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I am very excited to announce that we have upgraded the Anthony Morrison website to include some amazing new features as well as a completely new design. I have received so many emails and comments from wonderful people around the country mainly because of my new nationwide show featuring my new book Advertising Profits From Home. I decided I wanted to turn into a place where you can not only ready about me, but also learn about marketing and network with other aspiring entrepreneur’s. Being successful is great in and of itself, but using your success to help others find success is the real goal. I hope that my reach through media helps bring thousands of people to this website to grow and learn from each other to create their own success. We have added the “Anthony Morrison Live” community which I think is going to absolutely rock! This will be a place to post questions and get answers from other community members. I hope this place alone creates hundreds if not thousands of success stories. 

I have also added a weekly video blog section, text messaging program to let me send you marketing tips, and many other new and exciting features. So stay awhile and checkout the new feel free to drop me any comments you might have as I am always looking to make this place a better place for you and every other aspiring entrepreneur that visits it each day.


  1. Carl Wennersten


    My name is Carl and I have to say that you have a great thing here, I’m new to this and I find that I am learning every day. I have purchased your book and I am currently working with Google Adwords. I have been applying the techniques you are teaching as much as possible. I do like the fact you make us work and telling us this won’t happen overnight. Anyway I have been steadily been adding keywords and doing placements and I can’t tell if it’s making a difference. I am on google and it shows me the graph, last month I had a lot of impressions and about 20 clicks but no confirmation of those clicks yet, and this month no clicks and very little impressions, can you send me an email and tell me whats going on, I’m new and I’m sorry for this, but maybe I’m missing something I don’t know. Please let me know S I can correct it.

    Carl Wennersten

  2. Donna Haglund

    My husband Rick saw you tv info.
    We are intrested in your book, I am a stay at home mom.
    I would love to find something to make some money for the family.
    I was wondering if my local book store will carry this?
    Would we get the web info and all that was advertised on the TV?
    Thank you for your time.

  3. tony

    Hi Anthony i have read your book an the information that you provide in it has been very helpfull to me let me say i have never used the internet before but i took a chance it was this past summer i so the tv show an i have been injoying the on line website o i like your blogs an thank ?ps i am telling family an friends

  4. Jamielee

    I have read your book and it opened up so many avenues . One reader suggested a step by step how too . This would be great for computer idiots like me . Thanks for the book it has helped me see lots of possibilities .

  5. Natacha Eldert

    I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles.I enjoying reading your post. You make 100% valid points in a concise and pertinent fashion, This is a really good read for me, thank you for your time.

  6. JimmyReed

    I am reading your book…ADVERTISING PROFITS FROM HOME. I am reading through kind of slow because all of this is new to me.I like the way you have put your information together for us to understand from baby stage to a mature understanding. Thanks for all you are doing to help us. God Bless You ANTHONY.

  7. Winston Kam

    I am currently reading your book, Advertising Profits from home. I have completed reading your other book,The Hidden Millionaire. I really enjoyed the The Hidden Millionair! You are really one of a kind, Your parents did a find job,raising you.

  8. Angela Spooner

    I purchased your book and two videos. I am looking forward to creating and income flow to be able to be my own boss and also to be debt free in 2010 and own my own house. Me and my sister are doing this internet business together, we anticipating to create and income to replace our regular jobs. Thanks for just the information to receive free stuff, and starting to make some money in few clicks. Angela

  9. Sharon Shaver

    I finished reading your book Advertising Profits from home and was amazed at the wealth of information and your ability to wirte as if you were sitting in the room teaching a class. This business is new to me. I read the book and watch your training videos and re-read your book again. thank you for you support and training.

  10. Jerry Arichabala

    Hey I on page 153 and I’m Almost there, I just got started last month and I am getting a lot of visitors using what you put in that book. Great Stuff Anthony – Just one thing though – How will I know You read these messages? I would like to see a reply coming from you. I actually would like to meet you because you do inspire me dude. Thanks for all the help!

    When will you have a seminar in NY so I can go to it?

  11. tim harris

    Hey! man this is really great stuff to learn.Im the type of person that can learn alot by not only reading and watching video, but also by viewing material such as samples of your websites to landing pages.So could you shoot me a couple of samples. please! Im excited about getting started.

