1. Jeff Warford

    I’m most interested in learning how to profit from social media. I feel that social sites such as FB and Twitter have the largest followings and there’s a lot of profit to be made for everyone. I just can’t seem to get started. I stay engaged and look forward to every bit of information I can learn. I’m not giving up and I will succeed.

  2. Elizabeth Wells

    Hey, I am so new to this and my brain is bouncing with learning and thinking about new ideas of where else I can advertise and of course share those ideas. I want to learn all of it step by step. My goal is not to be where I am at right now a year from now.

  3. Frandoris

    I want to learn about how to really market REAL people to generate a REAL income. I want a tool I can used that will help me generate real SALES/INCOME. This will not cost me thousand and thousand a dollars not even hundreds. I don’t mine investing in my business BUT only if their is a tool that can really help me to generate a REAL daily, weekly, and monthly income.

  4. Karen Morton

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m so glad you were able to spend time with your family. I am currently working full time at home and have three programs that I am marketing. I am on a very limited budget so therefore am using as many free marketing outlets as possible. I have not made sufficient income to cover my monthly expenses and that is my goal. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again for all your support and guidance.

  5. David Dark

    Hi I would like to learn more about building a email marketing list, and more about the website on

    Thank you

    David Dark

  6. Dr. W. T. Bolan

    Building a list is one thing, but how to turn around and monetize that list is something else. How can you take a list and turn it into cash money in your pocket. Thanks.

  7. Luis


    I have read the books and I have started on using twitter to promote some of the campaigns and to start building traffic. Sometimes you say that there is no need for a website and sometimes you do. What is the website you are reffering to and what would be the best way to do have a website or develop a website to direct traffic to?
    I want to take advantage of all of the information you are providing and hopefully I can share a success story pretty soon.

    Thank you,


  8. Elvin

    Need help on making my first dollar with PPC/PPV marketing, been on it since October with no success.

  9. Abe Doliente


    I need help in all the aspects of Affiliate Marketing. I will be very diligent to follow whatever you give us in your future blogs, posts, webinars and all your messages.

    I thank you so much again. May God Bless you and all that you do.

    Have a Blessed Christmas!


  10. Maude Kovarik

    I really want to learn Affiliate Marketing. However, I’m trying anything that I can afford right now, even doing surveys. I need someway to generate money.

  11. Deb Galetta

    I think I am lost when it comes to tagging my site with affiliate marketing.
    I know I can be an affiliate marketer for other companies but I have not made the connection to my site yet. I am interested in all aspects of marketing,

  12. Tony Gemme

    Anthony, I want to learn how you do it ! I’m kind of lost and feel I’m working in the Ice age. I bought your book and I just cant seem to get started!! but would like to know how to do affiliate marketing, I need to start from scratch with a step by step plan…… you made it seem so easy when you were in colledge……. Why is it not that easy for me now?? I need your help !! I’m a military veteran and got pinned between two cars at work and am out on workers comp, which only pays 66 and 2/3% of my regular pay…… SO I realy need your help Thanks for all the great informational blogs!!

  13. Chris

    The traffic on my sites are beginning to pick up Im getting a lot of looks but few conversions. The thing that I would like to learn the most is how to convert the looks into sales.

  14. Reggie Herman

    I’m really not at all a computer person so there for I really dont understand how to get the things started to make money online if there was some kind of step by step that I could get it would be nice ,I would just like to be able to live comfortable. I’m like some of the other people on here I dont have the money to invest in every thing but once there is money coming in dont mind putting other money back into it,but you got to have it to invest.Thanks

  15. Thomas

    I would like to see more money in my clickbank account/Pay Pal real soon. I try to follow al the sniper rules that I can. My visits to my site have went up by 75% but I’m still lacking sales. I reworked my meta tags, words, and marketing techniques to the best of my ability. My blogs have back links that seems to help a lot. Need a lot of help!

  16. aurelio

    Hello Anthony, I really admired you as a person, I don’t know internet, I have a hard to finish my website it’s been 3weeks now I felt I am stock, I have no budget, I’d like CPV program really however don’t have the budget, I’m the fast cast program, just want to say thanks a lot, not making money yet, I believe it will come.

  17. Elisabeth Treacy

    The basics! Somehow I got left behind and am missing something from the starting position. Where would I start if I had never heard of affiliates?

  18. lamont

    i would like to learn PPV traffic tips the real hard core true that the other marketers wouldn’t want use to know people here just don’t know PPV but if you truly tell the scoop on it it will truly put you above this other gurus we owe this learning experience to you so you owe the true to us…thank you

  19. Maggie Barlow

    I need help in “how to get there from here” – there is so much information about so many marketing avenues that it gets overwhelming. I need something lazer-focused to make quick revenue in affiliate marketing and build from there.

  20. Mady Buddington

    Of course all the avenues of affiliate marketing are of interest! – but e-mail marketing stands out for me, it seems to be more specifically targeted. Am I wrong? Ultimately, I have product / information based on previous experience that I would like to share and in so doing supplement our income.
    Mady Buddington

  21. Matthew Kennedy

    I want to learn more about email and social media affiliate marketing/ My goal is create sustainable income to help my family and myself o that I can propose to my girlfriend.

  22. nicole

    I’m trying to learn everything step by step but i can only do things that is free now. I’m trying everything I can think of right now. I don’t want to be in the same place next year where I am now. I look forward to every bit of information and I can learn and look forward to share my information with other people.

  23. Neil

    Hi Anthony, I am enjoying your FCC program at the moment and working through this. My wish for 2012 would be to become better with emails. I have been looking for a way to learn how to write them well, I have built a swipe file of emails that I open. But I have difficulty in writing emails of my own, in that I can talk to someone where I get an immediate response and then feed off that, yet trying to write like that I keep hitting a brick wall. Anyway i am sure I will find a solution to that so don’t want to sound too down about this and be a bore to everyone.
    All the best to everyone for the coming holiday season

  24. Helen

    Hi Anthony,

    I want to learn how to capture and manage a list from all the affiliate links. It seems the Marketing Academy teaches how to generate landing pages, or maybe I just have not gone far enough yet.


  25. Tristan Johnson

    I want to learn more about social media, and also want to
    learn more about email marketing.
    Because I would like to start my own art busineses one day?
    And I also would like to make more money for free.
    Thanks Mr. Morrison you the best boss I ever met,
    keep up what you during man.
    Love u so much, peace

    Thanks again

  26. Richard

    I would have to learn all about FB and Twitter. I don’t have a clue how to use those tools. E-mail Marketing wold be good as well. I need to move this business Now!

  27. ANA

    Anthony: it would be a refreshing change to be able to learn how to generate REAL TRAFFIC to my website to generate sales so i can make some money.
    All I’ve been able do is spend money that I don’t have, and I have not made one dollar online and I’ve been trying for one year. I don’t have any more money to spend!

