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Ok so I rarely read on the Internet about myself simply because I spend my time doing things that actually have substance and reason. I did, however, find myself reading some amusing blogs tonight. I guess there are some things I should clarify just simply in order to set the record straight on some of the things they continue to speculate about on a daily basis. I am sure all of you reading this understand that being on national television comes with responsibilities as well as scrutiny. I am not sure there are many people that ever appear on TV and don’t have someone somewhere post something ridiculous about them. I knew that going into it and decided that I enjoy what I do enough and I am passionate enough about what I do to ignore the remarks that I no doubt knew were going to be made about me.

It’s really sad that people will tell lies and post negative things to deceive others all for the reason of profiting from their deception. I am going to outline just a few things here for you all and then you’ll never see me address this kind of stuff again. I rarely give it enough thought to even justify it with a response, however, some of it is just so outlandish that I simply have to chime in with, well, my two cents.

Myth #1 – All Anthony Morrison Reviews Online Are Real
You know how I teach you all affiliate marketing? You know I teach you to do it in an honest and ethical manor so you can really learn and grow as an entrepreneur. Well unfortunately there are some “bad apples” out there as with any industry. They use “dishonest” and “unethical” methods to promote affiliate products and earn revenue from them. So let’s think about this for just a second and you draw your own conclusions from what I am about to say.

Here are some well known facts:
– People searching for me have probably seen my TV show and are interested in making money from home
– There are affiliate products out there (as well as mlm’s) that are trying to find YOU… well trying to find someone interested in working from home.
– There are affiliates (people promoting these products) online that have no ethics or morals

When you put it all together you get a page that says “I cancelled with Anthony Morrison… here’s why…” and they give you this long drawn out story about me and how stupid I am. Heck some of them even say I am not how old I say I am, I didn’t go to college, my parents didn’t lose their savings in WorldCom blah blah blah. However, at the end of this long drawn out article of how stupid I am they state something like this “I’ve been researching online for years and the ONLY thing I have ever found that works is THIS SO CLICK HERE NOW TO LEARN MORE” or you might see something like “Anthony is stupid but I found something that works. Learn more about it just click here now.” All they are doing is telling you how stupid I am in order to con you into clicking to a link to some stupid mlm or work at home program that they make money off of!! So who is really the real deceptive person here? Let’s review yet again..

What I tell you
– You won’t be a millionaire overnight
– Average people who don’t read my book, don’t try and are not motivated probably won’t be successful
– I will do my best through my resources to help you, but you have to want to be helped

What they DON’T tell you
– They wrote their stupid review as really a “sales pitch” to get you to click that link at the bottom of the page to signup for a program they make money when you do.
– They probably never bought my program
– If they knew much about affiliate marketing they wouldn’t have to do it the way they are doing it.
– They are NOT by any means some kind of AUTHORITY on Internet marketing. Most of them are just completely stupid and trying to capitalize on my name and exposure.

The sad thing is on their little Anthony Morrison Review page they state “anybody that says they can teach you to make millions overnight is a scam” yet I NEVER SAY THAT on my show or anywhere else BUT they refer you to “that only program that has ever worked for them” and the first thing it does is promise millions of dollars. How pathetic and deceptive is that? So who do you trust? The moron who’s trying to make a $45 commission by deceiving you into signing up for some stupid program or the guy who’s on national television not promising you millions of dollars but is willing to help you and guide you in every way possible to help you achieve what you do want to achieve.

You decide.

Myth #2 – Anthony Morrison Story Exposed
Yep I have seen it online. These guys really try to make it out like my story doesn’t add up? like my chronological order of events is off so bad that there is no way anything I have said is true? Let me just ask this one question….. ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Since they are talking about it what I will do now is just address it this one time and be done with it. So here are some events in my life that you might want to take note of especially if you are writing a stupid review about me without accurate information:

****Anthony Morrison Timeline****
– I was born in December of 1982
– Graduated High School Class of 2001 (May 2001)
– Went straight to college graduated there in 2005
– WorldCom filed for bankruptcy on July 21, 2002 <-- this means I was in my freshman year of college and only 19 years old - I started my first business and collected my first monies to help my family in February 2004 <---- this means I was 21 years old Now I realize that there is about a year and a half that passes from the time that WorldCom collapsed to the time that I started a business to help my parents. I fully stated this on my show and in all my interviews where I say the following "I spent many nights trying to motivate my dad to do something just anything to make money in real estate, but he was just simply to broken to do anything" and yep I stated this "my dad tried to get a job in many places for awhile but everyone gave him the same answer he was really just too old to be working there". Ok so it's not like I said we lost everything today and tomorrow I BOOM! FIXED IT. There was a period of about a year where my dad tried to get a job and he tried to do something to support our family but he simply couldn't do it. When it got to the point where we were literally out of money and facing some serious issues I stepped in and started my business to help my parents. At that time it was a necessity or they would have lost their home, cars and most of all security. Maybe I should be more careful when I throw out timelines, dates, ages etc. I never knew people would really try to go as low as to pick apart my story to make me look bad. All that stuff seems like years ago... almost like another lifetime. I've been an adult taking care of other people since I was 21 years old which gives me a full 6 years or so of it. When I think back I say things without really thinking of a timeline. Maybe those of you so obsessed with me and my story ought to create you own... instead of just wasting your time talking about me. Myth #3 – Anthony Morrison 9/11 Story Is Stupid
AGAIN ARE YOU SERIOUS? You think I would lie about what I was doing and where I was when this stuff happened? What kind of sick, deranged people are you? I just almost left this off because it’s so ridiculous. You do, however, state that “there is no way Anthony Morrison was in college when this happened if you follow his timeline” I guess this was in response to my article I wrote (click here to read) where I discussed remembering where I was and what I was doing when that happened. Well if you look at the timeline I graduated high school in MAY 2001 and entered college in AUGUST 2001 ….. so where does that leave me in SEPTEMBER 2001…. ill let you figure that out for yourself.

Myth #4 – Anthony Morrison Testimonials are Family Members
Nope. Wrong again. I did have my brother as a testimonial and rightfully so since he has done very well with Internet marketing. He’s had some really impressive months and has made more money than most people his age. I did take him off my show simply because I don’t wish to expose him to such scrutiny that I am exposed to on a daily basis. He’s done well and will continue to do well. I taught him and NOBODY can take that from me, period. The rest of my testimonials are just people I have met along the way. People that I have taught what I know and they have had some success.

They are not family members, friends of family members, employees or anyone like that. Heck if you look at the testimonials we don’t even have people saying they made millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars! Wake up people…. I have testimonials of people that have made a few hundred bucks. Why? because I don’t wish in any way to deceive people into thinking they are going to make millions of dollars.

The facts are (and I state this on TV) that few people make millions of dollars doing anything right? but hey if you can make a few hundreds extra bucks a month I think it’s worth it. That’s what my show is about and that’s what my testimonials state. We don’t over exaggerate what you can make just to deceive people and we don’t use fake testimonials. Period.

Myth #5 – Anthony Morrison Started His Charity To Look Good
Well I can’t say that wouldn’t have been a smart thing to do right? I mean pretty much every successful businessperson has founded a charity or represents one correct? Here is the thing that will surprise you all. I started that Charity BEFORE I did seminars, wrote books, appeared in magazines and had TV shows. I did it because I was raised the right way by my parents. I was raised to be compassionate and thoughtful and for the first time in my life I was wealthy enough to give back to others. For anyone to say I started it to look good or to steal money you are just, ignorant. In fact I call it a charity but it’s not even legally a charity. I don’t accept donations from anyone for any reason. I think “charity” is something that’s in our hearts. The work I do and the people I help is what’s important to me. Since I started this project I have personally provided Christmas gifts for hundreds of little kids. I have provided opportunity for many young adults to learn about giving back by simply giving their time. I have inspired so many young people to think about others and to give back to those less fortunate whenever they have the opportunity.

My question to those of you who want to questions my ethics and morals is what have you done lately? What have you done to help those who need it most? When was the last time you did something that really touched someone’s life? You know instead of knocking me on this you could learn a bit from it. It’s not about how it makes me look it’s about how it makes these kids feel. It’s about giving them a chance to go back to school and not be the only ones Santa didn’t visit. It’s about giving them confidence at a young age when they need it the most. It’s about helping other people and making them realize that people do care. If you want to challenge me on that, fine but you will lose. I love these kids that we help. I love how I feel when we make them smile. I love taking a child who has just been burned and is going through some rough times emotionally dealing with their scare and making them forget them, if even for a moment.

Ill continue to do what I do. You can post about me. You can do videos about me. You can write about me. And guess what? I WILL CONTINUE TO DO WHAT I DO to help these kids and these families. It’s not about me and it’s not about you and your stupid, ignorant and false reviews. It’s about these kids and helping them. That’s all I care about. Period.

If you read this to this point then you know how I feel about things. I have pretty much just set the record straight and I feel a lot better about it. Nobody can debate facts and thats exactly what I have just given in this long message, facts. So for those of you who continue to blog about me with stupid remarks and false information here is my challenge to you. Post a link back to my story here on all of your so called “anthony morrison review” pages. Let people read your junk and then read my page and make their own decision as to who is telling the truth.

Nah…. you could never do that…. I mean then you wouldn’t be making money off all these people fall for your fake reviews and “click here for your only program that ever worked” junk….


  1. Rita

    It is unfortunate that there are those that dwell in the dark, the muck and the mire. Good has historicall been challenged by evil.
    I am happier and have a handle on making your strategy work in my life.
    Not even for a moment did I doubt your sincerity. Your writing style is very personal. The haters need to get a life. However, I am glad that you set the record straight for those who my have needed it.

  2. Hank

    My dear Anthony, At 70 years of age I’m nearly old enough to be your grandfather.

    One thing I’ve learned during my life is ‘age doth not make the person’, man or woman. It’s what is inside the individual that ‘makes the person.’ You are a remarkable young man who is helping others. You are enthusiastic and people recognize that. I haven’t read any of the negative blogs about which you speak. But the fact that they exist doesn’t surprise me.Among other things, they are jealous. More importantly, however, is what those negative blogers are REALLY doing is HURTING THEMSELVES!!! And they are TOO BLINDED TO UNDERSTAND OTHERWISE. Continued success to you KIND SIR!

  3. Vini

    I agree with Rita, I never had doubt of your sincerity. I was working a night shift when I saw you at 3 in the morning on tv. and I said to my self uauu this guy is for real and I’ve already started to study your material. You are still young and when it comes to national tv, and scrutiny you still have to learn a lot about how to play the bull around you. You have a bright mind, just go ahead and do what you know to do best, God bless.

