1. MrCompTech

    I hadn’t thought about the goals/rewards from the family perspective that’s an interesting and excellent idea. It’s easy enough to go to work when your not the boss. It’s much more challenging to develop the self discipline as your own boss to set and stick to your own ‘hours’. I have been doing that very well for nearly two weeks. I also recomend working somewhere else than at home or at the day job office. I am fortunate to have a mobile home in addition to my family home to use as an office. I try to work on my affiliate business there and here’s that hard part – only there! That way when I am with my family and not ‘talking shop’ they don’t feel like they are second on my list. The family support group needs to feel important or else they’re not going to be very supportive. It’s definitely difficult to balance and prioritize God, family and work. There are too often too many grey areas!

  2. Frank D.

    Hello Anthony,I have some Ideas on how to sell more products.
    First,I am a affiliate of your wonderfull company.As you can see I”ve established my own web domain.
    There our certain products I know I could sell the heck out of.The affiliate web sites our nice but need some options.
    It would be cool if We could pick a particular product to open as a landing page.I really like the digital tv for pc,acai berry etc.
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    Thanks again–Hope to here from you soon

  3. Edward Reynolds

    First of all GO SAINTS!!! I’m a Patriots fan and if you follow football, you know how we feel about Peyton. I have been unhappy with my results because Anthony puts the methods cut and dry, but he makes things understandable in a pleasant and vibrant way..I have been upset with myself with my progress in this market, but unfortunately I am recovering from a very bad accident, soon aftrer the surgeries, I will be able to spend more time and I have to remember staying around positive people brings success. It’s time for me to get a website and reward myself. GO SAINTS !!!!

  4. luisteq

    Little things always make the difference.
    As simple as setting up goals & rewards and wrap them with communication foil as a present for your family. GREAT IDEA!!

    *** Frank D I’m a “”newbie”” as we’re called. But according to what I’ve read in the book adv from home” the option you present in your feb/06 comment looks great, keep insisting and let us know when you get the positive result………. GOOD LUCK.

  5. Erica J

    Thanks for re-posting this blog. As usual your strategies are simple yet they make perfect sense. Keep on sharing. I appreciate it.

  6. wramon

    Excellent ideal/s nice sharing. Add vision in with the goals for the family. Long range like a nice weekend cruise or trip to AC. or check out Mickey
    How do those pixel actually function?.

  7. Clara Leake

    Clara Leake here. I’m a newbie also, but I’m determined to make this program work for me. I have some cash flow issues now, however, I remain committed to making this affiliate business work for me.

    Anthony, you give such wonderful and inspiring information to help everyone and I thank you for that. I need to learn how to get my product to the right place to generate some cash flow. I’m going to plug away until I do. Then watch out world, Clara has arrived.

  8. Mary Byrd

    Thankyou, Anthony for reenterating How to build a successful enviroment?You must certainly have a supportive enviroment to reach any worth while goal.As your enviroment gives you the right support you in turn do the same for them.Thankyou for that inspiring uplift.

  9. Jeanne Mausure

    Anthony, thank you for Blog 17. I believe that I will watch them all!!!! With the death of my sister and mom over the last 2 years it’s been hard to keep focused on my goals. I really appreciate the enthusiasm in your voice when I listen to your blogs! Thanks!!! JJ

  10. Daria Silvano Bruce

    Anthnny, your forecasts blog # 17 was terrific. You give as a good
    successful invironment, that’s what it’s called follow the system and will allow an excellent chance of winning this fortcoming business. Thank you
    for that, I will try to focus and follow your foot steps, so that I can reach my
    goal of success. (PS) I need foundation website, I need professional looking site online ready for customers to shop because the Domain name
    is working now, but my shop is not ready yet. I really appreciate if the site
    builder will help me put the products. Thank you.

  11. ruben ortiz

    Anthony, thank you for blog 17, great tips, Im still learning from your book and your blogs and have long ways to go yet but, Im trying to hang in there, Gracias and keep up the good work.





  13. michelle newton


  14. Audrey Kroll

    Anthony, thank you for your help in keeping focused. I have read your book “Advertising for Profit” and love it. I t makes me relize, tho, that before I can begin, I will need help with the Internet. I read a message from Irene Stein, dated dec. 25, 2010 stating that she was a Senior Citkzen, like myself and is starting to work on marketing and has ordered your book. . I have had a successful career in Commercial Real Estate Sales, for 35+ years. (Receiving Trophies for Top Salesperson 8 years in a row) but now. I would llike to do something requiring a little less physical effort, altho I love the challengse of learning something new ! Could you let me know how I can contact Irene Stein, or check your past blogs to find her note to you?
    Thank you, Audrey Kroll

  15. Edgar

    I’am working on it but Iam slow hope to get it started sone thank you Auidrey for all your halp.

