1. John

    1.Learn about affiliate marketing
    2.Get more knowledge about online business
    3.Make at least 1000.00 monthly as soon as possible

  2. Eugenia

    News Years Resolutions for my business
    Sign up for the newsletter
    Use training to get my business up and running
    Generate $1000/mo extra income from my business by 6/30/2012

  3. David Lemaster

    1. Link these tools to my wifes bus.
    2. In crease my wifes bus sale 100 times
    3. Make sure that my wife has the choice to retire in 2012.

  4. Gary

    Buy your book
    Generate money to start businesses
    Learn more to make more money every nd look at your blogs

  5. Stephen

    1. Learn more about marketing.
    2. Make 10000 a month.
    3. Sign up for newsletter.

  6. Josephine

    1, finish training for affiliate marketing, almost done.
    2.Get my ads out and running
    3. Work daily on my site, and helping others.

  7. John Koayen

    1. I want to make my 1st income from the internet business.

    2.I want to get a proper training so I can get my business up and runing.

    3. I need more help.



  9. Jim Martini

    My resolutions:

    1) Learn and Master affiliate Marketing
    2) Create website and traffic to generate a real income
    3) Give back to help others stuck where I am

  10. steve (& lois)

    1. get coached in 1day befor 01/11/12
    2. have business up and running global by 01/12/12
    3. pay off remaining dept by 02/01/12

  11. Teresa

    Learn how to “finally” make money online.
    Focus on really working towards that goal.
    Be able to give charitably to those in need (my family included).
    Generate enough money to fully support myself by 5/24/2012

  12. wm patterson

    1-learn about affiliate marketing to the point of jumping in and doing!- followed by continual refining and tweeking to improve.
    2-take control (creative leasing) of a 8 room house to establish a senior day care center.
    3- establish an export firm to export to Central America.

  13. Barbara moore

    my new Resolutions is To make two thousand dollar amonth Learn more about internet marketing learn how to blog and copy and paste and make enough money to get me a car and be debt free

  14. Dorothy Derr

    1. Focus on learning more about Affiliate Marketing.
    2, Plan to purchase your $47 Program this month if still available.
    3. Extra $600 a month by 4/30/2012.

  15. Marcia

    Learn about affiliate marketing
    Get more knowledge about online business
    Generate extra income to pay off all my debts

  16. Keith

    Save my home that is in foreclosure and earn the monthly online to never go through this again. We will be praying for all others here. Good luck in 2012

  17. Jerry Murray

    Business Resolutions For 2012
    1. Use all my training an resources to have a minimum of $100,000 in my bank account at the end of year
    2. Be one of your top sellers so me an my wife can go anywhere on vacation
    without worrying about cost.
    3. Have all my bills paid off
    4. Be able to spend quality time with my family any time I want.

  18. Fred

    1. Get my website up and running
    2. Learn more about affiliate marketing
    3. Dedicate more time and effort to learning and understanding how to make money on the Internet and more importantly start making some money.

  19. Masuma

    Learn in detail on affiliate marketing.
    Waiting for the Mentoring Seminar
    New Year’s resolution to make at least $1000 per month.
    Thanks for all the videos ..

  20. Connie Reeser

    Business Resolutions for 2012

    1. Work everyday on my affiliate marking
    2. Learn the right way listen to my internet consultant
    3. To make at least $1500.00 a month

  21. Deb Galetta

    New Years Resolutions

    Learn about and use affiliate marketing as effectively as possible.
    learn how to use social networking to generate business
    Learn to use email lists to network
    make $500/mo by may of this year.

  22. Jan-Inge

    Here is my News Years Resolutions for my business.
    1. Learn about e-mail marketing and listbuilding.
    2. Make $10000/month, create a better lifestyle for me and my family.
    3. Work less and spend more time with my family.

  23. Chris

    1. learn about affiliate marketing and any other ways to make money online
    2. create multiple and diverse self supporting income streams
    3. give back to my community once I have economic stability for myself and my family

  24. Mimi

    By following your foot prints, will an ordinary person like me be able to make $250,000 (two hundred fifty thousand dollars) on line within a year?

  25. haney wilkerson

    my new year rel 1. learn to navaigate the internate 2understand affilate market 2 understading affilate marketing 3 make some money. the amout is not inportant. at this time. because i belive once i began i will go forward

  26. John R.

    1.) Try to understand affiliate marketing better.
    2.) Be able to get the training I need.
    3.) Generate between 15,000 to 20,000 dollars maybe more by 12/31/2012

  27. Dan Reardon

    Hi Anthony,
    I do not believe in resolutions. They are usually made on New Years Eve and the person is usually impaired to be kind.
    I set GOALS for the year and then break them down to sub-goal for each month.
    My goals for the year of 2012 are:
    1. Make 36,000.00 for the year or 3000.00/mo.
    2. Continue to educate myself (with your help) to learn as much as possible about the internet business.
    3. As my income grows to support my favorite charity (Feed the Children) with larger donations.

  28. Theodore Seavy

    Folks we are off to the best year that 2012 can be. We have a great leader and all we have to do is work our part. I ended this year with a fractured pelvic. It is healing well and thank every one for their prayers and good wishes.
    Love and Light.

  29. Bess

    1) get website published
    2) make sales to family’s like mine
    3) monthly sales to exceed my current needs

  30. Clarence Mayfield

    My New Resolution: is to become self employed earn in my new internet
    Business $2,000.00 montly and growing this will supplement my present
    income and free up time for other endevours.

  31. Lori Barker

    My New Years Resolution for my business
    1) To work at least 5 to 10 hours week and make it successful .
    2) To have more knowledge about about affiliate marketing ,
    3) To be making 1000.00 to 1500.00 a month as soon as possible.

  32. Naeen

    Hi Anthony,

    My, top 3 resolution for 2012 are

    1. Be successful as an Affiliate Marketer

    2 Create multiple streams of Passive income

    3. Get out of Rat-race

  33. Melissa Davy

    My Top Three New Year’s Resolution’s Regarding My Business!

    1) Associate with positive, like-minded people.
    2) Keep my mind, body and spirit healthy.
    3) Stay on top of all of Anthony’s (Babe Ruth’s) teaching’s
    4) Put my faith into action!

  34. Sam Sanders

    Anthony, My new years Resolution. Be aggressive in my new buisness ventures,My investing company “Real Estate”and Affiliate Marketing E-Commerce Buisness. I’m not at all happy about my progress with Affiliate Marketing,I need to really learn what i’m doing so i can expose my wife to marketing afiliate. I desparatly want us tobe a team in both ventures. So feel free to contact me with all your assistance knowledge. Thank you for your Concern. Sam Sanders.

  35. Sharon

    1. Pick one marketing stategy and learn everything about it
    2. Using that stategy get something on line that is bringing in money
    3. Duplicate that success until I have a viable income.

  36. Claudine

    1.generate $5.00-$1000.00 a month
    2. follow Anthony’s success road map to generating income that replicates
    3. I will be successful.

  37. michael

    1. Really want to learn how to do affiliate marketing or some business i can do online
    2. Get a business up and running soon
    3. Provide a better financial life for my family

  38. Clifford Hankton

    1. I would like to have a family reunion with all my children who live all through-out America, from Alaska to Florida.
    2. I would like to finally make money online!
    3. I would like to give up the 9 to 5 rat race and work for myself.
    4. I want piece of mind that my efforts will finally pay off.

  39. Tammy

    1-I want to make $1,000 per month net (after expenses) from internet activities.

    2-I want to make consistent affiliate marketing money. I want to increase it by 30% each month. Starting point is 4.05. So for Jan, I want to make at least 5.26. It seems small, but it is better than nothing.

    3- I want to become such a success at affiliate marketing in 2012 that I can inspire others and give back.

  40. Shrue Babauta

    To be successful in online business
    Need more training or knowledge to be successful as soon as possible
    Need to generate at $1000 or more monthly
    I need a coach to guide till my business is up an running

    I really need help, I both Anthony book (The Hidden Millionaire plus 2 videos tapes (Stop and 3 steps to Fast Profits)

    My Resolution for 2012 is to be successful in Home Business ASAP

  41. Sharon Nye

    1. Figure out how to put together everything I have purchased and am learning from you
    2. Learn how to create blogs and better use social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    3. Finally get these things to generate some income

    I am an infant when it comes to blogging and social media, which apparently are the avenues to generating income on the internet.

  42. Giles

    2012 Resolutions

    1. Create income from online website
    2. Increase email list each month
    3. Review product mix each month striving for increases in sales

  43. Henry

    To buy real estate,help other people after i help myself,hope my business is a success. I am already subscribed.

  44. Delmar

    1.Complete PMI internet marketing course
    2.Create a successful internet marketing business
    3.Earn $1000.00 by march1,2012 as first step toward $2500.00/ month incom.

  45. Jennifer D

    get my website up and running and making $3000 a month to live on and be able to have a great year taking a summer vacation, and be able to home educate my child and be able to live a better quality life.

  46. Ben Benson

    My new years resolutions for this year.
    1. Learn how to do more campaigns with the help of my coach.
    2. Produce at-least $75,000.00 in income from this business by years end.
    3. Spend as much time as is required to grow this business into a comfortable living for both my wife and myself in as short a time as possible.

  47. Dottie Seavy

    Our New Year’s resolutions are:
    1. Have more profitable web site.
    2. Increase our email addresses.
    3. Heal more people reaching through

  48. Nancy/Steven Surace

    Hey Anthony,

    Great question! I probably have to start off with:

    1) Continue to learn the business so that the 10-15 hours a day that I put in are quality hours instead of scattered from one technique to another.