  4. Anna Pu

    My husband & I saw your show @ around 3:00am and my husband is not one to purchase things like these but he believed in you and although I will be the one mainly learning the skills and working with my husband to be profitable and enhance our income, I know that it is never easy to begin something new, especially a business, I will try to take it to a point where I will be able to explain it better to my husband and children so that they too can do this. your book is very easy to read, at first I had a hard time understanding it but than when I read the 3 & 4th chapter things were starting to hit me. But I will just have to work it and try to get over that beginner’s hump in understanding and the how to’s. I’m sorry I am just going on & on … I just want to thank you for being the kind of person you are(And I don’t know you personnally) in giving people the chance to live again and look forward to a better & brighter future. Never mind those know it all’s because I have been scammed before, many of times and I too am tired of those kind of people who take other people’s hard earn money for granted and leave them stranded with nothing to look forward to. keep up what you’re doing and I hope that I can get good at this soon, because I for one am not a website guru, but I know what I want for my family and it is no more suffering & stressing of where the next money is going to be coming from. I am from Hawaii and things here are pretty expensive. May God keep blessing you with his love. Anna

  5. Valerie

    Hey Anthony, I’m about to be 26 and one thing i’ve learned from experience and watching others is that people are going to say bad things about you no matter who you are. In fact is seems the more successful you are the more they’re going to lie about you. Usually because they can’t aquire what you got. I think your doing an awsome thing by trying to help others. I’ve seen many adds and things wanting people to do this or that and you know what, you are the most honest person that has something true to offer that i’ve ever come across in my entire life! I don’t have much in my life and i’m not the brightest crown in the box when it comes to learning something new, but the way you put things not only helps me understand, it makes me want to learn even more and be successful at this. I just want to say keep up the good work and doing what you do. Others are always going to “be after you” but don’t let em get to you, just smile knowing they never will. =)

  6. Ann

    Dear Anthony,
    I did research your name after I read your book and before signing up at your affiliate website. I did find much of the negative reports you are mentioning. Although I was a little concern at first, from your book and your different training videos I found before even getting on your site, I could see you were not as your critics said and I could see they were just trying to make money off of you.
    Although you are very smart, generous and do appear to really care about what you are doing and people you are helping; your youth is showing a bit in your response to your critics. It took me along time to learn this particular lesson. Don’t let these people whom say lies about you bring you down to their level. I do not mean by you saying lies about them, because I know that isn’t what you are doing, but by allowing them to make you mad enough that your whole tone in your writing shows a negative side of you that I know you normally are not at.
    As far as everything else keep up the good work, I have learned a lot from you already. I have recently started a self-employed business and have been using your insights to help get it off the ground.

  7. Robert H

    when i first seen you on TV it was on a show that asked you there because they believed in what you are doing. Ive seen and try ed several different things in the past to help me better me and my family. You are the most positive sincere and up lifting person I’ve seen. you just have to remember one thing you will never please everyone and their will always be some one out there negative about something they don’t understand or cant do themselves just do what you said in your book put all the negative people out of your world and concentrate on what you are doing there is a lot of people especially now who need what you have to offer. I have my own brick and mortar business that I had just stated a little less than 1 year before this rescission started and I was really doing good until then. we have been struggling along and we will get through this especially with the learning and help from what you are so genderless giving to us so keep up the good work you are doing, and put the negative people behind you they just trying to make themselves look good and trying to make a buck off your name cause they cant use their own success story You have exploded when others like me have fallen a little short and need a little boost getting going again Your parents must be proud of you they did a very good job raising you and your brother !
    Robert H

  8. Harv

    Mr. Morrison it seems that when ever some one is successful at what they are doing, you will always run into that person that want’s to bring you down to their level!!! “YOU JUST KEEP ON KEEPEN ON”
    Just started to study your material, thanks for sharing it.

  9. Larantine Naimark

    I’ve lost so much money on those half-brain schemes to work at home and never received any insight to what they were about. Not because I did not get it, but that it was a trick where they stole from a women who has a husband in a wheelechair. I am so glad I came across your website. What you put on our table even before the book even reach us, says alot about who you are. Mr. Morrison, thank you for the chance to help my dreams come true.

  10. Faye Powell

    Anthony, I have been all around the world, seen a lot of people and experienced a lot of things, both good and bad. When I saw you on TV and heard you talking about your business, I knew then that you were serious about helping others. After being turned down over 50 times last year for a job, I am ready to do things different. Your books and training videos are teaching me to dare to be different . Keep the faith because othres are following in your foot steps. Thank you for helping me to stay focus and Dare to Dream, because Dreams Do Come True!

  11. Jerry Arichabala

    Hey Anthony, if you actually read this – I have to tell you – I am positive and desire to make it financial stability for my family and myself. It would be nice if you do email or respond back to us that comment on your reviews though.

    I too have gotten the book in early jan , I did join the academy and i am being coached. I have finished your first book just yesterday – It took me about a month to read it as I was implementing your strategies while reading your Profits from Home book.

    I am getting a lot of visitors a day using the Free Social Media networks and I am a third a way in the goal sheet. I am just a month and a half into the program with you and the coaches. I am probably as excited as you were when you first got started. I see this as a long term venture for me. I actually do enjoy it.

    I have to say – I am currently a college student – I know your sincerity and people with their negative reviews have challenged my judgement on you but in the end of the day I know you are really trying to make a difference in other peoples lives. I still have to read the second book The Hidden Millionaire but that I will do later as I am so occupied implementing your strategies and techniques into my marketing. Your first book really teaches a lot of things I would have taken months to figure out if I got started without reading your book.

    I am still looking for another Job; however, thankfully as a veteran of United States Marine Corps and as well as other veterans we are being helped with something called the “GI Bill” which financially I am not in the greatest state but I have food on my table. But with this new venture you have introduced me with I will be able to get where I want. I am supposedly going to be called up for the NYPD but that doesn’t look very likely as they aren’t hiring many cops these times. Online though, people are still buying and looking for opportunities and I am here to stay.

    As soon as I can and have time I will be counter blogging these other people who don’t seem to have a clue of what else to talk about when they are in the internet and come across you.

    I want to thank you and I hope you make a kick ass video this Monday and every Monday with new knowledge for us to learn from, inspire about and achieve with using your tools.

    Jerry L A

  12. Larry Newton

    Hey Anthony,

    I saw you on TV and purchased “Adverting Profits from Home” because I believed in you and learned from your in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    For eight years I volunteer as a Professional Ski Instructor (PSIA) for the National Sport Center for the Disable at Winter Park, Colorado it was my chance in life to give back for what I had received in Life. In teaching Handy Cap & Blind Kids to ski it was heart warming and a great feeling to me, but to the kids that have never skied before it was their dream come true to be just like all the other kids. Yes,being out doors with the wind in there face,and skiing down a mountain not being able to see like you or me. That takes a lot of trust and belief in the person who is instructing you knowing that at the end of the day you would have Fun, Be Safe, and have learned how to ski.

    I was blind to “Profits on the Internet”, I trusted Anthony Morrison/PMI to guide me through the turns and over the bumps to learning the Internet marketing business online.

    I thank them for that learning experience,guidance and encouragement that was needed along the way.

  13. Lolita

    Very new to online marketing, Anthony motivated me to buy the book when I saw him advertising it in the television last month. He seems to be so sincere and the book are practical, logical and nothing wrong written to mislead people. Thanks Antony.

  14. Aileen Haston

    Hi Anthony,
    I just read your review and I had to comment. I have been studying internet businesses for the last 3 months. I have signed up for many but I have clearly learned more in the last 3 days from reading half your book than the 3 months with others.
    Believe in yourself. You need to remember and focus on the reason you are helping others make something of themselves. You are giving us a chance to make money that we normally would not have available to us. I am thankful for you and your purpose. I am also thankful for your blunt honesty about the money you can make with your program.
    There will always be others that will try to cut you down. Believe in yourself and your message and others will follow.

    Please continue your message. We are listening. Thank you for the hope you inspire in us all.


  15. sandi

    I’m just learning but you are the most positive person I’ve seen so far and in your e-mails. Everyone even positive people need to vent and I’m proud u let it out it’s healthier for once in awhile to let everyone no you care. I’ve always told the kids positive things happen to positive people.

  16. JimmyReed

    Hey Anthony,
    I only have a couple of things to say,(1) I am still learning about internet marketing and looking forward to helping some people once I start making some money myself, but I can see and feel the sincerity that you are putting forth with your teachings and books. (2) My friend just be still and know that He is God and John 8:32 says you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. May God continue to bless you in this business.
    Jimmy R. Reed

  17. JeriLee

    Thanks Anthony……. your system is the real deal and like you say… get out of it just as much as you put into it. It is WORK and since a great majority of people that respond to your infomercial are in need of WORK anyway . The thing you offer is Smart-Work and that is what is needed to get ahead….a day by day laying of the foundation to my future Goals and Rewards. You have to give to get and you are great example of that. I have a college degree from a great top 10 university and my career path was exciting and rewarding….untill a few years ago when corporate downsizing gave me a wake up call or better yet a reality check that bounced at the bank. I am mid 50’s and old school taught so it has been a hard learning curve for me to follow your system. I only invested $29.90 and that is because I respect Mark Victor Hansen…..but I respect you too now because you are trying to help people also like he does. The books alone are worth the money invested but this website, DVDs and my-own-landing web-page that you give everyone are more than enough to lead to success.
    I just say thanks again and for all the nay-sayers in cyberspace my advice is for you to WORK the system for 90 days and then if you still need to gripe….. work it for 90 days more……That $29.90 has been a better investment than my college degree so far….because now I learn to earn on my own terms. JLS


    I am so proud of you Anthony. That is personal integrity. There will be a percentage of the population that are on the stronger side of supressive personality. They dwell in negativity and / or they help create it. They love chaos and enturbulation, and even they take action to end people. We have seen it in the world scenario, and even in our proximity, in our towns and cities. NO WORRIES Anthony. Keep truthful, stay interested in the greatest good for the greatest number of people and that majority will keep your work going. ALWAYS. Is the way it is. Be prepared for as you get bigger and stronger some of those will try to bring you down. You are doing a great thing here and as long as your ethics stay lined up, your good intentions and actions will show through, and they will reflect as more good to more people. Thank you for your generosity, and thank you to your parents. Your story is truly moving and awesome at the same time. Stay truthful. We will stay thankful. All the best and great success for all involved. Warm Regards, Diego Romero

  19. Danyka

    I just want to say I was intrigued by your story.I work 2 jobs as well as my husband.I have tried several at home buiss. and I have realized that i bought into them because of commercials or info i researched online.I saw Anthony on my overnite job and he seemed so common a regular person just like me.I can respect that having tried many things myself and almost given up seeing you on tv inspired me to reach for my dream,I will be trying this program in a couple of days.I have always wanted my own at home buss to build my future on.I have also seen during my research the negative blogs and to Anthony Morrison I say’ It is a haters job to hate!” Let them talk all they want people who have real drive and can read your aura from the tv will still come.You will have more success than most because you are a real person and you show that in your ads,not flashy just a guy who was in a situation like me and worked to get out of it.God Bless you for having the thought to share your knowledge that someone else may achieve their dream of living a better life.

