1. Jacob

    Hi Anthony

    I’m all into learning all the techniques I can possibly get a hold of, and then implement them.

    I’m really looking forward to be successful in the year 2012, to make a difference in my family’s life, and going to the affiliate summit would make a huge impact and leave a mark for life.

    I’ve watch every single weekly video blog, and I must say, You inspire me like no one ever has from an online encounter. So I’m sure going to an event like Affiliate Summit will change my life forever.

  2. Ladina Whitfield


    I have suffered back to back losses this year. My mother and 44 yr old brother died of a heart attack at work in July and my mothers oldest and youngest brother died of heart attacks a day apart last weekend.

    I attended your seminar at the Harrahs Casino last year with my fiancee and between us could not afford the start up cost. If I have to do it alone during tax time I have to work this business because I believe in it. Took good notes and have worked so many others businesses in the past with no progress or real income.

    You have what others dont. Help along the way and experts there for support. I know I can work this business and I cannot continue to be paid $13.50 an hour with a masters degree summa cum laude in HR and making nothing working for a man who hasnt kept his promises and sees my worth and potential.

    Just dont give up on me and stop my emails. I read everyone everytime they come.

    Sincerely and gratefully,

    Ladina Whitfield

  3. Bill


    Being the absolute newbie that I am, perhaps this summit might be able to offer me a shred of direction. I know that I want to move but I just don’t know which way!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lelea Valk

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m very excited about this, I just signed up about a week ago and I am already learning so much. I have always dreamed of owning my own online business but never had the nerve to start.

    I became unemployed in May and decided that I needed to change my life somehow because nothing else was working. I’ve tried many work at home and sales from home type businesses but when I saw your program I knew this was for me.

    During the webinar on 12/15/11, I bought your software for $47.00 and am very excited to start using it.

    I have the commitment, drive and determination to make 2012 a very successful year. This has all been very overwhelming because there is so much to learn but I know going to the Affiliate Summit would help as I would have access to the most powerful motivation of all and that is a seminar type atmosphere.

    Just starting, I can’t afford to go on my own but going would change my life and the life of my online business.

  5. Carolyn Peterson

    To have the opportunity of going to a summit and joining positive experts would be a dream come true. I have been trying to connect to you for months now. I am in a position where I know I need to move forward quickly and get off the chair and do something. This would be opportunity I would like to learn from the professionals. I am a very energetic, motivated person who like to to help others. Please highly consider me for this great free opportunity you have. Can we thank you enough? No words to describe. Merry Christmas!

  6. Rose Byerly

    Hello Anthony,

    I am ecstatic about this possibility to expand my knowledge through interaction with fellow affiliate marketers and organizations like Wolf Storm. It is of course also an exciting thought to be able to meet you and your brother.

    I am currently working with your coaching program, Fast Cash and learning as much as I can with the time I have available. An opportunity to have hands on with interaction, would greatly expand my ability to understand and gain momentum around the growth of my business. My life has already been forever changed. For that I am eternally grateful. To have this opportunity would further remove me from the poverty I came from.

    I and my business partner Robert Bechtel have already invested a great deal into this business, both time and money. We are seeing a lot of wonderful things on the verge of happening, but this opportunity would bring our goals that much closer. Please provide me with this opportunity to expand my horizons without increasing my costs.

    Gratefully Yours,

    Rose Byerly

  7. jewels cresser

    Love to learn and earn more to experience this world fully all to be able to give back to those who need greater awareness to living their
    best life ever!!

  8. amir roufael

    Hi Anthony
    I’m learning from you, I’m following you to knowledge my self to start my making money online .
    This a very good chance to get experience .
    I’m looking forward to success.

  9. pamela challender

    I am really committed to learning affiliate marketing. This is not optional. What happened to your dad, happened to me. as a matter of fact, a real estate investment that was going to be for my retirement is being auctioned off today, as we speak. I was steered in the wrong direction, like so many others. I signed up with your program back in august. since then i have travelled to tennessee from northern california so that i could attend a class given by your brother Adrian, and driven to salt lake city for your class there at pmi. I’m diligently working at learning affiliate marketing so that i can earn money well into my old age so that i have the resources to take care of myself, now that i have lost my entire retirement investment. at 63 years old, learning how to use a computer, the internet, and a new way of doing business is like learning a new language and my learning curve is slow. but i will never give up. i am committed to becoming a successful super affiliate. i know that if i surround myself with the right people and soak in every opportunity of learning this system, i will meet my goal. I spend hours every day on learning this and at the same time operate a residential facility for folks who have a terminal nuerological disease. i hope you choose me. i’m looking forward to meeting you live and in person and to meet up with Adrian again. pamela challender

  10. Lori

    Hi Anthony

    Firstly let me thank you for your teachings and products. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make money online and it wasn’t until discovering your work that the confusion began to clear and I began to realize that this can, and will, be a new way of building a business and lifestyle. So thanks.

    For many reasons I expect 2012 to be a breakthrough year in my growth as an affiliate marketer. I’m more committed, motivated and focused than I have been in the past. Giving back to others and trying to entertain and enlighten is my global goal.

    I have heard of Affiliate Summit and the opportunity to network and ‘feed off’ the positive attitude and creativity of likeminded individuals is exciting. I love to learn and develop relationships and this gathering sounds like a great place to do just that. And of course it would be nice to meet you in person.

    As for 2012 I say bring it. I’m determined to hit the ground running. And I can’t think of a better way to kickstart the engine than with a trip to the Affiliate Summit.

    Thanks and all the best this Holiday Season.

  11. Michael Hays

    Hey Anthony,

    I’m sure that a person could learn quite a bit more than he or she expect’s to
    learn at the affiliate summit! I’m more than just a little bit anxious to be learning all that I can about the affiliate marketing business plus there’s a chance that I could meet “you” there, well for me it’s the chance of a life time! A chance to mingle with like minded people that all know this business
    from every angle, Yep, definately a chance of a life time!

  12. Gary Martin

    I have been running a nonprofit for returning combat veterans over the last three years. With the economy the way it is I have had to let all paid staff go. I really can’t think of the last time I had any time off for the last year or so. Since money has been so short I entered into the affiliate service several months ago primarily looking for a business that returning vets could do at home to help with the self esteem. So far very few gurus have much interest in helping those men and women who have risked everything to give us a chance to be the best we can be. Yet, we all too often take them for granted. I would love to go to and increase the possibility of finding someone who would help me provide income earning opportunities. For myself also. Thanks for the chance.

  13. Jenita Marrs

    Hello Anthony,
    I am a total newbie at all of this. I have gone through so many other online profit systems and none of them worked. I have put in countless dollars and time into these other programs, to just get deeper into debt. I think that this Affiliate Summit might benefit me and my children. I am hoping to learn as much as I possibly can to get my children and myself into a better home. I currently am living in a single wide with 5 children and very little income. Hence the reason I’ve been trying to make extra money in other ways other then just a regular job. I would love to be able to attend this function where normally I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I think I could learn so much from it.

    Thanks so much!! Hoping everything pans out,
    Jenita Marrs

  14. Debbie Seelbach

    I would LOVE to attend this event! A what would going to an event like this mean to me? You could not imagine…I don’t know that I could imagine (I have never been to an event like this) I am focused and determined that 2012 is going to be the year! I will do what it takes. I am empowering myself to MAKE IT HAPPEN. No more excuses . No more “hobby” marketing. No more poor me – “I just can’t, I’m not lucky enough.”. YES I CAN – YES I WILL. I am doing what it takes. I am not waiting until New Years Eve to make a commitment – I am doing it now -This is too important. No more “but”s. “Make it so!”

  15. Albert

    I simply want to be better able to understand affiliate marketing. Then I might be able to actually make some money. I’m sure it will help me to expand my marketing skills and provide more opportunities. I really want retirement to be more secure. It’s important to me to leave more for my family. I’m sure there are more benefits in addition.

  16. Linda Alicea

    Anthony, I absolutely want to learn all I can abut affiliate marketing to be an awesome success. I was a thoroughbred horse trainer and successful at itbwhich is all I would accept until I had to have knee surgery that put horse trainning on hold. n Now I have found affiliate marketing to do while I am recouping. It is an awesome feeling to be competitive, succeed and win. I feel that way about affiliate marketing also. I want to compete, succeed, and win. But like thoroughbred racing you have to work at getting your horse the best and learn all you can to win. I want to learn as much as I can and by learning from the best I will succeed. I’ve never been a quiter and I won’t be at this. I will win the tickets, go to the conference, and learn how to be a successful winner! Thank you, God bless, and I’ll see you at the conference.

  17. Jill Carpenter

    I’ve read your book and blogs and attended webinars, and am inspired by your words, your brother, and affiliate trainers. Still struggling to get my website running. I’m an unemployed writer and plan to do blogs and reviews and a weekly e-mail newsletter. Thanks to you, I’m now doing Facebook, Twitter, and social media like I never thought I would! Love it! I plan to do AM full time; however, at this point, I can not afford to attend your seminar, nor can I afford not to attend! Thanks, Anthony.

  18. RCharles

    Hey Anthony,

    I want to go to the affiliate summitt sooo… bad because this will be the greastest way to jump start my 2012 affiliate marketing campaign. I have been studying your books and attending your blogs for the past 120 days; and after all that work I think I’ve finall go it.

    The summitt will be a good way to test what I have learned and the best way to jump start my January campaigns, which happen to occur at the same time that me and my lady “Dee” will be flying to San Diego. Hey let me know soon if I’ve won, so we can start amending our plans. RCharles.

  19. Kirk Pugh

    In 2012 I hope to leave my old job, follow my dreams, and work at online marketing. I’ll alway do better with a hands on program. So if I’m blessed to win a ticket to the Affiliate Summit’s I wont let you down.

  20. Noui Bellamy

    Anthony, I would love to go to the summit, please help me out. I feel that the summit would give me a better grasp on the affiliate marketing world because I have not been able to afford most of your system. I really want to be successful online but I am getting bits and pieces from you. I can’t afford to purchase all the offers that you have at the end of the webnairs which means I don’t fully understand your system and understanding is fundamental to me being successful. I do believe in you and your abilities I just need someone to somewhat hold my hand for a minute. I have worked since I was 14. I put myself through college twice and have a Masters in Social Work from the University of NC at Greensboro. I have will and determination and I know that if you show/teach me once, I will be able to be a do an outstanding job for your company and myself. Thank You and have a great holiday. My son is who drives me everyday and I only want the best for him as long as I’m alive. We so much want a home because that is a common goal we share. Today is his birthday, Daiqun will be eleven years old. Thank you in advanced.

  21. Janice McKenzie

    Still just getting started and need all the inspiration and help I can absorb. This is such a great program. The ifinite possiblities are a bit over whelming for some of us older folks. So the summit would be a great face to face help I need.
    Thank you Anthony for this chance to win.

  22. Terri Barry

    Hi Anthony

    I am a woman working in a mans field even still today. I’m a piping
    Designer working for an Engineering firm. So I’m not a dummy, but
    I don’t wholly comprehend the marketing aspect of this business. I know I could flourish and run with this business if I could just link what
    I’m not understanding and how it works together. I just need that one opportunity and I know it would change my life and allow me
    To help change the lives of others.

    Thanks to u,,

    Terri Barry

  23. dave

    This is a great change.I think we would all try to make money to go to this anyway , if we do not win. Newbie Working hard .HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE’.

  24. Nancy Surace

    Hi Anthony,

    The people that succeed in this business are dedicate, resilient and knowledgeable. Right now I have two out of the three. Going to this Affiliate Summit will most definitely get me closer to my third goal (knowledge.)

    Once I absorb enough knowledge, then my prayers will be answered. I will become a huge success in this business; I know it. All I need is the knowledge and my life will drastically change. I’m not in it to pay off debt, or to make extra money. I’m in it to earn plenty of $$$ and I will not quit until I accomplish my goal. Hard work doesn’t scare me, not succeeding does.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy(profitable) New Year!

  25. Gerald Lecher

    I should get to go to the affiliate summit. Because i have been a faithful student of yours for a while now. Great way to start of the new year, Just want to keep learning more about being a affiliate marketer. I feel like i would gain a lot of information on the internet.So Anthony thanks for the change to maybe go to the summit.

  26. caroline shanks

    HI Anthony

    I want to attend your affliate seminar and get started making money using your techniques.
    Not unlike your father, I to do not have a retirement or way to provide for my family. Thanjks for offering your help to others like me.


  27. Margie

    I am totally new to affiliate marketing. I would appreciate the opportunity to be “right there” with all of these people who are looking for the same thing I am…This is very exciting news and I can’t wait to get in on all of it! I want 2012 to be my best year ever!!

  28. Lueroyce Conrad

    I want to make 2012 a banner year for me and my family! I relish to opprotunity to “rub elbows” with people who are actually obtaining or have obtained their dream!

  29. Pierre Mocombe

    I welcome the opportunity to attend the affiliate summit since it would give me the opportunity to meet with yourself and other marketers and exchange ideas.

  30. John Mendez

    I would love to go to the Affiliate Summit because this would give me the opportunity to soak up like a sponge from all the other affiliates their knowledge and network together to help each other out. If I get this opportunity to go, i would seriously think about quitting my full time job and doing this Affilates program full time. Like they say, “great minds think alike”. Thanks for this opportunity…..John

  31. Kathleen Magill

    I would love the chance to go to this summit because I want to learn as much as possible about my business. I finally got my website up and I want to make this a very successful business so I can help support my family and maybe my husband can stop being gone every week and only home on weekends (he’s a truck driver). If I win these tickets I would definitely go since I only live 100 miles from Las Vegas and that is a 2 hr trip give or take a minutes. You say to surround yourself with like minded people who want to succeed and who better to surround myself with then you and Adrian and the people involved with the Affiliate Summit. So I hope I get the tickets so I can continue to learn how to make my business a success.
    Please have a Wonderful and Glorious Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  32. kat

    I would love to be able to go to Affiliate Summit was even trying to find a way to be able to go thought I could even sleep in my car but with so many ups and down this year with the loss of my father and losing my job this has been a crazy year! But I know the Affiliate Summit would open the doors for me. I am only 12 hours away so the trip will be great one so I can make 2012 my year to be the best affiliate like my dreams of making this business work…and the knowledge that I would pick up will be sooo help to me. Looking forward to success in 2012.

