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I am sure you can all see I have now added a new category to my personal blog, affiliate marketing. The reason I did this is because so many people send me personal emails (and yes I read my own emails) asking me for advice on how to become a successful affiliate marketer. Obviously I like to share my thoughts, insight, and advice with everyone so I thought having a section on “Affiliate Marketing” was appropriate. Don’t hesitate to post a comment here asking me specific questions or for direction. I am always looking to help in any way that I possibly can with this particular industry.

The reason I choose to go into affiliate marketing is pretty easy to understand even for someone who doesn’t exactly know what affiliate marketing really is… think about it like this:

1. Wouldn’t you like to do something that DOES NOT require you to sell online?
2. Wouldn’t you like to do something that DOES NOT require you to provide customer support?
3. Wouldn’t you like to do something that DOES NOT require you to ship products, store products, or worry about competitive pricing? 

Yeah of course you would and so would I, which is exactly why I choose to become an affiliate marketer. I didn’t want to have to continue selling things online for the rest of my life. I felt like my entire life was consumed with customer support, worry about my competitors prices, and then worrying about my inventory. When I found affiliate marketing it was like my “ah ha” moment you could say. Just finally something that doesn’t require all that, but still gave me the potential to earn a lot of money.

Affiliate marketing is simply just sending customer to other companies (be it large or small) and those companies will pay you a commission. The concept is actually so simple it’s almost ridiculous that everyone hasn’t heard of it or tried it out. The main pieces you need are the affiliate relationships, marketing knowledge, and a website to promote the companies. Once you have those three pieces you are set and you can almost immediately get started. I write a lot about this in my new book, Advertising Profits From Home, which you can purchase at Anthony Morrison New Book.

I think affiliate marketing is probably the easiest way for anyone to make money online. I am going to dedicate this portion of my blog to helping you uncover the secrets to being a successful internet marketer. I suggest you bookmark this page, subscribe to the RSS feed, and check back very often because I am going to be sharing some of my best kept affiliate marketing secrets with everyone who wants them very soon!

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