1. Jeremusic AKA Jeremy Feldmesser

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this information. I’m relatively new to marketing on the internet but in distilling down the absolute ocean of information that is out there, I’ll readily agree with you on the income cycle. It is THE cycle. A Website that has something to sell, tons of (targeted) traffic, conversions (sign-ups or even direct sales) , that all go into an autoresponder to BUILD YOUR LIST, because the money is in the list! 🙂

  2. Ryan Blaine

    This is great stuff becasue it all come’s down to building a big list. The money is in the list. What about using to get traffic?

  3. Mike Murgash

    just getting started in internet marketing. Would like to sell physical products – cd’s, dvds, phones, electronics. What do you think?? Am I on a profitable track or a dead end?

  4. Dee

    Hi. Thanks for sharing. I am one of your students in Success Anthony, and many many others. I like that you personally make videos for us. And review is the key to learning, no matter how confused I am. I don’t even have a twitter account yet. I’ve been working during all of this social media explosion so I am trying to learn it and then catch up and make affiliate marketing my career. So, any tips? I guess on the twitter account or something? 🙂
    Thanks again. It is reassuring to have your videos. Dee.

  5. DJLadydrummer

    Great information Anthony ! I have used some of these methods, but still getting low conversions. Very targeted methods and I’m sure I’ll get better results as I tweak my landing pages/sites.
    There are lots of people on traffic exchanges and wondered if they are viable TRAFFIC sites. Its not targeted traffic, but seems to be great for Making Money Online prospects and building a list…

  6. James Farley

    Hi Anthony great lesson today! By next week i have posted, shared and tweeted my products, thank you.

  7. joe

    Like the info but it seems you need to spend more money before you can make any. I have started several blogs a website and still haven’t made anythhing. Can you recommend anything for someone with a limited budget?

  8. Denise Johnson

    I am grateful for your teachings. I will be sharing on my Facebook account through my iPhone. In the process of generating funds to turn Internet back on. Thank you for the two lessons I have received. I am excited and know I can and will accomplish and generate traffic. Your instructions are simple and understandable.

  9. Chris Lyans

    Hey Anthony,
    Looking forward to attending 3 day seminar next week. Ready to get my hands dirty.

  10. William Moore

    It it always good each friday to watch your success video’s. I learn a lot
    each week. Please continue with these video’s. Great training this week
    on getting traffic. I will check out the two websites you mentiones. Also
    I do not have a twitter or facebook account at this time. I hope you will still
    consider me for the $1000 contest.

  11. carol kay gardner

    congratulation anthony many thanks for information and want stay with u work team this year again thanks

  12. Garolyn Bowen

    Hi Anthony:

    I attended your three day workshop last weekend and can’t get it out of my mind – you are keeping me up at night 🙂

    I have had a horribly busy week and have only had time to review my seminar notes two times and make a few new notes.

    This morning I opened up My Affiliate Builder for the first time and began watching some of the videos. Watching the one about placing ads on Google using AdWords encouraged me to “get going” because I need traffic to my website(s).

    I think I need to read other stuff before I begin but I do not what that would be. Need to learn about where to make an ad and how to get it linked.

    I enjoyed the video you just sent and it was a good reminder about DirectTV, as this was one of the things foremost on my mind (but I just did not remember what it was).

    Hope you have a blessed day,
    Garolyn Bowen


    Thanks Anthony good info – Gary

    This might be giving something away but the presenters last night put some confidence in actually being shown what to do – especially for the beginners
    (namely me and perhaps some others)

  14. Liliana Parra

    I am still learning from you PMI. But, this video is excellent. I always learn easy from you directly from this videos.
    Thank you, Liliana.

  15. Eddy Mc Locklin

    Hi Anthony, Your lesson on traffic was very informative. I know that it will help me in my business adventure.

  16. Rob

    Thanks Anthony!
    Simple and concise.
    Should help get things on the right track!

  17. Larry Schmitz

    Your training is so helpful. I wish I could absorb it all at once.

  18. Lynda Anthony

    Thanks, for the good information. I am really going to do just what you said.

  19. Steve Acker

    Started with a company who took my money as many have done with empty promises…..

    I started with Anthony and have followed the training and found it to be of substance…..

    This is great information and I will put it to work….. I have some other sites I am developing and I want them to succeed.


