Weekly Blog #8: Anthony Morrison is Giving Away Something Amazing.

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Anthony Morrison has decided to give away, completely free, a new guide he wrote on maximizing your ROI with Google AdWords. In order to figure out how to get your copy sent straight to your email box simply watch the video right now!

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  1. Ronald Wagner

    Anthony: Your book is fantastic. We have tried many,many businesses gone to several seminars about making money. Yours is a positive, inspirational hope for older people like us at 69. We can see a GREEN light ahead. We are ready,willing to work. Many thanks for the opportunity. GOD BLESS

  2. John Watkins

    Thanks anthony, i saw your infomercial yesterday and ordered your “Advertising Profits From Home”

  3. Robert Knight

    I really loved the book. It was such an easy read and the information you provide is amazing. You give tips and ideas that I just have not found anywhere else.

    Thanks again for writing the book and I look forward to your next one.

    Take care
    Robert Knight

  4. Angelo Bermudez

    At this moment i have not read the book, BUT yes I will read it so I can follow your advs. You are very possitive person.
    thx Angelo

  5. Donna Starling

    Anthony I have just started watching your blogs and have not yet read your book however do have it on my list to read. Currently reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

  6. Vince Carter

    I have read through the book and I don’t feel there is enough information there to get started with even PPC campaign. I got some information from watching the videos on your website and that got me started with PPC campains on Google and MSN. I believe the book is a good starting point for beginners, because it describes the terms that are used in this business.

  7. Buford Turner

    Hi Anthony

    I am reading your book now. I have read 85 pages so far and I plan to finish it this week. I have tried the pay-per-click procedure on adbrite but with no success yet. But I am not discouraged. I know I”ll do better once I’ve completed the book.

  8. Sallie Capotis

    Anthony, I saw your infomercial and am interested in purchasing your book to read and see if your ideas are right for me. I have started watching your blogs and am again interested in what you have to say. I am cautious and I want to read everything first before I start so I can use my money and time wisely. Thank you, Sallie

  9. Peter Nhiany

    Hi Anthony. I have seen your you on TV numerous times, and you seems to be very encouraging. I do not have your book yet, but I’m thinking to buy it to really see what you have in that book. You are a very successful person, and I thank you for encouraging others to try what made you to be who you are today.

    Thank you.

    Peter Nhiany.

  10. Garry Wise

    Hi Anthony,

    I just got your book so I have barely started reading it. I have so far made it to chapter 3. I plan to finish it and read the second book you sent with it before I do anything else.

    I then plan to implement every thing as quickly as possible.

    I really look forward to conquering google adwords.


  11. David Mooney

    Hi Anthony,
    I have completed the FIRST read of your book — very informative. It also showed me what I DON”T KNOW (that part was discouraging) as this internet stuff is totally new to me. I signed up for your program but have not yet implemented. I will try to schedule my meeting with your customer support people so I can get started.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    God Bless <

  12. marc

    Currently reading the book. Great read. Halfway through the book and taking important notes as I read of the techniques to use.

  13. Matthew

    Reading is informative, and motivating. I’m about half way through it and am excited to start making money. Thankyou

  14. Stephanie

    Easy read – first few pages are fluffy. Web how-to videos helpful. Read the book, watch the videos and go back to the book. One-two punch will help put the info in your head. No doubt this is a learn as go business opportunity. I’m in to making this work – big time!

  15. Glenn Rysgaard

    Hello Anthony,

    Since reading half- way through your book I have learned a great deal more about all the new Social Networking programs that are out today. At present I have signed onto to Twitter and am linking it to my Google E-mail account. I have also started advertising on Twitter from my G-mail account and added the Feed from keywords to my Twitter messages.
    I am also looking forward to conquering the Google adwords.

  16. Frank Leonard

    I am watch the TV show two or three times before I decided that this Anthony Morrison was for real. I ordered the book and the audio download, which is a great tool, and have studied through have of the book. Very well presented, easy to understand. I hope that we can soon finish the book and get started putting your program to work.

  17. Henry Amerson

    just got the book its wonderful I read the book every day as I ride the trains in the morning, you are really helping me I just starting in this business I am from New York and I work for the post office I am hoping this home base buisness will one day alloy me to resighn from the post office thank you very much

  18. Ron Johnson

    Your book is very easy to understand and explains the process of internet marketing so even I can understand. Starting out with the free way of marketing and getting a ton of clicks on my website every day. I just hope those clicks are sales! Keep up the great work!

  19. Jami

    I just ordered your book this afternoon and have the most positive intention of using this as one of the tools to make 2010 magical!

  20. Clayton F

    I have seen your info commercial. I found your web page. I joined your “text” update service. I am excited about receiving your Guide that you wrote on your travels. Today I am purchasing your book. I am excited and very eager to do what is required by following your foot steps to start turning some dreams into reality. So far all I have heard and read its thumbs up all the way. Cheers!

  21. Brian M

    I just joined last weeek and just finished the audio portion of the book.I look foreward to getting the material in the mail and getting started with the website.This is a good book for a beginner.

  22. Steve Sharon Walters

    I am very much enjoying the book. There are so many things I don’t know about this business, but reading the book is really helping me understand.

  23. Eugene Moses

    Anthony, great book I have learn so much about business in such a short time, So much wisdom and knowledge, keep up the good work,Thanks and may God forever bless and keep you;

  24. Anthony Ciulla

    Great book!!! I have learn alot since reading your book Advertising Profits From Home. It well written and easy reading. I look forward to using the strategies and start building a business one step at a time. Thank-you and God Bless.

  25. Monicah Bowen

    I just finished reading your book yesterday and I found it to be very interesting. It has alot of good ideas and very easy to understand..
    I am looking forward to starting this business.

    Anthony God bless you so very much and increase your wisdom.

    Monicah B

  26. Teri Zur

    All of this info is great and extremely motivating. I’m looking forward to your ‘conquering google adwords’ read. I have been trying to make my online business work for a long time and would have appreciated finding this info much sooner. Thank you for “giving back” in this way,

  27. Dave Kolbfleisch

    I have been drawn to your infomercial and reading your blogs and such. I have been leary about programs like this because of the lack of comfort of my lack of knowledge and all of the scams out there. However you are very refreshing and I am very impressed with you. You seem to be very genuine and have a strong desire to help others. I look forward to getting your books and learning your techniques so I can help others as well. Thanks again for your sincerity in helping others. God Bless!

  28. Maryann Schmidt

    I really think your book is great! I have read it twice so for I don’t want to miss anything. I am very interested in making this work with your help. Your mom and dad did a great job helping to make you the person you are today. Thank you!

  29. Louis Jackson

    Anthony i just finished reading your two books, and have starded to read them again. i am 75 years old and was in a lots of other program, some of them were to teach people how to do online business. which they did not because they were hard to understand. You tell it plain you are a good teacher ,. Thank You Piease Keep it up.

  30. David NuHavun

    I have been a sponge this weekend on learning all I can about the affliate business, because I have the time on my hands. I am a painting contractor that has already had 4 back operations and my back is bad again. I have purchased all the bells and whistles. My materials haven’t come as of yet, but I am not letting that stop me. There is so much information to read on Anthony’s website, http://www.anthonymorrisonblog.com
    There are videos, blogs and much, much more

  31. Carolyn

    I just finished the book! Loved it!! I found it very easy to read. Once I understand a little more, the fact that it’s soo step by step will hopefully make it possible for me, a ‘not too savy computer girl’ to start this as a business.

  32. Mike Randall

    Hi Anthony,
    I read your book from cover to to cover and I haven’t done that since high school (I’m 40 now) and I found it was very encouraging and inspirational. I have made my self a vision board to remind myself and keep me on the right track. I have written some of your words on it I totally believe in this business. I do something everyday weather it is reading or watching blogs. I do find myself freezing up when it comes to action.
    I have gone back and read some parts again. Keep writing. I can see your a good hearted person and truelly want to help people.

  33. marjorie

    Hi Anthony i just order your book have not receive it yet, but reading your blog and watching your vedio clips i know i will love it.

  34. Larry Newton

    Hi Anthony,

    I have read the book and it is great and I have gone back to re-read special charters to help me develop my website and improve my marketing.
    Thanks an I hope you write another book that will helps the affiliate marketers improve and sell more.

  35. dewarren criswell

    Hi anthny, DeWarren here. I just sign up for the Coaching academy. They will have my website complete on monday. I ready about 5 chapter. I can’t wait to get started. So far so good.

    Regards, DeWarren

  36. David Grover


    Your book was great- informational and inspirational. I am a married father of 5 that struggles financially so therefore your help is put to good use. I have always been a self-motivated person so your information will definitely be put to action. I read your entire book the 1st day that I received it. I am still in the learning stages right now doing research and consuming information and of course with a limited income for the affiliate business. Therefore, initially it will be baby steps for me to grow my business.

  37. Al

    Hi Anthony,
    I ordered your book and I am anxiously waiting for its delivery. But in the same process I ordered the audio version of your book so I could get started right away and I am now listening to the last section. By the time the book gets here I will have already been through it once. There is so much information contained between the covers I know for me that listening to the audio as I read along will be a great way to do this business right and get my foundation built strong. Thank you for your help and I look forward to meeting all members of the “Live Community”!
    Great Success!


    MR.MORRISON Your books I think are the best for information about affiliate marketing.I have nere been exposed too this kind of money making opportuntity.I’ve done alot of research on money making business,several seminar that cost somuch for more or less nothing….I got the best positive inspiration from your writing’s and what you provide in both of your books,are amazing too me,I’ve read them two time’s so far and learned more each time. I feel I’ve found what I’ve been looking for a long time.Thank’s for all the help and resoures you provide,I very thank you for the newletter’s an motovation it’s very very positive!!!!!!!!! Thank You Very Much

  39. Juan Hernandez

    Hi Antony,
    I’m already reading your book, this is by far the best book I ever bought.I tried other books before but this is by far the best. I did sign up for a couple of PPC accounts already and I hope I can start making some money, Thank you!!!!

  40. John Kemper`

    I have recently signed up to your program thanks to your new book. Only problem is I want to know everything NOW! Of coarse I know that is not possible, but, I am learning new things every day. Thanks for the book and remotivating me.

  41. TOM

    The book is informative and easy to read.I have taken 4 pages of notes
    in 8 by 11 notebook. Am on page 50 now. Book helps me be motivated
    for success, convinced I to can be motivated.Am over 65.

  42. qaadir hasan

    an thony i”ve read your book and started my online business yesterday l broke ice and made my first deposit to my account of 5.50 . some may think that”s nothing but to me it”s the first step. thank you Dr.Anthony .starting date.4/22/2010 QtwoU.

  43. Cindy Margason

    Hello Anthony,
    I just finished reading your book today on Advertising Profits from Home. I consider this my Bible for internet profits. I had made my first sale yesterday and want to improve my techniques to become more successful in this business. I will be referring to your book many times as I continue to grow in the business. Your book has a lot of content that will take me step by step through the process. Thanks for writing the book and teaching others on how to become successful in affiliate marketing.

