1. April

    Hey thanks I just downloaded the software and I thank this may make it easier for me know. May be I’ll be able to get things going so I can start maken money with this know.. thanks agin

  2. Laura Heigh

    It has been a rough couple of weeks, now to get things back on track and make this work. With this new tool bar to help me things might be looking up for the first time in a month an half.
    Thanks for all you do Anthony

  3. Deborah WALTEMEYER

    I am thrilled to receive your free software,have wanted to purchase it just could not afford it at this time with everything else i have purchased to get started.It will be a great help in advancing toward my goals.Bless you for all you do to keep us moving forward.You are a amazing person,wish there were more people in the world that cared as much as you do about other people,would be a better world to live in.Thanks i am so excited about putting it to use.Deb

  4. Penny Petree

    I am slow geting started due to personal items and lack of funds to get all the extra help. But Anthony I am so impressed with all you have for us and all that you keep doing. I have tried lots of things in the past to make money on line and to date date yours is the best yet!! Nothing has ever offered so much training and I am not talking about the items you offer for sale. The free training has taught me just how much I really didn’t know. And some of it I go back and watch 2 or even 3 times to make sure I understand and didn’t miss anything!
    I am looking forward to trying the new software and will let you know as soon as I give it a try.
    Thank you again for the oppertunities you have for me!
    Penny Petree

  5. Linda Pennington

    Very Cool. I’m impressed. These are most of all the tools that I use and now I have access to them quickly in the toolbar. Thanks.

  6. kat

    Hi and thank you for the software just download it can’t wait to jump in to start using it.

    Thank you again,
    Have a great Day!’

  7. theophilus ansah

    i have trying alot and alot of softwares buy none of them worked for me then i got your email. i bought your book and read it and i have used some of the free technics in it to promote peoples products even though i haven’t made notting i still think your info is the best and hope some day i will make alot of money soon so i take care of people i see or know that needs help like u helping.thanks.

  8. patriciapad

    I like it looks good I’ll start using it as soon as I learn everything I need to know to get started .I’ve been watching videos and reading all your teaching pages and they are really helping me alot .there are still some things I’m still not sure about so I’m working on it thanks for all your help

  9. Joseph Mannix

    Thanks for the software. I.ll be using it later today. There was no problem downloading it. I also want to thank you for the all you have done for me personally.

  10. Theodore Seavy

    The New bar looks grea. Some where in the process the instructions for using got dropped out. I’m sure we will get that latter. I’ll have better coments after I get a chance to use it. Thanks for sharing

  11. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……..GOOD JOB……I enjoy and appreciate ALL you do in your teaching (valuable information). This Software is amazing. Wife says No to installing Firefox, have to wait for you to put Software on Explorer Internet. Started your program a month ago. My focus is to educate myself, understand what, where, and when to execute. There’s a lot of material to absorb. I believe a firm persistence toward these goals lays a solid foundation. Making Money will come when the “Time Is Right.”
    Thanks…………Jimmy K.

  12. Ken & Joy Ganger

    Thank you, Anthony. That is an awesome gift and so easy to figure out. I appreciate this so much. Hope you get a rest now that you have released this toolbar!

    Joy Ganger

  13. Diana Stein

    Thanks for your generosity, and the difference maker you are with your passion. I love helping clients online, and I really am enjoying your book, and classes.

  14. Sandy Doten

    Thank you for the software. I can see how it will be beneficial to my business endeavors.

  15. Frank & Diana Barnes

    Thank Anthony for the software we finally got the down load to work & we will put the tool bar to work.

  16. James

    Anthony, thank you very much. I can hardly wait to try out the free software you have allowed us to download.

  17. Carlos Gordian

    Awesome! This is so great and powerful to keep your Team for the very first time well engaged, updated and literately in the same page…my hats off…Thanks again!

  18. michael

    i just downloaded your toolbar i like it just trying to figure out how it all works thank you

  19. Janise

    Hi Anthony,

    I just downloaded the new toolbar and I’m excited because I really need direction with my online marketing business. Thank you.


  20. John & Lois Washburn

    Anthony, I wish we understood computer systems as well as you do. It would sure make our lives more simple. We are very new to the game on advertising. With Your help I know we will be very successful.Thanks for being a great teacher!!!!!