    2) Determined to get enough traffic to my website that will actually start bringing in steady money. (How much $$$ doesn’t matter right now.)

    3) Will start a 2nd website soon in a different niche, which will hopefully take off quicker than the first. Added experience should help.

    4) Hire a virtual assistant, to give me more time to do what it takes to make more money, while they handle the work that needs to get done, but doesn’t necessarily generate income.

    I hope to reach each of these goals before the New Year is up.

    Good Luck To All In 2012!

  49. Marianne Carroll

    My resolutions are:

    1. Learn about affiliate marketing and how to automate a lot of the
    2. Work harder and smarter.
    3. Generate $1000/mo. by 5/1/12

  50. Andre

    my new year resolution is to have 4 streams of income and help generate job for people who need a job and give more to my church to help advance the kingdom og GOD

  51. Daphine Green

    New Years Resolution
    Put Almighty God First in my life.
    Train and build a successful business by May 2012.
    Pay off bills, buy a home.
    Turn around with my success and help others to be successful.
    Start a non-profit organization to help protect children that can’t protect themselves from abuse and slavery. Open up homes for our children that are living on streets and that are control by their pimps who have been forced and want out. Open up better halfway homes for inmates and homes for our Vets to get them off the streets also.

    This is what I’m hoping to do by the end of the year!!!

  52. Chad Norman

    Write it down and make it happen! That’s what I believe in! 🙂

  53. Alida Ruiz

    1) Finish reading Ad Profits from home; EVERY DAY read daily emails, blogs, and look into the $500, 365 day program I bought on 12/26 and havent’ even looked at yet
    2) Wrap my head around and get proficient at affiliate marketing; using social media in advertising; setting up good ad copy, landing pages, web sites and the unimaginable mountain of stuff
    3) Be making $1000/mo by spring 2012. Go up from there

  54. Reggie

    1. Learn as much about affiliate marketing as I can being a newbie first time out.

    2. Retain more knowledge about online business, the dos and don’t s

    3. Utilize your training to get my business up and running to
    start earning at least a $2000/mo income so I can get off this disability and pay my own way again.

  55. Linda

    1. Complete my iphone app.
    2. Learn and implement affiliate marketing.
    3. Purchase 2 additional short sale houses.

  56. Phillip

    I) Complete setting up my website.
    2) Complete Adrian’s course.
    3) Be making $1000/month by March.

  57. Marlena

    1. Get business up and going
    2. Earn $2,000 per month minimum
    3. Build internet business to gain financial security.

  58. Charles Olds

    1. I need to join affiliate marketing.
    2. Be more involved with the Latest Blog Posts.
    3. Be more willing to call the support line when I have questions.

  59. Jim

    New Years Resolutions for my business:
    1. Become more knowledgable about online business
    2.Obtain the training needed to make my business successful
    3. Generate $1000.00/month extra income as soon as possible

  60. Martin

    #1 Spend what ever time it takes to learn this system.
    #2 By month 6 be generating 4000$ per month.
    #3 Remain as excited about this for the entire year and more!

  61. Beverly Klahn

    1. Create a successful internet business.
    2. Complete PMI internet marketing course
    3.Generate $1000./ March 1,2012 toward a monthly income of $2500.per month Minimum.

  62. DELSA

    1. Learn affiliate martketing
    2. Get website set up
    3. Make at least $1000/month as soon as I can

  63. Sandro


    1.- Generate $1,000.00 to 2,500.00 profit on my e-commerce website by the end of 2012.
    2.- Develop the Skills to become a succesful Affiliate Marketer and earn additional income.
    3.- Be able to access all the programs and training available from Anthony Morrison.

  64. Ronald L. Ottman

    Get knowledge about affiliate marketing Get business started and running $500/mo. extra income from affiliate marketing by 6/15/2012

  65. Sal

    1.Learn more about affiliate marketing.
    2.Begin to generate money online ASAP.
    3.Scale my Internet business to new heights this year.

  66. Peter Holtham

    Sorry, no news year resolutions from me yet, but I cannot resist commenting on your shirt. Yes, you did not ask for my opinion, but you are getting it free!! I am all in favour of casual wear, but having spent the first 30 years of my life in England, your usual white V necked short sleeved shirt looks to an Englishman like underwear. I think you look better in a conventional shirt, but possibly many of your followers would not agree with me.


  67. John S. White Sr.

    Happy New Year Anthony!

    My 3 goals are:
    Learn the Particulars on this business
    A. How to interest Large Retailers to advertise on my web page
    B. What are the costs to get set up
    C. How to create a web page to create interest fo public to click in.
    D. How best to create a list for e-mails to potential customers

  68. Jeanne Mausure

    Utilize 365 Days that I purchased @11/16/10
    Restarted 1/16/11 wanted to do 5 a day(didn’t work)
    1/9/12 I will restart again ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!

    Finish my personal jewelry website version 1.0

    Make money on line by the end of this first month of January, 2012

  69. cheryl autry

    Learn how to get viewers to website. Website building in progress. Motivation and the realization that I can be successful in a online business.

    Anthony has a positive attitude about success and making money.

  70. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi Anthony,
    Put into action your teachings(you are the best).
    Make my first dollar on the internet
    give up my defeated feeling I can do this!!I will do this!!!
    I need some help

  71. Carol Cheshire

    I hope you had a blessed holiday.
    Either male some money or quit.
    Stop over extending my money.
    Return to some of my original habits, sell more art work.
    I do not make new years resolutions.

  72. angelica navarro

    well my new resolution is to star a bussiness i almost finish my school and i will be working on a hospital or some were i could get paid like i need to. my second is to be able to have a new car and able to have a surgery done after loosing 200 pounds and my third resolution is to been able to travel i never been able to travel reason i been taking care of my love one know that is only me and my boyfriend i will be able to do a little travel after beeing here in the same place for 30 years is good those are my resloutions but first is to get started to do a small bussiness

  73. Andrew

    2012 Affiliate Marketing Business Resolutions – top 3

    1. Commit at least one hour per day to this business.
    2. Earn my first online income within 2 months.
    3. Monthly income of £750 by mid year.

  74. ron

    1- learn more about affiliate marketing
    2 -make at least 1500.00 monthly as soon as possible
    3- learn more about about building a online

  75. Marguerite

    1.find specific niches to work with
    2.set up websites
    3.earn $10,000 / month by December 2012

  76. Mohammed

    1) Freedom 2 ) Knowledge 3) Wealth, Health and a lot of them. Thanks. I hope you can help me .

  77. Dorothy N

    1. Complete set-up and start running…
    2. Increased profits each quarter of 2012.

  78. Hans Martin Gulliksen

    Hi Anthony

    Yeah i have been trying hard the last 4 months,but i failed
    and i think i know why,
    Because i didnt listen to or followed those free webinars.
    Its great to be back guys anyway,and iam gonna go serious this time,
    at least i wanna try harder than 2011 cause that was no good year for me.
    So i will set focus on affiliate marketing combined with adword.
    I just have to learn this stuff:)

    Happy new year and i good luck to you all.

    Best Regards

    Hans M Gulliksen

  79. DCCarlsen

    1. Stay engaged
    2. Make my first dollar online
    3. Grow my business

    You’re already helping me toward achieving my goals. Thanks Anthony!

  80. Derru

    My goal for the New Year is to be more organized when it comes to my business, my second goal is to have more motivation and determination so that i could be more successful, last of all im going to commit at least two hours a day on my business. These are just some of the many goals i have for my business.

  81. Ron Huerta

    Anthony thw three things I would love to accomplish the most for 2012 is
    1. Really learn this affiliate marketing program, it has really excited me.
    2. Receive notices that are real informing me of comission mony I have waiting for me.
    3. Now I know I have used the words I and me alot here but its not about me, it would make me so happy to hand my wife a check week after week so that she would never have to work again, and also to prove that your Programs work.
    Ipray that all of us here will be able to accomplish our goals……Ron

  82. Jaco Esterhuizen

    1.Will make at least $100 per day
    2. Teach family and friends how to do the same
    3. Grow to become more successful than yesterday

  83. Charlie Weaver

    First to work on follow through above all
    To duplicate systems that produce income For my childrens future
    Never give up…I never have and never will

  84. Tristan Johnson

    Well I want to be successful for 2012 is I would try not to get angry so much and frustrated and never give up on anything hard to do.
    And I also want to become a better person who can help
    people out, and to be a good friend.

    How to start my own art businesse, cause I want to become a better
    artists. So all have to do is 2 things.
    Happy New year anthony

  85. Mary

    1. Start each and everyday praying to God.
    2. Read the bible daily.
    3. Help people earn money on the internet.

  86. David Eisenhauer

    2012 Resolutions

    1. Learn everything I can about online marketing

    2. Actually start making money online

    3. Prove everyone wrong – I am not a failure, crazy or stupid. Making money online is not just a fantasy, it is real, proven and is not just a fad that some lucky people just fall into and not for me.

  87. David Smith

    1- To learn to make lots of money online 2-To pay my Car Note off early. 3-To start a College Fund in my wife name.

  88. Janice Golly

    1. Study my notes from Adrian’s course;
    2. Learn the Facebook software;
    3. “Crack the code” on advertising to start making money.

    Thank you for any and all help you can give us!

  89. Earl A. Osborne

    In the early part of 2012 I will have the foundation of my business completely inplace. I will get in line with the Anthony Morrison’s PMI program and get it working to benefit my business. It is my intention
    to get income for marketing my products. I am determined, focused and obsessed with generating a significant income, from all of this, by the end of this year, as a beginning.

