1. Rob

    Sounds like a great opportunity to be on the cutting edge with regards to your new marketing products!
    Let me know if I can be of assistance.
    Would enjoy working with you and your developers.

  2. Everett Arnett

    Would love to test the software, great idea. I work 7 hours a day on my own business and this would be a great to test with my business.

  3. Barry North

    I would like to test your software and give you some feedback on it. I’ve been with you since FastCashCommissions, went through the very expensive PMI Education course, and still work with Success With Anthony and still use the video editor so you’ve been my primary source of education in this business. So with that said if you’ve got something new coming I’d like to be one of the first to test it for you. As for time to invest that is all I have right now since I am currently unemployed. I go through all my courses, videos, and software thoroughly. I’m on this laptop all day long trying to educate myself further. Well guess that’s about it. Peace.

  4. George

    I am very interested in becoming one of the beta testers for your system. I will dedicate a minimum of 20 hours a week to it.

  5. Brian

    Hey Anthony,
    I would be more than happy to try out your new software. I haven’t worked in over two years and jobs are becoming more and more difficult to find which is the reason I got on board with you. The time that I would spend on this would be hours a day, at least 3 at a minimum, therefore I can only hope that I am one of the chosen ones to try it out.

    Have a great weekend and continued success to you as well.

  6. Sylkemsted Green

    Yes Anthony,i would love to beta test your new software.Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Norma Jeanne

    My partner Walter J Goden and I need to find ways to market our E-books, which have been published on, and all Apple devices, Sony, Kobo and all ebook readers.

    I want to find ways to market our E-books. Two series at this time and another book in the works:
    Seamount Series
    Malfore Series.

    I am not sure if your info applies to marketing ebooks.

    Norma Jeanne Strobel

  8. michael muse

    I have 30 hours a week to devote to learning and evaluate software. Im excited looking forward to working with you!

  9. Gloria Geter

    I love investigating new traiing tools. My curiosity is sparked by challenges I spend hours trying to find avenues that are not gimmicks. I have found that your company is just what you say it is. I learn from you. What I need is a system that guides me step by step without all those extra add money making products. Which have no value since I have not yet perfected the beginning process. I would love to be the person you choose, if only to prove that at 63 I can come into 2013 in GRAND STYLE. Time is no issue that’s all I have left, time to meet a great challenge.


  10. Jeff Elvrum

    I’m a hard working man,that had a accident(motocycle,5 mo. in hospital 7 in rehab)and here I am to make some cash!At least I didn’t do what the Doc. told my parents and wife.He said I wouldn’t get out of bed.So I’m capable of doing things,I just need some help!

  11. Bernadette Michelle

    As an affiliate marketer, I continue looking for marking information that will bring the traffic needed to make a difference. As a business owner. I am able to determine my own schedule and try to devote several hour a day to my business. I would be able to work the program, at the least 20 hours a week and hopefully this would give me the breakthrough I have been looking for.

    Bernadette Michelle
    Digital Emporium

  12. sindy sthelaire

    Hi am sindy, First i have no marketing online skils and from looking at anthony Morrison emails,trainng and success connection ,i would love to get the chance to aces the EDU

  13. Chad Norman

    Sounds good testing the software.

    Always see Anthony M. in a T-shirt.
    Simon C. and Anthony M. are the only two millionaires that I see wear T-shirts most of the time.

  14. Seth J

    I’m new to Internet marketing But i’m going to use this Software To Build my financial Future, promote my business and devote about 2 or more hours after college everyday so I can support myself and get my family out of the rut we are in. I am going to be successful this year and this may be just what I’v been waiting for 😀

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou For The Opportunity :D!!!

  15. Velma

    Anthony, I really really want to learn how to do affliate marketing, and have a lifestyle like I dream of, I Just can’t get it. Just where do I start?

  16. RONNIE

    It would be like a dream come true if i had your software i have been trying to get it all to come together and start making money on line i spend a minimum of 3 hours a day going over it all trying to make it work your software would be perfect so please consider me.



