2007 Lessons Learned & Reflections

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I have to say the year 2007 was absolutely wonderful for myself, as well as my family. This year was a very special year in my life. 2007 saw me launch my first company “outside the internet box” as I typically call it at my speaking events. In January 2007 I launched Affiliate Income, Inc. with one goal in mind, help educate people around our country on how to earn money, be successful, and become an internet entrepreneur. The task seemed hard, however, the agenda seemed so easy.

I honestly never expected to be so successful so quickly with Affiliate Income, Inc. In our first year, 2007, we saw almost 10,000 people accross 10 different states at our live events. We were able to educate people of all ages, races, gender, and backgrounds on what it takes to become an internet entrepreneur. Some of our students have gone on to create their own internet businesses, and some have utilized the system and methods we introduced to them at our events. I now have students making thousands of dollars each month, which was exactly my goal from the get go.

In 2007, Anthony Morrison, stepped outside the internet box, and into the real world. The world of business as most of you know it already. A world where people will say negative things about you just because it seems like a great idea at the time, or they are jealous of your accomplishments. I realized really fast that some people immediately look for the negatives in every situation, and for those people I honestly pray for their own minds to open up because only then can they become independently successful.

I met thousands of people, and traveled the country while building a business that has become extremely successful. I feel blessed beyond my years, and I truely appreciate everything I have accomplished. My goal for 2008 is simple. Affiliate Income, Inc. will launch new products, new classes, and expand into new arenas to educate the people of this wonderful country, and provide them all with an opportunity for entrepreneurial success.


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