1. Milena

    This is so important to be reminded every so often, if not all the time, to let go of our baggage. I am probably around your mother’s age and have learned all sorts of things about the power focus and positive thinking, yet all the time I get stuck in the regret, greef or sorrow about something from the past.

    Thanks again for reminding me to let go of it.

  2. norman rambow

    Good Information Anthony.. I appreciate all the input. you guys are amazing.
    I believe it is very important to know where you are and set some goals to achieve where you need to go.. Time is that precious thing we seem to abuse. All individuals need to wake up. smile and say “Hey it is new day ” Oh I am glad I am alive.. Look out world I am coming to get you !” and begin a new day so to speak..

  3. Melanie C.

    Thank you Anthony! This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today.
    You are so kind and generous to share from your heart like this and I am so grateful for your generosity. It brought tears to my eyes…Have a wonderful weekend.



  4. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony! I hope that cough doesn’t turn into something worse. Take care of yourself, kiddo!

    I think that the power of Now is a great thing for all of us to remember. Like you said, we need to remember the past and how we got where we are but not dwell in it. The only way we can progress is to focus on today.

    I also feel that the other lesson you teach here is probably even more important than the power of Now. You share weekly a little of yourself and how you still struggle with things just like the rest of us. To know that someone as successful as you are still struggles, helps the rest of us know that struggles and mistakes are just a normal part of doing something worthwhile. Knowing that is a great motivator!

    I am very grateful I started this path in internet marketing with your company, because you are so willing to share what you know to help us be successful.

    Thanks for all you do to help us!

  5. Lionel

    Thank you for all this positive energy Anthony. You are bringing so much to me and to the people out there. Thank you for this.

  6. Nicole Daniel

    hey Anthony, I loved what you said about the power of now! It is incredible how easily any one of us can affect ourselves negatively or positively by the thoughts we choose to linger on. I have been building a habit for some time now of countering negative energy with the opposite truth that fits in with what I really want to experience. I go so far as to actually say to myself I give myself permission to succeed, learning new things and doing what I’ve never done before. I expect blessings, divine meetings and encounters with people and the limits I’m experiencing right now will dissolve, the road will rise up to meet me and take me, one way or another to the success I am envisioning. My cup will overflow. I will help others. I will not let go of my big vision. My actions and creating opportunities will eventually get me where I need to be. I loved the tone of transparency and sincerity you shared. I also like to hear you think out loud. I really appreciate you, for sharing and teaching and helping. And all your family and team too.

  7. michael davis

    Anthony–thanks for the lesson–very up-beat-positive–great help particularly
    with this business of web marketing–I work at it every day & one of these days I will get it/Regards/MikeDavis

  8. kenton

    I enjoyed the practle targets of the message that you help me to see.keep me in the loop every time you have these webnar forums.
    Thanks a million Tony! Your success is our motivation.

    Kenton K.

  9. Gloria M. Abarientos

    Anthony, I appreciate vey much of your wellness to help others. I really need to learn this Internet Marketing asap cause I am financially under water right now. My urgent need is how to start. Thank you.

  10. Edgar Fullbright

    Brings back memories from my youth. I had an aunt that told me “Worry is wasting today’s time (now) with yesterday’s troubles (living in the past) keeping you from tomorrow’s opportunities”.

  11. Christine Sexton

    Love the success connection. Please keep it up, helps filter out the negative stuff and lets us know we are not alone it this and keeps me motivated. Thank you.

  12. Chris Nweke

    I have not made any success online yet. I am optimistic that I will be by understanding and following your guide. I appreciate your commitment to your students which I wish to be one in due time.

  13. Pamela

    To Anthony:

    My Mom is really supporting me on this.
    She wants me to make money.
    Is there anyway you can help me in this area, because I do need help.
    I am looking forward not backwards.
    I am trying to be a better person in my life.
    I am going forward.