  20. Karin

    This is where I start getting a bit overwhelmed. “How am I ever going to be able to do this?” is where my mind goes. I do have a tendency to make everything more complicated than it is… But I’m hoping that through the next seminars everything is going to fall in place.

    Thank you for the seminar, they really help to keep me going.

  21. Alexandra Guano

    Anthony nice information abut traffic I have a lot to learn

  22. Joe

    Very interested…appreciate your hel…never been successful on the internet yet.

  23. Stephen Kingston

    Since I started following your training on the success connection the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together. Thank you Anthony. By the way last nights webinar was great

  24. Eris Steadman

    Priceless information……gotta go back and take some notes….when I write something on paper, I retain it longer. The pieces are slowly coming together about how to generate traffic. Thank you.


  25. rory schumpert

    Hey Anthony:

    I think traffic is important, but, how do you get a affiliate such as Clickbank to see their product.


  26. Terry Smith

    Hey Anthony the webinar was informative last night you have Direct CPV in your swa website as you know I’m a real newbie but I want to learn how to use this ppv or cpv method. Your info is begining to make me see. Thank you Anthony

  27. John Adegboye

    Thanks Anthony for your generosity. You are indeed a good teacher. I have been learning a lot but I need to put the pieces together so that I can have success. Please I need a coach or a guide. How can I get someone to assist? Thank you because I know you will help me.

  28. cheri rogers

    Thanks Athony, I have been following you on these videos for a while now, and starting to pick up little pieces at a time. hopefully this all come together for me.

  29. Dr. Steven C. McNeel

    Dear Anthony,

    I am just starting out in internet business. I plan to focus on real estate investing and affiliate marketing in several areas, for me and dear others around me.

    I really appreciate the way you “actively teach,” much like the way I teach. One quick question: How do I approach a potential affiliate to allow me to place them on my website? I would appreciate some direction, and I remain,

    your most Humble Servant,
    Steven McNeel

  30. Cindy McClure

    I have been “sitting on the fence” for a long time with this material. I have met you at speaking engagements you’ve done in Orlando and bought your books on Internet Marketing. I just can’t seem to put the pieces together, so maybe your weekly videos will boost me into consistent action. I can take it a step at a time. Thank you so much for breaking it down into bite size steps.

  31. Bjarne

    This is probably an exercize in futility for one like me, but I’ll try to stick woth you for as long as possible, part of the reason is due to your up-beat personality. It is infectious.

  32. Carl

    Mr. Anthony, you hit the ball this week just in time for some more spring
    training. Thank you.

  33. Susan Marcoux

    So, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. It’s exactly the kind of ‘hand holding’ that I need. Thank you. I will do the research you suggested and look forward to what’s next and to making this work.

  34. Jacqueline Harmon

    Anthony I learned a lot today about traffic. I still have a lot to learn though.

  35. Marina

    This sounds great if it works! I think I’m loaded with information and don’t know where to start.

  36. David

    Thanks Anthony,
    Another traffic source I have begun using is Pinterest. I didn’t know about, but my knowledge base will expand. This is great information to identify traffic sources as a starting point. However, for most individuals, getting a affiliate offer attached to your traffic should have been explained more clearly. A circle around “Affiliate” under the heading “Mobile”, should have an arrow pointing to your traffic source. This is the concept I get from your book in Chapter 2, page 37, paragraph 2. sub 1-5. I am still learning, so I could be mistaken.

  37. michael yowman

    Anthony the success connection are like a review of what has been forgotten and where to go and get the network ad, thanks for the help.

  38. Sharon Burnett

    Anthony, this has open my eyes even more now that you have explain how to generate the traffic. Thanks I really appreciate this.

  39. Wayne Redman

    Thanks for the tips…anxious to get things moving so I can make some $

  40. Louis Barralon

    I am very interested in this challenge traffic and
    also on free traffic. I have never been successful
    on the internet yet. Because I need money now..

  41. Thomas Myers

    Hi Anthony, just viewed your video, and wanted to know how can I become one of your students in learning AAffiliate Marketing…Is it possible?

  42. Bill Munro


    I always enjoy your Emails & your sharing so much information with us.
    I’ve attended 2 of your Success With Anthony Seminars & this is very good information. I had a severe stroke in 1999 & there are times when I have
    to go over & over the information before it sticks.

    I would like to know Anthony, what an FTB Server is? I asked Aweber & I haven’t heard anything yet. I want to know where I can find the all ready made Autoresponder messages are for my Website. You are the Man Anthony along with Adrian.