  90. Tom Cory

    We wrote our 2012 business plan 12/31/2011 and are working on the details. We have two new landing pages setup this week and are working on more. We will spend 20 hours a week on our affiliate business. Our goal is to be profitable by 3/31/2012.
    We are watching your blog and other e-mails much more promptly this year.
    Making this business a success will require time, effort and diligence.
    We have accepted this challenge and are looking forward to success with your help.

  91. Sandra Bee

    1) When I’m confused I won’t stop asking until I understand the answer.
    2) Create & Stick to my weekly schedule with double solid lines around each category and time frame,albeit being flexible for appointments and interruptions but not for distractions and laziness.
    3) Organize and stay organized.

  92. Joyce Knake

    Get active in the affiliate program
    be financially successful in internet marketing by June 1st.

    get through the fast cash program and understand it.

  93. John De Luca

    No more excuses! Get going today! Follow Anhoney’s Blogs. 1,Start Cash flow this month. 2. Get at least 3 PMI lessons done each week. 3. Pay off old debts.

  94. Ron Hendrix

    1.To start making some real money online.
    2. To pay off some of this debt I have made.
    3. To become better educated about online marketing.

  95. Deborah Waltemeyer

    1.To make my first Dollar,2.get back my investments for courses Ihave invested in,and to be able to make enough each month to pay needed expenses and accomplish all my goals before 2013.

  96. Theresa Smith

    I want to follow you and only you step by step.
    I want to apply as I follow.
    I want to to do these thing to generate income.
    God bless

  97. Lenora Salters

    Hi Anthony,
    Well here goes, my resolutions:
    1. To work as smart as I can as fast as I can to become successful and
    makes us all proud!
    2. To pay all my debt so that I will be able to re-invest as much as I can
    as fast as I can. This is very important to me.
    3. I have a few charities that are close to my heart and I would love to be
    able to do something personally for some children from a .org The
    Smile Train and to able to donate more toward St. Judes Cancer
    Research for children and to the Wounded Warrior charities.
    You will become a very important part of my life and my accomplishments.
    Thank you for all that you do for us, your students.
    Highest Regards,

  98. Dale Cooley

    1. Focus on learning how to successfully to internet marketing.
    2. Start earning money ASAP.
    3. Be totally debt free by 12/31/12.

  99. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony,

    #1 Help as many people as I can to get started making money online.

    #2 To put to use all the P.L.R. , M.R.R. and R.R. material on my hard drive.

    #3 To be able to Donate at least $500.00 every 3 – 6 months to a needy family or group organization.

    These are very attainable goals that will be achieved this year.

    To everyones continued success,

    David Caudill

  100. Rose Byerly

    It is my intention to create abundance in every area of my life, health, wealth, relationship, business.

    By the end of 2012 BuyTell Services, LLC will not only be one of the most successful companies around financially, but it will be a model for others to grow by.

    By the end of 2012 I will have assisted a minimum of 10 people become healthy and self reliant.

    Thank you Anthony for all you do.

  101. Gary

    #1Actually write down what I want from this business and keep them where I will read them daily.
    #2 Find the niches I love and build a list of customers
    #3 Make my first $100 from affiliate marketing, copy the check and frame it!

  102. Bonitaj

    1) Take the plunge and get over my fears and start with small steps.
    2) Get the Web and the squeeze page set up in Janaury.
    3)Generate $1000/mo extra income from my Affiliate business starting to take legitimate steps by February ’12.
    4) Invest 1-2 hours a day in learning the business starting in January of ’12.

  103. Ryan

    1. Have my business up and running by the end of January 2012.
    2. Get my Father involved so he can regain his financial freedom.
    3. By end of 2012 be making over $2000 a month.

  104. Linda Guarino

    I want to make enough money to buy my own home possibly build one. Get a dependable car. Then when my friends and family see my success I can share it with them to have them have the same. Being successful allows you to convince others they can be so too. I know a lot of people who could use a better income. This is my goal I am a single senior and my dream has always been to be financially self sufficient. I have designated this new year to accompolish that goal. I have wasted enough time I need to make use of time to have a better quality of life.

  105. Mary Lou White

    1. I resolve to devote 3-4 hours per day to mastering affiliate marketing.
    2. Consolidate all my businesses and ignore all the “new” ideas that come every day.
    3. Share with my family and friends so we all have financial freedom.

  106. paul duncan

    1. begin affiliate marketing
    2. make 1,000 monthly
    3. create additional income screams

  107. Selesa

    Stay committed 2 online business
    Make enough money 2 continue with online business and finish my degree
    Not 2 ever go back and work for any other company but mine….

  108. Kazuko Finney

    2012 goal
    1. Succeed in starting up the internet marketing busisness.
    2. Generate at least $1000 per week income.
    3. Help my dear friend in a serious financial bind.

  109. Marcus

    1. Make $1500 by the 14th Jan 2012, before I get locked of my house
    2. Really learn more about affiliate sites and websites
    3. Be successful at tis online business to help my orphan children

  110. Luis Figueroa

    1) Be consistent and persistent.
    2) Set up a set time to run the affiliate marketing system
    3) 2k/mo.

  111. C.J.Loveland

    My three resolutions are:
    Add one new product to my website each week
    Build five new links each week
    Start generating income by 6/1/2012

  112. Alwina

    Dont give up strive towards online marketing
    Earn extra income for my family
    Always read your emails blog and be on the live community often

  113. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony.

    I promised myself 2012 will be my money making as an affiliate, I believe your additional help will help me achieve this goal.

    I fully intend to think out side of the box, I think not doing so is holding me back from success.
    Fred & Hyunsou

  114. Ofaileysr

    (1)To develop the discipline to learn the affiliate marketing business
    (2) Call my mentors for help when I am stuck more training or knowledge to be successful as soon as possible
    (3)Plan to generate a monthly income of $1500.And get more coaching to guide me every now and then.


  115. Ofaileysr

    (1) Make more time for my study per week study, of affiliate marketing.
    (2) Call your staff for more help that I know is ready and waiting to help me.
    (3) Stay more engage in the process of studying all the material, and ask for help more often.

  116. Lee Morgan

    1. Learn more about affiliate marketing.
    2. Make $100.00 a day by 6/01/2012
    3. Use tools and training to make my business long term.

  117. Dorothy Marr

    #1, Learn all that I can and apply myself better and get origanized.
    #2. Start to at least making $50 a week then going forword and upward.
    #3 Helping others anyway that I can.

  118. Pierre Mocombe

    Thank you Anthony for keeping us motivated. My resolution this year is to have a functional Internet Business. So many people are successful with their internet business and I want to be among them. For this to happen, I need to dedicate more time researching, learning and taking advantage of the live community. I need to manage my time more efficiently. I need to take advantage of the tutors. Financially, I am not doing well but I know that if I need to advance, I must make an effort and persevere. You have shown me how to fish and now it is up to me to throw in the net where fish are in abundance. Again, thank you for your teachings.

  119. Dexter

    1. Make Affiliate Marketing my full time income source
    2. Make enough income per month to start to give back and to my Church
    3. Train my children how to make money online and have a better life and to teach others their skills.

  120. Inez

    now that christmas and the newyear is over, I plan to give more hours to the fast cash commission software.I just got my domian name but I need to stop there for now until can get more funds to pay for the year with hostzilla.

  121. Craig

    no. 1. create a website start to finish, have site indexed, have affiliate links ready to produce income, and have this site trusted by google as quality content for readers-all in one week.

    no 2. use software from anthony, fast cash commissions, adversuite, social ads pro, and PMI training to drive quality traffic and “profit” $1000 per month.

    no 3. Use same process to have 4 more sites that do same-consistently!!!!

    Lets get this done Anthony, I need your help and I can do it. Too far in and can’t turn back now!!!!!!

  122. Kerry

    !. Pick a few items to promote as an affiliate within the next couple of days.
    2. Finish my PMI training and figure out which is my actual website (ebizpro or kerrysbooks? lol!)
    3. Make money!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year Anthony! Thanks for all you do for us.

  123. William Basinger

    1). Finish my training to get my site running.
    2). Start making money.
    3). Make enough money to get myself out of debt by

  124. Lois Amacher

    OK Anthony, here are my 3 New Year’s Resolutions with regard to my Internet Business:
    1- Stay focused on one thing until it is growing
    2- Learn Affiliate Marketing thoroughly
    3- Create my own product

  125. Sherry

    1. Do everything that I’m told to do with PMI
    2. Stay focused on my business.(treat it as a business not a hobby)
    3. Have half of our debt paid off this year not counting the 1st mortgage. (that comes in the next 7 yrs.) ($2,500.00/mo. average)

  126. Leesa

    My 2012 Resolutions regarding my online business:

    1) Learn all that I can about Affiliate Marketing
    2) Take all the info learned and put it to action
    3) Be patient and trust the process

  127. Leitha Frye

    For 2012 I resolve to: 1. Do my best to keep some kind of schedule regarding my internet business. 2. get all 10 landing pages up and running. 3. use the programs I have purchased to increase my presence on the web. I think I can!!! I think I can!!! 🙂


    For 2012 I want to achieve the following:
    1. Finish my website I’ve started and make it profitable
    2. Work on Anthony Morrison’s techniques
    3. Generate $500 -$1000 extra income to begin with
    Happy New Year, everyone…..we can do it
    Kathy Brogli

  129. Norma Garcia

    Anthony, 1. Would like to buy and learn all your programs. 2. Would like to earn $300 a day. 3. When I become successful, would like to tell people how I did it. Then I would advice them to buy your programs and I would help them. NG

  130. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony,
    As soon as I can:
    1) I want to start building an email list,
    2) I want to start selling/giving awayPLR books,
    3) I want to find a niche I feel confortable with.
    Thank you,

  131. elizabeth hancock


    How to start ur affiliation program.
    I need help but financially I cant afford your coaching group.
    is there a way I could get an inital help?
    Happy New Year!

