1. pamela challender

    hey anthony, i came up to you and introduced myself to you and your girlfriend. it was a great time. i’m glad to have met you live and in person. i know that if i’m going to succeed i need to hang out with people who are of like mind and who are already successful in their endeavors. sorry you were under the weather. hope to see you again at another affiliate gathering. p.c.

  2. Al Knappenberger

    Learn all that you have to offer
    Advertise wife’s business
    Earn enough money to subsidize wife’s business
    Enjoy retirement the way it was meant to be.

    Thank you Anthony for taking your time to teach all of us who want to learn, how to do this and duplicate what you have done. Even though they may be baby steps to begin with!

  3. Gretchen Love

    That was very exciting. I will be sure to be at the next event. I know you can learn a lot from the people who attend those events. I am so sorry I had to miss this one. I know I’ll be there once I start selling.

  4. Mosica Restea

    I am happy you got well. The you took it covers a lot and made me feel what I miss. My resources towards my learning process are low but with perseverance and time I feel closer on achieving my goal everyday.
    Thanks for everything Anthony

  5. Clarence

    WOW !!!! Anthony looks like that was a lot of great companies over there. You say that they are coming to Austin Texas? Well then I will be there for sure, because it is on a 45 min drive from San Antonio to there, hope to see you there.



  7. Editha Knuth

    Hi Anthony,
    How are you today? It was so nice of you sharing the video to me from affilliate summit you have been from lasvegas you are warm hearted man. my heart is touch by your kindness even though you are not feeling well you still think all your people needs. Thank you for sharing that day to me even by seeing only your video I feel I was there too very nice place.
    Anthony sorry that I would like to advise you please allow me okey.
    I hope you are feeling better now.
    I really care for your health please follow this suggestion, When you are sick again if only common cold or stress related, Try this soak your self in a hot tub until you sweet do it three times a day after that drink limonade
    fresh put some cayenne pepper and honey in a glass of water then rest.
    I,m sure this method well help your circulation moving and eliminate the toxic in the body. I hope you consider my advise or you already know what to do. I wish we can talk in the phone about this online business.
    I would like to ask you about this area. anyway I enjoy following you and listen your words.
    Take care until next time,
    Editha knuth

  8. Clifford Curnow

    Great summit! Would like for you to to help us from scratch to figure out how to start this without spending alot of money on advertising. Would like to know all the free stuff for now, as I’m on a very slim buget every month.

  9. sandra

    Looking at your mini video, things seems pretty interesting. I certainly like to attend one of these function and learn as much as possible.

  10. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for taking the time to show the Affiliate Marketing Summit video. Any updated info you receive from time to time will be appreciated.

  11. Hook

    I really wanted to attend the Summit but could not this year due to obligations. I will try and get to the Austin Summit. Looks exciting and informative. I am just getting off the ground and I am already doing well. I look forward to the continued education and success. I have just went full time affliliate thanks to you and your team. Keep up the good work and those blogs coming. Hook

  12. Lisa

    Hi Anthony,
    Finally saw a couple of your blogs today after getting emails from you most every day, but not having enough time to actually see them.
    I took the time today, and am very interested in seeing if I can do this type of work.
    I’m a little confused if this is about selling lists, for online business, or if you take your own skills, and degrees and make them into a business online.
    I will continue now to start to open your emails each day, and I guess I need to cancel my 3 email addressess and start new with a new one, as I usually get over 500 emails a day. (All of which I have found to be extrememly interesting and yet I can’t get anything done for myself.)

    I have a degree in graphic design and also have experience as a piano teacher for over 5 years and also have a love of interior decorating and also am considering buying real estate as a means somehow of combining all the above interests into a business. But, of course this all takes a lot of time.
    And I’m blogging to much right now.
    So any info you can give me about what the online business could do for my skills above, I would be interested in hearing about more.
    Thank you.

  13. Kerry

    Looks like it was a great place to be for an affilitate. There would have been excellant resources to learn from and work with. Thanks for showing us. Maybe next time I can get there.