  16. Terry

    Awesome stuff today. Thank you for the reminder. I’m going to start with my goals, rewards tomorrow.

  17. Lessie G

    Have been following you on some of your blogs, but will get going soon. I have read your book twice, but I’m not a computer savy person so its taking me a while longer. Thanks for the important info you pass on.

  18. Albert

    I –BUY THE BOOK .Advertising Profits From Home
    and I want to say! I learn a lot about,internet Marketing

  19. Rosemarie D.

    I’ am looking forward to becoming successful and settled once again in my life. I’am just getting started with the business and with limited resources. But I will be successful.

  20. Mark

    I just finished your book Advertising Profits From Home. I have been doing affiliate marketing for over 2 years and I have just been making a full time living off one of my Twitter accounts @str8photography before I read your book I forgotten that there is so many other ways of making money. I charge companies to run PPC ads on my Twitter feed with over 100k followers and promoting a few affiliates.
    Now I want to move into PPC with Google and Yahoo start using highly targeted search results to promote my first product a e-book and a affiliate for a software. Great Read about Twitter I thought I had Twitter down back in 09 it looks like you had it down as well. I would like your insight on using You Tube videos for landing pages to promote personal products or affiliates.

  21. Lydia

    Your ideas about setting goals/rewarding myself and others for letting me work without interruption were awesome. I find myself being constantly interrupted and as you stated I wake up at the end of the week and realize I have not accomplished anything. I usually work late at night after midnight until 6:00 AM, however, I can not go to bed once I am done because of my other responsibilities (mom wants me out search for a real job). So needless to say I am exhausted and fall asleep sitting up while dealing with my family. I am going to work on this! I will reward myself and go swimming and lounge near the pool(mom’s) with dark shades and an alarm clock.

  22. Maurilio Haro

    hi there I’m just finished reading your book, is great but I’m a little confused on some issues and I’m getting ready to start but I don’t know how to put everything together.

  23. Karel Ann Randall

    Great advice. Since I am a newbie also, I am open to any and all new ideas for success. I have just now set up my work hours on paper and plan to stick to them.

  24. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks for sharing the goals/rewards idea! I can so identify with what you were saying. I always seem to get pulled away from my computer for family matters and fail to complete my mission for that day. Using your advice will make a difference for me.

  25. Rebecca Acosta

    Thanks for the advice Anthony. I definitely need to schedule out my work week! My family is always about mommy!

  26. Danna Seale

    I love the idea of establishing my worktime. I think I am doing it, but then I look back some days and realize that I have accomplished very little. You are right; that needs to be up there with setting goals and setting rewards. Then I think we will notice new happenings in our day to day activities.

  27. Krandall Johnson

    You hit the nail on the haed that is what happend to me and after hearing this blog I had to make a change and so fare its starting to work thank you again Anthoney I just keep on following your foot steps.

  28. Lisa Fanney

    hello Anthony I am currently in your classes I have gotten so far looking for product and the demand and competiotion of it I have narrowed my list down to two now I am looking forward to moving on with this journey.

  29. Sue Brodersen

    Trying to catch up on all the videos and start reading your book….really looking forward to getting going 🙂

  30. Alvina

    Thanks for good information. I need to get in a habit of managing my time.

  31. Albert Shinn

    Just saw the blog 17 video on the recent e-mail. “how to Build a Sucessful envirnment” Good stuff. Can’t wait for the next one.

  32. Nick Kiss

    I just finished your book and got activated. I’ m so excited. Your blog are a part of the week I look forward to. I also use this info. in my own business and its been very helpful

  33. Jill Carpenter

    Great blg! I’m fortunate to have an office at home, but sometimes it’s just as hard to walk in there as job hunting. Seriously, everything you said is true, and whether you are a writer, cook, nurse, or in sales, your space has to be defined and organized to your advantage. If its overwhelming at times, accomplish it in baby steps, like Anthony says. You’ll be amazed and happy when you sit down to blog or sell.

  34. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    This was greatly needed because I know I get distracted very easily, so these are definitely things I need to do to position myself for success…Thx Anthony!

  35. Ligaya Valonzo

    I just finished watching your Blog # 17.” How To Build A Successful Environment”. Anthony, you are great, I feel much better and hoping to get successful at the age of 63. I appreciate what you are doing and very grateful to be a part of your Multi Million Business. I will always follow and watch your Videos. Thanks Anthony.

  36. Nadine Lovett

    Hi Anthony
    This is very helpful to me as I am just getting started and there are so many things that distract and take up my time. But as I put these ideas to work in my life I’m sure you will be right. I’m looking forward to the follow up blog. Thanks for all you do and may God bless you for all the help you are giving to others.
    Thanks again!!

