1. Martha

    The top three things on my bucket list.

    To help our son pay off his college debt.
    To come up with an idea to help thousands of people make additional money and give them hope for the future
    To have front row seats to a Bob Segar concert and hear him sing “In Your Time.” (OK, OK I’m dating myself- but that’s OK).

  2. georgina castle

    to leave a legacy for my son and grandson with the money I earn from marketing, and leaving them my paintings. next; to get myself off hud and pay my own rent. last; to be able to go out to dine and not think about the tab. that’s all. GC

  3. Dave

    Pay for my grandchildren’s education.
    Give my family and friends a leg up.
    Own a winter home in the south.

  4. Sergio Figueiredo

    My bucket list’s top dreams to come true are:
    1 – teach my little kids (I have two kids … an eight year old daughter and a five year old boy) that, despite all difficulty life might impose them (I am at the moment unemployed, being supported by my wife – I became a full-time stay home dad, taking care of my family, doing backstage house work), if you eventually have all door closed for you, you may still find an open window of opportunity such as this I am working on, learning from you, Anthony.
    2 – be able to save money for their college education so they can build their own dreams while living an simple yet honest life, despite the money limitations.
    3 – be able to share with others whom are standing in a difficult momentum the hope that I am feeling this very moment when I am just beginning to learn from you.

  5. Peggy

    My top 3 things are:

    Have a stable home for my son.
    Being Debt free.
    Travel to Spain.

  6. Norma

    At the top of my “Bucket List”

    1. Set up a charity to aid Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Cancer research
    2. Put my great-grandchildren into private school.
    3. Return to Berlin Germany now that the wall is gone.

  7. Lisa

    Hi Anthony,

    Top three things I want to do are:
    1. Start a Foundation that empowers people in Africa to help themselves.
    2. Be able to help my children accomplish their dreams.
    3. To start other businesses that will help people realize their dreams.


  8. Rob Sheridan

    Top Three Things on my list.

    1) To provide a life for my 4 yr old son that I never had.
    2) To attain the freedom to enjoy his growth through the years and not be stuck in the “JOB” world and miss it all.
    3) To get to a point I can GIVE BACK and help others gain freedom in their lives as well

  9. Michael Eaton


  10. elaine barnett

    my top 3 for my bucket list are:
    1. Help support daughter through graduate school.
    2. Move to Oregon to help her with baby age 2 yrs old
    3. help elderly parents with medical bills

    I would like to know more about your book, I am very interested. I am retired and living on a limited budget.
    Thank you,

  11. Harold Elliott

    #1,help my kids they all 3 have been out of work in the last 3 years.
    #2, help my wife to retire,she’s 67.
    #3buy a lake house to really retire.

  12. robert s galatz

    to not worry about ANY bills to have my bike bisness to have my two sons be a part of it and to pass on to them

  13. Barbara Goodman

    To become adept at internet marketing
    To help my daughter who is a single mom of 4 with a dead beat dad for an ex
    To purchase a place to live when my dad (I am his caregiver) passes away

  14. Lillian Poe

    My major Goal is to always have a natural income coming in a way that I enjoy and can do easily. I have always worked hard being a care giver, either with children or the elderly. My husband is a letter carryier. They are the ones that work the hardest to do more, I don’t think he will be able to continue in the snow and the sleet we have. He’s 56 now.

  15. Cheryl Semprini

    Top Three things on my bucket list:

    1. To be able to slow down all of the hours that I put into my corporate job and enjoy life more.

    2. To be able to show my children a great income opportunity that they can do from home and have them help others do the same thing.

    3. To be able to help so many others achieve some goals that they may not have been able to achieve otherwise.My Mission: No more homeless, hungry people !

  16. Cynthia Becker

    1. to enjoy a better quality of life
    2. to be able to be self-sufficient
    3. finally, to be able to pay my bills and not owe anything at all.

    Those are my 3 things. At my age (69 going on 70) these things are important to me. I don’t have any family to speak of. I am the lone blossom on the branch!


  17. Lee

    Top three things on my bucket list.

    Play golf at Pebble Beach
    Travel to Australia
    Jet fighter ride

  18. James Martinez

    Three things I would like to accomplish:
    1) Help put my grandkids thru college, I have 11 of them.
    2) Help hungry kids thru out the world.
    3) Help battered women become self reliance and belief in
    themself thru a good organization.

  19. Rosa Scaf

    Bucket List

    1. Making enough money to buy a better scribing program that not only types what I say, but will also read things to me so that I don’t have to rely on carer’s so much.

    2. A guide dog that will work with me and my wheelchair so that I’m able to go out into the community without a constant carer.

    3. And most of all a regular income so that I am not so dependent on the government pension.

  20. Debbie Seelbach

    My top three things are:
    1, Get a new furnace for my house (this one is 30 yrs old)
    2. Sent my daughter to a good school to finish her college education in her field (Graphic design/computers/website design)
    3 Take my Mom on a Cruise (she is 80 and has always wanted to take one.)
    I would love to be able to take her.

    I would love to have your book!
    Thank you for all you do.
    Debbie S

  21. Deborah WALTEMEYER

    The top three things on my bucket list, To earn enough to be able to help those less fortunate people in my town,especially the elderly who cant afford to buy the right foods and pay the utilities.It is so sad to go into a store and watch them try to decide what they can afford to eat after working all those years.Also to make it possible so my husband can retire and still live comfortably and have enough saved to do the things you always dreamed of for when your family was finally raised.I also want to be able to be to enjoy life to its fullest in our older years without any debts.

  22. Aiesha Graves

    Get married to my life partner on Necker Island and spend 1 week there with my family
    Take my children to Disney World for a week
    Take a family vacation to the Bahamas for a week
    Take a family vacation to Disney World for a week
    Take a family vacation to Hawaii for a week
    Take a family vacation to London
    Build a successful Commercial Real Estate Investment and Property Management Company
    Start and build a very successful online business that empower other people to start their own business and become successful
    Start a Not for profit business that donate $1.5 Million per year to help children that are orphaned, disabled, hospitalized, live in poverty, or have parents that are incarcerated get a good education, adequate housing, clothing, nutritional meals (not just breakfast) and S.O.A.L (Summer of a Lifetime) programs.
    Get my law degree
    Pay off my college debt
    Pay off my current mortgage
    Pay off all of my outstanding debt
    Pay for my children college education to graduation
    Start a family foundation that gives college scholarship money to disadvantaged children

  23. JOAO

    The top three things on my bucket list.

    To get all creditors off my back, by paying all my debt.

    To pay off my mortgage, and my car loan.

    To be able to send my daughter to college debt free.

    To earn enough money to get off of disability, put food on the table, buy my meds, and pay my utilities.

  24. Michael Myers

    Hi Anthony:

    Top three things on my bucket list.
    1. To become financial secure / debt free.
    2. To build my own dream home.
    3. To learn to help others build their dreams, and be able to give back to the community.
    Anthony, for all you do for the thousands of live’s you have touched including my own.

  25. Loretta

    My top three things are
    To secure a great retirement.
    To pay off all my debts.
    To help other people in need.
    By helping others I will continue to be blessed.

  26. Dale Woelfle

    Top 3 on my bucket list: 1 Find medical help for my wife’s medical needs. 2 Have some needed house repairs accomplished. 3 Get our car repairs done

  27. RJ

    My bucket list:
    Would like to be able to help or fully fund my three granddaughters four year college.
    Be able to help others realize their dreams.

    Be able to take all of my children and grand children on a once in a lifetime 10 day cruise

    Thanks for all of your help.

    Ron B

  28. Steven Surace

    The top three things on my bucket list.

    Generate enough income to send my 4 kids to the college of their choice!
    To enjoy financial freedom!
    To be able to give back to others as a way of giving thanks for all the blessing that have been bestowed onto me.

  29. Charlie McGregor

    Well Happy Veterans Day to you Mr. A. Morrison, glad to be here to share some of your valuable time. I do have your other books and would love to have a copy of this latest one, I have learned so much from your trainings. Great job, please don’t stop.
    1 ) I would like to gather the knowledge to share with others who might want to learn how to market on the Internet and help guide them down the right paths. Be that guide that would take them to a place of financial freedom where they could “live their dreams”
    2 ) Want to travel the world visiting my 20 oldest friends and watch a sunrise or sunset with them while sharing the memories of our friendship.
    3 ) OK, you got me with the motor yacht! I have always loved being on the water and have been blessed to do that from Alaska to the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico to Hawaii, and too many places to mention that I haven’t been…yet!
    I am diving into using the Fast Cash Commissions system, can’t afford to take the addtional FCC coaching program but intend to when I can pay for it. My meager budget just doesn’t allow right now for the FCC coaching or 365 day to Success but I have that on my “short-term growth list” of the things I will do as soon as I start making some additional monies.
    Thanks again for eveything YOU do for us, sharing of your time and experience to help anyone achieve the success we all deserve! Talk to you soon, take care, have FUN, and be safe in all you do!

  30. Linda Guarino

    My 3 thing bucket list is buy my own home, Get a decent car But mainly make enough money to do lots of Volunteer work and help others. That has been a dream all my adult life. I feel the best when I am helping others with my time as well as money when possible and I can afford to. I always feel bad that I can’t give more $ to help so I volunteer to make up that difference. I know I can be of help to others and it is just such a good feeling to be able to help any way I can.

  31. Paulose kuriakose

    1. Children college fund
    2. Small affordable home
    3. mission work in Haity

  32. kelli goodsir

    The three things on my bucket list are
    to help myself and my family members get out of debt
    to see Hawaii
    to become a successful affiliate marketer on the internet so i can maintain more than a liveable income and have a decent lifestyle

    I want to thank you Anthony for coming into my life . I believe it was an answer to my prayers and pray that it will help me get out of debt. I was in a near fatal car accident 5 years ago and since then my life has fallen apart and I am unable to work so I am hoping I can create a career doing internet marketing with your help. I love your videos -you seem so honest and sincere about helping others -I hope my impression is correct. I follow you faithfully and with full confidence in your knowledge and skills.
    Sincerely, Kelli Goodsir

  33. Shawn

    1. To not have to tell my kids I CAN’T afford something they want or want to do.
    2. Make money online and quit my job.

    3. Go Sky diving, yes I want to jump out of a perfectly good plane…

  34. Linda Detloff

    The top three things on my bucket list:

    1. Get off of disability and be self sufficient again.
    2. Go scuba diving in the Caribbeans. 🙂
    3. Build a log cabin somewhere beautiful by a lake! 😀

    Of course, I want a sweetie to do all of this with me!

  35. James Griffin

    My bucket list consist of the following three desires There are the following: 1) Earn money to take care of my family’s financial needs
    2) To help others learn the same so that they can become financially independent as well
    3)Most of all to create wealth to share special times with my family and friends instead of working a “billion hours a week” to try to make “ends meat”
    Thank you for this opportunity to establish a better lifestyle for my family
    James Griffin

  36. Dennis

    My top three things:

    1 – To have a happy family; to help my family & other people.
    2 – To have my own house.
    3 – To have a car.

    Thank you =)

  37. Bonnie Lackey

    Top Three Items on my “Bucket List”:

    1. Earn enough to get myself and my brother well. Specialists are
    expensive even with insurance. We both ingested toxins and have been struggling to survive domino-effect health issues.

    2. Build a Triplex for myself, my brother, and my son. I would like to have it build of all in non-toxic, environmentally protective, and a human-healthy materials and products.

    3. Make enough money so that two handicapped (my brother and I) and one healthier individual (my son) can go on a trip to Europe.

    Time is of the essence for all three “Bucket List” items and I am finally well enough to focus on doing something to make some money. With constantly battling various health and financial issues, I think that this new book will allow me, despite my physical restrictions, to move forward in an honest, money-making venture! Thank you.

    Bonnie Lackey

  38. Rodney Paul

    Hi anthony i am so desperate for money they going to come serve paper for house anyday.i have laid off for 6maonths and trying to make quick to save house but do thank everyone support.but am sinking fast.your friend RODNEY



  40. Anthony R.

    To build a home that is self sustaining. water,electricity,heat,food and privacy.
    To be able to contribute to a feed the children charity to help eliminate the condition that is apalling. This is the greatest Country in the world and it should be that no child should go to bed hungry.
    To help other less fortunate people to acheive a better standard of living.

  41. Jean

    Top three things on my list.

    1.Get my business rolling in affilate marketing.

    2.Show other they can make money with anthony morrison program but they have to work at it.

    3.Be successful in it and help other to be.

  42. Lora Chatman

    Top the Goals I want to accomplish

    1. To travel around the world with my family. We never had time/money to take a real family vacation growing up so I’d like to treat them all to some quality family time.

    2. To have my book published (close to having it done) and a company built from it that spawns tv shows, movies, and video games.

    3. Become a well known actress, and star in an action movie. (still trying to audition in CA, but need the funds).

    As you mentioned, they all cost money to achieve, but I believe that nothing is impossible.

  43. Dottie Seavy

    My three are:
    1. Increase our compassion for life.
    2. Put our focus on goals and intentions that are centered in giving, sharing and connecting with others.
    3. Our mission is to help people make the changes necessary to
    recover their radiant health.

  44. Lee

    My Bucket List:

    1. FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE – the freedom to stop having to trade hours for dollars, live a great lifestyle, and help others.
    2. Become DEBT FREE – Pay off my Car, loans
    3. Own a nice Townhome 100%(Pay in Cash)

  45. corrie b

    to make money.
    to understand your program.
    to help my mom with her hospital bill.
    to move back to west virginia.

  46. Frank

    My list:

    #1 I need to tear down my house and rebuild it.
    #2 I would like to retire before I expire
    #3 I need to make more money and start living

  47. Dianne

    – To change the way people look at finances, life, fraud and for them to start asking questions. I believe that not asking questions is the root of the their problems (my quote)!
    – Start a charity with youths, adults and anyone who wants a change. The program will run itself with the members and so to have a ripple effect.
    -Can write a cheque by simply taking out my cheque book and not thinking about my bank account to make a difference whether it be in my life or someone elses.

  48. Kathleen Magill

    My top three things on my bucket list would be

    1) Pay off my house and other bills

    2) Go to Israel to visit the where my Lord and Savior lived

    3) Get a bigger house so I can take in more foster children

  49. Char-Lette

    My 3 reasons:
    1. To get out of debt
    2. To be able to retire from full-time job
    3. To help my family

  50. butch jensen

    three most wanted things in life is to choose to be happy everyday,to love and hug my family every morning,and acheive goals that I set in a timely manner

  51. Melissa Wille

    Entering new, uncharted territory–like LOST in space!!

    My bucket list:
    To independently pay all my expenses.
    To squirrel money for my grandkids education.
    To visit Israel to see where Christ walked.

  52. Mohammed

    You’re God’s sent and phenominal, keep on helping us. The #1 thing I want to accomplish in life is to make a better life for my family, Secondly, to help make someone’s life better, and thirdly to give back to my community.

  53. Lopez Hill

    1. Help pay for the therapy for my grandson’s autism.
    2. A new house.
    3. Take my wife to Paris.

  54. chuck berry

    my 3 wishes
    1 I need a way to keep from going into home forecloser which is only months away.
    2. I am 74 and my wife is 14 years younger and I need to find her a good income for the rest of her life after I am gone.
    3. If I could have a way to make sure No. 1 and No.2 are accompliced, then I could help other people do the same.

    Thank You

  55. Dawn

    My Top Three Bucket List Items:
    1. To pay my parents back – since I was laid off three years ago, they have been helping me out financially, and now that my father has been laid off, I would really like to pay them back (with some interest)
    2. To build an enterprise revolving around dogs (my passion) – information for dog lovers by dog lovers (my dream idea involves 15 entities to help dog lovers, families, associations, the works be more informed and more involved in the health and well-being of their four-legged family members)
    3. To be happy doing what I am passionate about, and having my parents retire without debt or financial worries (and to have a retirement plan for myself too)

  56. Lamatha

    My buck list

    1. To help my husband get our family out of debt.
    2. To take 1 vacations a year
    3. To build a college fund for our daughter

  57. Berney Hann

    Of course I could use anything to help me get ahead in this business. At 74 my bucket list is as follows. 1. I have arthritis in both knees & need to pay for the surgery to get them replaced. 2. I need to move back to Calif. to live & be close to my children & grand children. 3. To get out of debt. Thank you…Berney

  58. Teresa

    My 3 top things on my bucket list are:
    1. Luxury travel and support for wherever my 90 year old mother wants to go
    2. To Establish a perpetual income stream to fund educational, food and water programs in 3rd world areas
    3. To enable and lead others to financial security and independence so they can direct more energy into positive projects for their families, communities and the planet

  59. michelle grieve

    i wish i could but i dont know if im comming or going im in the same spot that your parents were in im going to luse my house and my marriage my credit card is max out could you please help im desperate i know now how your family felt i feel my life is over thank you

  60. Sherry Nikles

    Top three things on my bucket list.

    1) Help our three kids with college funds. One in college now, one will start college next year and one will start college in a couple of years.
    2) Be able to donate money to benefit individuals or organizations in need.
    3) Be debt free so I can help tell others how I made money from this business.