  44. Steven Blackwell

    Hi Anthony I just ordered your book and have not receive it yet, but reading your blog and watching your vedio clips I know I will love it. You are an inspiring person, keep up the good work.

  45. Charles Syptak

    Hi Anthony,

    I received your two books — Advertising Profits From Home and Hidden
    Millionaire. The book on Advertising shows me that I have a lot to learn
    before I can become a successful marketer. I have yet to finish this book.I attended the 3-day Internet Millionaire Classes in Houston, Texas that
    were held in April, 2010. Both Anthony and his brother, Adrian, really
    know their business. Buy their books and programs and, if you get an
    opportunity, attend one of Anthony Morrison’s seminars in your area.

  46. Ted McBee

    Hi Anthony:

    Just wanted to say hi and a really quick thank you for your program. I have recieved both of your books (Advertising profits from home and The hidden Millionaire, along with the DVD’s) and your Mastery level internet Marketing series. I have yet to read near as much from your book’s as I would like to have done by now,but never the less, quite pumped and greatfull about finding the missing key for a bussiness that I have been wanting to start for about three years. Been rather busy bouncing around (between your book’s, video’s and tutorials) on a number of key topics of interest. I’ve learning alot, but feeling like I have alot more to learn before I start righting ads, want to work smart not hard; and don’t want to lose my shorts in “Google land”. My only thought or rather confusing concern, is, seeing how you promote sites like google and facebook, then lean us in the direction of a “Hot” blog or another site that rather “trash talk’s” the very sites you just got done promoting.
    But all and all Anthony, I love the program, I’m seeing alot of value in what you teach; excited about learning more and cranking out some money making ads.

  47. Melissa

    I just posted a message for you about your book. Please go and read.
    Please e-mail the google ad words.
    Thanks, Melissa

  48. Doris Franklin

    I have both your books, Advertising Profits from Home and The Hidden Millionaire. I am reading Advertilsilng Profits from Home. It is motivating me more and more to push toward success. Your personal story is very inspiring and motivating.
    The strategies and business ideas are stirring the entrepreneural spirit in me. I want to be successful like you…I just have to have the motivation and drive to work hard until I achieve my success.

  49. Mohamed Issa

    His is Mohamed Issa, I am slow reader, and I am steel reading first book of Anthony Morris (Advertising profit from Home) so far I liked and motivating more and more. When I finish, I will be working doing some Money. Thanks Anthony.

  50. Larry Logan

    I have actually purchased your books about two and a half weeks ago.
    to be truthfully honest, I tore the box open and went cover to cover on advertising profits from home (the very first day, and absolutely loved it!), however I am a real intuitive reader, and have not yet begun to read the hidden millionaire. the reason is not due to procrastination, but soley due to the fact that I will never giver partial attention to a book. i only give full attion to books. when I read I devour every concept of every page there is to be read.

    I plan to start reading the hidden millionaire tonight, but as for your book “advertising profits from home. I find it to be like no other (how to) book that I have ever read before. Man!!! you take us step by step through everything that you want us to know. I love it!

    I am a very educated man, but being educated doesn’t actually mean that you’re educated on everything!

    when ever I learn something new I like people to forget the man in me and speak to me slowly, in a step by step manner (like I am 5 years old), they can leave their fancy conversational twists out, because once I learn what they’re teaching me, then I will be comfortable enough to ad my own style to it.

    your book took me by the hand as if I were a five year old. it made no assuptions about my knowledge of the internet. it assumed that this was my first time ever learning anything about this, and it taught me from scratch.

    I just want to tell you Anthony, that I am very confident that the J. O. B. acronym stands for J..umping-out Of Bed, and with your program, and my dedication I can see that eventually, I will unlearn the meaning of jumping out of bed (job), and soon be in business for myself.

    thank you very much for doing your infomercial on the night I was in front of the television.

    Signed Larry Logan.

  51. Mike Morris

    I am reading your book , it seems to be very informative and a fairly easy read since I am an extremely slow reader .
    So far tho I am very Interested and enjoying the read and I don’t even like to read .
    I am looking forward to finishing the book and starting the 2nd one and making some money hopefully.

    Tahnks , Mike

  52. uriyah hawkins

    I have completed reading about 2/3rds. of your book. I am having a little trouble with all internet codes and not savvy with internet terms and procedures. I am in construction at this time and I do look forward setting up a website and sellimg thru the internet. Your books and the PMI program keeps me going and soon will be lining up some suppliers, thanks for your blogs also, Uriyah!!

  53. Nick Altesleben

    Thanks Anthony,

    Your book inspired me to get involved with Internet marketing; something I have been interested in doing for several years now.

    I have been fortunate to also have been given the opportunity to work with the Marketing Success Academy. I have a published web site and am currently struggling a little with getting SEO to work for me.

    With the new year I am pushing forward with new energy..

    I am very interested in receiving your google ad words paper.

    Thanks again,

  54. Richard Thompson

    I am a dedicated follower of Anthony but unfortunately I have not been able to acquire his book.

  55. Elisha Ford

    I just received your blog where you asked us to give feed back on your book. I have not read the book because I chose to use the coaching program and they said I did not need to read the book first so I have not yet. I will give feed back on the coaching program though because I would really like to have a copy of Conquering Google Adwords. I have been giving feed back on the program while going through it but I have enjoyed it and it has been well put together. Having the coaching team to call when I have a question has been very helpful and I have used them quite a bit. I do plan on reading the book when I am finished and seeing how it compares to the coaching program I enrolled in. Thank you for all your help and your great blogs.
    E. F.

  56. Mike

    I thought the book was very good. The steps seem easy enough to follow. Now all I have to do is get started on implementing them. You did your job, now I have to do mine.

  57. ken hunter

    Hi;Anthony,I have read both of your books and will use the info in setting up my internet marketing.the books are very easy to read and understand.I do have a few ideals on how to help you with your next books.also I have been enjoying all of your bolgs.They have been very helpful.I am looking forward to meeting you in person.Keep up the good work.
    Ken Hunter

  58. Dennis Beese

    I am sorry that I haven’t read the book yet, but I have started it. Due to family committments etc., I just haven’t gotten into the book.and completed it. So far it is very easy to read and I am anxious to finish it.


  59. Mike Huber

    I like how your book (advertising profits from home) is organized and broken down into steps and bite size pieces. I would have liked to have seen more information on setting up a landiing page(s)….Thanks for your guidance, advice and inspiration…..I have read the book and implemented some of it via several ad campaigns but have yet to turn a profit….I am learning more and more about internet marketing and social media on a daily basis and hope to turn the corner shortly.

  60. Larry F.

    Read the book Advertising Profits From Home. Very enlightening. Learned quite a bit. Have not implemented anything yet. Starting the next book, Hidden Millionaire. Looking forward to more motivational topics.

  61. Elizabeth Lindenberg

    I’ve been reading the book and am trying to implement some of the techniques that I’ve read. I haven’t made much money so far, only about $10, but I’m hoping to do a lot better the more I get into the book. I’m having a hard time writing advertising, but the book is helping.

    Elizabeth Lindenberg

  62. ken Riedel

    Thanks Anthony for the emails and blogs you have sent me. I am new to your program, I have not read your book advertising profits from home I need to get a copy and would also like to recieve a copy of the 70 page report please continue to keep me updated. Thanks Anothony

  63. Shannon

    I am writing this to say that I have read advertising profits from home and I found it to be extremely informative. I have not started work on a site yet due to limited Internet access but I believe this program will work. My fiancé’s father bought us this book in hopes that we could figure it out. All in all I enjoyed reading the book and gathering the information from it and I cannot wait for us to get this going for us!!

  64. Jay Greenhalgh

    I have not yet been able to purchase your book. However, I have watched you blogs every time that they are emailed to me. I want great success and I want to run my own life. Finances are hard these days and family is a must come first. So I am pinching every penny. However, I have started to see light at the end of the tunnel and soon will be investing into what you have to offer and hopefully can begin to make a full time income from the comfort of my own home. Again that you for the weekly blogs and as soon as I am able to purchase the books and all of that I promise I will give you feed back asap.

    Best Regards
    Jay Greenhalgh

  65. kenneth johme

    Hello Anthony,
    I just finished reading your books on Advertising Profits from Home. I consider this my Bible for internet profits. And The Hidden Millionaire What a inspiring life story , love it . Anthony i don’t read books at all maybe 7 complete books in my life time and I’m 48 . I pick them up and read them both only took me two days each , I couldn’t put them down .You give me much hope i went form $80.000 to $30.000 in one years and was layed off for 7 months took all my saving , so getting back on my feet again and want to improve my techniques to become more successful in this business. I will be referring to your book many times as I continue to grow in the business. Your book has a lot of content that will take me step by step through the process. Thanks for writing the book and teaching others on how to become successful in affiliate marketing.I’ve started the techniques . only part were I’m still lost is what to do with the URL ‘s not clear enough for me yet.
    once you get them from the affiliates. The videos also get’s to this point then you move on to another subject , Or I’m just missing it . That’s the only thing that’s not clear to me on the book or videos .
    Thanks for everything . you give me hope again in life . I’m been a laborer all my life , not good with computers , but i believe in you in your books.
    God Bless , Kenny Johme

  66. Mark B

    I bought your book because I was hopeful that it might help me market my own online book. I found your book easy to read, and I’m excited to implement some of the techniques you teach! Once my book project is finished, I may decide to pursue affiliate marketing, but your book was worth the investment just for my own marketing plans. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing your instructions on Google Ad Words!

  67. Carolyn Kenyon MD

    Your TV ad hit a chord so I purchased your book. I have read and underlined it over three times. I am a total novice at computers, and blogs and websites and of course internet marketing, but believed immediately that you were sincerely going to give me to tools I needed to make this a business success. I have yet to launch my business, or make a sale, but I am churning my way there, with your help, to a my liberty!. I lived in Rome for 10 years where I realized that work is not the end all. Living a full life with friends and family and quality time has been my goal since moving back. I feel I can finally progress from the work grind to getting my life back “on track”. I have other e marketing courses and books, because that is what I do, I study so I can give it my best. I assure you that your information has been the best guide I have read, and you , sir, an inspiration. Watch me soar. I am the tortoise that will win the race. Thanks.

  68. Steve T.

    I have read your book very well written.Please keep up the the good work. Have not yet had a chance to imply the techinques but I am sure they will be successful. Diff techniques through Google Ad Words. Should be very interesting. For young millionaire you do like to give away a lot of free stuff or very reasonable priced. Greatly aprreciated.

  69. James Blubaugh

    Advertising profits from home and Hidden millionaire were excellent reads an d very informative.Still trying to figure it out and feel I am gaining some knowledge.Would love to hear some success stories even if they are small.