  20. Hecrod

    To: anthoney I haven’t really heard much about you until I seen you on tv I order your program because you sounded passionate to helping people I watched your videos and I learned a lot with them you no that know matter how much you tell you side a of your life people are going diesect you without even knowing you everybody doesn’t believe everything they read i started my web page that I order from you I have too admit it is Gerry interesting I have learn a lot with your program my son and I are working together with it you know that you have a lot of people that respect you and look up to you I have really taken you into my heart in what you are trying to do keep on doing what you think is right i am a grandfather with 9 grand kids and 7 kids and I have never heard anybody so sincere as anthony Morrison GOD BLESS YOU AWALYS looking foward too talking too you in the future

  21. Randall

    Don’t pay anyof those people any attention they have reaiiy missed the boat. Anthony stay positive thinking and believe in the law of attraction and you will win everytime .

  22. Pam Gilbert

    I had read those stories about two days after ordering my materials from you. I was so scared that my first thought was send the material back before I even took the time to look at them. I woke up in the middle of the night and had asked God for a plan to help me save my home. I don’t think it was any accident that you were on TV at that time. I ordered the material because you are as sincere as you appeared to be on TV. You never promised an overnight success, but did give me the materials that I need to help myself in this poor economy. Any of us that are your students would tell those that criticized you that they are wrong and are make a lot of false accusations. Best of luck to a hard working, young, faithful, and compassionate young man. May God continue to bless you and help you stay as loyal to your principals and morals as you are now.

  23. LaShawn

    I have never seen a young man so determined to help so many people as you. I am 60 yrs. young, and newly retired, and I purchased your program in September 2009, for the purpose of my retirement after Nov. 2009. I now have time to work on your program, and secure my future. I look forward to becoming a millionaire within the next two yearsif not sooner. I would like to thank you in advance for showing me a new way, and to do it all from home. Peace & Blessings to you and your family.

  24. LENA


  25. Jason

    I know this is kind of late to add, but not is it only good to stand up for yourself, but also a way to look at our society and what it has become due to ignorance, and selfcentered people that hate to see others succeed. Long story short they are bent that they were beaten to the punch. Good Job Tony.

  26. Jessie

    Dear Anthony,
    I just wanted to say that you have genuinely inspired me and that I am looking forward to a journey of success. I know that with great success comes great responsiblity, and having said that want to encourage you sincerely to keep your head up and turn a deaf ear to those derrogatory comments and information out there. Those individuals are simply a box a crabs, for when one tries to pull themselves out and rise above, the other want to pull him down and drag him down with them. But don’t listen to them and keep doing what you are doing, it has obviously worked very wel for you and others are clearly jealous and trying to hate and pull you down.
    I am a student and a business owner and I just attended a short seminar of yours that literally lit a fire under my behind and I couldn’t sleep that night or much the next. I am working towards being able to join your program, because since I am a student I am not able to at the moment. I am an entrepreneur myself but knew little of affiliate marketing and now I am studying it and researching the methods and yourself. I am in the process of reading your book The Hidden Millionaire and I am very hopeful, very and excited about a new path and a journey that leads to a better life.

    Jessie Thpmpson-McNair
    Houston, TX

  27. Joe Madden

    Hello Anthony;
    I only heard your name 6 days ago. I was impressd with the sincerity of your story and presentation on tv at 2:00 am,. I happend to be up and usually would never respond to the 800 number on those ads. At 69 the internet came along a little late in my life, but since the development of DSL lines WiFi, Google and the high speed search engines I have seen the future of marketing take off in that direction. I have wanted to educate myself to find more purpose in life much like your dad. I have already read The Hidden Millionaire, and am trying to absorb the content in Advertising Profits,as well as viewing most of the videos. I have been introduced to several honest online companies, and when researching them it seem there is always somebody wanting to post negative blogs about them. I think in the human experience it goes with the territory. Keep up your good work, I am confident your helping others and hope I can keep up and be a success story too.
    Consider me a new friend
    Joe Madden

  28. Marnus

    You have no idea what it means to me to have finally find someone like you to be there for people like us, I have been chasing dream having friend and family laughing behind my back saying I’m only chasing shadows and that I have to leave among real people and stop fantasizing, and again I believe my searching crusade has come to an end and I pray I get all the help I could laid my hands on when I’m ready. Thank you for your time and help and may the almighty bless you and make you more than what you are today.

  29. Clifford Sutherlin

    I’ve tried so many money programs over the years, and never made dime from any them. Anthony, your marketing program is the best i’ve seen yet. I don’t quite understand it all, but i’m working on it.
    You are a blessing to a lot of people out there. Keep up the good work. Cliffjun

  30. Lois Paul

    There are a lot of wonderful comments here. I just wanted to add one thing.

    Some people have a hard time understanding why you are doing this. They would never share something at less than the market could bear, because they don’t understand that we get more than money back when we share with someone who is having a difficult time, whether financially or otherwise.

    Your generosity of spirit will pay dividends in more than money. Just keep on making it possible for others to make a secure future for themselves and their loved ones. That will get you the rewards that go with such a generous nature – a loyal group of friends and business associates who see your true worth.


  31. cynt4

    Hi Anthony, I work 12 to 14 hours a day . I pray to god every night on my way home usually around 11:30 ,12:00 midnight to show me the way or some one to help me have a better life .this april I turned 66 years old, Two months ago i got home 11:45pm found you on tv, I new you were for real and I bought books , it is taking me while to get things going because i do not have much free time, I am reading and getting online every chance I get. PLEASE DONOT OBSORB THEM YOU ARE A GOD SENT. CYNT4 THANK YOU

  32. Sherri C

    Anthony, I just received your book and I AM excited to understand this business you are offering to so many people who require another form of income. I bought it because I can sense your honesty and integrity and sincerity. “Nothing comes into our Experience without it FIRST coming into our Consciousness.” We are the ones that get to CHOOSE our lives and your success is evident by how you have consciously set out to accomplish in your life your unselfish and willing desire to assist your own family and others. I can sense you have a good heart and I am impressed with how you love helping others. I actually feel you are here to make a HUGE difference into the lives of many people and you are doing it! I AM GRATEFUL, as I was praying for an answer so I can stay home and help take care of my grandchildren when I am required to do so. I KNOW you are a choice young man with a Divine Purpose! I look forward to working with you. Thank you so much. Sherri

  33. Marlene

    I was reading today a item in business week while waiting, most of the story was about the elections coming in November, if we should change the house and senate by making it more balanced. And Obama feeling the REP is the dealth party. And the GOP party is great for American, of course our todays president is in the Gop party. So the war between goes on while re the people keep hoping things will change for all. But the
    debate goes on and will always will.

    But the reason I am writing this is during to talk about the $ this next fews years, where are they going to be. Well in the last few years 1.8 Billion was spend on the internet but in the next few years it’s going to increase to 4.876 Billion. So it seems like Anthony has done the right thing by helping himself will help all of us. If we are willing to put in the time and work to learn this business he is offering all of us. He seems to know the numbers being put out there. Thanks Anthony.

  34. Kent S.

    All I can say is I have personally spoke with Anthony through email and also believe he is sincere in his attempt to help people make extra and/or a full time living on the internet and give back in appreciation for his success.

    This arena of “internet income” is so full of scams and low life’s that you just don’t know where to turn for ‘honest’ opportunities and information? They exist, but be very carefull who you listen to!

    He’s exactly right about these “so-called” review site’s that want you to ‘click this link for the best opportunity’ garbage at the end! I’ve seen them, read them, and came to the same conclusion…I can’t stand them. Don’t fall for these site’s!!

    We are ALL going to be held accountable for our OWN actions and deeds in life and after-life! Be very mindful of what you do and say about others.

    When you DO find an honest ‘opportunity’ you still have to work at it! It doesn’t work until YOU work at it!

  35. Maxsine

    I just sent for kit this week. I have not recieved my kit yet. I am looking forward to begin my business. However, I a would like to commit on the responses that you made concerning the myths. I was truly blessed to see what God has done in your life and how selfless you are willing to share in so many ways. The truth has legs and it will stand through any thing including lies. God Bless!

  36. shaunw

    It must be comforting to read such “feelings” people post of you. I saw your infomercial and rec’d your books “Hidden” and “Advertising Profits”. I was impressed. I agree with the young 26 year old (in age only) and a few of the others. You have a very good learning module directly from the customers (not you but all of us). I have been out shopping, by the way, and you are seemingly pretty good at what you say. That impresses all of us. I am not 28, anymore, but I always say i “if ya wanna program the cell phone, give it to the ten year old”. I do feel that your age is a good age to have info, feelings (from mom), and the creativity(from dad’s real estate maybe) to sell me on “your technique” A heartfelt thanx brother. p.s. does misery still love company?, actually there cannot be two kings……

  37. iris galloway

    Anthony: I have read your books, am learning aff. marketing, thanks to you and your staff. You have been so helpful and I truly believe in you and yours. Am just sorry that you have these negative people saying things about you that are not true. Please forgive them as they know not what they say. I am 70 years of age and I feel like this is a way that I can help pay off our bills and not leave them for our children to have to worry with plus I want to help others that need the help. I feel like God put you in front of my path so I would have an opportunity to act on this chance to better myself. Again thank you.

  38. Wanda

    Kudos to you. I am with you on this. I have ordered your books off of a TV Informercial because of the sincerity and compassion that I trust is from your true being. I believe that you can help me struggle through the internet marketing caous, to lead me to a better financial life. I have read “The Hidden Millionaire” in one evening. However, being 59 years of age, I have to study through the other book. So I will be keeping in contact with you as I reach my goals. Sincerely Thank You. Wanda

  39. Christy OBrien

    Prior to reading your brief about yourself, I was ignorant to all the myths. But do believe your statements regarding competitors and folks scare to take a chance. Many find life much easier to be negatative, i think its a method of justifying their their lack of effort, or disguise of their fear of trying and/or to feel superior. Time, only to analyze the comment for validity and risk should be given. No validity, no damage risk, no more energy and no more time spent. You have your own purposes and missions to accomplish and life to live.
    I am reading your book, however i am slow! But I do need to follow this business approach to provide for my granddaugher, who wishes i could earn more money,so we don’t have to be so poor and myself. Thank you for your generosity, courage and values.

  40. Litha

    Thank God for you! I didn’t realize that so many people felt exactly the same way I felt when I first saw you on tv. But your sincerity and enthusiasm comes thru loud and clear and I feel for the first time in a very long time that there just might be hope for a brighter future for me and my family with this thing called the internet. Like many of the others, I have tried many things over the years but was disappointed every single time and had all but given up but you’ve lit the flame again. So I’m going to give it all I’ve got and hope to be one of the success stories in the near future.
    Once again, Thank you!