  61. Julie Steger

    I’m just getting started and have signed up for Level 3. I’m pumped to work on my bucket list.
    1. To fund work on house rennovations.
    2. To have enough to live comfortably for the rest of our lives and leave a little for the kids.
    3. To have enough to give to our small church to help them grow and reach other Christians at home and throughout the world.

  62. Joel Evangelist

    The top 3 things on my bucket list.

    Make sure my son has the skills to succeed in life
    Buy a pair of snowmobiles
    Pay off the house.

  63. Dave Biddinger

    Top 3 things on my bucket list: 1. Financial security for my wife
    2. Ability to support favorite charities
    3. Leave secure financial legacy for my grand-children

  64. Leitha Frye

    thanks, love tohave new book- bucketlist changes from time to time but at this time: I’d like to have $ for 14 year old grandson college Was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 years ago I don’t know how much longer my body will hold up on a public job. Really need this program to support myself, and finally to really know that I can be a productive person no matter what physical condition I have or shape I’m in. Thanks so much for making my feel someone out there cares about my aspirstions!

  65. Vernon Stroppel

    Things I’d do when I have the money:
    1. Get good Insurances for my Mom and Dad, Also my Mother-In-Law, so the don’t have to worry about seeing a good Doctor or getting all the prescriptions they need.

    2. To buy a big boat so my son and/or family and friends and I can spend days at sea fishing.

    3. To buy two Harleys and my son and I can ride across the United States seeing family and friends I met while in the U.S. Navy, also to fish every chance we get.

  66. Jessica Butterfield

    #1 buy a house for my kids to grow up in
    #2 see as mutch of the work I can with my family
    #3 run a successful business that will make my family proud

  67. Jeremiah K Afong

    Thank you for your weekly blogs, it inspires me to keep working at my business and to keep learning your system.

    The 3 top things on my bucket list.

    1. I am doing this business to help supplement my social security income.

    2. To give more tithe to my church.

    3. To help my son pay for his college education.

  68. catherine wilson

    The three things on my bucket list are buy a house, but a brand new car, get my mother hearing aids, and help all my friends in any way I can.

  69. Ben McCoy

    My three reasons for doing affilliate marketing
    1. Retirement Income
    2.. Home paid off
    3. Vacation home
    4. Teach this to my kids as my legacy for them.

  70. Kevin

    I want to setup a dynamic business which I can monitor and operate from my RV while touring the USA. How exciting this would be for me, visiting museums and places I’ ve never been to. Then after my system (Anthony Morrison’s System) really escalates into a large money maker, I can do world travel and operate my system anywhere in the free world, this would be my dream of all dreams come true. Then I would like to show and help a less privileged person or persons how to succeed in this business, and help them improve their lives.

  71. Gretchen Love

    My reason for wanting to earn money online with the internet is to:

    1) Send my grandchildrean to college. I have three. One is starting college this year, he’s 17 and just got out of High School.The really smart one is 11 and he’s in 6th grade. and I also have a granddaughter she 7 so I still have time to earn some money to get them educated.

    2) I’d also like to earn money from home because I have a nephew with cancer and he’s only 22 years old. He really needs a chance to live and get the best out of life. He’s in college now but sometimes he has to leave because of his illness. I’d like to get the cancer in total remission so he can someday get married and have family.

    3) I’d like to someday have a home on the beach so they can all come and visit me. I truly love them all and I want them to really and truly have the best out of life. As far as my grandchildren are concerned I’d like to take them on vacations with me to broaden their view on life.

  72. Joani Ward

    Top 3 things on my bucket list:

    1. Retire from my 9-6 job so I can devote more time to implementing all the excellent information I’ve gained from your Professional Marketing International Program.
    2. Be in my new position as Director of the MBA Program at a major university in DC.
    3. Make a phenomenal difference in other people’s lives by helping them bring their business dreams and aspirations to fruition.

  73. Sylvia Kalua

    The top three things on my bucket list–
    Become debt free–including what this program cost me.
    Help my grandson pay for college
    Help my granddaughter go to HMA–a private church school in Hawaii
    Help my daughter launch her new business.

  74. Jon

    1. get the insanity out of my life that is caused by always having to “chase the buck” to pay the bills.
    2.take my newly found time and really get my business off the ground
    3. go see my folks whom I haven’t seen a a very long time.

  75. Judy

    1. To be able to help my grandchildren get a college education. Help with the bills my grandson is having now in studying to be a doctor.

    2. To build a business the will be completely automated and can be duplicated.

    3. Would like to travel to my parents home in Germany

  76. Libby Sosa

    Dog gone this computer things are now spelled correctly
    Get myself out of debt/supplement my Social Security
    Visit my friend In Hawaii
    Visit my home town New Orleans

  77. Michael

    My bucket list consists of:
    Get out of debt from credit cards and student loans and help 89 year old Mother-in-law in nursing home.




  79. Norman Snotherly

    The three things on my bucket list are:

    1) To be sucessful in growing my internet business.

    2) To be able to help other people reach some of there dreams.

    3) And finally to be able to travel around the world. That would be nice!

    I already have your book Anthony, so you can give out to someone else who might need it!

  80. Joyce Knake

    To narrow it down to 3 things is hard to do.
    I , myself want Desperately to get out of debt.
    I also want to help my one son to get back on his feet. He is a contractor on Maui and has had some deals fall through where people refused to pay for the work rendered.
    It would really be nice to help other people,there are so many people that need help.
    I haven’t been able to help with money but I help people when ever I can with the skills that I have. I like sharing what I know.
    And as I said before, and was in one of your videos, Zig Ziglar says”If you want to get what you want,you have to help everyone else get what they want.” For wonderful reading, read his book, “I’ll see you at the Top”

  81. Del Doss

    Hi, Del Doss here: 1. be able to have the time to lead the lost to Christ.
    2. Get my finances taken care of.
    3. Financially help/support those that need help – Special the homeless.

  82. Ed Bradley

    First I need to start making automated money on the internet so I can do the below. I am amazed how at age 74 my learning has slowed down, but I am getting it slow but sure.

    1. Be able to visit my grand kids in Minnesota and New Hampshire more than once every couple years.
    2. Be able to invite and pay for a couple of the older grand kids to come visit me in Western Colorado so they can see some beautiful country.
    3. Have the time to give back to some kid in the Mentor Program here in the Grand Junction area.

  83. Stella

    I need a new challenge (business like), and a dufferent source of income. I also would like more financial freedom in my life.
    The new challenge demands knowledge of which I’m still short off.

  84. Ella Dikeman

    I would like to give back to our church and help the needy.
    I would like to help out my family, which is important to us.
    go on a honeymoon that we never had thirty years ago.

  85. Emma

    Top 3 things on my bucket list

    1.Pension money for 3
    2.Afford to go home to attend to my chronic ill husband
    3.To be able to give to others in need without expecting anything back

    Thanks to you

  86. Doug Mandrell

    I also have other web sites. My goal is $20,000 per month. What will I do with the money?

    1.Give tithes and offerings to God. This is first. It is God’s money anyway. I am just a steward.
    2.Help my future business partner and her daughter financially, and also help my daughter and my grandson.
    3.Give money to the homeless and the poor.
    4.Buy a new motor home.
    5.Generate enough income to support myself until the Lord Jesus Christ comes back.

  87. Kirk Pugh

    The top three things on my bucket list.

    My wife and I marred a little over 4 years ago. Having gone through cancer and won. Now it’s time we build a better, debt free life, and travel the world.

    1) Within the next 5 years be debt free.
    2) Have the money to take care of my in-laws (how are in there 80’s) so my wife won’t worry so much.
    3) To help my daughter go back to collage

  88. Anibal

    Thanks Anthony,
    For this video, your information is always helpful and lifts me up. It encourages me and I am sure it does the same for others.

    My Top three things on my bucket list are in this order.
    Give to others and help those in need.
    Travel to places I never been before with my lovely wife.
    Being able to be debt free and not worry about my credit woes, be financiall free to do what I want, when I want, how I want. This has been always what I wanted to do if I were my own successful internet magnet. This whole system has me in another mindset and I can’t wait to see what it does for me in the months and years to come. Be blessed Anthony and look forward to more of your training.

    By the way, how can I attend the upcoming seminar @ Universal Sheraton next Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I would love to go yet I allready invested in the fast cash system just wondering. Please advise.

    Thx Anibal Gonzaez

  89. Réal

    My top three things on my bucket list.

    1-Quit my actual job.
    2-Travel when I want and where I want with my family.
    3-Buy a sport T-Rex to travel during summer time

    I have more than that but I’ll stop here for now 🙂

  90. Pat

    The top three things on my bucket list.
    To keep my home from going into foreclosure
    To help my family be financially free from debt
    To find a good strong atream of income to help as many people has I can accomplish their dreams.

  91. Eriketa Icka

    My three reasons are:
    To help my husband to pay off his hospital’s bill.
    To have extra money for going to Europe.
    To convince myself that this extra money will change my life and to tell others to do the same.

  92. Duane Davidson

    1. To love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.
    2. To leave a spiritual heritage with my family.
    3. To entire retirement in a secure financial state.

  93. Hans Martin Gulliksen

    Hi Anthony
    yeah the reason,welll ok i have many but ok i give my 3 most important,

    nr1: i have debt that cannot get rid of before i get my pension (about 10 years from now)
    nr2: my health is not so good as it was,and i have problems at my job,
    because of this.
    nr3: and i am afraid of loosing my work because of my health problems,and i have a 9 year old son that i love very much,and i want to take care my family and i just wanna get rid of my debt so my family have a home when iam gone.

  94. Jakrapat

    Here goes my top 3
    1. Helping my family and others to become happy good successful people
    2. Pursue my martial arts study I am going to masters all tae kwon do, karate, muay thai, boxing, judo, jiu jitsu, etc., just to please myself…
    3. I will be looking and enjoying in seeking new experience, learning from traveling for more ways to accomplish and develop different aspect of my life, learning, joint ventures with hotel owners around the world, but I will live in the mountain to train….

  95. Tamie

    My bucket list

    1. To send my all 8 Grand children to college 
    2. To build a charity where below poverty teens receive a bedroom make over and living room make over to help improve there since of self 
    3. A condo in San Deigo

  96. Nannette Ziffer

    My hope is to be financially free and have the ability to help others in need.
    To be debt free.
    And to teach others how to be prosperous and reach their goals and dreams.
    To build vocational schools for students that don’t have the opportunity for a good education.

  97. Kimberly

    Okay, I do not like to call it a bucket list but here are the top three things of my top 10:
    1) Establish a “bullet proof” retirement fund for my husband and myself that would allow other family members to come to us at times if needed and it would not threaten our monetary stability.

    2) I would like to make enough money that it would enable the creation of a scholarship program geared towards young women who would want to study science & math at university level.

    3) I really, really want to go to the part of Italy where my Noni and Grandpa grew up and retrace their lives there. They left before the U.S. got into WW II but things were shaking there and I think it would be so interesting to meet the relatives who are still there and just follow in their footsteps, so to speak.

  98. Sharon Ewalt

    My top three goals at present.

    To buy a second car for our family, then a house.
    To travel.
    To find a way of helping others earn additional money, giving them hope for the future.

    Anthony, like you, I believe the ultimate goal in life is learning to inspire others in any way possible. Thanks for all your inspiration to me and others!

  99. Sonja

    Hi Anthony,

    I’ m so happy that I came into contact with you.

    Bucket list:

    1) My sister has severe asthma and has spent 4 months of 2011 in ICU. She requires a lung transplant and no medical to pay for it. I would love to do that for her.

    2) Putting my 3 children thru” school and

    3) Freedom to go on a great vacation with my family.

    Thanx for everything and doing good to others.

  100. Bruce

    I would like to give to some charities.

    Help better educate our American children.

    Travel the world.

  101. Sandy Doten

    My Bucket List:

    Pay off my credit cards so my family won’t have to, when I’m gone.
    Leave a good solid business to my children and grandsons.
    Be able to winter in the south, where it’s warmer than
    Michigan and play golf.

  102. Randall

    1. To prove to myself and others that this business process actually works.

    2. To find alive and in-control of my own life situation.

    3. To help others from my overflowing glass.

  103. Gerald Lamb

    Hello Anthony, I’m very fortunate to cross your path in my lifetime. If nothing else, at least. you have inspired me , more than you could imagine. The top three things on my list. Financial Stability,, Profitable Website, Peace of mind. That what i do is honorable and fair to everyone. Thanks.

  104. Chris

    top 3 things on my bucket list:
    1) get healthy
    2) figure out this internet marking stuff (been at it for 2 years now)
    3) Have enough money to let my husband and son have their car resteration business and get my daughter through and my youngest a private hockey coach.

  105. Jack McDermott

    1) I want to pay off all my bills and be debt free. I’ve accrued over $80,000 of
    debt trying to do online marketing alone (with no success). Really struggling
    to make monthly payments.
    2) I would like to help my grandchildren with their education, as I know my
    son will never afford it.
    3) I would like to own a newer car as my present one with 154,000 miles is
    not long for this world and I don’t have 2 cents for a down payment on one.

  106. luke lukanen

    I want my wife to quit her job. I would like to take a vacation sometime. I would like to pay off our home.

  107. Ruby Miller

    My Three bucket list items are:

    1. Have my home paid for.
    2. Help my grandchildren to acheive their goals (be they educationally or work related).
    3. Travel before our health deteriorates as many of our friends are experiencing.

  108. Lisa


    1. To obtain financial success in internet marketing.

    2. To have financial power, in order to live where and how I want, travel, and share successful strategies with others.

    3. To have more financial freedom.

  109. Thomas J. Morris III

    glad to be aboard, I am a pilot, but every since I was a baby I wanted to be a jet pilot., the work that I am doing now is killing me, I would like to relax for the rest of my life. I would like to relax and travel like I did when I was a kid (Military Brat).

  110. Catherine Dade

    Anthony, first I would like to thank you for being there for us.
    My bucket List: (1) To help my husband get back on his feet and recover completely from his Stroke. (20 To be able to help as many People as I can see a way our of the situations they may be in at this time in their lives. (I would love to be able to travel around the world and see as much as I and my husband can see.

  111. Randy A Donath

    Would love to have the book.

    Top 3 things:
    1) Not have to worry about finances when I retire in 7-8 years or so
    2) Help my daughter attend school next year (financially) in Nursing
    3) Have the ability (finances) to be able to take occasional vacations with
    my wife and perhaps my kids too. (son is 21 and a senior in college, daughter is almost 18 and a senior in H.S.).

  112. Jon

    Bucket List:

    1)Increase conversions using free advertising.
    2)Eat more organic food.
    3)Buy a house below $200,000.

  113. Nelson

    Top 3 things on my Bucket List are:

    1.) To give my wife all the things she truly deserves for she has sacrificed so much for me due to my health condition…

    2.) To help my parents get into a comfortable living space were they don’t have to pay rent anymore in there old age…

    3.) To get out of debt and be a blessing to many others and give back!!!

  114. George L Ecker

    My three goals are:
    1-Write a book to help people retain their jobs by maintaining a positive attitude, have high moral values and share their lives with people who need their care giving!
    2-Sell 1000’S of copies of my co-authored book, $ 6.00 paperback, “THE LORI POPP STORY” because the book has a real life message of “never giving up”. Lori was dying, had MRSA staph infection, is alive, well, and happy today because she did not want to leave her husband, her 3 children and her friends.
    3-Follow Anthony Morrison’s guaranteed plan for my successful financial accomplishments, to make my life really become a dream come true.

  115. Susan

    The top 3 things on my bucket list are:
    1) Take our daughter to all 50 United States, this is something we have talked about for awhile now.
    2) To purchase a home for my mother and my mother in law so they will never have to worry about foreclosure.
    3) Purchase a ranch we people who are in need can come to recover and gain their self esteem back.
    With Anthony’s insight to Affiliate marketing and dedication to helping his students I will achieve all 3 of these items. Thank you for all of your time and effort Anthony. Best wishes.

  116. queenie

    1. Make an effort to pay off school loan (Recently earned my BS/BA) October 17, 2011 @ University of Phoenix.

    2. Help my son – LaFerrell Payne jump start his career.

    3. Gain revenue so I can put back into the community/charities that I LOVE!

  117. nasser

    pay off the balance on my house were i and my family live.
    pay for my son college debt
    help my mom and brother and his family over seeas who they are straglling to make ends meat out of job and no income.2 boys and 4 girls
    travel to jericho over seeas to see my mom whom i have not see for 2 years. becouse of lack of money.

  118. Joella

    My bucket list

    1) Pay off my debt

    2) Put my kids though college without getting loans.

    3) Help my mom get out of debt so she can enjoy retirement

  119. dan bishop my own boss
    2.have enough money to pay for a house” own free and clear”
    and buy a house for my kids paid for ,,,pay for collage ..1 child wants to go back to school…
    3.retire with enough money …so i dont have to be stressed out about all my bills…
    my goals,,,

  120. Hamid Bakhsheshe

    Well, since money is not everything in life, but it is the main tool to be able to use in every day life so, the three things that I like to is

    1. to be debt free.
    2. to be able to be a better husband to my wife by spending more time with her and being able to take her to some of these beautiful places she wants to go with me such as grand canyon. Since, I have no money we always hoping some day.
    3- to be able to be a better father to my boys by spending more time with them than working a lot and being able to go to their games and cheer them, instead of some one else telling me, hey your son was awesome at the game.

