Anthony Morrison – New Site Launched

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Great news everyone we have launched the new and improved this week. There are so many new features that I really believe are going to help everyone tremendously. The most notable addition to the website is obviously the new Anthony Morrison Live community. This thing is going to rock! It’s a great way for everyone to join together to learn, grow, and prosper online. I have always wanted to use my reach to help others help others, if that makes sense. I really think this new community is going to make that happen, fast.

We have also added a Marketing 101 section to the site where I am going to be defining some of the most commonly used terms in internet marketing. Obviously you must start somewhere right? It’s like going back to school. Before you learned to formulate sentences you learned to spell and pronounce words. Before you can do affiliate marketing or internet marketing in general you need to know how to understand the words used on a daily basis. Just another way I am attempting to help everyone really become informed on this industry.

I am really excited about the new marketing tips via text message program. If you haven’t signed up already you should do so now. Just text the word Anthony to 26469 and you will get free marketing tips from me as I find new and exciting things online. Standard messaging rates will apply but we don’t bill you any monthly fee’s or anything like that for the service. Just another way I am reaching out to people.

Listen. My new goal for 2009/2010 is to create success stories like nobody has ever seen before! I want to teach you, provide you with a community to learn from, and help you in every way possible. So get engaged and stay up to date with me…. I am moving full speed ahead… are you coming with me?

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