Weekly Video Blog #2: Anthony Morrison Talks About Trusting Your Instincts

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In this weekly video blog Anthony Morrison discusses how important it is for you to trust your own instincts..

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  1. Bob Sims

    To comment on this video,I want to first pass on what Benjamin Franklin stated…..”We should practice what we wish to become,not what we are.”

    It is very easy to become negative,myself included,and to let others,and things going on in the world and around us to effect us in a negative way.

    These last few weeks,with what you you have presented to me through your books and here on this site,have helped me change my attitude about of being defeated to one of a…..”FEEL GOOD” nature.
    I want to now keep learning,building my skills,and most of all…..bekieve in myself.

  2. Debra Scribner

    Thanks Again Anthony! This is still May 29th 2012 and I am just finishing Blog #2. I wanted to tell you that I started my first CPV Campaign yesterday and as of right now, I had 28 hits yesterday and at 6:00am this morning I have another 14. I know I know that is not a lot, but I don’t care! I believe this will work and today I will add another campaign, and build from small to…HUGE because I BELIEVE! Thanks so much Anthony! And I loved the passage you read from your book! You Rock! Ok off the Blog #3!

  3. Vicki Jansky

    I liked this video, I always tend to listen to others before I think of my own gut feelings or ideas. I tend to be a “follower” instead of a “leader”. I will work on that. Thank you!

  4. Vicki Jansky

    I liked this video, I always tend to listen to others before I think of my own gut feelings or ideas. I tend to be a “follower” instead of a “leader”. I will work on that. Thank you!
    on to Video #3

  5. Tammy Guinan

    This is great advise however, it’s not always so easy for people to eliminate all the negative people in their lives because those negative people probably are spouses, parents, children, life long friends and there are many reasons most people are negative such as they themselves have tried things and failed or maybe they have watched you try something before that didn’t quite work out and there are even a couple of people out there who just don’t want to see anyone else succeed for many reasons so they discourage everyone else around them…. so with that being said… maybe it’s better to just keep listening to postive tapes, reading, watching presentations like this, etc… and don’t share it with those negative people for now.

    I am always excited to share my new discoveries with everyone I know but I have learned to separate my friends and family from my “encouragement group” of people. For example I have two facebook accts now, one for personal friends and family and another for my business ventures and encouragement group. I figure once a person is successful, their friends and family will begin asking them what they are doing and that is the time to share with them… this way they do not have a chance to burst my bubble before it’s even inflated 🙂 Because I KNOW I CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO…as long as I surround myself with Cheer LEADERS instead of Whirlwinds and Tornados who suck the air and life out of my hopes, plans, and dreams!

    Great video Anthony.

  6. Sam and Marta Araya

    We love this inspiration words to listen our God voice inside of us.
    He really speaks and we must listen and not let no one to discourage us from what He wants we do to be financial success and have a better life to help others. Thank you Anthony

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