  121. Stephen P Janssen

    Top Three bucket lists:
    1. Help my daughter through her cancer treaments.
    2. Help my son achieve his dreams
    3. Vacation with my daughter and my son to anywhere they choose.

  122. Denise Johnson

    Hi Anthony…

    Top Three Things on my bucket list:

    1) Travel the world doing what I love (as a musician)

    2) Have money to leave behind for my family and their families.

    3) Have a self contained business that I can run while doing the things I love to do….music… while using music to mentor future musicians of the world. (a studio which can be used for lessons, etc.) Share what I have learned in music 🙂

  123. Pamela Bell

    Top 3 thing on my bucket list.

    Help my sister retire

    Become a silent partner in established bookstore and pay unpaid clerk that helps keep it open since owners death

    Help others become successful on the internet to help out the economy


    I would like to be able to be a stay at home mom, be able to start making some of my dreams come true, such as not just being there for my family and friends, but also be able to help a stranger in need with whatever their need may be. And last, to be more at peace in all areas of my life with God as my guide. I hope this doesn’t sound too corny for you but these are my top wishes.
    Thank you for all you do,
    Martha Aldape

  125. Missi

    I want to make enough money to:

    1: Pay off my dads business debt before he looses everything.
    2: Have my husband be able to quit the job he hates and do something he loves.
    3: Be able to save enough for my son’s education.

  126. Tellie Torres

    To help my son get through college.
    To bring my mother home from the nursing home she’s in.
    To find a way to support myself and get halth insurance.

  127. michael faison

    The top three things on my bucket list are To help my family, and to spend more time with them. To be a positive role model in my newfound business, and to motivate others. And one day to be a famous business guest speaker

  128. Tim Parker

    Hi Anthony,

    I want to pay my son’s college tuition.
    I want to send my daughter to college and of course pay her tuition.
    I also wanted to increase my Retirement program. However, after my motorcycle accident in September, 2011 (Which Anthony you were correct that wasn’t and isn’t the worst thing to have ever happened to me, I am getting a little better) I have lost my job which was helping me to do a retirement program, something a little bit okay but now I had to take out what I had in their for that to pay medical bills so all of these issues you are teaching us are very important to me including the Email work to earn money. Tim

  129. Blaine Bauer

    The top 3 things on my bucket list

    1. My wife had a stroke 5 years ago making the world confusing to her. She needs my time for cognitive development and support in almost everything. I would like to quit my hourly JOBS (yes I am 69 and still working) so I can do that.
    2. I am $300,000.00 in debt due to bad investments. I would like to be debt free.
    3. I am a retired High School teacher. It breaks my heart to see students leave high school with a dim outlook for the future because of lack of funds to get further training or college. I would like to have the money to award scholarships.

  130. Jamie Duty

    to make a living that replaces my disability that i can’t afford to live on
    to have financial freedom to be able to spoil my grandbabies and put money back for their future
    Just to be able to finally take a honeymoon with my husband and not have to worry about paying for it or going into debt to do it

  131. Kelly

    Top 3 bucket list items:

    Become debt free
    Help buy our church building
    Help kids and grandkids financially

  132. Larry Dozier

    1. To cause K-12 teachers, high school and college students to understand the significance of America’s biblical roots, regardless of their personal religious faith.
    2. To enable all Americans to realize that America’s success has been directly related to living as close to the biblical worldview as possible.
    3. Be completely out of debt.

  133. jennifer farrell

    #1. we are a family with five children all now grown, whom have survived a terrible disaster, back in 2000. it has left our family in such financial debt. that these last ten years have been very difficult for us all. we are not heros in any way, but we are survivers. i only hope i learn 50% of what your teaching, that i can pass on any benifit of this “hope” to my children. #2. to help others out of thier struggles. #3 to be able to take my family and travel, somewhere, any where. p.s. God Bless

  134. Renee Burden

    To help my daughter to pay off her college debt as well as my own.
    To work the program so that I can show my daughters how to work the program and have them show others and thus keep paying it forward
    To be able to take nice vacations and be able to take my family and friends so everyone can enjoy a beautiful time and each other’s company.

  135. Sylvia

    My top three things are: to have an income tht allows me to help my family out of debt.
    Be financially able to help others.
    To regain the ability to travel.

  136. Bill

    1. Be able to make a substantial donation to the 75th Ranger Regiment Association to be used to assist Ranger families and Rangers returning from combat.
    2. Be able to make a substantial donation to the St. Stephens Indian Mission Foundation to aid the education of the children they serve.
    3. To b able to build the house that I want in Wy.

  137. John Dieffenbach

    To fix up my house after the flood we had this fall and get it ready to live in before it gets cold. To leave my children and grandchildren a little something besides my debt, and I wouldn’t mind a new Harley Fat Boy! never owned one, always wanted one.

  138. Jack Daniels

    Bucket List:
    1. Buy a full service handicapped van.
    2. Purchase another van for my daughter who is also disabled.
    3. Buy a large boat, handicapped equipped, for myself to enjoy my life!

  139. wesley rowland

    1. buy my dream home my dream camaro
    3. be able to help out my family and friends

  140. Lorie

    The most important things on my bucket list at this point are:

    To help provide the funds for my grandchildren to go to college.
    To take my family on a trip to Australia
    To pay off my house

    Thanks, Anthony, for all you do.

  141. Cissy

    Bucket List
    Be able to show my family and friends that it is possible to make money on the internet even though I have spent alot of time and money and so far made none.
    Be able to help other family members out financially such as my mother who will be 90 yrs old who lives alone and has no money even though she is one of the hardest workers I know who raised 4 childern on her own
    .To be able to take my mom to her home in Germany and go with her.

  142. Ian Nicholson

    To make my family proud of my achievements.

    To prevent dogs from being abandoned when they become either too old or too expensive to keep.

    To make people more aware of the needs of older people and that we are not over the hill when we reach retirement age and we can still contribute by running an online business..


  143. Maria Laurora- Fay

    To be able to buy very expensive medication (14 pills a day)
    Be able to have enough money to fix my old house
    Be able to help my various charities, especially St. Jude Research Hospital and ASPCALA
    I’m sure these are my top three priorities
    Thank you, Anthony, for all you do to help your members

  144. Deanna Martin

    I would like to earn enough money to help out my two sons and their families,and also be knowledgeable enought to help them with affiliate marketing.
    Help my handicapped daughter.
    travel, see Spain, Italy,and Portugal.
    Donate to charties.

  145. Rose M. Howard

    The three things on ,my bucket list are as follows:

    Learn how to make money with the Affiliates Program (Fast Fast Commission) software..
    How? Going through all of the training
    Applying all that I learn with the training

    2. Learn how to make money with emailing marketing.
    3. Talk to a coach that help me reach financial freedom and use this as a platform to bless myself, ministry, business and family.

  146. Ardis

    The top three things on my bucket list:

    To be able to buy a home for myself. I lost six homes that I had for 5 renters and myself but the government and the banks decided I shouldn’t have them. So I need a home. My second thing is to be able to help 5 or more familes to have a home to live in who have gone through foreclosure — just like me. My third want is to be able to make enough money to run a soup kitchen to feed the homeless.

  147. Art Williams


    My three choices are as follows,

    1 – Be in Debt to no man, instead be a Lender & a good Stewart.

    2 – Teach your system to 3,000 plus people in my Church to do the same.

    3 – Give out more money than I make with your system.

    I already know & believe I can do all things in Jesus! :>)

  148. Mickie Abrahamson

    My three things on my bucket list are:

    1. Help my 21 year old son to get healthy and be able to learn affiliate marketing.
    2. To create an income online that will allow me to travel when and where I want to go.
    3. To help in the realm of teen bullying, possibly starting my own organization to help teens that are bullied. Our teens now are so at risk for bullying with facebook, twitter, and cell phones and it really needs to stop!

  149. Sarah

    The top three things on my bucket list.

    Pay off all my debt.
    Do much needed home repairs.
    Make enough money to be financially independant so I can continue to help people through volunteering my time, making the world a better place to live in.

  150. robert

    Bucket List
    1. to gain my healthback to be able to run,hike,cAMP,FISH
    2. To be secure financially enough inorder to help others
    3. Get a HARLELY ROAd bike an go for A LONG RIDSE

  151. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – My three things are:
    1. To stay in good health
    2, To live free from stress and have a happy life
    3. Have Financial Freedom in order to help family and friends
    as well as myself

  152. Stephen Kay

    well the one thing i realy like to do is make sure my wife and kids and my Mother never had to worry about money if somehting happen to me .If i could get to that point i not sure i would ask for much more.

  153. Robert Hart

    Anthony Morrison
    My name is Robert Hart

    Iam still looking for all of your Great email marketing ,and ways to be sussefull.That is one of my maine goals,i have not money but iam still trying real hard but not much luck and iam not going to give up .

    I want to go all the way with your system and if i go for broke ill do it so you keep sendind me the blogs and ill keep watching them . one of these days ill get people to my web site . Right now only about 30 ah month if i dont when your book ill save my money and ill buy it and then I will be owne my way to seeing greater things happing in my life .

    Mr Anthony Morrison you have a great day and keep up the good work
    Your Friend Robert Hart

  154. Scotty Rushing

    The top three things on my bucket list are:

    1. Go back to college at a ripe young age (I’m 44 now) to get the degree I never got.
    2. Marry the love of my life in the Winner’s Circle at Churchill Downs (she’s a thoroughbred trainer).
    3. Give a complete stranger the best Christmas ever.

    Those are mine, and I hope many people will reflect on this and share. Henry David Thoreau said, “I am convinced of no greater fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate himself by conscious endeavor.” Thank you, Anthony, for inspiring others to make a conscious endeavor in their own lives.

  155. Dr. George Kraft

    Bucket list:
    1. Help as many sick people get well through Holistic/ Homeopathic means as possible. I’m re-starting my Practice after 7 years of recovery from a Brain Aneurysm:-) I’m excited!
    2. finish raising the last of 3 children, they are( 13,23 & 27) & continue to guide them through Life as God fearing, responsible contributions to society. They’re already wonderful blessings in my life!
    3. Play St. Andrews Old course in Par or better. I was a 2 Hcp. before I got sick.

  156. Sandra

    Top 3 things I want to accomplish:
    1. Debt Free to be a homeowner.
    2. Provide for my child’s needs and wants without concerns
    3. Travel at least twice a year. ;o)

  157. Penny Jones

    My bucket list: produce money to pay down my Mortgage sooner, buy a car and help pay down my medical bills since I am on disability.

  158. Bernice J Adams

    My Top Three items on my Bucket list is
    1. Pay my house off
    2. Pay my son’s house off and buy my daughter a house paid in full
    3. Take my husband to Australia a place he has wanted to see

  159. nathan ocmond

    THe three things I’d most like to accomplish is as follows: 1) be able to pay for my children’s college education 2) Own my own successful business. 3) Have Freedom to enjoy time with my family and not have to worry about bills of any kind.

  160. Jerry

    Top 3 items on my bucket list!

    1.Have a million dollar retirement fund by age 65
    2.Pay off all debt in 4 years
    3.Have multiple income streams

  161. michele otten

    1). To be able to live comfortably and vacation and help others to sucked.

    2): To raise a self-relient child in athe self-indulgent world.

    3). To live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

  162. Rosalee Karmann

    find secure income to replace lost job
    Buy a home in place of renting a home
    Replenish my 401 plan

    I have your CPVDom and have set up 2 groups,
    but have not got any clicks
    if you have any suggestions please reply
    currently going thru Wolf Storm Media

  163. Stephen Morgan

    Top three reasons I am doing this:
    1. I want to accomplish something I start and be successful at it.
    2. I want to make money to repay my parents the money they have given me all this year to support me.
    3. I want to just get out of debt totally.

  164. Rosie

    The top three things I want to accomplish are:

    1. Paying off my college loan. I just finished grad school and I’m currently looking for a job.
    2. Renovating my parents’ home. They have mortgaged the family home to put me through undergrad and grad school.
    3. Owning my own home and vehicle, and putting a few more family members through college.

  165. Debra Rebetje

    1. …to free my family and friends of their debts, worries and pressures.

    2. …to help my homeless friends by instituting a local program that gives
    them a hand up instead of a hand out (neither of which they are get-
    ting at this point in time.

    3. …to have a long awaited “commitment / “we’re KRAZY about each oth-
    er” ceremony / party / vacation. (We’ve been together 15 years but
    never had the money to celebrate and we didn’t get together until we
    were in our fourties. Our family is large (6 brothers with wives and
    children and extended families. It seems like a pipe dream.)


  166. Mary Anne Myers

    I would like to be debt free.
    I would like to put my kids through college.
    I would really like to have my own business to better myself.

  167. Lillie

    To become debt free and be able to spend quality time with my family
    To spend more time in my ministry helping people learn how to draw close to God.
    To be able to make large contributions to the charity of my choice

  168. augustine medina

    my top three goals.
    To be able to buy the house that I now am renting.Paid in full!
    To be able to pay off the house that my mom and dad live in.
    And to be able to help as many of my family members and friends that I
    possibly can. By giving them $5000 gifts. On the terms that they join with
    us by investing the money back. Say, by enrolling in the Success
    Academy, and starting their there own businesses. After they purchase
    your books of course!

  169. Annette a life that points people to the Saviour
    2.manage money I make in such a way that not only takes care of my needs but allows me to give freely and abundantly to others
    3.take a ‘wow’ vacation with my friends and family

  170. Nona Petioni-Chambers

    A fully paid off 535xi BMW

    Make over of the house including furniture, carpet, and paint.

    Make over of the back yard including plants, shed, seating,fencing.

  171. Cara

    My top three items in my bucket list are:

    1. My husband passed away from ALS, my son who is 9 wants to become a doctor/scientist when he grows up so he can find the cure for the disease so no other children will have to lose their dad to this disease. My wish is to be able to support his education so that I can make his dream come true.

    2. I want to sit on a cafe, sipping my morning cafe late and eating my beignet while over looking the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    3. I want to fly an airplane.

  172. Diana

    Top three things on my bucket list:

    Find balance in my life: mentally, emotionally, physically and financially healthier.

    Go on a scuba diving trip to Sulawesi / Indonesia

    Write a book.

  173. Jolimela Mkwananzi

    I urgently want to make 2-3 billion US$ for:
    1. To live on
    2. To recruit more young African children to join the program, make some living. This will be linked to further education to improve the quality and capacity of the Nation.
    3. To establish a centre for HIV/AIDS orphans to:
    Provide sustenance
    Provide traing from Kindergaten to University with collaboration from Universities and Government
    Encourage and chanell talent appropriately for the current program and science/applied research in association with leading internatioinal institutes.

  174. Joe McGuffin

    Dear Anthony,
    Don’t have a bucket list per say but after 20 some odd years in the real estate business, in a small rural town, I need to supplement my retirement when that time comes. I would like to treat my wife to a cruise, we have raised 4 children together who are doing well on their own, not have to worry about money, and live compfortably from here on out.
    Just now getting started with training and learning so your book sounds like a good addition since funds are scarce around here.
    Thanks for all your help, Joe

  175. Lillian Samuel

    To have enough money to pay off the mortage on my church.
    To be debit free so I can sow into others lives, where ever there is a need. To have enough money to help my three grandchildren through college. When they finish they will not have any loans to pay back. It is all about helping others.

  176. Ralph

    My top three are:

    To be debt FREE!!!!!
    Spend more time with family.
    To help out family members to make a better live for themselfs

  177. Jan-Inge


    Why it’s important for me to create a fortune, here is my bucket list:
    1. To create a better lifestyle for myself, for my family and those I hold dear.
    2. To help more of them that are not as fortunate as myself, so that I can increasingly provide grants and support important research.
    3. Never more waste my energy on worrying about money.

  178. Editha Knuth

    Dear anthony,
    Thank you for your question?
    The top three things on my bucket list
    !. First to be able to have freedom to do whatever I want in my life.
    2 Being independent having solid financial stablishment to carry responsibility of my family and people who needs help.
    3 The most important to find out the meaning of my life why I,m here in this world God must have a purpose to me.

  179. Richard Belir

    That’s easy. Three things that I want to do are:
    1.) Push my invention on a way of producing green electricity through to completion;
    2.) Go to Macho Pichu;
    3.) create happiness and health

  180. Betty Masters

    Top Three Things on My Bucket List:

    To help my four grown children own a home of their own.
    To be able to quit the job I have working for someone else because I am 75 and have worked since I was 14.
    To be able to see my children more often than once every two or three years (can’t now because of my job that I need to survive).
    And also help others that are less fortunate.

  181. Avril

    1. To bring my partners Family to Canada from Egypt
    2. To keep my Travel Business Growing during the economy downturn so I can keep my staff employed
    3. Become Debt Free

  182. spencer chisman

    Hi Anthony 11-11-11

    The first or top three things on by bucket list are.

