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Well as you all know this is Anthony Morrison and you are in fact on Right now I felt the need to clear the air just a bit and basically just address the ridiculous claims of “Anthony Morrison is a scam” that I read on the Internet. So first things first let’s just set the record straight and evaluate just what exactly these people are calling a scam:

#1. Anthony Morrison only makes money selling his books – This is just absurd. I made money LONG before writing books….anyone that knows me knows this, however, I suppose this one is just my word vs theirs right? Unless I post my checks online and prove my income… then they will just say “oooo those are photoshopped”. See the problem is we are a society driven by negativity. We never look for the good in people we always look for the bad. Stop for two seconds…. think…. when was the last time you flipped through your tv channels and saw GOOD NEWS on every channel? Now think fast… when was the last time you saw negative news on every channel? I bet it was last night..

#2. Anthony Morrison isn’t 27 – Really? Are you serious? You are honestly disputing my age? Should I even justify this with a response?

#3. Anthony Morrison’s Testimonials Are His Friends – Last time I checked nobody on my site or the show I am on is a friend of mine…. In fact I purposely removed my brother JUST to prove a point. Did I teach my brother? Yea… Has he been ultra successful? Yea… but do I need him as a testimonial…. not really. The rest shown are not people I personally knew….in fact none of them are even from my state! I do, however, consider each of them friends now and I will continue to help them reach the levels of success that they desire.

#4. Anthony Morrison promises you will make millions – HELLO have you watched the show? read the books? watched my blogs? read my posts on the Live! community? I bet I have said at least 50 times that NO YOU PROBABLY WON’T BE A MILLIONAIRE….. nope your not gonna be driving a Ferarri tomorrow and you probably still gotta get up and go to work. You don’t feel I disclosed that? I challenge you to watch the show over and over and over and over again…. Pretty apparent that I didn’t say my book was a get rich quick fix. I clearly state you must work at it, you must read it, you must study it and you must apply yourself whole heartedly.

You know the sad thing? The sad thing is that MOST of these people posting negative things (not just about me) are earning money from it. Visit their sites… I bet you see ads by Google running all down the side (yep they are earning cash). If you don’t see those I am willing to bet you’ll see something like “yeah Anthony Morrison’s program isn’t good but I’ve been researching for years and years and years and I have only found one program that will ever work click here to try it” and guess what…. I bet you they are earning money when you sign up for it!

See these people are just taking a “dishonest” and in my opinion “unethical” approach to affiliate marketing. Just bash me… promote something else… and make money. Wow wonderful business plan… I simply can’t wait to learn more from you people. You scam people into thinking that I am stupid and you push them right into some stupid program that will never work and has no support system behind it. Bravo.

Look I know posting on my own website that some people on the Internet call me a scam is probably crazy. I know very few people would ever do what I am doing right now, however, I feel the need to set the record straight. I have absolutely nothing to hide and no reason not to confront these people head on as I do with everything else in my life. The fact of the matter is that the Internet isn’t regulated and people just post what they want, where they want, when they want. Make no mistake just about every single thing you see on a webpage is there for a reason, to help the owner make money.

I know those of you that follow my weekly blog and engage in my Live! community know that deep down I desire to help you all learn Internet marketing. I am not some “ill make you a millionaire overnight guru” but I do aspire to educate the people who truly want to be educated. I do aspire to open your eyes as well as they eyes of people around the country to an industry that has blessed my family, and with the right amount of knowledge hopefully it can bless your family as well.

You will never see me post about this again because it really does go against what I believe in at my core. I believe in staying positive and always discussing positive things. I believe in never letting negative people affect your life. I do, however, feel the need to set the record straight…. so there it is and there you have it.

I will now go back to educating America…. while these other people just waste their time.


  1. sergio montolio

    I just became a member of Anthony success team. I could back him up when he said that he did not tell anyone that they will become rich overnight. He said that it will take time to increase an extra income. However, people should not blame others for their success. People spend their entire lives critiquing others for their success in live, instead of asking that person to teach them how to do it. I believe his system works because he is there showing his face and interacting at a daily basis. I just started and I’m excited to learn and build a successful business with his help and his trainers. I’ll be the next success story when Anthony and I write the next book.” From the Bronx to Hollywood”

  2. Mike Bristow

    I recently purchased Anthony’s books. At this point I will admit I’m lost in the fog a bit. I do not know anything about affiliate marketing whatsoever. I lost a little of my enthusiasm for the system when I did a phone interview for having a coach assist me, then I was informed that it would require a deposit of $420.00 and maybe my testimonial will be used. On my application I stated that my wife and I were homeless about a year ago. My wife and I both felt that we were going to be paying Anthony to use our story. However, I know that it requires research, dedication and alot of work on mine and my wife’s part to accomplish our goals. Neither my wife or myself are computer literate but we will succeed, it may take more time then the average person but we will make a descent income from this system.