  28. Teresa Whisnant

    Hi Anthony,
    I purchased your book and audio CDs a year ago. Thanksgiving last year. I still have not gotten started and really need to start making an income now.
    I have called your help line and they call me back ad then I seem to not call them back. Afger 14 months of being laid off, I really need to get started right away making the money that you tell stories of people making in one week’s time.
    I love your geniune heart to serve us.

  29. Sandee Marchetti

    I need help to get started in all areas in order to succeed. I am going to school, but am retired due to disability and need to work and make a living on-line. I would appreciate some personal help or tutoring. Thank You!

  30. Mary

    Hi Anthony,
    Hope you and your family had a blessed Thanksgiving!! I would love to learn more about “Social Media”,because I know that is the wave of the future. Facebook & Twitter and also the other sites for Social Media.

    Thank You so much,

  31. olen

    I still feel like I need everything…

    First I would like a step by step plan to build a huge email list…

  32. Regina Ivy Barnett

    Hello Anthony, I’m still trying to learn everything you have sent me. I just feel like I’m still Missing something. I set and read, listen and try to understand. I would like to know more about well, anything . I’m unemployed with no job prospects only living off my saving and before long that will be depleated. I went and bought a web domain but can’t get it transfered for the website. Desperatly seeking.

  33. Antrhony

    I really want to learn how to market offers from marketing media. I already invested $1,000 in CPV Domination for course and I want more info of how to apply it and start making some money.

  34. Delores Glass

    Please dont think I am insane. When I first heard you it was commercial on TV. I never have been sure what you do exactly! I thought you taught people how to have a successful business online by connecting sites together and somehow creating sales for everything through introduction to advertisement! I dont have a business. Nothing to market! There you have it so dont know where to go from here.

  35. Dave Biddinger

    At the present, I have a reverse mortgage biz and a commercial electricity biz, with web sites for both. I am looking at a data base emailer( ?) that can provide targeted lists for my 2 businesses-opt-in. I need to know the best approaches to my target audiences-email, capture page on a business web site, etc. I think if I can find the targeted traffic, provide products and services people need (like reverse mortgages or lower commercial electricity costs) and have the best means of driving the targeted opt-in traffic to my web sites…I can rinse and repeat and add other digital products as an affiliate marketer-leaning on the top 10 affiliate companies Anthony mentioned. In other words, if I can perfect the “formula” for my current 2 businesses, I could add other web sites and other products. Does any of this make sense? I really would like to know how to become a successful affiliate marketer on auto-pilot.

  36. Tim Davidson

    I need to learn how to turn my website into a cash cow. I have over 10,000 email addresses collected from my website and do not know what’s next. I do not know if this is something you could teach on a blog, although you did go over email marketing.

  37. Karen Carpenter

    Glad to hear you had a Great Thanksgiving with Family, as Yes that’s what it is all about & sharing those things that we are most Thankful for ๐Ÿ™‚
    I spent the summer learning all different avenues of internet affiliate marketing & hit brain overload! But through it all I really liked your products & the honest course you offer the best!! I went to one of your seminars & loved what I heard, it really is what I would be interested in doing but can’t afford going forward with it. I’m looking to do CPA type marketing, something that doesn’t require a website. I have a few websites that aren’t doing anything after all the work that goes into them & then to not get ranked or any traffic! Not my cup of tea. I realize competition is fierce out there that’s why I loved what I heard at your seminar = it was to piggyback with your association with big companies – doing the marketing & sharing the profits with you. What a great opportunity that would be but as I said it’s beyond my finances. So to learn more of how to do that type of CPA marketing is my interest. Thank you Anthony for ALL the ways you are trying to help the “little guy”! God’s Blessings to You & Your Family

  38. nathaniel

    I Would like to Learn how to Generate A List of Targeted People, To my Affiliate Web Site. That Would Convert Into Sales, Which would one day GIVE ME FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!

  39. Bernice J Adams

    I want to know how I can make that first dollar. I can seem to get the clicks just not the conversions. I also have so many things going through my head and I am still not sure as to how to get everything really going. Step by Step help would be great.

  40. Clarence

    I would like to know more about email marketing. Getting people to sign up (baiting the hook) and then reeling them in. Would it be good to run a special like a free giveaway or maybe a newsletter?

  41. Larry Johnson

    I need some one on one in order for me to profit. Everybody says that you can get some mentoring, but nobody helps you.

  42. Henry C Johnson

    Yes, I would like to learn how to operate your software! I know that you are busy all the time with your students but take some time to tell us about your software. You see, some of us are not up following you as you talk about computers as we don’t really know that much, but we would like to learn.

  43. Martha Harrell

    I want to know about he easiest way to get started with affiliated making, because Ihave that ready to go, but I do not have a place to market to, to be able to get paid. So a few of the eaziest ways to get free advertising.

  44. Tpseggai

    Hello Mr. Anthony,Thanks for the ” Thanksgiving Message “.I want to know
    about all the step by step of your product so i can make it work. With your help i hope i can make it. I want learn more about making money online and how to get paid.

  45. KriSty LaFrance

    As I have watched and listened to the trainings provided, It becomes easier to understand how to mange affiliate and internet marketing. Thank you for all the time spent to make thes trainings available.

  46. luke lukanen

    Hi. i think that i would like to learn as much as i can about getting affiliate accounts, such as saying the right things to get them to sign me up. thanks……………….luke

  47. Cheryl

    If using the Spy Sniper, Tweeter suspended my account. What good is it to have the Spy Sniper and not be able to use it?

  48. Denise

    I would really like to learn more about how to use Facebook and Twitter as affiliate marketing tools.

  49. Kaye Hutton

    I have been working at this since late April and my mind is so on overload with information (all good) that I am not sure what I would like to get next. I know it is time I started making something back for my expenditures and my studying, so whatever you send I know will be beneficial to me.

  50. Bill Grasser

    I would like to learn how to grow my business in Google and in Social Sites. More marketing skills is what I need now.

  51. James Laverty

    I would like to know more about social media and other on-line marketing strategies. I know WHAT they are, but how to use them to benefit my business is the challenge. There is so much out there to learn and everyone seems to have different strategies, but what is actually working and how to apply it to my own business is where I am stumped.

    I would also like to know how to build my e-mail/blog list of interested people in my product – jerky, over 101 styles and flavors of jerky. Thanks in advance for your help!

  52. Randy A Donath

    I would like the best FREE methods available to get started making some online income. Once income starts coming in, I’ll be able to start spending some bucks on advertising. Until then, I’m at a loss. I already know the niche in which I choose to market, and the specific product that I wish to sell. Now I just have to get this out in front of potential buyers. That’s where I’m at a standstill at present.

  53. Jamie Duty

    I want to learn it all so i can get out of debt plus i want to learn it all to maybe become one of your teachers. Im having fun with the success team and learning alot. Thank You for all your help and i want to give a big shout out to my teacher John Hall.