    (1) To have done something financially profitable be fore my mom dies so that I can make her last days comfortable and so the last days of her life will make her feel that having children was worth all that she has be though.
    (2) The next thing I would put on my list would to have enough money to have a family reunion and bring all her children and grand children together under one roof in a very nice place where none of us have been.
    (3) The last thing I would want to have done is to have made enough money so that my own children would be able to teach there children my (grand children) to think rich and be rich to continue the process for their families now I can die happy. Bucket list complete.

  183. Samadhi OZen

    i want to be totally free of money problems to go into deep meditation (zen).
    i want to share my understanding of truth, to people
    i want to meet personally with Bono from U2.
    i’m also dating myself and it’s not so much, okey:)))

  184. Gene Essen

    I attended your first seminar and I hVE watched your blogs and webinars. Very interesting and interesting. Sorry I have no money to spare and I had 2 valves replaced in my heart, and sometimes I am having a rough day but soon I may be part of your group.Best wishes and continue what you are doing!

    greetings Gene

  185. Charlene Kiger

    To get my website up and rolling and make it successful.
    To be able to pay off my credit card debt soon.
    To take my two daughters and three grandsons on a cruise.

  186. [email protected]

    Hi Anthony…It feels great to be one of your followers. My bucket list:

    1. To take my kids to the Dominican Republic in an amazing vacation where we can share with families and friends with no financial stress. (-they had never been there).
    2. To own a single level beautiful house with 4 bedrooms and a big amazing backyard.
    3. To have an stable and successful online business that allows me to offer solutions and help to families in my community that are struggling to get ahead in life, not only single mothers, but also those families that work hard but can not make enough for their needs.

  187. Benny

    The top three things on my bucket list:

    1.) To pay off my home

    2.) Save 20,000 dollars and travel with my children oversaes and see key sites in the USA

    3.) Purhae a brand new car, mine is nine years old…

    Please forward your “new book” as soon as possible…(Smile)



  188. Larry Legare

    Three things that drive me to make more money.

    1. To help my family members who are having a rough go of it right now. I’d like to live long enough to see them secure.

    2. To be of more help to my favorite charities specifically Save the Children and St Judes Children Hospital.

    3. To be able once in my life to be able to buy or do something I want. Not just doing thigns that have to be done, such as mortgages, school loans, car payments. I want and I think I deserve to have a little comfort in what’s left of my time line

  189. Penny Merritt

    My top three are : 1-Help as many homeless animals as I can . Providing all the animals I have on my small farm now with the best possible life they could ever have imagined (if that was possible) 2-Being able to care for myself without the help of titlemax or any high interest loan company because of misfortunes in my life 3-My father has dementia and I have cared for him for over five years and my husband died last year after a motorcycle wreck so I would really like to set up some kind of fund to help people out with their finances when bad things happen to good people . Maybe pay their utilities for a few months or take food or clothes to people who need it the most . I dont believe that most people like to be on the downward rollercoaster and I would like to believe that with a little boost they could gain their self respect back . I have seen the day where I had to ask for help and I know it made me feel like a loser . I know some people are just lazy or on drugs ,but there are a lot of people who really need things that are not going to break the bank .

  190. Margarita Manuel

    Please help me to have a website free, like you are said in the T.V. always when I going to get it they want some money to put me in. Mrs. Manuel I filling sorry for this situations and I can’t open my website to work with you.

  191. Henry

    Top three things on my bucket list:
    1/ to prove this stuff is really working.
    2/ making it fun, as I am earning.
    3/ then pay off slowly some of my debts and save for future vacation.

  192. Holly Lewis

    The top three things on my bucket list:
    1. Earn enough to pay off my house before I retire.
    2. To be able to retire early enough to enjoy it.
    3. Teach my children to be successful so I don’t have to worry about them after I retire and go trout fishing for weeks at a time!

  193. Monica Restea

    Hi Anthony, here are three reasons, why?

    1.My mother’s heart implant is due next year and I am the only one that can and must provide for it and I will do anything to keep my mother alive. There is time left still until June 2012, but the time is clicking and so It’s my mothers life. I must come up with $2000 until then.
    2. To be able to provide for myself and my son.
    3. I want to be able to go back home and some time with my parents, and with my 4 wonderful brothers that I love so much, things were kind of rough for me for the last 6 years and I wasn’t able to see them. Hot tears are falling down my chicks, I really miss them so, so much. Those feelings and concerns are eating me alive at this time. But, I believe that there it’s a higher power and authority that will make everything possible, Much more where it’s a will it’s a way.
    Have a great weekend Anthony,

    Sincerely, Monica R.

  194. Bruce

    My bucket list is as follows: I’m 54 and would love to quit my demanding and physically tiring job. I’d love to be able to pay off my parents house and bills. To be able to help other family members and non profits(Homeless & Hungry) One extra thing on my list pretty well sums it all up;For myself and my parents to never have to worry about money ever again…

  195. dennis lambert

    1- pay off my sons college bills
    2-travel to alaska
    3-pay off all of my bills

  196. Scott Ullrich

    My bucket list:
    1. A home in the woods with horses and hunting grounds for family and friends
    2. to sponsor an entire town rather than one child with someone like CCF
    3. to take a family vacation to Australia or Kenya, something to blow their minds and that they would never forget.

  197. octavia smith

    first i would love to be able to remodel my well needed home repairs.
    second i would love to be able to help family and some friends.
    finally i would make a donation to a charitable church or shelter.

  198. Greg Higgerson

    I simply need to supplement my income so that I can manage to live…I am disabled and need the extra income to just exist.

  199. Kaye Hutton

    To suppliment our income so my husband can retire.
    To help my grandchildren with college expenses.
    To enjoy some of our retirement while we are still in good health.

  200. Gary L. Everest, Sr.

    1. we wish to spend as much time with our 4+1 Children, 18 Grandchildren and our first Great Grandchild – we standby and support them in the Great things and catch them in the not so great things.

    2. i want to help Pat get to travel everywhere she wants to go and see

    3. i want to make #1 & #2 come as soon as possible before mind gives up for good

  201. Albert Shinn

    The top tree things I want to accomplish are:
    1. Rebuild my retirement funds.
    2. Spend more time with my family.
    3. Build our dream home.

    There are a few more but those are some great goals.

  202. Joyce Jacobsen

    Iam seventy years old, I would like to make enough money to retire and
    not have to depend on my sons help, I have a grandson just starting college, I would like to help and see him through those years.
    I also have a very dear friend that all of her family is gone and she is alone and haveing a hard time makeing ends meet.
    I have your first two books you sold on tv. and enjoyed them very much.
    Very informative. Thank You Joyce J.

  203. Pat Rebo

    .Anthony, you have to be commended for what you are doing. I’m computor illiterate,and still trying to figure out how to add friends to my facebook,and I still haven’t tried twitter and texting yet. I read your E-mails and watch and listen to your blogs every chance I get knowing,. I CAN DO THIS. I’m tired of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and wondering where i’m going to get the money to pay Peter back. #1 I NEED TO BE DEPT FREE.. My oldest son and his wife bought an older mobile for me to live in and they pay the payments on it and I don’t have to pay them back. My youngest son just gave me his car so I would have safe transpertation. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. #2 I WOULD LIKE TO DO WHATEVER I CAN TO HELP MY KIDS GET OUT OF DEPT. AND HAVE. A BETTER LIFE..And the good Lord has blessed me so much. #3 WHICH SHOULD BE # 1, IS CONTRIBUTE MORE THAN WHAT IS NEEDED IN THE KINGDOM PREACHING WORK ..So Anthony what ever free help you can give me ,it’s much appriciated. May Jehovah bless your endevers .Thank you for this oppertunity. Pat Rebo

  204. Ramiro

    1. The frist thing is to establish a solid internet- web site and profitable business . 2. make enough money to be debt free as much as possible save to send and help my kids to go to college . 3 take beautifull vactions with as many family members or ALL of them as I can take with us all !!!

  205. curtis hahka

    the top three things on my bucket list 1 to feel like i have achieved more in my life then i have 2 to give more back to others like help to them if i can make a few extra dollars even a meal here or a meal there what ever i can do to help. 3 to be able to share with others knowledge from what i have learned from you anthony to talk to people and teach how to make money the way yoiu teach within reason for me im not even close to your expertise of teaching.

  206. jim mitchell

    1. pay my bills each month
    2.share $ with my children and grandchildren
    3.learn about and invest in my on-line marketing business

    My bucket list

  207. Theresa

    More than anything I would like to be able to give all of our children security for themselves and their families. The next thing on my list would be to have a small motor home and tour the country.while visiting all of our children. I want to be able to donate every penny after that to cancer research.

  208. Brian

    To leave something tangible that my son can use to support himself after I’m gone.
    To finally be able to use the internet effectively and to make a good living while helping others.
    To become an effective marketer, and to put the tools and knowledge that I have acquired over the years to good use.

  209. Nathan

    to raise enough money to fund my wedding next year and a vacation to South Africa.

    to have money to buy a house and complete grad school

  210. Chrissy

    1. Do the ministry to the best of my ability

    2. Take care of my family’s needs

    3. Keep focused on the important things in life, not the trival everyday things the things that make life worth living. Example–The SMILE on your kids face.

  211. Sharon

    Top three things on my bucket list.

    Create a sustainable income so my 62 year old husband can quit refereeing 2 to 8 soccer games a day just so we can pay our bills.

    Fly to Australia to visit hubbie’s children, Mom and siblings we haven’t seen in 11 years..

    Take a trip to Holland to visit the rest of the hubbie’s family….(aunts, uncles, cousins, step-mom.)

  212. Charles Herrington

    * Make enough money to first of all, pay off the debts to date catch up with the already struggling economy which keeps my bank account $2200.00 in overdraft and zero savings.

    * Develop a solid income stream that allows me to not only support my way of life but actuallys begins building financial wealth for the future

    * Finally and forever have enough money in the bank not only waiting to be spent or donated as I choose but massive amounts coming in allowing me to live my life in unlimited wealth.

  213. Larry Grimes Sr

    The top three things on my bucket list are: To be successful in my attempt in online marketing. #2 To help my son and daughter be proud of me and understand desire and defeat. #3 Be able to afford tickets to super bowl in football.Just dreaming but that is alright

  214. Elizabeth M.

    Bucket List:

    Finish my two books.
    Establish a Foundation that enables people who really need money to apply for grants for any legitimate purpose. No strings, no loopholes to jump through. Just apply and tell me your story.
    Finish my journeys to all National Parks in the U.S. and all states.

  215. Pamelac

    The top three things on my bucket list
    To be able to buy a car with out a loan
    To be able to help the thousands that need hope and help(ideas, donations, mentoring)
    To be able to take better care of my mom.

  216. Marcelino Acosta

    Hi Anthony

    Thank you for your encouragement. Here are the three most important
    reason why I want to earn money on the internet.
    . 1. I have no other alternative anymore. I am 73yr old it’s extremely hard
    for me to apply for a regular job with all the competion from younger and
    and more qualified workers
    2. I want to prove to my family especially to my wife that I can earn
    money from the internet.
    3. To supplement my meager Social Security pension to pay my
    mortgage and buy food for the family

  217. Ron Hendrix

    The top 3 things on my bucket list are:
    (1) To just succeed so that I can finally have a feeling of accomplishment, and know I did something worthwhile.
    (2) To gain as much knowledge as I possibly can.
    (3) To be able to share and help some other people who really need it the most.

  218. George

    1. To be able to help other people (Give back)
    2. To be able to help my son and grand children more
    3 To be able to travel the wolrd.

  219. Janelle Murphy-Burkett

    The top three things on my bucket list are:

    To ay off our house.
    To put all 3 of our children through college -and have that debt paid 🙂
    And to travel around the country and maybe visit different places around the world

  220. Mr. Christopher P. Romero

    Hi there Anthony, well for me my top three things on “my bucket list” are 1.) To inprove upon my health, memory and eating habits. 2.) To inprove upon my spiritual life, live for the King (Jesus), in accordance to the King James version only of the Bible and his other servants even deceased that have blessed us with a wealth of knowledge for this time. Actively serving him in discipleship an witnissing for him along the lines of love and truth no matter what, my experience has been easier said then done but we or I have got to start somewhere! 3.) Somehow, someway, inspite of all my failures and short comings, fried or not from a horrendously terible shameful party background to the present minus the party life now because I’m determine to live with out it, anything that alters my mind, and get a higher quality life for myself by his grace including all that money can buy even though I know that I can’t take it with me, I realize it can make a persons life richer verses going without and learning too that it’s no requirement for access to Heaven riches I mean, to me prosperity and character are worth obtaining it seems to require some learning an unlearning courage and responsibility, and most of all on going humility not mixed with hypocracy one day at time, some of these things matter most to me plus living and hanging on to faith that works by love! Well thats enough out of me for now, thanks…

  221. Kandy Beck

    I have a lot on my Bucket List,but the top 3 are for reasons to be able to help others.
    #1=To be able to stay at home with my Handicap son.
    #2=Teach my Family members what I am learning from
    the Affiliate Marketing courses to help them have a
    means of making money to support themselves financially
    #3= Volunteer more at Church and help those in need

  222. Sharon Davidson

    Top 3 things on my bucket list:

    Make some money in this business so I can show my kids how to do the same (mentor them) so I don’t have to help them pay their bills any more.

    That’s 3 things, because I have 3 kids.

  223. Eric Daniel

    Why I subcribe to this internet marketing is because I want to be boss of my own instead of being tossed and bossed around in the office and you end up with migger pay every two weeks. The internet marketing is a business where if could be able to spend about twelve to fifteen hours in a week, you realize a reasonable amount of money to take care of your family,pay bills and make more profit to expand your business.

    Why this is ideal is because it helps one to avoid unnecessary traffic jam experienced in expressway rush hours of commuting both back and forth. And it helps to reduce stress of dragging the expressway with other commuters. Infact you stay at easy of your beautiful home relaxing and have fun doing your work at home. It’s an exciting thing that brings joy and happiness at home with your family.

    Also the advantage part of this is you plan for vacation with your family and not applying through your boss with uncertainty if it will be approved or not for a week or two weeks vacation. So you see you’re completely on your own as the boss of your business. So it is a opportunity and very refreshing indeed to have business of this kind, work at home. We know that in the process and especially we who just started getting handson on this business, will one of this days be expertise on it. And like Anthony Morrison, I will continue to follow his footstep and lead us to that promise land. Thank God Jehovah the creator of the universe to continue keep us alive and stay in the right part and think focused on what’s been imparted to us. Regards, Eric Daniel

  224. Ric Heyman

    1) Money to help my family (especially children and grandchildren)
    2) Money to make my wife’s life easier and more joyous (we lost everything we had in 2001, and she has since been diagnosed with Diabetes and cervical cancer.
    3) To be able to build her the type of home she always wanted.

  225. Markell

    The top three things on my bucket list .

    Become financially stable and secure .

    Help my family and friends pay off there debts.

    Leave my dead end job for ever..

  226. Steve

    My bucket list:
    1. Walk away from my desk at work and not go back.
    2. Pay off my mortgage.
    3. Spend a month in Tuscany with my wife.

  227. Janet Maxwell

    The top three things on my bucket list.

    1. I want to purchase an apartment complex and help the homeless.
    2. purchase a house for my daughter, her daughter, myself and my friend to live in.
    3. buy my daughter a car.

  228. Laurie

    Top 3 things on my bucket list are:

    1. Help my children have a better life….moving them and their families out here on the farm.

    2. Having a dream vacation for my husband, my children and grandchildren to Disney World.

    3. Fix up the ole farm house where my grandfather,my father and myself and brother grow up.

  229. Noui Bellamy

    My bucket list consist of being able to care for my son and myself without depending on the government.
    I would also want to own a nice home, so we can make great memories, and i will have something to leave to him if I pass away.
    Lastly, I would love to learn the ins and outs of the marking business to be able help others who are on disability, such as myself and/or who have a sick child in the home also..

  230. Donna Phelps

    Anthony My main reason are: Freedom, Leaving New Jersey and most of all helping those who truly need help especially children.

  231. Kay Rigotti

    I am hoping to win the book and my three top bucket list choices are:

    1) To be in such a good financial standing that I am able to provide nutritional products namely spirlina to many of the impoverished children and young adults who do not eat properly due to the fact that their parent(s) are either unable to afford decent food or just don’t realize that there are food sources available that actually provide nutrition, vitamins and essential minerals that their children need to remain or to become healthy.

    2) To buy a vehicle or fix the one that I have so that I don’t have to walk everywhere.

    3) To get my teeth fixed so that I can smile again and chew food again!

  232. Kevin Frisby

    1. Help others who need help

    2. Contribute more to The Lord

    3. Own a home that others in need can come to.

  233. Jessie Littlejohn

    I have a bucket list you would not beleive, but the top three are get my business up and runing, get totally out of debt and purchase a home for myself (big dream).

  234. Angie

    The top three things on my bucket list.

    Donate money to a charity organization.
    pay off all my debt.
    Buy new clothes and possibly a new car.
    Take a cruise vacation with my sister.

  235. Shane Thompson


    To become Self Sufficient so that I do not need to rely anyone to help take care of my family.
    To get out of debt and stay out.
    Help others fulfill there bucket lists.

