1. emma

    This video was great.I am not working at this time and working on line is what im interesting in doing.Im the most wanting to learn about blogs.please more information.

  2. Leni

    I am starting to follow you and very much interested in your program’s. Something i dont understand, is it promoting niche’s like dating etc on the net or am i to start up my own?

    Please help

  3. michael shuttlesworth

    Anthony, good stuff! But what i would like to learn is ok, you have the what? How do you advertise, where? Do you need a website? Is this something you have to do through clickbank or some other source?
    Is there a step by step blueprint or software that helps?
    Thanks again..take care!

  4. Susan Marcoux

    That was helpful. There were 2 of those I hadn’t considered yet.

    I really got a lot out of the last 2 webinars (you did with Tim) but,
    for some reason, I never get a chat box on the webinars. Do you have any idea why not and, do you know how I can rectify that?

  5. Chris Nweke

    Hi Anthony; I love the four niches for profit you commented on. I will like to concentrate on weight loss. But I don’t know how to come about it as I have no idea about affiliate marketing how to start making money online for the first time. I am still learning from you. I cannot take action because I have not be able to purchase your beginner’s program. Where I have to learn how to build lists and send email that can lead to profit. This is what I want to learn the step by step it takes to be successful. I need help from you, my personal effort is taking long to yield the need results I expect. God bless you for the time you devoted to me.

  6. Ken Nixon

    I have both books, Avertising profits from home and The hidden millionare, I am looking for some free way to make some money with my click bank account…out of all of the people who teach affiliate marketing i find Anthony Morrison be the best….

  7. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…I think it is important to have a niche in affiliate marketing. From the classes I attended from Level 1-3, I’ve learned that it is best to promote offers that I have knowledge on. I have a niche in eating and being healthy, which is a sub-category of weight loss. I chose this niche because I am in the food service industry, and just recently have lost weight by eating healthy foods. However, I am having a little hard time finding offers I like to promote. At the meantime, I am also promoting dating offers in different traffic source, and received a few conversions.

  8. Terry Barfield

    I would like to know more about finding the sub-niches within the major niches mentioned in this presentation.
    I’m new to affiliate/internet marketing and need all the help I can get.
    Thanks for your insight.

    With Kindest Regards,

    Terry Barfield

  9. john jayme

    Thanks for the reminder.I had forgotten about education. Keep it coming buddy. Thanks

  10. colleen

    This was a wonderful class today about niches. Wish you would go into these types of things like how to get a niche as one own pages.

  11. Joseph E. Weeden III

    Once again, I really APPRECIATE and ENJOY, the information that you provide. THANK YOU!!

    Unless you have already done it, something that I would like you to do, is to show “HOW” to use ALL of the “DIFFERENT” Products and/or Services, that you OFFER together, for example, If you have the “CPV DOMINATION” Software, how (if at all) can you use that with the “FAST TRACK SNIPER”, with the 5 FREE FULLY OPTIMIZED MONEYSITES, or how can you use it with the “Free Website with the Free Hosting” that you get, if you Purchased your Book “AUTOMATED PROFITS FROM HOME”, and ANY OTHER items, that one may purchase to go into their “INTERNET MARKETING, and AFFILIATE MARKETING” TOOL BELTS. Sort of a “Connect The Dots”, for ALL of the “Different ITEMS that YOU have to offer!! I would say the same for “Products and/or Services” that Adrian provides, as well.

  12. Bonna Loewe

    Thanks for the info. I know I heard it before but this time I plan to put it to work. I simply must make money to have a normal life!

  13. K. K. Kumaroo

    #157 – Niche Profits – Education is the best Niche of all – weight loss, dating, credit etc. are not niches of importance if you are educated…..

  14. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, thanks for the information about those niches. I just need to take action like you are teaching me. I am still reading your book and it is more clear of what I need to be doing.Thanks Anthony! GOD BLESS YOU!–Luis,

  15. Larry Schmitz

    I am having trouble sticking to a niche. My main interest is photography and I have thought about partnering with a professional photography instructor to develop that niche, but that is a slow process for making money so I have been putting it off until I start making money from other avenues. Excited to work on the Auto Traffic Accelerator. I really appreciate all the effort you put in to trying to teach me to be successful.

  16. John Antaya

    Hi Anthony
    Thanks for the 4 categories to look into. For some reason I actually thought that there was another category involved also. Yes! there are a lot of possible niches within those 4 categories and Thank You for sharing them with us.