  37. Daniel Johnson

    football from 2010 is ok even if its almost time for 20211 football but good input ——FOCUS ——-It’s up to Me — I am Business Owner –being my own Boss Setting Priorities—An eviromnent for Success –good stuff –thanks Anthony

  38. Carlos Hipolito

    As usual an informative source. Thank you Anthony for sharing again your time and effort.

  39. James Kahalewai

    Anthony…..Enjoyed and learned much on your blog #17. I’m a newbie, funnelling through your books/materials. I ordered your CPV Domination Course which grabbed my attention. I look forward to all your blogs and still need help setting things up. I’m basically computor illiterate. Thanks, Jimmy K.

  40. James Hemingway

    Anthony, Your advice,tools,CD’s,and continual support are much appreciated. James Hemingway.

  41. Sandra Bee

    I needed to hear this info. Time mgmt is a sore spot with me, I really struggle with it. And with goal setting!

  42. maryannsanchez

    yeah! Anthony i trying to sett that goals i love to get my own computer so i can do all the task and thinking hard to be a success because i loved that though, actually what i trying to do this week you are the best coach i needed i going into more this week i been busy with work but it wont stop me from being a success i know how important it to be and have the right environmental an being engage will help i going to listen to all you have in blogs ,trying, support team,video, especially your training services, one coach! thank so much! sincerely yours,ms.

  43. Mary Thompson

    Hi Anthony I have’nt read all the Blogs yet but I am working on them. I plan to read all of them if possible. Thanks, Mary Thompson

  44. Dustin K. Schmidt

    Hey Anthony, My life has been so stressed and jumbled with work, bills, relationship issues, and just life altogether. I just haven’t been able to satisfy everyone and everything including myself. You have though been giving me little things bit by bit to help settle my mind and focus on getting this business started. No one around me will give me the time to put into this one thing that I really want and need. I think this one video really helped me figure out how to make some small changes and crate a little order for some me time. Thank you Anthony, great advice!! -Dustin-

  45. Mady Buddington

    Thank you for re-stating the obvious. Look forward to next weeks blog with the other two suggestions.
    Mady Buddington

  46. T. Campeau

    Hi Anthony,
    Great suggestion about inspiring the family to get involved. As regards being organized-I could start my own business helping people organize their things. Anyways, till next time.

  47. James Denice

    very very good it is one of the thing i have trouble with
    I like to get out of the house
    I love my family But it hard for me to get into it thing of going to the liberty
    very good thank You Jim

  48. Nancy

    Thank you for the tips! Just listening to you clears my thinking in the right direction!
    2011 almost over…Go New Orleans Saints!!!

  49. Maile

    Thank you for sharing…and I except 2012 to be one of the best years of my life. Happy New Year & God Bless you and your family!!!!

  50. Melissa Davy

    Hi Anthony….coudl’nt agree more! Although I am not an affiiate,yet, I still watch your blog’s,webinar’s, etc., so I can gather as much info as possible. I just moved out of my old apartment complex because it was such a toxic and disturbing envinroment and into a peaceful and serene new apt. I can be easily distracted. so as I prepare to gather info from you the phone is turned off ,the TV….etc. Then I dress as if I am going to an important
    meeting. I make my hot tea, and get my legal pad’s out.These are the things I know I need to do to become a successful affiate! Plus I love the “reward” idea. Tomorrow I think I will reward myself and buy some fresh flower’s!

  51. Robert

    I am looking forward to the training by your team in Madison next week.

    Your suggestions about goals and rewards are extremely important. Actuall;y, they are not just suggestions; they are required … if you want to be successful. Thank you for “finding” me, and offering me this opportunity.

  52. Linda Friedberg

    I am so excited about being coached and getting my online business up and running, hopefully next week. Your suggestion about insisting that family give me my special time to work on my business is especially important. Thanks for helping figure out a way to explain this “reward” system to my husband. Some times a “retired” husband is a little lost on how to keep himself busy so he keeps me too busy, but your idea is perfect! Thanks Anthony. You are the best! I am so lucky to be part of this exciting group of people you are teaching.

  53. Vanita Sue Forrest

    You are a very exceptional young man. Congratulations to your parents and to you. They taught you to love and share with others. Brovo!
    Thank you Anthony,

  54. Richard G.

    Thanks Anthony for ur input. U are a genius.keep up the good work thanks


    thanks Anthony I love free stuff. Thanks for keeping me motivated and everyday doing something towards the business…

  56. Joe Bosch

    I learned something new today, Thank You so much!