  33. Janice Steinpreis

    In 2012 I plan on making affiliate marketing my full time job. I want to be able to grow in life and help others to grow as well. I watch your blogs and I also purchased 365 days to success. By me attending the Affiliate Summit I will only be able to achieve success sooner. You inspire people Anthony even if that is not your intention. Your genuine concern to help others is a special trait. Do not lose that in your success. Keep on achieving!

  34. Shahtia Presley

    Good Afternoon Anthony!

    I really think that this is a great opportunity for me because, I have been looking for was to make money on the internet and spend more time with my family! My problem is that I need to get more of an understanding of how marketing works and gains income like yours!!!! I have 2 little boys that I wish that I can give them everything they need!! It would be greatly appreciated if I am chosen for this summit!

  35. Jackie S.

    I am so sure that going to the Affiliate Summit would inspire me and give me the great motivation I need to continue in affiliate marketing. I have your books and have purchased some of your programs and software but time constraints have kept me from getting started. However, I committed myself to getting started next week because I simply cannot continue at my current job.

    I stand eight hours a day at a hotel and because I am older I have a lot of trouble with my legs and feet. I get edema, numbness and tingling in my legs and feet, and on top of that I have bad knees so it makes it really hard, especially since I work alone and do not even get a break to sit down.

    I have sacrificed things like not buying food to afford things I have purchased from you, but I believe I need these tools to be successful. I would really also like to be able to help my family with the money I earn from affiliate marketing. I just hope that if I win the passes I will be able to afford the gasoline to drive from Iowa to Las Vegas.

    Thanks so much for all you do.

  36. Kay Harrison

    Hi Anthony
    I really thankful for opportunity but i just had surgery n would not be able to go if i won the tickets thanks a lot.

    Merry Christmas

  37. Shannan

    If I went, I’d gamble. Sure I’ll be at event, but I have gotten very burned with all this this year, From very excited and to earning $1.40 from Peerfly (Thanks to you, I never would have found them) followed by ..ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz
    I’d probably gamble as well as learn. Smart, right?
    p.s. I was your brothers 1,000 tweet!. ok, that rush is over. shannan~;o}

  38. Jean

    Having the chance to go and learn things that can change the future for myself, my children and grandchildren would be FANTASTIC and life changing.
    No more hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck problems in our future! We could have a family business, that could provide for us, based on what we do and the choices we learn to make.
    Anthony has been there and, he made it work for himself and his family. He is teaching us how to duplicate what he has done, we just need to step out and do it. It is not appreciated unless you do it! A handout does not work! Being taught how to fish works in ripple effects on others.
    I want to learn to fish!

  39. Mike Racine

    Hey Anthony,

    I’m a medic for my local fire department and I love helping people. Unfortunately, we do not make a whole lot of money doing so, so I have to work two jobs just to keep a roof over our head and some food on the table.

    I never complain about helping other people because it comes from my heart and it’s what I signed up for. My wish is to learn as much as I can so I can be in Affiliate Marketing full time and be able to spend more time with my family. When it comes to Affiliate Marketing it has been a slow go for me because of my jobs and lack of funds.

    I live for the day I can wake up and go to my computer instead of my job. However, I will never give up the fire department because it’s what I do but honestly I wouldn’t mind doing it a little less. Thanks for the inspiration.

  40. Loyce McVay

    I appreciate your webinars, seminars, etc. so much; but, going to the Affiliate Summit would do wonders for me in jumpstarting my business!
    I’m working with your coaches and going to Adrian’s seminar in January.
    I have learned a lot, but I know there’s so much more to learn!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  41. Ed Ware

    Hi Anthony

    Question – Why you (I) should go to the affiliate summitt?

    My main reason for attending the Affilliate Summitt is to learn the best and latest Marketing Procedures for Affiliate Marketing. I have a couple of Web Sites now promoting affiliate marketing and one of them is yours, Fast Cash Commissions. My web sites have very little traffic and I know I have a lot of mistakes in them. I know that attending an event like this can give a person that extra MOTIVATION they need to succeed. I look forward to attending the Affiliate Summitt and to cleaning up the mistakes in my web sites and making them a huge success. By the way I live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, only a little over a couple of hours from Las Vegas, so I’ll be sure to be there. When you,re 80 years old you want to spend your time with the BEST, that’s why I want to be there.

  42. Amy Lefebvre

    Hello Anthony, First of all, thank you for sharing your family story with so many people. Without me giving you my “poor me” story so that you choose me, I am going to tell you that being able to attend the Affiliate Summit would be a Christmas miracle for my family. My husband and I live in AZ and were in construction and real estate. Due to the economic crisis, and not planning properly, we have lost everything. We lost our home last year and have honestly been doing what ever we can do to provide for our children. I have been working on being an affiliate for 9 months now and have just no money to continue yet its all I think about. I have the drive and so does my husband to truly make this career change and make this work for us but we simply have not had the money to put into it. Being able to attend the Affiliate Summit would be such a blessing because I am so dedicated to making this new business work for me. I tell myself everyday when I wake up that I am going to prove to everyone that I will be the 10% that make it and not the 90% that dont. My husband and I are so motivated and ran our own home building businsess for years so I know how to work hard and overcome obsticals and most of all, I never give up. I want so bad to show my kids that we can go from riches to rags but also build back up and build back up better than ever. My harship has been a humbling experience and now I am ready to start over and learn from my mistakes. I know you will choose the right people for these tickets and if I am not one, I know someone else is just meant to be there more than me but in my eyes, NO ONE wants this and truly needs this like I do. Our family is not doing Christmas gifts this year because of our finacial situation so being able to attend the affiliate summit would honestly be a gift for our whole family because it will eventually help to benefit not only my husband and I, but also my 3 boys. If you believe it, you can achieve it and I BELIEVE IT! Thank you for your consideration. God bless you and yours!

  43. Marifat Turaeva

    Hi I bought your “Super affiliate training” dvds and I am haviing trouble put the pieces together. That’s why I need training. I need to be there. Please give me the a free ticket. Thank you.

  44. Alicia Tho


    I would like to have this opportunty to go to this event so I can gain knowledge and see what it is that I am doing wrong and hopefully learn how to make it in the marketing business. I know this would change the way I think and feel after how many marketing tools I’ve tried and failed. I want to move forth with this with full speed and go for it. I feel that it will make me a better person and a student. I know I have what it takes to be successful.
    Thank you Anthony.

  45. Karen Stedman

    I would love to go. I am learning everything I can and trying my best. I have coaching from PMI on saturday and I cant wait. I want and need to make this work or I don’t know how much longer I will be able to pay my bills and keep my house

  46. David J.S.

    Hi Anthony, I along with all the other folks here would love to go to the summit. Thanks for sharing the tickets that were given to you. I cannot claim to be more deserving of a ticket when considered between so many great personal stories posted here. All the best to everyone here and I hope the winners have a great experience at the Summit!

  47. Carmene Hutchison

    Hi: I did attend a seminar in Miission Valley but wish I took someone with me who was more interested. I would like to win tickets and start off 2012 with great beginnings!!!!

  48. Cynthia Becker

    Hi, Anthony – the past year has had many pitfalls for me – out of work for a year now – trying many things but not getting to first base. I think this event might just be the impetus to get me going! I really need to do something here and now! My resources are dried up! You can’t believe it! 🙁 I can do so many things – that’s the irony of it all! I fell behind on my car payments and was threatened with repossession! I have Auto Debt Consulting in CA trying to help me with the lender (they are sharks!). ARGH! I gotta do something! And fast!

  49. Kelly Marble

    I have truly committed to doing all it takes to make my internet marketing business a success in 2012. Attending the Affiliate Summit would give me the jump start I need to make that happen.

    My wife and I have both been in long recovery from surgeries and barely keeping our heads above water financially after “forced retirement” over 2 years ago. I’ve been praying for God to either close this door or open it. Now is the time to go through the door and attend the Affiliate Summit. I really need this! Thanks Anthony for all you do!

  50. ngoeh

    hi Anthony thanks for your news letters and the up date l will not give up until register with the required sum God bless you the more .your student agnes

  51. Nan Wheat

    Anthony I would really like to win a ticket. My father recently passed away leaving my 78 year old mother with no life insurance and a struggling advertising specialty business (started in 1987). My mother wants my sister and I to take over the business. We want to go a completely different direction, one that does not rest on the shoulders of the current economy. I have had a chance in recent years to attend seminars with my father and found them to be a great place to learn and get new ideas. I have watched him struggling to keep his business afloat in these hard times and I have to say I was extremely proud of him in even keeping his business going when so many others are failing. Before his death we often talked about taking his business down a different road and he wanted to pursue changes but his declining health the last couple of years had prevented him from making new ventures. I would love to go to this seminar and learn what I can and bring it home to my sister but I am looking forward to the motivation I would also leave with. It’s hard losing a loved one and when we add to that the pressure of being one of two people who stand in the path of my mother’s financial ruin or success it is easy to become despondent and say we can’t do this. I really need to get the adrenaline pumping and share the excitement with my sister to make this change to affiliated marketing work for us. Of course I hope you pick me to give a ticket to but if you don’t I will continue watching you and getting that motivation from your blog and emails. God Bless.

  52. Zach Branson

    Going to the Affiliate Summit would be a dream come true!! I would love to go to this Summit to be able to meet all the affiliate managers, and affiliates to learn huge amounts of information!! This would really give me a huge boost in implementing some great affiliate marketing strategies! Thanks Anthony for doing what you do!!

  53. David

    Hi Anthony,
    I’d love to attend the Affiliate Summit. It would be enlightening and encouraging. I truly want to make Affiliate Marketing my next career. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to attend even with the free tickets. Please give them to some deserving people who will benefit from this lifechanging experience. Thank you for all of these good things that you do.

  54. Kathy Fitzwater

    hi Anthony,
    Thank you for offering an exciting opportunity to attend the affiliate conference in Las Vegas.
    I am a neophite in afilitate marketing. I am frozen unable to take the necessary baby steps, but needing to take the plunge. I would hope this meeting would be inspirational and helpful in changing my direction.
    Happy Holidays!

  55. Anibal Gonzalez

    Hi Anthony,
    I am interested in going to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. The reasons why I would like a pair of tickets is I am extremely excited of your programs and I see the future in Affiliate marketing and the potential it has to skyrocket my success in this industry, This is an exciting opportunity to know, build and really get my business going and I want to do what it takes to make money but most of all help others be successful with Fast cash and being apart of the Affiliate Marketing boom!!

    Thanks and good luck everyone
    Anibal Gonzalez

  56. Tamie

    Thank you Anthony for this opportunity to turn my life around. I have worked hard all my life but find myself in a position where i am about to lose everything. Like you I feel affiliate marketing is the way out of this deep hole I have fallen into, and seems like there is only one way out for me affiliate marketing, I am studing everything I can and when I have extra money which is not often it goes into my education. This would be an opportunity to futher my education and meet with people of simular dreams and interest…..I am looking forward to getting away from all the stress and being inspired. Thank you

  57. T. Campeau

    Hello Anthony,

    We live in such a selfish world. Most people are concerned with themselves and show this by starting their comment with : I . This time of year everyone is so concerned with what they are going to get or give for gifts. My background is such that, we give gifts all year round and we live by the golden rule – every day! It’s hard, sure people treat each other very rudely, etc. Still, you do what you know is right. There are probably quite a number of very deserving people who should go to this. My congratulations to whomever is picked. The very best to you and your family, Anthony!

  58. Connie Reeser

    We are and older couple have lost all are retirement savings. Have put our last credit into your program trying to learn as much as we can so we can work at home, we are pass hiring age. It is very hard to start over at our age, but we have the will and determination to make this business work for us, with your help. We sure know how your parents must have felt. Thanks! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  59. Dr. Mark W. Berry

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for sharing everything you do. It helps people in far greater ways than than you even realize. I’ve been in medicine for my entire career and helping others who are less fortunate than myself has always played a central role in my efforts. That is the quality that struck me most about your organization Anthony. I’ve been working on something that should be ready to launch by the first of the year. It encapsulates the power of FREE. I give it away at no cost to people…they pay nothing…it is truly a gift…It is truly FREE. Everyone needs it, but most can’t afford it. It is good for the entire family, every other company on earth charges an arm and a leg for it , which is why most people can’t afford it but would love to have it if they could. Well, now they can, because I have developed a way that enables me to give it away for FREE! Nobody on earth is doing this at present, but it will catch on fast once I let it out of the gate, and believe me when I tell you IT WILL GO VIRAL. Give it to 500 people FREE and make $28,525. However, I am relatively new to this internet marketing field and I know enough to know that I don’t know enough to do this properly and efficiently. By attending the Summit I will connect with those that have the knowledge and the infrastructure to really promote this for the benefit of all. I will attend the Summit whether I receive the gift of one of your tickets or not, but if I am fortunate enough to receive a ticket, rest assured…that is one ticket that will definitely not have been wasted. I hope you have a peaceful and rewarding holiday season, and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

    Dr. Mark W. Berry

  60. Joey

    As a predisposed “caretaker” by birth order, (3rd eldest of 12), once again, I’ve spent my vacation time, energy and money taking care of the needs of others, during 2011 and this holiday season. All I want for Christmas is an opportunity to live a new role in 2012 as I successful Affiliate Marketer, so I can continue to help others, but not at the expense or sacrifice of my own needs and desires. Please be Santa’s Helper and provide a ticket to this Summit, which will help me to attain my goal for a prosperous 2012.