  41. deb yeagle

    i’m inspired by your sincerity… your family values.. and your enthusiasm !!! the world needs more people like you… your parents did a great job in teaching you what’s really important in life!! it’s great that you want to share your knowledge. thanks for a chance. deb yeagle

  42. Elizabeth Stratton

    Anthony, I saw your TV appearance earlier when you had your father on with you. I was very impressed with how you came to the aid of your family and that you and your father presented it together. I am a strong believer in the strength of REAL FAMILIES. I admired you then, but I did not call until I saw it one more time later on, and this time, it was you and the man wrote the “Chicken Soup” book. I was inspired by your sincerity and the truth is there in your eyes and your heart and it conveys. Thanks for being you. I haven’t gotten my business up and running yet, but I am working on it more slowly than I had thought I would be able to. It is coming together. Thanks again. Elizabeth Stratton in NY

  43. Kim Williford

    Dear Anthony, I’ve read your 9/11 story and I don’t think it’s stupid. I really enjoyed reading it. I remember where I was on the day. I was at work. It was a time in my life when a job was all that I had and it took alot out of me to work. 6 days a wk with 1 day of rest at time. Other times it was 12 hr shifts a day. I was 34 at the time. Anyway, I read this article you wrote. I am so glad to know that you are not the person the negitive reviews say you are. When I read both your books, I knew you were sincere and willing a person like me. I can’t wait to purchase one of your courses and start learning that course. I don’t care if I only make a few hunderd extra bucks a month. I’m on a limited income anyway, and limited to how much I can make extra. However, I believe in you, Anthony. I may not know you personally, but I know you as my friend in For that, I thank you. – Kim Williford – Blairsville, GA

  44. Clarion Diaz

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for all the good you do. I saw your TV ad about your book and ordered it. All I wanted to do is make some extra money so I could pay my bills. You sent an email with a gift when I needed the encouragement the most. I’m all excited about this business and I am fired up. The greatest man that ever lived, healed the sick, had empathy for the discouraged, fed the poor, and raised the dead yet he was ridiculed, falsely imprisoned, and executed for no reason but we conquer the evil with good because love never fails. I appreciate your help and concern.

  45. Sandra Taylor

    Anthony,I feel like your feelings was really hurt when you read the garbage that was online. Don’t worry they will get theirs on Judgement Day so please try to forget what people are saying about you just keep on doing the things know best .You are the RICH MAN.Take Care of yourself. I care Sandra

  46. Cathy


    In my 49 years of living, I have come to realize that no matter what you do, good or bad people will always have something to say. They will lie about you. We are all here to serve others. This is what you are doing. You are giving alot of people hope. Many of us have been interested in working online but had no idea where to start. You are educating people about something real. I find this program very comprehensive and to the point!!! Do not concern yourself with evil doers, they will crash and burn at whatever they set out to do… One cannot excel when they set traps or try to discredit others, always remember this…..Thank you for this opportunity.

  47. Kristen Williams

    Hi Anthony! Ya know I could state the obvious… as you probably already know in your heart as to who you are! Clearly you are reaching out to many people and helping to make this world a better place. I commend you for that it takes great courage to face the world, in which there will always be good and evil unfortunately. I haven’t even purchased your book yet because I am literally that broke, however I saw your infomercial and it gave me hope! So thankyou, from the bottom of my heart!

  48. Karen Tinoco

    I haven’t buy your product yet, but I am going to. I saw you on TV and you sounded honest…there is something in your voice that tells people you are telling the truth. Besides everybody knows that in order to be successfull you have to put yourself to work because it is not something that comes to you but something you have to come to. Thanks in advance for the help.

  49. john brown

    Anthony I bouht your book around three months ago, moved an my daughter packed this book into one of my saveboxes, I just found it the other nite, after wakeing up an catching your comercial on t.v.Three months later is still time I believe. , an I looked an found your book. I am getting started on this today, an I will comment later. I do know this is real, U just have to do it, an it will work!

  50. Willie McSwain

    Anthony, take these false accusations with a grain of salt, but remember
    from this day forward; let your speech be seasoned with SALT; so you’ll
    know; how to answer every man that offends YOU! And you don’t have to
    condensend to men or women,of low-estate… God Bless You, Man!

  51. Johanna Loveless

    Hey Anthony,
    For the last few month I have learned a few things about the internet business. So far I have learned that in many instances as soon as you buy a product the seller mysteriously dissappears and leaves you with some worthless information or connection or keeps upping the price. I now have bought and studied your materials and I have come to the conclusion that you seem very dedicated and are sticking around with valuable information. I now feel confident and would like to take you up on your promise,made on TV, of a free website, where you really pay the hosting fee yourself and will train me so we both make money.Looking forward to doing that. Johanna

  52. DJ

    I bought your product and I learned that it is what you make of it. I respect you and am sincerely sick and tired of people who have to try to pull other people down with them. Best Wishes. ~DJ

  53. Roz

    Hi Anthony. I bought your book back in January of this year. The first thing I did like you told us to do is to sign up for the free trial offers. I also watched your getting started videos and thats all I did. I became preoccupied with other things. About a month later I received 2 checks in the mail I didn’t have a clue where they came from. I called the number on the check spoke to a lady and she said I must have a online internet business I still was baffled. As time went by I wondered where those checks came from eventhough I cashed them lol. Then 1 day I was watching your informecial and the light bulb came on. I made back the price of the book just like you said and I didn’t even fill out all the the free trials. At this time I’m reading it over ( I did read it once already in the beginning). These 2 checks did give me the incentive to really put this baby in high gear. Im listening to the getting started videos again and looking at all the offers in which I made a list of all the offers I will market. I just had to leave a comment because I read alot of things that would discourage anyone from buying this book. If Anthony Morrison didn’t want you to succeed he would just sell you the book and thats all.

  54. Christian Dorval

    Anthony, I want you to know that people never throw rock at a tree who doesn,t bear fruit. So, this people will always be around, you can’t do nothing about them. The good side of if they are advertising for you, those who have a bit of a brain will detect the truth.
    I was coming from church this pass Sunday, I turn on the TV, flipping chanels, I find you show. I think you are my answered prayers, I already losse my car, I don’t think I can recover the house, I haven’t pay my mortgage for almost two years now, but I beleive my God still performs miracles. I am willing to follow your guidance and see where that will take me.

  55. Mary Smith

    Thank you for your open and honest way of presenting yourself. I have just recently purchased your book. I have signed up to have coaching and I have faith that what you say is true. I know that i may never be a millionare,but my life will be better for having heard your commerical and ordering your materials. I know that people can be cruel and say awful stuff.
    You just keep on being you and I am sure your family especially your dad are very proud of you. You are able to inspire people tp dream amd be more than they would have been,if they had not dared to dream and reach out to try for success.
    God bless and keep up the good work. We will do our best to follow the tracks you are leaving for us on the road to success.

    Mary Smith
    (I am 71 years old so I know a bit about what people are made of and you are doing good in helping people.)

  56. Lori Gurren

    Dear Anthony,

    I’ve read some of the GARBAGE that is printed on the web about you. What is soooo important for everyone to remember is that YOU ALWAYS TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.

    We all know how much it really does hurt to have nasty things going on behind your back. I HAVE NEVER BELIEVED A THING I READ VIA THE WEB ANYWAY AS ANYONE CAN SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ANYBODY TO GET WHAT THEY WANT.

    Your amazing. You’re a GREAT teacher and we are all grateful for your part in our success. I’m going to be your NEXT TESTIMONIAL. I’ve started the Marketing Success Academy and plan on taking this all the way.

    God Bless and keep up the fabulous job.

    Lori Gurren
    Greater Cincinnati area…………..<<<

  57. Marc Galyean


    I have been researching online Internet businesses for some time now and until I came across yours recently the others did not seem as sincere, honest and integrity as I have seen with yours. My wife and I are starting the MSA coaching next week and we are very excited to get started. I have read your book and started it a second time, as well as the videos. I can tell you are very passionate about what you do and wanting to see your students be successful. The people with the negative reviews are the people who never gave your training a fair chance or they are just wanting to get rich quick. That is what I admire about you Anthony that you are upfront with people. There is no such thing as “by this program sit on the couch and do nothing and make millions of dollars”. We have to put our time and effort into it. The more time, training and following the steps the more successful you will be. I know it’s going to take patience, hard work and determination. Failure is not an option for us. My wife and I are going to SEE the results and will be one of your next success stories. By the way, we are only on our third week and have already seen money that we have made by just placing a few ads. We look forward to pursuing a future in affiliate marketing and we value your training and your commitment to our success.

  58. Edna Watkins

    Hi I’ve been looking for a job for 1year now and I’ve seen a lot of get-rich scams and none of them sounds like you so.hopefully I will give yours a try when I get the money to start== it take it to start it!! right? /p.s don’t let ”them” take what GOD gave you. that’s how you know it’s a blessing.
    —–thank you Edna love’s it.——

  59. Shirley Phillips

    Hi Anthony,

    I have learned that people who are condescending toward other people need to feel more important themselves. In other words, they low rate you to make themselves look better. I never would have bought your books had I thought for one minute that you were not sincere and truthful. Keep up the good work and I look forward to ‘getting started’…. like some others, I have gotten sidetracked by life, but I have retired and more than ever, I need this.

    thank you,
    Shirley P

  60. Linda Burns

    Anthony I have tried many programs and I believe in your system. I can tell you that of all the programs I tried you are truly the only one who has kept his word and followed through with your support. I have not got there yet because of a head injury and limited to computer use and texting. This is something I am working on to move forward and get a life again. Anthony when you know you are doing good and helping others you don’t have to justify it to other. The people trying to destroy or tear you down are con artist and actually the scammers. So you hold you head high and as long as you know in your heart you are doing right you will continue to be successful. The people coming after you will soon fade. Carma is not good.

  61. Sue R.

    You’re doing a great job so keep it up. Everything about you reminds me of my son and how he would react in the same situation. My husband and I went through similar financial stress years ago and had my son known at the time, there is no doubt that he would have quit college (he was a freshman) to do what you did for your parents. Instead, I kept it from him and told him that we needed to sell our home. That was 8 years ago and it has been a very tough journey. He knows the truth now – that we lost our home and I’m not sure that my decision to “protect” him was the right one. We probably needed protecting more than he – I was very broken like your dad. Heck, I am still struggling from losing the home I loved, so you saved your dad from much heartache. My son now has a successful job and is engaged to be married and more than anything in the world I would like to give him the gift of knowing that we are on our way to financially security. I have watched your tv ads many times and called the number to get your book, but hung up. Having been “taken’ several times by this type thing, I have been very hesitant. With all this said, I have decided to try your system. With my motivation and strength, I should be very successful and promise that I will be back to share my story.

  62. Laraine Hruby

    Anthony: It certainly was time well spent to write (and me to read) your “something to say”. Yes, I believe you were raised right and are totally in integrity in all you do to promote economic growth through your hard-won skills acquired over many years. I encourage your work and plan to get more practice with your system so I can slowly but surely earn some extra income from my internet connection at home. God Bless you.

  63. wramon

    Wow, what can be said, you have learned and I strive now to learn from you. If only to earn a few dollars using the new technology at home.
    Nah, I hope to one day share what I learned from a real American, a young man with knowledge enough to know what goes around comes around.
    I know what you are doing is the right way to share your gift and I’m honored to be one of your students.