  43. Gary Hunt

    I am really greatfull for being on your audio list. I am looking forward to learning all that I can about using the internet to attract a lot of traffic. One suggestion that I would make is that you write websites clearly for us to see when you lead us to them
    Just hearing it does not always lock it into our memory bank
    Thanks, Gary Hunt

  44. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    This was really great and helpful information. I really enjoyed this. Without traffic, you cannot get anywhere and so far I had virtually no traffic. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together but very slowly. I love this. I cannot wait to try it out and see what happens.

    Thanks for making these videos for us and teaching us great tactics.

    Have a great weekend.

  45. Valencia Pointer

    Hey, Anthony

    I am really learning a lot from your program. I believe I am going to make so much money I am looking forward to quitting my day job. My kids and I am anticipating that your program will make us rich. I have not made money online yet, but I am well on my way to making more money than I have ever made. I have faith.

    Thanks, Anthony, you and your team are great!!!!!!!

  46. Jonee

    I viewed the webinar last night that talked about ppv. I understand it a little better but still have a ways to go. I hope to work with a coach. I hope to get to the point, soon, that I can start to make some money. Thanks for your great info. and tips.

  47. Carolina Decorte

    Thanks Anthony,
    Since I started following your training on the success connection the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together. Thank you Anthony. By the way last nights webinar was great!!!!

  48. Sidney Berry

    It a per learned thart a person could put adds on FB yahoo, Bing, Google and most site on the internet.

  49. Victor Adaramola

    Thank you so much for this training, very informative, God bless you, I have being trying to be an internet Marketer for a very long time, but now you are given me the most important tool of the trade.

  50. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…thanks for the information on traffic. I have accounts in Direct CPV, Lead Impact, Twitter, and Facebook. I have done some affiliate ads in Direct CPV and Lead Impact, and received a few conversions. As for Twitter, I am still in the works in getting more followers, and having a little hard time finding what to “tweet” about. And…Facebook…I’m a little intimidated in promoting ads there because am afraid to get shut down. But, I will continue to read their rules and guidelines, as well as your videos to get a better understanding and determination. I can’t wait to learn about building a email list next week!

  51. Brian Cairns

    I think it’s actually ironic that it’s called Success Connection and that’s exactly the actual subject matter starting with traffic and then completing the pieces that make up the actual connection that makes it all work. I find your videos enlightening to say the least so please keep them up.

  52. john jayme

    Very good information. I thought the directcpv was going to be expensive. its something I will need to look over.

  53. LaShaunnC

    Thanks for the info Anthony. Any examples of sample affiliate websites to review?

  54. elmer

    It is true that anybody would like $1000.00. It is also true that if we all pay attention to this and apply what you’re are teaching. We will ALL make more than $1000.00

  55. Carolyn Burkett

    Great info that helps bring everything together. I am looking forward to the next session. Thank you Anthony.


  56. anita

    i’m do all the thing that you’ve said, but it’s hard enough to received by cpa network, and how to pop up the ads on the screen, thanks a lot for everything, you and you’re team is the best team that i’ve ever known who has teach a lot of things to me, GBU all.

  57. Barry Galison

    I found this very interesting and I’m very excited to try to get this going , Thanks Barry

  58. Andrene Miller

    I would like to know about both options of the mobile phone usage

  59. Oleg L

    Thank you for making it simple. What about getting natural traffic on Google using SEO techniques? You did not mention about that. Is it because it is so difficult and it takes time?

  60. Deniece,

    I would like to learn the different steps to drive traffic my way, Anthony thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to learning what I have learning.

  61. John Antaya

    Thank You for sharing your ways of getting traffic. Your explanation made it very easy to understand where you can go to get traffic.


  62. Thomas Morris

    Trust me, its greek to me but I am always paying attention and making something out of this. I love how you are so dedicated to this Anthony….

  63. Heather M

    Thank you for this interesting lesson. I just finished reading (last night) your book Advertising Profits from Home. Hands down the most comprehensive source material of any I’ve read. Finally, after (years) of research into affiliate marketing, I now feel empowered with correct material to take action.
    I only wish I had “stumbled” across your work earlier. It certainly would have saved me something even more important than $$…Time.

  64. janet

    Anthony i just need your help in getting started please call or email me your email 916-470-6564

  65. Carmen

    I listen to all of the emails and I still don’t know where to start.

  66. Patrick Miller

    Great information – a lot of options to check out! Time to get to work on it!

