Weekly Video Blog #1: Anthony Morrison Shows You How To Find Time For Success

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In this video Anthony Morrison talks about how to find time for your own success..

After you watch it leave some comments on things that you can give up in order to create success!


  1. Bob Sims

    Anthony I could not just let this video of yours go without any comments from anyone.

    The way I have always felt about success is that you will never get it if you wait for someone to bring it to you…….”You have to get up,get going,and get it” !

    There is no shame in asking or looking for a hand -up……
    And thats where you Anthony come in.
    You are giving everyone a hand-up that will accept it.


  2. Marilee

    Thank you for your incite. It is so true. I have more time than I think. I just need to let the idol things I do go such as watching tv and movies! Success is earned by those who sacrifice for it!!

  3. Jefferson

    Thank you for the conference call tonight. After sitting on your books for two months, I am finally getting out of the “do nothing loop”! Thanks for pushing me.

  4. Eduardo Alvarez

    Thank you Anthony, I have gone to your Video Blog #1 and I will watch 2 or 3 every day to catch up to your current ones that I am watching on a weekly basis.

  5. ron akers

    Motivation, no mater how much we have, I think we all net that extra push once in a while..thank you and keep on pushing.

  6. Debra Scribner

    Anthony! This is May 29th 2012, and I have gone all the way back to blog #1!. Thank you so much for all the motivation you give us! God Bless you!

  7. Vicki Jansky

    Thanks Anthony..I am starting from scratch. I tend to leap forward cause I get excited! But I have a problem finishing Step #1 first. Thank you for wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to learning from you. Vicki

  8. nancy starr

    thanks Anthony for haveing kept sending the e-mails. I started this 2 years ago and had computer troubles and everytime i did get it to work there was so much info i just didnt know where to start and got really frustrated so just let it go. Well now i’m out of a job,have a working computer and lots of time so decided to go back to the beginning and start with your first video blog. Also i’m unable to do the Affiliate system login or my website and wondered if thay were no longer available to me?

  9. Tina


    I started your Success Academy at the end of September. And I joined the live community, and started watching your Monday blogs. But I felt like it would be useful to me to go back to the beginning of your blogs, and start there. Because I’m completely new to internet marketing. And that’s what I’ve done. So today, I watched number one and two, and I may continue watching them all day! Or I’ll spend whatever available time I have watching, until I get back to #132, which is the latest that I’ve watched.

    But, I mainly just wanted to say, thank you. I appreciate the blogs, and I feel that there is a lot of information here, that I will benefit from going forward. I wish that I could afford to use the Marketing Academy, and have my own personal trainer, but it’s not in the cards for me right now. And so I will learn as much as I can through your blogs, newsletters and texts. And hopefully, I will win your book soon. I’m going to read your modules, and take your tests, and the book will be mine soon.

    I am very motivated, but financially limited. But I feel like I’m on the right track with your guidance. Again, thanks for your help, and your advice. I know I will be a Success, it just may take me a little longer.

    As always, thanks for your help!
    Tina Frazier

  10. Tammy Guinan

    I too have decided to come back and start at the beginning of this video series because I want to make sure I do get step by step guidance to success. Thanks Anthony.

  11. Sam and Marta Araya

    Hi Anthony my husband and I want to thank you for your time and effort to guide us in good direction for our financial success. We both want to be more involved and also we helping other people around the word.
    Thank you.

    Marta and Samuel Araya.

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