  70. Tyrone Dickens

    Your advertising profits from home is the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s easy to read and very to the point, I love it. God is using you to help people and you seem so humble’ keep going and thank’s

  71. Geri Richmond

    Hi Anthony, I am not internet savy. I have wanted to start an internet business for a long time. I had both of your books and DVD. I started to read Advertising Profits from Home. The more I read, the more depressed I became, because I realized how little I knew about the internet. I sent everything back to the company, but, would like to read the books. Here I am with a business that I am learning everyday. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been exciting. Not knowing anything about internet businesses didn’t stop me from proceeding. I am reading Massive Traffic in 30 Days. It takes you by the hand, and tells you exactly what you must do. I Iove that!!!!! Your staff at PMI has been incredible. Without them, I’d be lost!!! Please send me your info on Google, I need all the help I can get. Thanks. I enjoy the weekly blogs. Lots of info on this business.

  72. iris galloway

    Yes, Anthony, I have read your book “Advertising Profits from Home” twice and find it very informant, also read “Hidden Millionaire”. I am now learning more thru PMI. Hope to soon implement my goal. The books were easy to read and very understandable. Thank you, Iris

  73. Lois

    I have read your book but I have not implemented the marketing yet. I am looking forward to receiving your report on Conquering Google AdWords. Thank you!

    Lois Chelini

  74. Gary Monahan

    I’ve had your book for almost a year now, and I still can’t believe how much “compounded progress” that I’ve made in the affiliate marketing business during that time. I already have my first productive website up and running, and it’s started to generate some serious cash flow for me with more on the way. All I can say is “thanks,” and I look forward to reading your next book.

  75. Art Throgmorton

    Hey Anthony
    I have read your book and found it to be very informative.

    I have since purchased your consulting program through PMI and am about Halfway finished. I also am taking the level three A.M. Mentering & site building Program. I will be attending the three day Mentoring and Site building program in March Held in Mississippi—I am looking forward to that. I will look forward to receiving your instructions on Google Ad Words!

  76. jeanne heppe

    I have read the book, and am starting to implement the ideas suggested in it. I think your books are great, as are your blogs. I really appreciate your help.

  77. L Long

    I have read your book, have implemented a few of the principles. I think it was well written

  78. Mike H.

    I have read the book twice, first when I had received and second for guidance during my affiliate business set-up. I’ve found that there is a big difference in “reading” and “learning” about affiliate marketing versus actually setting landing pages and offers. Advertising Profits from Home is a great overview of the process.

  79. Charles Cowen

    I bought your book and read it because I was impressed with you on tv. I am even more impressed now. I have started my affilate merketing career. Thank you for the help and hope you have given my family and me.
    Your Grateful Friend
    Charles Cowen

  80. anthony fox

    One suggestion for your next book is enlarge the screen shots. Would help a get deal.
    Anthony Fox

  81. Gertrude

    I have not completely finish reading your book but I did try one thing that you said to do and that is passing out business cards to friends and family members and I did received a check in the meal. I need to move on in making more. Thanks!!

  82. Susan

    I have read your book and found it very informative. It has been awhile and I think I should go back and read it again! There is so much to learn about internet marketing, much more than I thought at first. I am going to stick with this though, I feel confident that I can make this business work for me.

  83. Dean Gissler

    I have read Anthony’s book “Advertising Profits From Home” . Packed with essential information, however illustrations of graph and records are nearly impossible to read due to their size.

    Dean Gissler

  84. Dean Gissler

    I have just read your book “Advertising Profits from Home”. Great content, but illustrations are too small to read in most cases.

    Please send your 70 page book (PDF) “Conquering Google Adwords”.


    Dean Gissler

  85. Jackie L Strom

    I got your books last year and started to read it and thought it was something I could do but finding time to read for me is a real challenge, I tried to down load the book so I could put it on my MP3 but couldn’t get it to down load correctly. I see that you have improved the book download page and hope I will be able to get it downloaded this time. I know there is a lot of good information in there but getting to it has been my problem. Thank you so much for not giving up on me, I really was surprised that every week I here from you no matter what and you didn’t do the disappearing act that so many do . What I have read ( about half) is very informative and I think it is something that I can do, will be looking forward to your next email thanks again for not giving up . Your friend, Jackie Strom

  86. Jeffery VanderPuil

    Hello Anthony,

    I purchased your book a while back due to watching your TV Ad a few dozen
    times late at night. i really must say i did not make the money back from
    the purchase of the price of the book within 30 days. i am still reading
    Advertising Profits From Home around my regular busy work schedule,but
    i still believe in it that Greater things can happen over time.

    P.S.- Please send me a FREE copy of Conquering Google adwords.

    Thank You,
    Jeff VanderPuil

  87. Annette

    Hi Anthony,
    I’ve readbothbooks and repeated some chapters. I can’t seem to get started but really wanting to.
    You have aLOT of intereting info here.


    I got your books a few days ago and i finish reading last night and right now i have all the information in my head and i feel confuse because i don’t know where to start what goes first,so today I’m reviewing the book again with my notes and i hope i find all my answers in the book. Help me please What is the first step? I’m very happy i found your program I’m very impress the way you lead your followers with so much information and you are always there. thank you i believe that no matter what you do in life you have to do it with passion and i see that on you, i hope i can emulate you.

    Hope to get the free copy of conquering Google adwords.

  89. debbie

    look forward to receiving the book and do intend to read it in its entirety.
    Thank you.

  90. Patricia Serra

    I recently finished read “Advertising Profits from Home” and found it packed full of valuable information! I’ve started implementing some of your strategies and have had some limited success but am confident that as I continue to work on these strategies things will really begin to happen! Congratulations on an excellent product!

  91. Ladiana

    I have now given you two feedback responses to your book, please send me “Conquering Google Adwords.” Thank you, Anthony. 😉

  92. Levi Marrero

    I wanted to thank you for the book.
    I have been at this for a month and a half, so I am totally new at this but I found that your book was:
    Easy to follow along, and very plain English instructions. It was/is a very good source of information, every time i forget something to do for my website, i go back and reread it… Things don’t stick in my head the 1st time.
    But the book gets easier and better every time i read it… TY so much for such simple book to follow and implement. KUDOS!

    can you please send me the ebook called:
    Conquering Google Adwords

  93. James N. Gioia

    I thought the book was good. Easy to follow. Please send the ebook: Conquering Google Adwords.

  94. Maria L. Fay

    Thank you for the opportunity to voice our comments on your book. What I liked the most about it is: easy to understand and written in plain language, not business words hard to grasp. I have not finished it yet, but I already know that I will read it to the last punctuation and start implementing your teachings. The thing that impresses me about you, Anthony, is your integrity and desire to help people acquire a better life through your teachings. Thanks again, hope to get your e-book and as soon as I finish reading it and I start implementing your program to make money, I’ll send you the comments on my success. I do believe on focusing on the first $500.00 and not thousands, at least in the beginning. Talk to you soon!

  95. Ismael

    Hi Anthony I havent finish your book but I can say it is a really good deal to buy it, it teach you step by step every thing you have to do for your success
    any way I was so desperate to start in the business and to get deep in it that I took the decition to join to PMI education, pay some money for it and start with them with a mentor guiding me for my succes
    Im not sure if I did right or I did wrong and I would like you to let me know
    anyway what I want is to go ahead with no loosing time, your book is easy to read, basic languaje but I feel I needed some couching
    Thanks for been the human been you are

  96. Anthony Stepanovich

    I have found your book easy to read especially for a newbie. Still need to
    go thru additional time befor trying to use your teaching. Please send me
    copy of “Conquering Google AdWorks” br eMail.

  97. Betty Baker

    Thanks for the oppurtunity to read your book. It has been very helpful to me. Thanks for this wonderful oppurtunity, Its a dream come true. Please send me a copy of your ebook conqueringgoogle add words.Thank you Betty Baker

  98. Eric Schloer

    I was in a rut at work. I saw you on TV early one morning while getting ready, and so ordered your book. As soon as I got it in the mail, I started taking it to work with me, so I could read, hilite, etc. on my breaks. The experience motivated me to do three things: invest in your support team, further follow-up with the overomingeverything amazing story by
    Tellman Knudsen and finally, make a small additional purchase honing in on eBay specifically. To say that it was clearly helpful and educational in a straight-forward and simple way is an understatement. I was totally excited about it the more I read. Thank you for your success and reaching back to others. I would LOVE a copy of your GoogleAds pdf!

  99. bob piskach

    hi anthony,i have not yet finished the book but so far its been easy to understand.im the kinda of person who dosent absorbe what he reads to well,so i need to go over it alot tll it hits home.im still in the first stagesof the course and im trying to make time get into it deeper.any help you can give would be [email protected]

  100. Kris Newsome

    Just started reading. As of this far Im taking notes and starting list to work on the many different areas.

  101. Bonnie Wiese

    I have read your book,as well as My Partner,It is easy to read and understand .I think it is very commendable that You are trying to help,people like Us and others achieve,Our goals of having a better successful,life.We spend a lot of time working on our site .My Partner,even more then I .But,I try My best to do My part.We still have so much to learn. Thank You, for trying to help make Us excel.and hopefully be a great success in the near future. We are just starting to hook on to face book and other Sites.and are still very much in need of help.Your special train advisory teams have helped us from time to time.We Thank You for that! Your attitude is a motivation to us ,as well.We would greatly appreciate,the How to conquer google add words.We truly need as much help as possible to help Us and others reach Our full Goals .Thank You. Sincerely ,Bonnie Wiese

  102. Anna

    I just got the books today and can’t wait to start reading them. Please send me Your PDF book Conquering Google Ad-words I home school my 3 boys and they are excited to read along with me.

  103. Nelia M. Bagni

    Dear Anthony,

    I have purchased your book as I was watching TV advertisement about your book. However I haven’t read all of them yet, because I have to take time reading so that I will be able to understand.. i understand its content and is giving me strength to “move on” to attain of at least a portion of the blessings you are in now!! More power to you and blessing for sharing your knowledge about internet entrepreneurship!!

  104. daniel kwon

    Hey Anthony,

    I thought your book was very help for online advertising. There was much information in the book but it was really simple to read. It took me a while to understand some concepts but if it wasn’t simplified, it would have taken even longer! I am very interested in increasing my knowledge about online advertising and reading your PDF book!

  105. Annetta

    This book was clearly written by a man who knows what he’s talking about. The book is amazing. I am half way through it and its unbelievable how Anthony is willing to give up such wonderful secrets of affiliate marketing. Its just astounding. I don’t quite get it. How can he give out so much industry secrets. I’ve read other materials on affiliate marketing, and offers wanting to explain it to you, for a huge fee.

    This book is worth its weight in gold. I just hope I can release my fear and go forward. I call it the affiliate marketing “take my hand book” !

  106. deborah

    I have learned a lot from the books that I purchased it gave me a lot of knowledge that I did not know. Then I started reading everything I could get my hands on about affliate marketing. Finally I understand how to be a affliate marketer. Thank you very much.

  107. Yuri

    I ordered the book during my travel to US. I could not get it while I was there, so I will ask my bf to send it to me.

    I really appreciate what you have done to encourage me with emails and video.