  132. James Sliney

    1. Identify the main pieces of the affiliate marketing business that I need to succeed in the business.
    2. Start activating those pieces in by January 16th, 2012.
    3. Integrate the pieces into my business, in order to start making money no later than June 30, 2012.

  133. Glenda Galindo

    1.Keep a positive mindset to be very successful.
    2.Spend the necessary time each day to learn something new or review to
    strengthen my knowledge.
    3.Set up my website and make $$$$$, the sky ‘s the limit or better yet no
    4.Be thankful each day for this business Opportunity!

  134. William7

    1. Learn to set up an affiliate marketing website with very little cash (their are a few who will give you a $1995 free website but you would still have to pay over $200 for hosting 🙁
    2. Start out making about $1000 a month within the first month.
    3. Start off paying off all my debts within one year.

  135. Pat

    Learn how to write an ebook
    Learn more about marketing
    Work on building my facebook fan page

  136. Janelle Murphy-Burkett

    My goals for 2012 are:
    1. Learn more so I can become more proficient at affiliate marketing (We never really quit learning. It’s an ongoing process.)
    2. To better utilize Social media for marketing purposes
    3. To get my blog up and running (
    4. To purchase and utilize the $47 program I just saw a webinar on 😉
    5. Automate more to save time
    6. Use all I’ve learned, am learning, and will learn to earn $1,000-$2,000 monthly (profit)
    7. Teach and encourage others to do the same.
    Persevere 4 Success!

  137. Janis Stewart

    Make 1st $$$
    Make $1000/ mo as quickly as possible
    Incorporate marketing into my real estate investing
    Begin setting up websites for others

  138. James Ritchie

    I Have a website but how do I get started as a affiliate.
    How to get traffic.
    Get to meet you or talk to you personality.
    Please contact me.

  139. Joe Leon guerrero

    1.Church 2.Business 3.Family

    CHURCH – Give more time in church and more prayers for everybody rich,poor,sick or healthy.

    BUSINESS – To be successful be honest on my business; spent more time than home,breakfast lunch dinner be happy open, share, give and you shall receive.

    FAMILY – More time with Wife, Kids, Grandkids(twins) and friends.With this said Life will be profitable and peaceful.

  140. Claudia

    I’m brand new here. Can you or someone show me step by baby step just how one can actually make money online? I don’t understand anything about affiliate marketing and all the tech. stuff involved.
    Really need to get out of debt and into cash flow from home ASAP


  141. Shirley Carter

    Lost my website from purchasing your books, Get info on how to restart
    in this business.
    Start making money
    eventually quit my job

  142. Ken

    1. Focus on learning this program and making this opportunity successful.
    2. Earn an additional $1,500 per month.
    3. Be able to better provide for my children.

  143. JBW

    Hello Community,

    1. First thing I would like to do is get some money together so I can start my own website. And have Affiliate Programs as business partners.
    2. I want to find another way for me to earn income. Ex. “I have a Facebook and Twitter account that I want to post my website on, So I might start a Myspace or someother account to earn income”
    3. Since I can only name 3 things then the Third one is to earn 30,000 a year.

  144. Nina L

    Hi Anthony,

    The three most important things I would like to accomplish in 2012 is to make back the money that I have put in this program with PMI. Help other people and stay focused on the program. I have had a few setbacks last year with the death of a family member and I have been at a stand still for quite some time. I want to make 2012 the year to go forward. I know you said to take baby steps, well this is my first step in the right direction.

  145. Gary Monahan

    Hi Anthony, my top 3 business goals for 2012 are:
    1.) expand my current financial services website;
    2.) start my first blog with multiple products advertising;
    3.) read your second book: “Automated Profits.”

  146. Tamberli Woolsey

    This year is going to be the one!!
    1.Make it the biggest organic selling web site on the internet.
    2.Become completely finacialy independant.
    3. Give back! Happiness is always the end result!!
    Happy new year everyone, I wish you all the best. God Bless.

  147. Dorlyn Burgin

    Business Resolutions for 2012:

    FOCUS on affiliate marketing
    Generate 1000.00 a month by 6/2012
    Keep a POSITIVE attitude

  148. Yolanda Febles

    My three resolutions are:

    1. Read, learn and comprehend everything to do with affiliate marketing.
    2. Take baby steps and just do it!!
    3. By July 2012 be making a minimum of 4,000.00 a month.

  149. Mike Str

    1. Buy the program,learn as much as possible.
    2. Earn enough money to quit my “day job” and
    3. Have a stable fnancial base and help family, friends out.

  150. SARY

    I had order Fast Cash Commission more than a month ago. I paid by PayPal. Your people cannot find my record. I E-Mail to your people my record. I get a response with a whole bunch of information. I don’t know how to download anything. I am not good with the computer.
    My New Year resolution is please help me to get a hard copy of my program so I can install and work on my business.

    Thank you very much.

  151. Carrie Clore

    News Years Resolutions for my business
    Sign up for the newsletter
    Use training to get my business up and running
    Generate $1000/mo extra income from my business by 6/30/2012

  152. barry

    1 learn how to do affliate marketing
    2 make at least 1000. amonth
    3 use the tools to become successful

  153. Judy Lamb

    1. Learn affilliate marketing.. it is difficult..
    2. Make $3000 or more a month with my business… by May2012
    3. Be able to help my family financially.

  154. Jill

    Still working on my website for personal and financial reasons, so:
    1. Get my site up and running
    2. Combine my passions to bring out the best in me
    3. Challenge to increase income weekly so I help others follow their dreams

  155. Angelina Graff

    1.) Stay focused on my quest for financial freedom
    2.) Stay true to myself and believe in my capabilities
    3.) Be a successful affiliate Marketer

  156. Siobhan

    1. Get website up and running by Feb (still collecting data)
    2. Join all social newtorks
    3. Continue to believe I can do this

  157. Marcia Brown

    My top three resolutions, or goals, for 2012 are:

    1. Make $1000 a month by September 2012
    2. Improve my blog by writing more posts and auto scheduling them weekly.
    3. Put 5% of my net income from my part-time job into my business
    each pay day (weekly).

  158. Freddie

    1.Educate myself on starting and running a successful business.
    2.See if Anthony can help me get started and build a business.
    3. Help everyone I can once I become “liquid” and thrive; mentally, spiritually, and economically.

  159. Myron 'Mike' Headley

    1. Learn to ask for assistance in setting the system up properly to earn the maximum amount of net profit ASAP with a goal of $10,000 per month by December 2012.

    2. Start including other online buisinesses that have not been profiitable into this system and making them turn decent profits ASAP

    3. Give my best friend”s wife a ride im my new Chev Corvette after I have gotten the businesses all incorporated under an umbrella corporation with the stock divided among my 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren before Christmas 2012 !

  160. Timothy Richardson

    1. Finish reading and understanding my marketing books.

    2. Begin my first campaign.

    3. Make more money from the marketing then what I spend on it.

  161. carolyn peterson

    Looking forward to learning something new and improve my financials
    Work at it steadily
    Expect realistic success going forward
    Thank you

  162. Robert Mitchell

    I want start making income from my internet business
    Become successful as an affiliate marketer.
    Learn how to generate traffic to start earning a real income

  163. Gideon Dashe

    My new year resolutions.
    Want to start my own business no matter how small.
    Want to learn as many business idea as i can.
    Enjoy money from internet marketing.

  164. Richard

    1. Learn all I can about affiliate marketing
    2. Stay focused on my goal
    3. Make, at least, two thousand dollars a month

  165. Bernice J Adams

    1) make money this year
    2) get the email marketing up and running
    3) learn more and succeed with my online business

  166. Augustine medina

    New Year res.
    1. Get first web sight published.
    2. To stop having to live paycheck to paycheck.
    3. To make over $100,000 this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Joy

    1. Make $10k/mo.
    2. Have niche sites making passive $ monthly.
    3. Get my apps made and in the app store making $.

  168. Mary

    1) “STOP” sidetracking when I’m learning online marketing
    2) Make my first $1000 per month then more
    3) Get out of DEBT for good….

    Hope you and your family had a Great New Years Anthony–you are such a giving person…..


  169. Russ

    1. Get engaged in the business
    2.Estabish a website
    3. Begin earning money online

  170. Federico Groenewold

    Hi Anthony:

    My three new year’s resolutions are related together:
    1) To pay back all my debts; without this there will be no business and no possibility to continue anything;
    2) To get enough money to pay back my debts;
    3) To get a source of income to raise the money I need to fulfill the last two, and to make a proper way of living.

  171. Gerry Drewes

    1. Build better web site
    2. Get more traffic to site
    3. Build large targeted e-mail list

  172. Shadrack Karanja

    My new year’s resolutions as pertains my business are:
    1 I need to make my first penny in internet marketing.
    2. I need to otain a free software that would promote my digital products even when I am lying in a hospital bed.
    3. I want to know how to conquor my accent problem.

  173. Ed

    to better understand how your system works and take advantage of your experience.

    start making money on the internet

    create an alternitive income

  174. Earl A. Osborne

    I will commit to the same 3 work action steps listed by number 37., Naeen, above.
    They include most of the others listed listed above. I am not going to
    try anything. I am going to do these three in 2012.