  61. Michael

    Anthony, actually I should not go because i just don’t deserve it. But I would really like to go because like your dad experienced i find myself in a rough situation. Lost my fed job and now really struggling to get by and take care of my family here in Clinton,MS.
    I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, but until I found your info I never had any hope of making a change. I am not a techi person, and learning how to use all this technology..ha
    Not sure how much I would learn or how it would help, but I really want to learn this business and do something positive for my family and then make a difference in somebody elses life!
    If I don’t get free tickets, i still want to learn this business and my 2012 one of the most exciting years of my life 🙂 thanks again

  62. Lisa

    Hi Anthony,
    I just got my e-mail and popped right over. The tickets may even be gone by now. I have purchase acouple of programs and I think I ended in the wrong spot. I am a single mother with 2 kids renting a ROOM I have alot going on in my life. I won’t bore you with my millions of miserable stories.
    My older son has Asperger’s which is high functioning Autism along with many other similar diagnosis. He wants tp go to college and I want him to I am not working and have invested my lifes money to start this business.
    I have the go get attitude and have watched so many videos til I’m cross eyed. There has to be a way to succeed!!!! I know it is there.
    I think if I were chosen to go to this Grand event that I can gain the Knowledge, Passion with NO Restrictions and get my business going!!
    I am not expecting to have money tomarrow night falling from the sky!! LOL
    People laugh when I tell them I am making something of myself and I’ll show them!!!! I wanna put my kids through college have something I can call home and become debt free again I was there but being unemployed has really worn me out!! My mother’s cancer has come back when she almost reached the 5 year mark and this year boom she has it back in her lung and liver. If I could get my business going and get my goals acheived
    I want to take my whole family on vacation!!!!! Gosh I am going to get there my kids are my support!!!! Anthony you have inspired me in so many ways you never hide anything, your down to earth and I am very comfortable knowing my investment is going to a good person!!!! I will succeed!!!!

    Thanks for your time Anthony I apreciate it all!!!

  63. Jennifer D

    I got into this with you because I think you are for real and I am in a similar situation you were when you got into this biz so am believing this is going to work but am hitting some speed bumps- a setback for a major comeback- is my life story. If you want me to be there I will figure a way. otherwise I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing for now. thanks for all you do!! JD

  64. Merikay

    I feel that if I could attend the Affiliate Summit it would help me put all the pieces together so that I could make some money.

  65. Richard Mathias

    Hello Anthony. Thanx for this opportunity to attend the Affiliate Summit. I am thoroughly committed to building a thriving e-commerce and affiliate marketing business as my new full-time career. Since I attended your Los Angeles 3-day training last month, I have invested heavily in building the strongest foundation possible — all based on your training: I signed up for Level 4 Training in your mentoring program (and look forward to seeing you in Mississippi on January 12-14 for the personal mentoring program). I have developed a one – year business plan; developed five on-line businesses with dedicated domains all linked to my principle e-commerce site; joined and have been accepted as an affiliate in more than 20 affiliate networks; developed media promotion campaigns for launch events around Valentines Day; am designing and launching landing pages and domain sites for my on-line media campaigns; and completing media buys for CPV and other means of advertising my promotions. In short, i have spent a lot of time and resources into developing the various individual components of my business plan.

    I need your help and the networking knowledge that only the Affiliate Summit can provide in order to put these pieces of my plan together — to complete the mosaic that will be my successful e-commerce and affiliate marketing business. Given the expenses I have already invested – attending the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas would otherwise be cost prohibited. If I were forunate enough to be chosen for a Gold Pass by you, I can assure you that I will not only attend the summit and be a highly visible participant, but I will absorb all the knowledge i possibly can and apply that knowledge to my business activities in a powerful way.

    I know from my past professional experiences that these Networking summits provide invaluable opportunities to learn the business and limitless potential for developing and nurturing personal contacts needed to develop cutting edge ideas for the future. With your help, I can attend this Summit and give back to newer affiliates the gifts and benefits of knowledge that I will obain through your generosity and leadership.

    Thanks for this opportunity and I look forward to meeting you at the mentoring program next month!

  66. Mary Kenyon

    I believe this event will give me the insite I am looking for which will enable me to move forward, and give me the knowledge I am looking for to make my future the most unbelieveable successful venture I have ever been on. I need these tickets to help me make the changes in my life that will benifit me more than any thing else.

  67. Julianna Frome

    I want to learn all I can so I can be the best affileate programer. I have just started your traning program with your success team and want this to all work out for me. I am not up and running yet because I have so much to learn. I am comming form a bad finincial situation and want it to all improve. I was layed off a year ago,Involved in an internet scam that has put me in this mess . I am willing to learn all I can and change my life style to my dream life.

  68. Stephan F. Smolka

    I live in Vegas and I lost most of what I had in the Real Estate crash and had to declare bankruptcy. Right now I am just getting by, living in my under 600sqft. townhome with no income. I live as modestly as I can, but with no obvious means of support, I don’t know what to do. I would just love to be able to make money over the internet. I really need to be shown how. I don’t want to lose my home if I can’t pay my bills.

  69. Ramon

    There are a number of reasons to want to attend but you want to share this
    chance with someone who would have the energy to hang. I myself want
    learn and then share this knowledge with my grandchild,my nieces and
    So you see young man applied knowledge is Power, in your webnar you
    demand speed,give my vote to the one who wants to learn and share your

  70. Diana

    Anthony I am so excited I would love to win a trip for I have not taken one or been out of Washington state and to see another part of the world would be fasinating not to mention attending your seminar and meeting you in person would be the best New Year’s gift I could ever ask for. I faithfully watch the weekly blog and open and actually read your emails and I read every text message sent to my cell phone. If I won I woujld be so grateful to you. I lost my job in March 2011 and I live in a very small town with hardly any job oportunities and certainly not enough jobs for everyone living here in this tourist trap small Victorian town. I have lived here all my life and would like to stay here where my family is but if I cant support myself and keep the roof over my head I will sadly have to leave my family and move to find a job. I am very interested in online marketing and I bought your fast cash commisions download. I am serious and I am motivated also if I cannot pay the rent then I will be homeless that’s enough to motivate any to try real hard to make this all work for me. Please chose me Anthony I need a break in life please, please help me. I admire all that you do to help others you are a very caring person. Thank you for all you do and thank you so much for taking the time to put together the weekly blog I enjoy them and I faithfully watch them. You a awesome Anthony Morrrison 🙂

  71. Melodyn2

    Anthony, I would love to go and learn more from you. Also the opportunity to meet and greet with other would be life changing in itself. But, I have read so many of the post and I will pass. Give the tickets to someone else. I probably couldn’t travel in January. SO, pass it on to some one else. Still glad to be able to learn.

  72. Joshua Finstad

    Hello Anthony.Let me start by saying I really enjoy the blogs and emails.You have so much wonderful ideas and amazing things to do to help me get ahead in life.We haven’t be able to attend any seminars that you have held or buy any of your training material yet, due to a lot of downfall lately.Since the first seminar we went to in Arizona back in September,we have had to move back to Kansas to help out a few family members.We had my car break down so we bought a van and the engine blows in less than 7 days.We have been stuck with no car,no money,and no jobs.I am disabled with a bad back,i had double knee surgery in 2009 and a brain tumor removed in 2010.I am not trying to give a sob story I am just giving facts of my life.I am now getting caught up on things and getting back on track.I so want to get started working again at home to better myself,support my fiance and our family.She has 5 children and I have 4.We want to be able to make a difference in our lives and maybe in some ways help others to make a difference.Thank you for the opportunity to possibly go to Vegas,but I am not picked we will keep pushing along and continue to grow with you as a team.Thank you and may you have a blessed holiday.

  73. Theodore Seavy

    Hi Anthony, What a very powerful offer that will allow us to visit the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. Dottie and I have been working many hour to get our program into a paying mode. Yet, is still not quite there. Going to the Summit, is the greatest thing because you can talk face to face with the experts for answering are questions and finding out new things and strategies. We would appreciate being able to attend! Would we both need a ticket or can the ticket allow us to gain entrance? We are both retired and live on a fixed income. By allowing us to receive the tickets, increases our ability to get are program paying.
    Ted and Dottie

  74. curtis

    HI,Anthony I would like to have the opportunities to go learn at Affiliate Summit this way I will have a new mindset.Because having a change in your mindset will be the most powerful skill that you can master.Your mindset will be what leads you to success or what holds you back of making it. changing your mindset is a much.We have been programmed from a young age to graduate high school and collage,than go out and get a job.You must change your mindset from working for a boss to being your own boss.This is why I would like the opportunities to come and lean at the summit.once you master your mindset will open your mind and business to receive success.I must take action.By me not taking action nothing will happen for me.Start small and build upon your successes.I want to learn this so I can generate income I want out of life.

  75. Shara Lynn Kelsey

    I attended Adrian’s wonderful training in Sacramento and signed up for Level Three; my 3=day Mentoring in Mississippi will be January 23 – 25, 2012. He mentioned how valuable these conferences are, and I would LOVE to go. However, I am such a newbie that I’m afraid it would be a waste of a valuable ticket — I was overwhelmed last weekend, and I don’t know enough yet to even look for what I need next — there will probably be several tracks for the speakers and all, and I wouldn’t know which to choose.
    Well! I guess I’ve given you good reason to NOT give me a ticket. I would rather attend next year’s Summit, and benefit from that. I hope it will be in Vegas too — I have free accommodations there.
    If you disagree with my opinion, and think that going would be valuable, even before my Mentoring, please put me back in the running. I intend to SUCCEED once I know what I am doing!

  76. Katie

    Hi Anthony,
    I really do think you are a true inspiration to those of us out here who have been taking a literal beating in this economy. It seems there might be some light at the end of this long and dark tunnel I’ve been traveling through over the past four plus years. During this time, I have been downsized twice due to the companies I was working for being bought out by bigger companies that were based out of state, lost my beautiful home and all its equity after 13 years of home ownership and nearly everything I had worked my whole life to achieve has gone completely down the drain. I nearly killed myself working full time while getting through a college education so this has been a tough “pill to swallow.” Additionally, since I no longer had a home to live in and could not find anywhere with affordable rent that would allow my pets (two beautiful aussie shepherds, 9 and 11 years old) that I’d raised since they were 6 wks old, I had to place them into rescue for adoption. As a single person with no children, these were my “babies” and it was far worse losing them even beyond losing my home. I was blessed that a wonderful couple adopted them both together even though they were initially only interested in having one dog.

    At this point I have been out of work for 2.5 years and my mother passed away in July. My only sibling, my sister, lost her life in an accident 10 years ago, so I really don’t have anywhere to turn at this point. I HAVE to make this work!!

    I went to one of your luncheon seminars last December and ended up seated next to a gentleman who decided to do the 3-day conference with Adrian in Pasadena, CA. He offered to take me as his guest, so I was thrilled to be able to attend, but was not able to put any money into further training at that time, although I would have loved being able to take part in that opportunity. Since my mother’s passing, I was able to put a small amount of $ toward the training offered at PMI, so I feel I am at least on the right path and beginning to move forward now. But it is still a very slow process since now my time is greatly divided by also trying to put myself through an MBA program, as the student loans are required for survival as my only resource currently since I have had absolutely NO offers of employment in over two years. I have hope that the additional degree might help eventually, but I am a long way off from completion at only 6 classes in so far. Meanwhile, I have looked further into affiliate marketing and would like to learn so much more about it. I have all three of your books and I am working to put the pieces together with the help of PMI’s instruction and coach. I originally learned about the Affiliate Summit when it was happening last year, but of course could not go. I would be so grateful to be able to attend this year and further educate myself in this business. Las Vegas is only about 3.5 hours drive away from where I currently live, so not too difficult to get there, but the conference itself would be cost prohibitive without sponsorship. I would be thoroughly delighted to be able to go, and especially thrilled if it was you, Anthony, who could make it possible!

    Thanks for all the information and encouragement you so selflessly offer to all of us. We are truly grateful to have found someone like you to take such interest in helping us all progress while finding some renewed hope for the future. I would also like to commend and thank you for the effort you put into your Christmas4Kids program. It is through generous people such as yourself that many children will have a Christmas they otherwise would not know. Thank you for all you do!

  77. Linda Lindsey

    Hi Anthony, I will not be able to attend the affiliate training coming January, due to radiation treatment, but I hope that someone else be blessed to receive the free tickets, I;ve learned so much from you with your techniques and tips keep bring inspiration and hope to all of us beginners in the affiliate marketing business. GOD BLESS you and your family and take care. From: Linda Lindsey

  78. Michael

    I want to better understand affiliate marketing. It is overwhelming and exciting at the same time; I need to achieve my goals…leave a unsatisfying job, relocate closer to family, establish a retirement plan, and be happier. I am convinced from the webinars and other information shared by you…it works but I need some one on one time with successful people, with motivated people, with shakers and movers who will help me understand better the path towards success. I want to go.

  79. Carl Schmidt


    I would like a Ticket to the Affiliate Summit to be held in Las Vegas in January 2012.

    I would hope that my attendance would help to improve multiple areas of my “Skill Set” so that I can improve My ACN Business and those that I work with.

    Thanks for the Opportunity.

    Carl R. Schmidt

  80. Dexter

    I just finished my website and looking for the opportunity to put some products up and sell. I just purchased your Fast Cash Commissions yesterday and have been going through the videos. It’s a lot of information and I’m loving it. I’d love to go to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas an learn what I really need to do to gain a true advantage on the internet. This way I can give to my Church VCC and assist families and children that are in need. I’d also have the ability to make money and build an organization to help thousands of people get their homes back or get new ones. Everyone needs a fresh start sometime in life and I wouldn’t mind being that person to do that task.

    If I’m chosen to receive one of your tickets, I’ll give you all the details of how my progress goes on a weekly basis and to let you know that giving me a chance was just the beginning. I’ve been trying for some time to make money on the Internet and just haven’t cracked the code… hopefully, this is my last stop and all of the things that I’m learning from you will change my past. Thank you very much for your offer and see you in Las Vegas.

  81. Christina

    Hey Anthony!! I’m hoping to see you and your team in Vegas this year! Iv been trying to do things on my own but I know I need some more help from some experts 🙂 I hope you give me the opportunity to go to the training in Vegas!! Keep me in mind when your giving away the limited free tickets 🙂 I know I could use the training and succeed! Take care and hope to see you soon! Thanks for all the great tips!

    – Christina

  82. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi Anthony,
    Sounds exciting, but I would not be able to travel if I should win,please let someone go that would be able to really benefit from this opportunity.

  83. Gloria

    My son and I have been reading your blogs and going thru your trainings for several months now but we are having some challenges getting our business up and running. I have committed the next few weeks to buckle down and really dedicate more time to learning this business because I see great opportunities with it in 2012. My son has been unemployed for several months and is determined to get the business up and going but has little finances to really make it work. He keeps me motivated to learn as much as I can about affiliate marketing. Going to this summit will be a blessing for us because it will help us to meet and interact with others who are successful in affiliate marketing and an opportunity to meet with You and Adrian. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the free passes.