  108. Rover

    The book is an ongong process to read I have arrived on page 9 and am going to read more soon, good so far and like the information….
    thank you for the bloggs and weekly information….
    i look forward to the information on conquering ad words info that you spoke of…..
    send it on to me….

  109. Greg R.

    Hi Anthony,
    I enjoy your teaching very much. I am reading your Advertising at home book, and would like a copy of the 70 page Google Adwords book to study as well.
    Thanks, and God Bless You.

  110. Julie

    The book is great. Extremely helpful and understandable. Highly recommended.

  111. Dianna Jackson

    I’ve learned alot from your book. I’m still a bit confused and hoping to get started shortly. I think its a bit difficult to know where to start.

  112. Keith

    I have found that your book easy to read especially for someone totally new to the whole thing. Although I haven’t had enough time to finish it and I still need to read more before I try using your teachings.
    Please send me copy of “Conquering Google AdWords”, I look forward to reading it.

  113. Adrienne Kim McCray

    I was intrigued when I saw your informercial and inspired that I could really make residual income by following your instructions in your book. i ordered your book right away and begin to ‘devour’ the information…then ‘life happened’ as the saying goes…;i won’t give the sad details but I put your great book down and almost a year and a half has gone by since I picked it up, however I have been receiving your emails and tips ect. I am convinced that I can make a lucrative living via affiliate marketing, so I am unpacking your book and jumping back on board to learn from you and live my dreams because I will have a successful lucrative business that will afford me the lifestyle that I’ve dreamt about for many years. I look forward to moving forward and want very much to encourage friends and family through sharing this timely opportunity and industry. Big thanks!

  114. M Dolores Harper Morgan

    How do I get his free book. I would like to know how. It didn’t have any place to apply for it. I joined the Live Community and it didn’t have any place on it to get the free book on it either. So please help me get it. Thanks Dolores

  115. Bill W

    I really enjoyed the information in the book about affiliate marketing. It has given me a new insight into how to market my product.
    Thanks, good work
    Bill W

  116. Ron

    Great book, I am only have way through it. I made money my first month with free advertising, I got to meet Adrian last weekend, but when I get time to finish the book. I should be meeting my short term goals. It was the best investment I ever made. keep up the good work

  117. Lynn

    Anthony, I’m new to the business of Internet Marketing but have a goal to replace my current six figure income within the next 9 months. I started reading information on the internet and buying courses using a shot gun approach. Looking back I was accumulating knowledge but not reading, understanding and implementing.

    Your book talks about the 5 Personality Components of Entrepreneurial Thinking. I definitely have the motivation and feel that I’m quite resourceful. However, I was trying to buy knowlede and strategies with the idea that simply owning the knowledge would build my confidence and somehow magically take action. It didn’t work.

    I was coming to a realization that what I was doing was not getting me where I wanted to be when I came across a large box full of books and DVDs that I had purchased from you months earlier and stuffed in a desk drawer. I pulled out the book “Advertising Profits From Home” and started reading it. Let me warn others who may be just starting the book – once you start, you can’t put it down!

    This book has so many ah-ha moments in it. Things I had seen on internet sites but had no idea of what they meant were explained in simple easy to understand text. I was finally able to understand the process of taking a concept all the way to money in my bank account using methods that not only work but can be put on auto pilot renewing and updating themselves to continue to generate more income with little or no intervention from you.

    As I mentioned, I have a very aggressive goal but I now have the confidence that I hit that goal using the strategies outlined in your book.

    I look forward to receiving your new article “Conquering Google Adwords” to add another tool to my toolbox.

  118. Mike Jones

    Hi Anthony,

    I have read your book and tried to implement some of the strategies and have not experience much success. I always seem to encounter a small problem or issue that I cannot resolve in order to move forward. It is frustrating to say the least, i do not have much time to commit to learning and implementing new strategies, but i know that I want to be successful online, so I will continue to press forward.

  119. Tammy

    Although I’ve had Anthony’s book for a while I’m finally ready to get serious about utilizing the information and advice within it. Since I’ve been out of work for over 7 months I’m counting on it to make a difference in my life.

  120. Richard Floyd

    Anthony I have read your book but have yet to apply some the techinques you suggest. Now that I have all the information I am working to develop a action plan to implement your suggestions. Thanks so much for providing me with the tools that will make the last 3 quarters of 2011 a dream come true.

  121. Bob J

    I have not finished the book, but have found lots of valuable info.. I also have read some of the info provided by Tellman. It is a little confusing, seeing all the info from yourself and Tellman, but I am still pursuing my goals.

    Bob J

  122. Eric orta

    The book is great it’s a how to book but it has so much info that you must read it several times specially if you have no experiance doing the techniches before thank you for your knowledge

  123. Cyndi

    Haven’t read the book yet, but would like your 70 page on conquering Google Adwords. Look forward to reading it.


    i have read your book advertising profits, and would love to receive youe 70 page report

  125. Damaris Odom

    Hi Anthony:

    I bought your book and am in the process of reading it. I haven’t implimented any of your strategies yet. I just set up a business odomventures.com and am trying to get it going. Please send me your book Conquering Google Adwords.

    I have been impressed with what I have read so far, but am looking forward to start implementing your ideas into my business as soon as possible.

    Thank you!

    Damaris Odom

  126. Darryl

    I’ve read your book last year and I thought it was very rich in content also user friendly. I diddn’t apply any of the techniques you subscribe in your book; because I went another route. I thought I needed someone to hold my hand; so I joined PMI, to be guided and coached to sucess. I’ll get back to your book to see if I can apply some of your basic princibles going forward. I’ll will put affiliates on one of my pages.

    Plese send the E-Book “Conquering Google AdWords

  127. theresa

    Your book is very easy to read and understand. I have finished the book and are getting ready to get started. Hope your next book is as great.

  128. John Picano

    I am still reading your book and it is very inspiring. I have not started implementing your techniques yet , but i do need to start making some real money. ( Everyday life stuff seams to get in the way). I do want to thank you for sharing ,guiding and coaching to success,and looking forward to implementing to make money on line.

    Please send the E-book Conquering Google AdWords,
    thank you ,
    John Picano

  129. Sharon Volkman

    The book “Advertising Profits From Home” is a very interesting, educational book. I have referred back to it often to help me to understand all of these parts of Affiliate Marketing. I hope to be successful but it is taking me time to learn more about a proper landing page. Thank you for the continuous lessons. I’d like to have the 70 page report. [email protected]

  130. Orell Senior

    I read your book and found it very informative.Your book is awesome, but being a novice in affiliate marketing, Intimidation is a constant struggle. I need all the help I can get. Therefore I would like to have a copy of the 70 page document.

  131. Clara Leake

    I have read your book, “Advertising Profits From Home” once and now I’m reading it again. I hate to say this, but I’m very frustrated because I’m not making any money yet. The book is well written and very easy to understand. If I could get someone to show me how to make it work for me just once I’d be in hog heaven. I could use an extra 500.00 a week or month. I also have read “Hidden Millionaire” I think I’m on information overload. I’ve also joined some of the affiliate companies in your book. Keep up the good works. You are an amazing young man. God Bless.

  132. Delroy Christie

    Hello Anthony, I am Delroy Christie, a customer, I purchased Advertising Profits From Home and The Hidden Millionaire. These books are fabulus and for the longest while I wanted to learn how to earn money from the Internet and you have explained it very good. I enjoyed your books very much and I hope that you will continue the fantastic work that you are doing.
    Yours sincerely,
    Delroy Christie

  133. allan april

    I have read ” Advertising for Profits ” twice since October, 2010 , each time i read the material it inspires me to achieve the success that many others in the live community are enjoying ! Thanks Anthony, sincerely Allan S. April

  134. donna heye

    I have not started yet i have lots of ???? i would like this book i want to get started

  135. oscar

    Great books, easy to understand, and I am working on applying all the information you have in your books. Please send me the E-book Conquering Google AdWords. I need to improve my knowledge in how to become a millionare.
    Thank you
    Oscar Garcia

  136. Russell

    Whats up! I am reading your book for the second time in 4 months. It is awesome of the knowledge I am gaining on how to succeed with affiliate marketing. My first landing page failed on Google Ad words, but now, I am figuring out my mistakes. I know I have what it takes to succeed thanks to you! Take care.

  137. James McWhorter

    I forgot about my Affiliate Site when I responded to your your last request.

    I will start working on my landing sites next week.

    Again, please send me your 70 page booklet on Adwords.


  138. Jose

    Hi Anthony,
    I believe your book is easy to read and the information you provide in it is fantastic. I am implementing many of the strategies you teach in the book in my e-commerce website with some success. Thank you for sharing with us such valuable information. I think your e-book will be a much needed guide that will help many of us to maximize our marketing efforts. I am eager to recieve it.

  139. Sandy Ross

    Your book was very informative and full of great tips, instruction and motivational stories. I am at a very low point in my life right now. I have been very successful in the past but now find myself full of self-doubt after 18 months of turmoil (both personally and professionally). I believe I have the intellect, skills and business sense to succeed in making money online. I just need to start and your book will help me take that all important step.

  140. Bob

    Anthony,I have both of your books but up until now have not implemented any of your suggestions.I have no excuses, I have let life get in the way of me going after my dreams.This has to and will stop now! So thank you for your updates and gentle nudges in the right direction,Bob

  141. Jesus H. De La Garza

    Anthony, your book is full of great information, but I still have not been able to implement my website as of yet! Plan to contact my coach for assistance.

    J.H. De La Garza

  142. James Croom

    The book covers about all needed to succeed. I just haven’t done all that I need to do in order to realize the amount of success desired.

  143. Jose Soto, Jr.

    The book was very easy to read and to understand. The more I read the more I wanted to keep reading. It was very engaging, powerful, and educational. I love the success stories you included in it. It gave it more personal feeling and attachment. I am still learning how to implement the things you said, but it will not be hard because you did an awesome job on explaining everything needed to be done to become successful. Thanks for a great book and for your support. Have a bless life!

  144. Renita

    Hi Anthony,
    I have read your book and also go back to pages that I wanted to reread.
    It is a great book and everyone should purchase it. I does not cost that much. I chose to go with PMI to become a e-commerce retailer. Alot of hard work but I am getting there.

    Thank you for writing the book, it’s great.

  145. Frank Brown says

    Anthony, your book was great, a lot, I mean lot of information to absorb. I’ve got to read it again, and I think again for it to soak in. but I still want to read that PDF.Send it. Send it.

  146. Stewart


    I’ve had your book for awhile. Lots of information. I read it over and over. Its time though to take action and make this work. I’m just tired of working for other people and although I have a good income, they have a better income.

  147. Pamela C. Jones

    I have just started it, so I don’t have enough info at this time to give you an opinion. As soon as I finish it, I will let you know what I think.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

  148. David Pickett

    Dear Ant. I can only say that the work you have put forth in Advertising Profits has been nothing short of amazing. The utility we have gleaned from your book can not be measured. Thusly, we forge ahead with that which you have conveyed to your “people” in hopes of success. Thank you for putting it forth. Beautiful work man, Genuinely, David and Louann

  149. Heather

    Just finished reading this and was blown away by the amount of information in your book! Totally helpful from page one, I am even reading it a second time just to make that I didn’t miss anything! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into it

  150. Karen Stormo

    Your book is good but I’m a very slow learner and have to be almost hand held. Still working at it and trying too many things at once.