    Shane Thompson

  236. Leng

    1) Prove that determination, perseverance, hard work and never-giving-up spirit WILL create values in life. (This is something that i have been teaching my 8 yr old son.
    2) Create a better world and give back!
    3) Support my parents in their old age

  237. Daniel Garza

    1.Help my children pay off their college debts.

    2. Be able to have the freedom to travel with my grandchildren.

    3. And go to Rome, see the the Basilica, St Peters Square, and maybe meet the Pope.

  238. Peter Vieira

    Bucket list
    1. Pay off all bills including the house
    2.Be able to retire in 5 years making enough on the internet to do so
    3.Teach my children what I have learned so they could have the life I always knew was possible.

  239. Debbie

    Hi Anthony….okay:

    To have enough extra funds to buy myself a classical-electric guitar.
    To take my son on a missionary trip – actions will speak louder than my words ever will.
    To create enough cash flow that will allow me to have more blocks of time that I can devote to both humanitarian and animal efforts.

  240. Carolyn Wilson

    3 things in my bucket list
    1. Since I have retired, I need additional money to live since social security does not go very far
    2. My 92 year old mother needs to come live with me now and I need to be able to support both of us
    3. My 10 month old grandson needs me and I need to be able to buy food and diapers for him

  241. Roberto Duprey

    11-11-11 7:49pm
    My bucket list
    1)Get out of this hole that i am.
    2)Try to save my house that is closed to losse
    3)Help other people that need some help

  242. Carolyn Wilson

    3 items on my bucket list
    1. Since I have retired, I need additional money to live since social security does not go very far
    2. My 92 year old mother needs to come live with me now and I need to be able to support both of us
    3. My 10 month old grandson needs me and I need to be able to buy food for him and diapers

  243. Hazel Carlson

    1. Get out of debt. This economy has done me in.
    2. Help my children and grandchildren with their finances
    3. Continue with my charity volunteer work and provide more help. I have friends that have lost everything. They also need help.

  244. Pete Stuart

    My 3 points for my Bucket List —-

    1/ I’d like to have enough money to be able to take care of my wife’s medical conditions so that neither Lynda nor I would need to think about how to pay them. I believe that if we didn’t have any debts, she might be able to be better off medically and generally feel better.
    2/ Like many people, I’d just like to get all my bills paid and be debt free.
    3/ Now, if money was not any concern, I would be able to start my foundation to help handicapped children so that they are able to be comfortable with their own lives once their parents pass away. You see, mothers and fathers take care of their children, no matter what the personal problems they might have — taking them from place to place where ever they need to go. But when the parents pass away, who do the children turn to? What I want is to start my foundation whereby the parents can bring the kids to a location where their handicapped children can be around others that have similar problems. Well, if we had our plan in place, it would be simple because the kids would just continue coming to our “Homes” and still be around those other people that they have grown to be friends with.

    So, there you go — you asked for 3 points.

    Successfully and Positively,

  245. Luis Figueroa

    My list:
    1. Have free time to decide to do whatever I want to do with my wife and future family.
    2. Travel the world and experience the different cultures.
    3. Teach others to be successful.

  246. Coy Dickey

    1. One of my greatness desire is to be able retire and to have my on business at home on internet.
    2. i would like to able to learn how to internet market s in such as: email market how drive traffic web
    and other etc.
    3. You know that a lot of children grow up in rural area were poor. I live in rural area with my parent that
    my parents were poor because they jump one place to another location to make a living with six children.
    I want ed get away from the cotton field, tobacco field ,milking cow, and many other duty on the farm. Did you
    ever work at school to pay for lunch. I remember when I went to school as a child that I did not have shoes to
    wear that I was a shame of it. My parent did their best what they had. I thank my parent for what they did. It
    was not easy to live in that kind of condition. I had a very hearing lost and a speech problem as I was growing
    up which it was hard to live that way. I hope that every one learn to love and respect every around.
    Good Luck.

  247. Frank

    My Goals are simple, I dream about freedom from having to work 18hrs a day 6-7 days a week to make a tiny $525.00 paycheck.

    I don’t want my wife having to continue working in a factory and not having a single day off for almost 2 months.

    I dream of the day I can master my own business and become financially successful to the point that my kids and grandchildren will not have to worry about anything..

  248. Miriam Ferrary

    I just want to make enough to pay all my bills and be able to give back to people that have helped me. I’m 62 years old and disabled. Living on disability doesn’t pay the bills. I don’t need to make much, but I’d love to be able to help others.

  249. Josephine l. Chiang

    My 3 bucket list are:
    I am thankful that I don’t have everything. I desire, but I am looking forward to have a free book from you.
    I am thankful for the difficult times. It’s during those times that I want to learn to grow.
    I would like to find a way to be thankful for your program especially to you and hoping everything can become my/our blessings.


    Thanks Anthony,
    I would like to become successful on line.Then become debtfree.
    After which I will get my family all comfortable by showing them internet marketing.
    FCC of cause.
    Increase donations to four charities and become a regular tithe giver.
    For myself I would go on boat-trip, see the world.
    Get a comfortable house and beautiful garden.
    Get my grand kids all through a colledge education.

  251. jose rivera

    well thanks anthony I think to help my family and to grow my business and to have or be financially free, and to help those who need more that’s why I need to make money online,thank you

  252. bobby raines

    pay off my wifes cancer bills,donate for research for the def and blind, and help my family!!!

  253. Daniel Barwick

    Top Three on my bucket list::

    Pay off $20,000 worth of fines & restitution to probation for an indentity theft conviction I was wrongly accused of by an ex-girlfriend four yaers ago.

    Next after paying off probation I will be able to traxel to Belguim to visit my brother and his new new son. (I haven’t seen him in five years)

    Third Be able to afford a personal trainer to help me get back down to 200 pounds.

  254. Mohd Ikhmil Firdausz Bin Mohd Hanif

    Hi Anthony ,

    On top of wanting to achieve Financial Freedom like most of us dream of , there are 3 main thing that I really want to achieve in my life :

    1) I really want to explore the greatest talent and potentials in me that given by God to me so that I’ll be able to help others to achieve theirs
    2) I wanted to fullfill my dreams and my promises to my beloved parents , even though they passed away , that someday I will be successful in achieving my goals in life.
    3) I want to achieve my short goals of 20k a month and to become a millionaire someday from Internet marketing business. I’ve read many books and had failed many times before. Now I’m more confident because Fast Cash Commissions founders themselves are great leaders , teacher and mentors. I hope someday will have the opportunity to meet face by face with Anthony and be a part of the team.

  255. Charlene Kiger

    1. To get my website off the ground and be successful with it so I can retire.
    2. To be debt free so I can do what GOD has callled me to do.
    3. To be able to take my family on a cruse.

  256. SeSe

    11/11/11 9;10PM
    1)Be my own boss and be debt free
    2)Help financially those in really need
    3)Learn other cultures by traveling around the world

  257. Richard G.Ramirez

    My bucket list top 3 are: 1. To finally make my first buck in this business after buying your 1st book, and now your FAST CASH COMMISSIONS program, and studying IM for 6 months. 2. At 58yrs old to exponentially become financially independant ASAP.3. Help and teach others how to do the same; basically give back! And i wont back down until i do!

  258. Vale

    1.Pay of my debts,

    2.Help children and grandchildren pay for colledge,
    3.Save for travel in US and abroad

  259. Dr. W. T. Bolan

    I enjoy your insight immensely. I am very excited about this concept (new to me) that money is not the end goal- that it is what you can DO with the money that is the bottom line. Bucket list:

    1. Write/direct/produce life changing, world shaking movies with a “punch line” that is as powerful as the stories themselves.

    2. Create and fund a foundation that finances health care clinics in third world countries that have no concept of wellness principles in order to change the entire country from the inside out.

    3. Fund a new show called “Second Chances” that allows all of those with amazing talent that have been denied their chances to perform on shows such as “The X Factor” and “American Idol” because they have made mistakes and have some type of record that prevents their being considered. EVERYONE deserves a SECOND CHANCE at life!!

  260. Sandra Stiles

    I have a lot of golds I hope to reach.
    1. Reach my success in getting my business started so I can financially help my grandaughter with a lot of problems financially and health problems. She needs a liver transplant.
    2. Be able to meet all my financial need and make my life more comfortable.
    3. I lived in Hawaii when my husband was in service and I would like to go back for a visit. That was in 1955-1956 and I am 77 years old now.
    4. Thanks, Anthony for all your help and I feel like the blog #86 explained it so maybe I can get my business all set up myself. I’m going to try with my programs and the Fast Cash Commissions Members only Training
    lessons you give us on the webinar. I have had my first one when will the second one come out. Thanks.

  261. Sam Sanders

    Anthony,I truly believe you have been a God sin for a lot of people you have touch in your life. Trust me I no, I just been recently been blessed by recieving a transplant; back in June 29, 2011. I had been on Dialysis for over 15 straight yeares.I’m telling you this so you will understand my Bucketliss is from the hard.1st bucketless to please my heavenly Father everyday. 2nd To buy my only sister a home,for her comfort and her family. And 3rd to be a blessing to everyone i encounter through my life.ThankYou Anthony, for your sincere care for otheres to succeed.Sincerely: Sam Sanders.

  262. Grace-Ann Campbell

    The things that I hope to achieve in life are:

    – Pay Off my debts
    -Pay my sons University Fee
    -To be successful online so that I can helph others how to be successful as well online

  263. Alejandrina

    1- I want to provide affordable ,decent housing for low income families.
    2- I want to help folks keep their homes.
    3- I want to help my daughter with her wedding ( God willing,She’s getting married August 2012) and help them put a down payment on their first home.

  264. William Kennedy

    Bucket List = Things you want at lifes end.

    #1. To go to Heaven (our true home) and be with the Lord for all eternity.
    #2. To have prayed well enough so that all those I pray for will also be in Heaven.. Those who have gone before me, as well as those who shall follow behind me..
    #3. To hear Our Lord say “Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Masters home”…

    I’m here to develope an income stream to help pay for lifes needs, as well as the needs of others.. Give, and it shall be given unto you…

    This life is but a fleeting moment, eternity is forever! Every tick of the clock is one step closer to the beginning, not the end.. Live your life this way, and all things will work for the good… I desire my last words to be prior to kicking the bucket “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”…
    I have your book already Anthony, thank you… 🙂 Praise be to Jesus 🙂

  265. Sam Sanders

    Anthony, they are asking me to revise my first statement. Well i can’t because it came from the heart. If they allow you to read it I prey you do.Not just for my sake but for others to review. But all in all I ask God to allow me to be a Blessing and a
    help mate to others. thank you again Sam Sanders:

  266. Nina L

    Hi Anthony,
    The top three things are:
    1. Be completely debt free
    2. Help my daughters pay for their collage
    3. Retire from my job and I don’t have to worry about how to pay the bills while living on a fixed income.

  267. john

    1 start a fund that helps people have a good life
    2 pay for the house I live in
    3 let me start out winning the book

  268. Kevin Mack

    The top three things, I want in my bucket list of things to get done are one; begin the businesses that will fund the building of God’s Tabernacle of Meeting for His lost and homeless children here in Dallas, Texas. Secondly; to have a family reunion with all the members of my family on both sides. Thirdly; to name the business for God’s sake and the world join in and help do the same.

  269. Trudy Shaw

    The three things on my bucket list is
    1. Teach my six children how to work this system.
    2. Go to see all 12 of my grandchildren in an RV that I want to buy expressly for this.
    3. Be proficient in using your system to supplement my Social Security of which there is very little (due to being a stay at home mom). As a single grandma this is better than Wal-Mart greeter and a lot more fun being able to do this while on the go.

  270. Catherine

    My 3 goals are:
    1 – To be debt free
    2 – As the sandwich generation, to afford to take care of my son and my parents, and have enough left over to include the rest of my family.
    3 – Learn Internet Marketing well enough to allow me to market my website successfully and make the money I need to achieve goal # 1and # 2.

  271. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, thank God I have no debt, so my vision for my online business is:

    1) To have the time and resources to travel every two months to visit my sons in Lima, Peru, In Los Angeles and in San Francisco and then to many cities and countries around the world.

    2) I will have enough money to be able to tithe $100,000 a year to a church that is strong and effective evangelising in the Andes of Peru.

    3) I will creat a website or blog dedicated to preach to the world from the pulpit made available through the internet about all sorts of ideas and thoughts I have about the truth in the Bible and in other spiritual books, as well as private revelations. I will dedicate 80% of my internet business to make money and 20% to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ.

  272. Charles Czykoski

    My Bucket List
    I want to see the seven wonders of the world
    I want to own my home paid in full
    See my daughter finish college

  273. Tawana

    My Bucketlist
    1) Buy a new home- so we can buy the lot that our current home is on, tear it down and make a playground for the neighborhood children
    2) Move mom (my husband’s mother) in our new home to live with us
    3) Help our parents with the things they need – paying their debts and bills

  274. Becky Womble

    Hi Anthony,

    This is my bucket list:

    1) Pay cash for a home in the country and put all the animals that I can possibly take care of on it!

    2) Help to put my 5 grandkids through college.

    3) Travel – for self and to help give aid to those in need.

  275. Albert

    Pay off my loan on my 2010 Chev Impala and get a more reliabile automobile

    Pay my other debts to become debt free

    Buy a new home without a mortgage—PAY CASH!!!!!

    Increase my TITHE

    Help as many in need as I possible can

  276. Kevin Mack

    To list at least three things from a bucket list I may make would be for my vision I believe came from God for to under take for His glory! 1. To start a few businesses that will fund the building of the Tabernacle of Meeting;2. build apartments and houses for the homeless and lost children of God.;3. to have a family reunion for both sides of my family all at the same time. Thanks Anthony for the opportunity to express this publicly so to speak.

  277. Nelda Percival

    My bucket list
    #1.I want to take a shower in my own bathroom…earn enough money to pay for a well and plumbing and the creation of a bathroom so I can take daily showers inside, you know a flush toilet would be good with that shower. for both mine and my sister’s homes

    #2. My daughter and her husband are going through bankruptcy and she has carpel tunneling in both hands so hasn’t worked in a few months, and they could use help with the bills.

    #3. buy a car/truck that gets good mileage my 1976 Chevy truck only gets about 6 miles to the gallon so to expensive to go anywhere , plus it is rusting apart lol you can see light between the doors and the frame and the bed looks like a strainer..

    But, I have the book so give it to some one else, It was just good to write down my goals again…

    Some thing becomes more attainable as we visualize it. and boy can I visualize a bathroom for my house!


    Got my Blog up and was accepted for AdSence… wow!! Thanks Anthony!

  278. Allen Melius

    My first goal is to become debt free so that I can help my family and my wife’s family over come their poverty due to job losses and health problems. My second and third goals would be to help as many people and charities as I can with their financial burdens.

  279. alma newton

    well Anthony. the top of my Bucket list .

    #1 To be financially secure, paying off all my debts, including my Educational my recent hospital bills, just got out of the hospital myself today.

    #2. To be able to Buy homes in the country for all the family members that are paying $600.00 per month for cracker box home or sub standard housing, to live in, and I have 21 kids a blended family, many of which are seriously financially impacted.and to get my son home.

    #3. To find help for my husband whom has alheimzers and pay for help caring for him, and to be able to help turn around costs for Cancer victums both children and adults.

  280. Robert (Bob) La Fond

    My Bucket List:

    1. Buy another sailboat (like the O’Day 22), which I was forced to sell when I filed for bankruptcy to save my home & business.

    2. Turn my real estate appraisal business over to my son so I won’t have to work 14-hour days to support my wife who is disabled by a series of strokes, and my son who has recently undergone surgery for the 3rd time following a heart attack and two shoulder surgeries.

    3. Have enough spare time to be able to go sailing at least once a month.
    I just turned 82 (on Halloween!) and have been working ever since I was 8 years old helping my dad remodel properties he would buy, carrying two paper routes, and numerous odd jobs, earning enough to get into an exclusive military academy (bought my own uniforms -2nd hand, etc.), and into university until called into active service in the Navy. Since then I have never been unemployed, but lost $500,000 when my stocks collapsed. Not complaining – I have been very fortunate – but it would be nice to be able to take it a little easier. I’m studying your videos, but have yet to get it set up an online account.

  281. Allen Melius

    1. I would like to become debt free within one year and since I am 75 years old I am really working hard at it. 2. Because of my age, I may not have much time left to help my family and my wife’s family over their poverty. 3. If I have the means I would like to help our local charities with their fund raisings.

  282. Janie S.

    My top three buckett list are:
    1. To become debt free
    2. Help my church with the repairs and the all purpose building we are
    trying to finish.
    3. help my family to be debt free and someone who is not my family
    with a blessing that they really need.

  283. Lorraine. UK

    Bucket list.
    1 Get myself and family out of debt
    2 Help others to learn what you are teaching me.
    3 Spend loads of time in India (where my heart is) and help the children.

  284. Patricia Dowdy

    1. I wish to design a website that attracts SEO’s and affiliate marketing opportunities that earn multiple streams of incomes for me. The content of the site will be reviews and book or film notes on newly released films and novels.