  14. Paul McFarland

    I am watching and enjoying all your video clips at the moment. I would love to attend one of the events that you have just videoed. Still unable to get my head around how it all works, affiliate marketing, but I will continue to view all your videos as I find you to be very motivating and inspiring. Even if I am unable to make any money in this buisness I will still incorporate your philosophy’s and work ethics into my every day personal life.
    Keep up the good work and look forward to viewing future vid’s.

  15. Alicia

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for the tour. Hoping to make it to an Affiliate Summit one day….sooner than later! I’m excited to get things going this year and make it a great 2012!

  16. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi Anthony,
    Hope you are feeling better,the video was very exciting,I wish that I can get started and be a part of this amazing program. I have questions about build,send,profit Please email me. Thanks Jessie

  17. carey

    I. Want. To. Get. Started. As. A. Allifilate. I. Need. Help. With. Website. Can. You. Help. Me. Get. Started?

  18. Doris A Peter

    Hi Anthony,

    Your video was great!!! I don’t know how you can help me, but i am really disappointed because i can’t buy anything from any of your product, this is due to…I don’t have a credit card and pay pal is not working here.

    I am really interested to learn how to make money on line, if you have any idea how you can help me, please send me an email or write in my Fb in
    box. I really appreciate it.

    Lastly, thank you very much for everything!!!

    Best regards – Doris

  19. James Sliney

    Anthony, thank you for sharing your words and this video from Inside the Affiliate Summit. I am better motivated to get back into the work needed to get my affiliate business up and off the ground.

  20. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony,
    That vedeo made me feel like I was there walking through all those boths. One of these days when I start making money in this business I will be there in person, Live! That is one of my goals. Thank you Anthony.
    Luis A. Deleza

  21. Sandra Stiles

    Anthony: enjoyed the affiliate summit video, sorry but I wasn’t able to go. I am getting back to trying to study all my training programs again after the holidays. I am going over all the training on my Fast Cash Commissions program , and then I will work on my Fast Traffic Magnet and my Fast Traffic Multiplier. I haven’t given up yet and it seem to be easier to understand now then when I watched the training videos before the holidays. But I may be asking you a lot of question. Thanks, Sandra

  22. mike haley

    Hi Anthony, I am farelly new at this and I have not yet published my website becasue I am still learning but hope to do so soon. I like learning about the basics. I know everybody else is probably all ready published and doing well but I work best if i can visually see someone go first and show me how to do something then I have to do what I just saw so that it will stick with me otherwise i will not retain the information. With that in mind I like anything that you teach that I can visually watch you and listen to you as you explaine what you are doing. Like how to find good niches and how to actually take that nich and make it a reality by puting it on the web and setting up a acccount so that you can get paid. Then being able to actually track how much money your new website generates. Thanks, mike

  23. Dee Kissinger

    Sorry to have missed seeing you. You were moving that camera pretty good there. Was that taken at 2:00 o’clock in the morning?
    Great job of staying on top of things. Keep up the good work.

  24. stella amoako

    Hey Anthony,
    That is interesting!.
    Can you explain Google Affiliate Summit some more?
    I know is for business .What is the first thing to do when you
    get there? because they have too many department.

  25. Linda Guarino

    So how does it work at a show? Do you get to sign up at these shows? What is the general costs..I would like to go to this show are there ever any in Florida? Would like to see more of what these shows offer.

  26. Gloria Ramirez

    The educational process is very important and this way we are always learning a lot about affiliate marketing.

  27. Jermin

    I wish i was there, i see people like myself who is interested in this type of business. I am in the learning stage and i wish to get as good or better than u Anthony. but i am in Kingston Jamaica. hopefully one day i will find myself in that circle.

  28. Mike McVey

    I need advice on how to proceed if I have a burning desire to be envolved with Agriculture, Plants, growing, cloning, seeds.

  29. Stacy Zembik

    Wow, that looked exciting to be amongst all those affiliates. I’m sure it was informative and you get to meet different people in the field. I intend to make it to the next one!!!