  84. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, thank you so much for the offer, but I won’t be able to attend. Maybe next year!
    Thank you,
    Eduardo Alvarez

  85. John Spurrier

    Would like to go to the summit to learn more about affiliate marketing and hopefully meet you. I live in California so will have no trouble using the tickets.

  86. Glenn Robertson

    hey that is great ,giving away gold passes to the event at this time i would love them,but i am unable to travel ,do to low funds ,but let some one elese have mine glenn in michigan.

  87. mare mincy

    Hi Anthony, I would love to go the summit because it would literally change my life. I am 52 yrs. old and I am starting my life over with the new career of affiliate marketing after 25yrs. as a Mental Health Specialist working with kids. I have relocated my life to Orlando and I am a newbie to the internet. Everything I know was learned from your books, videos, webinars and special guests that you presented. I haven’t made money but I am still trying and I believe that my time is nearing since I joined PMI. The summit would be a God send for me, to meet others and get ideas and learn new techniques will be the difference in being able to earn a living or going on welfare because all of my savings have been exhausted. I don’t just want this but I need this opportunity. Please consider me Anthony.

  88. Arlene Gonzales

    Hi, Anthony!!

    I would love to win 2 tickets to the “Affliate Summit” conference in Las Vegas. If I don’t win the tickets I won’t be able to afford to go. If I win,
    I will be taking a college friend who is very excited to learn the Anthony
    Morrison’s “SECRETS” of social media marketing. I am the type of person who “walks the walk and talks the talk.” In other words, if I say what I mean and I mean what I say and THEN I put it into action.

    I am very excited to learn this process and promise to work as many hours as it takes to make a comfortable living for myself and my family (4 cats.) I have had a crappy 2011 but am very hopeful that 2012 will be awesome!

    As Ernest Hemingway said: “the world breaks everyone. and afterward
    many are strong at the broken places.”

    That’s me in a nutshell. I am so excited to begin the next chapter of my career . . . and I believe your savvy strategies will change my life forever!!


    Arlene in California

  89. Arlene Gonzales

    Dear Anthony:


    (sorry for the all caps; I wasn’t really screaming)

    I will work my $&%*# off in order to be successful.


  90. Eric Daniel

    Hi Anthony I would have loved to go, but I have no money to book for hotel accomodation or other miscellaneous expenses. But if I could have an opportunity to win other things as you pointed out, that will be wonderful indeed. I am very grateful to be part of your team even if I’m still pretty much don’t know what I’m doing right now because I have not made even a dime in this internet marketing business. But I realize that being a “patient dog eats the fatest meet”. So it will payoff if I did not give up in your team. Thanks

  91. Thomas C

    Hi Anthony I’ve been watching your Webnar for sometime now I dont really comprehend it all I do need your help to get this business to move so that I can be debt free and find financial freedom. Thank you

  92. stephen connelly

    one thing for certen two things for sure anthony morrison is the cure i can remember 20 years ago when i use to go to satellite semenars it would help get u updated on all of the new things well i need to be updated on everything

  93. Brandon Armour

    Hi Anthony,
    I’ve been working VERY hard every single day on affiliate marketing and despite the consistent bumps in the road, I’m actually really enjoying the creative processes involved with creating web assets.
    I never would had thought in a million years I could have actually found a possible solution to the financial dilemmas my family and I have faced for years now, yet the harder I work and more insight I’ve been blessed with from you and others who have found success, the more hope I see shining through.
    As a kid I always loved playing music, yet ironically; I wasn’t very good lol.
    That didn’t stop me from pursuing it as a career however, I just knew deep down that’s what I wanted to do. It wasn’t till I met a really great mentor that helped me make it to different jazz conventions did something really begin to click for me.
    I understand from experience just how beneficial It truly is to be in a place packed full of like minded individuals given the chance to study and learn from the wisdom of other like minded individuals.
    When I got to play and learn from some really great jazz musitions, something just changed for me in a way I knew I might never had figured out otherwise.
    If affiliate marketing turns out to be anything like learning how to play jazz, I know the opportunity to make it to an event like Affiliate Summit would be a truly motivating and life changing experience for me.
    Thanks Anthony for taking the time to read my huge comment and for your consistent support!

  94. Carolyn Wilson

    Anthony, Please consider me when you are deciding who will get the tickets to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. I am retired from my profession but have found that Social Security does not go very far in paying bills, etc.I am just getting into your program, getting my web site set up and getting excited about the prospect of a brand new and exciting business in which I can once again be self-sufficient. I am eager to learn all I possibly can about affiliate marketing. Thank you for your consideration.

  95. Dale Haynes

    Why me (us, really)? We are trying to dedicate resources to multipe business endeavors in an effort to make something work. We are eager about all and indeed all have relevance to each other. Our charge is to focus on one and in that effort bring success that allows us to contiue and cross utilize the others. Every opportunity to meet and learn avails us of the information and recourses to become successful and examples to others that if folks like us can make it surely they can as well.
    Should others be selected, I hope that they use the opportunity to learn and then apply what they have learned in their best interest.
    Thanks again.,

  96. michelle anderson

    Greetings and salutations Anthony
    My name is Michelle and I have been swimming in the information ocean that is called Anthony! I have your books, “Advertising Profits..” & “Automated Profits..”, and I must admit that have become addicted to your world. I can’t get enough! The more I knowledge and info I get, the more I want.. and need. Please consider me for one of your Affiliate Summit Passes. I am so close to Success, I can smell it! I feel like there’s just one thing I am missing for everything to fall into place. I am looking forward to shaking your hand, someday. Thank you so much…
    Michelle Anderson
    p.s. please pick me!!

  97. Sharon

    Greetings Anthony• Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! HopE the winner of your tickets is one step closer to finacial freedom.

  98. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony,

    All I can say is it would be awsome to be able to finally meet the people face to face that I have been promoting their products and services for years…including YOURSELF Anthony.

    I have been very loyal to you and the others and I’m not going to stop now just because I’m not going to win any tickets. Good luck to everyone and have fun at the Summit who ever gets to go. Say Hello to everyone for all of us less fortunate.

    To your continued success,

    David Caudill
    DaCinMoney, we are succeeding from home.

  99. Norma Garcia

    Hi Anthony, I would love to go to the event but I do not have enough money to travel. I feel that I would learn a lot. I have been trying to work by myself and seeing all the videos. I still need to learn a lot to get it right. It is going to take me a little longer to get it right. Whoever gets the tickets, I wish them the best and benefit from the opportunity. Thank You for all the advice you give us.

  100. Rita Grabowski

    This opportunity would be the greatest chance of a lifetime to absorb other information about affiliate marketing. Other people’s views and ideas can only enhance the overall positive impact of affiliate marketing on my life. Thanks for the opportunity.

  101. derrick


  102. Carolyn Blitch

    I’m looking at the comments of those who have already entered, and wondering if I have a chance at all. If I don’t finish then I know I have 0 chance. But if I don’t start then I’ll be finished by default and that should be changed to mefault. I live in Pahrump, NV, sort of the back end of Vegas, (More about that if I win.) I like, I am certain, know many people who are in business,work for someone else, or who are unemployed. But the complaint is universal. How do I make money? There is nothing I can do, There is only so much to go around. There is despair Running rampant. I’m not Suzy Sunshine, but I’ve got an idea! Do something! It might be right! And you could make money. So I’m looking for good input. And I know it will be at this summit.are people that I know, that I mentioned earlier are good friends of mine and with what I learn I can help them to make their enterprises become successful, and make a few friends more along the way. I’m getting way too wordy right now so I’ll finish up say, “Hope to meet you, Anthony, and your team in Las Vegas in January. -Carolyn

  103. Verlean

    Hello Anthony

    At this time I cannot afford anything outside of my budget,which is very small. Perhaps being at this Affiliate Summit among successful people can help me develop more into a business savy person able to grasp and make the changes neccessary to make money. Information changes the season of one life.

    Thank you.

  104. James Fischer

    Why I should receive a free ticket to Vegas:

    I have worked hard all of my life and have not reaach a goal that I feel comfortable with. I have a son that been out of work for 5 years. he is on the computer daily looking for a job. My goal here is to prove to myself that you have a legal buisness and is not a scam. If I find that I can be successfull. I’m goping to try to get him started. He has zero dollars to his name. L also live on a limited income. I need to generate some extra income in order to help other people. So far I’m impressed with what I see and hear. I have watch your TV Programs for the past two years I’m now ready to move on and try your system. Looking forward to meeting you and working with you. Hopefully cost of lbooks and supplies will be controlled.. I’m excited !!!!! Worked 24 years as a manager,also veteran

    James Fischer

    James Fischer Vetran

  105. Marcus

    Hi Anthony
    I just want to be successful, tried all sorts of online gimmicks, still no money.
    I have a family of six children. I am really struggling to pay bills and rent.
    Online business and affliate marketing is a business I want to do fulltime.

    PLEASE give me a ticket, Anthony, I am desperate.

  106. dunes tunes

    I would love to go to this event and learn more about being a successful affiliate marketer.I had tried my hand almost all of the software I can think of but without any success. I would like to get connected with successful affiliate marketers to show me the rope to be successful in this business.I am teachable and learn fast when shown the right way to do it. My resolution for 2012 are to make first million in six month and teach young children who need help with education.

  107. Octavia Bynes

    Love the webinar.However, I will not be able to attend this seminar. I would love to see who wins. I have learned a lot from your videos and I hope that you continue. I wish whomever wins much success.

  108. Lorie

    Hi Anthony: Again, thanks so much for all you do to help your students. You are the best.

    I would very much like to attend this event and I live close enough to drive to it. It has become almost a desperate situation for me to be able to make my efforts at getting an online business going. I think your programs are great, but need a bit more help to get it off the ground. I am dedicated to making this work and will do all that is necessary to make that happen. Hope I am one you choose. Thanks so much.

  109. Deborah Thompson

    May name is Deborah. I have been trying to stat working with you! I have been following for a year now. I want to work for you. I haven’t been able to start. I have 3 children about to enter collage. And I’m trying to get 40.00 dollars together to start mobile marking. so I can send them to Collage.
    My Children ages are 20, 18, 17, Please let me go to your confrence!

    That would be very kind of you. Love to meet you and your brother.
    My blessing to you and yours this season. Blessing to you and yours always Deborah.

  110. Jennifer Murray

    I just activated my first campaign this week. I started my venture in Internet marketing by attending your three day course in Cincinnati about two months ago. I even disconnected my cable last week so I would have complete dedication and focus to put in 40 plus hours a week to ensure my success. I have been working very hard with my pmi coach. I am starting with pof, cpv, and facebook campaigns. Then I move on to blogs and e-mail marketing. I know I have the attention and detail and drive to succeed. I will not give up when there are bumps along the way. The affiliate convention would allow me to begin developing relationships with others in the industry, and networking is an important part in any business.
    Thank you for considering me as a worthy candidate. Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season!!

  111. Jennifer Murray

    I just activated my first campaign this week. I started my venture in Internet marketing by attending your three day course in Cincinnati about two months ago. I even disconnected my cable last week so I would have complete dedication and focus to put in 40 plus hours a week to ensure my success. I have been working very hard with my pmi coach. I am starting with pof, cpv, and facebook campaigns. Then I will move on to blogs and e-mail marketing. I know I have the attention and detail and drive to succeed. I will not give up when there are bumps along the way. The Affiliate Summit would allow me to begin developing relationships with others in the industry, and networking is an important part in any business.
    Thank you for considering me as a worthy candidate. Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season!!

  112. Gary Monahan

    Anthony, thanks to you and the enthusiasm you’ve generated within me, I’ve already passed the point of no return as far as ever giving up. But unless Santa Claus is especially good to me this year, I won’t be able to attend the Affiliate Convention, so give my pass to someone else!

  113. Adetayo Adewolu

    Hello Anthony thank you for all you do please keep up the good work and God bless.

  114. Sandra Jordan

    Hi Anthony, sure i would like to attend the affiliate summit in LA, I am settling down to take charge of this course and need some push in the right direction.Going to such an occasion would help me tremendously to be better at what i do. Need to in the thick of things come next year win,. win situation
    You have a Happy Holiday you and your family.

  115. Larantine Naimark

    Anthony, I would love for you to pick me. But the truth to the matter is I am a care giver to my husband who had a stroke going on two and half years. I have been following you for two years and to tell you the truth I just am not able to sweeze out of our budget the asking price of some of your programs and the ones I can afford. I came in too late to acquire the program. But I am not giving up. I am so determine to succeed at this business because my common sense tells me it can be done. I just do not have alot of money laying on the table to play with. So enjoy yourself there and I will be watching your site to see what tibbits you bring back that can spurr me forward. Forever in your debt for inspiring me to take this step.

  116. Daniel Simpson

    Hi Anthony:
    I would love to be selected and go, Unfortunately due to my situation of now being near abject poverty and working a 10 hour a day job on my feet with a birth defect of scoliosis and suffering from severe back and leg pain due to an auto accident, and my computer no longer working, I have to use the library computer Saturdays for 4 hours.
    and now with the depression I am suffering knowing I can no longer work because my back and leg keep getting worse to the point of hearing a cracking sound in my leg and nearly collapsing onto the ground at work in front of all my coworkers and friends and this causing embarrassment for me.
    My Pain pills no longer work, and after over 30 years of hard work and my jobs requiring me to lift over 100 lbs per day, I am now going through depression knowing I may have to quit my job and not have any money coming in to support my self.
    Disability Insurance is lying about my past work experience, saying I worked jobs I have never worked and have no experience for, and they say if I am working I have no disability, and I would have to have no job for a year and no unemployment insurance either, I guess they want me to live on the streets and starve, others I work with have disability insurance and are allowed to work, but not a person like me with no spouse or kids to take care of me in the mean time.
    Anyway I do not mean to complain, but maybe someone else would be better suited for the tickets and other things you offer at this time, so thank you for the opportunity, but I have to pass this time.

  117. Melissa Davy

    Hi Anthony….plain & simple. “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other SUCCEED. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who fall’s is in real trouble……..A person standing alone can be attacked & defeated, but two can stand back to back and conquer!…..Ecc.4:9-12 Anthony I need you to succeed and you need me to inspire other’s…because, I AM the next Anthony Morrisson success story! See you in Vegas…?! Thankyou for your consideration 🙂
    Sweet Melissa <

  118. Arleen Walker

    Hey Anthony, I am the original success on a shoestring entrepreneur. I am dedicated, committed, and inspired by all I see happening around me. The trip to the affiliate summit would be most valuable to me as a beginner because I would be able to ask questions and see with my own eyes what I need to do to get ahead in this business. I also want to shake your hand and let you know that there is a life after retirement; I just need to work for it! Merry Christmas to you and your whole family.