  12. john carlson

    Hi Anthony!
    I watched your promotion on TV this morning and was blown away…..
    I am purchasing your “advertising profits from home” I know it will get me started in the right direction to prosper. I am very excited to start.
    I have a web site up to get people who are without a job to start looking online for one. This would also allow people who are disabled and workers who cannot get out of the home to work.
    The site is still in its infancy state so thats why I am looking to other sites for direction and examples. For some reason I remembered your name and when it came up on TV I checked it out. I am glad I did…….

  13. mary

    Hi! I saw you on tv with mark victor hansen and that caught my interest because I believe he is an honest man and would not be sitting there with you if he felt in any way you were scamming people.You too seemed to really care about people and that made a big impact with me.I am hoping to order-and to learn what you offer in the knowledege I need.God bless and keep your intentions honest always.

  14. Joani

    Hi Anthony –
    I bought your book because when I saw you on that informercial, there
    was just something different about you. You seemed quite sincere.
    I have been listening to your “How To” and Marketing Videos and feel like the “flood gates have been opened for me.” I feel like someone is talking to me every day, standing beside me giving me “step by step” instructions. This is exactly what someone like me needed, knowing very little about the internet and how to make it work for you.
    There is only this “one” thing that I wish I could do. I really want to put
    my LOGO on that web-site you gave me! Is there any way of making that
    possible for your network of people?
    Otherwise, keep up the great work, you are a smart guy.

  15. tammy43

    Hi Anthony,
    received your books and in process of reading and so far I have really enjoyed the information you give. would like to know if there will be a time that you will come to an area around madisonville, kentucky. I know your buisy but I am sure that if you would come that there would be a lot of people to try this and there is so much unemployment here that this town may go under if we all can’t get jobs or to at least be able to continue to buy from our own community buisnesses. The jobs around here are getting more scarce as the days go on .
    So I thaugght if you could come and give hope to the fact that we can make something else of our selves it would greatly be appreciated.

  16. Cathcrdz


    I just ordered your book last night and am really looking forward to reading it. I am 58 years old and was laid off my job back in November. It would really be nice to feel as though I had some control of my life.


  17. Rebecca DeMoss

    I have both your books and several of the DVD’s. I am very excited about the prospects this offers. You explain everything very well. I found the website that you talked about one time, but I have not been able to find it again. Please, how can I find it again? Thank you, Rebecca

  18. Rebecca DeMoss

    I want to thank you for a program that will really work. You are a very good teacher. This comes from a former teacher. Thank you again, Rebecca

  19. Madeline

    Anthony you a good pearon with a great way of teaching keep up the good work. I am proud to be your student and thank you so much fo shareing your knowlege .( I’m proud of you ) Thanks for your kindness .MadelineW

  20. Wendell Brown

    Hi Anthony, bought your book months ago. I watch your program probably every morning. One morning I decided to pull it out after your program went off. I’m 63 y.o. and retired, used to being up at 3 in the morning. Anthony I’ve spent a forture on get rich schemes and rec’d nothing. You’ve given initially more than the average supposedly business, than any I’ve encountered. I know you’re sincere, because I know people. You’re readily available and willing to help people. You’re no doubt a people person. I’ve always wanted to be in someone’s shoes like you. I dream of making your program work and turning all of my retired friends on to your program, then traveling and enjoying the rest of life. Anthony you’re doing a good thing in making this program available to people at such a menial price, would have gladly pd. much more for it, haven’t made a penny yet, but I’m excited. Don’t know a lot about computers, but I can feel my way around. Can’t wait until the 15th (May,2010) my intention is to purchase your help in setting up my business $197.00, would have gladly pd. more than the mere $19.95. Can’t wait to make my first $19.95 I’m sure it’s going to be one hell of a motivator. Speaking of college, I’ll be receiving my Batchelor’s Degree in Aug. (my first dream) then putting all I have into your program. I’m very excited about this program, can’t wait to start making some money then turning all of my retired friends on to your program. Anthony, you’re one hell of a gentleman, and a scholar, I, as well as all of the people who believe in you, really appreciate what you’re doing for us, although I don’t know any of the people, I know I can speak for them. Nevermind the negative comments, we believe in you. Just keep on being a good person. Thanks Much, Wendell

  21. Manyok

    Hi Anthony, Thank for this opportunity. I am happy I join the programme, bought your books and couple DVDs. I needs more help. Hoping that I be successful b/c of your knowlege and sincerely. I read good things about you. Once again Thank.