  67. Jan-Inge

    Hey Anthony,
    Thank you for making the info so simple. Do you use solo ads and how about youtube? I will give CPV a try, first do some research on it.
    See you next week, take good care!

  68. Charlene Knight

    Took notes. Waiting for your DVD to arrive, 4 day shipping. Should be Monday, the 18th. Never seem to make the hour on Thursdays. But I manage to you. So many interruptions I get.. Each time I come back the number of replys has grown. Catch ya next time.

  69. Marc D Dagbovi

    Hi Anthony

    This video about the universal cycle of Traffic with pertinent sources is the most explicit I’ve ever watched. From here you know what steps to take to get abundant traffic to convert to customers. Thank you, Anthony. I eagerly await the next session.

  70. Mary

    Thank You again for you all that you do in helping us with our dreams

    🙂 mary

  71. Doris Blakeney

    This video was educational and very helpful. I learned something new about traffic. Thank you.

  72. Sylvia

    Thank you for the information Anthony. I will be doing my research and I can’t wait for next weeks tips…

  73. mingo

    I am scheduled to attend 3 day mentoring and I expect to walk away with a better understanding of affiliate marketing.Some day this will all come together for me.Your enthusiasm and desire to really want to help each and everyone of us to be successful is inspiring.Thank you and I am really excited about meeting you and your affiliate family.

  74. Naushad

    I am a 60-year-old looking up ways of generating income through the internet, landed on your website. I have listened to your video and hope to continue doing so until I fully understand the way it works. Thank you.

  75. Caroline Pepa

    I really enjoy these videos; helps to see/hear ideas that will help our business grow.

  76. Pam

    I am a student of your. PPV vs PPC. With the cost of both being as little as a penny. Does one generate more then the other, to help conver? I have been using the PPC.

  77. Lyle

    Hey Anthony thank you for your help with traffic. Do you have any advice on how to correctly develop a CPV ad? I don’t seem to find anything other than the max size of 800 X 600. Any help is apprecited.

  78. Larry McKay

    I’m new to Internet marketing…glad to the basics being taught.

  79. Fern

    I enjoyed listening, however I need help getting started. If there is anyone in my area who can help me get started.

  80. Roberta

    Good info. I would like to know more about Direct CPV and Lead Impact.

  81. Maurice Tuck

    Hello Anthony,

    Thanks for the value in what you spoke of today. As always, I look forward to anything I can get my hands on. Thank you for providing the training and tips that you teach us.

  82. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    Great lesson. The PPV information is great but when it comes to bing and yahoo what do you look for. I ask this question because I do not know due to being a newbie. Could you show the process of using facebook or another site to advertise a product. Not sure of what else to ask at the moment.
    Thank you for this lesson.

  83. Keith Dansie

    Thanks for the info. Do you need a pay-pal account to get started on getting your list together?

  84. candice leu

    Thank you for the seminar, they really help to keep me going.
    I went into DirectCPV, Leadimpact, tweets, facebook, Yahoo Bing.
    I know that I will need your instructions to know how to get the traffics from them in the first step on the internet money. Thanks

  85. Minnie M Springs

    I want to learn as much as I can but I still don’t know where to get started on my computer please tell me where to go .. Minnie

  86. Earl Brown

    Thanks for the excellent information. I will continue to follow your tutorial on internet marketing.

  87. Joann

    Great information! Excited about the training. I want to learn as much as I can. Thank you

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    Thanks, as always for you sharing your internet expertise with your followers. It is highly appreciated, from me to a lot more people who are listening to your valuable information, that you share for free! May GOD continue to BLESS you with your good intentions.

  89. Betty H

    I have been watching your videos – actually, just getting started – and find them most informative. Just watched Visualization and it rang a bell because I realized a few years ago that the main reason that I have had problems in the past with things like home decorating, drawing, etc (many things that I am interested in but not as successful as I would like to be) is that I have trouble with visualization. I just don’t seem to be able to visualize things. Is there a way to train yourself to visualize things? Once I see something, I can say “That’s it!” “That looks good” or “that’s terrible” but until I actually see it or know it, I am stumped. I would think that someone who is able to visualize things probably can’t understand what I am talking about. Or am I trying to go too deep? I know what I want but can’t visualize.

  90. Ed

    How would you market with twitter and how many times would you tweet in a month, the item you’re marketing. I am really looking forward to learning a bit about building the list (that part scares me).
    Thanks for the info on how to get traffic quickly.