    2. I want to volunteer at places where people are in need and could use a little cheering. I would hold rap session for teens and young adults, read to younger children, and to serve as a companion for seniors who are alone.

    3. I desire to write novels during the rest of my day. I am an excellent story teller who has not found the time nor money to put my wares on the market.

    These three wishes are interrelated. They presuppose that the first will generate enough income for me to do the other two as well.

  285. Matt

    1. You know this, people know this who are keeping up with weekly blog, I want to learn. I want to find out as much as I can about everything out there. I want to to do this out of self interest, to feel secure with myself and my life, but also to help others: I want to be able to help that person fix this transmission in thier car, or I want to help that other person work on their Physics homework. I want to learn.

    2. I want to live without the limit of income, making the most of life is my greatest priority. I’ve been kite boarding and it is TONS of fun, and it is super dangerous if you’re not experienced. My dad, for a 2 hour lesson for him and me, paid $600 DOLLARS in order to have that experience, and I hope for him and me both to live without having to worry about the expenses of living.

    3. Last, but this is the most important. Every day that I wake up now-a-days, I feel this sense of worthlessness… and loathing towards my day I’m looking forward to. Then my mind gets running: I’ve got 3 tests today, and I have only 3 of the 4 hours of homework done from last night, and I’ve got a social life to keep up too. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of things to do, washed away by my worries and pains. Someday I want to wake up with a sense of peace, restfulness, and furfilledness. Basically I want to wake up happy, looking forward towards the day ahead. I want to be thinking, “Hey, life is good. Now what shall I have for breakfast”. I already know now… life is good. But I can’t let my stresses go yet. I’ve still got challenges I need to overcome, homework to catch up on, friends to be there for, and tests, TESTS galore! But someday…. Someday I hope to wake up and think… Today is a good day.

  286. Linda Hardison

    I possess a passion for helping others, and do believe in multiple streams of income. I hope your program provides adequate ROI.
    Would like to be instrumental in changing the “foreclosure” landscape of Chicago.
    Would ultimately like to acquire an entire city block to employ talented “out-of-workers”, and mentor youth.

  287. Ted

    Hi Anthony, My first three goals for and 80 year man is to leave this world years from now debt free. Second help my church accomplish a current project sooner. Help my grandson with his college expense’s.

  288. Troy Boydston

    My three goals: (1) Become debt free (2) Make enough income on line so my wife and I can completely quit our full time jobs. (3) Learn enough from my coaching that I will be selected to give a testimonia.

  289. Janie Shepard

    my buckett list are
    1. to become4 debt free own no man.
    2. To help my church finish the builings and the repairs they need.
    3. Heip my family and someone I do not know that need help and a
    blessing from God children so they can have faith in God.

  290. Linda Hardison

    I have a passion for helping others, but don’t yet have the resources. I hope your program affords me adequate ROI so that I may move toward my lofty goals.
    I believe in multiple streams of income. My desire is to help displaced people acquire housing and transform the “foreclosure” landscape of Chicago.
    My ultimate goal is to acquire an entire city block and employ talented “out-of-workers” to mentor and train our youth (future leaders).

  291. James Sliney

    In order to achieve the three items on my ‘bucket list’ I will necessarily need to add another income stream by succeeding at setting up my internet marketing business over the next twelve months. The three items on my ‘bucket list’ are as follows:
    1. Provide for the financial security of my family,
    2. Contribute to charitable and environmental causes, and
    3. Leave a legacy to my family, charities, and environmental causes.



  293. Jerome Mcallister

    The Top Three things on my list for success is:
    #1.To start a non profit organization for the homeless, and the,hungry
    #2. To start a non profit organization for children who are in need of a home to call their own
    #3. To build a large recreational and learning facillity for all low income neighborhoods where no child will be deprived of a childhood.

    Go to Hooked on Phonics (

  294. kim

    my top three tings i desire are:

    1. to create this charitable are home of comforter for all child that has being molested rape , and also without an father r mother
    2. to absolutely to help my family out of debts

  295. Corey Anderson

    Like a lot of others in these hard times I would like to:

    1-Get out of the large debt I have accumulated.
    2- Put my five kids through college and university
    3-Have extra money so that I may help others who have the same misfortune as I myself have.

  296. kim

    my top three tings i desire are:

    1. to create this charitable are home of comforter for all child’s that has being molested rape , and also without an father r mother
    2. to absolutely to help my family out of debts

    and to own my own business

  297. glenn randazzo

    *earn enough money at a more steady and secure flow to allow me to afford living life in a more enjoyably and giving way.(would really love to take my mom and family on a trip to Italy before my mom passes)and stop feeling like such a failure.
    *finally own my own home so I can gain a feeling of security
    *earn the kind of money,and I mean lots and lots of it, so that I can be the kind of generous person that my heart would love for me to be( to family , friends , and others…)

  298. Elizabeth Walker

    Hi Anthony, I would like to pay my home off, to help my children to be debt free and to be able to teach them how to work this business. Also to be able to give to organizations and my church. I would like the book to have as a reference as I am learning. Thank you for giving and God Bless.

  299. Janise Sims

    Hey Anthony,

    The three things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime would be:
    1. Success in my business
    2. Go Back to school to achieve my Masters degree.
    3. Establish a secure and solid foundation for my children and my future grandchildren.

  300. john wilder

    1. give huge donations to the Mercy Home in Chicago
    2. become wildly proficient in internet marketing
    3. no 3rd – am very blessed and have enough now!

  301. thomas j. serra


  302. Lloyd Rust

    Dear Anthony, Adopted a family of 3, 16 years ago, now grown to 9. We need to live in one house, trying to enlarge mine. Need to eradicate the mortgage. We need to provide an adequate education for 7 children, ages 10 to 27.

  303. Thomas Fry

    My first priority is to give my sons a better life. I am a single father, and we live in an apartment, watch a crappy little solid state tv, and I drive a 94 Nissan Sentra. I’ve never been anything but working class poor, but I want more for my sons.

    My second priority is to take care of my mother. She is retired, and lives in subsidized housing. She has very little income, and health issues, and she did her best to raise my brother and I, as a single mother. Now I want to return the favor.

    My third priority is to bring the Martial Arts to those who desperately need it, or could benefit from it in many ways, but can’t afford it. I have run a Karate school before, and influenced many lives and provided a better way of life through Karate training for many under-privileged children, but ultimately it cost me my business. If I could afford it, I would offer it for free to them.

  304. Sharlyn

    1. buy an island in the South Pacific and build a home with all the toys and luxuries.

    2. purchase a winter home in the mountains

    3. travel the world

  305. Adrienne Lawton

    I have been a Christian minister in downtown San Jose for the homeless, compromised, and marginalized, for 16 years.
    1) I want to end homelessness in San Jose. (And the world, of course)
    2) I want to teach the needy to be self sufficient.
    3) I want to educate the uninformed about their inalienable, and basic human rights to housing, healthcare, education, and the pursuit of happiness.

    YOU ASKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-}

  306. Mike C.

    1. Get this Anthony Morrison business off and running and make $2,000,000 by the end of 2012.
    2. Be in the position to help my family.
    3. Get in better physical condition.

  307. Sharon Volkman

    I want to be able to pay my own way, after paying off the thousands of $ I have borrowed to help other people. I want a nicer home. Number 3, I would help single Moms who have an epilectic child. Thank you, Anthony

  308. Paul Troxell

    My Bucket List:
    !. One thing I would want to see what I can do, is providing a youth center for my community.(We really need one.)
    2. I really never had a good life, and once was homeless, and I struggled with debt like I am sure most people do, but I really don’t want this to be about me so I want to be able to make people that really had it hard at life to make them happy.
    3. I had always had a passion for being a vocalist, and I never had enough money to follow that dream, and again I love making people happy for many reasons, it brings so much joy in my life when I can put a smile on someone’s face. I have done that with my vocals, but I could really use the help.
    My list seems reachable, but I been struggling with making money online for a while now, and I have 5 websites with a lot of content, and so far only made 2.40 cents with google adsense , and I could really use the help. I spent a lot already, with just a glimmer of hope. I want to make people happy, if I can reach my main goal by helping out others, and not just myself then I have done what I was put on this earth for a reason. That is what my bucket list is all about.

  309. Dave

    Pay delinquent medical bills since I am un insured

    Pay for college since I cannot obtain student loans due to delinquent medical bills.

    Buy a car since I have never bought a new car and will require reliable transportation as the 3rd step in getting life on track.

    I just know this sounds selfish.

  310. Vanessa Kristovich

    My three:
    1. I want to rebuild my sister’s rickety old house.
    2. I want to take a vacation
    3. I want to promote my poetry

  311. Walter

    1. Funds enough to fully develop online business
    2. Funds enough to cover current and past due bills
    3. Funds enough to start saving

  312. Emerita S Shaw

    My Bucket List

    1. For my husband and I to become debt free
    2. To help our families
    3. To have financial freedom

  313. Leon Carver

    Hey Anthony- I got a lot more to share with you but I’ll become a Facebook Fan and we’ll Talk…lol. My Top 3 Bucket List:
    1 Pay off mortgage because the banks are not giving anything away now that they have been bailed-out!
    2. Buy my wife a truck because I’m tired of her using my gas and car…lol
    3. Just had a family member to die and it broke my heart that they didn’t have any insurance to bury him. A family collection was put together. NONSENSE! I MUST PUT MYSELF IN A BETTER POSITION THAT I CAN SERVE MY FAMILY DURING CRITICAL TIMES!

  314. Diana

    1) To be able to save my house
    2) To pay off my fathers funeral – just passed away
    3) Set up trust funds for my grandchildren

  315. Laura Heigh

    Hi Anthony,
    I have a few dreams and then one major dream.

    1) To be debt free, and own my home.
    2) To be financially in a position to help my kids if they are in need of help and to put together trust funds for all my grandkids to be able to go to college.
    and last, but by no means least
    3) I want to be able to make a dying patients one last dream come true, if that means flying them with special medical personal then thats what I want to make happen for them. I want to be apart of each of those dreams…..I can’t take it all with me when I die, so might as well help while I am able to and make everybody happy!!!

  316. Iris

    Hi Anthony:
    It is always great to see you! You provide us with helpful tips on everyday. There are so much that I would like to do. In terms of my bucket list, after all my bills/expenses are paid, are the following:
    1.) establish my business and create jobs
    2.) invest into a foundation that will donate on an annual basis
    3.) while I am living and enjoying an incredible lifestyle,
    thanks to God.
    God Bless You, Anthony, for all that you do for mankind!

  317. Dennis McCowan

    My top three things are:

    pay off my debts,
    increase my income
    promote my bussiness

  318. Stewart Handlin

    1. Help my wife feel financially secure.
    2. Be able to send my son to college and not have to worry about his bills.
    3. Make sure my 93yo mother gets the best care that she possibly can.

  319. Patricia Ozen

    Top three things I would want to do:
    1. Pass the Medical Assistant Certification test (12/10/11)…studying diligently for it now.
    2. Find the perfect fit of a job that I can grow into and a company that I can grow with as I learn how to help others.
    3. Sooner more than later, buy a head stone for my mother’s grave that hold a stone solid vase that no one can steal off her headstone and that vase to hold any flowers I would want to place there!
    4…..many more returns for financial wealth that would allow me to be able to empower others as I choose to serve in the field of healthcare.
    5 pay all my debts…about 100k or more…I am swimming upstream …but swimming!

  320. Carmela Moreno

    Top 3 on my bucket list:

    Pay off my debts
    Help a homeless family
    Spend more time with my family

  321. lb

    My bucket list:
    To afford decent housing for my family and me;
    To be able to walk without this darn cane;
    To be able to dance again with my grandchild ,and my husband.

  322. Eric Matson

    Hey Anthony. First of all, I just want to congratulate you on all of your success. You have done many amazing things the past year alone. Well the 3 main things on my “bucket list” I want to accomplish are: 1) Be successful in running my own business – being my own boss, creating wealth for myself, not going to work to make someone else richer, and most of all, feeling an incredible sense of accomplishment. 2) Help make the world a better place to live in – being able to donate money to a chairity organization or a church, have time to volunteer my time (i.e. with children or disabled people), maybe start my own charity organization, but most of all….knowing that when give, you receive a lot more in return. 3) Invest in myself and never stop learning – learn old or new strategies and techniques for my business, learn old or new ideas to better my personal life (i.e. better my health), and if nothing else, it’s good for the brain to continue being educated for the rest of my life.

  323. Lucy

    My bucket list:

    To be able to walk again without this darn cane and to be able to stand up in the pew at church when the others stand
    To afford decent housing for my family and me
    To make enough money to finally pay off my medical bills
    To make a donation to my neighborhood homeless shelter

  324. BOB DELP




  325. Virginia Stevens

    1. Pay off debts
    2. To adequately provide for four family members (two tiny tots with 2 adults who are currently unemployed and homeless) coming to stay with me.
    3. Provide help in educating others to help themselves and others.

  326. Carolyn J

    I never really sat down to write down my goals. But this is what it would look like:
    1.Complete the process of starting my online business.

    2. Generate a steady income from it.

    3. Share the wealth with everyone who was there for me.

    For once I want to be able to finish what I’ve started and stop half doing things.

  327. john wieczorek

    1. To save my house from forclosure. 2.To pay my back taxes. 3.To have peace of mind so that I can concentrate on learning the lessons without the pressure of time hanging over my head.

  328. michael mehr

    my bucket list is

    to be debt free
    to be able to have enough money to help people when they need it
    id love to go to alabama for a two or three week vacation

  329. Shannon Clark

    My Bucket List top 3

    #1 Quit my day job with the knowledge that I never have to work for someone else again.
    #2 Own my home instead of paying rent
    #3 Purchase a sports car with cash. I have had my eye on a Bentley Continental Supersports Coupe for ever.

  330. matthew schuler

    Bucket list
    #1:Become a huge success in your program.
    #2:Give my loved ones much needed assistance and help my very ill parents live more fulfilling lives.

    #3:Help to make the world a better place.

  331. David Kitavi

    My bucket top three list
    1,To learn how to successfully market the afflilliates offers
    2,Pay off debt
    3 To help those who are in need, especially due to luck of food.

  332. Melodyn2

    The top three things that I would like to achieve:

    1. Become financially independent.
    2. Be able to help my family and others.
    3. Be able to start a non profit organization to help the elderly.

  333. Donna Peay

    Hi Anthony
    Donna Peay here
    I would like to accomplish paying off my home that I have been working hard to do for many years. so my children have some where to go when times get rough for them. 2. I would like to get both my girls through college with out having to worry where to get their next tuition. so they have a fighting chance to survive in this economy. 3 I would like to be able to make enough money to contribute to the lupus foundation which is what I have been struggling with for many years.

  334. Lynette Barclay

    Hi Anthony,
    My buck list…1. To be able to tithe to my church without my husband being upset at the amount I’m tithing…he doesn’t Trust God as much as I do. :0)
    2. To leave a legacy for my children
    3. Be financially independant

  335. chris





  336. Lethia Hunt

    1. Pay off all debt
    2. Take a few trips that I have desired all of my life
    3. Replace my income because I have been stricken with an illness with which I am no longer able to hold down a job. I am a teacher.

  337. Roger

    7 years ago I went to the hospital with chest pains. At the time my kids were 1 and 3 years old. While their my heart stopped and I died. After I was revived I asked God as a friend to allow me to live long enough to make sure my family was well provided for. My wife is from the Philippines and I did not them raised in a third world country. So far my health has held out at 50 yrs old, but I’m on meds to regulate my heart beat so it is a constant reminder. Here is my bucket list

    1) create the security they need to survive financially with out me. (house, residual income)

    2) Take the family to Disney. – it breaks my heart when my kids say that all their friends go every year but they can never go.

    3) for my kids to be able to believe that daddy really is Santa. I know that sounds weird but they are at the age were they are starting to question the Santa thing. So I wanted to make sure they understood God is real and Santa is something we do for fun, I told them the truth. Their response is Dad you can’t be Santa Claus because you could never afford the presents. Because all year long I tell them we can’t afford that.

    Thanks for your Awesome site

  338. DW SHAW

    First of all I think Annette(100) should win your book for best reasons to own a internet business.
    1. I had some health issues so I had to give up my Lawn Service business, so I need to replace my income from that business.
    2. I need to get back on my feet financially, so I can move back into my own
    home & help out my struggling sister & friends.
    3. I want to help 3 world people who do not have much food or clean water,to have a better way of life; to give them hope for a better tomorrow.

  339. Bill Kripps

    1. To have more than enough so we can help my wife’s family and friends have a better life in the Philippines

    2. To be able to give to Christian ministries around the world.

    3. So my wife and I can move out of our apartment and have a home of our own without a owing anything on it.

  340. Bill Kripps

    1. To have more than enough so we can help my wife’s family and friends have a better life in the Philippines
    2. To be able to give to Christian ministries around the world.
    3. So my wife and I can move out of our apartment and have a home of our own without a owing anything on it.

    Thank You!