  54. Howard

    I would like to learn all of the methods but start out with the one gets me paid so i can invest into the big time marketing elements

  55. Lori Dean

    I’ve very interested in learning some proven ethical techniques for social marketing and maybe some ‘hidden gems’ to drive targeted traffic and help increase conversions. I think this is an area that will work well for me. Thanks

  56. Ella Dikeman

    I`d like to learn all I can, and be the best at getting responses, but mostly about how to make a great ad that will draw peoples attention to it,
    I`d like to be in a better place this time next year,

  57. Vernon Stroppel

    My goal is to get though your Training I’ve signed up for and to start making money so I can start spending time with my family that is over 1500 miles away, the goal is by this Spring 20012, Thank you for all your help. Happy Holidays

  58. Inez

    Thank you for a sweet holiday message, I have to start and stop a lot on my marketing plan because I Am a caregiver to my 89 year old mother so my question is the new software you spoke about on Nov. 23 how to make fast cash with the social web would be better to do now and then go back to building my marketing plan? I also invested in the PMI course. I need some guidance I’m running after everything when I watch a webinar or a weekly blog. I need to focus on the one that will help me the most. I wonder if after you teach on the blog site if you mention to your students who my have your book on Advertisiing Profits From Home what chapter they can go to for more imformation do you think this would be more helpful? Edna ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. beiglar makvandi

    I use to sell soccer apparel,equipment,coaching etc…, brian is my body’s little 5 year old told his father , he want to go and see dealy dealy because he will give me a good deal on my soccer shoes,it is almost 5 year later i have been given the website name by you (anthony) .
    do you think i go somewhere else.I WILL MAKE THIS WORK FOR BRIAN. love to do pop ups, email,etc. you can call me mak. nov,28,2011.

  60. Yolanda

    I am new to all this marketing strategies, so I want to learn everything. Especially the social networks, I know nothing about them. I want and need support in how to use those medias. I want to be doing my business and succeeding within the year.

  61. Sylvia

    As a beginner in internet marketing, I think the biggest thing I’d like to learn is exactly “HOW” to sign up for AdSense and different Affiliates and get approved immediately so I can start getting paid. I’ve signed up for Amazon and have been approved (yeah) but AdSense…I’m still waiting,,, :(,,, This information is more for other people trying to get started and NOT have to go through the same frustration. Thanks Anthony, your training is greatly appreciated!!

  62. Chaundra Crews-McGrady

    I would just like to know how do marketing there are so many different direction to go you read you target stuff but it is still not clear how to take the first to get started building internet, blogs.ect. thanks for your help

  63. Gloria Scarbrough

    I am so new to this and have not yet started to advertise. I want to learn all the basic steps for getting started on Google and Yahoo first and then move on to Facebook.

  64. Tyrone J.

    Hi Anthony I want to learn all about affiliate marketing and socail media marketing I am very new to all of the internet world but looking forword to getting to know more about it and learning from you and your team

  65. Pierre Mocombe

    I am interested in all sort of ways to make money whether it be sending E-mails, Affiliate marketing, social media like twitter, facebook etc… I guess the important thing is to be able to find a niche then follow through by utilizing your concept.

  66. Nancy Maloney

    I am just getting started in the program, even tho I have had it for a little while. I want to learn how to make an income on-line, especially using social media.

  67. Bonitaj

    Step 1; Getting the confidence, building the relationships, First steps; Set-up, relations, contacts, Website. Baby steps.

  68. Elizabeth Walker

    I would like to learn more social media and affiliate marketing., but I would also like to learn how to market my own products if I decided to.

  69. donna long

    Hi Anthony, glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. Also hope you have a very blessed Christmas and New Year as well, and all your family. I would like to learn how to do free advertising on thesocial networks, so I can actually get some sales from my new web site that you helped to get started through Mountain State University, PMi, and your group. I think it is a GOD send, that you all have come into our lives right now.

  70. Linda Hunt

    Trying to get started in Affiliate marketing. Once I have ads up and running on social networks will check into other ways to market. Really interested in email marketing, but just getting started so know I have to work my way up to that.

  71. Karen

    I would like to learn more about social media marketing and linking them together and to your websites. Thanks

  72. Monica Restea

    Dear Anthony, it will be nice to make a video filmed step by step how a blog is put together on a computer, as how you connect the domain with the host, auto dawn loader account,make a squeeze page , where and how you find good free staff to post on daily blog in order to build a List, where you find good products to advertise in order to became an affiliate, open a click bank account connect all together ready to go.
    I just study all over but i am scared to do it without watching someone else doing it ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you, Monica

  73. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony, I want to make my first dollar on this business before this year comes to an end! I have faith in GOD I will accomplish this.Thanks to you Anthony, for all your support! GOD BLESS YOU man!!

  74. Jack

    I would like to get ONE simple method going so I cam START making $$. NOT a bunch of things all at once. Just simple STEP by STEP instructions on something SIMPLE that will bring me in ssomething–even a few dollars. THAT is what encourages ME. Juat seeing something start to work !! Simple STEP BY STEP , then go on to other things. I was bombarded with a lot of DIFFERENT things to buy (which I did) ,but now am TRYING to focus on something and figure out the lingo so I can get started. ( I was in Bakersfield meeting) , Jack

  75. Derru

    Would like to learn how to profit from CPA. I mean i want to learn everything from A-Z from finding great offers to promote to how to promot those offer.

  76. monica kavanaugh

    I want to learn how to generate an honest income, without having to give my life saving away, and or having a million companies calling everyday promising the world and ripping you off for every penny you have, and walking away with your money and leaving you empty haned, with a million promises and a broken heart. That’s why I signed up with you, you seem like the kind of person that will feel that empty hole with the knowledge we all need to learn with, I think if it gets to hard to understand we can lean on you for support. Thank you Anthony I think we are really going to learn something this time. Monica

  77. Jerry Brafford

    Hey Anthony

    I bought your software , and in the Videos you say to tag your self .
    So what I need help with is the wordpress Blog.
    The software is great by the way,still learning all the functions.

  78. Ravi

    I would like to first say thanks Anthony for your guidance I haven’t been able to take advantage of everything at this time and have not made any revenue however I still believe in you and your products. I guess I am wanting to learn more about marketing on facebook and twitter at this point.

  79. Janelle Burkett

    Hi, Anthony! Glad to hear you had a happy Thanksgiving! I did, too. I also spent it with family. I would like to continue to learn more about better ways to market that don’t cost a lot. I am implementing what I have learned so far, but of course, I am always eager to learn more! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for all of the information you share! I really appreciate it.

  80. Steven Surace

    I would like the steps needed for email marketing. I have a website, using Aweber for my optin-form, have a pretty good premium, and could use the other steps to become profitable. I feel like I have so much knowledge and using none of it. Spread around too much. This is what I will focus on until I master it. Need to start seeing some profits for my hard work!