  91. Betty H

    I had looked into mobile apps a while ago. That involved actually going door to door selling apps and I don’t think that is what you are referring to. There is no doubt that it is a fast growing medium and I am open to more training on it, both text and ads and then can possibly consider it. I’m not that into texting but the way things are going, I can see I had better get into it just for my family’s sake!!!!

  92. george

    Thank you so much for your help. I am still with you and making a valiant effort to make this work this time. I have the uplink site on direct cpv, and google, and am curious about how many vews I should send out to get an action for my e-mail list or better yet a conversion. I would also like to know you affiliate promotion link as I would like to promote you and your product as well.

  93. Bill Munro


    I always look forward to your Emails, because there’s always something
    new. I am definitely looking into PPV. I am curious, you mention that we
    should start out about $5 per day. However, how many days should we
    actually pay for?


    Bill Munro

  94. Faith Love

    I’ve learned that you can generate money just by advertising on different sites. It may not be able to work the first few times, or even a few hundred sites you put the ads on, but generally if I were to do this, I would be putting different ads online, which can potentially generate traffic, and the more traffic, the more likely the site is gonna be recognized by sites like Google, or Yahoo. It doesn’t sound too hard..

  95. David

    Hi Anthony
    Hay this looks like a nice and simple traffic funnel that we can replicate as newbees, and have alot of success with.


  96. Mary Folkerts

    Hi Anthony, I have read your book and from watching this vidoe It is my opininon that you would still make a great Doctor, yes I want to know If I need my own website to be effective at Affiliate Marketing?

  97. Corky

    Great start to what’s going to be important and reliable training. Sorry wife and I cancelled Highland, Ca. meeting. Got too busy.

  98. haydn hughes bowen

    i certainly admire you anthony you do have awonderful way with words and it comes so easily and i am beginning to understand the programme looking for ward to next week haydn hughes bowen

  99. Tino Villalovas

    good info but will probably have to watch it again to really get it

  100. Sharon F

    I knew about Facebook ad, but never knew about promoted posts. It sounds like a great way to get traffic

  101. Emma

    Such a wealth of information. Sometimes overwhleming.I am tryoing to stay focus because I get bombarded with other network marketers all tying to sell me their wares. Thanks for your emails. I look foward to them.

  102. Michael

    I have in and out of the business and the information that you are giving is awesome. I still a little confused on were to get started first!

  103. Don


    This is very very interesting, I need all the help I can get. I got 2 of your books
    and tried to do it. I learned that I need a lot of help. I will be here.

  104. Rute Radzwich

    Hi, Anthony:

    I am really far from get started, but I am driven and eager to learn…
    I find your videos very helpful and I will continue to to watch the
    following the next series of video training… Thanks,

  105. Trevor Wilson

    Hey Anthony, getting a ton from your videos, keep sending ’em..!

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    Anthony how do I in cooperate all of this in my present website to start making money with my present site? with the Success with Anthony Program.

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    Hi Anthony I am now finally getting the big picture on how to generate traffic .
    I am loooking forward for next week’s connection

  108. Shirley Lawrence

    This sounds exciting! Can’t wait to see what you have to teach us!

  109. Marc Montaniel

    Now that I have a good overview of email marketing, I’d like to know more about the nuts and bolts of this alternative way of making money from the internet in the coming weeks.

  110. M. A. Allen

    These methods do work to get you great list that will work for you.
    Thanks M.A. Allen

  111. Deniece

    I have cpv dominaton is that something that I can use that will generate alot of of paying traffic for me?

  112. Kate Cardwell

    Am studying and learning as much as I can before starting! Thank you for the encouragement! terms I am becoming familiar with.

  113. Gary Hunt

    It is so exciting that you are sharing steps to help all of us to be moreproficient at using the internet and social media to build our network of traffic. I look forward to next week’s training. Thanks so much.

  114. Patricia

    Thanks Anthony for keeping us current. I appreciate you giving us some incentive’s to keep engaging.

  115. Eileen Vacirca

    Hi Anthony – What’s the difference between direct cpv and lead impact. Is it two different methods to accomplish PPV or is it just that it’s two different networks you use to do this form of advertising?? My coach had me access Mobooka, but i dont like Mobooka and I will tell him later today when he calls.
    Also, I don’t remember learning about promoted posts in all the material I’ve gone through so far. I went through the 8 DVD’s you get after you go to the three day class, the marketing training on myaffiliate builder, the 7 teleconference trainings and all your video blogs. Can you explain a little about the promoted posts. Thanks.

