Weekly Video Blog #3: Anthony Morrison Discusses Building a Network

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In this weeks blog Anthony Morrison discusses how important it is to build a reliable network around you. If you want to succeed in business it really pays to surround yourself with people that can only make you better.


  1. Debra Scribner

    Wow I know it is crazy, but I never really understood what networking was till this very second! Thanks so much! And Im on it! lol

  2. Vicki Jansky

    I definetlyneed a network. I need help! lol Will work on networking. I already am a member of the live community. Thought I wasn’t ready, but no time like the present, guess I’ll just haveto “jump” in…Thanks Anthony! Vicki

  3. Tammy Guinan

    Excellent! Thanks for creating the live community for a place to connect and network because we do not all have a “local network” to be able to get into or even develop.

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