  119. Beverly Myers

    Anthony, When I spoke to your representative I told him my Internet story. I am an active 70 year old and am trying to fund my retirement account. I have lost almost $15,000 in the last 4 years trying to make it in the Internet Business. I was just getting started with two past companies and they folded losing me $15,000 that I invested in them. I met Mark Victor Hansen at a conference in Las Vegas last year.When I saw you with him I knew you where the REAL thing. I have invested with you but am having overload on information. Your story is amazing and your family seems warm and loving to each other. Just the kind of mentor I need right now. I need to “change my life” in 2012 and I know this conference is here at the “right time.” Thanks for all you do for all of us “beginners” out here. God Bless. Beverly

  120. George Vernon


    I would love to have the chance to attend this summit because I have been recently disabled and I have been in and out of the hospital. This is why my business is not up and running like it should. I would greatly appreciate the chance to get a jump start so to speak on getting some information to help me in the long run.



  121. Bernie Santos

    I live in Las Vegas and would LOVE to get a pass for the Affiliate Summit!
    Why? you ask.
    Because I have been beating my head against the wall for months. We are in the program PMI and completed the first session. We have been to several Morrison events in my area. But we still lack the proper contacts, connections and information to steer us ahead – at a faster pace!
    We are senior citizens and are VERY anxious to sink our teeth s (no dentures here!) as quickly as possible. We believe Anthony and Adrian are extremely sincere in their endeavors to help others succeed. And we wish to be one of their next success stories.
    Truly and Thanks!
    Bernie and Angela Santos.

  122. Karen

    Hi Anthony,
    Please consider me for the Summit. I have been working very hard on my internet business but I have no like minded people to bounce things off of. All my communications are over the web. While I am building some really nice relationships that way, real live like minded people would be incredible. I am on the East Coast but my daughter is on the West Coast and would welcome the chance to visit her as well.

  123. Robert (Bob) Wedekindd

    I would like to go to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. I am presently doing the PMI seminiar. It is good, but I would like to meet more people in the Affiliate Marketing..

  124. kiros

    Thank you for all the knowledge and insights that you are sharing with us through your webinars. I have learnt a lot from you and get inspired by your accomplishments. It has given me the faith that i too can be succusseful one day and do not have to worry about money. I would like a chance to get the tickets to go this affilate seminar in Las Vegas. It will be very inspiring to be around successful people in this business. I can gain the knowledge and the motivations that I need to be successful in this business. I am an immigrant and have two children. I will like to pave the way for my children and my family to be financially free and live the Amercan dream.

  125. nicholas

    Hi anthony im really looking forword to learning so much more from you and so many other affiliate people,Thank you i hope you and your family have a great holiday.

  126. Robert Walker

    Thanks, Anthony, for your kind offer, but I will not be able to attend this conference. Perhaps next year.

  127. Karla Strickler

    Haven’t traveled out of Iowa in quite a while change would be great. You never know who you might meet or what you might learn in this type of a group.

  128. Richard Davidson

    I am a 70 year “Young” retired Vietnam Vet and I appreciate this opportunity to apply for “Gold” tickets to the 2012 “Affiliate Summit” in Las Vegas
    I have been following your blogs and as many training sessions as I could and I have been preparing, for several months, to kick my final career in Jan 2012. You see I have the “Col. Sanders Syndrome” (started his Kentucky Fried Chicken business when he was 68 years old) and I have the “bottom line” information, education and awareness program on how to never ever get sick and if you do have some sort of sickness… how to get rid of it… naturally.
    I am to the point in my life where I want to “Pay-it-Forward”.
    I have all the background, the proven methods and systems that anyone can learn “How Never to Be Sick”. I want to attend the Affiliate Summit to: #1. Meet you and your brother.
    #2. Learn from the Keynote speakers any and all the current insights to marketing my informational health program to the world.
    #3. Get caught up on all the technical “Social Media” options that are available and then determine which ones are best for me and my vision of providing insight and self-awareness to every person I come in contact with.
    #4. I am ready to commit to this effort with all my heart and soul.

    Thank you for all the good work you do and for this consideration.
    Richard Davidson

    P.S. If you do not select me for the tickets… I still want to meet you and your brother and tell you things that most people in the world have never heard of…. concerning your long term health and wellness. I am planning on dieing very old…. at a very young age.

  129. jeffrey Rudell

    The LV Affiliate Summit would help me get a foot up on the cashing-in side of this business. I have spent a lot of time and money following you for a year. I believe that with some intuitive moves I could break through to the earning side of the equation. Time+start-up costs+Anthony Morrison+Affiliate Summit Las Vegas=increased earnings for a long time.

  130. Russ Bearinger Jr

    Hi Anthony
    Would like to go to the summit to learn more about affiliate marketing and meet you.
    I Have been to your Webinars, All of Them and Still working to Jump Start my Website ! Also To Learn As Much As i Can .

    Thanks A Lot !


  131. Katherine

    Good luck everyone, I wish I can , but it is impossible, hope you guys take pictures and post it to see everything GOOD LUCK!!1

  132. Robert Fuller

    Thanks again Anthony for another chance to learn more about affiliate marketing! I have attended many conferences in my career and I have always learned so much just talking with others at conferences. I would already be in Nevada during the month of January, so I’m sure I could attend the conference.

  133. Douglas

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the good intentions. However, Like the common thread in many of the 100 messages displayed, it sounds like few have any money to travel to Las Vegas even if the tickets are complimentary. Perhaps you will make a highlights video available to the masses of us who can not afford either the time or expense to attend.

    Best wishes for your continued success,


  134. Tommy Hassak

    I need a pass so I can attend the Affiliate sommit, and hopefully it could be the beginning for me to start in the business!

  135. Alejandrina

    Hello Anthony,

    It’s great that your giving away these tickets, very generous of you. It’s great that you want to help your subscribers with their business. I want to take my business to the next level and make 2012 my best year ever as an entrepreneur. Hope you and your family have a great Holiday Season.

  136. Carmene Hutchison

    Hi Anthony: I am an absolute “newbie” as well to this business….not to “home business” as I know the success in that…just need to learn what you have going on!!!!!

  137. Lica Sorin

    Hi Anthony,
    The only reason I want to go
    is that I I want to make good money with affiliates marketing.

  138. Jim Williams

    Mr. Morrison,

    Though I had started researching affiliate marketing 2 years ago, I never got involved until I bought your book. At the time I bought your book, I didn’t know that you were teaching affiliate marketing. I was surprised that it was a book on affiliate marketing, and a very detailed one at that.

    Over the past year I’ve taken baby steps to try and implement your training, and, even though I haven’t enjoyed the successes yet, believe that in time I’ll be fuu time.

    Thank you for all the help and encouragement you’ve given over the past year.


  139. Casey Jones

    Thanks for all that you share. As a Level 4 student I have learned and implemented many of your ideas and techniques with success. I have had an opportunity to develop a good working relationship with you and love to talk shop. I believe that the summit could be a very important springboard to lift our business to the next level. I am committed to moving my business to a place that can and will affect many people’s lives. I live in Phoenix and travel to Vegas monthly for auctions. I promise that I will attend everything offered under the scope of these tickets.
    Merry Christmas
    Casey Jones

  140. Jaco Esterhuizen

    Anthony unfortunately i could not compete for the ticket as i am from South Africa. But i am passionate about you and your products also i would love to me so trained in your systems and affiliate marketing. in return i would love to teach Africa and be your training agent in the whole Africa. If you just could know how much i do believe in your programs and teachings

  141. Phillip Wright

    I am pritty excited about the affiliate program, i have received four checks so far, the money is very small. but i believed in this program and i know that it works, because with the little traffic get i made these sales.
    I have the desire to make it work. i need not just product but the right hot product, and then traffic.
    I would to attend this event, i believed i will with allot of tools to make good commission.
    I love this game.

  142. Maria Negron

    Hello Anthony,
    I will love to be there to get all the knowledge possible to finally start my business:)
    I already start to do some work but i definitely need to learn soooo much more, i couldn’t afford the courses you are offering but i will do all the things i need to do to learn and keep up with my dream and give to my kids a better life!!!

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity:)
    Happy Holidays!

  143. Cin Clauser

    I live in Las Vegas so I wouldn’t have to buy plane tickets and I could show you some of the city and you could give me ideas on what I could do here as an affiliate trying to get going and succeeding in the business world. I am older and need to get my finances together so I won’t live in poverty in my old age. I need motivation and talking one on one with you and others in the affilite world would do that. Thank you for what you have already given me to change my life. Cin

  144. Diana

    I joined the Anthony Morrison training a couple of months ago, and recently became a member of the PMI training. Going to the summit would give me the tools to get my arms around the process of setting everything up including the website. I am in desparate need of making additional money. Like many others that have become of victim on the biggest crime of the century (Bank mortgage fraud, clouded titles and the bank’s lending practices that caused the bubble burst!), I am on the verge of financial ruin. I am having nightmares about losing my home!

    I saw an infomercial about Anthony Morrison’s program and bought the program. The thing that got me was that Anthony promised that he would never leave us high and dry. So far, I see that he is keeping his promise. I am excited about taking advantage of the affiliate marketing and any other tools to make money. I want to go to the summit as it is the best way for me to learn. It is a more focused onsite training, where the daily routine can’t get in the way. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the $550 so I hope to be one of the winners.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  145. Pierre Mocombe

    Dear Anthony,
    I am not working at the present time and I am not doing well financially. I welcome the opportunity to win a ticket to the Affiliate Summit which will be held this January in Las Vegas. Should I be one of the winners, it would provide me with the opportunity to meet with you and your brother in person and be able to meet with other affiliate marketers and be able to exchange ideas. I have thus far not been successful at starting the business. I have everything else ready; business name, EIN number, etc… however, I am still unable to start it because I do not see how I will get pay. I have tried to applied with an affiliate company and I am waiting for their response. I have a list of products I have put together that I would like to market. I guess, I am on the right track. I am very eager to start.

  146. Michael Ashby

    I would like to go to vegas and be involved in the conference to better improve my understanding of network marketing. I am new to this concept but I truly believe that It will help me build the life I want to live.Also, It will help me provide my daughter a better life, i will be able to give her the things she will need in life to assist her with her disability. She deserves to be as much like a normal child as she wants to be.I need to be successful for my family so I need to learn all I can. This would impact my life in a huge way to be fortunate enough to be in the energy of the conference, I am getting excited for life again just thinking about it. Thank you for sharing this oppourtunity.

  147. Pierre Mocombe

    I was forgetting, I would like to wish you, your family, and all those reading this message a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

  148. Cecilia Newman

    I am fairly new to this. I am getting some traffic but no bites. My job is steadily cutting back. I see the potential to make a living but can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I want to get as many revenue streams in place as possible before Iam on the chopping block at work. The summit would be a huge advantage!

  149. Christine

    I have been following you for awhile now and I am very impressed with your knowledge and support. I want to move ahead in the new year and implement my plan to move to affiliate markekting and develop a new career. I am able to travel and would love to have the opportunity of learning from the best in the industry.

  150. Tim Tapp

    I am a fast cash comission member who joined to work from home to assist with the care of my daughter. I am attempting to develop multiple streams of internet income to afford both financially and personally the lifestyle necessary to accomplish the above.

    I welcome the opporutnity to serve as a testimonial based on the outcomes I believe I would achieve by attending and to inspire others who may believe that success is not in their grasp.

  151. kelli goodsir

    Hi Anthony,
    I would love to be able to go to the Affiliate Summit. I feel it would be the motivator I need to continue my pursuit in trying to make a full-time living on line. I am currently unemployed and have been working hard with your fast cash program. I have spent endless hours and many programs to try to make this work for me and still have not made any headway. But, I will not give up. I am a true believer your program will be the one for me as I continue to go through it. It would be great to be part of a group going or who have gone through the same frustrations that I have had but kept forging ahead. It would be great to create friendships and partners with these people who I feel are probably loaded with info and insight into online business. Even might find that ah- ha moment -now that would be more than great!

  152. caroline shanks

    Hello Anthony

    What an awesome super human being you are!! I appreicate the giving, unselfish person you are. An exception in todays world.

    I will be a success with your help, a super affliatse marketer. I have a can do attitude. Looking forward to meeting you in las vegas, neveda!!!!

    Love you Anthony

    Caroline Shanks

  153. bonnie szalay

    Hi Anthony: I’m one of those people that’s boughten hundreds of dollars of videos trying to learn, & been on clickbank, but it hasn;t “clicked” with me yet. Yet, I need this because YOU have shown its real, by even letting us “meet” your family, & showing us you with Richard Branson, which isnt something just anyone can do! I’m 60, but look 30ish (really) because I studied nutriton & practiced what I learned. However I’ve been in 10 car accidents & now have arthritis (OK if I take pain pills) but cant work as a teacher anymore & need to work at home, so this is what I do all day-be on computer & try to learn. I dont know WHY I cant get it & make &- but if I actually was with all you gurus & especially YOU I could (cuz Im not actually retarded), Id HAVE to understand, & YES I would do it!!!. Going to LV isnt a problem from Tucson, (been there many times so wouldnt be distracted). So- dont know how youll pick, but you’d MAKE ME SO HAPPY! Bonnie

  154. Wesley Baysden

    Hi Anthony,
    2011 has left my income down by 50%. I need this chance to start another way to earn income. I love the internet and am ready to start my new career making money with the web. I will borrow the money to get to Las Vegas and am committed to making this work. My son-in-law abandoned my daughter and four grandaughters and left me to take care of them. I need this. My family depends on this working, just like yours did when you father lost everything. Hope to see you in Las Vegas.
    Wesley Baysden

  155. Jeff Powell

    Hey Anthony!

