Anthony Morrison – Three Feet From Gold Book Launch

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So I am finally back from a very long weekend that was absolutely amazing. It started out in Anaheim, Ca where I was asked to speak at The Grove right outside the stadium where the Angles play baseball. Sharon Lechter asked me to speak and I have to say I was very overwhelmed with the entire event. There were so many people there to celebrate not only the launch of her new book “Three Feet From Gold” but also to raise money for the Napoleon Hill Foundation. There were so many amazing people at this event I felt honored just to be there let alone to be asked to speak. My good friend Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup Co-Author) is due many thanks for bringing me in to such a wonderful group of people. 

I was able to get a picture with Bob Proctor right before we left Ahaneim….. for those of you who don’t know who he is do a quick Google search. The man is a legend….. spending a weekend with him, Sharon Lechter, Mark Hansen and so many others was simply amazing. I am thankful for the opportunity to speak and hope you will all purchase the book “Three Feet From Gold” to help a wonderful cause!


  1. Margaret Jorgensen

    Hello Anthony,
    I am so glad that I got your books. When I started reading the hidden millionaire I could not put it down till I finished it. Now I am going to start to read advertising profits from home. I also listened to your video. Thank you so much for writing these books I am sure that I will read them over and over again. I want to get back on the site you made for me and see what I can do now that I will understand what you are talking about. This is from one of your students that is on fire and determined to make it happen for me.
    Thank you for what you have done for me already. I am disabled and unable to work and limited on income but I will make work.
    Thanks again, Margaret

  2. Jim

    Wow, Anthony! Sharon Lechter, Mark Hansen, and Bob Proctor all together in one weekend! Incredible. I’m starting to understand that you’re one of the rare stars in Internet Marketing and have really figured out the Science of Getting Rich! I’m adding your books to my reading list and sharing them with my subscribers.

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