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I had the amazing opportunity to speak at one of Mark Victor Hansen’s “Cash In a Flash” events a few weekends ago. It was a great event with so many really nice people. I enjoyed meeting everyone and certainly enjoyed hearing their personal stories. I have to say it’s an amazing feeling to be speaking at an event put on buy a guy so well respected and so successful in the writing industry. Most of you have probably read one of his “Chicken Soup” series books or maybe his newest book Cash In A Flash which he wrote with Robert Allen. Mark is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my entire life. Very down to earth and always willing to listen, learn and offer advice. If you haven’t read his “Richest Kids In America” book I suggest you visit right now and pickup a copy! It’s a book about young people (just like me) that have been successful and made quite a bit of money doing things from painting all the way to hip hop greeting cards that you see in your local stores right now. Some really amazing stories are in that book and they are certainly inspiring to all who read.

Below is a picture of Mark and I from the event. I have a few more ill post here pretty soon. Just remember if a kid from Mississippi can get where I am now anybody can do it! Just believe in yourself and stay focused and you can achieve any level of success you want!


  1. Russell Handy

    Hi Anthony, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen at a Cash in a Flash event in New York City. I agree with you that Mark Victor Hansen is one of the nicest people that you could meet. I just received today in the mail your Advertising Profits from Home package. I look forward to using your system to generate extra income not only for myself but for my family as well. God bless you Anthony and I wish you the best in the New Year 2010 !!

  2. William David Forth

    I was able to meet Mark Victor Hanson back in 96. He came to my wonderful Chiropractic University “LIFE UNIVERSITY” and talked to us about the only way to promote Chiropractic, was to believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, then how can you believe in what you are trying to do. This is something about Anthony that has caught my attention, he believes in his business. Just like we have to believe in Jesus or there is no hope with GOD.

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