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Well I am in St. Louis, MO for the entire week doing some personal one on one mentoring. I have two students here that I am working with and I have to say I am loving it! I love the personal interaction that mentoring allows me to incorporate into my training. I love seminars, conferences, and big events; however, I think mentoring is something I enjoy even more! One thing about teaching that really facinates me is finding that moment that the student “gets it”. Sometimes it takes saying the same thing 10 different ways for one person to get it, and sometimes it takes only 3 or 4 times for others.
Fact is we are all programmed differently and we all learn differently. Mentoring allows me the one on one interaction I need to find out how each person learns so that I can relay the information in a way that they just simply get it. I really think the people I am working with this week are going to do some amazing things in the affiliate marketing space, and in the internet business space in general. I guess you learn from experience. I never really thought the idea of mentoring sounded fun, but now that I am doing it I love it.
I think everyone looking to make money in any industry should seek out a mentor. Just someone you can go to for tips, advice, techniques, strategies, and information on a daily basis, or as needed. I certainly can’t mentor people in anything outside of internet related subject matters, but there are people that can help you with real estate, stock investing, and business in general. I might even find a mentor for myself in “real estate” because right now I condiser myself real estate investing “dumb”, but I am learning!
I was lucky enough to get to go to the All Star baseball game tonight! Since we are here we decided to check it out. Very cool. Saw Obama through out the first pitch, a stealth bomber plane, and the American League win 4-3. Great seats, great city, great people….. Really having a great time!


  1. Kenny Tuter

    Hey Anthony…great to see that you are taking time to mentor to some good people in St. Louis…when would you like to come to Daytona Beach?…as I mentioned before: Give a man a fish & he eats for a day, but teach him to fish & he eats for a life time….just need the Allstar help…

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