  14. Robert Bond

    Good thoughts. Technical issue: in the last 2 or 3 success connection sessions, the audio has been so low that I can hardly hear it with my volume wide open. Can something be adjusted during recording to improve the volume?

  15. Shirley Lawrence

    What you say is so true. No matter how experienced you are, there still comes times that you feel unsure of what to do next. My problem right now is – I know I have something that will empower me with wealth but because I feel inexperienced in letting others know what to do – as I do – so that they can have success too it stops me in my tracks. I guess it burdens me that it ultimately could be from my not following through that would effect their outcome. I’m not sure when it is the right time to let go and let them figure it out for themselves….even though I know that success is ultimately up to ourselves to get there.

  16. Daniel Sterling

    I thought it was good some of my family dose that. I also watched the webnar and would to know who won the stuff.

  17. David

    Hi Anthony
    I completely relate with you. My problem is my email. I have a problem with opening my email first thing in the morning. Then I get stuck in there for 1hr or more. Then I don’t get anything else done. I’am on everyone of the gurus lists out there. So it takes me a long time to go through all the emails. Staying focused is one of the most important points in internet marketing. There is just 24hrs in a day, and being focused and doing income producing activities is most important.
    Thanks For All You Do!!

  18. Bill Munro

    Hi Anthony,

    This message really hit home. We should see out failures as learning experiences. Not to dwell on them, but learn from them. Our past, both
    good and bad does shape who we are today.

    I really enjoyed this post, as I am sure everyone has. I can definitely
    relate to all of your posts. Keep up the fine work, Anthony. I am very
    proud to have you as my Mentor.


    Bill Munro

  19. Arnulfo

    I haven’t been able to afford much to keep
    my affiliate marketing career going. Thanks
    for this advice; hopefully I can get my old
    job back to start doing affiliate mkting again.
    I really miss it.

  20. Yvonne Gutierrez

    You’re right about those things we remember that have happened in the past and that are relived by our memories, but like you said keeping positive will keep us from giving up. I’m pretty new to this program and these things you’ve mentioned relate to me alot. Thanks bunches for this encouragement!

  21. Sharron Hudgins

    This is exactly why I have been studying affiliate marketing. I need my life to change in a big way soon and fast. It is not only about my, but it is about my grandchildren. I have about a month to make some massive income in order to save two of my granddaughters.
    I am totally in tune with investing in my own business. I have to start small I do not have much money at all. I need to make money in order to invest more. Maybe you can keep this in mind during your teaching. I still haven’t managed to make even one sale.
    Never Giving Up!

  22. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony I appreciate your advise leave the past behind and work on the present and I follow all your talk on success connection. The problem is I don’t have money to buy your books and your software, so my success is very frail. Anyhow I’ll do my best to listen to you. Again thank you.

  23. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    What you say in this connection is so true. It is very important to have a positive focus while in the present. It makes sense since we live in the now not the past or future. We must remember to stay in a positive state of mind when we begin remembering our past. Great connection.
    Thank you

  24. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    This lesson was fantastic as always. I need to think the present and what I am doing slowly but surely to be successful. First of all, I need to get my add out there by someone who knows what they are doing. Think about what I could do today and take that one step at a time. I will stay focused and positive.

    You always make a difference to me and I am always here on the success connection listening to you talking to me personally.

    See you next week.

    Have a great weekend.

  25. eddie strickland

    OOps, I was saying you said.. about staying focused but the last half of that sentence got erased and ran into the next one about me so it looks like i said that you said I`m messed up. ha ha.

  26. Grant Bishop

    Anthony, you are so right. It is so easy for me to think about what I should have done and not doing that much NOW. I’ve always thought this way but you gave me a different perspective. Take it as all part of who I am now.

    Thanks, Grant


    I love your webinars and training… very inspiring and uplifting! I’m seriously considering buying your softwares…hoping the price on the packages may go down to maybe $700?