  64. don

    hey anthony i just purchased your books. well for almost 8 months i was very hesitant to even buy your book. plus economy wouldn’t allow me too. well ive been cheated with some programs out there and one i’m still working on for 2 years now. but yes ive seen the people who talk smack about you and then they want you to buy their product. To me thats sick how can someone talk smack bout someone then expect you to by their product. well like you said i am stoked and ready to go and i really want to get out of the hole i dug myself. it may take time then again i may do well but i do know time is what i need to put on this. i’m online everyday so it’s not taking nothing from me and my time so i will be very successful in this i know. ok enjoy life as i will soon as i start this program


    after beiing raised by a person who used reviling gossip as a weapon, to mislead others into following her bs , I can tell you it is refreshing to see how positively you handled this and since I ad a problem still do with confronting people who acted this evil way ,, again it is a blessing to watch you , agian handle with ethics and positives which they will never know or even care to possess , absolutely speak up for yourself and do let the facts be know there is nothing wrong with defending yourself when someone deliberatley reviles you for their profit !!! touche and may JEHOVA GOD continue to bless you and those you help ,, its actually the worst kind of hate crime using reviling gossip as a weapon for profits and control the bible says we are to upbuild others only not revile this shows which god they emulate and follow ANTHONY they chose the negative and to be narcistic once there they cannot come back and reason again its a simple hate crime against anyone doing better or great and good things for by your shining brighter and sharing you light exposes their darkness ,,,, and they can`t handle the truth they are jealous and envious just like their god ,,,, agape minister bob

  66. Rhonda

    I love your books! Your philosophy of entrepreneurship is first rate, and I believe in your integrity. Thanks for answering the dumb critics. But, just a suggestion: when revising your book for new editions, try to spend a little more time making sure that you haven’t assumed too much about the understanding of Internet terminology by your readers. The average person is still at an extreme disadvantage here. Most need to be led by the hand, step by step. Perhaps footnotes could link to some type of glossary in the back of your books. Best wishes for the future. I wish you continued success.


  67. Mary T.

    I just bought your book a few hours ago and have been online doing homework, watching training videos, reading blogs and comments and I must say I agree with Rhonda when she states that many of us (students) do not understand internet terminology and that maybe footnotes would help. I also like your idea of baby steps. I teach Art, Kindergarten- 5th grade. It has been a realization that Kindergarteners can do amazing art when you break it down to baby steps. Thanks for the opportunity that I am about to embark upon. I need baby steps as well.

    Mary T.

  68. Alice

    Anthony, I just got finish reading all that garbage you said people are saying about you, know what before i started believing the things you were telling people I wanted you to know the first day that i got your book I read some it. Then I went on the websites to see what people were saying about you good or bad. Just like you say “It was alot of bad”. And then I started reading your bio, and I knew you had to be a good person. And from some of things that your father told you about life was very good advice. And I can tell that the way that you speak that you voice seems honest to me. So Anthony your making a difference in people’s lives, so , don’t care what other people say, just keep doing what your doing.

  69. Jeanne Mausure

    Anthony, I LOVE your energy and enthusiasm about sharing with us the keys to your success!!! It’s all in my computer and my head now and I’m going to fly with the information! I don’t NEED to be a millionaire (it would be fun to say) I just want more money than social security offers. I’m 69 years young and always eager to keep up with the unbelievable changes since watching Flash Gordan and Gorgeous George on a 6″ TV screen in the late 40’s! Cheers to you and your successes!!! Jeanne

  70. Mary L. Diaz

    Anthony, You just keep doing what you are doing!. Forget those poor smucks who can’t seem to make it without riding someone elses coat tails!
    Enough of that. I saw your infomercial and I was especially impressed when you stated that no one would be a millionaire over night! I have been looking for a job or a business that I could run from home for probably 40 years. Way before the internet was available to everyone. I’ve mailed off money orders amounting to maybe $2,000.00 dollars and got nothing in return. At least with you I will have 2 books to read ( Ha Ha Ha just joking) but its true. of all the money I sent out I never got anything back for my money at least this time, I have a chance. With your help, I may be able to get off Disability and start paying into Social Security with your help. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY AND SINCERITY.



  72. Norma A.

    Hi Anthony, im here again reading review about you. Typical mediocre
    people tend to envy others who work hard to the top. Try to duplicate them
    but not that successful, so they destroy your reputation. But you know
    what, they are shallow minded & D. They should instead be thankful that
    somebody out there is smart and creative so as to be duplicated and
    copied. Thank God you exist, and we learn a lot from you.
    Fr. Norma A.

  73. Robert Endreson

    Hi Anthony, I bought your book several days ago and I think it’s great! I am reading it now and wrapping my head around your instruction. I don’t want to get rich quick, I just want to supplement my income. I believe in you and your books and look forward to using your methods and tips. Thank you for helping me and everyone else in our community. FR.Robert Endreson

  74. Belinda

    I bought your book and will join the success academy. I believe in you and am forever grateful for the “HOPE” and encouragement that you offer in these tough financial times, even if i dont make a dime which i doubt very seriously. In the name of “ALL THAT IS HOLY”, may you be blessed.

  75. George Hurst

    Hello Anthony,
    This is just to prove that you can do everything right; and there will always be SOMEONE that you cannot pleased. You know why that is? Because they are the UNPLEASABLE. The will never find life pleasing and great; because it is their mindset. I love what you have done; and it INSPIRES ME, for I have those same passions to help others by being the very best I can be…so that I CAN PAY IT FORWARD!!! Well, I hope that you have a very BLESSED and GLORIOUS Holiday Season! i look forward to recieving your books; in the next day or two…and really LEARNING MUCH FROM YOUR KNOWLEDGE!!! If I can be as 1/10th as successful as you have been; then that WILL DO MUCH GOOD IN MY LIFE; as well AS FOR OTHERS!!! All my prayers and thoughts!!!

  76. Mike

    Quite honestly, I ordered your book on sunday, and because I couldn’t get on the website as I didn’t have my certificate as of yet, and coupled with the fact that I read a lot of the negative hype online. By sunday evening, I was ready to jump shi however, after reading your rebuttal, I am inclined to keep the book when it comes, and not refuse it. I live on a very strict budget (economy driven) and I couldn’t buy all the extras that you offer, but given the fact that I do know my way around the keyboard, I am going to keep the book and try it on my own. I feel somewhat reassured by what you have written and I will go on my GUT FEELING that this will work. Thank you for rebutting the negative, and save room at the top for me.
    Mike Moore

  77. rob96run

    anthony, Just leave the negatives alone…Please! We’re better then them!
    I do understand your wanting to have your say….But, please Concentrate
    your efforts on helping us-GOOD FOLKS who are FOLLOWING YOU-
    out here in the Social Community (fb,twitter) BE STRONG, Committed and STAY FOCUSED for us…Let’s Leave the loosers in the dust!!
    Anthony May god bless you and yours. Amen Roberta
    PS it’s really sad, but I cannot stand to keep reading how your defending yourself…leave the loosers,they stand alone….Please!!
    Just tell Tony you agree with me…rob96run

  78. rob96run

    oh goodness, I am Buying your books, will have my free website up and running….and I am looking forward to meeting you someday-when are you coming to virginia?? Keep up your wonderful work and never loose sight of who “you” are, where you came from or “what you want” don’t ever let anyone take your dreams away! BE STRONG-STAND TALL

  79. MJ Davis

    Bought your 2 books. My Mom dusted and threw my free website note in the trash can. So does anybody know how I can get that back? I’m an antique(born in the 50’s) But I feel I’ve gotten my 19.00 worth out of reading your book “The Hidden Millionaire”! I’m not sure what it is you are selling yet other than your life’s story, but I can tell you your employees check up on me bi-weekly! I’ve had sugery and just now feeling a little better. I’m planning on beginning the other book tonight so maybe I can figure out soon what that Russ feller keeps calling me about! And for your info….Charles Givens did do his own seminars early on at least. I laid out about 3 grand to buy into his junk. About as soon as I did, he wrote a book and put his little folks out of business. So I’ve been careful ever since when I see infomercials or see seminars. Whether there is anything else here for me or not, I don’t yet know, but reading about your childhood through college was a blessing and I consider my 19 bucks welll spent already!

  80. Rossie

    Haven’t gotten the book yet.. I fell like I dum looking at
    your webs site..Trying to understand. …..So I’ll wait for the
    book maybe it will help me understand more…I want a better life
    for me and my son since I’m a single parent..Life is hard without a
    job..Since I loss my in the Auto plants at chrysler ,going on 2 yrs
    now…We had no Christmas this year only thing I can do is paid the
    base bills to keep a roof over our head…Hoping next year will be
    better..Happy Holidays to everyone and peace on earth

  81. Silas

    Anthony I just got your book Profits From Home. I really do hope that I will be able to make money with this program. I have lost so much much OPM in trying to get a Home Business. I am not looking to get rich over night I know better than that. I want to be able to replace $850.00 of my retirement that I lost or more. Talk to you later.

  82. Sarah

    Dont worry about them Anthony.. I bought your books and havent done any affiliate marketing and i am starting with you and i know i will succeed in have lots of us supporting you because you are also supporting us and as of those ones please dont waste your time on them.. You are blessed and noone can take it from you..

  83. Michael

    Dear Anthony,

    I bought your book last week and have almost finished reading it. I have set up my Website and read most of your blogs and Marketing tips. You sound very genuine. What interests me most is your background and how you worked hard to develop this system. I don’t really care how much you make from your ingenuity, by people using the same to be successful. After reading this your rebuttal, I feel sorry for those who are attacking you. I don’t consider you to be a saint; no living human being is. However, I have the real gut feeling that your system works. I am already following you at both Face Book and Twitter. You are an inspiration. Let your critics be your best friends because they will really bring out the best in you. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

  84. Ron Seipold

    I too know what is like to be accused of starting a charity type business and have someone say it is just a gimmick to make money. I started Aidans Friends Network for my 6yr old son with special needs and want to include other kids with special needs, by building a network of thier friends to change thier buying habits to benifit these kids, and young adults. The other day I recieved an email at [email protected] that said I was wrong for lying about trying to help. People just assume others are bad to quickly so keep your head up and rock on.

  85. nattoya mitchell

    I saw you an the TV recently and my success antenna went a little higher. Hard working an successful people who know hardship and challenging times motivate me because I KNOW it. I am trying to design a map to take me just where i want to go. This seems like something that will take me just there. I will buy your book soon with the intention of following in your footsteps. trust me just do what you are doing because you can’t stop the critics. Let the Lord be your guide and love lead you from day to day.Best wishes fot 2011. ONE LOVE BRO

  86. delaine macku

    This Bog is so important !!!! I started December 17 2010, right in the middle of the Christmas Season Rush, got the book and couldn’t put it down. Christmas Eve I read a Scam about you–My HEART Just sank– just sank! Then I had Chistmas Day to go thru. So you know I was ready to put my heart and sole into this New Adventure!!!!!! but something told this just seems so much what I want to learn, Maybe Bad People are out there!!! Theres got to be something to this man that he could Find a Way to help his parents!!!!!!??? I mean thats Big Time, as much as we want to do what he did isn’t easy!!! Working Hard isn’t the only answer–we need some help and tools and smarts.! Its exactly a month now, I went ahead and started the 3 classes, whow its got so much information!!!!!!!!! The 365 days Program is so knowledgeable, how could I go wrong? This Bog Was meant for me.