  81. Nancy Surace

    I would also like the steps needed for email marketing. I have a website, using Aweber for my optin-form, have a pretty good premium, and could use the other steps to become profitable. I feel like I have so much knowledge and using none of it. Spread around too much. This is what I will focus on until I master it. Need to start seeing some profits for my hard work!

  82. Sharon lucas

    I want to know everything about social marketing, Ive been working at this for 9 months now and have not seen a change I really need help getting started and seeing an income flow I dont want to find another JOB

  83. David Porras

    Anthony Dave here, I really enjoy ALL your News and Information. To me it ALL is important to All of us, or you would not waste your time with it. My Biggest goal is to soon buy your automated software to get started with Affiliate Marketing . Thank You for keeping in touch!

  84. Janet

    Anthony with so much diversity in your marketing programs I would like to see you offer a study guide or a school of sorts addressing these various avenues separately.I completely agree with Jeff & Elizabeth’s comments below. Once we get some experience and make some money and develope the confidence that this will work, then we will be ready for the “Master’s Program”

  85. Editha Knuth

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you very much of your love sharing and teaching us how to earn money here in the internet. Its seems really nice and easy but required a good education and tools specially the law of attraction to get people attention. I still learning this idea might take me lots of time to be able to understand the process having business online. Well I do appreciate every thing you do for me.
    Have a wonderful Day.

  86. Joseph C Dernoncourt

    I am a retired man, born & raised in the US and now living in the Philippines, where my VA Pension goes the farthest . Almost all of my family are deceased. I am living a life in Paradise , with my wife , sharing the Word of God and just being real with the people around me. In our ministry , I can not begin to tell you how many times we could be a blessing to others if we had more money. A pair of shoes, sometimes makes the different s between a young girl finishing High School or not. Fare , to get back and forth or maybe have 20 pesos for lunch.
    I have but one thing lacking and that is to make money on the internet. I have bought a number of programs & seem to loose them when my computer goes down or I change my OS. I pray that soon my life in Paradise will not be lacking by realizing a real income on the internet.

  87. Jack Jefferies

    Anthony, I an anxious to get started with affiliate marketing. Advertising on Face Book; How do I get an account and get paid for my advertising? I have email accounts with face book, twitter, gmail, hot mail, yahoo and Bing; But I need to know how can I advertise on each of them? Do I have to be an affiliate to each if i advertise on each, to get paid?

    Thank you for all that you do.


  88. beiglar makvandi

    with my affiliate marketing website . what do i do to start email marketing and local marketing ( pop up adds.)…. is this is the fastest way to start getting some money in to continue expanding my biz.

  89. renu

    need to learn the easiest , quickest way to make money on line and not paying, paying , paying with NO returns.
    Some program catered to total newbies.

  90. Shirlan Rymer

    Anthony, I would love to know more about advertising and marketing my site on Facebook. Do I have to have ‘fancy’ or ‘shoutout’ silly stuff for folks to hit on my site? What’s the best way? I have an awful day job and just keep wishing to get something going so I can quit.
    Anyway, keep up the good work and I’m sure something great will come of it.

  91. Gerald Lecher

    What do i want to learn about most. all that i can consume. At this time it would be e-mail marketing. Like i said i would like to learn every thing about internet marketing.

  92. Murray Whitaker

    FB & Twitter appear to be the fastest growing forms of social media so to me, being very new to this, the best help would be to learn effective strategies of tapping into these sources to promote affiliate products.

  93. Carla De Petris

    Like Frandoris say the real income is difficult to achieve. I try ads in google, pof.7search,Msn, facebook. I do not know what I can do. Perhaps I should concentrate in e-mail.

  94. Noui Bellamy

    Anthony, I would like to find a way that the common single parent who is on disability can afford to keep up with all that you have to offer. Social media and AM are of interest to me but at this point, I just can’t afford the products that you offer weekly that will bring me success. Help. Your still awesome in my eyes. This program may not be for every body from what I see. Tell me if this is true…Happy Holidays and spend more time with your family.

  95. Sabeela Khan

    I would like to learn how to used social media to help my online business, and learn more about affiliate marketing.

  96. agnes

    I still need to find out how to market the businesses you spoke about in the beginning.

  97. Rich

    Anthony, I appreciate your Thanksgiving video. Learning about Local Business Marketing would be awesome!!

  98. Greer

    Despite numerous attempts at business start-up, I have not been successful at following the video instructions due to deafness and with a Cochlear Implant most videos are inaudible for recognizing the important points.
    I would like a simple step-wise progression to starting a new program so I can finally get something active. Being on a fixed income makes most programs out of my reach but I have invested in a few and have none of them operational. So basically, I would like to get pointed in the right direction with a program that will be easy to operate but also have a live person to answer specific questions if necessary.


  99. Diane

    First choice has been Email. Now am ready to learn the trading does and don’t on all the social medias!

  100. Augustin

    I am interested in affiliate marketing. As of now I am having trouble creating my website. I spoke with the support group and they told me for a $$ amount they can create it for me. I would love that but the funds is not available at this time. I recently started re-reading the book to see if there was something I missed the first time and hope it can help.

    If there is any help you can give me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  101. Janet

    Thank you for what you have done so far. I saw a video a month ago that talked about attaching your site to blogs. Going into blogging about a certain produt and attaching your (site??) to the blog. Will you go over that again or tell me which video to watch. This was very interesting to me and I thought I could do it successfully, but need to know how.

  102. Patricia

    I am interested in learning how to make money now by focusing on one good idea. I am so confused because I can’t seem to grasp one idea before you are moving to something else. I am retired on a fixed income and need to save my home from forcloseure. I love the way you are willing to help the little guy. Thank you for all your efforts.

  103. Augustine Sumo

    I do really want to learn about the fundamental of marketing authentically on social media. I am convinced that knowing how to effectively advertise on social sites will result to enormous amount of profits. Besides, I am a novice when it comes to reaching people on facebook, twitter, and the others; therefore, I would like to start from the initial stage.


  104. ~Pops~

    I’d like to see some intense training on how to use Google PPC: The Minimum Risk approach.

    Since that would be invaluable to your interested students, it should be an invitation only FREE offering; don’t you agree?

  105. Tom Manders

    I would like to know how to distinguish the good opportunities and good guru’s from the “pack”. There are a lot of pitchmen talking about monetary success on the internet. I want to follow the simple formula of a good guy!
    I believe Anthony is one of the good guys.

  106. Charles Olds


    I would like to see a step by step progression on how to market my website. I think I am like others, there are so many way to market but where do I start and what is next. I would love to have this spelled out for me and others.

  107. Rick Bedoar

    I left you a message on facebook Anthony. I hope you read it as that tells you about where I need help and that I am like you and not a quitter. Rick Bedoar

  108. Beatrix Dunford

    Hi Anthony..

    I would like to learn all aspects of Marketing. It is amazing what I have
    learned so far. I have my sights set on accomplishing what the course
    is intended to do. Teach us how to make an income and feel at ease
    once things are rolling right along.