  28. john

    People always say forget the past and move on. The truth is if you do forget the past you will never be able to figure out where you might have made your mistakes, or come to understand where you flaws and weaknesses are. It is also very true that a person cannot allow themselves to become a victim of their own history. What must be done is that a person must be able to review their own history objectively. Once they have analyzed it thoroughly They are equipted to move onto create their future. this process has to be done every time a set back occurs to make sure that mistakes are not being made over and that new ones can be mentally logged and not made over. In knowing ones self it also makes it easier to accept situations beyond our control and move on to improve them if possible; or simply keep forging ahead.
    I understand an appreciate your sentiment. especially in understanding taking baby steps. first some of us must be able to crawl. and the most important virtue we can have on our side is patience.

  29. Roseanna Stephenson

    Dear Anthony, Please forgive me, I really want to order the programs that will teach me how to be a sucessful Affilate marketer, however I’m disabled and it seems like I always get the special discounts at the end of the month when my Social Security check has ran out. I read every letter you send me and I would love to have lunch with you sometime with all the invitations you have sent me ,but I just don’t feel right coming to your events empty handed. I want to learn affiliate markiting because of my disabilities it is hard finding a “job” out in the real world that would pay anything worthwhile or hire me for that matter. But I can definatlly work from home at my own pace. please don’t give up on me . hopefully one of these days, LORD willing I’ll have extra cash and I can finally purchase your program. please keep believing in me you give me hope even though thier are not very many people out thier in the real world that even try to help others your classes it seems help alot of people hopefully someday I to will be one of those proud students. Sincerly, Roseanna Stephenson

  30. NeilB

    Anthony, Thanks for the session that helps us feel we are not alone in the
    challenge to be successful. Glad to know I am not the only one that has been going sideways in the rabbit hole. …Thanks NeilB

  31. Dina Protin

    I have had many people in my life that I allowed to hold me back.One important thing to remember, we all have negative experiences and negative people but ultimately we are responsible for ourselves and our decisions. I wake up every day now and tell myself I am going to do this ,I am going to be successful.

  32. F.Vega

    Hi you doing I took one of your seminar about a year in a half ago it been so hard for me to study when I come out of work, I do 12hour a day to make things meet, I’m so tired of working so hard for the same check every weak. You do give me motivation. Appreciate for your consideration of what people out there going threw. I’m still not giving up cause I believe in u.

  33. Joe Erazo

    I totally agree with you because I have being in the same situation,: I know that the past don’t have to control us but automatically the past is coming to our minds, right there is when we have to switch to the present, we can control our thoughts.

  34. Suzann

    Hey Anthony, I really liked what you said about living in the NOW. So many people use their past as an excuse for not succeeding in the present. Those that move ahead in life use the past as a tool to learn from not live in!

  35. delroy

    hi anthony just got your email for fast traffic system.
    Many thanks for the opportunity. I will try your system as I am stuck in a part time job with just about enough money to feed my family I am so sick of this every day, every week worrying where the next money is coming from.
    I can say I have £100 in my savings nothing to be proud off I am embarrised.
    Any when I received your email I said this must be my time to act stop living in the past, so for those reasons I am paying 47 dollar out of my life savings to get on board and for a better life.
    I thank you.
    Once I am up and running I will gladly send you up dates, all I ask is for your support.



  36. John Antaya

    Thanks Anthony –
    While I do have a positive attitude the majority of the time I somehow seem to have moved away from the NOW factor. I see what you are saying about being in the “now” but not forgetting what’s around you. You’ve given great advice for everyone to use.

  37. Rodney Syler

    Your talk reminds me of what someone once told me. Its OK to look back, just don’t stare. Good advice.