  21. Jeff B

    Just downloaded the toolbar. At first glance it looks to be well organized and loaded with some very beneficial and useful tools.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have time to play with it right away, as we’re off to see our precious granddaughter.

  22. John

    Wow! Thanks Anthony for this software. The toolbar is very well organized and will be very helpful to me while doing my daily tasks.

  23. Danny Ausmus

    When I began listening to the firefox install tutorial, my normal response is, o.k. so I’ll listen to it because I have to, but ended up hearing something that actually moved me. Now, I’m glad I downloaded Mozilla Firefox & because of the emphasis on individuals & community, I choose to stay with Firefox, instead of shopping around for an engine I like. You’ve got me as a customer for life.

  24. Tommy Jordan Sr

    Thanks for tool bar! noticed that Social ads pro will be disabled if fire fox is upgraded to 7, so i went back to 3.6 if others are having trouble there.

  25. Marsha D.Roth

    Thankyou Anthony for the software. I am anxious to try it !! I will let you know how I like it . Thanks again.

  26. Dilek Boran

    Thank you for software, looks nice! Iā€™m excited because I really need guidence with my online marketing business.

  27. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    once again you have provided us with valuable information to help us succeed in our business, with the aid you supply with time and work on our part we can not fail.
    Fred & Hyunsou

  28. Richard

    Looked over the toolbar briefly. Some features look very useful. Will have more comments in a little bit when I have used it more. Thanks for making this available.

  29. Ted Eagy

    Please explain the offers section of the new software. How does it work?

  30. Josie M

    Thank You so much for the toolbar.I know it will be a great asset.

  31. Karl Huber

    Thanks for the software Anthony. We did not get our website going yet but are working on it as you always say “taking baby steps”. This way we hope to be able to maximize the use of you software.

  32. Alisa Grant-Seay

    Thank you for the software, Anthony. The download and install was a breeze. I have gone to a few sites to see if any offers appear and I was able to see some. On some sites, the offers appear but then disappear. I am not sure what that means. I will give it another test tomorrow.

  33. Cecilia

    I just downloaded the toolbar Anthony. Our website is in the works now. There is much to understand to be successful and I thank you for sharing and giving direction. We need it.

  34. cathy

    Very nicely done. Will take getting use to, but it is easy to figure out and use.
    I can get rid of some excess from my cup of coffee with this too. Thank you very much.

  35. Karen Stormo

    Just downloaded the tool bar. I’m so very new at affiliate marketing that I really don’t know anything yet but I’m sure I will. Everything else you tell us and teach us is great so this must be also.

  36. Tyrone

    Thanks for the free tool bar Anthony. I’m downloading it now and I will definitely provide you with additional comments after using it. Again, thank you!

  37. Jeremiah K Afong

    Aloha Anthony,
    Thank you for the free software, I just down loaded it and will use it to help me in my biz. I hope it is self explanatory.

    Thank you

    Jeremiah A

  38. RayG

    Looks great! I just got your free (yet especially valuable for affiliate marketers) toolbar. Knowing your insistence on quality I’m betting it works as well as it looks. I’ll be using it and earning more because of it — no doubt in my mind. Appreciate the way you value us. Sincere thanks!

  39. remigio Sanchez

    by the way Anthony please mention about the mobile marketing if you are going to teach about it as i said i am open to learn this new method month by month

  40. Sharon Brown

    Anthony, This was fun. Now I can Learn what I need and also check on other things that interest me. Thank you! Have a Great and bless evening.

  41. marlene dixon

    Hi Anthony,

    I have downloaded the toolbar and firefox thanks very much i look forward for more info

    Thank you

  42. Donna Lackershire

    Will we be able to get it free when you have it available for Internet Explorer? Please let us know when that is available. Thanks for all your help.

  43. Ingrid

    Thanks Anthony I am going to use it, It has been a year and I just published
    a few days ago.It is hard but I need to continue,I put out so much cash
    already I need all the help I can can get.

  44. Vev

    I love the toolbar, and the fact that we get it free. A lot of encouraging information. I truly like that you don’t give up on us.