    This is perfect timing!! I was just telling my other 2 mentors I plan on coming to Las Vegas to meet with them. Why? Because I am very very serious about building and marketing my business. Guess What? They told me you were their mentor!! I now have 3 mentors I am using to start, build, and market my businesses. You may recognize them, My 3 mentors are Anthony Morrison (of course!), Thomas Kish, and Internet Amy.
    Getting a ticket will just light the fire on my rocket shooting for the stars!
    I am a Disabled Veteran. I have been out of the service for 30 years. I was just recently in an accident. I now do not have a J O B anymore. I have my own businesses on the internet which I work full time now. My drive and motivation? My 2 awesome sons. Too many motivating reasons to list on this right now. I will be there!! Please, may I get a ticket?? Stay Great Anthony!!

  156. janet clark

    Hi Anthony
    I saw your program on tv one day and signed up right away. All tho i have not been able to do any thing with it so far I didnt have a working computer and could not get on the internet for a long time Right now i am 55 yr old on the unemployment line all of my money goes to my rent with little for food when the time comes for me to receive social security i will only get 700 a mo who can live on that for the rest of there life i need so despertly to get to your summit i will find a way to make it there if i am one of your students that you send a ticket to for the january summit

  157. John D. McKay and Pearl Ahlquist

    Hello Anthony!

    Pearl and I signed up for Level 4 classes and need to schedule our mentoring class soon. We decided to take a “no fail” approach to your system. This is all or nothing! We crossed the bridge then burned it because there is no turning back! Success is our only option!

    We believed so much in what Adrian was attempting to teach us and Tyler was an amazing counselor who did not pressure us but asked us if we were ready for a change…the answer is yes! What better way to kick off our new life than with complete immersion into the world of affiliate marketing.

    Please consider us when making your final decision. We would love to jump right into affiliate marketing and why not start with the conference.

    To the future…with sunglasses on because the future looks so bright!

    John D. McKay

  158. karole sessums

    Anthony, I would love, love, love to go to this conference. A self-employed woman, I’ve been learning through you for about a year and a few months ago began seeing some extra income simply through my newfound awareness and understanding that companies I was already doing business with offered affiliate programs- something I never noticed or thought about until learning through your book & ed classes. I’m now making a little extra $$ from companies that I use for some of my existing clients just by noticing that they offer affiliate programs. Cool! Thanks to your exposing me to this new world, I set up a friend of mine’s business in Atlanta as an Affiliate Merchant and began working as an affiliate for her this fall. I will be helping her find other affiliates after the first of the year. This has been a great experience to get my feet wet plus I turned her on to using affiliates, which was a perfect solution for creating a sales force for her business. I’m planning to jump in with affiliate marketing much more seriously in Feb. after completing 2 projects I’m working on now. This conference would be PERFECT for me because I’m already going to be in Arizona for a project in early January (I sort of call Birmingham, AL /Nashville, TN / Jackson, MS my home bases), so the timing could not be more perfect for me ! I’m very excited about affiliate marketing as a huge part of my future and how it fits in with the traveling lifestyle that I’ve been doing for almost 2 years now. (I live full time in my RV and plan on doing so for a long time! Affiliate Marketing is PERFECT for my plans for the next 15 years of my life ! ) I’m VERY excited about it. Love to attend the conference to help me jump in all the way in 2012! Merry Christmas!

  159. nicholas

    hi anthony i would love to win that ticket to have a chance to learn all i need to know on marketing and much more.

  160. Ingrid Farrell

    I just need to be around those who have already suceeded. I want to feel the energy and get some inspiration and tips from those who have gone before me and suceeded. I have already laid the groundwork, and am enjoying it. I feel like I am close to something big. My goal is to be a success story in 2012.

  161. Kalau Iwaoka

    Aloha Anthony,

    My goal, to serve others, will be the focus, to the end.
    I already know that, by serving others I will be included, never excluded as long as I am in this industry as an affiliate marketer.
    Too often I forget to take care of me which takes me out the game to continue taking care of others.
    Your generous opportunities allow for me to be provided with awesome tools to work smarter rather than harder, to get to that goal.
    I am sure all us affiliate marketers, blessed by your generosity, deserve this amazing prize & I would like to congratulate the winner, now.

    Mahalo Nuiloa

  162. lana dageford

    I am DESPERATE to learn everything I can on affiliate marketing in order to succeed in this endeavor. Please consider me for a ticket. I would be eternally grateful!!

  163. Ray J. Goss

    Looking forward to your trip here to Las Vegas. I would dearly love to be selected for one of the five passes and meet you in person. Take care and have a Merry Christmas.

  164. Ray J. Goss

    I am almost sorry to admit that I have had your materials for over a year now and have done nothing with them. I am making it a New Year’s resolution to stop procrastinating and get to work after the first of the year. I would truly love to get one of the five passes to meet you in person and the other affiliates to help get me motivated and put your tools to work for the new year. I am a 61 year old retiree and have been looking for something to generate added income for my wife and I. We are just one family out of thousands here in Las Vegas that had to file bankruptcy a little over a year ago and continue to suffer, living paycheck to paycheck. Having an added income would make a world of difference to us as we grow older. Hopefully you will consider me a good candidate for one of the five passes. Looking forward to next year and getting to work making money. Thank you for your consideration.

  165. Valerie

    Aloha Anthony,
    There are so many ways this conference would enrich my life. As a full- time employed single parent and sister to a disabled woman whom I also take care of, I am highly motivated to become a successful affiliate marketer so I may dedicate more time to my family at home, for the community (I advocate for our local disabled community) and for myself! I believe the conference in Las Vegas would catapult my abilities to create a more successful marketing business, would position me at a vantage point with affiliate managers, their companies and fellow affiliate marketers to brain storm with. What a wonderful way to begin 2012.
    Please consider me for a recipient of one of the free tickets to the Affiliate Summit!

  166. Carl Pluchino

    I am encouraged by your weekly blogs..I read them every week. But my situation is very trying. I have several csf leaks (cerebral spinal fluid) and the neurologists have been unable to locate where they are at. I am no longer able to work outside of the home. I am on my back 23 hrs. out of every 24 hrs. My fiance only is able to get part time work. As a result of our situation; we are losing our home and have had to give away our 2 Jack Russel’s, who have been a part of our family for 8 yrs. I know that I can learn a lot from the summit and would greatly appreciate the passes. You and Adrian have a gift of helping people and putting yourselves out there in order to do so. It would be a great honor to meet you both. More importantly would be, being able to learn about what we can do to grow our business. I have faith that you will choose the ones you feel in your heart are deserving of this opportunity.

  167. Emerita S Shaw

    Hello Anthony, this coming year is my year of changes. I am looking to God to give me the strength to change for the better spiritually, physically, and financially. Going to the summit will help me begin this coming year with the right energy and mindset to be successful! I will gain more knowledge and wisdom from all the like minded people I will be around that I will utilize to jumpstart my affiliate marketing business. Thank you!


  168. Ella Dikeman

    Hi Anthony, I am always wanting to learn more, I will not be able to go to the summit, are you going to teach everyone what you learned when you get back? I pray that you and everyone else has a safe trip ,I have been to vegas once and that is enough for me, I am just getting my facebook up and running,and inviting my family and friends, I came up with a new concept.wish me luck with it,

  169. Kenneth Cowden

    Hi Mr. Morison
    First of all, thank you for not giving up on me. I signed up for this program about a year ago. I was very in press with you have done all you said you were going to do with it. I have to keep all the emails you and or your company said you would do. However, the sad fact is I did “t not I was in Iraq for Two years and drove heavy-duty truck driver for the arm services. We work seven days week and 12 or more hours a day we were always on the go. Then I came home to a workless country. My health is poor, and my drive is worst
    my wife is now working to make ends meet and keep a roof over our heads. This is not me. I am a Driver, and I can make things happen to help other and my family. Maybe I can be more modavided.if you honor me sending the tickets in not a charity case I just need to push and help thank you for taking the time to read this Merry Christmas, and even if I don’t win these tickets I am planning on Jan 1 to work this like I never work it be for and maybe someday we can meet in person.


  170. Zane

    I am interested in going to the Affiliate Summit, and
    a Gold ticket would be much appreciated. I am in the
    process of launching my book of original (888) little quotes,
    of inspirational worldly wisdom, I also am wanting to
    make the most of affiliate marketing so as it will give me the
    time freedom and financial freedom to enjoy my family more, and
    passions that I so much want to pursue full time.
    With Greatest Regards,
    Zane Mark Roelen

  171. Richard

    Anthony I have just purchased your build send profit course and am studing the course. my storey is simillar to yours. I am about to lose my home. In my case it is because the building industry has collapsed.I am looking for a business that can replace my income and I want this to be it. Hope to hear from you and thanks for the opportunity.

    Thank You
    Richard Garrett

  172. Andrew lee

    HI…….Been here for a while and still very unsure of the future and wondering what paths to take….Program sounds good want to learn so much more…..this would be a great opportunity for me and my wife to start off our early careers……..

  173. Debora McGlynn


    After reading many of the email requests from individuals requesting to be considered for one of the free tickets, I realize there are many people dedicated to affiliate marketing, but presently find themselves either in need of additional support and encouragement to take their business to the next level, or find themselves in a situation similar to myself, still in the newbie stage, and in need for support and guidance.

    After 23 years in public service, as a 911 Emergency Dispatcher, my position was eliminated and I had to take an ‘early’ retirement. However, I still have a son in college, another son with special needs, home mortgage and now find myself on a fixed income. So I am now facing the next chapter of my life with trepidation and in need of assistance from others.

    I decided to explore affiliate marketing as a way to continue and improve my families life, and others in need. So I committed myself to work through your 365 day workshop and utilizing the Fast Traffic Sniper. I am willing to admit the learning curve has been steep. The Mindset and process of marketing is way outside my personal experiences and comfort zone, but I have been willing to take on this challenge.

    I have spent all my career life sending help to others when they needed emergency assistance from the police, fire or medical. I often found myself ‘holding the hand’ of many callers with my voice while they waited for help to come. Now I find myself in the difficult position where I am now the one needing help. I have always helped others, I find it very hard to ask for help. But, I believe it is through acknowledging one’s limitations, although humbling, is important in order to move forward towards personal fulfillment.

    I would like to be to considered for selection to receive your offer to attend the Affiliate Marketing Conference. I believe by attending I will find the help, support and encouragement needed as I enter this new chapter of my life.


  174. scott corbridge

    hi anthony

    i have been on your program for about a month and a half now, although i amnot currently making money because i am still currently learning, i am contuing to learn more, and put it to use. i would love to be one of the ones who get a free to ticket to the seminar. i would love to learn new ways to make money on line. and would love the chance to go to a seminar,and meet people who are dong the samething that i am. so keep my in consideration.


  175. Ruth Taylor

    Hey Anthony, Merry Christmas. I have had one AWFUL year. I have not been able to get my foot off the ground yet. I need help desperately. Too many issues to put here. Now I am in need of a business that will bring in extra money to help with all of life’s issues for myself and my family. I pray that I will be one of the five winners. This will be the positive in life that I need to get myself financially grounded.. Thanks for considering me.

  176. Gregg Lancer

    Greetings from Gregg
    Anthony ~
    I am an admitted skeptic in not only your system, but just about every one I see!
    I want and NEED someone to remove my skepticism and make me a true believer with a testimony that will convince the masses that your system is the IDEAL system! Please!
    I’ve watched your videos, read your blogs, responded to your questions, and even attended an info session in So. Cal.
    I’m ready and able, IF YOU’RE WILLING!!!
    I sure hope so.
    Blessings to you.

  177. Kate Keeling


    I have been so fired up to start my new career! I have learned so much from you and tons of other research on-line, which I have dedicated every hour possible since beginning in March of 2010. I began this journey because I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( and Fibromyalgia. After another relapse in February, following a desperate attempt to return to work full time as a Physical Therapist, I finally decided I had to give up my profession and find something I could tolerate long term in order to get off of disability. I cannot afford to sit back and live on disability. I have a grown son who was finally, after 6 years of watching him suffer the social and physiological results of being any where between delusional thinking and behaviors to outright psychosis, diagnosed with schizophrenai. He also had inosognosia during that time which is a phsyiological inability to have insight to one’s own illness, so any attempts to get him to get help or accept that he needed a psychological eval and meds were useless. I had to endure his distructive behavior on his life, my life and basically all family members. He was homeless at times. It was terrifying!

    I have to have a greater income because I don’t want to go into my elderly years in poverty and I must earn a trust fund for his support and care for when I eventually cannot work or pass away. Meanwhile, I need to earn money for my own life and assisting him where he needs it. Thank God, that we had a small opening for him to finally agree to take some medication after he struggled with working with himself and trying to get clean and sober (his own initiative) last year. He had just gotten to the point at which he realized that somehow he felt better and could stay away from urges to use drugs and need to self medicate for extreme periods of (observed anxiety and, “I feel like I have to blow my brains out,” remember he had no insight as to why these things were happening). Then he was arrested for violating his probation. One positive thing occurred. Because the jail system will make people go many many months without prescribed medication, the sudden drop off his meds caused him to finally hear and be aware of the voices and illogical thoughts in his head. He was terrified at first, so he yearned to get back on meds and is, at least for the time being, dedicated to staying on them and accepting counseling and psychiatric care. I tell all of this because others may have similar problems, but also so you can know fully why I HAVE to make a good income, in fact an outstanding income as soon as possible!

    The great thing is…I LOVE this business, especially the potential for me. I had been self employed as a PT with several different types of practices since 1990. Even before that, I was drawn to the desire to help those who did not respond to conventional PT and who specifically had problems which where chronic and limited them for working. Having this interest, peaked my heart for innovation and creating programs which really pushed the envelope for medicine, PT practice and administrative forces which were not open to my ideas. I had to sell my concepts and visions, then once i got programs up, I had to sell them to all referring agents (and figuring out who in these systems could become referral sources above the norm) and insurance companies. From the first and throughout my career, I thrived on the entrepreneurial spirit I had and which was necessary to do the, “impossible.” I love the marketing and promotion aspects of my work! So this business is made for me at this time in my life. It has given me new hope and vision. It even has quelled the grief and saddness I have had over gradually losing my career and identity as a Physical Therapist. I am still driven to help others have a better life and this life time passion can live on through my new career and expected success.

    I need this opportunity, because in spite of much learning, I have not gotten off the ground. I have lacked the funds and have been boggled by all the endless possibilites. I need guideance and advice on where to start and how to block out other things so I get to focus on a few projects at first, using the tools I have invested in over the last year. I am hoping I would be able to connect to a mentor and coach, who gets my limitations (I also am a survivor of moderate Traumatic Brain Injury) or rather my challenges in order to get off the ground. I love your work and it would be a high point in my life and one of the greatest things I can think of, to meet you in person.