  38. Wayne Redman

    I appreciate your comments…What we do Today Decides Our Future…we must all learn to continue to look forward and not behind

  39. Dennis Green

    I’m not sure where you get your wisdom but its right on point because now is the acceptable time Thanks Anthony

  40. Greer

    Yes, everything in the past is a compilation of who you are and a character builder! I think this message is always a good reminder for every one of us. I have always believed in using turning bad circumstances and turning them into something that I can use in a positive sense in my life or the lives of others. Being totally by myself and disabled has been a struggle without family but look at how many people in the world are without food and shelter. Yes, we all need to count our BLESSINGS and keep pressing forward to improve yourself and strive to help others along the way.

  41. Jacques


    I watched your video “The Power Of Now” and felt it is a great message. My perspective is also how to over come the “Do it Now” because I notice my hesitation to follow through is due to my lack of understanding, methodology & ultimately self confidence towards completion of a task or project. This is probably another video in it self, but I could use your prospective and incite on how you conquered this issue? I often find the only reason I don’t achieve what I set out to do is because of the above factors. Thanks so much for helping me to achieve success and a positive perspective. I appreciate your recommendations to forge a new lifestyle through self improvement. As I once heard it said “Be the best you can be through self improvement so you can be the best at what ever you choose to do” right?

  42. Pearle Pearson

    As always your messages exemplify wisdom and concern for others and
    gives me rhe desire to work more toward following in your footsteps. I am
    proud to have your friendship/

  43. norman rambow

    Anthony, You are right on.. Its good to see what life has been but it is better to see what life can be… but only if we are wanting to take the journey to get there.. It may not be pretty or nice when we start.. but the idea is to START. It appears all of us following you are in the same boat.. and economy has put us here in one way or another..So for me it is time to move forward.. create a dream, goals and set sail toward them. Thank you.

  44. Fred Kiene

    Hi Anthony, I have been slacking off because of all the things that come
    about in my retirement life. I have a lot of free time but have not figured out
    how to go from point to point. I hear how so many people are doing really
    well on Internet Marketing and keep wondering why not me? I suppose I am
    afraid to spend too much money without no return.

  45. Karin

    Hi Anthony, thanks for that. I’m looking forward to listening to you every week, it’s helpful. In my case, I struggle with the concept ‘success’, I think deep down I believe I don’t deserve it. But with your help and with the help of other kind people, my thinking is slowly changing. One step at a time, right? Then it gets manageable…

  46. Mona Lisa

    I do believe in the power of chance,I try not to look back at any negative things, I love to live in the now, I beleive!!!.

  47. ida

    thank you for the positive outlook. Negative people give you no help at all and they don’t have any money either.

  48. Janet Sharpley

    I have listened to you for about 2 years, but never made a move. Just recently, after all that time, decided to throw in the towel and really get started. Hearing that baby steps are good enough and not to fear setbacks and the failures here and there that we all have, really gives me the courage. Thanks for sharing your life and feelings.

  49. Fred Jordan

    Great job Anthony and a important message, staying in the now. The now helps me to leave the pass alone. You right I cnt change it. Its hard to let go since I’m so acustom to fixing my past trying to get in the now. I will implememt more of the now in all my endeavors so I cant enjoy life better.

  50. Donna Lynch

    Thanks anthony. You are so right about letting go of the pas I lost everything due to cancer, used up every penny I had I now live for today one step at a time. I am trying hard to make this happen I dont have a website I dont understand how

  51. King Martin

    I love your tip on the power of NOW! But is so hart to get rid of negative thinking and negative people, but maybe that’s why Master Jesus said is absolutely necessary to born again in every way.

  52. Janie Ezernack

    Your Success Connection really hit home with me today.I am generally a very positive person. I have been working on my internet mktg for over a year now without any monetary success. I had a dating service add for a while & didn’t get 1 person to leave an e-mail address. Although I was disappointed that I didn’t make any money from it I still believed there was money to be made on the internet. I am going to call Jason at PMI today & see what he can help me with. I haven’t called because I am not used to asking for help but financial success in this is so imperative to me. I am 64 and have absolutely no retirement. I have a full time job but am not making enough money to keep my home out of foreclosure. I am looking forward to the day that my internet business will provide more than enough. I know that God is guiding me through this.