  87. brenda

    i saw you on tv and thought you did a great job so anyways i ordered your book i havent gotten it yet but i got my website and even added it to search engines and excitedly waiting for your book to come. I figure since i got the website i might as well pay for advertising so i did through i need hits and i hope to do well.Ill keep you updated on how i am doing later on.

  88. mike dashiell

    Tony, I am so proud that you stood your ground and told these idiots how you felt about their false reviews that are just made for their selfish reasons. You certainly didn`t have to respond as you did because the truth is easy to see for those of us that are honestly working hard to get what it is that you are so passionately teaching us to do. I am proud to know that I can count on your honesty in your teachings. You give so much to make this world a better place and deserve the utmost of credit for it! God does bless people like You! mike

  89. Ladiana

    Anthony; It is so true when you say “I am not sure there are many people that ever appear on TV and don’t have someone somewhere post something ridiculous about them.” EVERYONE can become a target on the Internet, but I BELIEVE!…in you! So keep on keepin’ on and just let those comments roll off your back, like water off a duck! You are loved. xox

  90. Mark

    Anthony: I feel your familys pain, same happened to mine, economic crash took us all out, 1 step from the street, doing best to build an affiliate website with no money. Reading you site has been a good source of information. Thank you! and for anyone who calls someone out for giving to charity? Will never understand a key point. Giving is better then taking! Thank you again! Mark

  91. Nancy

    I saw the TV program and just got the books in the mail. I read them both today, and reread part of the first one again. My eyes are tired, my head is spinning, but I can’t wait to get started. I’m filing for bankruptcy and have just started the paperwork, but you never know – I may not have to go through with it! I’ve done a lot of research on affiliate marketing, but learned so much from his book. It’s NOT a STEP by STEP process listed for you. I can see where it will require work. I’m taking my work schedule and slotting in 1-4 hours a day, depending on whether I work an 8 hour, a 12 hour shift, or I’m off that day. I’ve worked the two jobs and made myself ill, and have to take care of ME for a change. I believe this will replace that job, and plan to retire in two years from the nursing profession, replacing it with alternate streams of income. POSITIVELY POSSIBLE.

  92. Henry Kekoanui

    Besides greed and jealousy these people revel in tearing you down.
    It is what they do. They have nothing better to do.
    I’ve make money offline using your teachings (not thousands of dollars but enough to supplement my monthly social security and musician’s union pension checks.) I tried the affiliate program didn’t understand landing pages, or how to build a web page. Since my passion is writing short stories (sold a few) and content, I figure I might do some good with blogging. Like I said I’m no high tech person. What I learn in the community and your teachings I apply to my business. I know you won’t take this as flattery that’s why I keep saying YOU’RE THE BEST.

  93. tjrivercrock

    I just received an invitation to one of your seminars. After roving around your website and reading what people have written, I am going to sign up. I went to one of those sites that said you were a fraud, and yes at the end of their spiel they wanted me to sign up for what they were selling. I left, no dice bucko. And now I am here, see you there in tampa fl.
    tj rivercrock

  94. Diana M

    Dear Anthony

    I read your response to all the junk and false statements about you
    and just know that I believe they are people that hate the world because they are too lazy to try to work at anything so they take someone who has worked for what they got and try to trash them but I have to say
    that i did purchase your program and I think it was the best decision i have ever made. I wish there were more people out there like you . I was very touched when i read what you posted about what you do for the unfortunate. and you are a very beautiful person and
    God Bless you .

  95. Debbie Kleinschmidt

    Dear Anthony,
    Didn’t that feel good – to let that out and tell the idiots in this world what is what! I admire you for standing up for yourself, so many people just don’t. It is mere paparazzi. Be yourself, always speak the truth with only good intentions.

    With Love and Jesus,

  96. Darlene Sims

    Im a good judge of character. When I first saw you on tv I knew right away that you are a good person. And you wanted to help other people. That’s what’s wrong with people they are so unhappy and too lazy to get up and do something about their situation they want to knock the one that is doing something. All I can say is keep the good and positive in your life. I’m so grateful and glad you came into mine.
    May Jah Be With You Always

  97. Linda Marie Hastings

    Anthony, I have not seen you on TV, but I did read some information about you online and was invited to the Phone Conference last night. You had mentioned that you were going to “give” a certain number of people your Business Op for free. What I heard last night just blew me away! You ended up giving over and over and my respect and admiration for you continues to grow with ever piece of information I read about you! I want to say “Thank You”! And please don’t worry about what those creepy “wanna-be’s are busy saying about you. The truth will come out in the end! You are to be Admired and Respected and I am a woman but I wanna be like you! God Bless you!

  98. Deb Herber

    Hi Tony!

    I HAVE read all of those phony reviews of your information and what you do.
    It’s a classic example of … matter what you do you can’t please everyone. And one of the toughest jobs is dealing with the pubic.

    We sure appreciate your candor…and we hope that you never get disgusted by all the negative in the world, because we really need more guys like you. Willing to shoulder all the craziness….to teach us things to make our lives so much better! 🙂

    Know that we DO appreciate you and all that you go through on our behalf. In exchange we promise to work hard….learn all that we can….and turn make a DIFFERENCE in the world! 😉

    Fiercely Loyal from Kansas,


  99. Manuel Sanchez

    Envy is a very powerful and negative emotion and is often accompanied by greed. People who display this emotion are intellectually warped. They hate the ones that have but are not willing to do what it takes to have. How pitiful!

  100. Ruth Odell

    Anthony, I tried to download lour last presentation but was unsuccessful as I wanted to watch it over and oevr again. I don’t want to miss anything as I am going to be successful in this business. I even dream of it.

  101. wanda

    I have one son, was layed off, lost his house, has found some construction work, but has no money to pay for liability Ins. to cover him to do work., My other son is living pay ck, to pay c. I want to join your group but have to wait until the 3rd of May when I get my social Security ck. I am very excited about getting started. I have seen you several times on TV. I can’t wait until May 3rd.

  102. Doreen

    Hi Anthony,
    What you’ve said is true about all the junk that these scam artist write about you. I researched you on the net when I first saw you on TV. You are exactly correct that they say terrible things then guide you to their product. Their just greedy people that don’t care about the person trying to honestly make a living online. All they care about is filling their pockets. I have been watching your videos, I’m part of your community and listen when you talk. You have inspired me and I want to thank you for all the information you give your followers! Thank you again for your time and support.

  103. Lois

    Hello Anthony,
    I just ordered your materials on May 1st and am very excited. You know, you get certain vibes from a person and in watching you infomercial I felt were very open, honest and you sincerely wanted to share your experiences to help others. There will alway be negative people in this world but you keep doing what you are doing and don’t let anyone steal your enthusiasm or your desire to help others. What you are doing is appreciated. I already know that what I will learn from you will be valuable and instrumental in having a positive impact in my life. Thank you. Blessings.

  104. Renae

    Hi to all. I just joined last night 5/2/11 and logged in today. I saw some negative comments and so I clicked on them only to see I was being asked to sign up for another biz. that was my biggest clue to just follow Anthony. Your presentation was so real I could tell you really aim to help others and that you care. So I will not let FEAR stop me from trying and neither should anyone else. Thanks Anthony Morrison for the Truth Response.

  105. Karen Pressley

    Anthony I have read all the stuff people have said about you. I do not go on what other people’s say so. I go on my own and I love what you are doing for others and I want to build my business not only to help my family and self but to be able to help others in the name of Jesus. I appreciate you and all you share with me. I am new at this and pray you will be patient with me and help me grow. I believe in you and I believe you aim to help others. And I want to again be like you to help others. Thanks Anthony for your Truth Response.

  106. Cynthia

    DON’T LISTEN TO THE IDIOTS!!!!!!!! Beleive me I have searched and searched for years trying to find a program that I could learn to make money from home with, and someone that cares enough to help me learn that program, most of the other programs get your money then leave you high and dry or they want more money to teach you little tid bits. From the first time I saw Anthony on TV I knew in my heart that he really cared and really wanted to help people and he has proven me right every step of the way. Thank you Anthony from the bottom of my heart for renewing my faith in my dreams and for renewing my faith in mankind. God Bless You.

  107. Lisa

    You Tell E’m! You can’t please everyone, something to always remember! May sound crazy to some people but, when I seen you on TV there was a spiritual connection, I knew you had to be a Christian. There was a major sense of TRUST there. As I read your book, about your life, and your family, my feelings proved to be true. Oh and thought it was pretty cool that your Birthday is in December as well is mine.

  108. Deana Hill

    Dear Anthony,
    I have not had the chance to purchase you book yet. As soon as next week. I have watched you and I see your compassion and caring in the way you speak and in your eyes. I am proud of you for taking a right stand. I am even more proud to know that I will be purchasing a product from such a true, sincere, caring person. Keep caring for the kids and those less fortunate. You are the greatest. Thank you for offering something that is of positive benefits as well as a way of rightly making income. You are truly a God sent gift. Thank you

    Ms Deana Hill

  109. Carolyn Engle

    I have watched you on tv at 2am many times and I finally bought your book
    “Advertising Profits from home.” I read both of your books I received. I know it’s not a rich quick thing and I’m reading everything I can to learn. I
    just wanted to say that I BELIEVE IN YOU! You are doing a marvelous job
    helping others. Those people who are trying to rip you apart must have an evil spirit in them for them to do such a thing as try to bring you down. All
    I can say to that is, they are filled with “The Green Monster” which is
    jealousy. I have not seen any of these things but if I did I would have a remark or two for them myself. You have a very loving and giving Christian heart so, don’t allow those liars to touch your life, we all know better. We
    love you for being you. God gave you a perfect gift and the devil can’t take that away from you through the devil’s hateful spirit in others. You are a remarkable fellow and the lives you have touched can witness to the fact
    that you are sincere. God sees all and we reap what we sow. Those who
    try to bring harm to others will not prosper in it. God is good!

  110. Margaret

    I just ordered Anthonys program, when I called in to place the order, I was a bit disheartened, buy this, get this…you get free, for 30 day free trial period,I read the negative stuff online, but, wanted to see the positive stuff too…so glad I did, like they say there are always 2 sides to every story….so, I am looking forward to trying Anthonys program, but, just like life….you have to work at what you want, not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I believe if it’s worth having, it’s worth working for. By working for what you earn, makes you appreciate what you have. Having a genuine love for people…seems to be Anthonys belief…I totally agree with that. I feel I am truly blessed, there fore, I want to be a blessing to others. God Bless you Anthony…keep on keeping on.

  111. Richard E. Vandevander

    Anthony, You are a shing star that so many of us having been looking for.
    I have two passions, I would do with my earnings other than my Family.I would like to help are Troops who are coming home with missing limbs so they and their families will not have to Struggle through LIFE. The other passion is to help the Humane Society with all they do. These animals that have been treated so cruelty and still give love to us. Happy Fathers Day to all of you. Thank You Anthony

  112. chalis


    Boy am I glad I’m reading this site as opposed to the “slammers”. I’m happy to see your response, and I’m happy to read the positive feedback from others.