  17. Andrea Trowbridge

    I have really been enjoying your weekly Success Connection discussions.
    I am trying very hard to make my business grow. I work at it daily, some days longer times than others. I have some bills to get paid and am using affiliate marketing to get this done and to be able to help my daughter and others who need help as well. It is different than anything I have done before. I like the fact that it gives me the opportunity to control my own time and energy.



  19. Steven Ritter

    Hello Anthony! So excited that after having put your materials down for 2 years, finally excited enough to get going full blast. I have read your books and viewed your tapes…you are very motivating and uplifting. I could surely use your new “free” software. I am devoting every single day, many hours a day to get the rittergroup thru the nationzmall going. I have done several steps. I have secured 3 years on hostgator, I have secured 3 domain names, 2 of which I am parking, have signed up to be aqffiliates have anaccount on iphoto and am developing 3 twitter accounts with hot faces, and am in the process of building my web page. My concern is putting this all together. I am needing more instruction to proceed. Thank you for all that you have done so far. I appreciate your encouragement.
    Steve Ritter

  20. Mehreteab

    Hi Anthony,

    If I am chosen to be a beta tester for this new
    product, I will dedicate more than 6 hrs daily and give you my comments ASAP.

    Happy New Year,


  21. Charles Booth

    If I was to get this software i would use it to improve my bussiness and to help others to improve their bussiness. I would put at least 8 hours into testing and working with this software to increase my sales to 30,000 to 60,000 per month. I do understand that education is part of the keys to success and am willing to get that done.

  22. Fay Golz

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for your e-mail, I am interested in your program
    and would like to be a part of ithis, please keep me
    informed…I would like to work with you. and would also
    like to be couched by you

    To Our Success
    Fay Golz


    If I were chosen as a Beta Tester for your new Marketing Software,
    I would devote what ever amount of time it takes in the beginning
    to get it up and running per your instruction and direction. {WOW,
    would that be a treat…instruction and direction on how to use something..
    yes, yes yes) I digress, excuse me.
    Once the software was installed, running, and I knew how to work it,
    I would treat this like a nursing job during evaluation week. I will explain.
    As director of a unit, you are informed that you have 2 weeks to turn in your evaluations on every nurse that works for you and your recommendations, good or bad, raise or no raise based on merit. As Unit Dir. you then must work all shifts at least twice,to be able to fairly evaluate the nurses.
    How does this apply to Beta Testing? The software doesn’t need to be tested at only one specific time each day for a couple of hours, but have the performance documented at preset times within and over a 24 hour period throughout the study. Glitches may occur at 3:15am or at 12noon
    I would set the documentation up as a research model, and work with you closely for negative observations, so they might be double tested and possibly corrected quickly if necessary
    TMI =Too Much Information as we used to say. This is my proposal if chosen as a Beta Tester.
    Thanks for the opportunity to apply Anthony.
    Sending wishes for health, happiness, and continued prosperity to you and your family in the New Year.
    Judy V

  24. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, I still have not made my 1st dollar online yet. So I would be the prefect tester for this software. If I am chosen I would work on it everyday after work until I make my 1st dollar. Anthony when I make my 1st dollar I will cellebrate and let you know how good it is working. WOW! I just can’t wait. This year is going to be a good year for all of us students. May GOD BLESS YOU and all of us students trying to be successful in this Marketing Bussiness.–Luis


    Hi Anthony:

    Thank you for the info. I would be grateful if you would allow me to help
    test your software for you. I would spend approximately two hours per day
    working on the project. Of course, if it’s a project that I can make money
    while working with it, I would spend more time on it. At any rate, I would be
    honored to be allowed to improve my skills in this field. Till next time

  26. Bruce A Mayo

    Anthony, I would love to use this software to help perfect it and perfect my business. My goal is to retire by the end of 2013 from my job of the last 25 years, and be able to donate my time to my church video ministry. By increasing my expertise in online marketing, I believe that this would be a very real and very reachable goal.

    I am the 2nd place finisher in the 2012 PMI Success challenge and have demonstrated the ability to take direction and think independently with online marketing.

    Let me help you make this product the best yet!