  151. Tim Davidson

    I have already commented on your book but I will go again onto the forum to get the 70 page google Adv. sent to my email.

  152. Giovanni

    i’ve read the books you sent me tons of info i havent implemented them yet as im alittle illiterate when it comes to comp. stuff. im sure your tired of hearing from me!! i want to have a success story for my family aswell, also i recieved the web-site you gave me at the start but didnt use it. how do i get it again? my appologies “G”

  153. Margaret

    Hi Anthony,
    I purchased your books and dvd’s and still in the process of trying to put everything together. I know I will succeed just taking more than usual as I am not computer savvy but very willing and motivated to succeed. I am a member of your live community which I see others are in a similar situation as I. I love your weekly video as it helps me to keep at it until I succeed in this fantastic business.Thank you.

  154. Sharon Davidson

    I am still reading your book (many times over). I plan to work it soon. Keep writing books. Please send me your 70 pages on Conquering Google Ads.

  155. Randall Draper

    Anthony, have completed your book “Advertising Profits from Home” and found it a very easy read with much valuable information. The information was easily digested and implemented in my efforts with internet marketing. Thank you and anxiously awaiting your next effort!

  156. Suzun Eggler

    I read the book when I received it. I have been working for about 10 month now and I am using your book all the time. I have 7 Search and don’t have much money but world like to get on Google. There is just so many things to learn. I am 70 and this is changing. I would love to have the information on Conquering Google ad-words.

  157. Jeff

    Hey Anthony
    I read the book , well i cheated ( i got the audio ) I followed along in the book & high lighted as needed . I found it very resourseful being a begginer with very limited computer skills. I found it very interesting to learn all the terminology & how it works, unfortunatly i haven’t put anything into action yet . I was in an accident & most of my itme has been devoted to going to physical theropy & other appointments. But things are slowly getting back to normal. Time to get back to work.
    Looking forward to your book on adwords.
    Thanx Jeff

  158. Lisa

    Hi Anthony!
    Boy do I feel late in the game. You created this video during thanksgiving and now we are looking at the 4th of July holiday. I have not yet received a copy but look forward to reading it. If it is half as informative as Advertising Profits From Home, it’s going to be a hit!




  160. Jeff

    Hey Anthony I read the book ,well i cheated a little , i got the audio ,followed along in the book & high lighted along the way . Super layout perfect for the beginner like me who only knows how to turn a computer on ( most of the time ) , unfortynatly i ran into some personal problems along the way & haven;t been able to implement anything but getting set up with state sales tax & ein. so its time to re-cap Avvertising Profits from home & get back to work.

  161. sandra

    I have read your book “Advertising Profits from Home”, no doubt its really written plain and simple, but it just to put it into action soon. When you are trying to make more than twenty four hours into a day, will not give up fighting. well written book.

  162. Robert Austin

    Hey Anthony,thanks for keeping me engaged.I have your book advertising profits from home.Shortly after recieving it i joined pmi and was told to do one thing at a time.So as soon as im done with pmi’s training and i get my website up and running i will read your book and use the technics in the book.So for now iv’e been listening to your blog’s and reading your emails so thank you for that.Look forward to working closer to you and the live community soon.Please email me the 70 word thing you are talking about.It sounds very useful.Bob p.s.look for strongmomsclub.com coming soon!

  163. Ida

    Hi Anthony!
    I have read your book two times all ready.I didn’t start anything yet,but
    I will soon.Your book is wonderful,easy to understand,and to follow.
    I made one big mistake, somehow I deleted that E-mail what I’v got with
    my order,it was a website in it what you gave me, and now I have to create my website. I would love to have the information on
    Conquering Google ad-words.

  164. Jody Anthony Thompson

    Hey, Anthony;

    After my tenth time reading your book and carefully studying every detail, I’ve taken to right path. Just like with my college work, I take it with me wherever I go. The material was very easy to read. I’ve started imprementing the proven techniqes from my google account. I think that you’ve put together one of the perfect tools that I been using in building my business. Thank’s to the information that you’ve added to your book, it’s gonna be smooth sailing.

    Oh, my email is still [email protected]

  165. Angelo Stone

    The book is great, I look forward to utilizing all of the strategies that you gave me.

  166. Sandra Wollard

    I thought your book Advertising Profits From Home was well written and easy to read and understand. I have tried several home businesses in the past and find that with your help I can see success in my future.

  167. Paulina

    I read your book once; it is a great book; I will read again to understand better some of your strategies you teach in it. Thanks Anthony

  168. Jason Wilbourn

    Hey Anthony, I purchased your book Advertising Profits From Home, in February, this year. At 59yrs old, no computer training (free computer courses at GCFLearnFree.org), very limited knowledge of the internet or E-Commerce, selling online or how to. Now I am very close to launching my own web site that I built, simply reading Anthony’s books, following the steps one by one(very important with limited knowledge of E-Commerce), and IMPLEMENTING THEM. Oh, that is the clue-IMPLEMENT THEM-. I do not envision becoming rich over nite, but I do envision a $1000.00-2000.00 weekly pay check. Thanks Antony I’ll be talking to you. Jason

  169. Johnnie Frederick

    Hi Anthony, I have read your books and you have wisdom well beyond your yrs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I just retired and hope my
    family will benefit from it.

  170. Heidi Henry

    Anthony, the book “Advertising Profits from Home” is excellent, very informative and encouraging. Your instruction is very clear. I recommend the book to anyone. Thank you.

  171. tom heffron

    Anthony, I read your book, this is completely new to me. I ran some ads in adbrite.I got many clicks, none of them paid out. I’ve been in touch with your help center, by phone and e mail. They have helped me over and over. I am reading your book again, i ran some ads on myspace, tried on facebook, they rejected picture of abs. I didn’t know many things of running ads, re watched your training videos, which got me through, to run the ads. I have not made one penny yet, running for three weeks now; but with the info in your books, on the website, blogs,training videos, support staff, it won’t be long. I have very little money for advertsisng, but with your help, it won”t be long. Thanks, Tom Heffron thomash.dealcenter.us



  173. Vicki Sotka

    Hi Anthony,
    I don’t know if I can still get the conquering Google Adwords, but I have had the program for over a year and am just now getting started. I find the books very motivational and informative, but I am a little fuzzy on what to do with the information in order to get started…going through the videos from the beginning to try to catch up! You are a charismatic teacher and make me feel that success is within my reach and I am at a place where I need the success badly to financially survive.
    Thanks for your caring and sharing of your knowledge…I hope I can bring it to fruit!

  174. Kathy

    Being new to the whole world of internet marketing, your book has done a great job explaining it all.

  175. stella amoako


    Your book is great, it has good information for business. Easy
    to read and understand.No comments.
    Everything you do for us is from your heart.and we thank God for you.

    Keep up the good work.

    God Bless.

  176. Mary Jo

    Am reading your book now, and find it inspiring and helpful. Need to get into it further as far as being able to implement techniques, but I’ll get there!

  177. Deanna Martin

    i read your book and thought it was great. i also attend a 3 day seminar with your brother and team. i was dissapointed that i could not invest more in 1 of your training programs. i’m trying to learn on line by using your help. hopefully i will have it up and running soon. myself and one of my sons could certainly use the extra income.

  178. Madeline

    I have read “Advertising Profits from Home”. I enjoyed it very much; it gave me so much confidence, I bought your program, cpvdomaination. I am working on the videos, number seven doesn’t want to down load. I hope to get through the videos by the week-end. The books are very interesting and easy to read. Thank you for everything.

  179. Joe Wilbanks

    I have read the book but have had trouble with my computer and haven’t gotten anything started yet. Thanks for the good information in the book and looking forward to being able to use this when I get the computer problems cleared up. Thanks

  180. Patricia

    I am planning to get the book a.s.a.p.
    I am excited to read it! I would love to get your google adwords book!
    Thank You

  181. Iciphene Hardy

    Yes, I have read through your book “Advertising Profits From Home” and have started using the information. Thanks for giving each step for us to follow. It helps us to have a guide to follow as we start out new on the internet. The explanations are clear enough for us to follow. The money to advertise is the main concern for most of us, so we have to take it a little slower getting started.

    If you still have the 70 page report on using google adwords I would appreciate them. Thanks.

  182. tommy

    The strategies are very helpful. Am very new to online marketing and some of the tips have giving me hope to a greater future. Thanks for all teachings you have given in the book “Advertising Profits from Home”. It is packed with valuable info. Kudos on a great book. Thanks

  183. Ben

    The book “Advertising Profits from Home” was great. Already reaping the benefits from the content. Keep up the good work.



  185. Richard

    Hello Anthony,
    I have read both of your books they are very interesting.
    This is some thing I can do with out a dout. I have started
    to use the strategies. But it’s some thing I am defenately
    go to do. with out a dout.
    Thank you very much for such wonderful product.

  186. george

    Great books Anthony, I feel like I know something about internet marketing now. I was at a complete loss before reading your stuff. Many others have offered start up packages with little education and I knew that they would be a waste of time and money, but I just felt that you were legit.

  187. Myrna Henderson

    I received the box with the 2 books and a DVD. I am now beginning to find a little more time to devote to reading these soon. The webinar last evening was very informative, however a lot of the content seems foreign to me as yet. Hope one day soon it becomes more clear to me.
    Looking forward to your sending me a free copy of conquering Google adwords.
    Thanks for caring so much that you are trying to help us get started in our own business.

  188. Ralph Murphy

    I bought your book “Advertising Profits From Home” after watching your ad on TV. I have read most of it and I am, slowly, working to put what I am learning into action. It was different than any other ‘work from home’ business that I have ever seen or heard of. Looking forward to putting these strategies into action and seeing results. Thanks

  189. Pierre Mocombe

    Well, Anthony I am going to give you a bit of feedback about the book you wrote ” Advertising profits from home ” I give you a big round of applause for a job well done and I do commend you for it. I enjoyed reading the book. You gave so many details. I understand the concept of it and a lot of people will benefit from it. Now on the down side, internet novices will be lost. Reading the examples that were pasted on some of the pages were difficult to follow since the fonts were so small. One needed a magnifying glass and even the magnifying glass would prove to be inadequate. This was a good and excellent effort. Bravo! Hope to be able to read the other book.


    Pierre Mocombe

  190. Dan Albanese

    Reading the book now. August 23, 2011. Very detailed yet simple to understand and follow. Though I do feel a bit overwhelmed with all that I need to do to get this going. I did also sign up for the Quick Start help AND Marketing help so that will surely help me get things off the ground quickly and successfully. I will be contacting PMI soon to get it started.

    I just got this blog, as I am new to your group. I look forward to your 70 pages of Google Ad Words.