  45. Timothy

    Hey thanks I just downloaded the software and I begun to use the software in conjunction with cpvdomination and find it works great. Thanks Anthony.

  46. Norman Snotherly

    Hi Anthony,

    Downloaded the toolbar. Seems pretty cool and a way to make some things much more user friendly. But am still working on watching videos and taking things one step at a time.

  47. chris

    Thank you very much for the power of your thinking.The engagement that you

    promote,and the on going persistance of your will to help any one to be a

    success.TOOL BAR IS AWESOME thanks a million.

  48. mariotayag

    Hey Anthony, haven’t download the software yet, but I just want to appreciate your effort and unselfish attitude by sharing your knowledge to almost everyone out here,like me.
    More power bro!

  49. Larry

    awesome, looking forward to using it , I still have a lot to learn about it . thank you so very much and have a wonderful day

  50. yvonne

    Hi Anthony, in the past I’ve had trouble with firefox & had to have it uninstalled. hopefully you will include internet explorer by the time I recieve books in the mail. I’ve read the 1st 3 chapters via e-mail and am excited to get started. Sounds good. Thank-You

  51. Yvonne

    Anthony! Thanks so much for the toolbar, it looks great and work perfectly.

  52. Jeanne Mausure

    Anthony What a great birthday present for me! ( 70 today)I stopped at the Apple Store to be sure I could do this. I already had Firefox in my dock. I had to open that first and then go back to your download for the tool bar. Are you going to give us more info. I think it’s been a year ago October that I signed up for info in the Chicago area when Adrian was here. (I gave him a Cubs necklace I made) I have 365, Days, Profits from home. aff offer spy, purchase and your down load today! Did I finish anything I started? NOT! I need an outline and then maybe I’ll finally get started! And when I was explaining you to the agent in the Apple store, he was going to go to your site to check you out! These kids are so smart and so are you! And thank you!

  53. rong

    Thank you very much for the free software. I hope with all your help, It can make it easy for me to start my home bussiness and make some money.

  54. Jerry Arichabala

    Anthony is great at this, he is the best I have seen so far as far as teaching how to build a business online. No other is as true as Anthony. Thanks Anthony for this new software!.

  55. Annette

    I will wait for the Microsoft Edition of the free download for Internet Explorer. Thank you

  56. Demetrio Asencio

    Thank you very much Anthony for the free software, i like it. Hoping that this is going to help me getting things more easier to make some money. Thanks

  57. caver

    It was an easy download, now I’m experimenting with the tabs. I use Firefox so that was no problem.

  58. Marcia Brown

    Downloading this was a breeze! Thanks for the great directions! I can’t wait to get started using this.

  59. Diana

    Thanks so much for all the free help!! I will have to wait until able to download on Explorer. Not downloading Firefox at this time. Please let us know when available on Explorer.

  60. Jody Anthony Thompson

    Sorry that I was absent for a week or so. I’ve gotten held up with some other stuff. Anyway, I new that I was gonna love this new software; works like a charm. The only trouble that, I’m having is trying to get that Abode flashplayer downloaded so that I can watch your video blogs; just one minor fix. But atleast the new software still runs smoothly. Like I said; works like a charm.

  61. David Klein

    Thank you for the software, Anthony Morrison!! This should help me with my new niche. Good way to help me with some new posts for my marketing and software site. I think I will start with the offer finder.
    Yours Truly, David

  62. John Spurrier

    I just downloaded your toolbar. I like it??
    Just trying to figure out how it all works.

    How and what does all the info from the toolbar mean for each;
    SEO Profile,
    Keyword Profile,
    and Toolbox?

  63. Natalie Lee

    I have downloaded your free toolbar but have not used it yet. Will give you feedback when I do. Very excited in learning everything you teach, and hope to utilize your fabulous gift asap! Greatly appreciate all your blogs, info & free tips!!!

  64. Cindy Brinker

    I am downloading this right now. I am a little late but better late than sorry. Thanks again for all the help. I think I am on the right road now.

  65. Niels van Raak

    Great piece of software again Anthoney
    i use it with your Fast Cash Commision software.
    thats work great !
    maybe a idea to use this for fast cash commision training ?
    Niels van Raak

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