Weekly Blog #10: Anthony Morrison Continues His Giveaway & Wants Your Questions

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Anthony Morrison has decided to give away, completely free, a new guide he wrote on maximizing your ROI with Google AdWords. In order to figure out how to get your copy sent straight to your email box simply watch the video right now!

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Don’t forget! Anthony wants to answer your questions about Internet Marketing, Making Money Online, Working From Home, Domain Name Investing, Affiliate Marketing, e-Commerce, Freelancing and more! To ask your question simply click “comment” right below and leave your questions for Anthony.


  1. Karen Hull

    Hello Anthony
    I ordered your book Advertising profits from home and have read some of so far. I think that your book and you are very knowledgable and will help me in my new journey into advertising. I am also interested in using expert advisors to help me set up accounts little later after I finish book and use your information. I am going to visit your site every monday and apply what I learn. you have me motovated to profit.

  2. gina

    Do you have any information about how to start selling my great food on the internet?, and also I have 2 great inventions and 1 book, Thank You sooo much

  3. Cherie

    I’m reading this book. I have not finished it yet, but i think it sounds like something that will work. Thanks Cherie

  4. Marie Toussaint

    Hi Anthony:

    My question is: What are the keys to follow to make profit from affliate marketing on the Internet?

  5. c smith

    I am interested in your advertising strategies and think that you may have some cutting edge insights into internt sales.

    C smith

  6. Maritza

    I still reading the book and realy inspired me, but I would like to know if I want to do my marketing in Spanish that will be possible. That will be so fenomenon because i will have both English and Spanish. Thank you

  7. Joe David

    Great book, well written, very informative. I appreciate Anthony’s enthusiasm and positive attitude and predict he will be one of the leading on-line marketing “guru’s” and instructors for the next decade. I look forward to reading more of his books.

  8. B Langston

    I think you are amazing wow. I don’t have your Book yet and would like to get one ASAP. I really want to learn of your techniques and how to make money. What website do I go to for the google ad words? Thanks

  9. George

    Hi Anthony
    I am halfway through your book. I am also viewing your special Mastery level education DVD’s as well as the books that came with them. a lot to absorbe and understand. but one thing I would like to mention is that the combination of DVD’s and the written instructions made the information and the techniques a lot more easier to understand.
    I am so exited and I can’t wait to get started implementing what I have learned.
    I also appretiate all the e-mails of encouragement you are sending me on a daily basis. thanks

  10. Larry

    I read your book “Advertising Profits From Home” in 2 days, because I loved it so much. I am a web designer and I am already putting the knowledge in your book to good use. The one thing I don’t really understand how to get into at this point is domain name investing. How is it possible to still get into domain name investing since so many others have already bought up all the good domain names? I’m not so sure I completely understand the concept.


  11. Lynda in Kissimmee Florida

    Today: 12/28/2009 – Tues 5am/EST

    Season Greetings & Happy Birthday

    Just got aboard Affiliate Maketing Oct’2009.

    Thanks for all your info, Its a ton of stuff I can’t take in fast enough, but you & your associates [like Success Mktg Coaches, The Tax Club, Etc]
    keep me busy. I’ve been trying to start a home business for yrs & all ventures took my money. Abandoned with NO guidence, help or direction, I’m currently working a F/T job I hate that could end tomorrrow.
    My situation is despirate & cannot undergo another CRASH & BURN.

    Your videos are inspiring & keep me feeling like I’m connected to something positive that WILL get me were I NEED to be. I’m very greatful.

    I want to take you up on acceptance of your free ‘Ad Words-Guide Book’
    since I haven’t had any success with mine on the yahoo advertising site.

  12. Paul

    Hi Anthony,

    I read your book ,and i like the way you put it together. I’m new at this,and don’t know how to put it to together. Please teach me.

  13. Marlon V Garcia

    It is nice to be a part of your successful project Antony, It is a such great way for success for 2010, I like it. I have walked with you by doing and apply you knowledge, however for me it is not enough. I need more, more and more! You know conformity is not great word. As Thomas Jefferson had said “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” … in other word’s as E. Hubbard stated, “A failure is a man who has blundered, but is not able to cash in on the experience”
    So I am going to continue watching your movement, and paying attention to your steps during next year, by the way have a wonderful 2010.!!!!!!