    I recently attended an evening intro sharing your program and will be attending a 3 day training in the near future. Prior to the intro evening, I had never heard your name before and I had never heard of affiliate marketing before. I was just there to find out what info was going to be shared re: online business, something that I wanted to research.

    Well, suffice it to say, I thought enough of the presentation to invest in the program. I figure at the very least, I can use it to help market my current business. Of course I have great hopes way beyond just this start, but I also want to be realistic in my expectations of something I know very little about.

    This investment is a leap of faith, which is okay, but when I went home to do some due diligence, and come up with all the negative reviews, I was a bit concerned. So, I’m happy to read your response to it and you setting the record straight. I’m choosing to trust you and what I think you represent (even though I’ve never met you, talked to you, heard you speak or know you from Adam). I don’t expect this program to be the “end of the line” necessarily, but a start into the online world for business purposes, and be a launching pad into who knows where, but able to grow from a solid starting point.

    Most successful people talk about following someone who has been there. I want to follow you because you have “made it”, so to speak; certainly way further than I am now, and I hope that your tools and program will provide us with that “edge” in a very saturated field.

    Looking forward to finding out more!

    Thank you!

  113. Jenny Futris

    I have just signed up to your program Anthony and I just read this post about the negative reviews about you. I couldn’t agree with you more in that they are trying to find something wrong with what you are doing. First and foremost, you are giving to help others (without an expectation of anything in return)–which is precisely what we are called to do. Second, misery loves company and the fact of the matter is that these people are jealous because they have not achieved the level of success that you have. Rather than seeking to understand and perhaps learning from your success, they would much rather try to bring you down to their low level. That is a perfect example of actions of insecure people. I say to you Anthony, “hats off to you for taking the intitiative to help someone else in need and pursuing your goals!”

  114. Anna Bellum

    Those people you refer to think they are clever enough to trick people away from your fabulous advice. Not so, young man. You are a credit to your family, and to us all.
    Keep up the good work. You’re awesome!

  115. Dereck Davidson

    Hey Anthony, I’ve been watching your infomercials on TV for some time now, and never considered it because I and my wife, have been blessed with a good job, something so many people are without right now! In May, I had to undergo total hip replacement ( too young for age “36”,but thats another story),and started considering working from home, not only to replace my income, but, to also be abile to spend more time with my family! I caught your infomercial again this morning, and started researching what people have been saying, and your right! Then majority of “negative” comments are trying to sell me something! It would be funny, if it wasnt so sad! You just keep doing what you know is right man! I’ll be ordering your program this Friday! “God Bless”

  116. Jay

    I too am a Mississippi boy and I am proud of you and what you have accomplished. It does not matter what people say, do not even take the time to rebuke them. Keep on doing what you are doing and I will follow.

  117. Laurie T

    I just want to say that I just received your book on Friday and I am half way through reading it. I am excited about the prospect of having financial freedom. My hubby and I love to travel and have some destinations that we would like to get to eventually but not on the money we make right now, lol. I believe in your sincerity and look forward to making this a new part of our lives. THANK YOU!!

  118. KGaynor

    I am new to your website, but not new to your teaching. I purchased your books almost two years ago and I’m just now going to begin to get into your program. Went to your conference in Houston today and was very impressed with the information offered. I knew you were genuine when I first heard you and now will be learning Adrian’s techniques next weekend. This information is a literal Godsend in my life!

    The naysayers are just jealous of your intellect and your wealth. I recently bought into one of the other programs and now have DOBA calling me nonstop even though I told them I’d recently buried my dad and hadn’t had the time to really look at what I’d purchased. Then I received your invitation and jumped on it. I’m glad I did! Looking forward to a very long and successful relationship with you, Anthony! Thanks for being a blessing in my life!

  119. louis prophete

    When you truly believe in yourself and life purpose it is very difficult for anyone to believe that there are people who honestly help others to achieve an intended goal just be following the examples of success while paying it forward without remorse

  120. katrina

    I just joined your webinar last night. It was very interesting and full of information for someone like me, a beginner. At first I was skeptical, but after reading your article about yourself and how other people had attack you, I feel sad; but it’s true that we are always surrounded with negative people who have nothing nice to say about someone. I do want to say that I admire you for not just being young and successful on what you’re doing, but for having a very good moral and principles in life. Thank you for your willingness to help others, including me.

  121. Lifestar

    Dear Anthony:

    You are one of the rare business people whom truly show compassion, generosity, and empathy toward the ones who are in need of help such as in “need of real effective financial training to gain financial freedom and stability!” After reading these comments on the blog, my intuition about you is right; you are as sincere and authentic as how you have presented yourself to the audience–the audience and individuals that you desired to help and guide them to the right path on financial happiness!

    I think you have brought tremendous blessings to so many individuals and families, especially the fact that you played an extremely positive role in your family during a time of uncertainties and financial drains! It is also very brilliant of you to use this blog to set the record straight when so many “evil and tainted individuals” out there have falsely accused you of something that you are not and never have been!

    You are the “rescuer” for the financially wounded souls and hearts!



  122. Teresa Moore

    I’m glad you are standing up for yourself & I didn’t even read everything you said because I really believe you are an honest guy!!

  123. sally and george

    My husband and I just attended one of your seminars and we signed up for the upcoming 3 day workshop that will be taught by your brother. I have to say we are already overwhelmed with everything we will have to learn – twitting, making video’s, building email lists, getting traffic, learning adwords….etc. – but we are excited and feel confident we will be able to absorb what is necessary to make money on the internet using your technique. We are retired and need to find a way to supplement our social security….at this point in time I do not dream of being a millionaire – but I would certainly like the comfort that a few extra $$$’s would bring. We are not afraid to invest the time necessary to get results — we are afraid (just a little) of being capable of learning how to do this. The workshop can’t get here quick enough!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  124. Noreen

    I believe you are who you say you are. I am so impressed with the posts. I am glad that people are giving you support and advice. You are young, and you will have to develop a thick skin and remember what everyone is telling you here…there will always be someone who will want to bring you down. Don’t give them the time of day. Just keep doing what you do, and your life will speak for itself.

  125. Joseph B

    I am a Firefox fan. I have to congratulate you for the way you organize your Toolbar. It is excellent. I love it! With a simple click, we have a lot of your fascinating works to learn from.
    Today I read the “THE 5 TIPS FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING SUCCESS”. It is really delicious. I definitely fall in love with the Tip # 4 “Use Original Content” on our site. I thank you so much.

    By the way, I would like to build a SITE from scratch using a hot product. I would appreciate it if you could give me some clear tips and examples on how to do so, using a short and simple step by step procedure. Thanks!

  126. Steven

    Anthony,You got balls of grandcanyon.Don’t let anybody take from you.You did something to help out your family. You obviously have made a success out of & been with famous people. That’s why you are successful & teaching other people. Because you did what success people do what unsuccessful don’t do period.Don’t listen to them.I wouldn’t. Drop the price down on your software on the penny&a half pay per click. PLEASE.

  127. Elaine

    Great marketing tool. I ordered your book and feel it is promising. I’ve read the first one and decided to visit your web page intro as you asked,however coming upon the scam thing am elated to find youbeating the naysayers at their own game. Very ingenious I might add. Will be trying your program and hoping for good results. On seeing your scam ad was hoping there wasn’t a down side. Thank You


    My dear ,I was 64 years old from INDONESIA
    Things You Want To Know, I’ve just read about you, you have great kids in your field, was six months with your programs and on the day of days this week I attended the training video but i am not able too, and at last years has loos my job.

  129. Luis A. Deleza

    ANTHONY, I bought your book last year and I did just like you said, I put it on my top shelf in my closet. What a waste of time that passed by that I could have been making money by now. Well it’s time to get to work on this business! I have not seen any negative things about you. All I hear from you is always positive. You are a good teacher for all who want to be successful in this business. GOD HAS BLESSED YOU!! Thanks

  130. wendy booker

    I just became a facebook fan of yours tonigth and was contacted by one of the members of your team yesterday. I want to thank you because I’ve been trying to learn about Affiliate Mktg for approximately 2-3 months now and I’ve been requesting one-on-one training; you are the first to contact me by phone and show a personal interest. I loved your video and please, give your parents my best wishes.

    P.S. Continue to not pay too much attention to those knuckle heads who say negative things about you – they talked about Jesus Christ and he did no wrong to anyone. Best wishes.

  131. Lurline Smith

    God Bless you Anthony, and keep you strong and healthy; Thanks for Being there and here for Others. Knowledge IS Power. It brings great Good when put to use. Continue to put Knowledge to use as you share with Others. By doing so, you doth continue to Increase.

    Dr. LS


    How much is this going to cost me to get started and receive my first commission check?

  133. Audrey Williams

    Anthony, i am proud to see a young been positive. I saw you on TV about 3:00am in 2009 and you caught my attention, on how to get a website for my business, and at the moment i was happy to here that, i could have a website for $19.95 plus your book,dvd’s . I accepted your offer. I am still learning your program. I remembered I had received a little check and i was wondering what it was until i went back to your book and realized it was for me looking at a free gift card from Walmart, i really never had a clue about this, just stay away from negative comments, it is all about bad mind. You have positive information in Anthony Morrison Millionare Book, God give everyone a gift and talent. Nothing is wrong to use your gift to make money. Every living person on this earth want to make money for some reasons, either to pay bill, for their kids, to a house etc. Don’t worry, God is God, only my God knows your heart.

  134. Joyce

    Anthony my friend just listen to the great comments that people say and not the negative ones. There is people for everything. Pray for your enemies because they need all the prayers they can get. Evil people hate the fact that people like you succeed and do a great job to help others. In the end they still wish they could be like you that what their problem is. Stay Strong!

  135. charla

    I have been looking for quite a while for something like this, taught by someone like this. I have no doubt that if I take the time to learn what is being taught that I will succeed. Thank you Anthony for putting your knowledge out there and for keeping it out there! You are appreciated for all you do, it has given me hope that someday I will be able to help my own family as you did yours, I just wish I was a faster learner! Bless you Anthony!

  136. Jerry

    Forget the trash Anthony.I’m behind you 100%.Trash gets people to read more about you thats all.keep up the good work i’m proud of you.

  137. cindy

    I am seeking info on when your next meeting will take place in the Salt Lake City area.

  138. Chris

    Hi, Anthony,

    Wow, the last post here was a year ago.

    You are a strong and brilliant young man. I’m 54 and have a disability that keeps me from working. I get help from government programs and private organizations (food banks, etc) that help me to survive. I wouldn’t be able to stand up to so many critics like you do. I’m proud of you. I believe in you and what you do.

    I would like your system to work for me. I’m slow and the information is difficult to put together. I lost my login information for aph site after I put things down for awhile. I also don’t have enough money or credit right now to do the training in Denver. I went to your latest seminar in Boulder, two blocks from where I live! Awesome. That was the first reason I decided to attend. Thanks for the tips re your secret16. I found that very interesting.

    I’m still trying to see how I might be able to to get this business going for free. I need help and unfortunately, no one around me I trust and who might understand things faster than myself and help me understand what to do, is interested enough or trusts you well enough. Oh well. More study on my part.

