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As you all know I am big on finding “other” ways to generate profits on the Internet. Most of the time I stick to affiliate marketing, but there are so many different ways to generate the traffic to the offers that it offers me (and you) endless opportunity to continue to find new avenues to profit from online. So typically I have been simply doing the following:

Step 1: Select an affiliate offer
Step 2: Place on ad on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google etc
Step 3: Generate traffic to the offer

Now the above scenario is GREAT! especially if you pay less for the ads than the revenue you generate from the affiliate offer. The only thing about this scenario that always drove me crazy was simply that I always HAVE to pay for traffic. In order for my business to run I must continue to place those ads out there and continue to pay for them in, but I only get to generate a profit from that ad one single time.

Most recently I have really dove in and figured out email marketing. What a game changer that has been for my affiliate marketing company. It has allowed me to change the process to something more like this:

Step 1: Select an affiliate offer
Step 2: Place ads on Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc
Step 3: Generate revenue PLUS build a list
Step 4: Email the list and generate more revenue

See the difference here? on step 4 I can now email the list (at no cost) and generate more revenue BUT I spent nothing on that part of the process. It’s really a game changer because it allows you to generate revenue without spending a single penny on advertising. I am a firm believer that this is something I will always do from here on out in my business. It doesn’t mean ill stop doing the other process because that would be crazy! Basically I am just adding this step of (build a list / email for more profits) into my flow which allows me to maximize my time, efforts and investments.

I know I have pushed out some decent info on email marketing here on my blog and videos blogs over the last month or so, but if you want more information on email marketing I suggest you grab my new course Build, Send, & Profit it lays it all out in a step by step fashion and shows you how I went from making nothing with email marketing to how I am doing it now.

Either way (with or without my course) I suggest you start doing it immediately!

If you want to watch a cool video I did on sending email to make profits – Watch this now


  1. Alvin Hardin

    yes i am doing email marketing i have a small list now but it is growing
    everyday so i will stick to it i do get some opt ins for a few products so that’s cool for now.looking to get better at it.

  2. Dennis Ward


    Thanks for the new info and I look forward to hearing more from you in the near future.

  3. Dottie Seavy

    Dear Anthony, we finished our first email addresses (154). Now we
    are about to do the following four steps. Thanks for keeping us
    on all things. Dottie

  4. Raymond

    Hey Anthony thanks for the advice. I will diffidently use this practice. As I build my business. I like Free.

  5. syretha

    Mr. Anthony Morrison,
    Please tell me what advice do you have for someone who right now who is flat broke?

  6. Ligaya Valonzo

    Thank you Anthony for giving me the opportunity to be one of your student. I do appreciate your efforts and hard work in sharing your knowledge and expertise to all of us; your followers. More power to you Anthony!!!

  7. james

    I would like to get this software program and i think it will work but i cant afford to buy it now.I am just starting with anthony morrison programs.

  8. Ruth Santos

    Good stuff, Anthony. I’ ll try it, for I don’t have a list yet. I’ve spent some on advertising, but it hasn’t been long enough to see if it is successful.
    Keep sending advise that will help me, since I am concentrating on the affiliate market just now. I write too. A little money there, but not nearly enough.
    To your success,

  9. charlotte finger

    I dont have income now except ssd. I .had an accident jan 1 and i just getting back to be able to get around.So i have not got any thing to spare.
    thank you ive seen you on tv. thank you

  10. Caroline Rexti

    This is an awesome channel to internet marketing. A powerful root to break even. I wish to be a partaker as others but cannot get the package this moment. Good job Anthony—- still waiting for that second my clickbank account will start recording positive results to share with other marketers.

  11. Robert Walker

    Hello Anthony, I love how you keep us informed. I haven’t started my website yet because I don’t have any money to pay for traffic. Hopefully I will be a winner tonight at the webinar and I can focus that money on making money. I really appreciate all your help in this project. Once again thanks and I look forward to hearing you tonight.

  12. Ann Murigu

    A great idea to put into action. I have not yet paid much attention to email marketing yet but now i will. Getting traffic is no joke when you have no money to spend.