    Dan Albanese

  191. Iciphene Hardy

    Yes, I have read “Advertising Profits from Home”. I am very glad to have the book to refer to as I need help with each part I am working on. I have found answers to questions about affiliate marketing, pay per click, and many other internet questions that I had no idea where to begin. I have done some advertising with adwords but I wourld appreciate it if you would send your 70 page report on “Conquering Google Adwords”. I plan to use the internet as my work so I can be at home and quit my 11 to 8 job. Thank you for supplying us with answers as we work toward how to be successful on the internet.

  192. Don Harris

    Anthony-I follow you constantly. Just got your book and have just started. Cant wait to get into it,will let you know. Thanks for your sincere love and caring for those like me who have lost everything and now have nothing. You have given me a new hope I thought I had lost forever. May God bless you even more than he has already.. Thankyou with all my heart——-Don Harris, [email protected]

  193. Valerie Gibson

    Hi Anthony,
    Yes, I am reading the book and it is great. Tying to get started soon an this because I believe it is a wealth of information. Thanks for offering your advise to all of us. Valerie Gibson

  194. Joy B.

    I have the book and have read parts, but not completely through. It is a little hard for a person not too familiar with computer and marketing, but I will get through it and benefit, I’m sure.

  195. Joy B.

    I have read part of the book and hope to start making money soon, but haven’t yet. The book is helpful.

  196. Roger Lynn

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  198. Ricky

    I’ve read “Advertising Profits from Home” 1.5 times. It’s a great read and I too am not savvy with computers. I do have a website which is not performing as I would hope. I am in construction and a professional truck driver. With that said, I missed out on your last webinar because I was on the road. I do have hope and will continue to strive for success. Thank you for your support. I too hope to meet you and talk to you in person.

  199. Jegajothy

    God bless u and your family for sharing all this infomation with the masses. I am still struggling to set up my affiliate site but I am sure I will get there, especially with so much assistance coming from your direction. Thank u so much.

  200. Kathy

    I ordered your book, have not completed it yet, but it is a very easy read, and informative.

  201. HILDA

    I stared reading the book and have my young adults reading it right now I am not techy at all so i wanted there help.

  202. Stephen LaPre Sr

    Not quite finished with your book.Awesome,easy to read,loads of useful info.A great blueprint for success.Thanks for making your system available.

  203. Robert J. Ehrlich

    Anthony: I read your book several months ago and am in the process of producing a website. Your book is a great help and easy to read. You asked for suggestions. I would like to see a complete, step by step method of setting up a website, advertising it, and promoting it. Leave out all the promotion and telling us how easy it is to do. Just tell us each step to do and what we need to accomplish it, then the next one. We can easily get overloaded with information and never do anything. But a step by step approach will make it simple for us simple minded folks. Thanks for all you do. I am looking forward to your seminar tomorrow.

    Bob Ehrlich

  204. christine

    Hi Anthony, I’m about half way through your book Advertising Profits from Home, and I’m just not sure what step 1,2,3 should be- a bit overwhelming. I’m going to keep at it. I look forward to reading your ebook about Google ad words too. Thanks for your help. I couldnt find a place on the Anthony Morrison Live community to post a response about this subject or thread. I’m such a rookie.

  205. Steven Tyrcha

    Hi Anthony, so far I,m realy learning a lot and about to open an acount with aweber, and neverblue. any information you share is of great help so keep it comeing, on to the next step for me. Thanks again,

  206. Steven Tyrcha

    Advertizeing profits from home is full of good things and I like the enterprizeing aproach you offer in it, along with the sucess that fowlows and to be able to help people like me as well, trying to fowllow things that help me get started, and use for my own sucess. and I’m thrilled to be a part of it,

  207. Pollie Witherspoon

    Hi Anthony, I have read all your books and is still reading. They are very easy to read and I would like to get Conquering Google Adwords. I hope I will get started before Thanksgiving. I need to make some money so I will have money to put back into my business. Thank You for all your materials.

  208. Michelle Sellers

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  209. John Bussey

    Anthony, I ordered your book last week and to date, I have not received it yet, but I hope that it will be here next week. However, I do like to know more on how to get more out of goggle ads.

  210. lana dageford

    I have read your book and as suggested by you am educating myself more before I get started. The book is a good starting point but just not enough info to really impliment a good program to achieve successful profits. You’re a positive and inspirational person and your videos are full of information. Thanks!!!

  211. Kaye Hutton

    I am in the process of reading “Advertising Profits From Home” and so far it is interesting and written where it is easy to understand. I am not very advanced in my knowledge of internet marketing just yet, but I will keep studying and reviewing your videos, blogs and books until I feel I know what I need to do.
    I am sure I will implement many of your techniques in my marketing when I get that far along.

  212. harry sampson

    Hi there anthony, im still enjoying your book not yet understanding everything but making slowly progress . i am confident that i will have good success at the end. i already got to of my friends to get on board . i am telling my friends because that u have the right marketing tools for people who want to learn and make money on the internet. thank u and have a blessed day.

  213. Inez

    cAdvertising Profits From Home great book.It help me understand more after I listen to your blogs.

  214. Philip

    I’ve read the books and found some repeating. I can’t seem to get started but really wanting to. Any online support?

  215. Kathy L. Brogli

    read the book while on vacation in Indian Rocks Beach, Fl. Haven’t implemented techniques but I learned more from your book than I thought possible…very easy to read and excited to begin
    Kathy Brogli
    Somerset, KY

  216. Doris Taylor

    I’ve read your book and I’m rereading it again. I’m 54 so I’m not as good as some people. A little afraid to take that first step. I did enjoy reading it and would love more information.

  217. Kathy VerWys

    I have had many changes in my life in the past few years. I ordered your book many months ago & have just now gotten around to reading it. So far, it’s a great read. Easy to read, lots of valuable information, & hopefully easy to implement. I just spent my last dollar on CPV Domaination. I took an early retirement recently(I’m 50) & this is my last ditch effort before I have to get a (real) job. I have put all my faith in you that you will be able to teach me what I need to know without a college education. You are truely inspiring!

  218. Thomas Johnson

    Hey Anthony,
    I liked your book so much that I purchased another copy for my daughter. We are both excited about the opportunities and the information you outlined so well. I’ve purchased and parked a few domain names just to get a feel for setting up websites, e-mail accounts and advertising ideas. Your second book “Automated profits from home” really compliments the first one. Your books and dvd’s have given me the confidence and tools for success. I look forward to a long relationship with you and your educational efforts. Blessings to you and yours..Tom

  219. Rosanna Barraza

    Hi Anthony,
    What a fantastic book, I’ve gotten about 3/4 of the way and can’t wait to put it into play and make profits.

    Thank you for sharing such great information…for FREE!!!

    God Bless You!

  220. Clifford Fleetwood


  221. Patricia

    I loved reading “Advertising Profits from Home”,I am ready to start using the info. Thank you for all the free assistance you give. Please send me the copy of “Coquering Google Adwords”.

    Thank you,

  222. Geo Schaf

    This book was an incredible read. It really tells it like it is and serves as a great roadmap for internet marketing success, regardless of your prior experience. Whether you are a complete novice or have had some level of success, this book will help you catapult to success.

  223. james

    I have not comleted reading your book. I will finsh reading it and I do intend to impliment the ideas and suggestions of the book.
    Thank You

  224. Shawn Sproul

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  225. Dianne Hauser

    I have read through the book once but I will need to reread it to really comprehend what it says. You said you don’t need to know much about computers to do this but I don’t think that’s true. It’s a learning process that I’m working on and hope I can get started with soon.

  226. Phillip Norton


    I am just beginning to read your book so I do not have any specific comments right now. But I will look for opportunities in the future to give you my feedback. Thank you for what you do to help us be successful.


  227. Gerald Lecher

    Thanks for every thing you have done. Advertising Profits from home is very good learning tool . But is alittle behind in whats going on now. I mean its a little out dated.

  228. Yaw Darko

    I purchased your book but due to unforseen circumstances unable to implement the strategies. It’s a great book though. Thanks.

  229. Beatrix Dunford


    You are such a super person. We are fortunate to have you as a guide
    thru this new venture. Your books are always very easy to read and
    understand. So very informative. Thank you so very much.


  230. Terry Harrell

    I recently finished reading “Advertising Profits from Home”and it really opened my eyes to internet marketing and I believe im ready to get stared.

  231. virginia

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  232. Linda Hunt

    Ordered your book before knowing anything about Affiliate Marketing. It was hard for me to understand until I stated studying with you. Am now on the Fast Track to Success program and learning so very much each day! Thank you Anthony for all you do for us!

  233. Laura Heigh

    i am still reading and learning, I have all 3 of your books and I am string to read all of them, I think they are great.

  234. Philip G

    I really liked the book. The information you provide is amazing. I took the some lessions from “ExperencePMI . They were much easier to learn. You
    Should try their format at “ExperencePMI.com

  235. TOM KING

    I am reading your book “Advertising Profits from Home”. Larger illustrations needed especially with eye sight challanges. Planning for success.

    Please send your 70 page book (PDF) “Conquering Google Adwords”.

  236. Annette Neglia

    I am halfway thru “Advertising Profits from Home”. I’m finding it difficult because it is something totally foreign to me and the only time I have to read it is at night after work. I am a “certain age” and I’m very tired at night when I get home. But I am persevering and am determined to succeed.

    I look forward to receiving “Conquering Google Ad Words” and would appreciate your sending it to [email protected], my email address.

    Thanks, Anthony. At first I didn’t know if you were for real or not. But I’m convinced now that you are. I am looking forward to the future.

  237. Marina C

    I finished reading your book & it appears like there’s so much new information to grasp. It’s easy to understand but quite difficult to implement without finances & guidance. I’ll try to apply what I learned sometime in the future when I get the chance. Thank you very much!

  238. Tim Parker


    Good book with a lot of illustrations. It is a hard read with those pictures and that makes it kind of tough but I do believe there are a lot of things that I followed. Twitter seems to be an awesome way to earn some money. I will need to read it again to be able to keep a closer track on exactly which way to use Twitter to help me gain an income.

  239. luke lukanen

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  240. Philip Harris

    I have read your book “Advertising Profits From Home” ad felt that it was very informative and that it was an easy read.

  241. Fred Sekely Jr

    I’ve attended your affiliate training seminar and have started implementing some of your strategies, also joined your fast cash program. I’m looking forward to being on the right track and start to make money online. Your blogs and webinars have been very helpful, but I’m still missing some key elements, any additional help will be greatly appreciated,,,,,

  242. Patricia

    Hi Anthony –

    Right now I’m working on Chapter 5 – SEO, & Free Marketing. Have been running ads on Microsoft AdWords, but could use some FREE marketing!
    I think the book really helps the newbie get some knowledge they need to work a smart business plan. Can’t wait to see what else you have for us!
    – Patricia

  243. Jon Wilson

    I have been reading the book “Advertising Profits from Home” and needed to go back to paragraphs 2-3 times so that I would understand what it meant. I had a hard time in school reading, and maybe that’s what is happening again. I enjoy the content and plan to get more books in the future.