  30. patsy

    Hi Anthony,I enjoy your blogs. I am a member of your MSA Academy and
    PMI which is very informative. I’ve been going through all the .I work full
    time but I Am still able to spend at least an hour a day working on my
    training.Still a lot I don’t understand but I wont give up. I know I will Know
    more tomorow than I do today. I bought your books and didn’t read them
    rigfrom ht away. Then I got a call from Ryan Walters and Dan Forbes and
    they signed me up for the academy.I would like to retire from my job at
    the end of this year I’II be 66 years young”ha ha”.I haven’t contacted
    a coach yet except for my welcome call but I’ll call them soon. God bless
    I’ll talk to you soon.

  31. Mady Buddington

    Thank you for that walk through – we are sorry we missed it because we live right here in Las Vegas. All very exciting!

  32. grace

    After seeing this I am astounded at how big this business can be. I am still learning and I feel that this will be one time that my choice is the right one. Yes, Anthony I am still excited about this business.Iknow it takes time. Thanks so very much.

  33. Joseph

    Hi I saw the video it was awesome with all the different affiliate company in one place. I wish someday I could attend to one of those. I’m from the Philippines by the way and I decided to be an affiliate two months ago. I was just wondering if the Free text service of 26469 is free here. Thnak you.

  34. Bess

    It looks great
    I live in Alaska so I might not ever get to see it in person.
    Thanks for sharing if they are ever having one up here please let us all know.

  35. kenneth holt

    I have been with you for awhile and still haven’t made the decision. Don’t ask me why,but then again, I want it to be exceptional to catch the attention of the soon to be customer. Also,I have been looking for that new product that I believe in and that will be a rocket when it hits the market. I want to thank you for the e-mails you send me with all of the great information. I am the kind of person who doesn’t forget his friends who made it all happen. Please keep those e-mails coming and for being one of my mentors. Kenny Holt

  36. Shaquala

    I SO WANTED TO GO TO THIS SEMINAR!!! ITS RIGHT IN MY HOMETOWN…but its sad my mom didnt want me to go…sucks i dnt have my own car..

  37. gerardo

    I would love to work on this kind of project to make sum$
    but I have no experience on computer.
    I only know jst enugh,to go on facebook & check my mail
    just about it.

  38. Rosa

    I look forward to the day that I can attend and meet new people and see those I interface with online.

    Seeing the video encourages me to continue to work towards suceeding in this market.

    Thanks Anthony

  39. Anthony Canty

    which do i need to do first, become an affiliate, and then offer products? or i guess my question is how do i get started? i just purchased my first product from you, can’t wait to get started.

  40. Linda Friedberg

    Am a Fb fan. Signed up for the 3 day affiliate training and am very excited about all the possibilities. Very appreciative of all you info you keep sending me, so keep it coming!

  41. Angela

    I will like to no when are you coming to New York on Long Island
    Suffolk County

  42. Sharon Nye

    Looks like quite a gathering. I hope to make it to the summit in Austin, TX next summer. Where do I find out more about it? Hopefully, you will have something on your website for us. Thanks for staying in touch.

  43. James Shacklock

    It looks like a lot of booths. Are they all promoting different affiliate programs?
    How long was the event? Looking forward to attending the one in New York.

  44. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi anthony,
    I hope you are feeling beter,the video was exciting,but because of Medical problems I will not be able to attend. My retweet but is not working.

  45. Esther Gales

    The summit had a variety of companies it look real exciting that it should be everyone goal to attend the summit it looks very interesting and I’m sure some knowledge will be share to improve and enhance your what we are striving to learn.