  341. Dianna Cooper

    I am not “good” at this..sorry,LOL…OK, here goes
    the “bucket List”
    1)To SURVIVE without worrying where the next penny is going to come from. I have a disabled Hubby and Now also have Our 27 yr. old Daughter and 4 yr. Old Grand Daughter to care for…We are IN TERRIBLE DEBT!
    2)To Help out Homeless and Domestic Abuse shelters as well as Free Meals places for both Humans and Animals too!
    3)To be able to travel the USA enough to see Our Families and be able to “Gift” them a little something on Birth Days and Holidays!
    I could just cry right now because I feel so far away from this that it will never happen…We can’t afford even $47.00 to buy into this program…

  342. Jo MacDonald

    Get off disability and be able to pay for my own food and doctors. Maybe it will help get my name up on the google list also and will help me pay you. Think I should win now that your on the list! just kidding.

  343. Tara

    My bucket list includes:

    1. Provide a better lifestyle for my son.
    2. To get our own place to live.
    3. Be able to help my church, family, and friends.

  344. carol pickens

    to get off general relief and have more than 136.00 to live on a month

    to have a very large house to move my daughter’s into and their 10 children/my grand children……w/a nice 3 bedroom in the back part of the property for my son and his 3 chlidren to live.

    to pay off my parents 1st 2nd and third morgages so they can enjoy their retirment and not worry.

  345. Don B

    The main thing on my bucket list is to retire!!! So in order to do that I must pay off my house. Then the third thing is to travel and the 2 places I want to travel to at Alaska and Peru.

  346. Wylie

    The top three things for me:

    Give my children a more comfortable, healthy lifestyle (single parent)
    Actually go on a vacation with my kids (never have)
    See money in my bank account for a change

  347. Jacob Reimer

    Hi Anthony

    1. Pay off my debt
    2. Build my very one house
    3. Help my family with their financial as well.

    At the moment I do not own a copy of your books, as I just got to know about you and I like your positive attitude of why we all want to make money, has helped me to look beyond just about making money, but rather the goal to help others is an automated response for others to follow in your footsteps, and that’s exactly happening to me.

    Again thanks for being you.

  348. Bonnie Hill

    First Three Things on my Bucket List

    Financial Freedom – which garners a lot of things


    To Help Others – to find financial freedom and to learn to get out of the box and to NOT be afraid to try new things like you are helping me do

  349. Gary Monahan

    The top three items on my bucket list:
    1.) the achievement of infinity through evolution in this life (conceptual);
    2.) increasing personal intellectual enrichment;
    3.) increasing personal financial prosperity through my own progressive efforts.

  350. Keith Dansie

    Thank Anthony for all the help you give us. My 3 things are own a home with our horses. 2 Be able to take trips and see our country. 3 Be able to help our family and frends.

  351. Adrian Mulloy

    Top 3 for Adrian’s Bucket List

    1. Become a Self made man “Working for me and no one else”

    2. Find more time to be with my Family and Loved Ones.

    3. Travel the world and see all the Things we were meant to see.

  352. Steve Longbrake

    Top 3 Things

    First thing: to be able to give more to charitable organizations.

    Second thing: to be able to educate people on how to create wealth,
    and how to save money ,so to change their family tree.

    Third thing: to travel the World

  353. Charles Doyle

    1. To get out of dept. 2. To be able to visit relatives including parents. 3. Enjoy life more.

  354. Tessie

    First… to be able to stop feeling powerless helping myself and other people .
    Second….not to worry about money lacking while sharing for the common good.
    Third……to show to people that doing our part….God will do the rest …I’m planting
    seeds so I can expect harvest not just for me but for many.

  355. Brent

    My bucket list:

    1. Make enough in recurring income to provide for my parents when it becomes necessary.

    2. Help my son, nieces, and nephews with continuing education should they choose to pursue that.

    3. Show the people whom I am in contact with daily an honest and real way to earn additional income online.

    There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to help out another. I come across some who think what I just said was a joke or something. I just explain to them about how I actually grew up with money and I learned in my twenties that money had absolutely nothing to do with peace or really being alive in this life. It was at a campsite that I learned the beauty of helping others. It is my intention to learn and succeed at the things your sharing with us so that the three things I mentioned above may become a reality.

  356. Anthony

    1. NOT LOSE my house!

    2. Do what I want, when I want without worry.

    3. Just live a normal life with my FAMILY- No struggles!

  357. Harold

    1. Provide funds to help my church build a easier access ramp for the elderly members at my church.
    2. Help my mom with her medical bills
    3. Pay off my debts and take my wife and kids on a vacation to see our close friend and his wife who moved to Costa Rica.
    and to grow my internet business

  358. Mary Miller

    1) I would like to help our 3 [adult] children & their families to be able to buy a house;
    2) I would like to help my husband (who is sick and not able to work) and to be able to pay for his medical treatments/prescriptions;
    3) I would like to retire within the next 5 years from my regular job (I am 61), and be financially independent enough to be able to do some traveling (one son & his family live in California; our daughter & her family live in Florida — traveling from coast to coast to see children & grandchildren is too expensive at this point in our lives).

  359. Linda Brown

    Been lackadaisical these past few days. But I read some of my book “Advertising Profits from home” and learned new ways that I can make advertising successful. Also being creative will lead more customers to my site, therefore giving me an advantage to having a customer click on my ad-hopefully. But I know also like Del above putting Christ first in your life will put blessings in your life and that’s the way I want to go. Because Jesus Loves You and I he wants the best for us read-” daily” and get inspired. 1. I pray that I the Lord teach me his ways-
    2. I pray that I will give can give all that I have away and follow him. 3. I pray to do unto others as I would have them do to unto me… I had a yard sale last Sunday and made a few dollars… I’m also trying to get my desk top computer get internet this next pay day so I won’t have to go to the library all the time. And be able to pay a payment to Anthony for all he is doing thus far…

  360. kat

    1) Pay off my father’s mortgage he has pass way but I was living with him at the time and I was his care giver so and have taken over his home to be mine and my family.

    2) Pay off debt and help teach my family members how to do some kind marketing so they will not have to live pay check to pay check.

    3) Buy a bed I have not had one for many years and take a much need vacation would like to be able to visit my dad’s sister which I have never met and see my dad home town in Puerto Rico

    And I would just like to give back to my family and the community.

  361. Jane Hapner

    The three things I’m going to accomplish:
    1. suppliment/get off of Social Secuity Disability.
    2. pay school loans
    3. Purchase a vehicle

  362. Jane Hapner

    I actually have more than three goals!
    1. suppliment/get off of Social Security Disabilty.
    2. Pay off my daughters and my education debt.
    3. Purchase a vehicle.
    4. Be financially secure so I can live the life that’s visualized in my mind by helping others, get back into Girl Scouts and find a specialist to help me rid myself of the Fibromyalgia symptoms. And etc…

  363. Ann Murigu

    1. Secure my Home. Always have a roof over my daughter’s head and be
    able to meet her needs.

    2. Live a life free from money related stress.

    3. Be able to see my family any time and help them when they need help.

  364. Michael Callanan

    Hi, my whole life has been about helping other people around me. I have always put everyone else first in my life. You can even ask my wife, because she gets mad at me for being that way. So i guess that is why i have thought about this for three days now and i can onyly come up with things to help other people, because i know that with success will come all the basic needs such as debt free and living good. So here are my three things and it is hard to just pick three.
    1. To be able to Pay it Forward when ever the time arose. ( I deliver water right now for a living and i see different walks of people everyday. I hear different things they struggle with. Would to be able to just tell them, ” what is it you need?” and just give it to them.
    2. To be able to show my family that you can make it big with just a little hard work and a passion to do it. ( becomeing the best affiliate marketer i can be.
    3. To be able to charter a private jet and have lunch with Anthony Morrison. Then i would know that i have achieved success for my self.
    Thanks for listening.

  365. Linda

    Top 3 things
    1. Develop a good relationship with God
    2. Relieve my husband’s mind about having enough money to pay for the necessities and a few of the luxuries of life. He was raised in Alaska. I would love to take a ship up there, then take the train to see the bush country also visit some villages.
    3. Go to New York and see as many shows on Broadway as I want ,visit all the historical sites in the United States. And if my children want to go, to be able to afford for them to come along and eat and stay in some nifty places.

  366. Betty Todd

    Let’s see…. 3 things on my ‘bucket list’…

    One… Establish an ongoing, growing, HUGE income on the internet!

    Two… Share that opportunity with my children, grandchildren, and anyone else that is willing to learn.

    Three… Become debt free is a given… but to have the time, money, and the good health to travel around this beautiful country of ours would be a special blessing!

  367. Tammy

    My Bucket List
    I have 3 part-time jobs, and I clean houses. I like to have money so I wouldn’t have to work so hard.
    Be able to help other people and help my 3 children and grandkids.
    To go on a boat cruise.

  368. Michael

    1) I would like to provide a stable home for my family. I would really take great joy in seeing them enjoy life, not despise it.

    2) I would like to create more jobs for the unemployed. I would rather be part of the economic solution, instead of the problem.

    3)I would like to be the most giving philanthropist the world
    has EVER known!

  369. Steve & Sheri Hamlin

    Hi Anthony
    Our top three bucket list items are to be able to set up a housing option for the homeless in Southeast Volusia County, Florida.
    Set up a community heath center for the under and uninsured people, using volunteer physicians, dentists, and nurses. With low cost testing and lab options.
    Travel the North American Continent in a motor home that allows us to teach others how to do the same in their communities, while seeing all the beauties that our Great God has created.

  370. Laurel

    My list of wishes:

    Be able to give my grandchildren a college education.
    Be able to payoff my children’s debt (they are fiscally smart but can always use somehelp).
    Have a financial future free of worry for myself.

    You are doing your part to help us, now it’s time for us to help ourselves with your guidance. Thank you!!

  371. Patricia Ward

    Three things on my bucket list:

    Be successful in my internet business
    Help my family, friends and others in need
    Open an Adult Daycare Center

  372. Patricia Ward

    Hi Anthony,
    I appreciate all the help you have given me so far. It is a little difficult to get started, but I am going to use every resource available to help me.

    Patricia Ward

  373. Ted Eagy

    My Bucket List
    1. Become debt free
    2. Be free to get my wife to retire from her job.
    3. Help others to do the same.

  374. Cheryl Becker

    My 3 things are the following:
    1.Help my children if needed
    2. Trip to Europe,Italy,Ireland and cruise to Alaska
    3. Being successful in my marketing program and to have my children join into the business with me.

  375. Vincent De Paul

    Hi: I look forward to being successful with your Fast Cash Commission software, and training. I’m very excited to have this oppurtunity. This is What I want to happen.

    1. Buy the and pay cash for the dream home for my wife and daughter.

    2. Never worry about money and to be able to give my family the life they deserve.

    3. Help the homeless and those who need help.


    My top three bucket list are:

    1. Save money so I can purchase all what is needed to start my internet marketing.
    2. Change my job so I can spend more time with my son for time for family is priceless.
    3. Financial freedom so I will afford a house and not share with somebody else in an apartment.

  377. Lu Anne

    The top three things I want to accomplish in my life:

    To be completely debt free.
    To build an inheritance for our children and grand children and give financial aid to our grandchildren with their college education.
    To become a major benefactor to charitable causes I feel called to help.

    Thanks Anthony!

  378. Angelina Graff

    Hi Anthony,

    1) I am 70 yrs. old, so my clock is ticking and before I go, I want to help my family and friends finaciallly so they don’t have to struggle so hard like I have.

    2) I have always wanted to help strangers who are in need without them knowing who I am. That would be so awsome to me.

    3) Get closer to God

  379. Cin C.

    The Top 3 Things on my bucket list are: 1. Move back east & be near my family again. 2. Visit all of the states in the U.S.A., plus Hawaii. 3. Go to Europe on a long tour.

  380. Gary Norton

    1. I want to spend more time with my grand children.
    2. I want to take my whole family to Disneyland.
    3. I want to work at home and not have to work for someone else for income.

  381. Richard

    The top 3 items on my bucket list are:
    1. Leave my kids an inheritance well over 10 million dollars a piece
    2. Season tickets with box seats to the Steelers(my favorite NFL team) and Cowboys(my wifes favorite NFL0 team for life.
    3. Be able to write a check to take care of emergencies me or my family or friends my come up against.

  382. percy parham

    to contribute to making education the best it can be for both children and for high school kids.
    to create jobs and to help bring wealth for our community
    to grow spiritually as much as i can and help those around me to grow and to be aware of the image of god within themselves

  383. Robert McKee

    1) To finally accomplish something that I’ve started. 2) To give my 4 month old daughter a better life than what I had. 3) To get myself out of debt so I will be able to send my daughter to college.

  384. Leon Carver

    1.Pay off mortgage….Since the banks have their bailout it’s time for MINE!
    2.New SUV for my wife…she now uses my car…my gas…my gas card!
    3,Making sure that I can help my family in anyway possible.Just had a death in the family and the deceased didn’t have insurance, So the family had to take up a collection for funeral costs!. That’s NONSENSE!!!! I need to be financially secure to eliminate these stressful times!


    earn enough money to add to my SS check so i can help my kids more than i have and allow them some breathing room on their bills and house mortages…
    allow me to have extra cash for some treats????and not be soooo close to the vest about incoming money….
    help other family members out esp. in these hard times with some extra cash to allow them to breathe a little easier on bill paying times…..
    Sofar all i have done is spend money do lots of work and have seen “””NO””” sales 🙁 help

  386. Deborah Jenkins

    On by bucket list:
    1. My mortgage payment is like an albatros around my neck every month but it’s a must for all of us. Still I would love not to have a mortgage payment.
    2. As a single parent and with an albatros around my neck, I would love to be able to have more money to get the necessary treatments for my son who has autism.
    3. Just to be able to go have a vacation or buy something without having to double check my bank account to see if I have enough in it!!!

  387. Karen

    1. Pay off all debts and be financially secure.
    2. Help my son with his mental problem so he can succeed in life.
    3. Be able to help other financially

  388. Karen Thompson

    Our first goal is to replace the income that was lost due to my husband loosing his job last December.
    Our second goal is to have enough income to help our children and grandchildren, 11 children and 42 grandchildren
    Our last goal is to be able to help others and travel

  389. Evelyn Jewell

    Evelyn has three goals
    (1) to become debt free
    (2) finish sending my daughter
    through college without
    stress of money
    (3) I want to go on a vacation
    with my kids

  390. Barbara Guffey

    I don’t remember the name of my AM-web site

    Bucket list:

    1. To market and distribute Universal Energy to a world in need of healing.
    2. To dedicate my next 20 years to implimenting health aids to Autism victims and elders with Alshimers (sp) “The Universal Energy can reconnect the disconnect”.
    3. To love the Lord and be following his direction and Love all living things.

  391. Ronald L. ottman

    The top 3 things I want to do. 1Pay all my bills 2Buy a home 3Help my family and friends

  392. Doris Hopper

    My main goal is to get out of debt.
    1. Help my family.
    2. Get my internet business going
    3. maybe take a vacation
    4.Help others in our community

  393. Arlene Gonzales

    Hi, there! I would love to make more money in order to not have to count each “penny” every month which would make my life a whole lot easier.
    I don’t really travel a lot and have not gone anywhere overnight since I acquired my 4 best friends (cats). I love them dearly!!

    If I DID have any money that I could just spend on anything I wanted, I would:

    Take a trip along the eastern seaboard during late fall. I have seen pictures of how beautiful the country (the leaves on the trees changing colors especially) and would love to taste some really fresh lobster.

    I would pay my house off. That would take a HUGE stress off me. It took me over 2 years to get a loan modification on my mortgage.

    I would like to (with lots of help, of course) open a “NO KILL” sanctuary for cats. It would be out in the country; somewhere that would offer lots of space for them to breathe fresh air and just play around. Also, there would be an on-site vet, a kitty hospital and lots of soft, plush beds.

  394. Carolyn White

    I don’t have a website.I tried a few years back with you on that special you were doing for people but unforeseen ocurrences kept happening so I had to drop it but I’ve been following your accomplishments since 2008 even saw you on T.V. & there’s nothing I can say that would top any of the comments that I’ve read.Everyone’s in need & I’m no different.I’m 65 & just hoping to get my last child through high school.All my other’s have passed & of course I want to be independent financially for her sake just like the others & would like to save the world but I can’t & it’s not my department anyway.I’m sure you’ve helped alot of people & I’ll still keep watching even though I’m not used to winning anything.Keep up the good work for there are many that are in dire straights.

  395. Patricia Doyle

    My 3 top buckeet list items…

    1) To be financially free enough from this income and to give ppl who have a family member with a disability a quality retreat weekend every quarter, To be so well off that we could contribute to building a retreat centre, to help ppl develop a positive vision of hope. Building on their strengths…
    2) Financially help sons secure a home of their own for each of their families. Creating a financial safety net of income for their medical needs also.
    3) To enjoy some time away with my husband exploring Italy and find our dream getaway tuscan villa:)

  396. Wendy H.

    1. Pay off credit card debt. I really hate how it hovers over like a dark cloud!
    2. Help out family. My sister and brother in law where unemployed for almost 2 years. They just found work.
    3. Travel to Ireland so my husband can again visit his biological Mom and Sister which he met for the first time 5 years ago. (He was adopted as an infant).

  397. Debi Schwartz

    Bucket List
    1. Pay off student loans for me and my 2 daughters
    2. Trip to Cabo for whole family
    3. Buy a home.