    Thank you very much for your time,

  109. Gwen

    Anthony, I want to learn everything about social media marketing, I have got to get started, cause I am close to having to let go of my second job because of medical problems, I will definitely need to be able to supplement until I get better and can only do this. I NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Jennifer

    I would like to learn much more about affiliate marketing. I have a management degree, but have never used the Internet for marketing.


    We are on social security and i just want to learn to be able to make a few extra dollars that will cover our medicine once we reach the what they call the do nut area. I’m 70 and like to focus on something in being a market affiliate that will bring a few extra hundred dollars a month. I can work my own hours and that it doesn’t cost thousands or to purchase something to where it will end in 7 and then have to purchase an up sale to continue. I have listen to many affiliate’s over the last year and all have come across, well if you can;t say anything good then don’t. But for some reason you resonate with a passion in wanting to help people get started and if they are successful they will come back to you to by your product, why not you help us and we will return the favorite, and most will. You helping your Mom and Dad did me in,
    So we all who answer look forward to any help you can provide.
    May God Bless

  112. George Hilliard

    whats the best way to set up a webpage and find affiliates…….step 1 and 2 will help me a lot

  113. Daniel

    I would like to know how to link my facebook URL to the Affiliate link, So I can start making easy money, lol, I think I go that right… Any who I am hungry for knowledge…

  114. Pat`

    I want to know how to drive traffic to my existing website. What tool is available for this use without costing me thousands of dollars. I need this tool right away to help me generate sales/income on my existing sites.

  115. Debra Rebetje

    I have to agree with Elizabeth Wells (#2). I’m excited and confused and looking forward to the vehicle or vehicles with which I am most comfortable. Keep your ideas coming and I’ll get there.

  116. Theodore Powell

    I would like know more about getting in to software that was offer on last weeks webnair ?

  117. Samantha

    Thanks for asking! I’d like to know if there is a way to get traffic without me writing all the content and without expensive paid advertising – especially for those without good writing skills or much spare cash.

  118. Lee Morgan

    I would like to say thank you Anthony for all the training and tips you have provided this year. You hit the nail right on the head in this video. There are so many ways to do affiliate marketing that most peaople(including myself) get confused sometimes on the big picture. Meaning, we start out with a website, then the next step and next and ect….. What I lose in the process is the big picture to put it all together sometimes. I think we need training on step by step of build a web page, then tie that to facebook, then tie that to twitter, then tie that to you tube and on and on. Take one campaign from start to finish with all the bells and whistles.

    Hope this helps


  119. Hazel Carlson

    I have a lot of knowledge, but I have had problems getting it to work. I really, really, need to generate an income that will help my husband and I to live without as much stress.I am certainly more interested in affiliate marketing than creating my own product. I also think one of the things I want to get more familiar with is marketing on the social networks. That would be a good diversification.

  120. Laurel

    I’d like to focus on the affiliate process first. Social media can came later.
    Thanks for always being willing to help out…

  121. David

    I think email marketing is a good place to begin. Please give us the info on all the steps involved. Thanks Anthony!

  122. Julie

    I would like to learn affiliate marketing….using whatever road that will help replace my full time job in the fastest time.

  123. Bobby

    I really would like to learn more about building subscriber list as well as e-mail marketing. These are areas I personally need improvement. Also I feel it is vital to retain those leads etc…. especially if you have ran a pay-per click campaign and want repeat clients/customers/friends…

  124. Bev Sullivan

    I could tell a story about my journey learning the web. It started back in March and making a wrong choice…. I started with your tools in September. I want to learn one thing at a time from the beginning to the end without any glitches. It doesn’t seem to be going that way for me. Social Marketing would be facebook. I am finally starting to feel comfortable with getting around in there. Thank You for all that you do. I hope you had a good Holiday.

  125. Scatter29

    I see several comments above that express my needs perhaps better than I can, but let me try. I want to do affiliate marketing. I want to build web pages and market other people’s products. I need a simple, real simple, step-by-step procedure. Do not even THINK I know anything, because I do not. Do not leave out a step, no matter how simple, or insignificant it is. I have no money to buy advertising now — been scammed and I do mean scammed really big time. I’m stuck paying the bill. I think I need someone who can talk with me so I can ask questions and get real-time answers. Waiting 24 hours for a response containing words that I don’t understand doesn’t work for me. I have not found a guru yet who would even answer an email. What about you?
    Thank you,

  126. Mary

    Want to learn how everything fits together to make a successful Internet business which is substantial enough to be able to rely upon for a life-time income.

  127. David Jewell

    I have read all of the comments and requests for information and I share them all. The big push seems to be in affiliate marketing and that’s where I want to go. Good luck to all in the new year.

  128. Glenn Robertson

    Hi Anthony well what i would like to learn is all that you offer but funds are real tight this year.but away to make some money so i can pay off my lagre bills,what do you think is quiest thank you ,glenn Robertson,in michigan,i realy like the webinnars you give to every,have a nice year coming up.

  129. Ron Boltz

    I have spent a lot of time with the different tools that you provide. I thank you for all the input that you share with us. I am spending too much time on the computer and showing very little results. I want to spend less time on the computer. by using auto pilot techniques. Can you help?

  130. richard w russo

    well anthony i would like to lern how to make $$$ fast… Affiliate marketing seems to be the qickest way to make $$$

  131. dk

    I would love to have an income producing site that runs on auto-pilot. My handicap doesn’t allow me to run sites and stay glued to them. It would really help to have it worry-free. – – this past week of 7 days, I couldn’t stay much online due to migraines. To have the right kind of site getting a good target audience…with continual traffic … would help my problem so much. Yes, …. guess I could call it “my relief site”.

  132. Shannon Clark

    Hi, Anthony

    I am curently working on backlinking and off-site SEO in general. I know that covers a wide range of subjects. However, my main focus is to reach front page listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Is there a set way to do this? Even more so, is there an efficiant way to do this? I running my business on a shoe string budget so PPC and CPV are not an option for me right now. Organic listings to drive traffic to my website is my focus right now. Any little thing to help me master this would be greatly appreciated.


  133. John

    Copied this from JACK because this is what. . . . “I would like to get ONE simple method going so I cam START making $$. NOT a bunch of things all at once. Just simple STEP by STEP instructions on something SIMPLE that will bring me in ssomethingโ€“even a few dollars. THAT is what encourages ME. Juat seeing something start to work !! Simple STEP BY STEP , then go on to other things. I was bombarded with a lot of DIFFERENT things to buy (which I did) ,but now am TRYING to focus on something and figure out the lingo so I can get started.” John

  134. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I signed up with clickbank but not really sure how it works.
    I want to learn more about e-mail marketing and how to get targeted traffic.

    Thanks for all you do.

  135. Gabe

    The thing I want to learn most is the best medium I can use to market my website and sell my products. I have come very far to this point. I bought your book, registered with Market Academy, completed my website construction. I am now stepping in to the next level, Marketing My Website.The most best possible medium to start this journey is what I want to learn.
    I always believe and follow your business concept of making money using internet. Thank You. Gabe.