    1. Be successful as an Affiliate Marketer. Actual significant dollars
    (in access of $500,000.) accrued towards my 3 year asset goal of $3Million dollars.

    2 Create multiple streams of Passive income

    3. Get out of the income generating Rat-race

  175. milton allen

    1. Have my own website.
    2. Gain more knowledge about afflilate marketing.
    3. Earn some profits with the knowledge I have gained

  176. eugene lewis

    hey anthoney im really trying to work my businees with no money.i had to retire early because of an accdent on my job. i had to sign up for my disability and havent gotten it yet. but my main goal is to get my business up an running in 2012 i have to have all the free info. i can get. i cant afford to buy what i need for my business. so i would greatly appreciat all the free info. i can get thanks for your help and suport my friend. i know when i make money you do also and thats why you are so commited to helping your students suceedand thats find with me. just please send all the free info that you posibly can. thanks for all your help and hard work.

  177. Reginald Ward

    1.To earn 30k+ per month and help others to do the same.
    2..Give back to the community as much as possible.
    3.Teach others to pay it forward.

  178. JAN D. POULIN

    Figure out exactly what we are supposed to be doing.
    Understand the whole thing and start making money.
    Be able to help our son do this and make a good living at it.

  179. Don Childers

    My resolutions this year are to have a functional Internet Business. To be debt free in personal and business. To be helpful to those who need assistance in business and personal situations. To surround myself with people smarter than me, to attain a higher level in business.

  180. Barbara Hickey

    Going to charge for my Etiquette and Personal Development classes instead of teaching for free, knowing that free devalues their worth.

    Being proactive in growing my business to young professionals.

    Focusing on the future and applying all the training techniques offered by Anthony.

  181. donna long

    Hi, Anthony,
    I am working many hours a day, with my schooling and my web site, thru PMI, I want to actually start making money, $1000.00 a month to start with would be great, to offset all of the start-up expenses, with my new business.
    Some extra cash would be great. Affiliate marketing has not been for me at all. I need to learn about something else to market my web site, and help me make money.

  182. Angelito David

    (1) i want to learn more about affiliate marketing.(2)Will try to focus aggressively about making money online..(3)Find a full-time job if i’m not successful.I’m financially broke,so i can’t just keep going to try and try about online marketing.My family needs to survive, so for now i’m devoting myself to try and give a chance about this program.

  183. William Basinger

    1.) Pay my home off.
    2.) make at least 75,000.00 this year.
    3.) Be positive and stay on track and learn as much as possible to make my business sccessful.

  184. Carl Baxter

    1. Learn how to drive traffic to any web site that I choose to.

    2. Build my business to $5000.00 by end of 2012.

    3. Choose an approach to get traffic and stay with it.

  185. Anthony Nmezi

    Three things to achieve ;
    1.Website visibility /optimization to enhance sales.
    2.Broaden affiliate business guru with financial benefits.
    3.Expand my Internet business knowledge.

  186. Patricia Patrick

    #1.Matthew 6:33- As I keep God first in my thoughts,words & actions all these things shall be added to me.

    #2 – Keep a daily schedule so I can learn and apply what is being taught with the Anthony Morrison program.

    #3. Replace my current income and earn prosper abundantly.
    3 John 2

  187. Carlos

    1. Figure out how to use all the training and software I have purchased
    2. Create a successful internet business.
    3. Provide a better financial life for my family

  188. Patti in California

    2011 Goals:
    Bought “Advertising Profits from Home” around Oct 2010, started reading it.
    Signed up with Anthony Morrison in August:
    – 1st check Oct 15 for $52.00.
    – 2nd check Nov 15 for $144.00.
    Signed up with Commission Junction in Oct (Anthony’s advice tip)
    – 1st direct deposit for $100.00
    – 2nd direct deposit for $68.00
    – 3rd direct deposit already up to $270.00, and a few days left to add to that.
    Bought “Automated Profits from Home, started reading it.
    2012 Goals:
    – continue studying and set up automated emails and blogs.
    – sign up with AWeber and use their great training videos (doing it now!)
    – sign up with, get a blog going for my niches (getting it ready!)
    – sign up with HostZilla to host my incredible traffic I plan to generate!
    – continue to STUDY every day, which is how I got this far as a newbie!
    – make some serious cash studying under my mentors Anthony & Adrian.
    * I encourage everyone to NOT GIVE UP! Keep studying this business!!
    * find your niche and get busy! Happy New Year 2012! ; ]

  189. Victor Brooks

    My New Years Resolution is to take my Internet Marketing businesses to a level that allows me to leave my regular job by April 2012.

  190. Dorothy

    Resolutions for 2012:

    #1. Be productive.
    #2. Be organized and apply myself better even with remembering.
    #3. Earn some money to prove to my family that this Business is worth what I am doing and working toward to have a better life for all of us.

  191. Roger Sprowls

    Learn your systems inside and out-
    see if I can improve on them-
    teach my wife what I’ve learned so that she can participate-
    eventually generate enough income so that we both can retire from the
    coporate world….

  192. Rich Pinches

    In 2012, I look forward to making my first dollar on the internet. I will do well in school for ecommerce and build my on-line business on a daily basis so that I can leave my “9-5” behind me and experience internet income beyond my wildest dreams. This year is life changing and more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you.. Anthony!

  193. Roger Sprowls

    learn you systems inside and out-
    see if I can improve on them-
    Teach my wife what I’ve learned so that she can participate-
    eventually generate enough income so that we both can retire from the
    corporate world.

  194. Carmen

    1: I want to learn why my ads aren’t working and correct that
    2. I want to learn more about this business
    3. I want to earn $1000/ wk net income

    May it be a Happy New Year for all of us!!

  195. Bruce Shaeffer

    Learn affiliate marketing implementation.
    Continue my training.
    make money $$$$$$$$$

  196. Bruce Shaeffer

    Learn affiliate marketing implementation.
    Continue training.
    make money

  197. Richard Burton

    1. I recently created art blog, but I will study, research, and create the best and most desirable art blog on the internet.
    2. Do whatever is necessary to successfully affiliate market.
    3. I will treat this business as a big business and do whatever to make it so.

  198. Roger Sprowls

    1. learn your systems and teach my wife what I’ve learned to that she
    can participate in the program..
    2. Purchase all materials that will help promote, ecelerate my success
    3. generate enough income that will allow us to retire form the coporate world.

  199. Egbert

    Because of my health, my computer time is very restricted, but I plan
    1. Use my PMI course to get my business up and running.
    2. I have one product almost completed and will get it ready for sale.
    3. Generate cash to market my business.

  200. dr steve

    2. Start making a consistent $ 500+ per month
    3. Make so much I don’t have to care how much I have.
    4. Teach others how to make the same money I am making.

  201. ruth

    1. Conscientous learning about affiliate marketing
    2. Start implementing and engaged myself in the business
    3. Generate sustainable income for the family.

  202. PWB

    1. To believe I can be successful, and energetic.
    2. To continue to educate myself on health and wealth. That includes getting information from webinars, websites, books and community.
    3. To make a doable plan and follow it
    4. To achieve success with ease, and consistency.
    5. To earn enough to live off of it and save

    Good luck and fortune to you all!

  203. Rose

    1. Learn more about marketing
    2. Stay focused and organized
    3. Make enough money to pay off small bills first, then the big one (mortgage)

  204. Joy B.

    !. Start making money from website, affiliate sites.
    2. Spend more time trying to figure out how to do #1.
    3. Get more training to make my business work.

  205. Joseph

    my new year’s resolution is to be sucessful in this business, to generate enough income to support myself, my family and be independent within 2 years or less.

  206. John Myers

    Work harder to generate income, right now my goals are not that high. If I can genereate $100-200 per month, then I would work harder to produce even an higher monthly income. I will stop falling for the get rich quick theme, where the author is getting rich and I’m still on the bottom floor with nothig showing for my effort.

  207. Jamar101

    1- I going to put greater effort into building my online business to much greater results.
    2-I am not going to mix business with pleasure anymore while working.
    3-I will make,at the very least $2000 p/m.

  208. Michael

    One of my goals is to pay off 30,000 in credit card debt. I also want to pay off my home in the next 6 yrs,have me a retirement acct. within the next year of less. Have 200,000 in my checking acct. Pay cash for my RV so I can travel as I please. Buy me a new home out in Texas, an have all my bills paid. And there are so much more I will love to do without money worries.

  209. Monroe Boone

    I want to make $1;000.00 per week. I don’t mind starting smaller but, I want to build fast to $1;000.00 per week

  210. Mary W.

    1. My first goal of 2012 is to purchase the program that Anthony has that I would like so much to learn to make money on the internet,
    2. Learn all I can with this program so I can become successful in making money on the internet. I am very positive about this venture.Can not wait.
    3. Earn money on the internet and realize that all our dreams can come true. It may take time but we will all make it if we try. Nothing happens without hard work.

  211. Lori Barker

    1) To pay all my bills on time each month with no worry of do we have the money.
    2)To save 10% of all earning for the year 2012 .
    3) Work at least 2 to 3 hours a day Monday – Friday every week on
    my business and make it successful for 2012.

  212. Karen Thompson

    Learn more about affiliate marketing. We need to start making some money Im getting frustrated doing different things and not making money. I want to make a $1000.00 a month by march so far were not making any thing.

  213. Lovidia Hudson

    1. Learn more about affiliate marketing
    2. Generating Revenue through my website
    3. expanding to create more money making websites.

    Thank You!