  27. Steve Ruedebusch

    I am new student October2012, from Omaha Nebraska. I will be using all information you give to me for our family!!! I will use this every day to help my family and I in our new adventure! Anthony, thank you for alll this training you give us every day!! God Bless!!
    Steve, Sornela & Steven R.

  28. Alan Olson

    I would be happy to try the software and I will be there in MS next weekend for training so we can discuss the findings…. I can spend as much time as I need to give the software a good workout…

    PLUS if the instructions are not all that clear or the software not that easy to use i will let you know as I am a little slow with the computer technology. 🙂

  29. Bill Munro

    Hi Anthony,

    The thought of all this software is truly awesome. I would put in at least 5 to 8 hours per day, trying out your software, and giving you the results each day.
    It would be a big help to my Affiliate Marketing.


    Bill Munro

  30. phillip combs

    I would love to test your software.I am unemployed so I have all the time in the world to devote to this .Plus I could use the help to start making some money.Thanks for the help.

  31. Debbie Sundholm

    I would absolutely love this opportunity to test your software daily! It would be an honor. I need to open a twitter account this weekend:D I desire to learn fromYOU, the very best!

  32. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,

    This is so generous of you! I still have to tweek my website to make it just right before I launch it, and I would not like to waste the marketing software by not using it to capacity to give you accurate and appropriate feedback. But it sounds great! I am really in love with the CPV Domination software. How awesome!!

  33. Beverly Myers

    Thanks once again, Anthony. I reason I stick with you is because you always thinking about the students you have that trust you with their success.
    I would have as much time as it takes to work with your software as I am semi retired. I cannot afford a lot of programs to make me more successful and this would be away to move my internet career forward also.
    We are behind you and appreciate all that you do for us. Looking forward to a great healthy and and successful New Year.

  34. james kinard

    i would like to try the new software. I am new to affliate marketing . I am devoting 20 hours a week on learning your process.

  35. Jane

    Hi Anthony. I would love to check out your new software. I am new in affiliate marketing, and still quite overwhelm with the information and education I have received. With your software (if I get chosen), I believe I can get a better understanding of where I want to go in my business. I would devote approximately 3-5 hours a day to help me develop my decision making. Since I started your program last September, everyday (after work and on my days off) I’ve been thinking/brainstorming numerous ways to promote affiliate offers. However, I’m quite afraid to run the ads due to guidelines in some websites like Facebook. So far, I’ve tried Direct CPV, Lead Impact, and Plenty of Fish.

  36. Rodney Syler

    I would be a good candidate foe the software because I am new at this and having to go by every detail of the instructions. People who are very good and experienced will breeze over details that I will either question or get stuck on. I can also use any help I can get to get better at marketing.
    Rodney Syler

  37. M. Bundren

    There was no Like button for Facebook on the floater so I used the share link on the top of the vid screen. Unfortunately I’m not into Twitter or Google+ yet.

    If this software package is anything like the applications I saw discussed at your seminar then it’s something I can easily see using for hours every day. Having seen what some of your separate applications are capable of the idea of getting a package is better than being turned loose in a computer components shop with a platinum Visa.

    I’m new to marketing but am very computer literate having worked on systems and networks for many years. I’m hoping that this will replace the income I’ve lost from disabilities forcing me out of the building trades and would really love to Beta-test this package for you.

  38. Darlene Longshore

    No website yet. I will like, I don’t tweet yet. I’m fairly new
    always learning it seems, and I would like it, but I’m not really qualified to try it and give my thoughts.
    Your teaching is always great and you are always giving
    away, which we really appreciate. Thank You

  39. Deniece

    I would really like to test out your products, I would devote so many hours a day. Please send the to me. I would really like to see myself grow in internet marketing.

  40. Kacy Clark

    A marketing suite of 13 products could do a lot for someone. Even one product can do a lot for someone. Just depends if the person only looks at it or takes the required action. I would say “Out with the Old and In with the New”, but I’m a hoarder. My world works: In, In, In. I have also been known to procrastinate. However, I have found Deferred Action is the same as No Action. I decided to make a change. It’s always better to start something and change course through it as needed, rather than wait until all the traffic lights are green to get started. Today, I have requested those five free websites, got the hosting, have domain names and am ready to start making some much needed money from them. Success! with Anthony. 2013 is gonna be a great year for me. Thanks for your part in my pending success.