  136. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony, I would like to know where to put a blog that has the most viewers. Logically this would be subject driven. But is there a website where people know there are interesting blogs to read?

  137. Carl

    Hello Anthony,
    Anything like the twitter way of making $ that you provided when you promoted some other persons ideas. Basic tecnigue flow, Niche-Twitter-
    Promotoble product-tinyurl-Twitter.
    A technique or two like that might jumo start or wake up somebody
    Tho most of the adult world has gone to sleep.

  138. dan bishop

    thanks for helping… i,m just begening,but when i learn this… i will go 24/7 to make it happen..
    thankyou for all your help and support…
    dan b

  139. Jim

    Hi Anthony,
    Great quotations!
    An nice handy question.
    “How to set up a matrix to coordinate and track all the activities (and activities listed) required have a successful affiliate web based business.
    Matrixes for beginners, intermediate and top of the range would be good.
    Kind regards,

  140. Patrick Callanan

    Hi, Anthony,

    I have to say that I want to learn it all! But mostly I want to market information products online, so included in that would be email, social media, and display ads.


  141. winston dennis

    anthony , i want to gain moore knowledg on e mail marketing, moore isturuction on how change ad on my website to up to date ad. or can you do this for me. i need to mark monies n my website ok. thanks winston

  142. Chris Rivera

    Hello Anthony,
    Happy belated thanksgiving to you and yours. What I am really interested in learning is how to incorporate CPA into my website. I also really want to get a better grasp using social media and a way to reach future customers. Thanks..

  143. David Miller

    I would like to learn more in Social Advertising on Facebook and Tweets as well as google


    Very much like your father. Problems almost the same, Same age group,Can barely turn on computer, Do not know the computer language. Still working as a truck driver on hwy construction at age 74. would like to go home to McGehee, Ar. Just to learn any kind of marketing 0n line would be great for my wife and I, she has althimers and I need to be back in our home with her instead of trying to take care of her out here on the road. Any help will be appreciated. ARLEN

  145. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi Anthony.
    what I would like to learn is affiliate and social media marketing, but for now I would like to get a better understanding of the cpv and fast cash software,so maybe I can start getting some income coming in so that I will be able to reinvest.
    I am a only child so my thanksgiving was a solo one,but I am thankful for what I do have.

  146. Larry Landry

    Cheers Anthony,
    I listen to your videos read your blogs and I work on getting set up everyday. Sometimes I will work on getting educated all day. It seems that your videos will get me close to getting a handle on things then to get the rest of the story, I have to buy something else. I have not had a real job for over three years so I can’t spend more money. Like most of the others I need “start here then do this instructions”.

    Thanks Man

  147. Misty Rae Hayes

    I fully reallize the potential for E-mail marketing, but I’m trying to get to the roots! What is the difference between click bank and pay pal? Do I need a PERSONAL or BUSINESS ACCOUNT for twitter, facebook, and myspace? How do I succeed WITHOUT A PENNY TO MY NAME!? I LITERALLY

  148. Victor

    I have about 15 websites up and some are plugging away at climbing the Google ladder. I understand driving traffic and PR and monetizing websites for Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. The comments on this page about what people need are very broad and most seem very new at this.

    But I want to go straight for the jugular, to get my sites making a profit ASAP with your best advise on the exact approach to make them profitable, and the fastest way towards affiliate commissions. What you would do today to make a $1000 to $5000 a month. I teach advertising and graphic design on a college level… so I understand all terminology of internet marketing and how to setup blogs, unique websites with Dreamweaver, landing pages, autoresponders, http://FTP…I have studied it all.

    I want to make money with all this crazy knowledge by putting it all together in a methodical and profitable approach without all the hype that I have been hearing from all the gurus. I want to see results… lol!

    I need you Anthony to be the mentor I have searched for, over 6 years now, while getting beat up and taken for all my savings to learn this crazy internet marketing business!

    I am a self-learner given the perfect tools that will work. Please help! I must bring my wife home to take care of our 4 children! I want to get free from all debt! This year!

    God Bless,

  149. Bjarne Breilid

    We probably all start out from different levels of knowledge when it comes to marketing. Since I am a novice, I would need to learn, step by step, the methods to develop in order to reach a point where we might see results. It is those initial babysteps I need to master in order to make bigger leaps.

  150. Sharon Davidson

    I’d like to learn how to generate traffic to my website that will generate sales. I’ve been doing something wrong for almost a year and have earned nothing online.
    Oh, how do I change the name of my website? The name may be a “turn off”.

  151. Denia

    Hello Anthony,

    I have a domain registration and traffic hosting unlimited, I really want to know what to do for make it works and learn more about to promote products in click bank.
    thank you very much, for your hand….

    happy holidays….
    Take care

  152. Crisoforo


    I’m most interested in knowing how one goes about finding those businesses that have affiliate programs and then getting them on your website to begin marketing, the cost (to the affiliate), is choosing a corporate structure important, and should one apply for a business license to run as an affiliate? Thanks you’re blog is helpful.

  153. G Michael Muller

    Want to learn more about affiliate marketing. Need to build a website first and trying to come up with some niche products and get some manufacture’s and distributors signed up!

  154. KimberlyGore

    Mr. Anthony ~ Great to know that you were able to spend time with your family! I am excited to learn about your suprise for us in your next blog! I would like to learn more about: 1.) The Circle of Optimization! I am signed up for Levels 1 and 2 with your Secrets of Millionnaire Affiliate Marketing. And I am committed to accelerating through to becoming a Super Affiliate! Thank you for all your dedication to your students with your blogs and excellent videos. P.S. Let me know if you need help shopping for Christmas presents for the kids this year – ๐Ÿ™‚ I would be blessed to help out any way I can. God Bless ~ Kimberly Gore

  155. Brian

    Hi Anthony,
    I love doing this stuff I already have a dropshipping wedsite going it is murder right now trying to get people to my site so I am trying to learn everything i can so by this time next year I am alot farther ahead than I am now.Hope you had a great thankgiving!

  156. Patrick L. Juliano

    Hey Anthony, all the members have great ideas! I’m proud to be part of your group! For me, I think the money is in the list. Start with aweber or get response, squeeze pages, to offers, videos, writing emails etc. Thanks for all your help! Happy Holidays to all!

  157. eddie posey

    Hi Anthony
    I would like to learn more about e-mail marketing also the cpv course also fcc i think this is the way of the future.