  214. Laurel Lee

    Blessings of health and prosperity 2012 to All! My 3 resolutions are:

    1) Publish seven of my books on Amazon (already written but need to re-format)
    2) Publish at least seven of my audio healing albums (hypnosis, subliminal, visual guided imagery) to i-tunes or another venue
    3) Produce and publish at least 12 my online healing courses

    Thanks Anthony! This was helpful in organizing my priorities. 🙂

    <3 Laurel

  215. Maggie Barlow

    1. move our business from training to performing
    2. generate enough sales to make this our full-time income
    3. earn $5000/month by end of June

  216. MaryO

    1. Over calm my shyness & fear
    2. Be More pro-active on my Business
    3.Make money through the internet without being robbed

  217. Sonja

    1. Start the business
    2. Generate income by end of 1st quarter
    3. Learn more

  218. Mary Brown

    First, Anthony, thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into training and encouraging people like me. I wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous, and blessed 2012. My resolutions regarding my business are as follows:

    1. Start treating my business as a business, instead of a hobby.
    2 Develop the discipline to spend a fixed amount of time on my business every day, just as I would if I had a job.
    3. Stay focused on this one business until it is producing steady income, and then go on to other money-making programs I have. I’ve been trying to get too many businesses up and running at the same time, which leaves me scattered, so that I am not succeeding in getting any of them producing any income.

    Again, Anthony, thank you and God bless you.

  219. Rebekha Tirrell

    1. To try to learn at least one NEW thing each day for 365 days. Whether it be learning how to use a new feature in Word Press back ends or learning a new application, how a widget works or otherwise.
    2. Learn how to use all these new awesome programs I’ve ventured into this year that you’ve promoted recently. ie: MMMPages and Commission Autopilot softwares.
    3. To learn more about affiliate marketing and learn how to do this all better!

    P.S. Was hoping for that affiliate marketing training from A to Z to learn better with! I’m such a newbie here! My ultimate goal is to save my home and continue to pay for my medical bills before I can no longer work a regular job! To do this I need to learn how to be successful online! I’m not giving up on learning! If I become successful with this, I will give back to organizations that are helping to find a cure for these autoimmune diseases that I have. Thanks for all of information you provide Anthony!

  220. Sue

    Thanks, Anthony for keeping on all of us to reach our goals!

    Here are my 3:
    1. Learn to make money from home, since I’m not even getting interviews for jobs outside the home.
    2. Need to make at least what unemployment pays me.
    3. Build up my affiliate marketing business!

  221. Kimberly

    My business goals for 2012 are:

    1) Learn Affiliate Marketing skills to effectively make a income online.
    2) Learn marketing methods for smartphone technology by 6/30/2012.
    3) Continue my learning with Anthony Morrison level training.

  222. Beverly

    I will learn the strategies of the business by:

    1. Reading
    2. Watch the video’s
    3. And stay on top of the business when it really take’s off.

  223. everet

    resolutions for my business

    1.need to make my first dollar online

    2. keep learning everything I can

    3. make enough money online to stop living paycheck to paycheck and get a little breathing room.

  224. T. Campeau

    To make two thousand dollar amonth Learn more about internet marketing learn how to blog and copy and paste and make enough money and be debt free.

  225. David Trujillo

    My resolution is to leverage my business on the internet by driving traffic to the proper system. Connect with more people and be that team player that I should be. To not get hurt anymore and be their to support my family and others to have a better life.

    To continue to support the charities in my city. I have not seen so many hungry families on the street. Some people make a choice to be on the street and some are just left behind the casualties of broken families.

    “I am nothing without my holy father”

  226. Jimmie Jones

    My goals for 2012;
    1. Continue to learn about on internet marketing in an effort to be the best
    2. Start making money this month (Jan 2012). My goal is to make $ 1000.00 this month, and increase my income 20% each month after – any suggestion drop me a line at [email protected].
    3.Work with family members on starting a on-line business

  227. Steve Grim

    Get my website up and making money
    Learn to use the tools that help get people to buy my products.
    Want to be making at least $1000/mo. by June

  228. Barry Douglass

    1. Learn as much as possible about affiliate marketing.
    2. Having an automated business earning at least 2500.00 mo
    3. Having a business that I can teach my kids so that they can earn as well.

  229. enrique

    to learn as much as i can about marketing,
    have my business up and running in 6 months
    make my 1st online income

  230. agnes

    thanks for another time of sharing this year . I am finishing your books soon and want to learn how to (I) BUILD Emails……….SEND,,,,,,,,,,,FROFIT (2) twitte ,,google , and other affiliate marketing etc soon i will be reaching you by phone for serious work

  231. Kirkland Dean

    1. Research out & acquire a thorough understanding of everything required to truly be successful in this affiliate marketing arena.

    2.Generate $10,000.00/month by Dec’ 2012.

    3. Become a blessing by introducing others to Anthony’s program.

  232. Albert

    1- I will try to work very hard to make money by all mean to build home for my 36 homeless children in south Sudan in 2012
    2- I will never quite until I learn more about marketing and make money in internet and set up the system which will help me to do that.
    3-I will try to be good father to my own children and spend a lot of times with them teaching them music no matter what. Thank you Anthony for trying to help me…..

  233. Yiannis

    1.Learn and understand the affiliate marketing secrets.
    2.Able to make at least $1000 by mid 2012.
    3.Expand my business and make more and more month after month, until it is more than enough and be able to help others.

    A healthy and very happy New Year for you and your family

  234. Ogolo

    1. Stay focus
    2. Make my first income on the Internet
    3. Grow my Internet business

  235. tomi

    Use live community to help me make money online
    Find the right niches to make money in
    Work on this business every day to be successful

  236. Debra Elliott

    To master affiliate marketing and all that goes with it.
    To provide for my family so they can be truly comfortable.
    To provide, for my customers, the information and products they are looking for.

  237. Barbara

    My New Years Resoltion in Business
    1. To just Start my business – I just joined.
    2. Learn everything I can ablut internet marketing
    3. Start earning money. Goal for this year 75,00 to 100,00

  238. elizabeth hancock





  239. Jorge

    The things I would like to accomplish this year are.

    1. Get more free trafic to my web site

    2. Learn to find the nitch product

    3 Build a mail list

    4. Have more people purchase the products that are being promoted on my e-mails.


  240. Elvin

    1. Still trying to earn my 1st dollar thru PPV (trying since Sept)
    2. Learn more about PPV
    3. Ultimately, earn an extra $500 a month thru PPV

  241. Ted Eagy

    1. Try to assimilate the mountains of info that has come my way.
    2. Learn to make at least $1000.00 per month by June
    3. Stick with it.

  242. Ed Matlock

    I plan to increase visits to my website
    I plan to increase my income by 50k this year
    I plan to lift and educate other to be successful

  243. Callum Kennedy-Clark

    1. Start my free online magazine

    2. Get advertisement’s in there to generate profit

    3. Start by make the first dollar

    4. Get readers and have fun doing it

  244. Arvella Kunz

    My resolutions for 2012 are:
    1. Finish my training!
    2. Organize myself one day a week and use my planner daily to keep myself on track!!
    3. Figure out why I have no money coming in from my business!!!


    i want to be successful,,, have more time for my daughter,,, and have more time to do what i like to do

  246. Glenn Robertson

    hi like the blog vidio not making any with the first web site in afilliate marketing yet but hope to do so soon applying for every grant i can get,like your new web program you have going ,and been on all the calls .thank you glenn

  247. Alicia

    Hi Anthony,
    You are such an inspiration.
    My 3 New Years resolutions are:
    Complete my PMI Education course. A little behind since I broke my leg.
    Get my website up and running
    Make some money!

  248. R. Rader


  249. Robert Gardner

    1. Grow current business to $500.00 month
    2. Learn and put into action affiliate marketing.
    3. Grow affiliate marketing to $150.00 month by July 1 2012

  250. Chandra

    1. Find out what is involved to starting business.
    2. Have initial start up funds and business started by March 31, 2012
    3. Generate $300 monthly by June 30, 2012.

  251. Steven Oestreich

    1) Focus on learning more about Affiliate Marketing.
    2) Grow to become more successful than yesterday.
    3) Make at least $1000/mo.

  252. Glenda Smotherman

    1.) I want to not give up on this and to get clearity on how to focus on one program and make enough money at it that I won’t have to worry about how I will make a living and pay my own way.
    2.) to really get it and be able to help my family out of their stuggles. To get an understanding of what I am suppose to do with this so I can help my family also understand it in layman terms.
    3.) I dream for $100,000 income, but would be happy to make $30,000

  253. Justin

    My new years resolutions:
    1. Get started in Internet marketing without excuses.
    2. Try to make at least 500 to 1000 bucks by March.
    3. Help my dad start an Internet business.

  254. Hubert Destinvil

    to be successful in my internet business.learn good and understand very well this system affiliate marketing program to make money can help me get out my problems

  255. Beverley Gallimore

    Learn how to navigate the web and programs purchased to make my web site bring in significant dollars.
    Pay off my outstanding bills and remain current in expenses
    Begin the renovation of my home with funds from my web site

  256. arthur v torres

    Iam going to really try to make some money this year, my daughter its getting married this year and my brother its getting married also and i need some money for all this and other things hope me the best.

  257. David Moore

    My Resolution this year is to get my feet wet and get a campaign going in affiliate marketing. I have never done this so this would be a big first step for me. The techniques that i have read about from Anthorny and Carol were pretty interesting. My resolution is to get it all together and start creating an income online.

  258. KAT

    Get my business up and running.
    Stop buying courses and start using one and complete it all the way.
    Make this year 2012 the year my business makes money and learn the best way to running it.
    To learn from you to make my business work….