  41. Rockies Rothman

    I don,t hAve a website but would welcome any and all help.My family is depending on me and I can,t let them down.Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

  42. Dorothy Duprey

    I would like to get the opportunity to use the new marketing product. I am
    starting the new year with renewed hope for a terrific and profitable experience. I have invested a lot in becoming an affiliate marketer and as yet have not quite mastered it. I hope to get the opportunity to finally start making
    an income.

  43. Patrick Miller

    I wish I could say I have the time to try this, but right now I do not. I will look for the new software when it’s ready.

  44. David J Voegeli

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like to try your new software. I am trying to get lots of traffic to my website because I believe that the information on my site will help a lot of people gain knowledge in regard to looking after their health. Health costs are in the billions. Some of those billions could be used to help people in lots of different ways.
    Could the software help me get lots of traffic.
    I would test it and see.
    Thank you.

  45. John Mercurio

    Hi Anthony, What a pleasure to hear that you are continuing to build new software and offer your students the opportunity to test it , free of charge. As a retired teacher, I have all the time in the world to dedicate to this new world ( to me) of affiliate marketing ! I would be willing to use the new software every day and would give you feedback from the standpoint of a person new to the field of affiliate marketing. Thanks for considering me. Ready, Willing and Able, John Mercurio

  46. Charles McGregor

    Hello again Anthony, Charlie here once more on the Success Connection weekly video blog. I would utilize this software to help develop my online business in 2013 to finally make some income online. I have struggled, for some time now and have been following your training since the inception of Success Connection. I have your books, many of your members only access trainings, and could see this software with the training as the key that would unlock the success of marketing online that I just haven’t achieved. I would use the training videos, learn how to benefit from the software, and then implement the methods to realize a dream I’ve pursued for a long, long time. Please work with me; make this year, 2013 the “best year of the rest of my life” and allow me to help others learn to share and care like you do for all of us. Thanks as always for your unselfishness in being so open and transparent while helping everyone achieve the best of what is in each one of us and take that to the rest who want to “live their dreams” like you and like I hope to. Thanks! TCHFBS

  47. Betty Coleman

    Hi Anthony………In November when you came to St. Charles, MO I was one of the first to sign up to come hear you speak…….which means I would have gotten one of those iPads you were giving away. 🙂 However, I became very ill and was unable to make it to the seminar. Needless to say, I was very disappointed I did not get to meet you.

    I have been working online for 5 years and spend 10-12 hours a day on this computer working on ways to become successful. It takes money to make money with so many of the programs and software. If I am lucky enough to be chosen to beta test your software, you can be assured I will study it and apply my efforts wholeheartedly to follow your training and provide you with the feed back you need.

    Blessings to you for all you do to help others.

  48. Barbara Vera

    I have the time to really test your software the way it should be because i am home 24/7 and see how it can help everyone, please give me a chance. thanks Barbara

  49. Carol Tinnea

    I can be your beta tester. I’ve been learning from you, Adrian and Kaci for the past year. I have 2 websites that I can test with your software. I spend about 3-4 hours a night working on Internet/Affiliate Marketing. My degree is in Business Education so I’m experienced in proofreading, formatting, web design, etc. I will find any mistakes, typos, broken links etc.
    Thanks for the opportunity to help you.

  50. Deb Ferer

    Hi Anthony,
    I am the IDEAL CANDIDATE for your Beta Testing project. Currently I am a QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST. I analyze and evaluate performance, as well as make recommendations for improvements. I also have a PROJECT MANAGEMENT certificate.
    During 10/12/12 through 10/14/12 I attended your “3 Day Affiliate Training” program. I had the distinct honor of being trained by RANDY JUDD. Randy is an exceptional trainer. He helped me to understand in spite of the countless frustrations you will experience working affiliate marketing, PERSISTENCE renders rewards. Given Randy’s advice I spend over 15 hours a week working on my business, the KACI KENNEDY PinProfits program. (Congrats to Mrs. M.)
    Being one of your Beta Testers would be a WIN-WIN situation for all involved. It would help me to elevate my game, by taking my business to the next level, and at the same time I would have the opportunity to make a SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION to the MORRISON COMMUNITY.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    All the Best,