    Thanks Eddie

  158. Anthony Poletti

    Hi Anthony,
    I have been working hard with your programs and look forward to
    connecting each step to bring in the paid dollars. I would like to
    review your last presented CPV program which connects affiliates with sites needing our products. Please develop a payment program we could use to take baby steps financially. Many of us have very limited money sources, yet wish to use and learn the great programs you have developed.
    My best,

  159. James Griffin

    I believe that I would like to learn how to be successful at email marketing first. As well as the other affiliate tools that you have for making money as an affiliate entrepenuer. I belive in your system totally, and have a lot of confidence in you and your family as sponsors to helping people like myself. However, I am disabled and trying to get through the holidays with high hopes and not be discouraged, because I am not able to purchase any of your programs at this time. I am looking forward to working with all your programs in the future as I get the money to purchase each program. Thank you so much for helping so many people to have a brighter future. God bless you. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! Sincerely thankful- James Griffin

  160. Ron Coe

    Thanks for all you have done by keeping your word and continually helping people to be successful long after we buy a program. You haven’t abandoned us by just taking the money and running. I believe in this program and that I can reach all my financial goals with it, thanks again Anthony. I don’t have much money to start with and am struggling to get off the ground, but I would like to learn the most inexpensive affiliate marketing technique that creates the most residual income after implementation. Also What makes the fastest money in the shortest time with the least amount of money and work.

  161. Rose

    Would love to sell on Clickbank. Want to learn to hoplink items to sell on my blog.

    Thanks so much Anthony for reaching out to help others!

  162. Che Manley

    Hey Anthony,
    Got my Domain Name happening, a bit like Monica I too study and re study each and every step before I make a move. Though you make things very clear, I still have doubts as to if I have everything in the right order. eg, Domain up and ready, but what of your tools can I use to produce a great web page? Can i use this page as a landing page for different products? Love the idea of affiliate marketing. Have a brilliant Christmas. CHE.

  163. Micheal

    I feel as though I am on a ledge deciding which way to move next. I have not yet learned how to use my time more effectively, so I guess that would be the best deal for me is to learn from my coach how to make and follow a schedule. Learn the integrated parts and cancel the limitations. Really sounds like I know what I need to do, but I don’t. Just guessing.


  164. Cheryl

    Hi Anthony, I have had your program for almost a month and was hoping to have started making money by now but with so much information to process and not being a computer person I have barely gotten anything done. With no money to invest it is slow going and with three kids to feed that is not a good thing. Where I live there is poor job oppurtunities and for my kids to have a decent Chrismas I would like for this investment to bloom. I would like a step by step instruction on how to get into email marketing or social marketing. Thank you for all the information you have given and I hope you have a happy holiday.

  165. Michael

    Anthony, I want to learn how to do affiliate marketing, I am lost. It just has not quick for me. I believe it will work to help me achieve financial and personal goals, but so far nothing. Please help, so I can be in a better place as 2012 starts. Thank you. I appreciate your willingness to share and help all of us achieve beyond and be able to give to others along the way.
    Have a great day!!

  166. Sarit

    Anthony, I’m very very new about this, even the computer so I need the easy one and make profit. You know what, why am I here right now because I saw the Ad that I don’t have to pay even a penny. Now I’m broke, even $1 I can not afford it.

  167. Scott Ullrich

    Hey Anthony,
    I have been working with the social media & CPV mainly so far. I would really like more in depth info on focusing in on the perfect demographic to maximize profits from a given ad.
    Thanks for all you do!

  168. Eric Daniel

    Hi Anthony, I want to learn more about internet marketing and start generating cash. Infact I would like to learn and know pretty much about everything on how to generate money on line. I don’t if can help assign a personal mentor that will assist get handsone in this business. Your help will be highly appreciated. Do you know that uptill this moment that I do not have my own website or domain. This is because I have no idea how to acquire my own domain and which you promised will help me out, but for sometime now have not heard from. I understand you’re pretty much busy, but please don’t forget me because I am still part of your team. Thanks and remain bless.

  169. T. Campeau

    I am EAGER to LEARN this business. I need to figure it out WITHOUT it taking a LONG TIME to learn, yet I DON’T have the MONEY to buy every piece of SOFTWARE. Just something SIMPLE to help me start would be awesome;like a WEBSITE, how to DRAW traffic to it-quickly,with a RETURN
    in my pocket. That would be so NICE!

  170. Melody

    I would like more step by step information on monetizing and making my email list. I mean really an “idiots guide’ to making an email list work for you. I have read a lot on this, watched videos on this and I still can’t get it to click in my head yet. HELP!

  171. Dot

    My website/blog is not published yet because I am struggling with the initial setup. Working with my coach and will have something concrete in the next 8 weeks. (Christmas might slow me down a bit though). I have been working on my internet business for the last year part time (evening) while working full time (daytime) to finance this new chapter of my life. I have attended my quick start training but need more help with the teckie side of the campaigns to generate that positive cash flow. I really need help with my pop-up and email campaigns.

  172. Michael Howell

    I would like to learn more about email marketing. I’ve been in internet marketing off and on for about 3yrs. I’m ready to take action. I know you need to brand yourself and build a list. I’ve heard the saying over and over again… “the money is in the list” But i’m ready to put into action the things I’ve learned thus far. Only problem I have is I don’t know where and how to start. I would also like to learn how to profit from social media sites (FB, Twitter etc.)

    :P.S. I have a few videos on youtube I did a while back… you tell me what you think (am I on the right track)? “DailyHomeIncome”

  173. John Juleff

    Hey Anthony, I want to learn as much as you can give, Love FCC I want to get better at Email marketing,list building, blogging ..I have my wordpress site up,Hosting done(Hostzilla) and I’m promoting thru Twitter and Facebook, still yet to make a cent but still hopefull..thanks for all your encouragement
    John In Australia

  174. Kathleen Magill

    Anthony, To tell you the truth I’m not sure what I want to learn more because I seem to be stalled in getting my website up and going due to complete confusion on my part. HELP!!!!!

  175. Marcus Silbery

    Hi Anthony,

    I am just starting out actually so one of my short term goals are to just get things moving along.

    The part that really interests me the most at this point is the social media marketing as it has a massive role now and into the future of affiliate marketing and more.
    Gaining an understanding and implementing these strategies soon would be excellent.

    Thanks heaps!

  176. Mitchell Canada

    I am just getting started,need to know which way to go to get things rolling so I have some coming in.I don’t have money to put into this since I am not getting by now.This is all new for me,I know this is big.

  177. Betty L Crabtree

    Hi Anthony – I want to use everything I’ve learned to implement my program successfully. My plan is to be an example for my 9 grandchildren, that they will never be too old to try something new and become successful at it. Age is just a number.

    My wish for Christmas is for family – this year all of my 4 children and 9 grandchildren will be home for Christmas. My husband and I are truly blessed.

  178. Gerald J. Moore

    I would first like to learn email marketing and move on from there. Social media seems to be very popular now with lots of potential. I too am still on the sidelines and can’t seem to get going. I have read most of your first book , Advertising Profits from home as well as The Hidden Millionaire. I feel much more comfortable with yuo nad your claims Anthony than some I have seen. I know I can do this and have vowed to make 2012 the year! Thank you for you honest and personnel approach. Gerald “Joe” Moore

  179. Verlene Walker

    I would like to drive health conscience people to my website using social media to my new website I am designing. I am currently adding products to the site. I also need a links page and shopping cart added. My former host for 10 years went out of business leaving me without a presence on the web. I can use your help.