  116. Brandon Spence

    im struggling a little bit, trying to get jump started with my business… im trying to set up webforms and set up templates, but if i make a typo on either one im not sure how to fix it without starting over…and i know videos can make an offer stand out and catch the buyers attention, but again im not exactly sure how to get the ball rolling -step by step… just need a small nudge in the right direction…

  117. Carol J Braun

    currently cannot use the internet for webinar, but I phoned in and it was great, I will continue to listen and get more great info on the 21st. Thanks again..

  118. mingo

    .I like and appreciate your active hands on approach that allows your students to learn and grow.I am enjoying the lessons and someday it will all come together.Deep down I am really excited even though I know it will take hard work and dedication.

  119. Julie Mapp

    I am beginning to have a better idea of how this actually might work.

  120. Mardi Blackshire

    Thanks Anthony I love the success connection these little nuggets really helps. I am really looking forward to the section on List building have not had much success on that one and need all the help I can get!!!

    Be Blessed!


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    Kong Sourivong

  122. Shaketa Stevenson

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    Cool notions of connecting and accumulating a steadfast traffic medium. I’m not too keen on social media strategies, just yet; although, I was quite fond of how yourself and Adrian put together the step-by-step webinar feedback. Gathering knowledge, strategies and research is awesome; although, I wish I could apply these methods and make some cash profits. Objectively, starting with the most economical resources is a good way of testing promotions and conversion potential, so way to go, with prompting PPV traffic. You’re teaching, I’m learning and I look forward to participating and accomplishing goals while we share success connection feedback.

    Thanks in Advance,

  123. Cindy

    Anthony, I really like the way you set this up on your whiteboard! The “cycle” is so easy to understand and follow. I also really like the way you give us websites to visit for our traffic sources. That makes it so easy and convenient as well. Thanks so much again for your willingness to share your wealth of knowledge with us!

  124. Glenda Galindo

    Love hearing what works for you, Still trying to sort this all out. Will join you on webinars on thursdays. Your CPV software looks awesome. I hope to have it one day! Thank you for your teaching and interest in your students.

  125. Derrick Brown

    This is my first time looking at this. I must say I have collected all of your emails but have never done anything with them. Today I made the decision to act because of financial issues. I will be going back over all of your emails everyday to learn this process. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


  126. Linda Smith

    Hey Anthony. I’m watching.

    I’m late. I’ve had to purchase a new computer, work with an I-Tech guy to get all my programs loaded on and I’ve gotten behind in the webinars and online education.

  127. Brian Dalton

    Again a great presentation. I can’t wait to get all the pieces and put them together. I am trying my best to understand the concepts presented, but I think that I go into information overload at times and get bogged down. I need to look at it in smaller steps or pieces as you have said in the past, and build on that as I go.

    now onto the next lesson

  128. Robin Harris

    What was really great about this training is that you gave several different sources for generating traffic and not just Facebook. I have not used Facebook and so do not have a group built to market to, nor am I super thrilled with marketing only to family or close friends. Good job!

  129. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Thanks Anthony!!! I have not tried yet but you know that the dots are starting to connect now. This is very helpful and I cannot wait to get started. I know this will lead to my success. When all the lessons are complete, I can just do all the steps, one by one

    I am so excited!!! I am convinced this will work for me!!

    God Bless you Anthony!!

    I can’t wait to start creating my list and first and far most my ad.

  130. James Waters

    Thank you for your lesson on traffic. It’s good to learn all the different ways to generate traffic.

  131. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    I appreciated this video because it helped get me focused on the first step of affiliate marketing . . . traffic sources. I have been doing this off and on but over the last few months it hasn’t been a very focused part of my life. Health issues have interrupted my business.

    I needed the reminders you mentioned here. I especially appreciated your candid remarks about Yahoo and Bing being less expensive than Google. I have not tried either as a traffic source. I plan to concentrate next week on educating myself in those two sources.

    You did a great job with this lesson. It was very straight forward and easy to understand. One question I had: What is the difference between promoted FB posts and paid FB ads? That is something else I will look into and try to learn more about this week.

    I am praying that we will have no more serious health issues in our family for awhile. I am eager to get back to working on my website and blog and learning more ways to make money through affiliate marketing.

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