  17. Al Liufau

    I appreciate your talking on niches. I am biginning to see the light. I am very new at it. Please help me to find the websites I am supposed to be connected to. Please HELP.

  18. frank senner

    i like the information about niches.can you give more information concerning niches? thank you!

  19. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    This is so cool and awesome. I am still struggling to get started with one of so many niches. My favorite would be weight loss and education. That is what I would like to get into. Weight loss is really huge and so is education. I could put my emphasis on the weight watcher’s program and exercising. As far as education, I could focus on the arts or learning about what IT is all about.
    I would like to learn the profit cycle again or more about it. I want to try again and maybe try different sites that you suggested to get started.

    Thank you and have a good weekend.

  20. Sheela Kalawar

    I have recently joined SWA. I would like some help on getting membership into some CPA networks.

  21. Susan Robertson

    Thanks, Anthony! I look forward to the encouragement and tips you offer in this “connection”. While I have gotten a number of repeats, that reinforcement never hurts, either. Thanks you again, and I look forward to more!

  22. John Holley Sr

    Hi; Anthony your up dates & infomation is always welcome. I for one thank you very much. You don’t find what you do for your students often, thank you again. Keep them coming.

  23. Glen Jones

    Knowing the top Niches is important and helps narrow down soooo many other Niches out there. Success connection provides the insight from a guy that we can trust and rely on to keep learning the ins and outs of internet investing.

    Take Care!

    Glen Jones Jr

  24. Wanda Money

    With myself, and all the other newbies; we all need to know every step paint by number directions.
    In other words; teach whatever comes to mind that you think we need at this specific time. Just remember what you were interested in learning when you first started out.
    Thank you for your time in our success!!!

  25. Linda Kimsey

    Enjoy these teaching videos and profits are always a great topic.

  26. Deniece

    I appreciate the pointer about niches. Please have another teaching session about profits. I need help on how to drive traffic might way,and what tools are useful.

  27. Steve

    Thanks Again. A Profit Cycle would be great. Please focus on how to get Conversions.

  28. vincent

    thanks for the info. good teaching. this is my hangup don’t know which niche to select. likwe more training

  29. anthony tennis

    I always enjoy your lessons. I grewup in an advertising atmosphere. My father was a commercial artist. He always said the money is in advertising. Everybody who has a business need advertising, advertising, and more advertising. I wish you would fly to me and get me going in the right direction. Like you have done for people on your commercials. or videos.

    Best wishes,
    Anthony Tennis

  30. Susan

    I am a real beginner and I would love to start an affiliate business. I am stumped when people talk about how easy it is.

    “All you have to do is put your URL into the blank and off you go!!”

    How do I get the URL? I understand it is an address. But an address to what? My web site or the business that I want to become an affiliate or where.

    Thanks for your help

  31. Patricia

    Thanks Anthony, I had been thinking about the very subject. Thank you for bring out this topic of finding the right niche. Patricia

  32. Betty H

    I haven’t been on any of your webinars yet that I haven’t learned something. Niche picking has been my big stumbling block and I think you have just made the light bulb go off! Thanks Anthony. I look forward to all of your webinars and learning sites.

  33. Danielle

    Hi Anthony I actually like your idea of a cycle, but starting at the niche ideas then going to the next step, finding an affil. network, next step your ad or whatever just to help us beginners out with the process. That was helpful with the niches this week. thanks again

  34. Shane G.

    Thanks Anthony, this information will definitely help me when I start my online business

  35. Ben Benson

    Great suggestion, however, I just can’t seem to be able to off square one in getting my business up and running. I know what niches I would like to get into but what next? Any suggestion as to where to start? Looking forward to your response!


    Ben Benson

  36. Shawn

    Hello Anthony, teaching the mechanics of finding and placing an offer on your website, then using Fast Traffic Sniper 2.0 to drive traffic to that website would be nice. Then some can rinse and repeat all day, if the have the drive to. Thank You Anthony.

    Mr. Shawn Floyd

    P.S. Do you know when Tim will contact me about winning the prize of $750 from the last webinar? I need that money like the Earth needs Sunshine. Man, I wish it was the 10K you gave away, but I am still grateful Anthony.

  37. Robert


    I would like to see more detail on how to get these websites up and running. I purchase your program about a year ago and wasn’t able to get going on it. Today I am much more into it. I have my website up and running but no traffic. I would like to learn more on the traffic but honestly I would rather know more on how to find and implement affiliated offers once you have your list started. That would be a big help.