  22. Marta

    Hi Anthony, I am so excited to be part of this exciting and successful team. I haven’t started yet because, like Rebecca, i can’t seem to find my website again. I could relate to your dad since I am not savvy at all with the internet and how to navigate it yet so I feel a bit lost. I wish you could have a CD for those who need step-by-step instructions on how to begin this business (starting with linking the website with the different search engines). My mind is still tryin to process it all. However, I feell blessed to have found you on TV and I believe everything will come together eventually. As you get older it takes a little bit longer to understand the process. Thank you for sharing your life and successes with us. God bless you and your family.

  23. Joe Nogueira

    Hi Anthony, I purchased your book exactly a week ago, I have read it completely and I just started a second time. I have involved my entire life helping other people to build their business but, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to help myself in this matter.

    I felt really inspired when I came accross your tv commercial and, right then, I made the decision to purchase your book and, now, I’m in need of some guidance, Affiliate Marketing is something very new to me, so, please, help me.

    I have been in my website many times but, I haven’t figure it out how I am going to use it to make money. Is there a simplified step by step guidelines in how to go by being a successful affiliate marketer?

    Please, help me, thank you

  24. Jonathan


    I am relatively new, I just purchased and have read your book. I’ve created my adword google account and I’m still a little unsure, of how to proceed, and measure my success fail ratio. Please any guidance will be appreciated, you’ve done a wonderful job with this info-nars, keep up the great program.

  25. Andrea Preece

    I saw Anthony at the Vancouver conference, probably my favourite speaker of all of the speakers. I like people who speak from the heart and are willing to share; I have suffered the saddest personal loss a mother can and know how life can change is an instant and forever I will never be the same. So it is nice when a person opens up too and shows their real side.

    Though I know a bit about Internet Marketing i will most likely purchase Anthony’s information as one can always learn more, and saying this I am picky about what I buy now.

    Thanks for the great information Anthony and sharing.


  26. melinda hanna

    Anthony, last january I signed up for your program,i’am just now getting started,i was in poor health and wound up in the hospital. i’am now ready to start making money from your program. so i haven’t made any money yet, but i’am excited about it,currently reading your books and getting all the information. I hope I will succede.thank you for this course you have made it possible for me to have a business and not leave my home.

  27. Louis Ray Sandoval

    Hi Anthony, I brought your book about 6months ago. I got started reading the book about half ways then i stop for about 2 months from reading it.I realy regreat putting it off for a while. I would love to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, for haveing a very kind blessing heart in beleaving in me and everyone in helping us all. You know Anthony everytime I ask god for a sign when times are hard for me, to give or show me a sign that things will improve, you are always there if its throuhg an email or a text mesage, or to attened you seminar which i miss due to work, I wish you could please have another in my home town i would realy like to meet you i look up to in alot of ways.Thank You very much for all your knowledge and training videos they are very helpful. GOD BLESS YOU ANTHONY MORRION

  28. TK Phillip

    My Name is TK and I just turn 24 on the 2nd of this month..I saw your advertisement of your Book “Advertising Profit from home” and I really want to learn from you. I did not only plan this because i want to, but to help me and my family here in honolulu; Hawaii. I believe you can help me out at where to start.

    Thank You and God Bless

  29. Vanessa

    Just watching your enterview on TV. Enjoying everything I’m listening to and also looking forward to ordering a book and get my reading going. Thanks!

  30. Marybelle Reifsnider

    Wonderful web site. A lot of useful info here. I am sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks for your sweat!

  31. Robi west

    Can I please purchase ‘Automated Profits from Home’. please send info how to receive my copy- I am still trying to find out how to get started please!!!

  32. Marcelle La Chapelle

    How do I get my refund from this program.
    Thank You very much.

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