    Your set goals AND rewards program is so right and important, especially for those who share your life and love you, and is also a critical factor to keep on succeeding in a marriage. Too often we get complacent and take each other for granted. This is one reason why regular spouse dates are recommended so you spend quality time together and stay in touch with each other as each of you grow and become more than you are right now. If this is not done, you may well grow apart…

    I was surprised to learn that one of the fastest growing divorce rates is among those 65+. What on earth happened? My idea: He went to work, she stayed home and raised the kids. Time passed and he retired, the mortgage was paid off, the kids are grown and gone, and one morning they sit down together for breakfast and look across the table and in shock it’s, “Who is this stranger”? I’m not going to spend the rest of my life with this stranger. And they split…

    I have a picture on the wall in the bathroom to be read every day. If there’s some interest, I’ll put it in here later…

    By the way, there’s lots of other stuff to do; don’t become too narrow and specialized as a person, or let the business absorb you!

    We were interviewing in an old folks home. This couple, both in wheelchairs were still holding hands. They had been married for 67 years.

    We asked them what was the formula for the success of their marriage. They were a bit confused so we came back a week later for their answer.

    “We looked for something new in each other to love every day, and we tolerated all the rest.”

    At the time we were disappointed until we got to thinking. Hmmmmm.

    Well, if you knew your significant other was going to look for something new in you every day, then it behooves you to acquire something new each day for them to find, doesn’t it? Ah ha! We had best grow and become more than we are every single day…


  57. Eugenia Cunningham

    Thanks, you are real not like the others and you are caring GOD bless you.

  58. Debra Scribner

    Thanks Anthony great advice and I already have my set hours and my Wife has jumped on board with me. I am lucky in that I have a 5yr old and I can spend quality time with him. I don’t work after my wife gets home from work and I don’t work when my son is home. I have the house to myself all day everyday so from 5am to 3pm I am at the computer, reading ads, searching URLs, making lists of adwords and phrases and trying to learn how to build a great ad campaign. Thanks for helping me market my photography business, and I am so happy with life today!

  59. Magda

    Thanks for these very good ideas. I really need to implement them…

  60. William David

    Great advice Anthony between the wife and kids and animals I find it very difficult to set aside time. Just another hurdle to handle.

  61. Alice Wilson

    Good advice. Implementing is always the challenge. I have my husband’s support, now I need to set up the rewards for the uninterrupted work time. He deserves that special reward time and so do I. I have many other interruptions to my time, but I am getting a handle on those as well.
    Thanks again,

  62. hassan

    i realy appreciate your advice, it is a very good one because seting up time and goal is very critical to establish something
    thanks Anthony

  63. Chris Kalwa

    Excellent “building blocks” for setting up a successful business environment.
    Sometimes, because I work from home and not as an employee at an office,
    it’s challenging to find the perfect balance between my personal ‘work’ schedule and my ‘social/leisure’ time. I’m finally fitting these ‘pieces’ together nicely by setting aside “designated time” for learning and working my business for increased success – and at the same time – enjoy my spare time socially with family and friends. Thanks for this message, Anthony.

  64. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony , I learn new things every day from you. I increases my knowledge every days. I am so happy to be your student .

    Thank you.Anthony.

    Kong Sourivong

  65. Steve Le Baron

    Well Anthoony…you just keep producing more and more inspiring suggestions. You mention that beginner should organize their day as well as have free time away to enjoy life with your family and friends. Excellent suggestion. I find getting out into my yard and gardens helps me relax and clear my head. Also sitting in front of my salt water aqaurium helps calm me. Can’t wait until your next blog. Keep the inspiration coming.

  66. JeandieuseulAbellard

    Hi Anthony M,as I didn’t work home,then this is a good advice,how to mana-
    ge my time or create it as my own boss to be successful.Thank you teacher.
    God Bless you and your beaautiful family.

  67. Debbie Sundholm

    Rewarding the family is a wonderful concept upon reaching my goals. I’m great at building a list for the day/week & check it off as I go along. Now I will include my son’s reward after some CPV success:D

  68. Marie ROMULUS

    Thanks Anthony, I want to be in with You Anthony ” Success with Anthony” but I want to be sure it is You Anthony, because they are too pirates and I don’t want to be in trumble. Yes, I want to work from home. I need to work.

    Thank you very much for All. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you.

    See you soon.

    Marie ROMULUS

  69. carol k

    Congratulation anthony many thanks for more information with me again this year

  70. Susan Marcoux

    Good advice there. Establishing a designated work area and specific times committed to wok (even if only 2 hours a day) AND having the discipline to commit to them until they become a habit, go a long way to being successful in anything. I’ve met few people who can ‘pull success out of their hat!’ Thanks, Sue

  71. helen

    You are really good. I salute you. So practical and down to earth. Have to be disciplined and goal-oriented. Very good advice. I should be able to make it this year, ie, work at home. Thank you Anthony.

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