  13. Angie

    Thanks Anthony Morrison,

    If you are unemployed, what website do you suggest I start advertising on, without setting a budget with “Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google.



  14. Bill Shapleigh

    Are there email marketing platforms that cost nothing? I have used AWeber and there is a monthly cost, plus additional costs depending on the size of your list. I know if there is something at little or no cost out there, you would have figured it out!

    Look forward to your response!

  15. Marshall Hoffman

    I have a good website including e commerce and affiliates. I feel I am working my niche of sporting goods fairly well but I need to push a little harder to begin making sales. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  16. Gerald Lecher

    The email markerting sounds great . but don,t have the money right now. hope to kept giving ideas on yoyr blogs etc . About email marketing. Thanks again on all your help.

  17. Youpele

    Great post Antony..A very effective strategy you’ve hit upon. As old fashioned email marketing might sound. Real value can be achived just by email..leverage at it’s best

  18. vernell rolle

    hi anthony, i have lots of ways to advertise very soon i will put them all together and go for thje gold you are a blessing to your viewers may god bless

  19. Hsegan

    Hey, same here, I am already into Anthony programs and am right now
    not a position to grab this, just doing some classified ads and looking for
    minimum income so that I can try other products of Anthony

  20. Judy Atkins

    Antony..I’m trying to get started after a long illness….
    I need help setting up a website…can you help me ?
    Thank you so much for keeping me up on a lot of things…Again Antony…i HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME….
    Judy Atkins

  21. Ella Dikeman

    I don`t have the funds to place an ad on facebook, but I have been sending e-mails out, I don`t know if it is working or not, I do know that I have had people clicking on my website,
    I will always be looking at your posts ,and learning from them,

  22. Dawn Jackson

    My husband and I are definitely planning to use affiliate marketing, it makes great sense. Thanks!

  23. Beverley G.

    Hi Anthony,

    I did buy the BuildSendProfit Program and am working now to implement it. It is through that earlier video I contacted Carol Amato and got the benefit of her generous mentorship. I am giving myself a deadline of this weekend to make some substantive progress implementng the program and getting started. If it does not happen this weekend, I know it will next week. I am very determined this time.

    Thanks so much for being there for me.


  24. Ron Gilmer

    Can you direct me to find out how I can pick up click bank and amazon, I am an affiliate, and post them to facebook? I am having a problem with such.

    Thank you.

  25. Beverly Hills

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for all the great information. I would love to take part in your program, but, because I have been struggling to keep up with all my debts, I am not able to at this time. I guess you might say that I am in the position that you once were. I have used up all my credit cards just to get by, I am sure there are others that are doing the same.
    Hopefully, I will be able to find a job soon and work things out.

    Thanks again,
    God Bless


  26. Stella Marie Renfrew

    Dear Anthony,
    thank you for your untiring effort and outpouring input on how to make this work for me. I will surely do all that is required inorder to start afresh on my AM Business..looking forward to more of your support.

  27. John Test

    I’ll be working on this as soon as possible. Gotta get my taxes done for the moment. It all looks great! Thanks Anthony.

  28. Lydia

    I am learning from your DOC Secrets… now so I am focusing on that like you want me to.

  29. charles cameron

    Anthony you are FANTASTIC. Keep up the good work. You have me sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for your next awesome lesson. To have the opportunity to follow someone who has done what he teaches is outstanding BRAVO!!!!

  30. john

    i need help, i need help to get started, i do know how to get any of this going

  31. Joyce Knake

    Always enjoy your comments. I have your book on Affiliate marketing and have just started getting to that. I’ve been off the internet due to a car accident but need to get back into the swing of things.
    I will be listening to your 12 weeks of comments.
    Joyce Knake

  32. Stella Marie

    Dear Anthony,

    Is this Build , Send , Profit Modules different from the LeadGen system? I just wanted clarified as the way I understand , these modules teach us to do Affiliate marketing manually versus automated? Thank you for shedding light on these.

  33. Sharon

    Are you ever going to sell more Fast Cash Commissions CD?
    I would love to buy it.

  34. Joseph Blanco

    This is definitely true why spend on an ad for a single time visitor, if you can drive traffic to a squeeze page and build a list.

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