1. John

    I am very interested in learning a lot more!

    I am looking forward to finding out more about it!

    Can’t wait for next week to hear more!

  2. Mike

    Hey Anthony,
    Yes, Yes, Yes That sounds like something that mite work.

  3. Karen

    Yes! I am excited to know more, work with you, Learn from you & make money with you ~
    Lets do this!

  4. Laurier Pelletier

    I am interested and very excited for more information. Can’t wait to get more information.

  5. Roni Link

    I am very interested. I have been looking for years for ways to make money via the internet. I know it exists…..and I want to be a part of it.

  6. Dianne Yeager

    Absolutely! This may be the opportunity that I have been looking for.

  7. Sharron Hudgins

    Yes, I am very interested. I have been following you for a long time and I believe in your work. I am looking forward to learning more. This is very exciting!

  8. Julia

    I am interested. A newbie to your world. but interested in learning all I can and experiencing everything.

  9. Jim Long

    Very interested, Anthony!

    Always looking for a new opportunity, especially with someone such as yourself who is willing to share their established project.

  10. Barbara (Yorch) Strong

    I am attending Adrian’s seminar this weekend in Phoenix. Hope you will be there.
    Barbara Strong

  11. Laurie

    Firstly, Congratulations Anthony! I have been following u since 2011 and still pecking away at things with some progress! But I think that its cool that you are able to utilize your own products in such a way that your students have a opportunity to prosper as well! Kinda like payin’ it forward per say! Good for you and good for others! Definitely will be jazzed to hear about this adventure as I will quietly sit back and soak it all in!

  12. Irene Wolfe

    I am ready to try anything. Maybe this will jump start me. It is so hrd to get started right.

  13. John Dull

    I am always interested in your offers. anyone who recognizes your name, knows how good you are at marketing. I want to know more about this new offer. Thanks!

  14. Steve

    Yes Anthony!
    I would like to be one of your affiliates. I believe you teach wholesome,honest approaches to internet marketing. I feel confident in recommending your moral approaches to anyone.

  15. Amr Mansour

    Brilliant idea, I see it a win-win opportunity. Looking forward to joining.

  16. Eddy Mc Locklin

    I am very Interested in learnig more . Thank you for sharing this information with me!

  17. joseph oni

    Thank you Mr Anthony am interested in reselling your products to start getting something from my investment.
    pls list me as one of your affiliate members

  18. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    I am very interested and excited about this because I tried to sell my own product but nothing seems to work for me .

    I will be back next week to hear about this.

    See you next week!!!

  19. Brian

    yes,I will be here because i am trying to learn about doing that type of affiliate selling so that will help alot.

  20. Jane

    Hi Anthony…Yes, I am very interested in your product! I can’t wait to find out what it is.

  21. Sandi Warmbrand

    I would be very interested in getting more information on promoting your product. Looking forward to next week and more details.

  22. Audrey Errickson

    Another GREAT idea! I’m in and want to learn more!
    Thank you

  23. Sheila

    I am looking forward to the next session. Sounds awesome. I am glad to be apart of the great opportunity.

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