    Thanks Anthony and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  259. James Crowley

    #1- Get started with one on one coaching fast track success team hopfully.
    #2- Learn how to be successful in affiliate marketing!
    #3- Start making money in my business.

  260. Eric

    1. Buy and read your new book.
    2. Apply new affiliate marketing strategies.
    3. Incorporate affiliate marketing with my other business.

  261. James Crowley

    #1- Get started with fast track success team hopfully.
    #2- Learn to be the best affiliate marketer i can be!
    #3- Start making money from my business.

  262. Bobby

    1. Start making money as soon as possible.(been dragging my feet)
    2. Get things paid and start saving.(get our own home!)
    3. Pay for my daughter’s wedding in November.(2012)

    I’m in a bad way right now I’m close to loosing all my things in storage
    because I can’t pay the bill. I don’t know why I’m stuck I guess what I need to do is ask questions to help answer these crazy things that are holding me back. I think once I get over my fear and get started and make some money I’ll be on fire! It doesn’t have to be a lot. If I could start making $1000 per month that would be great. I already have down sized my life to a mere existence.

    Thanks Anthony for all the motivation and information. Here’s to a New Year for a new WAY OF LIFE Starting right now.

    Thanks again Anthony,

    P.S. Happy New Year!!

  263. Tina Scott

    My New Years Resolution for my business

    1) To work at least 5 to 10 hours week .
    2) To have more knowledge about about affiliate marketing ,
    3) To be making 1000.00 to 1500.00 a month

  264. Mervat

    Although I missed a lot by being away supporting my mother’s sickness in Austrailia,

    First, I’ll try to forget what I missed in 3011 and try to educate myself as hard as I can, because it is something I believe;

    Second, I hope to prove to my family the wrong idea they have on this business;

    I hope I can have the money that I can spend on as I have no job yet to help me for any spending and never give up until I make a success with the little knowledge I have, and the missing information I lost.

    Anthony, I believe and have faith on you, and all what you have been trying for all of us. Thanks a lot you and for all of us a successful year.

  265. Deborah

    #1 Having my blog with reach more people dealing with special needs
    #2 Start making money through my blog on a regular basis
    #3 Learning what I can do to be a better blogger

  266. Lusy

    1. Learn and master making money online
    2. Generate profit from that
    3. Having steady income from my online business

  267. Alice Woodham

    Hi Anthony, My resolution for 2012 1.For you to get a easier automated system, get through instant ranker,and helping my sister with five kides, after her daughter died in a car accident.

  268. Markell Gordon

    1. My first goal is to put 4 to 8 hours into my buiness every day..
    2. Go through all the trainning ,videos and software very slowly
    3. Make my first dollars online …

  269. Nathaniel Keitt

    1. Create a website /s professionally that gains traffic with the help of PMI coaching.
    2. Learn and implement affiliate marketing using all techniques especially building
    Campaigns, Direct CPV’s, Landing Pages, Social Networking, List Building, Email Marketing and working the Fast Cash Commission program.
    3. Retire and become self employed with an internet business of my own that will allow me to spend more time in the ministry and yet, help support me and my family financially.

  270. Helen Marie

    New Year Business Resolutions

    1.Make my first dollar from online markenting.
    2.Check out all the information about intenet marketing that I thought I had lost, but I found in a file that I did not know existed until this past weekend.
    3.Use everything I’ve learned so far to get up and running with internet marketing.


    I want to
    1.Learn about affiliate marketing
    2.Get my business on the ground
    3.Make at least 1000.00 monthly as soon as possible

  272. Basilio

    1. Get started making money with your techniques.
    2. Expand my existing business.
    3. Find free time to help people in need.

  273. Lamar

    pay-off a few things this year
    give my mother $1,000 .00 for nothing special
    take a vacation to hawaii

  274. Denise Johnson

    1) Use what I enjoy (being a musician) as a platform to do do affiliate marketing better this year.

    2. Make a certain dollar amount each month to prepare for studio to teach music to children.

    3. Travel more and get back to Fitness and inspire others to do the same.

  275. Bev Pratt

    1.Buisness will be up and running soon.
    2.Make some decent money each month.
    3.Have more than 1 website

  276. Ada A.

    1. Learn how to get affiliate marketing up and working correctly making top profits.
    2.Make $2000 a week minimum.
    3. Help children thru school.

    I am speaking and believing and it shall be.

  277. zerai tesfai


  278. Francisco Bermudez

    Hi, Anthony I hoped that you had a Great Happy New Years Too. My resolutions for the year.!Get more knowledge about online business
    Generate extra income to pay off all my debts. And work harder than ever to reach my goals.God Bless Everybody.

  279. Eleanor Davis

    1. I want to complete my checklist I learned from: Carol Amato
    Affiliate Marketing Star/Moderator on “What to do first.” I think that is
    good for everyone.

    2. I want to have everything in place to actually be bringing in a substantial
    amount of money,to build this business and to pay off my student loans.

    3. I want to have a clearer picture of when I can quite my job and work for
    myself by December 31st. 2012, hopefully within the next 3 years.
    Thank you Anthony for this particular program, It was an affordable
    opportunity that seems to realy be helping me see myself learn and
    move forward, with better understanding.
    God bless you and your family, this year like only he can! I hope to be
    one of your greatest success stories.,

  280. James

    1. Want to learn affiliate marketing step by step.
    2. Want to learn how to do affiliate marketing through social media, and how to get people to click and buy your product.
    3. How to know what products are hot and will do well promoting and not be over saturated by everyone else.

  281. Jamielee Hutton

    My resolutions are simple 1 to build my list , 2 to make my business at least pay my monthly internet fee and finally start dumping programs that don’t work and waste my time . I’m under the gun this year and about to lose my home so it’s time to put up or shut up .

  282. Michael Henson

    1 Take advantage of any coaching and tools I can afford to jump start this business. 2 Devote as much time as possible to be successfull at affiliate marketing with Anthony Morrison. 3 Think positive about affiliate marketing being the future source of incme I need it to be by the grace of GOD.

  283. Abaz Abaz

    Hi Anthonny! My most 3 serious resolutions that i want to learn from 2012 is:
    1. Learn more about mobile marketing!
    2. Learn more about affiliate marketing!
    3. Learn more about having a lot of subscribers to my list or autoresponder!

  284. Daniel Patterson

    1. Learn your method how to generate income using the enternet.
    2, Do this business in time off from my sign business.
    3. Provide extra income for my wife’s security and for God’s service to the financial needs of others.

  285. Benny Doko

    2012 resolution:
    1. ask assistance to know what is affiliate marketing and how it works.
    2. learn in depth the affiliate marketing.
    3. earn to quit my job.

  286. Ron Hardisty

    1. Need to know how to write a ad on Affiliate and Facebook.
    2. Learn how to market on Click Bank.
    3. not sure what to market on the above.

  287. Kathleen Magill

    Mt New Years Resolution is

    1) Learn more about Affiliate Marketing so my business it take off

    2) Start earning at least $1000.00 a month

    3) Make business cards with my business name and .com and start passing them out.

  288. MARIO


  289. Rick Bedoar

    1.) Make a minimum of $5,000.00 in commissions monthly.
    2.) Spend atleast 4 hours per day building my business using my V.A. and exploring the social networks for opportunities.
    3.) Utilize the tools that i have and am learning to become a successful affiliate marketer.
    I spend an hour each morning reading the Bible and praying before I start the day and that helps get me in the right mindset to start my day.

  290. Melodyn2

    Here is my News Years Resolutions for my business.
    1. Learn about e-mail marketing and list building.
    2. Make $10000/month or more, create a better lifestyle for me and my family.
    3. Work less and spend more time with my family.


    1. Continuing to learn the business by reading, listening and applying.

    2. Establishing a $1200+ a month income by July, 2012.

    3. Maintain as residual income permanently.

  292. Teresa Stinson

    1. Learn how to use affiliate website
    2. Set up clickbank
    3. Learn basics to enable working only from home

  293. Yetta

    1. Learn more about affiliate marketing. (I feel very overwhelmed and skeptical right now.)

    2. Generate $1000 or more/ month for my family, so my husband no longer carries the full burden of provision.

    3. Be financially secure enough to tithe generously, pay bills and help my loved ones with their financial burdens.

  294. LeeAnn Sharpe

    Followup on the mobile marketing program I bought at your Phoenix Training in October 2011.
    Complete my PMI Training Program
    Set aside 4 hours a day to work my Internet Marketing
    Make the next $1000 as I did in my 1st month Nov 2011
    Hold weekly Kangen water meetings for
    Share my Kangen health success story & build my team
    Expand my Facebook sites

  295. PK

    1. Educate my self about AF Business
    2. Learn tactics to run business effectively
    3. Create healthy foundation for the business.
    4. last but not least..M&M

  296. Dana Larew

    watch video and read new book came in mail, today
    read 166 e:mails/videos in yahoo account “inbox”
    make 1000 first month

  297. Jim Mascarinas

    1) Be able to invest in something that will make reasonable money
    2) Be able to trust people around me
    3) Get a Girlfriend haha jkjkjk, Invest time and effort in something that works

  298. Edmund Clay

    1. To learn all the easy and successful ways on how to do business on line
    2. To generate at least $2k-$3k on my first three months
    3. To be able to pay off all my debts and save money for my retirement

    Thank you, Anthony. I’ll be needing a lot of help from you as soon as I start the basics on this online business.