    Thank you

  38. Sandra Fallon

    Thank you Anthony, good information to know. The “profit cycle” tutorials would be very much appreciated. Also, more information on “How to get the websites up and running” would be great, some special tips and tricks. 🙂

  39. Bill Munro


    You are doing an excellent job. These categories are excellent, and of course there are many subcategories that you can target in on. I would
    like to see another angle to the Profit Cycle.

    To Everyone’s Success,

    Bill Munro

  40. percy lee parham junior

    of course we like you,and your enthusiam and dedication for keeping us motvated.believe me personally i get all kinds of ideas from what you present ….thanks

  41. Susan Marcoux

    All good stuff. I’ve been putting some of what you/Tim shared on the last few webinars to use. Am anxiously awaiting results as I’m sure they will be forthcoming. thanks, sue

  42. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,

    Thank you for your helpfull lesson about niches. I haven’t been able to focus
    on any good niches to even start the website. I need a help from one of your coaches to guide me through the process. with big hope, Kaz

  43. traxxis/jimmie

    Thanks for the info. I have 5 niche sites but none on education or dateing,, This helps me look at more ways to earn . Well at least more of a way to add more to my sites again thanks //traxxis/jimmie

  44. Tulia

    Thanks for all that information . I wish you can have all that in Spanish

  45. Luis Cordova

    Hello Anthony, Thank you for the good advice I think I will start with weight loss but I am open to other affiliate programs as well.

  46. Halldora Burden

    I don’t get to hear the hole tape in full it is chopped up I hear it in short sacmets that is not good for me it may be my computer or internet server I have I have ben so frustrated with this I was hoping that you had it on tape thank you Betty

  47. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    That information is actually precious. Thank you Anthony for everything!

  48. Al Howard

    Go to get that website up soon Anthony I just wanted to say that I found your video message instructive and I appreciate the information.

  49. Kate Cardwell

    Getting a good picture -Thanks!….for the hard learned info…

  50. Aaron Duncklee

    This is my third year following you, I’ve tried everything CPC ppv CPA CPM and this year I finally got my first clickbank check, it was only $46 but it was still pretty cool. When I say 3 years I mean dozens of hours per week, every week. Now I’ve got about 40 domain names, I’ve built many websites with WordPress,(which is a great way to do it) but if I were to give some advice to the newbies out there, I would say, pick your niche then nail down one product in that niche to start with, after you decide how your going to send traffic, focus all your energy on getting more traffic, then study your traffic to find out more about them, then work on converting the traffic. In other words “stick with a plan, focus your energy on 1 product. Don’t get sidetracked with the next big product launch promoting a 3-clicks=$5000 per/day system, because They Don’t Work!! Follow Anthony, implement his techniques, don’t loose sight of your goals!

  51. Beth Cabral

    I would like to learn how to create and place an ad to pop up in front of another person’s ad with your youtube scraper.

  52. Joyce Knake

    People are always looking for the GOLDEN NICHE. I think that we miss the forest while looking for the trees. I find that things that are happening in my life are bringing me a lot of ideas for good niches. Things that are happening to me, products that I buy. Check the forums and see how popular “your niche” is. That’s a real good start as to whether you should continue along those lines.

  53. Garolyn Bowen

    As I began looking for campaigns I wanted to promote the educational ones were of great interest to me. Even though I am still reading my PMI lessons and have just last week began my first three campaigns, I have several educational campaigns ready to go. One is learning to play the guitar, another is learning to sing. The third one I really like is the anatomy online course which may be the first campaign I put up on Bing.

    This video where you said educational was one of the top four best choices has encouraged me to get going, get the anatomy course up and running and begin looking for even more educational online courses.

    Thanks, Anthony!

  54. Joe Bosch

    Thanks for the niche focus on where the market is. This is something I have needed. NOW, how do we get visitors to our site? If there are no visitors then we have a dead site that not only isn’t seen but generates no revenue.

    Will do some serious thinking on all of them to see what I can come up with.


  55. El Dee James

    Anthony I always learn something by watching your stuff. You are a great teacher. Thank You so much.

  56. Cecilia

    Thank you Anthony, Niche selection is super important. Please continue with the Success Connection.
    Thank you.

  57. Carol

    I have several million possible visitors but how do I get them to buy? I have 3 ads for the same item. Checking them out.-on cake decorating. Thanks for the top Niches! I always wondered what they were. Keep it up so interesting!

  58. Steve

    I was one whom was not ready in Oct 2012, when my wife and I went to one of your Training Seminars in Omaha Nebraska. My family and I was going through a job transfer, as we have recently moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I will retire from Social Security and work full-time from home on internet marketing. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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