  398. Mollyanne Hopkins

    The three things I would like most to accomplish:
    1. Help my kids get out of debt
    2. Help others less fortunate than myself (homeless)
    3. Be able to travel to see my kids without upsetting the whole budget.

    And that’s about it. Thanks.

  399. virginia

    I wont to built a home for hurting women and children.
    i would like to support the ministers of the good news.
    i would love to have wealth to leave o my children and their children after them.
    I wold be happy to be a blessing to my immediate family and friends

  400. Rhonda

    1.To be able to assist the elderly in my family.
    2.I would love to be able to reduce the stress for newbies online and eliminate the info overload.
    3.Since I’m a nurse, I would love to share my knowledge and help those in need.

  401. Dale Haynes

    For my bucketlst,
    1) Take what I learn, have learned, grow to understand to help others improve their lives, family situation or the like
    2) Gain confidence and competance to allow my to better understand and accomplish tasks and goals set for myself and my business
    3) Set up my family to be independent of the need to get a paycheck, moreso to grow our business and income.

  402. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Anthony, I tried to listen to your blog three times and it kept stopping at 1:26 so I am going to try to do what you wanted, it appears three things on my bucket list here goes,

    1. Help my kids pay for their college

    2. Be financially stable enough with my affiliate marketing pay all my bills, to quit my job, tell my boss adios, work from home and throw away my alarm clock.

    3. Travel and see the world with my family while I still keep my affiliate marketing business afloat, if not on auto pilot.

  403. Reba Day

    1. To give more to my children than I have ever had 2. To be able to pay all of my bills regularly 3. To wake up and know without any doubt that I will never have to ask myself again will it be food I buy or bills I pay…

  404. del

    get out of debt,and buy a car
    i live in a run down house that the land lord wont fix. need a nice home
    make donations to charity/church

  405. Raymond Yee

    Hi Anthony

    My top 3 things on my bucket list are:

    1. Fix my arthritis on my back
    2. Pay off my phone bills
    3. Buy my 1st Car

    I really hope I get the chance to receive your book. I’m unemployed right now and broke. Thank you for giving me motivation and hope, so I can take control of my life.

  406. Theodore Powell

    My bucket list 1. To be best internet Marketer . 2. to teach others what I learn 3. to remodel my church.

  407. Zaida Berrios

    1. Make sure my nephew is safe and happy and put in school. 2. Make sure I can afford to take care of my family. 3.Make time to be able to use creativity to make a difference.

  408. Karen Tracy

    My top three bucket list items are about the same as many others here–
    1-pay off all debts (including house mortgage & 2nd mortgage)
    2-Pay cash for a new car (had to sell mine)
    3- Pay for my granddaughter’s college (she wants to be a doctor)

    If I reach that point where I am living comfortably again, I would like to help as many people as I can achieve their goals–

    Thank you Anthony, for the REAL hope of achieving these goals!

  409. Marci

    My Bucket List:
    1. Live in Lakefront Home, debt free
    2. Travel the World!
    3. Show Family, Friends and Others how to make a living online.

  410. Jeff Warford

    1-Educate myself to the fullest on how to profit from the internet.
    2-Be my own boss
    3-Provide for my family

  411. Jason kozikas

    Hi Anthony

    1. To open a diabetes self management super clinic.
    2. Pay off my considerable debts
    3. Emperor workstation & Broadband upgrade.

  412. martin b

    Hi Anthony my top three things are (1) to pay all my debts (2) To be able to help family and friends (3) To be able to buy a nice new Harley with cash so i could travale all over the U.S. and help other less fortionet pepole that I would meet along the way .Thanks for every thing

  413. Ruth Taylor

    My top 3 things on my bucket list:

    1. To be able to purchase a handi-cap home for my husband and my sister-in-law who has Myasthenia Gravis (husband) and Down Syndrome/Alzheimer’s Disease (sister-in-law).

    2. To be debt free.

    3. To be able to provide for my family without worrying where the next meal will come from.

  414. R Nemyier

    1. Have enough money to take care of my two children especially for medical bills or medical emergencies –one diagnosed in June w/large brain tumor.
    2. Pay off daughters student loan debt.
    3. Free & Clear Mortgage.

  415. Osama Allan

    My 3 top things on my bucket list are:
    1 – To be one of the Famous Professional Marketing International Guru on the
    Internet .
    2 – Helping people how are in need of help .
    3- Of course afford my family with a comfort and pleasant life .

  416. Darlene

    Vacation with my family , Spend time with my family and watch them grow and be able to live a life without worrying about bills

  417. Michael

    My three list
    1. Pay off my debt to avoid bankruptcy
    2. buy a house without mortgage
    3. set up retirement fund

  418. Constance

    Bucket List:
    1. Buy a horse farm
    2. Establish a therapeutic riding program
    3. Create retirement savings for myself.
    4. Help my children in time of need and provide for my grandchildren

    Way too many wants but needs narrows it down some.

  419. Robert J

    Start a foundation for under educated children and adults. To be finacialy independent To clean up the inviroment

  420. Ken & Joy Ganger

    My Bucket List:
    1, To tell as many people as possible about Jesus
    2. To become debt & financially free
    3. To have money to help children in need

  421. Isabelle

    I have so much on my bucket list! I thought I already posted something but I don’t see it now 🙂

    Learning your program and processes is most recent item I just added…I want to design a life out of what you are teaching and find a reasonable level of successful that is empowering and purposeful. I want to read that automated marketing book about email marketing!!! I took your package with me to the hospital recently when I had to spend one night there..and someone “borrowed” the automated marketing book! I hope they remember me if they do well! LOL

    I want to work with children who have been abandoned to the “system.” I already do what I can as a guardian ad litem, but I dream up programs that would help them recover somewhat from abuse, neglect and lost time -and help their parents and families become more effective members of the community and ultimately stronger families. But currrently I do not have the funds to establish any of these programs.

    I would like to design an educational program, within the school systems, that teaches topics that are currently overlooked: Budgeting, goal-setting, civic responsiblity, purposeful living, managing emotions, life skills, mentoring other younger students. This program would be a “reward” to students who don’t cause trouble and are eager to learn in addition to regular studies. Rewards would be included for goals reached, for example trips to concerts, meeting celebrities, nights out for fun.

    I would like to be able to do something totally fun too, to step off my life and be refreshed and it would defintely be some kind of travel.


  422. Ed Atencio

    my top 3 things for my bucket list are:

    1. get my affiliate website off the ground working and generating a minimum of $100/day.

    2. build out my network of affiliates and email marketing lists from 0-500 with in 2 years, and 500-1000 in 2-5 years, and 1000-3000+ in 5 or more years.

    3. At the 5 year mark I want to have mastered all levels of my business online where I have now been able to generate month after month $500 or more a day online, and have a total of 5 different business and websites all generating income streams for me, and to then begin teaching and showing others how to build their own business online and give back in the form of teaching others how to do this and show Anthonys programs.

  423. Scott Rosman

    I would like to be able to own my own home, set my son’s up for the future and provide my mother with the money she deserves to live an easy and secure life.

  424. Rick DeYoung

    1. Make the money so I can record another CD in the music industry and get my life back.
    2. Make money to help my children out as I already hadn the american dream of being a millionaire and losing all it to my exwife.
    3. To help others get their dream too!

  425. Katherine Rogers

    1. Help my Husband get the life saving medical treatment he needs…
    2. Help my Husband get the life saving medical treatment he needs…
    3. Help my Husband get the life saving medical treatment he needs…

  426. Elmarie

    1. I need to get rid of this rabies infected devil hound
    that’s been following me for quite a while now, snarling
    at my every move, staring, waiting… I know the beast by
    the name of Financial Crisis, from the Kingdom of
    2. I need to brake free from the choke chain my employer
    uses with so much enjoyment on me, to become
    financially independant, so that I can spend much more
    time with our ninety HIV/Aids orphans at the Centre.
    3. I want to sit on the porch of my African farm house,
    drinking my morning coffee, waiting for Lucy to return
    from the hunt with her cheetah cubs – never again to be
    worried about a dime nor a drought.

  427. Damian Lanier

    1.I’m a truck driver so number 1, get out of the prison that is this truck and be with my family on a daily basis. 2.To have a stable income based on my know-how and not making someone else $10,000 before I make $100. 3. After
    that to feel what it’s like to help and/or give to others who where in my shoes,it really does feel good to give back and I would like to have that feeling. Thank you.

  428. michelle mccool

    1.take my kids to diney world
    2.scuba dive
    3.go back to school and get degree

  429. charles cameron

    The three Things I want to do
    1. set up a sub chapter S corporation to operate the business in.
    2. buy a 5 bedroom house so we will have the needed space.
    3 start 3 separate businesses for the three daughters

  430. harry

    1. I want to be happy;
    2. I want to be really happy;
    3. I want to be really really happy;

    Thank you for your mentoring :-)!

  431. Jim Hill

    1. Generate enough income to provide financial security for myself for the remainder of my life.
    2. Be able to provide the knowledge of how to generate that income to my family, friends, and those that I care about so that they themselves can obtain that same security.
    3. Spend the most quality time possible with my family, friends and acquaintances for the rest of my life.

  432. Phil Frazier

    1. Help my family through these economic times
    2. Start new businesses and schools in Central America to benefit the local population
    3. Have the time and money to sail anywhere and at any time that I want

  433. DELLA


  434. James Kahalewai

    Anthhony……….Thanks for all you do. The following 3 reasons are my top priority to make money before I die:

    1) Create a peputual college fund for my grandchildren,
    2) Pay off my children’s (and ours) mortgages,
    3) Establish a workable income for my family who my need support.

    My goal is helping my family improving their quality of life.

  435. Cheryl


    1.What I would like to have is enough money to contribute to those things I really believe in like more money for research in adolescent and young adult CA for both both body and spirit, contribute to causes that can make huge changes if they had the money.

    2. Help my family and be there for those people in the world whom I love.

    3. Never have to worry how much I make in my profession I can do it because love i, I don’t want to worry about the money piece.

    Thanks, Cheryl

  436. Cheryl

    1.What I would like to have is enough money to contribute to those things I really believe in like more money for research in adolescent and young adult CA for both both body and spirit, contribute to causes that can make huge changes if they had the money.
    2. Help my family and be there for those people in the world whom I love.
    3. Never have to worry how much I make in my profession I can do it because love it, I don’t want to worry about the money piece.
    Thanks, Cheryl

  437. Chris Cox

    Provide a successful path for my children to follow

    Create enough wealth to take care of my extended family

    Retire comfortably

  438. Danny Hunt

    1.For me and my wife to live out our old age without having to worry about running out of money every month.
    2.To be able to help family and friends live a more secure lifestyle.
    3.To be able to make a four digit tithe check every week to my church.

  439. Marianne Carroll

    Why I want to succeed in my internet business:

    1. Get out of debt totally (credit card, car) and make enough money to be COMFORTABLE — for example, pay insurance and property tax bills yearly, have a reassuring nest egg, do some redecorating, eat out often, buy some new clothes. Help my family with debt.

    2. Do some traveling without worrying about the cost, go to plays, concerts, etc., which I can’t do now.

    3. Make a substantial amount of money ON MY OWN. When I was married, my husband made most of the money and HE considered it to be OUR money but I always felt inadequate that I wasn’t making money (although I was doing household and family things). I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I want to be able to resume giving to charities, which I used to do — before the economy went nuts and forced people living on fixed incomes to somehow deal with increases in everything EXCEPT our incomes. I think the only way (for me, at least) to survive and be comfortable is simply to make more money so I’m not feeling constantly squeezed and worried about making ends meet.

  440. Robert Mitchell

    1. To earn enough money to pay off my mortgage and my daughter’s college loan and thereby becoming financially secure.

    2. To help other people in need by teaching them how to “fish” instead of just “handing them the fish” (empowering them).

    3. To finally have a successful Internet Marketing Business after so may expensive failures over the years.

  441. Cecilia

    First, I would to pay off our mortgage, and bill – work on much needed home repairs. Help senior family members – our fathers with their bills. Help sons with furthering their education.

    Second, Give our church financial assistance with needed repairs and renovations to the fellowship hall. Increase our financial assistance to those homeless those with all types of needs.

    Third, Boost our retirement funds with the aim of becoming financial independence.

  442. Melody Middendorf

    3 things on my bucket list r/t business:
    1. Help my family, friends, and those in need to learn the business to be able to make a new life for themselves
    2. To pay for my daughters college tuition and help them get a fresh start toward their careers and life after college as well as set up college funds for my grandsons
    3. To pay off my debt and be debt free so that I don’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck and can give to others in need

  443. TJ

    Awesome idea, my top three are:
    1. to help developmental disabled individuals in my community
    2. to pay off my debt (cc and college loans)
    3. to be able to “exhale” and know that I can…

  444. Francine Hamanne

    My bucket list:

    1) I would like to get a scholarship to finish my AA degree in Business Administration.
    2) I want to travel and see my country besides other sites on this earth.
    3) I would like to be a speaker. I really like to inform and help people.

    I hope this helps me attain your newest book. Thank you and God bless.

  445. Ryan R.

    My top three on my “bucket list” are:
    1) Getting out of debt AGAIN, but this time staying that way.
    2) Get the rest of my family out of debt to help releave the stress that we all face(starting with my parents).
    3) Send my children to college.

  446. Marla Hall

    Thank You Anthony For Your Opportunity!
    Here’s My Bucket List

    1. To Be Able…….. To Pay Bills, Period!

    2.SkyDive In 2012 as I am unfortunately a victim of violence, and I have to Raise Funds in order to Particpate in this Skydive. Anthony I would love to do this so that I could Physically/Emotionally & Via Soul Totally Release My Trauma and at the Same Time Heal, Help S.O.A.R, and Positively Move My Life Forward. In doing this, I would be a 1st Time Skydiver!

    3. Have an Ongoing Successful Internet Marketing Business so that My Time is Freed Up to Help Me, My Family, and Others!

    Thank You,
    Marla Hall

  447. Lorraine Tomek

    Top 3 Bucket List Items:

    1. Be financially secure
    2. Save for grandchildren
    3. Charity

  448. Suzanne Carr

    Hi Anthony,

    My Bucket list would be: First to Pay off every dollar I owe, house, credit cards etc. Second to pay for my Grand children’s College Education and Third to help People in need. People who are in foreclosure, keeping them from losing their home. People who are out of work and don’t have enough to feed their family or take care of a sick child.

  449. susan

    My three priorities are:
    To be able to afford medical insurance
    Provide a real home for my daughter
    To have enough money to show her wonders of the world

  450. irene

    1. To be financially set so my children will not have to worry.
    2. Purchase the home I grew up in, my sibling want to sell it mom is in nursing home.
    3. Donate $$$ not just $ to charities I care about.
    4. Be able to financially help my family.
    5. Travel see more of the world than just my back yard.

    It was not easy thinking of my list because when think of all the starving

  451. Mike Monaghan

    1. Put my children through college so they graduate without any debt.

    2. Help my parents live better than they currently can on their fixed income.

    3. Make a sizable donation for research on breast cancer — an illness that took my sister’s life in 2010.

  452. Margaret Sansom

    1. To complete book titled Tidbits for Living.
    2. Inspire others to live their ultimate lives.
    3. To get started on the program I purchased from you months ago.

  453. G Michael Muller

    1. Leave a legacy for my boys
    2. Be in a financial position to help the needy and lost souls of the world
    3. Be able to travel when and where I would like to go

  454. nancy crowley

    1. Support the “Fisher House” project. A project that gives back to our injured vets and their families. A home that gives refuge to the vets and their families while assisting an addressing the medical needs of the vet while the vet is healing. A beautiful project that eases the transition of “re-entry” into society.
    2. Support the “Smile Train” project. An organization that repairs cleft palates in children of 3rd world countries.
    3. Pay off my mortgage and credit cards

  455. Craig Hoffmann

    Top Three things on my bucket list.
    1. Send my father on a holiday
    2. Donate money to cancer foundation.
    3. Set up trust fund for my 5 year old son.

  456. Andrea Gail

    1.Pay off my parents home and the rest of their debts.
    2. Help teach my sister (who is a single mom) affiliate marketing so she can stay at home with her two boys.
    3. Save helpless unborn babies and also young children from human trafficking.

  457. Charles Roberts

    My top 3 bucket list
    1- freedom to live (not to worry what i have to do next week or how i will take care of things i know it will be taken care of)
    2- get my wife on insurance for her thyroids
    3- get out of debt

  458. Gary B Griffith

    1. Have a nice home with 20 acres of land to live and share my life with my 2 adopted sons and youngest brother.
    2. Have my family finally united and living together in Maine.
    3. Have my 3 plus online at home business’s developed and all family working safely from home working our business and being independently weathly
    4.Have my health back so I can do more and enjoy all the above with my family and friends more often and more physically.

  459. Bob Woods

    The three things in my bucket are:

    1. To live a little more comfortably in retirement.
    2.To relocate to California to be close to my Grandchildren.
    3 To be as good at something as I can be, Being active is important.
    If you’re going to have a hobby it may as well pay..

    Thanks Anthony.