    You inspire people and you are generous. These are virtues for which any man or woman can aspire. You are a good example I think, especially as a business person.


  139. Annie Lewis

    As I said before I saw you 2am one morning and I was intrugued. I saw your video on Joplin and I could hear the emotion in your voice and feel the tears of compassion in your heart. All I have to say is “they lied on Jesus.

  140. Steve Gaiser

    I have recently taken a serious step by attending a recent seminar in Minneapolis and signing up for the training program this coming weekend. I have had two of his books, unopened, until this past week. Much of my delay has been due to lack of motivation, but I do know for a fact that there are always naysayers who for whatever reason are skeptics most of their lives. If you have tried MLM’s, one of the best, the top dog in rankings is the Amway foundation, now Quixstar I believe, and you can find a ton of negative comments about that. So, since I don’t have the energy for that, I truly believe in Anthony Morrison’s program for allot of reasons knowing full well I still have to put forth the effort. My failure will only be because of my lack of faith and inaction, which has been my partner for much to long. Faith allows me to believe this is the real deal and action is the only way I can achieve the success offered here and I know that I have to do this after shaking my past habits.

  141. Lylian Murray

    God Bless you. And finally a true and honest person with good values. This is what I call paying it forward. I have not tried this Anthony Morrison Success product yet. But I am sure considering it, I mean you really have nothing to loose, right? Anyway God Bless you and keep up the good work.

  142. G. Almquist

    Anthony – it’s disappointing that you have to “defend your character”. I’m retired – have been around – have been exposed to some undesirable people who try to make their way (deceptively) as you have stated. I have subscribed to various programs and have read statements from those who are critical of the programs. Between the lines it is obvious that they never really tried. Most fall into the catagory of “expecting everything to be done for them – (with no imput on their part).” Thanks for expressing “your side of the story”. I’m with you.

  143. Luis A. Deleza

    Well looky here! Professor Anthony, there are alot of so called GURU’S out there saying they are the real deal. But you know what, there is only one Professor Anthony Morrison, THE REAL MCCOY! GOD has BLESSED you for all the people that you are helping. Your student–Luis,

  144. Joe Bosch

    I see a lot of nitpicky. Am reminded or an old Chinese Proverb.

    “It is at the tree which bears GOOD FRUIT that stones are thrown.”

    Next, we all have the right not to accept guilt trips…

    What’s the opposite of love and hate? It’s indifference, of course.

  145. Andrea DeVito

    Was never on Twitter before you hooked me in and after reading about others trying to knock you down, I was happy and impressed by what you wrote. At least you knew to expect it and didn’t let it touch your spirit. Others know how to spit out their message without considering how harmful it is to themselves in so many ways.
    This all happened more than 2 years ago and you still represent success and encouragement as God wants us to do. Thank you.

  146. Deniece P

    Anthony I am so sorry the mean comments that have made about your program, I haven’t really put anytime into it yet, but I have read some of your books. You never promised you would make us a millionaire with this program. It is sad people are so small minded and selfish.

  147. Alberto

    Hi Anthony this is Alberto here.I’ve seen some of those bad crazy comments about you.I purchased your books some time ago and I’ve read them.I never tried to put it into action (not yet) but just want to let you know that I don’t believe on those bad comments or any negative things they say about you.For me as I see you on TV or on your blogs you are the face of honesty,and somebody who is real,who we can trust.So we should all ignore those negative morons who try to hurt others.
    keep up the good work

  148. Anna

    Hallo, Anthony( here I would like to put happy face if I knew how)
    You know, even before reading your review, I had seen in your face sth that is not visible into many other young people – oppennes and honesty. It is how I can interprt this. It is the reason why I stil am reading your e-mails that you send to me. I like your smile (your girlfriend does not have to be jelos, you ara only one year older than my youngest son)and your teaching. It’s clear and understandable.How ever, I returned few products purchased from you, they were to advanced for me as yet…
    So, don’t worrry for those who mocked you. Remember there is much more good people in the world than the bad one. Just the bad do more noise.
    There is a song where you can read “don’t wory, be happy…”
    This what you need to do and never get sad. Promis?

  149. Maggie

    I attended your Charleston,SC seminar July, 2012 .

    I was not pressured to sign up & told upfront before the program got in high gear, what it would cost . I did not sign up because I like to make wise decisions. “A fool and his money soon depart” is my reminder. I like good ROI’s, and the offer of a 100% refund within 90 days, is tempting. However to accomplish that it would require expenditure of much Time, effort, and practice, which I do not have available within this quarter..

    Then I came home and browsed the internet to find out what was going on with this “affiliate marketing” concept. I read the negatives, the defenses, etc. I can see the vengeful, malice of the people who spend so much time writing negative words. That is their reward.

    Because it is so easy to be negative, put words out of context, and just make stupid comments such as, “if you were a millionaire, you would not be living at home” (which is totally a subjective comment, from the point of reference of the writer) , I decided to comment, and state that I believe Mr. Morrison and not the negatives presented. I went, I saw, and I am “thinking about it.” I did not buy in.

    Thank you for lunch. In Research Mode.

  150. Julio Colon

    I have seen you on TV for over 2 years and never have i heard you say you can make millions. I give you much credit for doing what your doing helping people become and learn how to make money Online. These Idiots that try to put you down are just jealous that they can’t and will not become celebrities like you have while helping people become success stories. Good Luck To you and hope to save enough to get your course so i too can become a success. My Hats off To You Anthony Great work always.

  151. Linda

    Dear Anthony, I saw your infomercial on TV and even though I haven,t ordered your book, but after reading all those reveiws about you, I know now you are legit. Every reveiw I read was positive. We need more people like you out there! Keep up the good work! Now I will get your book. Thank you.

  152. Jean Rapatel

    Hi Anthony alto i am just starting with you program i am a pretty good judge of character and i firmly believe that you are a genuine honest and good person how will do everything that is possible to help anyone on your path and do not believe anything that is said about you that is negative you really are one of a kind generous person and many others should look at you as an example in our society

  153. Connie Craig

    I can’t say I ever saw you on TV, I don’t watch it much. I have surfed the internet and saw some reviews on you. Some good, some bad. Among any of the bad reviews I read, I noticed that they could not give me one piece of credible information to prove to me you were a scam or dishonest in any way, shape, or form. In the end all I heard was blah blah blah, click here. Their negitive reviews backfired and lead me to you! So I just recently bought your books, got in on your latest webinar and signed up.

  154. Debbie McIntosh

    The more success you acquire, the harder they try and knock you out. Keep up your great work.

  155. Fay

    Hi Anthony
    I was just checking out your video, I been in so many programs and never made any money,how I found you I was looking for part-time work from home, I’am at the age where no one wants to hire me not even for part-time, I get paid once a month and things been really hard for me, but I thank God I have a roof over my head not certain how long, I want to get your system but just don’t have the money at this time, but just as soon as I get money I will buy it, I’am not looking to make Millions, I just would like to make enough so I can keep my head above water but if I make a million that would be ok with me too, you can’t listen to what people say they are jealous, mean and cruel, just keep on doing what you are doing and you will continue to be blessed.

  156. Hermes Soto

    I got to this review not by accident, but because I was looking for some reviews about the program Anthony offers, and because I already spent almost an hour or more watching one of his videos; and I´m really interested in trying his program or teaching. And I think I will do it soon, specially after reading what he wrote about himself. The fact is that not many people go through life making money and keeping the kind of values Anthony says he has (and I believe he has). If we don´t live our lives making our best to help others, and blessing others, specially those less fortunate, then we have really lost the greatest opportunity to live a successful life. I´m 52, and I have struggle for many years trying to succeed in something that could provide for me enough to put me in a position to help a lot of people… but I will give it another try, and I hope I will be able, finally, to make it. May God bless you Anthony, and may Him bless everything you do to help others.

  157. Clarice Gutmann

    You are so courageous and full of spirit and willful, your a power bomb, they know it and they tremble.I wish there was more men like you in this world. Maybe then I wouldn’t be alone lol .I am a single mother of 4 trying, Well, working towards getting grants and sponsors to open a Community Center that’s also a Charter School and Physical Therapy Unit for disabled children such as my 7 yr. old daughter. So I too have a force of creativity and intuition within me, Although, I am only just developing mine and your well, Amazing, so God bless you for all your endeavors and being blessed with such a wonderful head start!

  158. Mella Coleman

    The TRUTH stands for itself. I have never purchased your cd and plan too. I got a email from someone and I watched the video and it seemed ok. In the end you have a heart to help people. At the end of the video it told me to click and download the video for only 47 dollars. I looked at my screen and couldn’t click on it. (My hand was red hot,) This was God’s way of telling me something was wrong. THe next day my daughter was telling me she was about to purchase your cd from the same website. I told her not to purchase the cd from the email she receive if she did she would lose her money. I told her to go directly to your website to purchase the cd. I am currently writing a book and would love to use your marketing tips.

  159. Karen C

    Mr. Morrison, I have a Grandson 3 years your junior and I hope we have taught him as well as you have been taught. So far he has the same love for others that I see in you. I have learned there are more people who are lazy and want to make money quick and easy rather than work for what they earn. It is easy for them to try to make you the bad person in order to steal for more trusting individuals. I am preparing for your training in Ft Myers, Florida this coming weekend and know I will reap the benefits you have promised. I don’t need to be a millionaire; just need supplemental income to survive. God Bless and keep up your good works. Ignore those with less brains and no conscience about stealing from others.


    I have not bought your program,yet,but I do know that you are not a liar and,you really try to help the needy without a bunch of hype and hogwash.

    May GOD bless you and your family.

  161. Nancy


    I have been listening to your webinars, and believe me I have listened to so many other webinars( from other people, and truthfully, I am so sick of it. But I really believe yours is an honest way to go. I have not purchased your programs yet, but as soon as I can, I sure will. Hopefully you will still make more great offers you have made in the past, so I will be able to purchase. You seem to be an honest person, and we need more of you around.

    Again, thank you

    N Burrell

  162. fahad tariq

    Hello Anthony ;
    How are you doing, well I am very much Impressed by your Money Making techniques and frankly speaking I am having the almost same crisis situation as you were in.
    So, my humble request to you is please guide me to your right path of instant money making process and help me to overcome to my and my family’s problem as soon as possible.!

    Take Care
    Waiting for Your Kind Reply.!
    Bye for Now.

  163. laura

    Has anyone responded in 2013?
    So far I give Anthony a lot of credit, so young and smart. Who cares what anyone says as long you feel good about yourself? If you feel you are being honest and of course you need to make money also, that’s just the way it is, I believe what he says, and if he is not being honest, guess what? He is the one that has to answer God!
    And by the way thank God for wealthy people to help others in need, cause even when I help what is $20.00 for the real poor and unfortunate? Of course its from my heart but we need people like Anthony.
    I myself have tried twice his books but because I am financially broke, I can’t buy anything else such as domain names & etc. Hey its my problem, its not his fault.
    May God always be good to him and his family

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