  180. Doug Amos

    I would like to learn more about social and email marketing. I want to be financially independent by next year at this time. I am unemployed, they are fighting my unemployment and I’m tired of dealing with it. I am ready to work for myself and get paid for my efforts instead of other people making money from my labors. I know your program can do it for me. Thanks Anthony!

  181. Jack Hsu

    Thanks, Master, for not forgetting us during the holidays. I am learning from your training materials, and trying to put all puzzles together. I understood there are many lines of on-line businesses. However, I need to explore them one by one, and master them, I love your tips and secrets, and mistakes the frontier marketers made, so I can learn from them to minimize my loses. So, I encourage everybody to tell us (students) their mistakes, and pass on their short-cut tips. I believe 100% on these on-line marketing businesses but I need to educate myself to a certain level of confidence before taking off.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your all and your family!
    Jack Hsu

  182. Dunes

    I would like to learn how to profit from Facebook and Twitter.I feel this is the vehicle that I fail to understand how to take advantage of.But I heard many time over that it can make big profit if you know how.


    Dear Mr. Morrison;

    My PMI coach, Mike Wood, is having a website built for me to sell Green Supply items

    on line. It will be a big help for me to be able to advertise my site using CPV. It would

    help if I could get live help for this.



  184. Bettie

    Learn how to get from head knowledge to action. Need help with Affiliate Marketing. Lost in the world of info overload ..Would like to know more about social media and Local marketing,

  185. Katherine

    Thank you!!!!
    I need to learn how is that I sell products from somebody else, and I get commissions on that.Should I request permission to those companies, or how is the this works?
    Any help will be very helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  186. stephen connelly

    need help getting web site going so i can help u help an others around me bare with me anthony just need a little motovation and i am makeing this my income so please help out any way u can thankyou

  187. bob ghostbuster

    i am on my journey of building my first websites and freshly learning about marketing as a whole. would like to continue to learn more about other ways of marketing to bring traffic to the website

  188. Sue

    I am somewhat overwhelmed right now, but optimistic that I can do this. It would be nice to know how to use my free website. It is set up, but I’m not sure how to sign up as an affiliate (Wolf Storm Media, etc.) and link it to my site. I’ll try going through the blog again to find answers. Thanks for your continued support!

  189. sharon siemens

    I am very interested in advertising in Google, and other area’s.
    Can’t wait!

  190. Marsha D.Roth

    I would like to learn more of the email marketing and Social Media and I am working on the fast cash commissions. I need to learn to dive in I feel like I have to know it all before I start. So it takes me a while but hopefully I will just dive in. I appreciate you. And just keep it coming with the Positive reinforcement Thankyou very much

  191. Joseph B


    What I am most interested to learn during the Holiday period is to build my personal retailer Website from the beginning to the end and create Links to different retailers’ Websites so that I can sell their products through my own Website and earn some commissions.

    The website that I have now is a wholesale one. I don’t have complete control on it.
    Joseph B

  192. Lois

    I appreciate your generous spirit and all the great programs. I would like to see income with the products I have already bought. How long did it take for you to start making money with internet marketing if you don’t mind me asking? I still feel like I am missing a puzzle piece, I have invested quite a bit of cash already, and would invest more if I knew what I have already bought was generating an income to reinvest and reach my other personal financial goals.

  193. Dorothy Marr

    I would like to hear more about Email Marketing. But will be very happy to learn more of any subject. Do you think it is possible that in the near future you and Carol Amato will be having some of your info that we can print out like the ones Lisa LaFrance? They are very very helpfull. Thank you.

  194. Mike Hall

    Would love to learn more about marketing on Facebook and Twitter.
    I want to make $$$

  195. Heidy Tran

    Hey Anthony! I am just happy to obtain it all from you; advice, wisdom and council. I would love to consider myself business-savvy, but compared to you I am a newby! I really would like to learn a bit more on list building, but whatever field of marketing that you think is best to give advice on, i am there to receive! Hope you Thanksgiving went well!

  196. Jacquelyn & Tiffany

    Hi! Anthony, I am glad to hear from you. It is very important to spent time with family, however I work for thanksgiving. I take the time each day after work to listen to the videos. I would like to learn more about affiliate marketing and social network. My daughter and I are new to affiliate marketing but we make campaigns after I come from work. We call for help when we have problems. Devon are very helpful. Thank you Anthony

  197. Laura Heigh

    I need to get the people to send emails to, learn how to build a web page, kinda fearful of making the wrong turn.

  198. Markell Gordon

    Hey Anthony I’m glad to hear you got a chance to spend some time with your family… My interest is learning more about email marketing and list.building, as well social media marketing…

  199. Leon Carver

    Catching up on your blogs. Missed the Webinar but determined to catch Wednesdays webinarand get back on the FAST TRACK COMMISSIONS PROGRAM! I must say between running my shop and being a great husband and father I’ve been procastinating. Every time I start looking at the program I get distracted or I miss something and must start all over again. But I’m determined to follow this and focus on the task at hand. I’ll be sure to call for assistance.I still haven’t used my virtual assistant yet!.I’ve been missing the small details to get this completed

  200. Friedrich (D)

    I`m interested in Affiliate Marketing and does it work with social media
    I`m on Facebook and Twitter I liked the Webinar with Adrian M.
    All the best wishes Friedrich

  201. Colleen

    I am new at this I have made a blog but don’t have any traffic yet. I need to know how to get traffic to my blog and how to make money with it. I find there is so much information comming at once I don’t know where to start next. I am still trying, but getting rather confused about everything. Is there something very simple to start with to get going and to start generating money?

  202. Lamar

    Hi Anthony and thank you. I would like to learn more about email marketing and social media marketing.


  203. Margaret M. Russell

    What do I want to learn the most? Hmmm…everything! However being the one step at a time kind of person, I have to break things down into steps. I equated doing this business to the process I use when I make an omelet. I cook everything individually, then put everything together folding it all into the cooked egg.
    I’m getting there, slowly. I have good goals, I feel. I have people to take care of and myself to elevate from where I am at in my life. I want to give back in major ways. I have MS and I want to give that way to eradicate this disease.
    So thanks Anthony. I will take whatever you teach and add it to the cue to cook. It’s all going to taste good in the end.

  204. Edmund Clay

    Hi, Anthony!
    I would like to know the easy step by step on different ways of making more money on affiliate marketing. I’m not a computer savvy but I’m sure I can learn it if you will help me. Thanking you in advance for your help.

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    Thanks, Cathy G.

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  208. Kathy

    Hi Anthony!

    I am most interested in Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I know I have alot to learn and I appreciate you taking the time to teach your followers! Thx for everything!

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