Anthony Morrison – Is Tired

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Sounds like a crazy title huh? Most people ask me if I ever get worn out, tired, or just basically frustrated with everything because I tend to do everything by myself. I typically smile and state “Nope I love what I do so how could I be tired of it? frustrated with it? or worn out?”. I think that response just might be coming to an end. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, but I am not stretching myself far to thin. I have almost 8 projects going full blast, and I am just one person! So I figure it to be a nice gesture to all of you around the country that have asked me that question to make this blog post. I am officially telling you yes I am tired! It’s time to cut back, slow down, and regroup. I talk about making sure you have “personal time” quite a bit in my book The Hidden Millionaire. I guess it’s about time the writer practice what he teaches…. so I am getting started very soon with my much needed, rest.

In other news I feel it important to say thanks to everyone I met in Orlando. You were all such wonderful people and the networking was absolutely great! I hope we can all work together in some way, shape, or form very soon.

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