    It really upsets me to read where people are saying that Anthony promised to make them rich over night. This is ridiculous, not once have I or my wife heard or read anything where he made any statements such as this. To me this would be the same as a clerk at a store telling me that I just purchased the winning lottery ticket and if the ticket was not the winner, me going back to the store and demanding a refund for false advertisement! People get a grip on reality, Anthony has not ever said you would be rich over night. It seems to me that you only heard what you wanted to hear and what you heard was wrong. He has stated something like you get out of it what you put into it. To me this sounds a lot more realistic then what some people are trying to accuse him of saying.

  3. david

    i just got your book and i like what i have read so far. No it does’nt say ill get rich overnight it does say that i have to work to make any money. iam ok with that. iam dept free thanks to Dave Ramsey. Dave has a simmulare story on succses. I would recomend his book. Iam looking forward to talking to you and getting started with this. I am a truck driver and my wife travels with me on the truck. She too has a buisness; along with, me being an owner opporater with the truck. I have learned alot the first year out. I have been a truck driver for 16 years.

  4. Robin Lee

    Hi Anthony,

    I just received your email this a.m. and I enrolled and working in the PMI Edu Center. I just started with the Edu Program and will start my 3rd lesson this weekend, and finish up the 4th before my next meeting with my coach. I am working on the assignment to get my business incorporated, register with the Federal Gov’t, and my state, so that my business will be legitimate.
    Anyone with common sense knows as the saying goes,”Rome wasn’t built in a day,” but if you really want your own business, you have to work just as hard at it as you would working for someone else. Even harder, depending on how hard you work or worked for someone else.

    I am glad that I found your system, and I will be calling and emailing my coach and support whenever I have questions.


    R. Lee

  5. James F

    I have bought the product and I know I can make money doing this, most of the time people think they can buy a system and get rich quick without any efforts. I’m sorry for those who want something for free because I never received anything free that didn’t have a cost in the long run.

    My advice is to try the system and then after you have put some efforts to it like I’m doing you’ll see what I have discovered, I will make this course work for me and if not I will have learned a new skill which means I gained knowlege and that’s what we all must do for the rest of our live’s.

    I will let you know the progress I achieve in the future….

    Jimm, F

  6. LaMesha

    I have just purchased the system and I am currently reading the book. I have to tell you I have not read or heard anything in Anthony Morrison videos that state you will get rich overnite. Just like anything in life, it is a process that you have to work hard for. I do like how they work with you to want to see you grow and become successful. I am truly motivated by this program and I look forward to seeing how much I can learn and grow in this program.

  7. Michael

    I have been in and out of hundreds of software, programs and get rich formula’s over the past seven years I am afraid to say, it is like a needle in a haystack top affiliates make six to seven figure incomes. I have followed Anthony Morrison for quite some-time and he is correct there are many negative reviews on his bio, his books, and his formulas of building money online.
    I have got to say he is one of the best online Gurus you can learn from to build a fortune income through affiliate marketing. Trust me I have been in two of his programs and I have learned from both of them…I am making $600-$1000 every second day. Thanks to Anthony’s way of building if you are looking for the right person to follow he is one of them. I have a list of great affiliate marketers like Anthony so trust your instinct. Again this is not a quick rich scheme you have to learn his system to understand and make money it takes time for beginners just follow Anthony’s simple step by step system will give you the advantage to understand how to build a residual income. I am a veteran entrepreneur and I have to say the opportunities you achieve with Anthony will change the way you do business online. I am one of thousands of people who agree and know his books, programs, and software should be more than what he sells them for. Anthony shows you trade secrets of the internet industry and you would follow and build your own financial income online with…very excited to see his new program “Traffic with Anthony” A trade secret now thrown to the masses to make money through Youtube get on board and build your success.

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