Weekly Blog #7: Anthony Morrison Talks About Writing a Book

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  1. dennis

    I am getting real interested in this afl mkg , I’m starting to make a little money and want to make alot,can’t wait until next wk. I am dabbling in social networking sites like;my space,twitter,and facebook. Really looking for #8

  2. rasheed hugins

    I think your book was emaculate and very well writtern. I have implemented some of the strategies in your book and saw immediate results with one which was adbrite.com. In total I have only 43 clicks on my site. I hope to get more clicks and desire to see my commissions reported earlier if that is possible.

  3. Jay


    I work with Celebrities, technology, and brands for a living and totally understand what the newest moves are Globally. We keep our fingers on the pulse daily! My wife and I were working on a new movie script tonight and we had the TV on in the background and along came your spot. I stopped and watched it for about 15 or twenty minutes. Why? because you demanded it! Strong delivery & passion you have to build your business and help others have an opportunity as you do it. There is nothing wrong with building a successful algorithm that requires aggregating people to win! This is genius thinking! After watching you, of course I had to check your rankings and do my research. NOTE: for anyone to know, this guys alexa ranking is in the top 200k which shows he has significant traffic and interest! So as I was researching you I found a lot of scam blogs. I thought this is normal for anyone who is under attack due to success. As I continued to read these very negative reports I felt the need to write to you and say this: First of all anyone that takes the time to make a video or write blogs with such hate and jealously for you is not trying to help other people from getting ripped off, they are to busy trying to build their own businesses and leverage your traffic to do it! I watched a bootleg video buy some person who totally bashed you, which shows no integrity, and then had the nerve to sell his own program for the same amount of investment you offer. People be cautious of the ones writing negative reports because they usually are the scams! In all the videos and blogs that I saw of you and your response, it is clear that you have integrity and have not judged anyone or even defended your product. I have know idea if your system works nor do I care if it works, but I understand what it feels like to have God giving you proprietary information that is so overwhelming! Then, to take the time to actually develop it and go as far as you have people should be ashamed to judge you like that. Anyone that reads this let me tell you” You have to make the call and order his program he has not made you do this!” If you buy into his system please remember if your old enough to call, and old enough to have a bank account with a credit card then know everything YOU buy into is a risk! If you want to be successful then you must learn from failure! Blessing to all ! Anthony keep it real!


  4. david kitavi

    i got your book today and very excited about getting started.i will be calling be calling tomorrow to set up my account.
    thank you

  5. luis

    I bought your book and i was very impress when i read it. I am very interesting in affiliate mkg, but i was not that lucky. I tried to follow all the techniques, but it is a lot of info and when you are trying to digest one page you already forgot the other one. I listened to your phone conference and I look forward to receive the new book you wrote.
    Thank you for your help and marketing ideas.
    Email: [email protected]

  6. coni gooch

    Anthony, I started reading your book back in Oct. The 2nd time I went on the Affiliate site ( watching the marketing videos), I noticed the Success School blinking advertisement & immediately called. The next night I was enrolled. It seemed a no brainer for some one like myself. I thought, I could get a loan & go back to school & hoped to be successful or spend the next 4 yrs ( the time it takes to get a degree) learning this & “be” successful! I still feel like a fish in a huge ocean but I WILL NOT quit!!! This is my investment & my education. I hope to meet you someday. I know I will!! God Bless you for having the desire to share your gifts & talents. Living in Missississpi…

  7. Sandi

    When I saw you with Mark V. Hanson, I knew you were the real deal. I am a student in your Success Adcademy. I have not yet been in touch with a coach, its only been a week. I am truly excited about all I can learn.
    Thank you for want you are doing in the world to help make it a better place than you found it.

    God Bless you,

  8. Eduardo Alvarez

    Thank you Anthony for this video. I have had in my mind for a very long time, to write a book about my own spiritual quest and how God found me. I will make it a point to attend a seminar of Mark V. Hansen
    Thank you, Eduardo

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