  244. Brenda Meadows

    I have read most of your book it is very good I have just published my site and have not had any sales yet but I am sure with more time it will be sucessful.
    Thank You,

  245. Deborah Waltemeyer

    Hi Anthony, My husband and I watched you on tv many times before i ordered your book,I tried many offers and they were scams. After listening to you and reading your book,i knew the man on tv was totally honest in what he said, no promises of quick fortunes, just the truth about where you could be in time with the right imformation and training.Your book was very well written even for those of us that are less then savy on a computer. I still struggle with some of the lessons using the comp.But i never give up .Iwill be a computer wiz someday when i learn all there is that i need to know to profit from your program .Ihave folders full of notes,Now all i have to do is put all the pieces together and get up and running with your programs. Will be writing soon with good news,Your weekly blogs are a great inspiration. Pleasr e-mail the google adwords,as i need all the knowledge i can recieve.Thanks again. Deb

  246. Kent Perkes

    Hey Anthony…your book Advertising Profits from Home is easy to read and very informative. I have read all your books and am currently making great progress as a PMI student looking to publish my first website within the next week or so. Thanks for everything…I’m planning and implementing things to see my first dollars from online marketing very soon. Thanks again.

  247. Carol I

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m reading your book right now. It’s a very informative book. Thank you for all you do for us.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Take care!!

  248. Luis A. Deleza

    Hellow Anthony, I have not finished reading your book yet. I sill do not have a website or a domain name also. I have been getting a lot of information from Carol. I am taking baby steps. I feel that I am getting more confident with what I am learning from you. Thanks for everything you do for all of us.

  249. Mark Stein

    I have not yet finished your book – but plan on doing this within the next couple of weeks –
    Looking forward to creating an income stream soon!

  250. Emanuel Wingo

    Hello Anthony,
    I have really enjoyed everything I have read that you have written. I make it a point to make time for whatever you make available to the community. Thanks for everything!

  251. Marilyn Stoneberger

    Anthony, I know this is over two years from the time you posted this blog , but I have just located the way to go back and listen to each and everyone from the beginning on. I have your book, Advertising Profits from Home and have read everyword. I am making every attempt to learn from you and begin to make some extra money for our retirement years. I would love to get this PDF file on Google Adwords, if it is still available. I will continue to catch myself up on your blog posts and want to get into your free website, but have not figured that out yet. Silly I know. Thank You Anthony for all you do.

  252. John and Annette Hayes

    I like your approach to giving information to those who are interested. This is a win win situation as long as we, the readers, respond with our thoughts and then are encouraged by you to succeed.

    Happy Holidays
    John and Annette

  253. John and Annette Hayes

    Regarding your book Profits from Home, I am about half way through and just getting into some of your tips to social media and will be implementing your tactics soon. Great reading.

  254. dwana

    I have almost finished your book and have begun to put together some of your techniques in my head. (I have to share a laptop with my daughter, so I have to wait my turn), lol. Your book is very easy to read and understand. I know I am going to be able to do some good things for myself and my child because of the book. I would also like to say that I would never have bought the book if it were not for the kindness and humility in your personality….I am from Texas and the southern hospitality aspect is what first drew me into the infomercial to get the book in the first place. Thank you for being the person that you are.

  255. Robert Fair Sr

    Fantastic book and information, it is so refreshing to have someone like you (and one other person) to share their information without asking for thousands of dollars.
    Keep up the good work and hope to meet you in person in the near future, thanks.

  256. Pamela Conner

    Hi Anthony. I have read Advertising Profits from Home, and although I haven’t implemented it yet, I plan to. Thank you.

  257. Chrissy

    the book is an easy read. Although the abbreivations can get confusing. A glossary in the back would be helpful. thanks a bunch for your continued help

  258. Gary Fenton

    Yes, I purchased and have read your book “Advertising Profits”. I bought the book after watching one of your infomercials, thinking it would be something I would be interested in. I must admit, there is a lot of good information in the book, which is going to require second reading in order to gain a better understanding. It has gotten me started in the right direction, since reading it the first time. I have built a web site, which is still a work in progress and am starting to work with Google add words, so this offer comes at a great time. There is so much new information to process, any help I can get is welcomed. Because of your book and what I have learned so far, I have purchased the “Anthony Morison 365 Day to Success” which I follow daily and also have purchased the “Fast Cash Commissions” program. These are both great but require time, which is in short order these days. I have no doubt that with a little perseverance, I will succeed in building a business in which I will be able to achieve my goals. Thanks…

  259. Dan Goggin

    I have not read advertising profits from home but have read your newest book Automated Profits from Home and find it to be the most concise source of information regarding getting started in internet marketing.Easy to inderstand well laid out.

  260. James Savage

    I have been reading and studying your book, it is well written and easy to understand. As a computer novice I am having difficulty implementing some of the steps but I will learn and achieve success with this market.

  261. James Savage

    I have been reading your book, I have been studying the steps to work with my business site. As a computer novice I am have some difficulty implementing some of the steps to post ads and products on my website. I will continue to work at this and achieve the success that you speak of. Being disable the money that can be made would be a great assest that will help myself and my family.

  262. Jon Wilson

    I have been reading the book and it is a good, easy book to read. I will be implementing the book towards my business as soon as I finish reading it. I am highlighting different things in it and will use them soon.

  263. connie

    I am currently reading your book and have already made a phone call to your team about being an Amazon.com affiliate. I will be doing this and am having my affiliate account set up through MyFreeWebsite. I look forward to working my business successfully this year. Thanks for all your support. I would really like to receive the 70 page report on using google adwords.

  264. Deb Galetta

    Anthony, I am half way through your book and I am finding it informative and easy to read. I do find myself having to go back and reread parts for the information you are referring to say in the next chapter.
    I have not implemented your ideas due to a financial bind in getting my gateway set up, but I am looking forward to being able to do that in another 2-3 weeks. I also am having some issues with the fast cash commissions but I am trying to get that worked out.
    Hope your holidays where great and safe.

  265. wm patterson

    completed hidden millionaire first (glad I did) — a good foundation in the subject matter of enterprise and business in general.I’m mid way thru advertising profits- starting to bog down after chapter 2 into chapter 3. I’ve concluded that to get anything out of this book I’ll have to start it all over (once completed) making my own hand written notes to refer to and proceed. I agree with the comment that your exhibits need to be enlarged. needless to say- to complete a book such as this I fully intend to dive into the market place seriously asap!

  266. George Stojanovich

    I read your book and found it very constructive and easy to follow. I am in the process of implementing your methods. Thank you for helping me set my goals for success.

  267. Jan Kruse

    Finished your book , just trying to determine how to get started. I think i need you copy of legal add words. Something that shows me what to do. Thanks, Jan Kruse

  268. Robert Gardner

    I have read your book. Very informative. Needs a better step to step guide for some. I need to get the information given turned into a reality for myself.
    Conquering Google will help a lot.
    Be Blessed

  269. Diana Bendickson

    Advertising Profits from Home Book is written well. As a result, I have signed up for Mastery Level Education, am part of the PMI Education, and I am trying to get through it all. So much good information. I am trying to break it down into steps that I can manage.

    I look forward to receiving the “Conquering Google Ad Words” to put into my training.

  270. Jim Justice GIN level II


    I’m one of your students and I just want to say “You RocK” and have helped me take the quantum leap to learn internet marketing. Send me the book, I am starving for more new techniques to market my business.

  271. John and Annette Hayes

    I work a part time job at Lowe’s on weekends and Mon thru thur I am presently working on SEO for my website. PMI has greatly helped and influenced me in the past few months. Your book is some of my reading material that I use when taking my 1 hr. lunch at work.
    The first half of the book was informative but not exciting and I was wondering when you were going to get down to the nitty gritty. Them BANG. The techniques were one after another. I had to quit reading so I could catch up with the strategies you were teaching. I am still not finished with your book but only because I am still taking baby steps with my marketing.
    I am excited with my progress and looking forward to your new guide about google adwords.

  272. Tommy Hassak

    I recently purchased the “Advertising profits from home”, i found it very easy to read, I joined the PMI group. The staff are amazing, they are more excited than myself, i’m overwelmed with the help and support and i’m getting from them every single day.
    I’m pretty confident that i made the right decision and i’m going to start making money soon.
    Thank you Anthony Morisson.

  273. mattman

    The book was the answer to my many questions about how affiliate marketing works and how i could get started!—-had looked at other “website included” programs in the past and it was a joke—boy was i (am i) surprised and elated that your program is the REAL DEAL!!! Thank you Anthony, seriously!!!

  274. mattman

    also wanted to comment on the vast amount of knowledge and instruction you packed into that little book-lot of info but not the extraneous stuff! Straight to the point-love it

  275. zerai tesfai


  276. Julius H. Barnes Jr.

    Hi! Anthony,
    Julius, here to just say Thank You, once again for the many tips on getting it right on making real money on the internet ( even though to date I have not ) but, that is going to change now that I have finished the book Adviertising Profits from Home, and have just about finished with my second book from you.
    Which is why I would really appreciate receiving your 70 page report on making money from Google adwords, because I know if coming from you, I will really benefit from all you have to say. I thank you for the opportunity to read this newest report from you, as I near the fulfillment of my first goals set and look forward to the next and on to success in making me some money online soon.
    Thankfully Yours,
    Julius H. Barnes Jr.

  277. carol

    I am trying to get up my own website. I have read your book and am getting ready to reread the book. It has lots of information I had been looking for,for a long time. Not applying it yet. But will be. Great product.

  278. William

    I am about 85% done reading your book. The information is valuable. At
    times it is a little overwhelming. When I complete the book, and finish
    read fast cash commission, I hope to start implementing your strategies.
    It will be tough, because of a limited budget. But the book was the best
    one I ever read on the subject of affiliate marketing. Buying the book was a
    good investment.

  279. Layne Mounts

    I too have not read your book yet, but am now encouraged to do
    so by some of the comments above. I’m a newbie at marketing
    stuff. I believe it would a great addition to me arsenal. Thanks for all
    your weekly blogs. Layne

  280. Layne Mounts

    I too have not read your new book yet , but inspired now to do so
    by the comments above. It sounds great as I am a complete newbie to
    this marketing thing and hope to really get going soon. Still alot
    to take in and understand. Thanks for all the help. Layne

  281. Peggy McFadden

    I finished reading The Hidden Millionaire at 6:00 AM this morning and was inspired by your willingness to help others. I ordered Advertising Profits a couple of hours later, looking forward to it.

  282. Yamilette

    I already read it. it’s a very good source of guidelines that help you through the process.

  283. Hector Jimenez

    I got different programs from you. You recommend to join PMI and now working with them. I have not got time to read your book

  284. george rolph

    Got most of the book done. I would never be able to advertise like this without your book.