  46. Ron Stevens

    I really am excited to really get started. This all looks so exciting… I am waiting for the phone interview from your staff trainers so I can use the pass code and get this thing off the ground… Please I’m impatiently waiting…lol… Ron

  47. Lenora Salters

    Hi Anthony,
    Wow, what a great event! Even American Express was there. They usually do not attend events unless they believe that the concept can be a part of the company vision and mission. And Google, that’s a great way to
    end the video. I’m sorry to hear that you were sick while you were there.
    The flu has been going around. I just went to the doctor myself today.
    Thank you for always sharing your knowledge with us.
    Kindest Regards,

  48. Libby Sosa

    Hey, Anthony I just heard & saw on CJ something about pay per call one of the newest things in Mobile marketing. The concept sounded good what I could grasp of it. But this ole hippie dawg is having a difficult time learning this new trick let alone turning it into a money maker. Is this something you’ve heard about & can speak to? None of the team that’s working w/me from Fast Cash I’ve asked have heard about it.


  49. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony,

    Looks like a great time, looking forward to catching the summit out here on the east coast.

    Take care and keep on keeping on.

    To yours and everyone’s continued success,

    David Caudill

  50. zerai tesfai


  51. Tim Tapp


    Thank you for sharing just how diverse our offerings are for growth. I can see our challenge as even now knowing where to begin and what to focus on. Thank you for all the training and updates.

  52. Carla N. De Petris

    Thank you for sharing the video. How exiting to see so many familiar name. I went to Mississippi for a workshop. So much information. So much work to do. Best wishes

  53. carol kibler

    Hi Anthony,

    I just joined your team this afternoon 1/24/12. I have tried other things on the internet to try and make money,but you give them your money and you are basically on your own. I am not the smartest person in the world. I do try very hard to understand what is going on when I sign on to one of these money making schemes,but the last one was way over my head. My Husband is always telling me not to do it,because I am going to get myself in trouble. Well, here I am again trusting in you to help me make money.
    The one BIG reason for wanting to make money is number 1 to surprise my
    husband that I actually made money on the internet. But the most important
    reason is that my husband worked very hard all of his life,he started out being a paper boy,and he is still working at the age of 69. He works because we live on Social Security,and it is not enough to pay our bills.
    I do not want him to work!!He has been working for 60 years and sill working.
    That is why I joined your team.I do not have the money to invest like I would like to. If I did it would make it easier on me,but I will try hard to follow along.

    I hope I can count on you to achieve my goals of paying our debts, and allowing my husband to quite working and be able to enjoy what time we have left on this earth. We have been married for almost 30 years and never
    had a honeymoon or gone on a vacation!

    Thank You, Carol Kibler PS: I hope you get to read this!

  54. Thomas E Johnson

    Hey Anthony,

    So, were you like invisible, walking through the Affiliate Circuit? Almost looked like a ‘spy cam’ trip.
    Apparently, no one recognized you or even saw you! Way cool.

    btw, what’s your take on the ‘parking Vs. domain development’ concept ?
    thanks for any feedback…Tom

  55. Gerald Lecher

    Just want to keep learning about affiliate marketing , And get a good start to 2012. Keep sending new ways to make money on line. ThankYou

  56. Cecilia

    Hi Anthony,
    Affiliate Marketing is an area I am trying to head toward. You have given me great information to start generating an income. I am so excited about what is being offered me to learn affiliate marketing – baby steps is what I am taking.

    Anthony I going to say it again that I appreciate what you are doing to help us to generate a decent income. What you are doing is fantastic. THANK YOU.

  57. Diana Barnes

    The one thing we need to know is how to use face book & tweeter for our business. We have two web pages that we need to find out how to move through face book & tweeter to start the free traffic to our web pages. If you can provide us with more classes on these subjects that would be great.

    Thank you from Diana & Frank in Austin.

  58. Tammy Ruegsegger

    I just got back from a 3 day training with Adrian and Ryan. It was awesome. We learned so much and am now home trying to do what we were taught. I would love it if you could skype us and give us some individual help on optimize our adds/landing pages. That would be such help. Then we would know what we are doing right and what we need to alter.

  59. Sandra Bee

    It sounds like I really missed out not being there! Maybe next year I can attend but in the meantime I’m going to glean every thing I can from you Anthony!

  60. Don Wood

    Just getting started, really looking forward to learning all I can from you.

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