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Well I have just arrived home from the first 3 weeks of the 2008 tour. During the last three weeks I found myself in the wonderful city of Phoenix, Arizona right near the stadium the superbowl was just played in last night! The city was great and the people were extremely warm and friendly. I think I have some students there that are going to be very successful utilizing what I taught them during our training sessions. I also found myself visiting Sacramento, California and Tucson, Arizona in January. I must say that being out west was extremely entertaining and educational. The landscape is just so amazing. To wake up in the morning and see mountains is certainly something I envy of everyone living in those areas. With all of that said the 2008 tour has officially started and I am extremely excited about the areas ill be visiting this year. As always I have enjoyed the people I’ve met, and I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge with them each and every week.
In other news I have been asked to host my own Talk Radio Show by a company that saw our tv show while we were out west last month. I think this will provide a wonderful opportunity for me to teach millions of people at one time. I have been given complete control over the content and creativity of my radio show. This means I can speak about many things related to business and making money, as well as motivational and inspirational content. I am excited and I will certainly let everyone know when the deal is finalized and the show is ready to air!

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