    Thank you Anthony for caring about our success and for all the help that you give us. Sincerely, Janie Ezernack

  53. Sharon N

    Very good talk to keep us going and focused on what matters. Please stay connected with us every week, because sometimes I feel like I’m out here all alone and struggling to survive. It’s always good to hear what you have to tell us.

  54. daniel Rakowicz

    THE last two messages were right on point . Hope to be at the top soon helping others inspiring them. Glad your still a part and that’s what’s inspiring me still today is that you didn’t take your success and let others take over your still a part today.

  55. Albert Moore II

    Great talk about being positive and living in the present. For the present does anyone need to find discount products of all kinds? Visit my Website by clicking on my name.

  56. cesar cipres

    Thhis is a great support to reach our goals ,in the rigth way thanks my friend Anthony for your support and teach us to learn the proccesof marketing systems. Cipchamp

  57. nancy

    I had a problem with fear of what I might be able to do. Not until, you had said fear of failure, isn’t as great as the guilt you will have inside of never having tried iit. That you will hold inside your thoughts forever, what if I did? It is the never knowing rather than the tried it and failed part. At least you can try again.

  58. Cecilia

    Anthony, I work on keeping the faith. What you have said is so true. Thank you for your all your instructions and continued inspiration. One cannot change the past, only work to improve the future.
    Thank you.

  59. Kong Sourivong

    Hi Anthony , thanks for the knowledge you have been share,

  60. James Waters

    I think that the power of now is very important.Success doesn’t come without certain principles and mindsets. Thank you for the reminder.

  61. Jonee

    Thanks Anthony. This video really does apply to me and my current situation. I’ve been struggling for awhile now. I really do need a reminder to keep focused on the positive and to believe that I can succeed.

  62. Liliana Parra

    Hi Anthony, what happen to your Dad happened to me too in 2001. I am still working two jobs. Finally, I found you, I enjoyed your team last week, and I lnow I am going to be successful again.
    Thank you, Liliana.

  63. Cindy

    Hi Anthony! Once again, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your lessons are so wonderful, so encouraging. I always have to bear in mind how very much negative energy and living in the past can sabotage me and any chance I may have of succeeding. Thank you once again for your willingness to be there for folks like me, to gently remind me of the obstacles that may be holding me back and to keep tirelessly and patiently steering me in the right direction. You are a blessing from God, and I thank him that I was introduced to you and your priceless teachings.

  64. Tammy Guinan

    Thanks for sharing and reminding everyone just how easy it is to use our past as an excuse for not succeeding as the average person seems to do! Everyone here has already begun to change their future for the better one way or another just because they are here listening to training like this… because that shows they are seeking change. Everyone says they want more and better but it will not happen until we ourselves do something…anything…but something to begin to make that change. It can be a struggle…believe me I know! BUT our struggle becomes easier to overcome when caring people who have “been there and done that” are willing to reach out and share with those of us who “aren’t quite there yet” are led to them and they reach out (as you are doing) to lend a “hand up” to us through your sharing and teaching. Thank you! I this is only my third video (I just discovered your video blog), I am working my way backwards through them because I do want to hear every second of your lessons because already I can tell just how valuable each one of these lessons are going to be!

  65. mingo

    Events from our past good or bad are good teachers if we learn from them. as you mentioned the proper thing to do is live in the present “live in the now” and not in the past.” Don’t live in the past,you’re not going there”

  66. Bill Wright

    watched #149 it is hard to live in the now,but Iwill try. I have been going through each one of lessons . how do I set up a blog?


  67. Jennelle Sipel

    I enjoyed listening to the video clips. I’ve have tried so many different ways to make money on line. This seems cool. I’m not sure if I want to buy your book. But it’s very possible. Thank you. ~ Jennelle

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