    Thank you for hearing and reading my story,
    Kate Keeling PT

  178. Sue


    This would be such an exciting and beneficial opportunity! I’m just getting started, and am so hopeful that I can build up my business in the next year. It’s been way too hard to find a job outside the home since the company I worked for closed last summer.

    Thank you for such a great offer!

  179. Marven Gibson

    Hi Anthony —

    At eighty-one years old, I am suffering from advanced SCM — that’s my own
    self-diagnosis and acronym — standing for Swiss Cheese Memory — and the
    holes have been getting bigger and bigger for the last forty years. The correct medical term is “short term memory loss,” and to date there is no known cure.

    Please don’t take my humor in the wrong way — without it I wouldn’t have made it to
    eighty-one. I once had a computer mind, being able to multiply three numbers by three numbers in my head, but now all I have is a computer.

    The only way I can begin to retain foundational ideas and keep them in any kind of order in my mind is by repetition and then more repetition! That’s the reason I bought your brother Adrian’s Super Affiliate Training Home Study Course, so that I could keep playing them over and over again with the hope that I’ll be able to retain enough to become a productive member of society again.

    I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing hundreds of supposedly therapeutic modalities, with none of them making any significant contribution to turning my memory deterioration around and, unfortunately, there is no money in the bank to pay the $550 ticket price for the Affiliate Convention.

    I have purchased a few “how to” ebooks and read a lot of other marketing info on the web, but all of that left me with more questions than answers. That is why I like your concepts — you take a student from the “erection to the resurrection!” I hope you’ll pardon my slightly off-color humor (actually I wish I could claim to be the author of such a great metaphor — I read it somewhere a long time ago, but can’t remember where).

    I believe I have several excellent ideas that could be turned into highly practical and
    profitable websites based on my sixty-five year work record in the business world.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this long-winded comment, and for considering
    my request for one of the five passes. My best wishes to you, Adrian and to all your
    staff for the Holiday Season, and for continued success in your worthy endeavors.



  180. Jessica Ruiz

    Hello Anthony!

    I feel bad for entering to go to the Vegas Summit because I’ve read through some of the above stories and I don’t have a sad story to tell. Obviously I will be successful and have more time to enjoy with my babies and my man. One day soon I’ll be the one who will have to take care of my mom, but that’s about all.

    All I can say is I’m an entrepreneur. My goals reach far beyond affiliate marketing. I have so many ideas I don’t know what to do with because starting takes money. They really aren’t goals though, because there is an end to a goal and I just don’t see an end to everything I want to do. My fiancee is wonderful, but I refuse to get help from him because these are things I will accomplish by myself. (and believe me- I get a lot of slack for it from friends and family, but they just don’t understand.) If I were selected- he would be paying for my plane ticket though. HA HA HA! It would be helpful if I could quit a job or two and focus just on this and my babies, but no problem, we’ll lmake it just fine while working hard.

    Anyway- I would love to attend the seminar to learn even more than you have already taught us (which is A LOT) and to get different ideas and perspectives. Success stories you hear at these conference are beyond inspirational. You have given us all the tools necessary, but as you know (because you are also still a student) learning is the key to success- and there are always more tools and more to learn. Being one of the first to learn it all puts you ahead of the game.

    Thank You! Hope to win!

    Jessica =)

  181. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony,

    Why should I go to the Affiliate Summit… well of course it is a great place to connect and get some super info. from well….everyone everywhere you turn.
    Of course you know this. Seen you at the Canadian Affiliate Summit with Rob Toth ( or Rob The Genie Toth) what two years ago??? wow time flies…

    Anywho, Anthony I want you to take me out of the drawing…
    WHY??? To give someone that has never had the (can be) life changing chance to attend the Summit.

    To Everyones continued success,

    David Caudill

  182. Michael Eaton

    Michael Eaton here, As you know I live in Las Vegas, and would love to meet you&your staff, colleagues, etc. I am in this bussiness, for LIFE! I am signed up as an Affiliate, student! I dont have much money, but am working to solve this problem, with being an affiliate! My snapshots(Screenshots) are still on $0, and im really getting tired seeing this everyday, please help me make this business work out for financial freedom for my family and I! I “BELIEVE” in you& your saff, and would love to meet yall! I can show you the sites, also! Anyways, I hope I can meet yall, in Januarary for the Affiliate Summit! P.S. How can I become an Affiliate for fastcashcommissions, also! Where is the link? Thank you, God Bless, MICHAEL P.S. I want to wish you, your family, and your staff, A very Merry Christmas&A Happy & Prosperous New Year!

  183. Jon Wilson

    I would love to go to the affiliate summit to learn everything that I can for the following reasons: 1. Help out the suffering people on this earth to have a better life. 2. Help out my family and friends. 3. Contribute money to different organizations that need help

  184. Carolyn Emmons

    My husband has been working on the internet since he loss this job on Dec 23, 2010. He has not been that successful. We went to your workshop in Sept.2011. Don, has worked on the internet for about 8hrs+ per day. He has signed for affiliates and has watched Brian’s DVD’s over and over again. We wanted to go to the affiliate summit in Jan and getting a free ticket would make this a possibilty. Thank You for giving away free tickets to your students. You have a big heart and very generous. Carolyn Emmons

  185. Serge

    Hi Anthony! I’m working on an auxiliary vessel in the Gulf of Mexico, and I”m very busy, because such a schedule. I really wanted to start a business Affiliates, but I have not enough time. I began to ask God to give me this time. And he gave me a heart attack. Now I have three months for rehabilitation, and can start my new business. Real time for real business. My goal is to earn in 2012, 75,000 in a month.And I will do everything what I can to rich this goal.That”s why this summit is very important for me.It will give me knowledge and power build my own successful business.
    Sincerely,Serge Matrossov, Palm Coast, Fl.

  186. Anita Ferguson

    Hi Anthony, I would love to be at the Affiliate Summit in LasVegas. I am in Vegas now, staying with a friend, and would love to work this into my schedule. I so want to get my business going. I am on Social Security only and it does not go very far. Please consider me for a ticket, thank you, Anita By the Way what are the dates?

  187. Joseph Bynoe

    I purchased a copy of your software and books some time ago. I read your weekly blogs and everything else but I am so overloaded with info I just don’t know where to start.
    I would like those tickets because all I need is one chance to sit with one of you guys and I know once I get off the ground the sky is the limit. I have thought of trying to attend one of your courses but unfortunately I am unemployed and my wife just lost her job so money is not available for anything right now. Frankly I need help and attending this conference will help me.

  188. Carl Schmidt

    Anthony, I’d like a Pass tothe Las Vegas Affiliate Summit to meet you and to gain the knowledge necessary to expand my ACN Business.Thanks, Carl R Schmidt

  189. Dorene

    Dear Anthony: Please consider selecting me because I have spent a lot of time learning e-commerce but haven’t put all the pieces together, yet. By attending this conference, I would network with people who have put the pieces together; I would be surrounded by people who have what I want. Thank you.

  190. Tim Parker


    I thank you for the offer of Las Vegas tickets. As far as time goes I could go and I think the time would be totally awesome but after spending money on planes and hotel rooms and meals for my son and I at PMI in SLC I would find it too difficult to do that again right now. Our time was great there and we learned alot and could definitely do that again but I need to keep the money I have in my business account to continue to do the affiliate work that I am looking to do. Thanks again for all your help and your giving. You are truly a great person to hear and get to know. I love your weekly videos and your emails. I will keep in touch with all you do and you will hear some excellent success stories from my corner! Tim

  191. Linda Guarino

    I really need this being retired this is my last chance to make it, and working for myself is the only secure way to insure my income. I want to make enough to help others that has always been my life’s goal. I feel everyone needs a hand up and someone to guide them. As what you do So please let me be one of the 5. Thanks

  192. Cara Middleton

    Anthony, once again you out did yourself. I am a widow raising three young children. I decided to go to your seminar in October 2011 and was absolutely impressed and convinced that I too, can make this a successful business, while staying at home and being able to support my children. I have since then watched all videos, webinars and participated in all teaching tools you have provided. I am still having trouble connecting A-B-C. My goal is to gather enough money to get the one on one tutoring that you offer so that I can make this a successful business with the right support.

    I live in Canada and I truly believe in your business and training. I can not image the room full of successful people who will be at the seminar and would be so extremely excited to talk to and be encouraged by them all and listen to the strategies that everyone has used to succeed. I would be like a sponge taking all the knowledge in.

    To have this opportunity so early in the new year would only set me on the right path for a very successful 2012……..never mind having some adult time away from my three children would be so incredible. This would be the best Christmas present that I could receive. I do hope that you decide to pick me as one of the fortunate students.

    I wish you and your family and Morrison students out there a very Merry Christmas and a successful 2012 year to us all.

  193. Ed Morler

    Anthony, I have begun the PMI education program.Frankly, I’m still a bit overwhelmed and looking forward to getting pass that and into the guts of it all.
    My wife and I attended Adrian’s Sacramento Affilate Marketing workshop a couple of weeks ago. He is an excellent presenter. L.B., Adrian’s best friend, was our consultant.
    I hadn’t realized up until the seminar how immense will be the impact on all of marketing – a real life-changer.
    I would like to spend a few moments with your at the summit, to discuss my hand-written suggestion L. B. promised to pass on to you. I do believe it would add a whole extra dimension to you program(s) and reputation.
    FYI, I, like your father, lost millions (my entire retirement) – mine in the Stanford ponzi scheme.
    I would appreciate a response – whatever that may be – to my suggestion.
    Please pass on my regards to L. B.
    Best to you.
    Ed Morler

  194. Alina Gordynska

    Hi Anthony,

    I am so greatful for my job I have now. However when I think where I want to be in the next five years, where I am today is not the same place I want to find myself. It is time to move on and really stretch out to reach for my dreams, I strongly believe in surrounding myself with people I want to be like. Going to Las Vagas will help me o be where I want to be in the next 5 years and talking and helping others to achieve thier dreams. Thank you.

  195. stacie kenemore

    Anthony, I just wanted to say that you are one of the biggest people out there, and I am not sure exactly how you do it, but I think that I am beginning to understand. So, I am just going to tell you that I do enjoy your presentations and webinares, and even the blogs. I, myself, have been working at this for over a year now, and even though I am sure that I should have made something by now, I still have yet to see anything come of the hard work and extra hours that I have put into all of this. I have learned a lot and yes, I would love to go to this seminar that is being held. I am not sure how you pick it, but I am sure that it will be someone who will benefit tremendously from the event. I would love to be the one to get to learn everything else that I can about being an affiliate marketer, but I think that some other people deserve to go so that they are helped in more ways than would be known even to themselves. I just wanted to say thank you for everything and I look forward to hearing more about what you are doing to help other people like myself. Thank you.

  196. Donna

    You re always so inspiring Anthony. It is so good to know that you are always there to help us out. I hope 2012 is my year!!!. Keep up the great work…

  197. Michael C. Heck

    I am looking for a life changing event. I want to be a success story. I’m ready for financial freedom!!

  198. Raoul Marchando

    I this is so awesome for you to do. I would personally like to go to learn more and to take some notes on how to do internet marketing from the best. Like you are helping me now. I have a thirst to know more on this because I know that it is a real possibility once the way has be made to do it. But do not choose me, I am to green at this and my knowledge is too poor on some of the subjects involved. But please let us know the who, What, and how of the summitt. Thank you and Merry Christmas, Anthony.

  199. jessica

    hi Anthony ,

    wow such an exciting oppertunity that you are offering us all , i am a single mother who loves to learn and just gets off on challenges , i am new to this industry but have used you as my mentor, after shifting through alot of guru crap , my determinations not to give up landing me with you , and happy to soak up everything you have to offer and teach , this summit would be a dream come true and affirm my belief that you are the teacher for me , to learn straight from the horses mouth would be the best christmas gift i could ever imagine i could recieve right now , you inspire me every day/week , i know 2012 is my year for massive change in my life and i believe with your guidence and my determination i will be unstoppable and sucessful please consider me in your choice and thank you for everything you do for your community

  200. Barbara Salazar

    This is an opportunity for an older person to learn more about this business. It seems we take a little longer to learn but do so with determination. I joined your group when Adrian was in Las Vegas over the summer and am looking forward to understanding all that is involved in doing this business and getting the training with you and meeting your parents. Also, living in Las Vegas will make it easy to attend. I am trusting God to guide my steps as I learn everyday more about this new business and all of the doors that it can open. Thank you and Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  201. Anita Ferguson

    Hi Anthony, I would love to go to the affiliate in Las Vegas. Money is very short right now. I am in Vegas right now, visiting friends, not spending any money. I would like to find out when the affiliate is, and where, and would love to go. I would really like some one on one help. Thank you, Anita

  202. Julie Gimbel

    Hi Anthony,

    I think it is a great idea for you to do that,but i am one of those who unfortunately can not go this time of the year.
    However i am definitely getting toward my goal and will follow up with all you are doing.
    I shall hope to be able to attend one day.Make my journey happen soon.


  203. Michelle Erickson

    Understanding and creating web assets rocks my world. I am On Fire about the opportunity to learn and network with others that are as excited about affiliate marketing as I am. I have learned so much already from your webinars, books and newsletters, and will launch myself strait to Vegas with a ticket. My bags are packed, I am ready to go go go! This is the natural future direction for my marketing and consulting business for all the reasons you write about. I am a sponge right now soaking up all the great info available now to take the roof off with affiliate marketing. Pick Me!!! You will get a bright, energetic, driven, funny and creative person that will capture every opportunity that will present itself in Las Vegas. In the Spirit of Success! Michelle

  204. Cheryl Becker

    What an experience that could be to attend at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas !!! I would love to attend the summit and learn as much as possible to move forward in 2012 with my new business. I have every intention of taking off in January 2012 to begin my business and to share my success with my children to help make their lifes better also…..big plans and big success coming in 2012!!! Looking forward to it.


