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I know many people look at me and say “if I could only get to where he’s at I would be content in life”. The fact is that “contentment” is actually the killer of entrepreneurialism, and success. In order to be successful you must always strive to be better, smarter, and well more successful in everything that you do. Sometimes I personally find it hard to really be driven to do more than I have already done, which after all isn’t too bad for someone my age. When I get to that point I always look for something or someone to inspire me to achieve greater things. Recently I did a Google search for young entrepreneurs and I was blown away at what I found in the results list. I knew of a few other young entrepreneurs like Cameron Johnson (his book You Call The Shots is one I highly suggest you read). What I did not realize is there were so many other people under 25 years old that were successful, and some of them beyond the level of success I have realized. This obviously has inspired me to do more, and never stop striving for growth.

Some of the people I suggest you read about are guys like Sean Belnick who started and has generated literally millions of dollars selling business chairs on the internet, and he’s only 20. What about Ryan Allis, 23, who started his company is on pace to do about 10 million dollars in revenue in 2008.

Honestly all you need to be successful in business is motivation to succeed. I talk about 12 key principles to entrepreneurship in my new book, The Hidden Millionaire, and one of the main ones is don’t be content and always look for ways to stay motivated. If reading about 20 and 23 year old multi-millionaire’s isn’t enough to motivate you I honestly don’t know what is. Their stories even motivated me, and I am in the same category as they are at this point in my life.


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