red kettle outside the grocery stores managed by the Salvation Army bell ringers, one of whom sings carols.

  137. T. Brooks

    Thank you for a very wonderful heart. I am looking forward to starting my online business. I will continue to help others anyway that I can . Thank you….T

  138. Mr. P

    Anthony, Thank you for the honorable act of charity. this ultimately my why, to be able to help those in need without stressing about how much. Keep up the good work you do with all sincerity in all you do.

  139. Eric Matson

    I try to donate around 10% of my check every week to two different charities. I’ve been donating to the American Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I also donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida to help families and children in my local area eat a proper good meal every day, and fight hunger.

  140. Carol Collins

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you for having a generous heart and taking this action to reach out to a family in need. I sadly don’t have money to give this year, not even to my relatives. It’s a different year for sure, but I’m trying to stay thankful for the real reason for our celebrating, Jesus! One small way I help is to take someone shopping that doesn’t drive when I go get groceries. God bless you for reaching out and giving at the best time of year.

  141. Theresa Smith

    In Chicago, we are having something unprecedented. On December 23rd at 7p at 101st and Halsted,families can receive free toys and bikes, On December 24th at 10A at 90th Ashland families can receive free food, toys and coats and clothes. This is a give-away to 4000+ families who have nothing. I have donated and anyone can do the same.
    Noone in Chicago is having such a giving give-away and I am privileged to help.
    God bless

  142. Tammy Ruegsegger

    I work at a small rural school in Oregon until I can get my affiliate marketing up and running well. They have a big fundraiser for food for all, they had a contest for the sexiest legs of high school boys, can food drive, and silver contest and they adopted several families in our area who have fallen on hard times. I have donated time to help pack food for the food bank and money for the contest the students are advertising above. We have a very successful program ran through out Ag department. Congrats to them and thanks for all their hard work.

  143. Albert Torcaso

    I do my best to help people by getting them to a store or I help them in any way possible. As for your system I don’t have the money to invest in adword or the like so as of now I never succeeded in your system, but believe 2013 will be a different as I will find ways to learn what I must learn and start investing little amounts of money until I can invest all that I must to be successful in this business. I am a non- paid talk show host who speaks about many ways to help humanity and whom has many guests who have helped to save and impact lives. I am told by many that I helped them in their lives and I am glad you are helping people in their lives. As are others who gave comments in this comments section.

  144. Jim Long

    Hi Anthony!
    I donate to the Salvation Army this time year, to Thanksgiving fund at my church which is supporting a food shelf this year and to the Boy Scouts.
    I also volunteer as a Guardian ad Litem in the Juvenille Court, hoping to make a differnce in the future of these abused and neglected kids.

    God bless all this holiday season.

  145. Marcia Brown

    I have several different charities I take part in helping. I think I wrote about this in another comment on a previous Success Connection.

    I of course give to my church, Parkview Southern Baptist of Wichita.

    I also give, through my Beta Sigma Phi Chapter, to several local charities. Dress for Success is a wonderful charity we have been blessed to give to here in Wichita. They provide a low cost place for those struggling to find a job to buy clothing so that when they get an interview they can present themselves well to the person who may be their future employer.

    Our sorority also gives to the Disabled American Veterans of Wichita. They have a place similar to Dress for Success where people can buy gently used clothing and other things. The proceeds of the store go to help disabled American veterans here in the Wichita area.

    Another charity that is very close to our hearts is our local Special Olympics. For this charity we donate our time. We go once a year to Wichita State University on Sunday morning (each of us skipping our own church services) during the Special Olympics to pack sack lunches for the kids and sponsors who are competing that day. I am not sure who actually pays for the food, but I am sure they could use some extra donations to keep this going.

    I hope that gives you some ideas of good causes for you to bless with your financial donations.

  146. Gary B

    i have helped my Country-Vietnam,my Community as a Firefighter &
    also have spent many long days working & when i can afford it being a
    member of the Masonic Lodge we sponscer the Shriner’s children’s
    cancer hospital- it leaves you with a since of goodness & also some not
    so good but if the child is from Outstate there family will be rite there with
    as then have rooms available for families for as long as they stay There.

  147. Gary Bjornberg

    Being a Vietnam i donate my time & money (when i Have it) to the DAV
    Disabled American Vets. I also have done the same, as a member of the
    Masonic lodge we also donate our time & money for the Shriners
    Childrens Cancer Hospital which is very close to my heart. I still have not
    made any money trying to make money online But when i do i will continue
    to do what i did in the past.

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