    Marlon V Garcia

  14. Candy

    I have been striving to learn internet marketing for about 3 yrs and have not been successful though spending several thousand dollars on courses. What is the fastest, easiest, mostly free, non-technical way to make money online? If you were to start from scratch with no money to invest and little technical knowledge, what would you do?

    How to do internet marketing for a mlm that is a publicly traded company so is very restrictive of what I can do in advertising online and offline. I can’t use any of the keywords that would be connected to the company/product.

    How to write good copy to convert lists to sales?

  15. Carolyn A. Johnson

    Dear Anthony:

    I am a stay-at-home housewife, semi-retired. On Tuesday, I typed up a beautiful critique concerning your book, “Advertising Profits From Home”. When I got ready to submit my comments, the response that I received said that I was not authorized to make a comment on your blog page! Imagine my surprise!

    I decided to give it another 24 hours, and here I am again attempting to share my comments with you. First of all, this is a Godsend! I want to thank you for writing this book, and for having a heart as big as “Texas”!

    When I received your book back in the latter part of October, I read it cover to cover. It took me all but two days to read the whole book, and believe you me, that was a first for me, as I happen to be a very slow reader! Presently, I am reading your book again, this time, a little slower, and I am working with page #43, which covers the other network marketing sites that you have listed.

    Your book offers easy to understand, complete, precise instructions that I can fully understand. I also have watched all of your training videos, and I can certainly appreciate the wealth of information that you are trying to share with the American public.

    After the first of January, I plan to order your latest book, “The Hidden Millionaire”. Thanks again, Anthony, for all that you are doing and I wish you and yours much, much success!

    Carolyn Johnson

  16. Edward Reynolds

    Hi Anthony, I would enjoy seeing you speak live. Who knows? Coming in as a relative newcomer, I personally have to have to take the time to organize my work area and then hand in hand get a strong mental focus. I ‘m not going to lie and say I want to be rich yesterday, but I like your concept of ” baby steps ” because you will also get a sense of self satisfaction inside yourself. Kindest Regards, Eddie

  17. luisteq

    Mainly thank you for being so enthusistic and keep us all motivated by taking the time to send all of those encouraging e-mails on a regular basis.

    I got your book on february and almost done with it, have plenty of questions since I’m totally new at this and right now I’m seeing tons of info in front of me. Feel a little cofused but motivated enough to keep up.

    I’m watching all your weekly video blogs and just now March 10/2010 at 11:43 p.m PT I stopped in video No.10 from dec 14/09 to drop my comment, and let you know that I’m really interested in your Google Ewords E-book. (hope it’s not too late to get it.

    Anyways, what would be the three very basic “baby steps” for a person like me dealing with: 1. Language., 2., typing with 2 fingers (which is fun) and 3., trying to understand everything about internet, keywords and abrev.

    What is a LANDING PAGE?, how doyou set it up? and how does it work?.

    Thank you for being such an encouraging person and I hope to become part of this great family

  18. Marlon V Garcia

    Thanks Anthony, I Don’t forget the first time that i meet
    you personally and frankly, I know for sure that Anthony you are an
    awesome business man and I got a picture of you with me in the
    first page of my website, therefore i wants to answer your
    questions about your Internet Marketing guide, and let me start it
    by saying this: there are lots of”gurus” on the internet, but
    talking about Making Money Online you are a real and living proof
    that, it is real and possible, and the best of all is that I could
    be make this from the comfort of my own home, just like doing any
    other easy work from Home stuff. I admire you capacity to transfer
    you knowledge to others is amazing, in fact the strategy that you
    show to us in the Internet Marketing guide reveal a great and
    useful information, just like how to flip Domain Names and how to
    Invest on is great, and Anthony, you are an awesome teacher.
    Honestly I freely recommend your Internet Marketing guide, and
    e-Commerce, to all individual who would like to learn about
    Internet Marketing, because, it is simple to learn, easy to apply
    and accurate to succeed. your your Internet Marketing guide is a
    Great product.

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