  51. Michele Leapai

    Hey Anthony, I would love to test your new software. I work on my marketing stuff in the mornings and would be able to contribute quite a bit of time to it. I’m already using a lot of the software you have put out so I know my computer will be compatible with it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  52. Anik CC

    Hello Anthony. Let me start off by saying thank you for sharing all of your knowledge. I would love a great marketing software collection to work with. I recently had a free trial of a good SEO and marketing software suite, and used it while working on my site. Since I am physically disabIed and stay at home I have as much time as I want to work on my site and usually do about 5 hours a day. I utilized the software trial the whole time. It was very helpful and I accomplished many things while using it. Unfortunately the trial has ended and I can’t afford the purchase price of $300. I have been bummed out because now I know what a difference a good marketing software can do. Then today, like fate, I saw the video about the new marketing software and the need for a couple of beta testers. Anthony, I believe I am the right woman for the job. I am a detail oriented and observant multi-tasker with good communication skills and, given the opportunity, I would prove to be an asset to you and the success of your new software. Thanks again for everything you do.

  53. Denise Johnson

    Hi Anthony,

    Would love to test your new software. I work daily on improving my websites whether writing blogs, offering products to musicians, etc. I’m still learning….not a PRO yet, but I’m working on it ! 🙂
    Thank YOU !

  54. carol gardner

    hello anthony many thanks for more information with me and trying more learned about affiliate marketing I am really very appreciate …..thanks u

  55. Chris Nweke

    I have no website, I will like to have one and I don’t know how and I will like to use facebook when I know how to use it. Can you help me? Thank you very much for your time.

  56. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    I know your software is truly amazing! I’ll buy it when possible. I want to become a great internet marketer. Thanks Anthony for all you have taught us.

  57. darlene

    I would love to help you with this. I would give you 50 hours a wk.
    This year I need to become debt free and totally free.
    No longer do I want to search for success if I had access to this right now.
    Thank you for taking the time.

  58. Daniel McCormick

    I will dedicate 1:30 minutes each day, 6 days per week (I rest on Sunday). As time allows I may do more but I will pledge at least that time each day.

  59. James Bamberg

    Hi Anthony.
    I would very much like to help beta test your new software. I’ve been a student of yours for 2 years and still struggling but I know it just takes time to learn the business. Since I’m still learning all the ins and outs of the business and have a hard time with understanding new software, I think I would be a good candidate for testing, giving feedback on how user friendly it is and if it can help even me to be more successful, then you know you have a winning product. I can spend 20 t0 25 hours a week on your testing. Thanks for the opportunity.

  60. Sharron Hudgins

    I enjoy your challenging videos every week. It is a great time to really contemplate this business and focus on intentions. I see many people are glad for this opportunity. As am I!!!! : )
    I would enjoy assisting with the testing of your new product. I have been studying affiliate marketing on my own and I am looking for that one certain thing. The “Wow” factor! That thing that makes it all click! I hope this is it.
    I would be willing to spend 20 to 25 hours a week. Give this my total attention and offer honest feed back. So if this program may be fit for newbies, I am here!

  61. Chuck Anderson


    I’d like to look at and perhaps even champion your marketing approach to niche audiences like the international jazz guitar market. Any thoughts?

    Chuck Anderson

  62. scott

    Hello Anthony,

    I have been a follower of your knowledge for 4 years now, I’m ready to be a successful leader with your new system!

    Thanks for all you do.

  63. James Ivy

    Great ideal Anthony excellent way to continue to grow our business, and nice active interactions with the use of the software testing. I will embrace the opportunity to have the hands on access to your programs and will work on it as a daily project for maximum results. As always looking forward into this new year with extrodinary success thank you Anthony!!!

  64. Sylvia

    I would love this opportunity to test your software and I would use it daily! I know education is a big part of success but I also know that SOFTWARE can make a big difference.

  65. Christie Hubbard

    Yes sounds great – would love to try the new programs – I can always rely on you that I’ll be able to learn more and more while I build up my business.