  285. Vito De Carolis

    caro Antony, I live in Italy, and I’m following all your blogs, I’m 60 and I’m looking to create a new business on line, for my grandchildren. And your suggestions are very usable to me

  286. DeAnn (Annie) Ifft

    Attended your 3 day workshop at the end of 2011 before I even knew your book existed. Already having 20 years marketing experience and an associate degree in ECommerce – I was ABSOLUTELY thrilled with the seminar. It was the ‘update’ to my obsolute education that I had been waiting for! It was the busy season for our farm, so I planned to start at the beginning of 2012. My mother-in-law had a stroke and now my husband just had a serious farm accident and is on his 45th day in the hospital. Now, more than ever, I need to make money from home. Easier money than farming. Your awesome book is sitting here by my computer waiting for me to have a minute to read it and to refresh what I learned. I would recommend your 3 day affiliate marketing training to EVERYONE – Cory was awesome! As were all the speakers. Thanks so much, Anthony!

  287. Angela Kleinman

    Dear Anthony, I have read your book. It was easy to read and I loved your tips and ideas. I have yet to select a product and hope it’ll be soon. Thank you. I hope to be successful.


    Hope to get the free copy of conquering Google adwords.

    I’m reviewing the book again with my notes and i hope i find all my answers in the book. Help me please What is the first step? I’m very happy i found your program.

  289. Luke Pham

    Dear Anthony

    I appreciate very much if you send me 70 pages of your teaching how to earn money on the internet. I’m in debt now, I can’t afford to buy anything now.

    Thank you

  290. Francine Belsky

    Hi Anthony.

    I did purchase your book and I apologize because I am a little slow, but I just retired from the Federal Government and I will have more time. I am the kind of person who has to read things a couple of times before it sinks in,, but I am trying,because I need to suplement my income to make sure I have enough money.

    Thank you Anthony for all your help.

  291. Gerald Drewes

    Haven’t gotten the book read yet-but have heard some great things about it.
    Plan to read it soon.

  292. Stephen Guillen

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  294. john bozich

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    Please send your 70 page book (PDF) “Conquering Google Adwords”.

  295. Rosanna

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    Thanks and God Bless!

  296. Dr Marilyn Joyce

    I love everything you write and produce Anthony! I have not yet read your book but plan to after watching your video. Your info is invaluable for sure – and everyone needs it! Tank you for offering this 70-page ebook. You are the best!

    Dr Joyce

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    I read every thing that Anthony has ever written and will continue to read anything else he writes because he only shares the truth; full of wisdom, insight and the most helpful strategies thisOldFart has ever encountered.
    I’m just itchin’ to get my hands this Adwords guide and using it to boost my success rate. Thanks A.M.

  298. Cecilia

    I read “Advertising Profits From Home” early 2011 and used it as a reference while completing other instructions. There is much more involved with marketing on the internet than I realized and much to learn. I plan to press on to understand what I need to do to be successful with internet marketing. Thank you for having such vision and please continue publish strategies for marketing.

  299. Eva Powell

    hi anthony,
    read the book and love it..i find myself going back and rereading the info and finding something helpful i missed the first time…love the webinar the best..they are awsome..cant wait to read ur 70 page book…thanks Eva

  300. Tashia Bennett

    I have purchased the book and I am half way though it. I think that it’s great so far with all the information you have presented. I am ready to hop on and start do I am reading as fast and careful ad I can. I have a family to take care of and want to get to the where I am not worrying about where money is coming from.

  301. amy morris

    anthony i need help to more understand your book,i need to start making some money my home is in jeapordy.please help me in any way that you can i know that the will bless you more for helping me.i do not want to lose the only home that i know. i am a disabled senior citizen i need help in keeping my home.i need to start making some money to payfor all back payments that i owe to the bank.please help me anthony.may the Dear Lord Jesus continue to Bless you and your family. please write to me quick thank you very much.a morris

  302. Sylvia Pardue

    Hi,Anthony. That will be my website when the guys from the success academy are finished putting it together. I got excited about your book and your ideas re affiliate marketing because I haven’t done much real estate for a couple of years, I need money, and I’ve been involved in advertising most of my life..I wrote a paper in college about how it was a useful tool for the public as well as the advertiser..and the advertising seller. Maybe I should go to work for Google? I have written and sold advertising in a number of venues. Anyway, I haven’t yet finished your book yet. I mostly use it as a resource when I don’t understand what the success mentors are talking about. Having almost never used the internet for anything but finding houses for sale, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have without the success academy. I guess and hope you’re part of that, too. Thanks for geting me started, and sending me ideas. If I ever learn my way around the computer,I plan to make a go of it!

  303. Ron

    I have always hoped to make money online but also felt that if I did not educate myself as to how things work I might do great at first and then fall because I did not have the foundation a continuing business needs to have to succeed. I have received much of my education from you but am still trying to find info on website creation and design. Thanks for all the help thus far Anthony!!

  304. Doug W

    still reading and trying to learn. Alot of good info so far. I hope to get this up and running very soon. Keep up the good work Anthony!

  305. Tim Willingham

    Hi Anthony,
    I read the book twice because there is just so much information about how to make money in affiliate marketing to grasp with just one read. I now use it as a reference book in my further studies in internet marketing.

    A book that I would like to see however, is one that gives dummies like me a real “take me by the hand” simple baby step approach to making money on the internet. The biggest problem I seem to have is there is too much information that I just get lost in the woods so to speak and can’t find my way out. Its like I have a 10,000 piece puzzle with no picture to follow in putting the pieces together. I have this feeling like okay so where do I start? How do I get from point A and arrive at point Z where I actually start making money? I know there’s probably a simple answer right on the tip of my nose but I just can’t see it.

    Still groping in the dark,
    Tim Willingham

  306. Cindy Cole

    Thanks for a great opportunity to enhance my current financial states by creating this book. I am hoping to start my affiliate marketing business as soon as I gather some funding. Your book is a nice stepping stone to future business knowledge in clear neccessary direction and pacing. Thanks.

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    much love

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    Just made aware of your book “Advertising Profits at Home”. On my way to purchase. There were great review comments regarding your book. Look forward to reading your book and following your guiding hand to a sucessful business.

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    Whew, this was Weekly Blog #8 and I only have 102 more to go to catch up! lol Can’t wait! Keep up the good work Anthony and so will I.


  310. Eparkyn

    Antony: Your books are very enlightening, I got a few sales on amazon.com marketplace, and would appreciate to have my website to begin doing a better job. Thank you for your books, really appreciate them I had a chance to travel with my dad to get pictures and records when he wrote his book. Elizabeth Parkyn

  311. JD

    I have not purchased any of your books, maybe I should! This is a old blog and I believe you have a current book out now?? What is the best book to purchase as of today 6/11/12. Thanks, JD.

  312. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    Your book is amazing and easy to understand. I love your writing style.

    I have not started implementing or using the techniques but I will soon.

    Your blogs are great as usual. You rock Anthony!!

  313. Sharon THorne

    I do not have a copy of your book but I am a member of your Affiliate Program .
    I find these blogs to be helpful and think you are a good speaker. You are very informative about the topics you discuss and I am looking forward to upcoming blogs.

    Thank You Sharon

  314. salvador

    give me some time to get things right….i look forward to doing business with u soon…thank u Anthony..

  315. Linda Ramsay

    Loved the book. It gave me hope as I am one of the many retirees with not enough money to live.

  316. Burl Simons

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  317. Lloyd Blankenship

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  318. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Thank you for the great video blog. I always enjoy watching the blogs as they are very inspiring. I haven’t read your books yet but I do plan on getting them & reading them. Thank you for the great video blogs as they are greatly appreciated & very inspiring. Melody.

  319. King Richard

    Anthony I love listening to you talk. I think you are better than almost every top politician there is: Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, Bill O’ Reilly etc. Think u are an absolute genius and maybe 1 day I will make a lot of money like u. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  320. Mary Tibbetts

    I am constantly studying your techniques and strategies and hope that I hit on one that will work for me. I am still interested in local AM support groups. I look forward to reading your book. Thank-you Anthony

  321. Joe Bosch

    I’ve read your book a couple of times and both learned from it and enjoyed it a lot. You are a good writer.

    I’ve had a website which attracted almost zero traffic. What I think I need is 1. a good website and 2. one that gets lots of traffic.

    A site with no traffic won’t generate income.

    Hope you had a good Labor Day weekend.


  322. Brian Aldrich

    i’ve started reading “Advertising Profits from home” and have found some great hints and advice in writing profitable ads. thanks for all you do!

  323. Brenda

    Hello Anthony, I have been reading and implementing all lessons, I have not read the book. Thank you for the weekly blogs.

  324. Anthony Shaw

    Sorry Anthony i have not yet been able to get your book but looking forward to getting it as soon as possible just can not afford it right now THANK YOU ANTHONY SHAW

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    Hi Anthony,
    I have read half of your book — very informative. It also showed me what I dont know (that part was discouraging) as this internet stuff is totally new to me. I signed up for your program. I will try to schedule my meeting with your customer support people so I can get started.

  326. Elizabeth Frederick

    Hi Anthony,
    Love your weekly blogs and your success connection emails. I’ve yet to make my first dollar, but I’m still hopeful and motivated thanks to you. Your kind words are very encouraging. I would love a copy of the article you wrote, “Conquering Google AdWords”. I have bought both of your books and find them very inspirational. Packed with helpful info and easy to understand strategies. I’ve been learning so much from you and I am so appreciative. I know I can make my business a success ! I made a promise to myself when I started down this road that I would learn as much of the material you offer as possible. Your books have made that an easy promise to keep. AccessAnthony website is truly remarkable. Still finding out about all the tools offered through that site. Thank you so very much.

  327. Jimmy Robertson

    I got to be honest I have not started the book but I have to say I would like you here to set mine straight.I just love yourweb cast. Ilook for them all the time and I save them so I can watch them later.
    Thank You Anthony,
    Darryl Robertson

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    Books are great except for the small graphs otherwise very good. How can I get the 70 page book to read?

  329. Sandy


    Need to make screen shot bigger. Would love to get some help. Thanks.
    Hope you will send the 70 page book.

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    yes I would like the 70 page also Anthony . Help me connect the dots. Thanks

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    I just finished reading your book on Advertising profits from home. I have not yet used any of these processes, since I don’t understand alot of them and have trouble implementing them. I will however keep trying because I want this to work for me.

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    I am very impressed with your courses, Anthony. I’ve learned alot, and look forward to learning even more. I purchased the 365 Days, and attended 2 of the Seminars that packed a whole lot of information in just 3 days. I try to invest on my education & my business, funds are temporarily limited.

    I say temporarily, because if I follow your advice, I will soon see SUCCESS. I would very much Anthony, like to receive the report on Google. I will read the report, and give you my review. I look forward to the day, Anthony, where I can wear that T-Shirt that says “SUCCESS WITH ANTHONY.”

    I look forward to receiving your report.


    Bill Munro

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    thank you

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    We are half-way through reading “Advertising Profits from Home” and are really enjoying it. It is very easy to read and very clear and helpful.
    Anxious to be able to start making money by using these techniques.
    Thank you for all you hard work and your assistance to help us be able to generate income on line from home.

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