  299. Shelimetra

    New Year’s resolution

    1. Recahrge my enthusiasm for the business
    2. Create two new avenues for advertising
    3. Stay focus

  300. David Smalls

    My new years resolution is to:

    Continuously put GOD First and gain the faith of a mustard seed.

    Become completely free from financial worry.

    Get my girlfriends home off of the forclosure list.

    Show my son a life that doesn’t include worry or working for someone just to survive.

    Build a better catering business generating an income of at least $100,000.00 this year alone, if not more.

    Finish my bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering and start to work in the field that I love.

  301. Scott Duddles

    # 1 Learning all I can from you & becoming successful in & with your program(s) taking it to a whole “New” level. # 2 Being more then just a success story, but becoming a legacy. # 3 Once I am generating large figures, I will lead millions of people to the path of Mr. Anthony Morrison.

  302. Ron

    I would like to attend a boot camp with you or Adrian that everyone actually makes money during the boot camp. I hope it would be affordable <$2k

  303. Matthew

    My resolutions for 2012:

    1) Learn how to be an effective Affiliate Marketer.

    2) Pass on what I’ve learned to others.

    3) Generate enough income to take care of my family.

  304. Sheila Aldrich

    My 3 goals are
    1)apply everything I have learned through Anthony Morrison about
    affiilate tmarketing o become a really valuable affilate.
    2)To get to a point that I am stably successful as a marketer on line
    that I can retire from my day job so as to put more time into the
    business and be even more successful.
    3) To be able to help my family achieve their own their goals as a result of my own improved financial situation.
    Thank you Anthony. I really appreciate your attention to detail, the
    care and the fact you stay so much on the cutting edge of this

  305. Debra Rebetje

    Currently we are homeless and living in a van but when we have a place to set up a computer, (other than at the library), I plan to put into action all the things I’ve been reading about in your blogs etc… and start testing what I’ve learned along the way.

    I am very greatfull for your concern and your extraordinary ability to teach (communicate) at such a young age (your making me jealous !).

    Happy New Year to you and your family ! ………DR

  306. TREP spirit

    1. Launch website.
    2. Trial runs in at least two universities
    3. Have at least 500 members and 500 “likes” by the end of the year.



  308. tim sanders

    1.put my web page together with a bunch of photo products
    2 contact local business about buying just a page on my site
    3 collect e mail addresses from anyone connecting to site
    4 contact affiliates who have same amount of active addresses
    5 use e mail addresses to sell my products
    6 advertise regular on facebook & google
    7 count the increase in money weekly


    This year for 2012 my goals are

    1. To put into practice the things I’ve read about and to use the knowledge I have learn to become successful.

    2. To spend more time learning about and asking questions so that I can become a successful Affiliate.

    3. I am starting from scratch to be sure that I know that I know that I can become a blessing to others as you have done and others like you. Finally, last but not least I will pray for God’s blessing in this endeavor. Happy New Year fellow Affiliates!!!
    And Anthony who has a heart of gold.!!

  310. terri b

    to get my credit score up by 100 points
    to listen and learn from all the info you share
    to make $1000.00 a month from this business in the next 6 months

  311. william mcilrevey

    1-trying to get a website making money
    2-make my first 1$ on line
    3-to be more successful then ever before

  312. Eddie

    Hi Anthony, (1) I have a web site and want to get it off the ground.for a good retirement. (2) learn as much as I can about internet marketing for a prosperous year. (3) I have been running frantically missing a lot of good points, slow down and start making some money. Big question for you , can a person make enough money to start a retirement soon? Thanks for listening hope to hear from you soon. Eddie Dean

  313. Peter Coe

    2012 Resolutions:
    1) Continue to understand and develop my niche market to run a successful marketing campaign.
    2) Expand my social network to begin to build my list of interested followers and groups that share same interest.
    2) Looking forward to making my first $1,000.00 in sales from my marketing as an affiliate marketer.

  314. Derita

    1. Keep motivated. Motivation, Motivation, and more motivation.
    2. Make as much money online as possible.
    3. Ask as many questions as possible to make huge amounts of money on line.

  315. Dale

    Get engaged in affiliate marketing.
    To do this business and make money at it.
    Give back to others as I have along the way.

  316. patsy

    stay on track with the P.M.I. training i signed up for.
    work on and set up my website.
    earn money to pay for the pmi program and money to get out of debt
    so i can work less and travil more.

  317. Ivy Rice

    Begin my training next week.
    Get my business up and running.
    Make $48,000.00 from this business in 2012.
    Learn to properly invest the money that I make to be able to give to those who truly need help and teach the teachable to help themselves.
    Happy New Year!!!

  318. Cathy Greene

    My Resolutions:
    1) Learn how to set up my busines website & how to find it.
    2) Learn more about affliate marketing.
    3) Read more about being a success with an online business.

    Happy New Year Anthony & all who share the same dreams about making it!!

  319. Dean

    duplication is key. duplication, duplication (find someone to duplicate), and you will find your niche. anthiny, u have given me many thing to duplicate. i have 1 request. make your videos available for old skul smart phones. you’ve already made me lot’s of money last year, and i have only been in this game for 2 months. youtube videos only please?

  320. Joseph Mandell

    1. Spend at least 4 hours a week working on the programs I purchased from you.

  321. Stephen Morgan

    1. Earn enough money to get the website up and going again.
    2. Become more familiar with multiple affiliate websites.
    3. Set-up and run another website.

  322. Michael Callanan

    My resolutions are:
    1. Finish my trainging video’s.
    2. Get website up and running.
    3. Make my first dollar to show my wife this really works.
    4. Be makeing $1000 a month by june 11, 2012.
    5. Start using all these tools i purchased in 2011.
    Never give up on myself always stay positive keep moving forward toward my dream.

  323. robert a. barentt

    I will spend no more money on new and exciting offers!
    I will pay more attention to Anthony’s advice.
    I will spend more time reading the real truth about internet marketing.

  324. Danny Austin

    1. want to get web site up and running already paid for lost contact with tutor 2.start making money to pay back this already in for really stressing me now 3. be a sucess story for change and farter internet service takes 40 minutes to down load 5 minute video


    For 2012 I’m going to really knuckle down and make this investment work.

    Make this investment pay for itself and payoff some bills.

  326. Linda Garcia

    Happy New Year Anthony
    My New Year resolution
    1. Don’t want to get stuck without money. Am Broke
    2. Learn more of affiliate marketing.
    3. As a Hispanic female i want to be successful and knowledgeable about online business..
    4. Make at least 1,000 a month A.S.A.P.

  327. Dale Haynes

    Top 3 resolutions, but nothing will happen till I make it happen

    1) Learn more about and DO affiliate marketing
    2) Take the knowledge learned and apply it
    3) Net 1000.00 / month net profit by June 2012

  328. Lilly

    Hi, Anthony
    1- I will start working in my business
    2- I will make my business work
    3- I will work hard to make the money I always dreamed
    4- My business will provide everything for my family this year.
    5- I will be a successful woman

  329. connie

    Goals 1 – Gat my website up and running with help from PMI – website nams is elegant duvet cover

    2 – learn more about affiliate marketing and finish getting set up with

    3 – Learn how to put an e-mail list together and implement e-mail marketing.

  330. Jennie Schultz

    I would like to be more suessful in premoting my artist friend’s artwork.

  331. Diana Barnes

    1.Start to advertise for our web suites.
    2.Lean more about Face book & Twitter.
    3.Keep use the tools you have provided for us to use in our business.

  332. Hector Villalobos

    New Year’s Resolution
    1. Start making $1,000 pee month ASAP.
    2. Start working with a mentor to train me ASAP.
    3. Tap into the 365 day training videos ASAP.

  333. Joe Pearce

    1. I’d to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to drive traffic
    2. Get a web site up and running so to make money on the internet
    3 Be successful with an online business as I am not able to continue working outside of the home due to a stroke. Be as successsful as I can..

  334. Bruce

    1. learn more about internet marketing
    2. make money from my website
    3. learn more about building a better site

  335. Sharon Volkman

    Hello Bye Dec., 2012 I will have a good income from affiliate markeing. I will sign in for all of your prizes and free courses, which I will study and learn from. I will learn more about the facebook and e-mail marketing.

  336. Jim Justice GIN level II

    1 -Make my first dollar on the internet
    2- figure out how to put videos on my webpage, having trouble doing this
    3- have at least 5 different campaigns up and running in next 60 days

  337. Rose

    Learn more about making money online
    Pay off bills/mtge
    stay focused and follow through with my business

  338. David Gray

    1. become a affiliate marketing expert’
    2. make at least 25,000 per onth before the end of the year
    3. overcome to last drawbacks to my success

  339. queen

    Hi Anthony Happy New Year to you and family

    The things I will like to do this year is
    *Complete set-up and start running my business online making my first dollar online.
    *Set up automation process.
    *Learn some more about affiliate marketing getting the info out to the customer.
    I am some what stuck was unable to do anything for a while cause my internet was off but now it back i am trying. thanks for everything you have done over the years it mean a lot

  340. Erin Norris

    My resolutions are

    1. Learn the business inside and out
    2. Make $3,000 within the first three months
    3. Keep growing and make more money

  341. Robert

    1. Explore, identify, and create a new campaign every week;
    2. Build up to and maintain 30 campaigns running simultaneously;0
    3. Earn $20,000 by September 30, 2012.

    From where I sit now, in a confused state, I believe these goals are extremely ambitious, although possible. I will give it my best.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  342. CARLOS M

    Hi Anthony again the 3 things i will lake to acomplish this year are:
    1) Organized better my life and all aspects.
    2) Be in the top of my way to have all the knowledge i need to be succesful in my new chalenge.
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