  205. Cheryl Becker

    What great news…..Affiliate summit in Las Vegas!!! Would like to receive those tickets to attend ……going to make 2012 the beginning of my new career and success with PMI. Have been unemployed for several months and realize this is my golden opportunity to make money an become successful doing it….would include my family and friends as my business grows and have them all come aboard….how exciting this is going to be….look out 2012 here I come…..:)


  206. ZZuniga

    With this knowledge and hanging out with like-minded folks; success is right around the corner. I would love to meet you and love the info you provide. It looks like a top-notch affiliate summit and just what I need to get my Internet biz off the ground. I hope I get a free ticket from you and will extend my stay in southern NV to go. It will change my life with helping me get out of debt and in turn help my kids whom I’m saving $ for them to go to college.

  207. Myrna Lindquist

    I’ve read your book, looked at all your blogs, set up a webpage, signed up with google, and I still am confused as to how to start an ad. I tried one but google disallowed because they say I can’t reference direct to my web page, so don’t know what to do next. Would love to go to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas and learn more as am on Social security and it just doesn’t pay all my bills, so really really need to get my business off the ground. Please help me.

  208. Arlene Gonzales

    Dear Anthony,

    I would love to attend the Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. I feel I am deserving of the 2 tickets because 2011 has been a crappy year. I am hopeful that 2012 will be a whole lot better.

    The best thing that happened in my life in 2011 was that (after over 2 years of dealing with Bank of America) I FINALLY was approved for a permanent loan modification. SO . . . I will NOT lose my home!

    I usually learn like a “sponge” although I am not THAT tecchy. That’s where YOU come in. I would love to learn your methods in order to get off SSD and be fully self-sufficient. That is my goal.

    I am a single woman, no kids. OHHHHH!!!!! Excuse me. I DO have 4 indoor cats: Jake, Noel, Mittsi and Cleopatra. (very regal, eh?)

    If I win the tickets I promise I’ll never let you down!!! (or let myself down!)

    Have a fun & filled-with-love holiday season!!!!!


  209. Peggy

    Thanks, Anthony.

    I am going to pass on this one. I am new at the game and attending the Affiliate Summitt in Las Vegas may just overwhelm me. Maybe next time.

  210. robert a. barentt

    I would love to go to Vegas and meet all the other affiliates and dig into all those other brains that are like-minded. I want 2012 to be the year that my online business really takes off.

  211. Ingrid Franklin

    Dear Anthony. My name is Ingrid Franklin. I’m from Colombia South America. Sorry if I commit some mistakes, my English is getting better every day. I’ve been living here since 2008, I’m an actress here in Los Angeles C.A but I work as a model in different events struggling every day to offer to my daughter and me a better future and it haven’t being easy. Hearing you one time in October on TV while I was working-out at the gym. It changed things in my life that day. The way you talked, the energy, your intelligence made me stooped and decided to buy your book. I felt that it was a light at the end of the way and made me think that I really need to learn from you and to know more about this wonderful business. I have in my heart and my mind that we came in this world to make our dreams comes true, but always thinking about our family and how to help them and many of us. I need to be every day better in all aspects and what I love to do is given. In this moment I don’t have the money to pay your event. I would love to be there. Please consider me in your important desition. God bless you and your family. Thank you so much. Ingrid Franklin.

  212. Renae Wheeler

    This would be such a blessing. This past year has had a lot of hick ups in it.
    We had water damage in our kitchen and the inc. co. doesn’t cover all the damage. It’s causing the kitchen cabinets to fall down. We’ve been living out of boxes since last May. The wall in the kitchen looks like woody wood pecker got loose in the house. We have been put on hold with this and now they are going to get started.($10,800) just to fix this kitchen that we didn’t expect to have to be doing. Inc only covered 1308.00
    This ticket would help me so very much to be able to come.
    Thank you for thinking about people like this.

  213. henry2_henry

    Hi Anthony, just read the blog about the affiliate summit in Vegas. I am happy that you put yourself out to help struggling people like us .Thank you very much for pointing us in the right direction .In the space of a week I have bought (3) three programs/systems you have recommended.I am confident they will work .I need to experience some form of success, it does not matter how small it is .It would be just fantastic to meet the real super affiliates who really give us the full information that will put us on the road to success.I will be most humble if the opportunity lends to my attending this summit , but if not I will be looking forward to you and your team continued support.I know 2012 is my year ,all because of you and a few honest Super Affiliates.Thanks again

  214. Leonor Hernandez

    Hi Anthony!! im will like to go to las vegas, i will like to lear all i can so i can get my business going in a great way so i can help people i know. HAPPY HILIDAYS!!!GOD BLESS!!!

  215. Judy Byrd

    Dear Anthony,
    It is very hard for me to get started even though you have provided so much information–it would be a lot easier to find and meet people in my situation and be able to talk to them one on one to learn from them how they got started and what they are doing. I would love to go to Las Vegas to learn so I will be able to help others learn about the fantastic job you are doing in helping so many people help themselves. There are so many people out of work who need to learn to make money for themselves and my goal is to reach out to them just like you and help them get on your programs. I feel like a dummie and am intimated when it comes to the computer but I am bound and determined to learn one way or another no matter how long it takes without getting into overload and would love a ticket. You have developed some of the greatest programs and advice everybody needs to know in order to survive and not be left behind but I am used to classroom learning or by talking to others using baby steps. I am trying to teach other people what I have learned but it is hard when I do not understand it all myself. I would appreciate your consideration and would love to meet with you in person. Thanks, Judy

  216. Marsha D.Roth

    Hello Anthony I have spent alot of money with your programs and I do not want to give up I am constantly learning everyday about your programs and I need a push for the confidence to just plunge in. I would love the opportunity to go the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas and it would be Awsome to meet you. I want to make 2012 my year to shine! Thankyou and have a Merry Christmas!

  217. Linda Williams

    Anthony, Hi from Florida! It waould be wonderful to win a ticket, but like alot of us I have do not have extra money for a hotel or motel. My husband and i live off of nine hundred a month and that’s not much. We do not complain because we know God will never let us do without. I can’t work due to my health and my husband is on disability.
    I’m working hard to get our website up. It will be a wonderful day when I can push the button Publish. I have not had the money to get your packets and books you offered, but oneday I want them all.
    As I said before, It would be a pleasure to get the ticket, but who ever gets it I hope it teaches them alot.
    Anthony have a wonderful Christmas and a fab New Year.
    God Bless you and your family.
    Linda Williams

  218. Gary

    I’m 61 years and retired. Finding it hard to get re-employed again during this time of my life and have not made any money yet in affiliate marketing, but have been learning and following you for almost 2 years now. I need to make a break into this and start earning my first dollars from this endevor. I need this for my family, and I won’t fail them in this, although I have been critized for not getting it to work yet, spending money we don’t have. This will be our poorest Christmas on record except we will still have part of our family together. I feel very bad about this and our whole financial situation. I’m in hope that an event like this would be a spark to keep on trying until something finally works and I earn my first commissions online in 2012. Feel fee to look at my web site and critique it for me so I can improve upon it. I;m getting traffic but no sales.

  219. Michael Gentry

    This summit is what I need more than anything else. Being without anyone in my area that’s into affiliate marketing. I can meet and learn from others amd I have some ideas I could pass to them. My desire is at a peak constantly.Thank you so much for the chance.

  220. Patricia

    Hi Anthony,

    I am very motivated to make 2012 the best year ever – 2011 was somewhat challenging financially and I need the direction, the teaching and mentorship that the summit offers with leadership in this industry.
    There is so much to learn I am not sure where to start to move forward and yet I do believe being at the summit would make a world of difference to myself and two sons who live with life threatening conditions. I am a committed life long learner and this would make things clear and meeting you would be what I most need to see the real success in this industry.

    Sincerely for freedom,

  221. Jennifer Murray

    Thank you for considering me as a candidate for the Affiliate Summit tickets. I am so grateful for the opportunity affiliate marketing offers, and I know I am going to hit the ball out of the park. Just this week I successfully had my first conversion! I am dedicated and will not let bumps along the way discourage me. I am learning every day and taking advantage of all the resources at my disposal. My mentor helps keep me motivated, and I am moving along fearlessly. I even temporarily disconnected my cable in order to give my business as much attention and dedication as possible. I have taken the quote, “ambition is the path to success; action is the vehicle you arrive in” to heart. As in any business networking is extremely important, and would find great value in the opportunity to begin building relationships with others in the field. Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season!

  222. Betty Huntington

    Hello Anthony, So much to learn. I hate missing the Christmas season but I don’t quite have enough knowledge to move forward quite yet. But I do expect too sooner than later!
    The people you choose, are they going to be able to take a guest?? Would be awsome… I’ll keep watching to see If I am sooooo lucky…
    Thanks much for what you’ve done so far.. Betty

  223. Deb Galetta

    Hi Anthony,
    I would love to attend the affiliate summit as I am very commited to making this work. I do not have time in January to go but do appreciate the opportunity to have a chance to go.

    Thanks as always,
    Happy Holidays!!

  224. Tara Sarvas

    I have been motivated to create an income on the internet, for the past 5 yrs. I have tried many ways of creating a lucrative income on the web, but have failed over and over. Anthony is my godsend. I want him to be my mentor and teacher, so I can become succesful and create a sufficant income for my new family.

  225. Ronnie Motes

    merrycristmas i could really benifet from the webanar.So if you can see to letting me go it would certinly be very benaffical for the both of us thank you for being you

  226. Dean Droke

    Anthony, as I have been struggling a bit really getting off and really running I think alot of one on one or even small ghroups it mighht give Me a real bust that I need. I do read most of Your messages but still struggle with somethings You put out, I also have been working on some of Your programs but as I saddly have to admit that I am a bit behind on My computer skill but am working on building those skils that I need. If picked as one of Your choices I am sure that I will walk away with some new ideas and better ways to use My computer hoping to get out to the public better. Also to add another reason to go to Las Vegas would be to get away from Anchorage for awhile to see what sunshine looks like again and definately I could use to time to get away from the very cold weather that I have to deal with up here.

  227. Debbie McKenna

    Hi Anthony,
    I am looking forward to the tremendous amount of networking that will be available at the Affiliate Summit. Exchanging information about driving traffic to sites and the many different marketing strategies will help me move to the next level this year. So, please, please pick me. I think about my bank accounts and how much I love money and say “I want to win, win, win.”
    Thank you for considering me,

  228. Jacob Stalhiem

    What being able to go to the summit would mean to me. In order to answer that question you would have to understand what the past year has been like for me. It started with me and my family finding out that my older brother Chad has stage four cancer gastro cancer at thirty. I had to put school on hold to travel to were my brother lives and help him with whatever I can. I got your program right around the same time I found out about my brother. things have been going a lot slower than they should with all the hectic uncertainty my life has been for the last year. While my mom was up with my brother she had A severe sinus problem, and ended up in the hospital and nearly died. All these things have only instilled in me the drive to know that I need to succeed and I need to do it as fast as possible. For me and for my family. So that if anything unexpected comes up I will be able to help my family. I would love to have the opportunity to be able to converse with people who are making this work for all it can be and use that knowledge to further my own efforts in the venture. Thank you for your consideration and everything that you have done to help give me the tools to make me successful.

  229. Armand

    I am older than the average Affiliate Marketing bear, but I know a good thing when I see it and I intend to learn more and to ‘infect’ my kids and grandkids with the AM bug. It is, I believe, the wave of the future in many ways.
    I have read some of your books, attended the three day LV seminar in July, featuring Adrian, seen some of your webinar/blogs but unfortunately I could not get the tuition up to attend your Texas training program.
    I live in Las Vegas and could easily attend the Affiliate Summit convention
    if you could kindly provide me a pass, otherwise I may have to crash the party!

  230. Isabel

    Hello Anthony. I live in Las Vegas. I am a veteran single parent and unemployed. I know nothing about affiliate marketing. This opportunity would help to clarify my vision and give me that aha moment I so desperately need. Thank you for your time. Isabel

  231. janice

    Would love to go but cant afford the trip out there so please give to some one who can. Got started on wrong foot in program hope to get back on the right track.

  232. Abe Doliente

    Hello Anthony,

    Please consider me as one of your choices to attend the Affiliate Summit Seminar in Las Vegas. Here are my reasons:
    1. I would like to learn as much as I can in Affiliate Marketing and this will be a great chance for me.
    2. I will have the chance to meet you.. That will be a great honor for me to talk with you in person
    3. I will have the chance to meet with different Affiliate Managers.

    I thank you so much again.

    May God Bless you and all that you do.


  233. jack mclaughlim

    Hi Anthony,
    I’ll be attending the 2012 CES show in Vegas in January 10, 2012 and would love to have 2 tickets to the Affilliate Summit. I’m serious about making 2012 my banner year. I’m a consumer electronics retailer ( and have been retailing for over 15 years. I have attended every CES show since 1998 and would like to add the Affilliate Summitt to my planned trip.

  234. Esther Gales

    I am going to be one of your greatest success stories and a trip to Las Vegas is a step in the right direction with hands on training and knowledge. One of my goals is to become an Anthony Morrison success story.And with or without this trip will not hinder me but give me the determination to succeed.

  235. Dianne

    Hi Anthony, I attended your brother’s training seminar here in Sacramento a few weeks ago. I can see why he speaks so highly of you. I am in awe of your knowledge and greatful the spirit you have to care about others and share your wisdom. I am a single mom and a special education teacher. As you probably know, California school system is under severe budget cuts. With my salary reduction, furloughs, increased health premiums, I am making less that I did five years ago and it is going to get worse before getting better. So, this is where you come in. I am of the mindset and motivation that I have to think outside of the box. I listen to your blogs and try to absorb the volumes of information. Attending the Affiliate Summit would be a gift in so many ways; like a spiritual retreat but to learn how to affiliate market. Please consider me among your candidates. Thank you and sincerely, Dianne


    Anthony – I am very sorry that I would not be able to attend even if I won, so go ahead and give me a pass for now. I did hit the Like button on Facebook and Did a Tweet on Twitter, So thanks for even considering me for this gold prize offer of a trip to Las Vegas to attend the Affiliate Summit. I am sure it would be quite informative. However Medical Problems and other Personal :Problems prevent me from attending even if selected. Thanks Gary W. Gilbert

  237. Sharon Volkman

    Hi! I hope the winners can and will all go. That sounds great. I have learned a lot from you, Anthony, but I need and want to learn lots more. I would love to make the trip but I certainly do not have transportation money. Thank you.

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