  66. Ben Benson

    I would love to Beta Test your new software and given the opportunity I believe we could both benefit from the sharing of feedback and proof testing its value to your business as well as giving me the much needed experience for my business. Thanks in advance for asking.


    Ben Benson

  67. Carlos F. Gordian

    Thank you Anthony! When people are really Successful, they share all what they have because they know they will get everything back in multiple numbers…

    I will use it everyday in order to succeed in what you do the best and will be proud to say that this was because of you!

    Regards and Happy New Year with more fun than last year!


  68. Rickie Rollings

    I would love to try your software. I am currently working with PMI and consider myself to be computer savvy which would help a lot when it comes to evaluating your software without a long learning curve.

  69. Daya

    Hi Anthony:
    I would be very much interested in beta testing. It will be great if I can give you the feedback for improvement.

    Best regards.


  70. Juanita

    I would love to have the opportunity to test your new software. I can spend one to
    three hours a day on the product.

  71. RONNIE

    SO who gets to be the testers i already submited my chance to be a tester for the software but i can not wait

    thank you


  72. Sharon

    Gee, I would love to be using the new information and reporting back to you. I don’t have access to facebook or twitter right now or I would sure spread the word. Good work, Anthony. Thank you.

  73. Brian Harding

    Definitely would take advantage of this opportunity if giving the chance and would use it to the best of my abilities! Thanks for all you do!

  74. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I would love to help you out and test this for you. I will definitely give you feed back on this. I would spend a few hours every day testing the software. I would dive in and learn as much as I can and testing the software would help me for sure. Great work as usual and you really do rock!!

    Thanks Anthony

  75. William Parker

    //////////////////////sounds like a great oportunity. Please let me have a shot at it!

  76. Kristi Miller

    How exciting to be part of the inception & launch of new cutting edge software technology! As an adult with A.D.D., I have found great enjoyment in my creativity, my ability to think outside the box and come up with fun work around ideas for challenges at work and coming up with new and fresh ideas to improve upon existing computer programs and processes I use at work as an office administator for the cyber terrorism department at a National Laboratory in California. My brain child was creating and continuing to improve a wiki-site on our intranet for site wide admin professionals and lab staff to have access to in order to find out how to instructions on a myriad of software applications we use with PeopleSoft, Federal government specific software programs and processes. I wanted it to be available especially as a networking tool for all of the administrative professionals at my Laboratory site location that need to know, sometimes at a moment’s notice, the nuances of government specific business applications and processes as they apply to my own National Laboratory in Livermore, CA. Since all of us administrative professionals have our own wealth of knowledge and experience, I wanted us to have a platform where we could enter that knowledge and experience into an application much like the internet site Wikipedia, where we could in turn go to that same intranet site when looking for an answer on how to do something we haven’t done before. I created several entries of my own knowledge and experience with programs and processes and launched it as OMA-PEDIA. The OMA acronym (everything government lives and breathes by acronyms!) stands for Office Management Assistant. It was extremely exciting to dream up this idea and then watch it come to fruition and watch it grow into a dynamic wealth of information for all to have access to at my Laboratory! I would LOVE the opportunity to be part of something like this again! Beta testing your products would be deliriously exciting and would love an opportunity to dedicate my non-day job hours to exploring it and making suggestions to improve it all the more! Kristi

  77. Marc Montaniel

    I’ll be excited to test this new software, explore its features and discover how it can benefit each affiliate marketer over the long run.

  78. Norm

    I’m very technically adept, and have a good marketing background. I know how software works, I have participated in many software beta programs, and have taught many people on the use of software. I would love the opportunity to flush out this new software and see how usable it is and how it can be put to use. Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Liliana

    I have a lot of experience testing software, so I’ll devote my time from Monday thru Friday 8 hours, and 12 hours or more on the weekend.
    Thank you, Liliana.

  80. Greg Myers

    Hey Anthony

    All I can say is If you pick me I would devote as much time as humanly possible. WITH THAT SAID PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME I LOVE YOUR SOFTWARE PROGRAMS 🙂


    God Bless!!

    Greg Myers

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